Guest26114I'm running into an issue with trying to install Ubuntu ever since I replaced my motherboard and CPU several months ago. I'm using a Gigabyte Z77-D3H which uses a "UEFI Hybrid" from what I've been able to determine. I installed Win7 x64 Pro right when I got it so I could get up and running, but I would very much like to dual-boot and use Ubuntu primarily. I've downloaded 12.04, verified the MD5 and the burn. I switched th00:20
Guest26114but every time that I boot into the disk it just states that there are no other operating systems detected. I've tried re-downloading and re-burning the disk. Using 12.04, and 12.10. I've had no luck at all getting it to determine that another OS is on the machine, and I unfortunately can't nuke my native Windows installation. Any ideas where I'm falling short?00:21
escottGuest26114, are you booting win7 in EFI mode or in bios mode00:31
Guest26114escott: I did change to "Legacy ROM" from "EFI ROM" in the BIOS. Perhaps I'm incorrectly assuming that means I'm booting in BIOS mode and not EFI mode.00:32
escottGuest26114, yes that means it boots bios which is probably easier to work with anyways. you can select how to boot the cd/usb disk, make sure it is also set to bios mode boot00:33
Guest26114escott: Maybe thats where I'm falling short. I'll need to try and figure out how to set the optical drives to Legacy mode as well.00:38
Guest26114BRB, going to go dig around in the BIOS and look for it.00:38
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Guest90719escott: Unfortunately it looks like the settings are all correct. All HDD and CD/DVD drive options are showing as SATA. I don't even have the UEFI drive prefixes showing up for anything anymore (I'm not really sure why either)00:46
escottGuest90719, what do you mean by UEFI drive prefixes00:47
Guest90719escott: When selecting the drives in the boot order they used to show up as UEFI: or SATA: (if I remember correctly). Now they all just show up as SATA:.00:48
escottGuest90719, gotta love EFI its still SATA in either case... they do say firmware authors are the worst00:49
Guest90719escott: According to the manual (http://www.manualowl.com/m/Gigabyte/GA-Z77-D3H/Manual/272064) I'm gathering that the UEFI prefixes showed up for UEFI compatible removeable media if there was any inserted. This could potentially explain why it was showing previously. I may have had a USB drive plugged in or Win7 x64 disk in the drive.00:50
escottGuest90719, EFI firmwares will generally prefer EFI boot when the media is EFI compatible. the ISO images from ubuntu/fedora/etc are all specially designed to be bootable in both EFI and BIOS mode. You should just go through and disable EFI boot options anywhere you can find it00:52
Guest90719I have. I've gone through several times. It appears that the "PCI ROM Priority" and the individual drives in the boot order are the only places to select those options and I've check, verified, and tried about 15 or 20 times now. :(00:53
escottGuest90719, when you boot efi the installer will want to do the right thing and setup an efi boot on the hard disk, which requires a different kind of partition table so its going to be a bit of a pain.00:54
Guest90719escott: I am willing to reinstall Windows, if that makes it easier. Perhaps reinstalling it now that EFI options have been disabled would solve the issue and I could follow it up with an automated Ubuntu install afterwards (assuming that would create the right partition table type). Thoughts?00:56
escottGuest90719, you could theoretically convert from an mbr partition to a gpt partition, then install with a gpt setup, and then revert back to mbr partition type and remove grub-efi and install the standard grub for a bios boot00:56
Guest90719That sounds painful and frustrating.00:56
Guest90719Would my reinstall plan work, do you think? Or would I still need to follow those steps even if I reinstalled now with EFI disabled?00:57
escottGuest90719, yes it would be somewhat painful. a direct bios boot and bios install would be easier. you can verify you are booting in bios mode by making sure that the folder /sys/firmware/efi does not exist00:58
escottGuest90719, at the end of the day the easiest path is to get the system to boot the installer in bios mode so that it just works00:59
Guest90719My proposal then is to: 1) Verify (again) that all EFI options are disabled in the BIOS. 2) Wipe the entire drive clean. 3) Install a fresh copy of Win7 x64 4) Install Ubuntu and cross fingers that it recognizes the Win7 install.01:00
escottGuest90719, you shouldnt need to reinstall win701:00
escottGuest90719, unless you did something to start the installer. but so long as you saw the installer wasnt recognizing windows and backed out you should be fine01:00
Guest90719Are you suggesting to 1) boot Ubuntu Live CD 2)make sure /sts/firmware/efi does not exist 3) Manually partition and install Ubuntu without automated repartitioning 4) Manual install LILO/GRUB2?01:02
Guest90719I apologize, I suspect I'm confused.01:02
escott1,2,3) install ubuntu normally no special manual partitioning should be necessary01:03
escottGuest90719, the only reason you have a problem is that your disk is a bios disk, your install media is booted as efi01:03
Guest90719So the trick is to, at this point, somehow force the install media to boot in BIOS mode? Do I understand that correctly?01:04
escottGuest90719, the installer does the right thing and says "this is an efi system, I need to look for an efi disk. It sees a disk but its not an efi disk so from the perspective of the installer there is no bootable OS on that computer01:04
escottbecause for all it knows the system can ONLY be booted in EFI mode01:05
escottGuest90719, once you get the usb/cd booting in bios mode it should see the bios partitioned disk and the bios bootable windows and everything should be easy from tehre01:05
escottGuest90719, cant tell you where those options are in the system firmware01:06
Guest90719So then the question is just to get the disk and the boot media in the same mode.01:06
escottbut on my system it will list two boot options for every media that it sees. So it will show SATA1 bios and SATA1 UEFI and for each usb stick in the system at POST it shows an EFI and a BIOS option01:07
Guest90719Hrm. Alright, sounds like back into the BIOS again for more digging. I can't imagine that I've missed a setting in there somewhere, but I'll keep taking a look.01:07
Guest90719Thank you so much for your time and advice.01:07
Guest90719I'll be sure to let you know if it works :)01:07
escottGuest90719, if you cant find it there you can do it the long painful way with gdisks01:08
escottbut i would recommend reading rodsbooks.com first01:08
escottso you know what you are doing01:08
Guest90719Thank you :)01:08
escottyou would also have a spare junk partition ~100MB if you go the convert to gpt and convert back approach01:09
escottgiven how long Win7 is likely to stick around it would probably be a good idea to file a bug on this (if there isn't one already) because the installer needs a way to be told to override the boot method and do a bios install despite being booted as efi01:11
escottGuest90719, there may even be a flag you can pass to ubiquity to force it to install in bios mode01:11
escottGuest90719, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1015211 is probably pretty applicable01:13
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1015211 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity installed grub-efi when it should have installed grub-pc" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:13
Guest90719Doesn't Win7 x64 automatically use GPT?01:17
escottGuest90719, GPT is a partition table type, but its not directly related to EFI01:21
escottGuest90719, it is preferred by EFI01:22
escottbut not required01:22
escottmsdos/mbr partitions are similarly preferred by BIOS but also not required01:22
escottbut you cannot change your installed Win7 from a BIOS boot to an EFI boot in any easy way01:23
escottand i dont know how good Win7 EFI boot support is01:23
escottit would have to be 64bit Win7 to even do EFI boot and then there are some additional restrictions... long and short you are stuck with BIOS on your system as long as you have that Win7 install01:24
Guest90719escott: Thank you so much for your help tonight. I really appreciate your insight.01:35
amomagnome terminal wants to install a font. How disable it?05:36
holsteinamoma: you mean, not install the font?05:41
holsteini would consider using a different terminal, or try to force the install without the recommended font05:42
amomaholstein, i do not want to install those fonts.06:09
amomait is in all terminals, unless i turn of gnome gui.06:10
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holsteinamoma: fonts are pretty small, if its a space issue15:58
holstein!tty | amoma15:58
ubot2amoma: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:58
holstein^^ that gets you a console.. maybe you dont need a desktop environment at all15:58
quantlinear_Hi to all16:41
quantlinear_Hi , I have been experincing a problem with the ubuntu in regard to re-boot which ended in the system crash    any body care to help me ,although i have recieved very great help from the moderator Alfred and few but i am still nowhere close to solve the problem16:41
quantlinear_anybody on here can help me with some issue16:50
holsteinquantlinear_: on first read, i would do a few things... i would test with a live CD with the hard drive removed if possible17:24
holsteini would try and remove the hard drive from the equation, and test it17:26
quantlinear_hard rive is fine17:34
quantlinear_hard drive is fine ]17:35
holsteinquantlinear_: then you should be able to reproduce the error with a live CD17:35
holsteinif its hardware support related17:35
quantlinear_any of you know anything about how to increase the sda1 which is the system root17:35
holsteinquantlinear_: i would resize from a live CD using gparted17:36
quantlinear_I have inserted the live cd, chose "try ubuntu"17:36
holsteinquantlinear_: i might use a parted magic CD or the ultimate boot cd17:36
quantlinear_so , are you saying to burn a new cd that has a Gparted , then insert to my pc and then increase the partition size17:37
quantlinear_could you do me a favour and look at the link                                 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2107982&highlight=needed+start+Ubuntu+re-boot17:38
holsteinquantlinear_: when i resize partitions, i use gparted from a live CD17:38
holsteinquantlinear_: i am looking at that, and i am sugesting it could be an issue with the hard drive, if you think its not, then you should be able to reproduce the error with a live CD17:39
quantlinear_on the second page , well, If i can get back to my intial system, then i can install the new gparted17:39
quantlinear_@ holsteinwell,   >>> second page17:40
holsteinquantlinear_: you use gparted from a live CD17:40
holsteinquantlinear_: you dont want to do that from the installed OS17:40
quantlinear_No, I have the original ubuntu without the gparted17:40
quantlinear_lets put the gparted on the side17:40
quantlinear_i am on the installtion window after I have clicked on the17:41
quantlinear_install butoon17:41
quantlinear_I am on the  option "try ubuntu" after. If I click install Ubuntu,then it gave me two options (erase ubuntu -  something else )  then i followed SOMETHING ELSE :     so i have clicked on something else : then there is a installation type window     Devive   dev/dsa  dev/sda1/ext4    5498 MB   dev/sda5  dev/dsa3 ext4    993203        I have clicked on CHANGE @   dev/sda1/ext4    5498 MB    But17:42
holsteinquantlinear_: if the live cd is hanging you up, use a diferent one17:42
quantlinear_the live CD is fine , read the above17:43
holsteinhttp://gparted.sourceforge.net/ http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/17:43
holsteinquantlinear_: ? choosing "something else" is the only way to run the live CD17:43
quantlinear_so I did that17:43
holsteini dont unerstand why that is mentioned above, unless you are having issues with it17:43
holsteinif so, use another live CD.. one with just gparted17:43
holsteinif you need/want to resize a partition, use gparted from a live CD17:44
quantlinear_but could I get your attention on this17:44
holsteinyou will want to have all your data backedup17:44
holsteinquantlinear_: you have my attention17:44
quantlinear_we both repeating the same thing17:44
quantlinear_thank you17:44
holsteinquantlinear_: i suggest testing the drive17:44
holsteinquantlinear_: i think you are assuming the drive is OK.. unless you did a test that took an hour or so17:45
quantlinear_right now, I have a window that says "EDIT A PARTION"17:45
quantlinear_under dev/sda1 ext4 which is my system root17:48
quantlinear_I can increase the partition from here but i am stuck to what option to choose17:48
holsteinquantlinear_: ?17:49
quantlinear_on the same window " EDIT PARTITION " under USE AS:17:49
holsteini would have *all* data backedup ...and i would grow it out, if it can be17:50
holsteinthere are cases where it cant be17:50
quantlinear_do not use the partition17:50
holsteinquantlinear_: thats an installer sounds like17:50
holsteinquantlinear_: what are you trying to do? install? or just edit a partition?17:50
quantlinear_the "edit the partition"17:51
holsteinquantlinear_: i would download a simpler, more appropriate CD, after backing up all data17:51
quantlinear_in there i can increase the size17:51
holsteini would consider just reinstalling as well17:51
quantlinear_but there is glitch that i dont know which to choose17:51
quantlinear_before i click OK17:51
holsteinquantlinear_: feel free to take screenshots and post to imagebin17:51
quantlinear_the root partition which is sd1 is quiet small , just 549817:52
holsteini would *not* do *anything* without having the data backeup17:52
quantlinear_hmm hold on i say screen shut check the same link as previous in 2minutes17:52
quantlinear_@ holstein , are you there ?@18:12
quantlinear_@ holstein , are you there ?@18:13
holsteinquantlinear_: sure.. you can just ask though, and one of the volunteers will help if they can.. not that i mind you pinging me18:13
quantlinear_I have uploaded the image and you can see the updated of my comments on the belwo link18:13
holsteinquantlinear_: i think everyone will agree... have you tested the hard drive?18:14
holsteinquantlinear_: if you'll use imagebin, then i wont have to login18:15
quantlinear_The hard drive was tested , I have been using linux only for 3 months18:15
quantlinear_really didnt spent that much to learn the technical basis18:15
holsteinquantlinear_: how did you test the hard drive?18:16
quantlinear_i am not paying for ignoring it18:16
holsteinquantlinear_: it literally wont hurt to test it18:16
holsteinif you are saying "i dont want to" then thats fine, but i am saying, you are assuming, and thats never a good idea when troubleshooting18:16
quantlinear_the hard drive , I have tested before assemble the PC18:16
holsteinquantlinear_: then, what is the issue?18:17
holsteinyou made a partition too small at install?18:17
quantlinear_but , look at the screen , the hard drive is working fine , its responding18:17
holsteinquantlinear_: i am trying to login.. and then i can see the "screen" otherwise, you can post it to imagebin18:17
quantlinear_i am hearing that you want me to be sure than going round the circle18:17
quantlinear_please try to log-in18:17
holsteinquantlinear_: i want to be sure you are not missing something18:18
holsteinquantlinear_: i *will* login eventually.. but it would be easier for me and the other volunteers to do things in the easiest possible way18:18
holsteinquantlinear_: it'll have to be imagebin if you want me to look18:19
holsteini can login right now18:19
holsteini dont do the forums that often18:19
quantlinear_good , thanks18:19
holsteini cant*18:19
quantlinear_How long have you been using linux ?18:19
holsteinhttp://imagebin.org/ quantlinear_ .. or you can explain your issure18:20
holsteinquantlinear_: years18:20
holsteinquantlinear_: i dont use the forums though... and i shouldnd be expected to to help you18:20
quantlinear_sure , in future , i will use that site18:20
holsteinquantlinear_: you will use it now, or i cant see it18:20
quantlinear_whats your background ,18:20
holsteinquantlinear_: i hang here, and help folks..18:21
quantlinear_very nice of you mate18:21
holsteinquantlinear_: cheers!18:21
quantlinear_good people like you and their help will not go unnoticed18:21
quantlinear_I am in UK , London and you ?18:22
holsteinim in the #ubuntu-beginners-team offtopic channel where i can share information such as how i am from the states.. asheville NC18:22
holsteini am unable to login there using my lanuchpad ID quantlinear_18:23
quantlinear_let me re send the images on to that imagebin18:24
quantlinear_its done18:27
quantlinear_quantlinear ,nick name18:27
quantlinear_edit a partition18:28
holsteinquantlinear_: that is an installer screen18:32
holsteinquantlinear_: if you want to resize, i would make certain you have all the data you want/need backedup18:33
holsteini would run a live CD.. not the installer.. a live CD with gparted18:33
holsteini would resize18:33
holsteinif you are installing, thats is a different story...18:34
holsteinquantlinear_: you understang?18:38
holsteinquantlinear_: if you are wanting to resize a partition, then stop what you are doing18:38
quantlinear_so I have burned a CD  3 months a go from the Ubuntu site , I guess that doesnt have gparted18:39
quantlinear_DOES IT ?18:40
holsteinquantlinear_: i think they do, if not, you can install it18:40
quantlinear_well, question , the images that you have seen18:41
quantlinear_did you see the partition18:42
quantlinear_I had a crash because i have ran out of the space on the root partition18:42
quantlinear_so, i was looking for ways to increase the partition because i was getting warning , but i was too late and then , i am standing here18:43
quantlinear_the moderator sent me the below link18:44
quantlinear_but it seems that it says that i have to burn it to new CD and then partition the hardrive18:45
holsteinquantlinear_: what would i do?18:46
holsteinquantlinear_: i would take the data i have backed up and reinstall18:46
nothingspecialgparted has been included as standard on all Ubuntu live cds since at least 7.04 and before that I imagine18:46
holsteinquantlinear_: what can you do? literally anything18:46
nothingspecialyou can do this from the live cd quantlinear_18:46
holsteinquantlinear_: you will need to boot a live CD and resize the partitions18:46
holsteinfrom *any* live CD18:47
quantlinear_I have re-booted the live CD and i am here18:47
holsteinquantlinear_: if the ubuntu one is giving you a hard time, use one of the others i suggested18:47
holsteinquantlinear_: you booted the live CD into the installer, and you are here18:47
quantlinear_all i have got at the intial point was, "try ubuntu" "install ubuntu"18:47
holsteinquantlinear_: reboot.. select "try" and not "install"... OR use one of the other live CD's i suggested18:47
quantlinear_I did thr "try18:48
holsteinquantlinear_: i dont think so18:48
quantlinear_the images you seen are from try18:48
quantlinear_100% mate18:48
holsteinquantlinear_: but, again, if that is giving you a hard time, use another Cd18:48
quantlinear_its not giving me hard time18:48
holsteinquantlinear_: sure it is18:48
quantlinear_how could i get access to the gparted ?18:49
holsteinquantlinear_: you are using the installer, and you dont need to be in the installer18:49
holsteinquantlinear_: *dont* run the installer18:49
holsteinOR, try another live CD http://partedmagic.com/doku.php?id=downloads18:49
quantlinear_i can start from scratch18:49
quantlinear_i shut down and re-boot the same CD18:49
holsteinquantlinear_: no reason.. just boot the live CD, and select "try"18:49
holsteinOR, try one of the other options above if that is not working for you18:50
holsteinbut, when you see "installer" above in text that is *not* the live CD18:50
nothingspecialquantlinear_: can I just stop you a moment and ask a question ?18:50
nothingspecialDid you try to boot into recovery mode yet ?18:50
nothingspecialholstein: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210798218:51
holsteinrecovery is a nice idea18:51
quantlinear_I have got here by pressing CTRL+ALT and i think F9/F818:52
quantlinear_to go to BIOS18:52
quantlinear_from there i chose the dvd/cd DRIVE18:52
nothingspecialnevermind quantlinear_18:52
holsteinquantlinear_: nope... we can help you get to it though, if you like18:52
quantlinear_very much i like to18:53
holsteinyou hold or tap shift after the bios, and you'll see the grub menu... you'll see a recovery option18:53
quantlinear_if you could in any chance loh-in to the forum and look at the thread then that may give you the history of what i have been doing and then you could see18:54
quantlinear_so shall i start the pc again18:54
holsteinquantlinear_: you'll need to restart the machine for sure18:54
quantlinear_its asking select the boot device18:57
holsteini would backup your data, and be prepared to reboot the machine many times18:57
holsteinOR, just reinstall18:57
holsteinquantlinear_: it?18:57
holsteinquantlinear_: the bios? that is speific to your machine18:57
quantlinear_but i cant access the data to back them up18:58
holsteinquantlinear_: you can from a live CD, and better before resizing18:58
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quantlinear_how ?18:58
quantlinear_live CD is in the drive18:58
quantlinear_i am looking at the blue window of select BOOT DEVICE18:59
holsteinquantlinear_: i literally boot the live CD and backup.. i use the live CD, and the filemanger in the live CD to copypaste, or drag and drop, or in CLI18:59
holsteinquantlinear_: the blue window is specific to your machine18:59
holsteinquantlinear_: i dont have a blue window.. the bood device is specific to your setup19:00
quantlinear_but my main problem is getting my hand on the data19:00
quantlinear_I have a RECOVERY MENUE19:01
quantlinear_front of me19:01
nothingspecialok, can you boot into a root shell or whatever they call it these days19:03
nothingspecialdo you have an external drive you can copy the data to19:03
quantlinear_nothingespecial: i have clicked on " NORMAL BOOT "19:03
holsteini thought19:04
holsteinnormal boot was failing?19:04
quantlinear_it says, checking battery state19:04
nothingspecialme too19:04
nothingspecialJob 1 - get data19:04
quantlinear_its not failing19:04
nothingspecialJob 2 - fix partition sizes19:04
quantlinear_well, thats i am trying to do19:04
holsteinif normal boot is failing, then reboot to the recovery prompt and let nothingspecial help you quantlinear_19:04
holsteinif you get in normally, then just copy the data over19:04
quantlinear_past 3 days i have almost tried differnt ways19:05
quantlinear_is the process is long ?19:05
holsteinquantlinear_: sure, but one of those ways was from using the installer, as earlier.. that will *not* work19:05
holsteinquantlinear_: i think you are mis-understanding some steps, and not waiting patiently19:05
quantlinear_cause it seems stuck on the checking the battery19:06
holsteinquantlinear_: like booting normally...19:06
holsteinquantlinear_: if booting normally is failing, then it will fail19:06
holsteinquantlinear_: you can use the recovery console to fix issues19:06
nothingspecialyou need to either boot recovery mode or to the live cd, one or the other, it doesn't matter which19:06
holsteinyou *dont* need to initiate the recovery console menu and then boot normally19:07
quantlinear_Holstein / I was in boot recovery moode after i choose the Sata , last time that i went to installer i chose the CD drive19:07
holsteinquantlinear_: i dont think so19:07
holsteinquantlinear_: last time you went to the installer and chose install.. this time, you went to recovery and chose "start normally"19:08
holsteinquantlinear_: doesnt really matter.. there no need to "place blame"19:08
holsteinquantlinear_: just relax, and decide which way you want to proceed.. i suggest the live CD route since it has a GUI19:08
quantlinear_I am back to square one , lol nothing solved19:08
holsteinquantlinear_: sure.. you solved that you shouldnt instigate the recovery console and boot normally19:09
holsteinquantlinear_: booting normally still fails19:09
geirhanothing solved, but knowledge gained19:09
quantlinear_ok, I have re-started the machine19:10
holsteinyou should be prepared to reboot the machine19:10
nothingspecialyou have booted the live cd, and you did choose try ubuntu19:10
quantlinear_holstein ? CD , I need consensus on this19:11
quantlinear_cause i clicked on CD before19:11
holsteinquantlinear_: that is specific to your machine19:11
nothingspecialyou have a cd in the drive yeah ?19:11
holsteinquantlinear_: how ever your machine bios boots cd, select that.. if you want to boot the cd19:11
quantlinear_well i have Cdrom/SATA19:11
quantlinear_then its the CD19:12
quantlinear_ok what next guys ?19:12
holsteinquantlinear_: i dont have that menu.. i have a different one.. *all* my machine have a different one.. but i choose the cd rom if i want to boot the cd rom19:12
quantlinear_ok, CD is runing19:12
holsteinquantlinear_: you *dont* choose install.. you select the "try ubuntu" option19:12
nothingspecialThen click the top icon in the sidebar19:13
quantlinear_i can see the UBuntu and the CD is running like the horse on the track19:13
quantlinear_still not there yet19:13
quantlinear_bear with me please19:13
holsteinquantlinear_: it will boot at the speed that your cd can read...19:13
quantlinear_ok , we are getting there19:14
quantlinear_the ubuntu is coming up19:14
quantlinear_well, i am here19:15
holsteinwhen you boot the live cd (not to the installer) you'll have a familiar looking desktop enviroment19:15
quantlinear_all ready19:15
nothingspecialsorry quantlinear_, when you get the desktop you need to click the orange file icon, 3rd one down19:15
holsteinyou can drag and drop files to whatever you want or need19:15
quantlinear_Try ubuntu / install ubuntu19:15
quantlinear_welcome window19:15
quantlinear_try ubuntu19:17
quantlinear_holstein are you anywhere near your PC19:17
quantlinear_right , its up and i can see19:17
quantlinear_the files are all empty19:18
quantlinear_i have got nothing on my documents19:18
nothingspecialthat's the live cd's Documents19:18
nothingspecialDo you see some other "drives in the side bar ?19:18
quantlinear_so , where could i recover the initial OS which i have my own data19:19
quantlinear_yeh, few19:19
nothingspecialclick them19:19
nothingspecialone will be computer19:19
quantlinear_I also see the Sata , hard drive with green arrow around it19:19
quantlinear_i can see that19:20
quantlinear_i have 5.5 that is my root file19:20
nothingspecialclick the folder called home19:20
nothingspecialthen your username19:20
quantlinear_i did19:20
nothingspecialyour stuff is in there19:21
nothingspecialDocuments, Pictures and so on19:21
quantlinear_no , empty as a vault has been rubbed19:21
holsteinquantlinear_: why would you have data there?19:22
holsteinquantlinear_: did you have a windows install? and install ubuntu? and you are expecting that old windows data?19:22
holsteinquantlinear_: what are you expecting to see where?19:22
quantlinear_no, i had only a ubuntu OS on this machine , i was trying to learn linux19:22
holsteinquantlinear_: did you have any data? did you keep it in the /home directory?19:23
holsteinwhat are you missing?19:23
quantlinear_i am enjoying getting hit on the head by it19:23
quantlinear_well, i had a user name , HERMES19:23
quantlinear_that us not there19:23
holsteinthen, you are probably not on the correct drive19:23
quantlinear_well on the firts installation 3 months a go19:24
holsteinmaybe its not mounted.. maybe its corrupt19:24
quantlinear_could you pleas log-in to the forum and look at this link19:24
nothingspecialI'm looking at it quantlinear_19:24
quantlinear_this one19:25
holsteinquantlinear_: #11?19:25
nothingspecialWhat have you done that oldfred has suggested ?19:25
nothingspecialhave you done fsck ?19:25
holsteinfsck is easy19:25
quantlinear_well, yes , till the #1119:26
holsteinand can totally fix it19:26
holsteinquantlinear_: til #11?19:26
holsteinquantlinear_: are you wanting me to look at and read #11? from the link you provided?19:26
quantlinear_fact is this problem happen becaus eof lack of space on the root file19:26
quantlinear_syatem crash19:26
quantlinear_yes , till the end19:26
quantlinear_please , read till #1619:27
holsteini would get my data and reinstall19:27
holsteinit would be easiest for you19:27
quantlinear_thats what i want to do19:27
quantlinear_get the data19:27
quantlinear_and then19:27
quantlinear_i can get gparted19:28
holsteinquantlinear_: then do it.. if you cant find your data, then maybe its corrupt, or the drive has failed19:28
quantlinear_but untill then19:28
holsteinquantlinear_: no, then you can reinstall19:28
holsteinquantlinear_: i would literally chalk this up to a lesson.. you *need* to keep your data backed up19:28
holsteinyou need to back it up *before* issues happen19:28
quantlinear_see the images on the #15-1619:29
holsteinquantlinear_: i can see no images19:29
quantlinear_there are19:29
holsteinquantlinear_: you can paste them in imagebin19:29
quantlinear_i alread did19:29
quantlinear_check under my name please19:29
holsteinnothingspecial: i cant login right now though19:30
holsteinnothingspecial: wont take my LP creds for some reason :/19:30
holsteinnot sure whats up with that..19:30
nothingspecialwill find out19:30
nothingspecialhang on19:30
holsteinlemm try again too19:30
holsteini get a "thank you for loggin in" page19:31
holsteinthen, im just not logged in19:31
quantlinear_thats the page19:31
quantlinear_and the image19:31
quantlinear_i was able to increase the size of the sd119:31
holsteinquantlinear_: OH, so you already messed with it.. then maybe its just broken19:32
quantlinear_but i wasnt sure about the19:32
nothingspecialI agree19:32
holsteinquantlinear_: i always backup *before* resizing19:32
quantlinear_i didnt click19:32
holsteinquantlinear_: ?19:32
holsteinquantlinear_: didnt click what?19:32
quantlinear_to re-size19:32
quantlinear_i stop on that edit partition19:32
quantlinear_my question to holstein was19:32
holsteinquantlinear_: then how were you able to increase the size of sd1?19:32
holsteinquantlinear_: increasing the size of sd1 could have broken it19:33
quantlinear_I could see there was an option change19:33
quantlinear_but i didnt click ok19:33
nothingspecialquantlinear_: the important thing is, can you see your data in any of the partitions that appear in the sidebar of the file browser ?19:33
holsteinyeah, just poke around and see if you find it.. open *everything*19:33
quantlinear_under the device19:34
holsteinquantlinear_: under *any* device.. open *everything* and look19:34
nothingspecialholstein: that issue has been fixed afaik, got some top people looking into it now ;)19:34
quantlinear_i can see the 5.5 gb file system and 993 gb file system19:34
nothingspeciallook in there quantlinear_19:34
quantlinear_similar to what in the i,mage19:34
quantlinear_everything is there19:35
quantlinear_like the initial OS of ubuntu19:35
nothingspecialis your data there ?19:35
quantlinear_BUT NOT MY DATA19:35
quantlinear_like my coursework and few pictures19:35
holsteinnothingspecial: sweet!... its not a biggie, but i could see it hanging someone up19:35
nothingspecialgot hobgoblin/elfy looking at the ticket now holstein :)19:36
quantlinear_I use to have a username "hermes "19:36
holsteinquantlinear_: i would look for that /home/hermes directory19:36
quantlinear_if i could get to that then i can get them19:36
holsteinquantlinear_: i would look *everywhere*... if you broke something resizing, then it could be gone19:37
holsteinin which case, you can use recovery tools.. photorec from testdisk.. its not trivial though19:37
quantlinear_I have not re-size , the fact is sd1 which is my root is19:37
quantlinear_exactly the same size as before19:37
holsteinquantlinear_: look on all the partitions.. im just going by when you said you resize it19:38
nothingspecialbut you have hard rebooted a few times quantlinear_19:38
quantlinear_thats why i ran out of the space19:38
holsteinyeah.. a hard reboot can break a hard drive19:38
quantlinear_so they are gone ?19:38
quantlinear_the data ?19:38
nothingspecialholstein: have you tried logging in with username and password ?19:38
holsteinquantlinear_: you can always use photorec19:38
quantlinear_well, the problem is i could not see the username19:39
nothingspecialin the folder called "home"19:39
holsteinquantlinear_: thats not a problem.. if its gone, its gone.. but i would look in all partitions for it19:39
elfyhey holstein - long time :)19:39
holsteinelfy: cheers!19:40
nothingspecialsee holstein, I told you ...... Top People ;)19:40
quantlinear_maybe i should burn that recovery app19:40
elfyholstein: re login to forum with launchpad19:40
holsteinnothingspecial: seems its still "funky"19:40
elfyholstein: login with LP - it shows you as not logged in - go to any other forum and you should now see yourself as logged in19:41
holsteinyup.. im juiced up!19:41
quantlinear_Guys you are really fine people , I ow you very much , if you are in UK and in london let me know , we go for a drink on me19:41
holsteinelfy: thanks!19:41
nothingspecialquantlinear_: I would try that first19:41
nothingspecialalso, try fsck like oldfred suggested19:41
elfyholstein: welcome - it's likely to appear like that until the forum gets it's vb4 upgrade19:41
nothingspecialthanks for the offer quantlinear_19:42
quantlinear_what if i go back to re-boot19:42
holsteinyeah im good now.. i can see images, which was the big thing in this case with quantlinear_19:42
quantlinear_and try safe boot19:42
elfyholstein: s/likely/will ;) and it might even carry on past that - who knows - we don't hold the keys to the servers unfortunately :)19:42
quantlinear_rather than normal boot19:42
holsteinelfy: i think this is acceptable.. no worries :)19:43
elfyk - cheers19:43
nothingspecialIf you can't see your data quantlinear_ it is most likely gone and photorec/testdisk is your best bet19:43
holsteini'll spread the word if it comes up for others elfy19:43
elfyholstein: you might want to use remember me option if you are at home19:44
holsteinelfy: i usually do, but this was a new-ish setup19:44
quantlinear_nothingspecial , do you think i should go back and re-boot again at the BOOT DEVICE19:44
holsteinok.. gotta run.. thanks again!19:44
nothingspecialquantlinear_: I don't think that is going to help you quantlinear_19:45
nothingspecialbut you can give it a go19:45
quantlinear_dont you think if the root file is there , then i can increase the partition size in "EDIT PARTITION"19:46
quantlinear_without destroying the data , if there is any in there to recover19:46
nothingspecialThe issue you have is that you made your / partition too small, you hard rebooted a number of times, and you don't have a backup quantlinear_19:46
quantlinear_or forget it and use the recovery software19:46
nothingspecialI have to go too, I've subscribed to your forums thread19:47
quantlinear_I didnt have access to right source at the time i was installing, Thanks , will be in touch19:47
quantlinear_let you know what happen in any way19:47
nothingspecialIf no-one has replied in 24 hrs or so, bump it to the top19:48
quantlinear_thank you very much for all of your help19:48
nothingspecialI would add what you have learned here to it though (which will bump it to the top ;)   )19:48
=== cortman is now known as john_barleycorn
siluetashey, I've got a question: I'm looking to buy a laptop with the intention to run ubuntu on it and do some light gaming, whether through wine, steam or a win partition. However, I've run into trouble with hybrid graphics in the past and I really want to avoid it this time.20:42
siluetasThe one way I can think of doing that is to get a laptop that only has a dedicated graphics card, not a set of two GPUs. Can someone give me advice in this regard?20:42
JonEdneyAnyone know how I can change the date format on Ubuntu 12.10?22:47

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