benkaiserHey mhall119, I am just getting started with the Core Apps Mockups and I have a few questions, should I ask them here or can I send you a private message?09:13
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xnoxmpt: mpt: I made a small surgery on the usb-creator to allow it flashing nexus7 tablets. I did have to remove a few things that didn't make sense in the 'nexus7' mode.17:13
xnoxBut I do wonder if/where is usb-creator design. And whether you want to see / tweak / change UI for flashing devices.17:14
* xnox should create screenshots.17:14
mptxnox, ev and I both remember there being at least wireframes for it. But I don't see them on the wiki anywhere.17:23
xnoxmpt: hmm... it was a while. I also had a vague idea that I saw wireframes about it.17:24
xnoxmpt: I'll make screenshots and / or come in to show the changes. And you can ponder about it, if you have time for it =)17:25
mptxnox, <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USBInstallationImages> has Ascii art from before I redesigned it17:27
xnoxmpt: thanks =)17:29

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