brycestgraber, is there a way to get pastebinit to post to paste.canonical.com or does the need for 2fa interfere with that?00:21
stgraberbryce: it's sadly not possible. One way would be for IS to allow posting without authentication and only requiring authentication to access the pastes, I mentioned it a couple of times in #is but nothing was done.00:37
brycestgraber, ok thanks00:38
brycestgraber, would be nice having some way to get X logs shared to co-workers for private projects.  Back to scp I guess.  :-)00:39
robruhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/raring-desktop-armhf+omap4.img 22MBs??! is that right>00:54
TheMusorobru: No I don't think so.01:07
robruTheMuso, any tips on how to get my pandaboard up and running?01:12
sarnoldrobru: I installed my pandaboard with 12.04's prepared filesystem image and upgraded to 12.10 a few minutes later (the prepared filesystem approach looked way simpler)01:15
brycerobert_ancell, where are you hung up?01:15
brycerobru, where are you hung up?01:15
brycerobru, I referenced ogra's google hangout walk-thru.  It took me a few tries but I got set up on both quantal and raring01:16
robrubryce, well, I'm following https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/QA/PandaboardNotes except that the filesystem image that it told me to download is only 22MBs, as if 22MBs was large enough for a full raring install01:17
robruso for laughs I just went and grabbed an android image for this thing, and that was able to boot to the point of drawing an animated 'android' logo on my screen, but it doesn't seem to actually boot past that.01:18
robru(so I know my screen, pandaboard, sd card, etc all seem to be working at least). now I just need to find a working image.01:19
robrubryce, oh, android just booted ;-)01:20
brycerobru, yeah 22M sounds like something broke in the builder.  Can't find the img I used but believe it was 700+ MB01:21
bryceyeah the 12.10 image is 726M - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.10/release/01:22
robruLOL, android interface on a 24" monitor with a mouse is remarkably terrible -- keyboard not working, so I have to use a hilariously enormouse onscreen keyboard... and my mouse sensitivity is just pitiful.01:25
desrtrobru: mouse sensitivity is gonna be low when normally the entire display is only a few hundred pixels wide01:26
robrudesrt, yeah. this would be the best tablet ever if it was a touchscreen. but as is it's just awful01:27
sarnoldnexus 4 screen is 1280x768, larger than some laptops / netbooks ...01:27
desrtsarnold: nexus 4 is a bit of an exception01:28
desrtit's got something like the nicest screen on earth, from the reviews i've read01:28
* desrt really wants google to fail at something that they try01:28
sarnolddesrt: orkut? :)01:28
desrti just hope it's not the broadband thing...01:29
desrtoh ya... and google plus isn't doing so hot either01:29
sarnoldwell, okay, orkut is going great in brazil last i heard. but still..01:29
desrtand buzz was a failure01:29
desrtas was wave01:29
desrtya okay... google has failed at a lot01:29
desrti'm happy01:29
sarnoldand google tv died shortly after release as the major content owners decided they'd rather not let google play in their sandbox01:30
desrtdidn't intel hit a similar roadbump very recently?01:30
robrudesrt, ooh, I found a setting for pointer speed. excellent!01:30
desrtrobru: try 11?01:31
TheMusorobru: You could always grab a netboot image for raring, and run the text installer and set up Ubuntu that way, thats how I usually do it.01:33
TheMusoOnly caviot with that way is you have to install the proprietary omap4 display drivers.01:33
TheMusoThe desktop image for pandaboard normally includes that driver, at least for raring.01:34
brycerobru, or install the quantal image and then try upgrading.01:38
robrubryce, ok, getting the quantal image now. Running android on a giant screen was fun though ;-)01:44
robrualright, 12.10 booted on the pandaboard, showed the loading splash, then the screen went black, but the indicators continue to flash. I assume it's just thinking slowly ;-)02:37
TheMusorobru: hard to say... What media did you install to?02:39
robrujust booting off the SD card for the first time02:39
robru(took me a while to download it)02:40
TheMusoOk, yeah it does take a while to come up.02:41
TheMusoI hope you are installing to a USB rotery disk.02:42
sarnolduhoh :) why>02:43
robruTheMuso, actually I do have a USB HDD that I'll be installing to02:46
robruTheMuso, do you know what it means if STATUS1 light blinks twice, then pauses?02:47
TheMusorobru: No I don't.02:57
robruTheMuso, according to http://omappedia.org/wiki/PandaBoard_FAQ#What_do_these_blinking_LEDs_on_PandaBoard_mean.3F it means, more or less, 'normal operation'. status2 indicates hd access and status1 by default just blinks twice per second.03:17
sarnolddoes the speed of the blinking seem to change over the course of booting to you guys too? I wondered if I was going nuts or not.. :)03:18
TheMusoIt changes according to CPU load for me sometimes.03:27
TheMusoOr IO activity at least.03:27
sarnoldsince mine's in my bedroom, I turned off the lights :) but now I've got an interest in turning the heartbeat back on and trying putting it under cpu load..03:28
robruhmmm,  yeah, so I can't get this to boot. it showed the bootsplash, and I hit escape and it showed me a bunch of upstart stuff, then the screen powered down and hasn't come back since03:32
TheMusoI wonder if you don't have the proprietary omap4 driver installed.03:33
brycerobru, do you have the sd card still inserted?03:41
robrubryce, yep.03:41
robruTheMuso, nothing is "installed", I'm talking about a fresh boot off the quantal omap4 image. it shows the bootsplash then the screen powers down. no installation happens03:42
sarnolddidn't till go through this? what was his solution...03:42
TheMusorobru: Yes but I mean installed onto the live image.03:44
pittiGood morning04:46
desrtpitti: the hours you keep grow stranger and stranger04:55
pittidesrt: today I got up with my wife; I usually do that in summer, but most of the time in winter I still sleep an hour04:56
pittibut damn brain wouldn't let me this morning04:56
amomagnome terminal wants to install a font. How disable it?05:35
desrtamoma: i don't think it's gnome-terminal that's doing that...06:06
robrudesrt, amoma: actually, one time I accidentally cat'ed a binary file and gnome-terminal tried to interpret random data as unicode, and tried to install some weird fonts to display strange foreign unicode codepages... but I just hit 'cancel' and it cancelled...06:14
desrtrobru: ya.  i've had that as well06:15
desrtbut i think it's something inside of gtk or pango or something that detects that and spawns something offering to install it06:15
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jibelgood morning08:01
amoma gnome terminal wants to install a font. How disable it?08:25
amomaany solutions?08:26
amomayes it is during browsing by binary files in opened in terminal08:26
amomait is highly useful to search binaries for strings08:27
amomafor example firefox trying to dns badware even if all config strings are replacet eg to 12708:28
amomaso searching where the 'badware' string is located resort to firefox.so08:29
amomaetc... i want this message to turn off. It is annoying08:30
amomaevery 2 3 screean popp rando message, as Thai, Cherokee, Kilgons, Kanda...08:31
amoma gnome terminal wants to install a font. How disable it?08:31
amomaof course instaling the fonts is not an option , instling the fonts will render binary file as some uni-codes, which will consist a serious nonsense08:34
didrocksgood morning08:35
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone08:44
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robruamoma, you should use the command 'strings' to extract strings from a binary. this will hide the binary garbage and stop the message from being displayed.09:01
didrockshey robru, still up? :)09:04
didrocksrobru: I think you saw that jenkins is not that kind with your branch, I think this will be your tasks for tomorrow :)09:04
robrudidrocks, hey. I am slowly trying to get to bed. 1AM here ;-)09:04
didrocksrobru: you should go! tomorrow, we have this hangout ;)09:05
robruoh crap, forgot about that! that's at 8AM, too09:05
didrocksdo you want that we delay that?09:05
robrudidrocks, no no, 7hrs of sleep is enough ;-)09:05
didrocksok :)09:05
robrudidrocks, goodnight ;-)09:06
didrocksrobru: have a good night!09:06
didrockshey Laney09:11
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amomarobu :only if the string is plaintext string10:00
amoma'gnome-terminal wants to install a font'. How disable automatic font installation?10:11
bochecha_amoma: on Fedora there's a package to remove if you want to disable this: PackageKit-gtk3-module, maybe there is something similar on Ubuntu?10:14
LaneyIf you're talking about packagekit, I thought that the terminal was supposed to be blacklisted?10:15
loolseb128: I've realized there were many pages on the Nexus 7 on the wiki already, so I've built upon them and captured the smem tips on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/MeasuringMemoryUsage10:16
Laneytry gsettings get org.gnome.packagekit ignored-dbus-requests10:16
seb128lool, thanks10:16
chrisccoulsonis nautilus maxing out anyone else's cpu?10:19
chrisccoulsonhi seb128 :)10:19
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?10:20
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. how are you?10:20
seb128chrisccoulson, nautilus: not for me and I didn't see any report or mention of it10:20
pittichrisccoulson: o/10:22
pittichrisccoulson: it's been horribly slow for a while now for me10:22
pittibonjour seb12810:22
seb128pitti, salut, ca va ?10:22
pittiça va bien!10:23
pittiet toi?10:23
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: is "maxing out cpu" while using it, or is it sitting there eating cpu for you?10:23
seb128pitti, ca va bien merci ;-)10:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - ah, it's spinning the CPU on thumbnailing my wallpaper in my home directory10:23
pittiwhile using it mostly, and when opening a new window10:23
chrisccoulsonif i switch to a directory without png's in it, it's fine10:24
pittii. e. the window opens, then it takes ages to show contents10:24
seb128chrisccoulson, is that image changing?10:24
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, the image is static10:24
chrisccoulsonit actually never finishes thumbnailing here10:24
pittieven for directories with very few thumbnails10:24
pittimy ~/src has 6 directories and two files, takes 5 seconds10:25
jibelnautilus even died here while browsing the pictures directory10:26
chrisccoulsonseb128, this is the image it seems to fail on: http://people.canonical.com/~chrisccoulson/Nightly_wallpaper.png10:26
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: did those issues start recently? I don't get any such bug here10:27
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: nautilus didn't change for weeks though, I would tend to blame the new glib/gvfs10:27
chrisccoulsonseb128, i'm not sure when it started for me. i only just noticed now that it's using a lot of cpu10:28
pittiseb128: I'm not quite sure when it started, I don't use nautilus that often; but certainly at least two weeks or so10:28
seb128chrisccoulson, nautilus thumbnails that file just fine for me10:28
pittiwaay before new glib/gvfs10:28
seb128k, maybe it's a 64b issue10:28
seb128no such problem on my i386 install10:28
pittiI open ~/src, nautilus goes 100% for some 5 seconhds, and then quiet again10:29
seb128how many items do you have in there?10:29
pittiseb128: pitti | my ~/src has 6 directories and two files, takes 5 seconds10:29
seb128urg, k10:29
chrisccoulsonseb128, hmmm, it thumbnails it fine for me if i copy it to my desktop too10:29
chrisccoulsoni wonder if it's another file in my home folder10:30
seb128chrisccoulson, usually .svg create such issues10:30
seb128do you have any of those?10:30
seb128well the most frequent case is having a .svg that librsvg struggles with10:30
seb128pitti, do you have images or files that needs thumbnailing in ~/src?10:34
pittiseb128: a .hs and a .py file, both of which are thumbnailed as text10:34
pittilet me try with a directory which just has subdirs10:34
pittisame, 5 seconds10:35
seb128hum, k10:35
seb128any chance you can run it under gdb, ctrl-C during those 5 seconds and get a bt?10:35
pitticurrently stracing10:36
pittiwhoa, it's reading a gazillion SVG files10:38
seb128located where?10:38
pittithat's what happens (only opens, not the parsing) when I attach strace to an already running/initialized nautilus and open ~/src10:39
pittionce I have a window open, I can change directories with no delay10:39
pittibut each new window takes 5 seconds again10:39
pittichrisccoulson: ^ is that the same for you? i. e. does it really depend on the folder for you?10:39
pittiso not only it reads SVG icons for icons that it doesn't need to show in that folder, it's even reading the same files many times10:40
seb128pitti, reading those files don't seem to be the issue10:41
seb128you have a 5 seconds gap in between 2 files in that10:41
pittihm right, line 11310:42
pittialthough it's still wrong to re-read all those icons10:42
pittihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1565690/ is the full trace10:43
pittiI'm reading from the point of "11:37:27.496294"10:43
pittilots of nautilus_directory_monitor_add_internal() calls10:44
* pitti wonders where he got all those ~/.local/share/locale/ files from10:45
pittioh, that would be jhbuild10:45
pittimoving away  doesn't help either10:46
seb128try gdb and bt during those 5 seconds10:46
seb128re-reading the icons seems buggy indeed10:46
seb128but it shouldn't account for that many seconds10:46
seb128those are small svg files, and the strace timestamps indicates it's not spending seconds going through10:46
pittihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1565704/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/1565706/ are two different BTs during that 5 seconds10:49
pittidoesn't tell me much, though10:49
larsuhaha, I just commented on a MR and launchpad cut off the *last* sentence with a "More..." link10:50
seb128pitti, ooooh10:55
seb128pitti, grep TEMPLATE ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs10:56
seb128pitti, that's likely it10:56
seb128pitti, makes it point to ~/Templates10:57
seb128or an empty dir something10:57
pittihm, how did it end up there? thanks!10:57
seb128I hate that template feature10:57
pittithat explains why "new file" shows sooo much crap10:57
seb128the usual case is that users delete ~/Template and that nautilus fallbacks to the parent dir, e.g ~10:58
seb128which makes nautilus parse all your files to create an endless template menu10:58
seb128which takes ages and eat your cpu10:58
seb128you got a small version of that...10:58
seb128still weird that it landed on .local/share10:58
pittiwow! lightning fast again!10:58
bochecha_seb128: I thought when deleting a XDG folder, it was recreated next time the session opened?10:58
* pitti hugs seb12810:59
* seb128 hugs pitti10:59
bochecha_at least that's what I've always seen here10:59
seb128bochecha_, it might, but in between .config/user-dirs.dirs is updated to point to an existant dir, e.g the parent directory usually11:00
seb128with nothing changing it back on next login11:00
seb128we discussed that issue in the past11:01
seb128ideally we should make those dir impossible to delete and explain the users why11:01
seb128or turn off the fallback and just disable the feature when the pointed dir doesn't exist11:01
bochecha_well, not necessarily11:01
bochecha_there's a DESKTOP folder in there, if you make it impossible to delete, then people running GNOME Shell will wonder where there documents are disappearing :)11:02
seb128things is that users delete e.g ~/Music because they have their media files in ~/Multimedia or something11:02
seb128or photos11:02
seb128then softwares like rhythmbox or shotwell get very confused11:02
bochecha_well, they are pointing to XDG_MUSIC_DIR, not to ~/Music11:03
bochecha_what is missing is a way to reassign those variables to the preferred folders of the user11:03
seb128right, but no user knows to edit .config/user-dirs.dirs to point XDG_MUSIC_DIR to ~/Multimedia/zic11:03
seb128so they just get bitten by it11:04
seb128over and over11:04
seb128oh well, one day we will solve that11:04
bochecha_I actually always reassign XDG_DESKTOP_DIR to ~, I'm glad I never did the same with TEMPLATE ^_^11:04
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seb128pitti, how would you recommend adding launchers to the nautilus desktop in ubuntu-defaults-image?11:26
seb128pitti, using an hook to do a symlink, e.g Desktop/firefox.desktop -> /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop?11:27
pittiseb128: create a .desktop file somewhere, and add it to unity/launchers.txt11:27
pittiseb128: oh, to the actual desktop, not the unity launcher11:28
seb128pitti, well, I don't want it on the launcher, I want it on the background (e.g in ~/Desktop)11:28
pittiseb128: second, phone11:28
seb128pitti, sure, no hurry11:28
seb128pitti, is there any way to add a gsettings schemas override there? or should I just add it in the debian dir and hack the rules to install it?11:49
pittiseb128: yes, you can still use the full power of debian/ to install additional files of course11:50
pittidebian/package.install, no need to hack rules :)11:50
pittior debian/package.links for your .desktop above11:50
seb128pitti, I was going to add a debian/<source>.gsettings-override, but it's a bit weird since u-d-b already creates one for the launcher overrides11:51
seb128well I guess it's fine to have 2 overrides11:51
mitya57hi Mirv, did you test your qt5 packages on desktop (or you're interested only in mobile ui)?12:08
mitya57it currently looks identical to windows 2000 :/12:09
mitya57I managed to (a) get the icon theme working (by writing an XSettings implementation with libxcb)12:10
mitya57(b) get qtconfig compile (it allows me to select a nice theme, but does not actually apply it)12:10
mitya57(both patches sent upstream)12:11
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seb128chrisccoulson, how is the cairo update going?12:31
seb128chrisccoulson, need help testing it? ;-)12:31
toabctlseb128, there's a dh_installgsettings helper. maybe that's what you want to use?12:37
seb128toabctl, thanks, I know about it, but no, ubuntu-defaults-builder is already using <source>.gsettings-override for creating the launcher config so I would conflict with the built-in feature12:38
seb128dh_installgsettings only consider <source>.gsettings-override, there doesn't seem to be a way to call it on another file12:38
seb128but I've just created the override in debian/ and listed it in <source>.install12:38
seb128so that's ok12:38
cyphermoxgood morning!12:40
seb128cyphermox, hey, how are you today?12:40
cyphermoxgood, you?12:40
toabctlhi cyphermox12:40
seb128good as well12:40
cyphermoxhey toabctl, sup12:41
Mirvmitya57: I've tested those every now and the a little, like compiling and running examples apps. possibly someone has tested much more.12:43
Mirvmitya57: so it's likely it should work relatively fine12:43
mitya57Mirv: doesn't it look like https://ubuntuone.com/3PqFHHvDpLwCNSaFOnNmmY ?12:50
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, i've done that, but then got sidetracked on this nautilus issue12:51
chrisccoulsonseb128, we need http://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/commit/libnautilus-private/nautilus-thumbnails.c?id=860f748ab2f47be2a604f89bd86e9499380f82a8 for the current nautilus to work with the new glib12:51
chrisccoulsonbasically, nautilus and glib now have different ideas about the thumbnail path, which is triggering a continuous loop12:52
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, nice12:52
seb128chrisccoulson, I just opened https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692444 as well12:52
ubot2Gnome bug 692444 in Thumbnails "Invalid read of size 4 in thumbnail_read_callback" [Normal,Unconfirmed]12:52
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm not sure to understand why the new glib creates a loop for nautilus thumbnailing, but I trust you if you say so ... going to backport that fix? ;-)12:56
chrisccoulsonseb128, actually hold on a second12:56
chrisccoulsoni still might be missing something yet :)12:56
seb128no hurry12:56
chrisccoulsonbasically, what is happening here is that glib says the thumbnail path is /home/chr1s/.cache/thumbnails/large/f030a33a884d2c13e4360c78ef5c04c0.png, but nautilus creates the thumbnail in /home/chr1s/.cache/thumbnails/normal/f030a33a884d2c13e4360c78ef5c04c0.png13:00
chrisccoulsonso when it reads the wrong thumbnail and comares the mtime stored in the metadata, it thinks it's out of date, and then tries again13:01
chrisccoulsonbut i'm not sure why it's only for this image13:01
chrisccoulsonand only in my home folder13:01
seb128weird indeed, maybe try asking #cosimoc on #nautilus on irc.gnome.org if he saw issues like that before13:02
chrisccoulsonglib returns that path merely because there is a thumbnail in /home/chr1s/.cache/thumbnails/large13:04
chrisccoulsonso i wonder what put that there?13:04
seb128did you run a jhbuild version that might have created it?13:05
chrisccoulsonno, i'm just using stock raring13:05
chrisccoulson-rw------- 1 chr1s chr1s 35482 Jan 11 04:16 f030a33a884d2c13e4360c78ef5c04c0.png13:06
chrisccoulsonso, i guess i need to hunt down whatever is creating thumbnails in there :)13:06
Mirvmitya57: do you mean lacking themes? aren't themes mostly a KDE thing anyhow, and normal Qt applications look a bit basic?13:07
seb128chrisccoulson, well, is that an issue that you get high quality thumbnails? that shouldn't make nautilus gets crazy...13:08
Mirv(at least compared to gtk apps having ambience applied)13:08
chrisccoulsonsure enough, moving that file out of the way fixes it and stops nautilus using lots of CPU13:08
Mirvmitya57: anyhow, I've most of all tested Qt Quick applications, not so much Qt Widgets apps13:08
mitya57Mirv: apps like Vlc or Virtualbox still need to look fine on any desktop...13:09
mitya57I guess they just have dropped Gtk2 themes support, but I would at least like to use "Fusion" theme13:09
Mirvmitya57: yes, similar to how they run on Qt4, but that also needs the apps to port to Qt5 - Qt4 will stay the default for 13.04 at least AFAIK13:09
MirvI don't know if apps like Vlc or Virtualbox port themselves to Qt5 before eg. KDE starts using Qt5 more13:11
Mirveven though porting is quite easy (eg. http://www.kdab.com/porting-from-qt-4-to-qt-5/)13:11
Mirvand http://qt-project.org/wiki/Transition_from_Qt_4.x_to_Qt5 is even shorter list13:12
mitya57Mirv: I know that porting is easy, but most of my Qt code is PyQt, so I'll need to wait a little with that13:16
mitya57Mirv: btw, I've just discovered that qttools debian/watch does not work (and probably for some other components)13:16
mitya57you may want to apply something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1566016/13:18
Mirvmitya57: ah, good catch, I can at least mark that down. the lintian exception would also need updating for others than qtbase13:18
MirvI've now been packaging first snapshots of some non-core modules like qtsensors13:20
Mirvbut those I haven't yet committed towards Debian at all (not sure if they'd be interested in them before there are releases)13:21
mitya57Mirv: to sum up: thanks for your work on qt5 packages! and feel free to ping me if you become interested in the desktop integration.13:23
Mirvmitya57: no problem :) 99% of the packaging is aimed to be done in Debian, so contributions are most welcome there if they just aren't Kubuntu/Ubuntu specific13:25
Mirvhttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ -> pkg-kde/qt/*13:25
mitya57yes, I know, I built my packages from that repos :)13:26
Mirvbut you're right in that currently I'm not looking directly at desktop applications, because it's not yet happening for most part13:26
Mirvcool :)13:26
mitya57I'll be maybe interested in mobile ui if PyQt is available there13:26
MirvI joined Debian's pkg-kde because of this effort, it's pretty nice in there13:27
Mirvyeah let's see what becomes of PyQt & PySide (I'm not up-to-date at all)13:27
mitya57I'll wait for their next release which added support for 5.0.0 final, and play with that to see if it's possible to use our ui-toolkit in pyqt13:28
mitya57*will add13:28
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chrisccoulsonseb128, i've put the cairo update in http://people.canonical.com/~chrisccoulson/ btw14:09
chrisccoulsonit doesn't seem to break anything here :)14:10
seb128chrisccoulson, great, let me build/test it and then upload14:10
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seb128chrisccoulson, works fine for me as well, uploading14:35
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks14:35
seb128can't believe that cairo's tarball is 41M14:36
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks for the update ;-)14:36
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KC4LZNAre there any references, paid or free, on how to write udev rules other than the man pages or this website? http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html15:04
cyphermoxsomeone here was asking about the doubled signatures in evo 3.6.0 in quantal, and about getting 3.6.2 in quantal -- FYI that's been in quantal-proposed for a few days now15:21
cyphermoxKC4LZN: seems like a pretty good reference. I'm not thinking of other ones right now15:22
dobeyhey, how come all my qt apps look like windows 95 on raring now? what happened to the theme?16:27
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brycewill be out a couple hrs this am; checking out preschools.16:35
Laneysoudns like fun ;-)16:35
Sweetsharklol? https://github.com/search?p=6&q=path%3A.ssh%2Fid_rsa17:12
mptmterry, I'm trying your update-manager branch. There's a list branch for "Firefox Web Browser", but firefox-locale-ar and firefox-locale-en are outside that branch. Do you know why that might be?17:15
mterrympt, ah...  I bet because firefox doesn't depend on them.  I imagine the language pack does?17:16
mterrympt, it *might* suggest them.  But doubtful17:16
desrtmterry: hey... how's the file picker coming along?17:16
mterrydesrt, I haven't done much work on it, it might get postponed a cycle because of mobile focus17:17
mterrympt, "reverse-depends firefox-locale-ar" shows language-pack-ar-base17:17
mptmterry, huh, it seems like the language packs themselves don't have any dependencies at all!17:18
mterrympt, firefox-locale-en doesn't have any no17:18
mterrympt, but language-pack-ar-base does17:19
mptmterry, that seems ... fragile. Dependency via replacement.17:20
mterrympt, ?  does it?  Maybe I've misrepresented something17:20
mterrylanguage-pack-ar -> language-pack-ar-base -> firefox-locale-ar17:21
mptmterry, no, I mean, strange packaging. Not strange Software Updater behavior.17:21
mterryYar, but there's no replacement happening17:21
Sweetsharkseb128: package updated on people.canonical.com17:29
Sweetshark(and on chinstrap)17:30
mptmterry, overall this looks splendid. Were you able to test any package with XB-Restart-Required set?17:30
mterrympt, only by faking it.  It's not 100% done.  The icon appears on left, but the string doesn't appear on bottom.  I'll fix that later with a separate branch.  Plus, we need to get some packages to use it17:31
mptsure :-)17:31
mterrympt, awesome.  Well, I guess I'll push it into trunk/distro then!  :)17:32
mterrympt, on my blog post about it, there were quite a few comments about not showing the package name anymore17:33
mterrympt, (note that I added it in the changelog section though)17:33
mterrympt, but I think it looks fine, the only bummer is when there are identical labels.  But those are arguably package bugs.  The debian policy says the label should make sense even without seeing the package name17:34
mptmterry, yes. Containers get blamed for their contents. Notify OSD got blamed for bad notification text, Ubuntu Software Center got blamed for bad package descriptions, now Software Updater is being blamed for bad labels.17:34
seb128Sweetshark, thanks17:35
mterrympt, what wasn't working with the tri-state checkboxes?  I didn't notice a problem in my quick testing17:38
mptmterry, unfortunately I specified it in detail only in private e-mail to dylanmccall :-)17:40
mterrympt, ah  :)17:40
mptmterry, basically that when a parent checkbox is in the indeterminate state, clicking it three times should return it to the indeterminate state.17:40
mptIt's a cycle: indeterminate -> checked -> unchecked -> indeterminate17:40
mterrympt, ah interesting.  Sure.  OK, good.  as long as I'm not going to be pushing a bug, just a lack of feature17:41
seb128desrt, pitti: do you see where/why that build is failing https://launchpadlibrarian.net/129298794/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-amd64.glib2.0_2.35.4-1~ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?17:42
desrtpbuilder using a line of ****** as separators makes it kinda hard to search for make errors :)17:43
desrtGLib:ERROR:/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.35.4/./glib/tests/gwakeuptest.c:107:context_clear: assertion failed: (ctx->pending_tokens == NULL)17:45
desrtthis has my name written all over it :(17:45
desrtseb128: did you try resubmitting the build?17:45
desrtnothing changed in this area recently so i think you probably found a very thin race17:45
seb128desrt, yes17:45
desrtdid it work?17:45
seb128that's the second failure in a row17:45
desrtanything change about the builders recently, like kernel or something?17:46
seb128well, I'm backporting some commits over 2.35.417:46
desrtseb128: is this the first 2.35 you've taken?17:46
seb128desrt, well, 2.35.4 built17:46
seb128so either something changed in distro17:47
seb128or it's one of my 4 backports17:47
desrtso this is a result of your backports17:47
desrti guess you didn't take anything related17:47
desrtgwakeup hasn't had anyone touching it since last year...17:47
desrtnor has the testcase17:47
desrtwhat commits did you pick?17:48
seb128and I reverted17:48
desrtso uh17:48
desrt3 of those are in gio and the other is about timezones17:48
seb128since it's buggy and I care less about btrfs optimization atm than about nautilus segfaulting17:48
desrtresubmit the unpatched glib and see if it fails17:48
desrtcould easily be caused by a new kernel17:49
mptmterry, have you reported bugs for XB-Restart-Required? If not, should I report ones for linux and glib at least?17:49
desrtdoesn't mean it's still not my fault, of course...17:50
mterrympt, I haven't started that yet, no17:50
mterrympt, sure.  glibc or glib?17:50
mterrympt, yeah, linux and glibc make sense17:50
mterrympt, linux-meta is the source I believe17:51
mptmterry, <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux> has 3869 open bug reports, <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta> has 5...17:52
mterrympt, well...  linux-meta is *a* source.  But the restart is probably actually triggered by the specific linux sources17:52
lifelessmpt: oh hi, I'm up early enough to chat :)17:52
mterrympt, linux-meta makes the generic packages like linux-image17:52
lifelessmpt: is there some way (even if its just planned) to get rid of the 'reboot required' dialog without killing the proces by hand ?17:52
mptlifeless, 6:52am?17:53
lifelessmpt: yeah, had to drop Lynne at the airport at 5am17:53
lifelessmpt: which is a totally antisocial hour.17:53
mterrympt, but linux is a better source to file agains in this case I agree17:54
mptlifeless, this page is sitting immediately to the left of my PC right now: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/128716123/p11.jpg17:54
mptI just haven't finished speccing it yet17:54
desrtseb128: there may be a small issue in the test17:55
lifelessmpt: cool17:56
desrtseb128: the entire testcase depends on going to sleep on a GWakeup waiting for the test to finish and waking up when the poll returns17:56
desrtseb128: we don't check for EINTR returned from the poll, so it's possible that if someone delivers a signal to the process while the test is running we could wake up early and fail17:57
desrtcould be something as innocent as a window size change17:57
desrtalternatively, though, i notice that we do alarm(60) for this test... maybe the SIGALRM is getting delivered because we hit the time limit17:58
seb128desrt, seems not likely on a builder though17:58
desrthard to imagine a test that takes <1s on my laptop would take over a minute on a builder, though?17:58
seb128I doubt as well17:59
desrtplus.. that would cause it to fail like17:59
desrt/gwakeup/threaded: Alarm clock17:59
desrtnot the assert we see17:59
seb128the full build is around 30min, and glib is built 3 times17:59
desrtso i'm left with two theories: the kernel changed and somehow eventfd no longer works the same as it used to18:00
desrt-or- we're getting some weird signal delivered causing poll() to return -1 (EINTR)18:00
seb128desrt, let's see if the previous version fails the same way18:02
desrti sure hope so18:03
seb128bah, it built on i386 (the new version which failed twice on amd64)18:03
seb128could be a race...18:03
seb128Laney, pitti: ^ did you run into any glib testsuite issue when updated to 2.35.4?18:03
Laneyno failures here18:03
mptmterry, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=xb-restart-required18:03
LaneyI always built with parallel=918:03
desrtseb128: any new gcc or libc uploads lately?18:04
mterrympt, awesome18:04
seb128desrt, no18:04
desrtseb128: http://www.fpaste.org/847H/18:09
desrtseb128: if you could get me a failure with that patch attached i'd appreciate it18:09
seb128desrt, let me reupload my version with that patch ;-)18:10
desrtachiang: can you remind me who you told me to bother last time i asked about simultaneous charging and usb-otg on the n7?18:16
achiangdesrt: janimo... we tested a patch but it broke the USB stack back in november18:17
desrtso i could bug him but the answer will be 'no' i guess18:17
achiangdesrt: someone else recently raised a bug w/a patch; unsure if it was exactly the same or if it was a refreshed version18:18
desrtachiang: got a link?18:18
achiangdesrt: the bug was closed out as wontfix by ogra_18:18
desrtthat surprises me because http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=193472218:19
desrtogra_: what's up with that?18:20
achiangdesrt: old bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/107232018:21
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1072320 in ubuntu-nexus7 "please consider adding OTG charging support to kernel" [High,In progress]18:21
achiangdesrt: new bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/110300018:21
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1103000 in ubuntu-nexus7 "Need to charge from USB hub with power connector" [Undecided,Won't fix]18:21
desrtachiang: any word on the pogo pins?18:21
achiangdesrt: hm, can you refine your question? :)18:22
desrtachiang: the device has physical support for charging from those pins if you give it +5 and GND18:22
desrtbut again, i think it needs software support18:23
achiangdesrt: i haven't heard anything about that, but if you could find a patch, perhaps janimo could take a look at it?18:24
desrtachiang: i don't know about a patch... all i know is that google enabled support for it with an android firmware update around the time the dock hit stores18:24
achiangdesrt: ah, neato18:24
achiangdesrt: sorry, i haven't been following that too much lately (as you are discovering ;)18:25
ogra_desrt, ?18:30
ogra_feel free to re-open if you have a working patch18:31
didrockshave a good evening everyone!18:31
rvr_jdstrand: ping18:33
jdstrandrvr_: hey18:35
rvr_jdstrand: Hey!18:35
rvr_One question18:35
rvr_We are pushing for an update of the firefox extension18:35
rvr_Is it safe to assume that it will be used by the last version of Firefox available in security/updates repositories?18:36
rvr_I wonder what's your policy regarding updates in this cases18:37
jdstrandrvr_: target 18.0.1. there are no plans for another firefox release before firefox 19 comes out18:37
desrtogra_: i don't... i'm just kinda surprised to see this issue so quickly wontfixed instead of trying to figure out what's wrong18:38
rvr_jdstrand: Yeah, I mean... the 12.10 comes with Firefox 16 by default18:38
rvr_jdstrand: But any update using security and/or update repositories will upgrade users to Firefox 1818:39
jdstrandrvr_: right, but almost no one will use that. they will follow -security/-updates and have 18.0.1. do keep in mind that upstream releases every 6 weeks or so, so 19 is around the corner18:39
rvr_Should be test against Firefox 16?18:39
jdstrandrvr_: I wouldn't bother. people won't get your update to the exension without getting ff18.0.118:40
jdstrandusers are told to restart the browser anyway18:40
desrtseb128: what's the word?18:56
seb128desrt, the word is that builder are busy as usual...18:57
seb128desrt, should take ~1h18:57
desrtoh wow.  okay.18:57
desrtseemed like your last resubmission was really fast18:57
seb128yeah, I got lucky18:58
seb128some daily builds kicked in18:58
seb128including people building libreoffice18:58
seb128well, dinner time here, hopefully it will be done when I'm back18:58
desrtdailies/recipies should get an automatic penalty18:58
desrtvs. manual uploads18:58
bizhan_HI I got this information from a one of our developers, I was wondering if this is a correct statement about ubuntu: "booting into a console-only environment is not possible – will require to boot into Desktop first and then kill the desktop manager to get into console-only mode" ? Thx19:27
sarnoldbizhan_: server installs don't do X, and even if you did a desktop install and want to avoid X, that too is very easy: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#override-files19:29
bizhan_sarnold: Thanks very much for this info.19:30
doomlordhow much is involved in adding a custom thumbnailer for the linux filebrowser19:32
doomlordan itch i'd like to scratch is some 3d file formats being thumbnailed (.obj..)19:32
doomlordpresumeably there's some place where you can register file type plugins19:34
=== ayan_ is now known as ayan
mterryseb128, you added ubuntu-sponsors to bug 1097822.  Is there anything to do yet?  I would expect we'd want to wait for upstream to comment before changing the API20:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1097822 in libwnck3 (Ubuntu) "WnckWindow should include a getter and signal for WM_WINDOW_ROLE" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109782220:24
seb128mterry, Trevinho said vuntz was going to review it "today" (by then), so I figured out that sponsors was the best way to not forget about it20:25
seb128mterry, feel free to unsubscribe sponsors, I will ping vuntz about it20:25
mterryseb128, sure20:26
seb128mterry, thanks20:27
mterryseb128, same for bug 109778120:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1097781 in libwnck3 (Ubuntu) "WnckWindow should emit a signal when the window class changes" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109778120:27
seb128mterry, indeed20:28
qenghoI really want to run Unity, but it completely freaks out on my machine.  Who wants to debug it with me?21:39
seb128qengho, try #ubuntu-unity or ping didrocks tomorrow21:44
Trevinhoseb128: I'll try to ping again vuntz if it is needed...22:39
Trevinhoseb128: also he was ok to give us more power on libwnck as we're the only still using it (with xfce)22:39
seb128Trevinho, well, if you are confident about the patches we should get those in22:40
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
seb128it got delayed because I was travelling last week and sort of waiting for them to be in git since you said vuntz was going to commit22:40
Trevinhoseb128: I am22:40
seb128ok, great, I will get them in tomorrow or monday, still ping vuntz if you can, thanks ;-)22:40
Trevinhoseb128: ok22:41

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