cjwatsonkentb: this bug is turning into a bit of a nightmare, isn't it - in all fairness I think I have to say that it's currently at risk for 12.04.217:37
cjwatsonkentb: (I'm on leave tomorrow, which doesn't help)17:37
kentbcjwatson,  ok. indeed it is.  I'll talk to Dell about when they expect to see these drives start selling and whether or not we need to come up with a plan B17:38
cjwatsonkentb: Do you think it might be possible for me to get remote console access to a box matching the one you're using, somehow?17:41
cjwatson(And yeah, I realise I dropped the ball between October and now ...)17:41
kentbcjwatson, let me find out wrt to console access...would it help if we could (possibly) express ship a drive to you?17:42
cjwatsonDifficult - I have very little study space and currently don't have a spare machine to put a drive in17:47
cjwatsonWe need to move house really, but I've been working too hard to prepare for it, so slightly chicken and egg :)17:48
cjwatsonMaybe in the next place I should look at rack + KVM17:48
infinityEvery time I move, my inner nerd says "I should totally make room for a 19" rack".  I never do.17:50
ogra_mak room, i have a spare one to give away !17:54
kentbcjwatson, we're looking into console access but it may not be in enough time for you (we need to do that, anyway for the future).17:57
* kentb heads to lunch18:03
danjaredcjwatson: are you still looking to see if you can get remote access?20:53
danjaredkentb: Custom Solutions would be able to provide remote access. I just need to patch some cables.21:03
kentbdanjared, ok. cool.21:10
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cjwatsondanjared: That'd be fantastic, thanks.  Due to holiday I won't be able to make use of it until Monday, but if it's available by then I can get right on it.23:15

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