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dholbachgood morning07:17
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Rhondarotfl @ wesnoth-editor "screenshot" …12:07
RhondaAt least someone got a sense of humor. :)12:08
* Rhonda . o O ( I still consider it not really an appropriate screenshot … )12:08
nigelbRhonda: where?12:14
Rhondanigelb, http://screenshots.debian.net/package/wesnoth-editor12:14
nigelboh. lol.12:14
Rhonda(or in software center I would assume)12:14
nigelbHeh, I see it in packages.debian.org :)12:15
RhondaOr packages.ubuntu.com :)12:15
Laneywrote my first executable debhelper file13:05
Laneynot sure if it's great or awful13:05
RhondaI read awful as helpful.  You make it sound so pessimistic instead. :)13:11
* tumbleweed crosses himself and steps away from Laney13:12
xnoxLaney: congrats =) i'm scared of executable debhelper files a little..... it's on a path to non-deterministic builds.13:30
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Laneyxnox: well, it's nothing you couldn't do in rules anyway if you wanted to14:16
Laneyif I didn't have this I would have written basically the same code in there14:16
Laneywell, or enumerated the list of files :P14:18
Laneymight be /slight/ overkill ;-)14:19
Laneythat brownie was over too fast :(14:19
* xnox wants brownie now14:25
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Rhondaerm, what the …  receiving mail that someone gets errors when they want to look up jaunty packages?16:58
* Rhonda nibbles on Laney. Baaad idea for convincing me to put my mail address there. %-/16:58
LaneyTake it away and redirect people to this channel instead?17:00
Laneyor the motu ML or so17:00
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t4nk216Hi, I have a question about packaging. I am trying to create packages with tracks and trains for openBVE (train simulator) (see https://launchpad.net/~kaero-ms/+archive/openbverat). These should be only data packages, no binary. For some trains, manuals in pdf should be attached. Where should be such pdf installed, so user can find them?19:51
jtaylorusr/share/doc/<package-name> is the normal location19:52
t4nk216Thanks for any help19:52
t4nk216jtaylor: so the format pdf is not a problem?19:52
jtaylorthere is some doc-base registration to register them somewhere19:53
jtaylort4nk216: if the source is available no19:53
jtaylorthe pdf must be built from source19:53
t4nk216the source of pdf is unavailable19:53
jtaylorthats a problem19:54
t4nk216ok, i found something how to make doc-base registration, I will try to dig more. thanks.19:59
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blackzmicahg, jtaylor: xchat patch (bug #1090842) doesn't work for me on amd64. does it for you?22:34
ubottubug 1090842 in xchat (Ubuntu) "FTBFS: in raring pyconfig.h is in /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/python2.7 or .. /i386-linux-gnu/.." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109084222:34
jtaylorit did when I wrote it22:36
jtaylorlets try again22:36
jtaylorhm no it does not work22:40
jtaylorI guess the package does not autoreconf22:40
jtaylorthe patch is based for upstream, so it patches configure.in22:40
blackzjtaylor: will you modify it? or do you want me to do it?22:42
jtayloryou can do it if you like22:42
blackzjtaylor: ok22:43
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