gnomefreakanyone around04:45
gnomefreaki keep getting an email ab out lightning locales, i will pastebin it for you.04:47
micahghrm, it should just be shipped in the lightning source or thunderbird with 2004:50
micahgbut I'm not doing much with this stuff these days, I'm still wondering why they're not shipping since I thought that upstream provides the locales, but that might require tweaking the source generation script04:51
gnomefreaki try/tried to stay away from locales when possible04:52
gnomefreakdid Mozilla rethink including lightning into tbird again?04:53
micahgno, but it comes from the same archive, so we're going to build them from the "thunderbird" source04:54
micahgthat change probably won't hit stable releases until thunderbird 2404:54
gnomefreaki was really looking forward to the merging but was dissapointed that it fell through04:55
bolvaryHi there, When I open Contacts no addressbook appears in Thunderbird. However, if I open TB first then I can access my contacts. Is there a way to fix this annoying issue?12:04
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BluesKaj i'm having some freeze issues with firefox on 13.04 , can someone direct me to correct log to find the errors15:02
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