Seeker`He certainly managed to stop the spam accounts then :P01:59
Seeker`Just stopped it for the rest of us too!01:59
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qwebirc34971Hello. I am building a mythbuntu backend vm and I would like some advice on which hardware works well. I need to have a tuner that supports basic cable analog and digital signals. It has to be pci or network based. Which devices have painless setups?18:02
rhpot1991qwebirc34971: analog really?18:20
rhpot1991your area hasn't converted to all digital yet?18:21
qwebirc34971They don't want to pay for a digital cable package and tv tuner card18:21
qwebirc34971It's digital cable, not terrestrial ATSC18:21
qwebirc34971so they still run analog channels over the coaxial lines18:21
rhpot1991ya most places have forced digital already I though18:21
rhpot1991and then give out DTAs so you can still use your analog tvs18:22
qwebirc34971Don't get me wrong, Cox has some ClearQAM channels, but only about 5, compared to the 80 or so basic analog cable channels18:22
rhpot1991are they cable card friendly?18:22
qwebirc34971You need a digital cable package which is about 40 dollars a month extra and a cablecard to tune to a better package18:23
rhpot1991oh so you don't have access to that currently then?18:23
qwebirc34971They are, I have my own setup with a HDHR prime and a cablecard, works beautifully, but the folks don't want to pay more for their tv18:23
qwebirc34971Different locations18:23
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rhpot1991cvance: ah ok, prime is where I was headed18:24
cvanceI have one, but prime only does clearqam and they want stuff on analog18:24
rhpot1991there are some happuage cards that can do analog and clear qam18:24
cvanceI heard they're not really painless...18:24
cvanceI did a only Happuage 1600 setup for my fiancee a while ago18:25
rhpot1991they are supposed to work18:25
rhpot1991ya 1600 rings a bell18:25
rhpot19912200 maybe18:25
cvanceyeah, i think they need hardware mpeg2 encoders or something, any experience?18:25
rhpot1991cvance: another option would be regular hdhr18:25
rhpot1991with mine I can do clear qam and all the dta channels18:25
rhpot1991which is my 1-7018:25
cvancethat do analog as well?18:25
rhpot1991though in theory those may go away at some point18:25
rhpot1991no, comcast broadcasts them in the clear after the conversion18:26
rhpot1991so depends on your provider18:26
cvancedta? sorry not familiar with that acronym18:26
cvanceI have cox communications down in new orleans18:26
cvancehttp://ww2.cox.com/residential/neworleans/tv/channel-lineup.cox look at starter tv18:26
rhpot1991what comcast did is they said no more analog then gave out little boxes to be able to get your old analog channels for free stil18:27
cvancenot sure if cox does that, sounds pretty nice of comcast. Is it hd?18:27
cvanceI know for sure that cox hasn't cut of analog yet because this old tv that we've got is still running with no box18:28
cvanceI'll look into a 1600 or 220018:28
cvanceYeah, if they wanted a digital package and a CC, would work swimmingly, but alas no.18:29
cvancethx for the advice rhpot199118:31
rhpot1991no problem, good luck18:32
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