ubottubean called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:03
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (arch)01:03
mneptoksuch behavior with a username cloak. bold move.01:06
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Bacon3 appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)01:40
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riplyHi guys, anyone I can talk to here about a little abuse of power? @ikonia muted me and I'd like to appeal it? http://pastebin.com/jh1W3Gpf11:06
riplyThis was in the #ubuntu channel11:07
tsimpsonriply: calling windows "winblows" is not helpful to anyone and only fosters a bad atmosphere, everyone is entitled to their opinions but #ubuntu is strictly for support related talk only. using disrespectful names only serves to make the Ubuntu community look hostile to users of other OSes and that's not something we want in our channels11:17
tsimpsonriply: having said that if you are willing to not use such derogatory terms for other OSes, even windows, I'd be happy to remove the quiet11:18
tsimpsonriply: please come back when you are not AFK11:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dwatkins said: !no, pi is either 3, for small values of pi, approximately 3.14159265359 or about 22/7.13:43
IdleOnefactoid edit denied due to lack of funny and/or silliness13:44
IdleOnehello riply14:03
riplyHi IdleOne14:04
IdleOneSo, did you see what tsimpson said to you earlier?14:04
riplyI dropped me message here earlier today and tsimpson replied in pvt14:04
riplyand I've messaged ikonia an apology14:04
IdleOneah ok. and you are ok with following the !guidelines?14:04
riplyI had a pretty bad morning and I will follow the guidelines - no problem.14:05
riplyI understand you're trying to create harmony14:05
riplyit doesn't look like either of them are online, however14:05
IdleOneok, gimme just a  minute here and I will remove the mute14:06
IdleOneare you able to send messages to #ubuntu now?14:07
IdleOneriply: ?14:08
riplyIdleOne, not yet mate.14:09
riplyIdleOne, it is still saying I'm silenced14:09
riplyIdleOne, it seems we have success!14:09
riplyThank you all!14:10
IdleOnealright, have yourself a great day14:10
riplybefore I go ;)14:10
riplywhat are the chances that you have any ideas of the ETA of Ubuntu Mobile?14:10
IdleOneyou can join #ubuntu-phone, there is some info in the topic14:11
riplyawesome, ta14:11
riplythank you again14:11
IdleOnesure thing14:11
riplykeep well all14:11
IdleOneremember to part this channel please14:11
Picihrm, maybe we should modify notunity to include a factoid about alternative Des14:37
Picier DEs14:37
IdleOnesounds good14:38
PiciMyrtti: Did I miss something?16:25
Myrttiother than him cycling through due to maxsendq?16:26
PiciMyrtti: I banned *!~ask@l0w.at$##fix_your_connection16:26
Myrttioh so you did16:26
PiciI missed the first time16:26
MyrttiI'm just blind and low blood sugar16:26
ikoniahello phix21:57

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