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payloadin android, there is yet another concept for starting a different app for some sub-task. what is the proposed way of doing this in ubuntu? registering an url scheme handler?00:48
mhall119aliendude5300: the code will be public from the beginning, so you can still contribute code01:23
mhall119or you can start another app project of your own01:23
DupeHi there! I just received my motorola atrix lapdock, and now I found out about ubuntu for phones. Looks like a sweet combination to me :D01:35
mhall119Dupe: does that one have the Webtop?01:49
Dupemhall119: Well its actually just a screen with battery and keyboard. I am planning to buy a fast phone and just connect it to the mini HDMI and usb ports01:54
mhall119Dupe: oh, I thought you had the atrix too02:03
hourdthose things seem to be used to make raspberry pi laptops as well02:04
dmj_novamhall119: would either of the swipes I suggested in the file browser conflict with ubuntu phone?02:07
Dupemhall119: nah, not fast enough02:09
mhall119dmj_nova: link?02:11
mhall119dmj_nova: as long as the swipe starts inside the app, you're fine02:12
mhall119the Unity shell only uses swipes that originate outside of the screen and come in02:12
dmj_novaokay, so even the "full swipe across the screen" gesture in Ubuntu Phone requires you to start off the edge02:13
mhall119basically, Unity owns the edges, apps own the screen02:14
mhall119though apps own the bottom edge too, but I'm not sure if that's shell integration (like HUD) or something each app will have to implement02:14
dmj_novaYeah, Canonical finally made me want a phone that ships with Android :P02:15
mhall119I hope you want one that ships with Ubuntu too :)02:20
hourddual boot :P02:21
dmj_novaYeah, I'd buy one today if I could!02:21
dmj_novastill using a 3 year old smartphone that has always been "the next best thing to an Ubuntu phone"02:22
dmj_novaNokia n90002:23
DupeIs there any way to make ubuntu happen on your phone right now?02:23
hourdfor the hw keyboard?02:24
qrwteyrutiyoupwow, n900 :)02:24
dmj_novaI could easily run Ubuntu on my phone, but then I couldn't make or receive phone calls02:24
dmj_novayeah, it was a crazy awesome phone in its day02:25
dmj_novaI once wrote a webcam app on it while waiting for a professor to finish a meeting.02:25
hourdyeah i use a htc desire z for android phone with hardware keyboard and a nexuz7 dualbooting android and ubuntu for all my linux needs ;)02:25
hourddmj_nova: thats cool :)02:26
dmj_novaAn Ubuntu phone with hardware keyboard would be a dream come true02:26
dmj_novacouldn't imagine writing code on a single screen device with onscreen keyboard02:26
hourdit really would02:26
dmj_novahourd: What's your involvement with Ubuntu Phone?02:29
hourdnone, but i would love to get involved02:32
dmj_novahourd: You see their seeking design input on 12 default apps?02:33
hourdi was unaware of this02:36
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bobweaverandyone savy with qml that wants to look at something for me ?03:58
bobweaverI am trying to pass of a color of a text property in a well property . but I get the error "Unable to assign QString to QColor"      Here is the code.  for the Root Item  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1565024/       Here is the code that calls the Root Item http://paste.ubuntu.com/1565034/03:58
mhall119bobweaver: does QML have a "color" type?04:02
bobweaverNM  had to use the " property color "   not " property string "04:03
mhall119ah, that's what I was thinking, but didn't know enough QML04:03
bobweaverthanks though mhall119  :)04:04
bobweaveryeah dude on qt-qml told me about the property thingy04:04
* mhall119 is off to bed, see you all in the morning04:04
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cumptrnrdDoes anyone have this running in a Nexus 4?08:02
cumptrnrdI have only seen pictures and videos of the Galaxy Nexus08:03
dmj_novacumptrnrd: I think it's just a bit too early for that yet08:22
dmj_novaThe images and source code will be released in February.08:23
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Sergey__hello all. has any mockups of Ubuntu Weather?10:15
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sqrt7744will qml based apps for harmattan be easily portable, i.e. similar components like PageStackWindows and whatnot?11:40
mitrohi all12:00
mitroI'm new to Ubuntu OS. Using an MacPro, iPhone, so can I get invoke to this project?12:01
mitroIf available, could anyone tell me where to get start :D12:02
GuidoPallemansmitro: by programming? or how exactly?12:18
tsdgeossqrt7744: you can find the available sdk at http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/12:18
tsdgeosthe concepts seem to be similar12:19
mitroWhat do you mean by "by programming"?12:19
mitroThank tsdgeos.12:19
doomlorddoes ubuntu for android replace or augment android12:42
doomlordwill it work ok on tablets eg nexus 712:44
popeyU4A augments, not replaces android12:45
popeyUbuntu for Phones replaces android12:45
doomlordah, "ubuntu-for-android" contrasts with "ubuntu-for-phones"12:46
popeytwo separate products12:46
doomlordso the latter has telephony integrated i guess (my friend asked, "what happens if your docked phone takes a call, isn't that inconvinient.." to which skype should have provided a decent answer lol)12:47
doomlordanything else present or missing ?12:47
doomlordis it primarily telephony + tiny touchscreen UI optimization?12:48
popeythey both have telephony features12:48
popeycalls / texts12:48
doomlordits of great interest to me.. ubuntu has become my primary OS12:49
doomlordcan you confirm it is honest-to-god linux, e.g. one can fire up a terminal and "sudo apt-get ... "12:51
doomlord(honest to god Desktop linux, i should say)12:51
astraljavaBut... but... aren't terminal commands as honest-to-$deity in any linux, outside desktop category, too? ;)13:28
doomlordhonest to $deity linux in the way that ubuntu or fedora are wheras android is not .. the whole linux desktop experience & package manager13:41
hourdyes its uspposed to run full ubuntu with a phone interface13:41
doomlordarm vs x86 binaries of course13:42
doomlord sounds awesome13:42
hourdhow i understand it is that it's like running a different display manager while in phone form and the external display runs unity or whatever you put on it13:42
doomlordi have a gaalaxy nexus which i gather is the hardware its demo'd on13:42
hourdfull full ubuntu(arm) backend13:42
doomlorddisplay-manager... window-manager? or not quite13:42
doomlordcustomized unity i see13:42
doomlordbut the display manager controls how it logs  on and so on?13:43
doomlordi guess its unlikely phones will ever come with it pre-installed13:43
hourdwith what pre-installed?13:44
hourdwhy not?13:44
doomlordjoe public will prefer android13:44
hourdthat was said about iphone when android came out13:45
hourdlook at android now13:45
doomlordi mean for *me* , if its what is being said here, it would be perfect13:45
doomlordbut i'm not typical. i often like things purely because they are differnt13:45
jussiwayland will make a decent experience out of it.13:45
doomlordah is this using wayland yet?13:46
jussiNot sure if they have fully implemented yet, but as I understand the release will have wayland13:46
hourdwhat im trying to say is before android came out th eoption was iOS or some other things. then android came otu and people said why get android iOS is better. now android is huge13:46
hourdubuntu phone will hopefully be the same13:47
hourdor similar progression13:47
hourdthe proper docking is a major feature. desktop in your pocket13:47
doomlordsame with windows8, i think once you see the crossover (and hybrid devices) the contraversial post-wimp phonified desktops will start to make more sense to people13:47
doomlordbut i hope true windowing is kept just like terminal/textmode13:48
doomlordubuntu for *android* ... do they keep the menubar visible for touchfriendliness..13:49
doomlordi guess ubuntu phone interface optimized apps wont use menubar at all13:50
popeyubuntu for android is android when a phone and ubuntu when docked13:50
popeyso when docked it would be attached to a screen13:50
popeywith mouse and keyboard13:50
popeyso would function just like a pc running ubuntu does now, but with telephony features enabled and integration with the phone stack13:50
hourdbasicly in docked treat it as a desktop, you dont touch it and use an external screen13:50
popeyso the menu bar would work just as it does now13:51
hourdsame with ubuntu phone13:51
hourdbut that also has full ubuntu backend in phone form but with a phone ui13:51
doomlordi'm one of these people who thinks they should keep the menu fully visible but its not a major flaw13:51
hourddoomlord: menu visible on the phone screen?13:51
doomlordi figured 'globalmenu' might actully be ok with top edge swipe on android tablets13:52
hourdthats how it is13:52
doomlordphone screen .. i guess a traditional WIMP menu will really suffer13:52
hourddoomlord: have you seen the demo videos on the phone ui?13:52
doomlorda few13:52
hourdso its nothing liek a desktop ui13:52
doomlordi've seen the dock appearing from right edge swipe13:52
doomlordand the indicator swipes, thats smart13:53
doomlordoops left yes13:53
doomlordi always thought 'expo' would be nice on a touchscreen13:53
hourdwhen docked it outputs on an external screen and is no different to your current desktop ubuntu but running arm not x8613:53
doomlordit probably doesn't do that though13:54
hourdwhich is nice13:54
doomlord(copy of mac osx spaces)13:54
doomlord(compiz plugin.. zoom out to see multiple desktop thumbnails)13:54
hourdsorry i havnt used OSX much13:54
hourdhasnt linux has that for over a decade?13:55
hourd"copy of osx spaces"?13:55
popeythe phone doesn't really have a concept of desktops13:55
popeyyou have full screen apps13:55
hourdbut yes you will have that in docked13:55
hourdbut not on phone ui13:55
doomlordin phone mode i guess it will all be fullscreen13:55
popeyalthough we're switching to one desktop by default now13:56
popeynot four13:56
hourdthe option is there though right?13:56
hourdgood :)13:56
popeyjust default changing13:56
hourdthats fine13:56
doomlordi thought it would be nice if it was 1 desktop until you maximize something13:56
hourdless overhead i asume?13:56
doomlordkind of like how osx lion does things... a different type of maximize which is really 'fullscreen on its own new workspce'13:57
popeyits not done for that reason13:57
hourdpopey: thats just default on unity though? I can just install cinnamon or something and do whatever13:57
popeyof course13:57
popeyI'm only talking about unity13:57
hourdyeah :)13:57
popeynot some random other 3rd party desktop ☺13:57
hourddidnt know if there was some funky OS limitation13:57
hourdyeah. i dont use unity much13:57
doomlordwhat wouldbe really nice on unity is if it dynamically added screens as you fill them .. 1-> 2x2 -> 3x313:57
hourddoomlord: gnome3 does that13:58
hourdnumber of active workspaces + 113:58
doomlordunfortunately i've never enjoyed gnome.. strange.. i prefer everything asside from that in unity13:58
hourdcinnamon has a 1-click to add new workspace feature which is nice13:59
doomlordi think the desktop overview zooming would really suit the phone screen13:59
hourdits liek a mix of gnome2 and 313:59
hourddoomlord: how so? is the screen no far too small to do that?13:59
doomlordandroid just puts thumbnails on the side..14:00
hourdim pretty sure theres a list of open 'apps'14:01
hourdon the 'home' screen maybe14:01
doomlordsynergy might be interesting on this14:01
doomlordyou know the tool for providing the illusion of multiple machines being one multi-screen desktop :)14:02
doomlordlets say your desktop pc or laptop can only drive 2 screens.. but you  have a phone aswell -  use it for  3rd screen :)14:03
jussiI like the Meego/Harmatttan way of showing open apps on the phone14:03
doomlordsomething else that would be awsome i think is a desktop keyboard-dock, placing the phone where it can be used as a trackpad14:04
hourddoomlord: you can do the trackpad thing with android, theres apps for it14:05
hourdalso yeah sorry, i know what synergy is just a phone is rather small for it14:06
doomlordwell i hope this does appeal to joe public aswell14:07
doomlordphone+TV could suit joe public over and above laptop/desktop14:08
hourdi'm about to try synergy on ym laptop + nexus 714:08
doomlordyou have linux on nexus7 ? i'm considering getting one, but if linux runs well on it that would be a more copelling reason14:09
doomlordcommpelling^ reason to get one14:09
hourd dual boot ubuntu 13.04 and android 4.2.114:09
doomlordwow that works ok?14:10
hourdworks fine14:10
hourdbit of modding required14:10
doomlordwill one be able to dual  boot a phone14:10
hourdliek unlocking bootloader, custom bootloader, ubuntu rom etc..14:10
hourdbut it runs fine14:10
hourdyeah you can dual boot phones fine, again will need custom bootloader and compatable rom and kernel14:11
hourddoomlord: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus714:11
doomlordwith linux docked will you still be able to view the phones' filesystem when plugged into  pc as a usb device14:11
hourdsorry could you rephrase that?14:12
doomlordif you have ubuntu-phone - can you view the phone's filesystem as a USB hard-drive when you plug it into a PC14:12
hourdi'd imagine so14:12
hourdwill my android phone i can, and also use it as usb host14:13
riplyHi guys, I've read the FAQ and come here with a question that's more than likely been asked a thousand times.. will I be able to ditch the iOS and install this on my iPhone?14:14
doomlordi'm in 2 minds.. i have a galaxy nexus and an ipad, but as far as gadgets go i'm very tempted by a galaxy note , either 5.5 or 10.1.. i gather they will be doing  a galaxy-note- 7.7 which would be perfect14:14
k1lriply: never is that gonna happen14:15
riplydoomlord, they say in the FAQ that they've not yet decided whether you're going to get root access, so I'd imagine that would answer your question with 'maybe'?14:15
k1lriply: you bought the wrong device if you want to be able to flash your own roms14:15
doomlordhow do you physically go about reinstalling14:15
riplyk1l, that is not what I wanted to hear :(14:15
doomlordcan you backup your phone's total state before installing ubuntu-phone14:16
riplythankfully my contract is almost up. Samsung here we come.14:16
hourddoomlord: it will probably just overwrite the entire device14:16
hourdunless you use multirom or something14:16
riplydoomlord, does that mean, however that you'll be able to access the filesystem though? ie chmod and things like that?14:16
doomlordi'm kind of hoping one can backup the device :)14:16
hourddoomlord: yeah abd backup via the android sdk14:17
riplydoomlord, there is talk of a duel-boot?14:17
k1li think it will erase the android while installing.14:17
smartboyhwHmm I tried installing qt5-meta-full in the Canonical Qt5 beta 1 PPA, and two of the packages are not installable (due to build errors in Ubuntu repo)14:17
riplyI guess only time will tell :)14:17
smartboyhwAny solutions?14:17
k1ldont see that there is enough space for both OS on the storage14:17
hourddoomlord: http://i.imgur.com/eqyUiYv.jpg just taken of my nexus 714:17
riplyk1l, also true!14:17
doomlordthat looks awesome14:18
riplyagreed - awesome14:18
hourdjust waiting for the otg adapter to plug in peripherals14:18
hourdthen goign to 3d print a dock for it all14:19
doomlordcan you use bluetooth keybord14:19
k1lhourd: what about the touch-friendlyness? i had ubuntu-arm running on my tablet an unity wasnt really good to use14:19
hourdits ok, you have to be pretty acurate when closing windows14:19
hourdbut otherwise its fine14:19
doomlordits got tweaks like 3-finger window-drag?14:20
hourdno idea let me try14:20
doomlordi thought a pinch-gesture for desktop overview would be wesome14:20
doomlordi thought a pinch-gesture for desktop overview would be awesome14:20
hourdyes it does14:20
popeysmartboyhw: ask bzoltan14:20
hourddoomlord: thanks for that. i did not know14:21
doomlordi recall how osx snow leopard was awesome with 3 finger drag on the trackpad with 'spaces' .. that was the best window-management of any system (the way spaces+expose aka expo+scale worked together with multitouch)14:22
doomlorddo they use 4 finger swipe for anything14:22
hourd4 gets a bit awekward14:23
smartboyhwbzoltan, ping14:23
doomlordhow is ubuntu/androids onscreen keyboard controlled14:30
petko10hey guys , I wanted to ask if there are plans to get the Ubuntu TV in the Ubuntu Phone . As in - will it at some point be possible to connect the phone via HDMI to a tv/screen , launch an app (to start Ubuntu TV) and use the TV remote to control it (via HDMI CEC)14:36
JavierDelgadoHi all14:36
doomlorddoes the nexus 7 have a dock that  can do hdmi out14:36
hourdi would also liek to know this14:37
JavierDelgadoI also have a Nexus 7 but it does't have HDMI or similar port to output14:38
doomlordprobably wishful thinking, i suspect all part of the minimal price14:38
JavierDelgadoOnly Audio port, if you need to see what is on the scree, you can install a VNC Server14:38
JavierDelgadoI have a little query to developers14:39
petko10I think some devices can output HDMI via the audio jack and a ... wat's  the word - a cable with audio jack at one end and HDMI at the other14:39
JavierDelgadoWhat is the best languaje, I am using Vala with GTK for Ubuntu14:40
JavierDelgadoBut I am feeling so slow14:40
JavierDelgadoSo, what is better for Ubuntu, Qt or GTK?14:41
petko10That's the reason there's support for a veriety of languages - so you can have your preference14:41
petko10both are supported14:41
doomlordi always thought ubuntu was more gtk14:41
petko10I like the Qt framework and tools (and I prefer c++ rather than C)14:41
doomlordQt - > KDE14:42
petko10well before - maybe , but I haven't had any problems with Qt in Ubuntu14:42
JavierDelgadoAnd, as we are in ubuntu-phones jeje14:43
JavierDelgadoWhat is the "oficial" languaje for this platform?14:43
petko10it's mostly about your preference as I said before (for the desktop - on phones it's Qt ;) )14:43
petko10search for "gomobile ubuntu"14:44
petko10and you'll get the get started guide14:44
petko10it's the Qt framework14:44
petko10for native apps14:44
petko10and HTML5 for webapps14:44
JavierDelgadoSo Qt with C++ would work under Ubuntu for Phones?14:44
doomlordi think it would14:45
petko10yes as I've come to know . I haven't actually used it yet14:45
popeydoomlord: no, the nexus 7 can't do hdmi out14:45
doomlordcant have everything i guess14:45
JavierDelgadoOk, thank you very much14:46
popeythe dock doens't do much actually, only usb and power14:46
JavierDelgadoAnd the last query jejej14:47
JavierDelgadoIf I develop an terminal application under Qt, Which libraries whould I need to run under Ubuntu Server or Raspberry Pi with Debian?14:48
JavierDelgadoDo you know it?14:48
alo21Hi...I would like to write a app which simulates a torch... and I would like to know if I can simulate the hardware input/output14:52
doomlordhah. i have actully used a mobile device as  torch when bulbs blow up14:52
alo21doomlord, can you help me?14:53
doomlordi dont thinkso specifically. i mean.. i just found myself in the dark, and tapping my ipad screen = light :)14:54
doomlorddo you know if ubuntu-android would run on the galaxy-note ..15:00
alo21doomlord, i am sorry, but I do not know15:06
alo21doomlord, but I think it could be15:06
popeydoomlord: no devices have been announced for UfA15:08
doomlordso nexus7 is my best bet i guess15:21
arij_doomlord, you can wait15:26
arij_then hope some one ports it15:26
arij_to a nexus 4 or whatevr u want it on15:27
popeydoomlord: nexus 7 is best bet for what?15:27
doomlordubuntu gadgetry15:27
popeywell, you can run ubuntu on a nexus7 now15:28
popeybut that is neither Ubuntu for Phones nor Ubuntu for Android15:28
popeybut just stock Ubuntu desktop15:28
arij_thats cool15:29
hourdruns reasonably well too15:31
bzoltan1 smartboyhw: pong, what can I do for you sir :) ?15:39
smartboyhwbzoltan1, the qt5-meta-full package is not working15:39
Andy80bzoltan1.Enque(ping); (when you've finished with smartboyhw I've a quesiton too :P )15:42
bzoltan1smartboyhw: precise?15:42
smartboyhwbzoltan1, raring15:42
smartboyhwin the beta one15:42
bzoltan1smartboyhw:  let me check the build results.... what package failed on R15:42
smartboyhwbzoltan1, https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta1/+packages15:42
bzoltan1qtwayland it is15:43
bzoltan1smartboyhw has left... anyhow I just pushed the wayland for raring, the qtwayland depends on it and qt5-meta wants to pull that too15:51
bzoltan1Andy80:  I am all yours :)15:51
Andy80bzoltan1, here or private dialog? (no secrets anyway :P )15:52
bzoltan1Andy80:  Shoot here15:52
Andy80bzoltan1, I found also templates for "Qt Quick 2 UI" app, you can find it here http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-creator/qt-creator/trees/master/share/qtcreator/templates/qml/qtquick215:53
Andy80in general QtCreator is NOT able to deploy a pure QML app :(15:53
Andy80it can deploy a QML and C++ one because internally the code supports deploying on "Generic Linux Device"15:53
Andy80but it cannot do the same with pure QML15:54
Andy80basically the answer was that since they didn't need it, they didn't implement it15:54
bzoltan1Andy80: it should be able to do it with qmlscene15:54
Andy80and if you create a "Qt Quick 2 UI" and you try to manually add our "Kit", QtCreator doesn't let you add it15:54
bzoltan1Andy80: that is odd15:55
Andy80it should, but it doesn't allow you.15:55
bzoltan1Andy80: I think you better check with the upstream devs15:55
Andy80at this point the path will be harder.... I mean... we have to go to a custom plugin15:55
Andy80yeah surely I will do it15:55
Andy80but I already asked to people on #qt-creator15:55
Andy80maybe I can ask again on the mailing list, but.... it won't be fast as expected15:56
bzoltan1Andy80:  let me pull in jppiiroinen who used to work on the N9's application developer. He might have some idea too16:02
Andy80bzoltan1, someone just told me "qt quick 2 ui projects are handled by the qmlprojectmanager, which can only handle desktop devices". Infact there is no .pro in pure QML projects...16:04
bzoltan1Andy80:  hmmm... odd16:05
Andy80bzoltan1, oh... btw this someone is Daniel Teske from Digia, he probably knows enough :\ he's the same who helped me in the mailing list. We must see if it's possible to customize the qmlprojectmanager.... I was going to read the BB10 plugin but they don't use pure QML projects, so I would not find anything that I need16:07
bzoltan1Andy80:  So it is only about remotely launch a qml app on a linux device?16:10
Andy80bzoltan1, not only.... since qmlprojectmanager doesn't support "Generic Linux Device" it doesn't deploy the application too16:12
Andy80if you think about it for a moment it's not something impossible: if cou copy a binary you can copy a .qml too16:13
Andy80if you remoteli execute "yourbinary" you can also execute "qmlscene yourapp.qml"16:13
Andy80it's just not implemented yet16:13
Andy80we probably have to see how these plugins are implemented and write our own16:14
Andy80of course it won't be easy like configuring a kit or writing a project wizard template :P but we can do it16:14
omac777ubuntu fans want ubuntu desktop common look and feel on their phone.  Tablets and phones have dual-core 64-bit desktop performance so ubuntu unity could be useable although not ideal without a usb keyboard/mouse attached.  What I'm implying is I don't want anyone to redesign common apps that already "just work".  I think most ubuntu fans just want the same stuff running but from their phones and tablets.  Is that too much to a16:21
Andy80omac777, it makes no sense, imho :P16:22
omac777I also think Android's auto-rotate feature simply off/on, not that convenient.  It would be better to implement rotate screen with 2 multi-touch rotating fingers and the gui snapping every 90 degrees.16:22
doomlordi think it makes sense for apps to query if a mouse/keyboard is connected, and change their UI appropriately16:23
Andy80omac777, I'm happy with the fact that Ubuntu Phones mockups/preview are different from desktop UI16:23
doomlordSome changes are non-destructive - e.g. sometimes making lists more tile-like is just a case of moving the same information around a bit16:23
Andy80doomlord, it would be the worst eng ever seen :D16:23
Andy80ENV variables are used for this16:24
Andy80not a heavy api call that check for a device16:24
doomlordwhy not just query on startup - and have a windowing system message when a new device is connected/disconnected16:24
doomlordjust like receiving/losing focus16:25
Andy80mmm... probably you're talking about a "docking" solution, right? I mean... a different UI if you just use the phone alone or if you plug it in a docking station and use mouse+keyboard+monitor, right?16:26
omac777Where is the justification to redesign the entire gui frontend simply for the phone and tablet?  It seems ubuntu has completely thrown out the windowing managers for ubuntu-phone and completely rely on the QT5 QtQuick framework to build apps.  Where are all the underlying interapplication communications we know and love like select/cut/paste between applications within the QtQuick Framework.  Why can't we have 2 applications d16:26
doomlordbut the same app could check whats going on16:27
Andy80omac777, having the same UI on Desktop and Phone makes no sense for me.16:27
doomlordphone defnitely needs tweaked UI16:28
doomlordfingers vs mouse cursor.16:28
dmj_novaWell, I think there's a difference between "same UI" and "common technology"16:28
doomlordno "preselection highlight" on fingers16:28
doomlordfor starters16:28
Andy80the backend of the application can be the same16:28
Andy80but the UI must be different16:28
dmj_novaI would definitely hope one could use say a GTK application on Ubuntu Phone16:28
omac777Ok let me ask you a question then.  When Android came out, were you disappointed with the UI and the fact that all the digital freedoms you had on the desktop were not there?  All the way of interacting between the applications were not there?16:28
dmj_novawritten with the Phone in mind of course16:29
doomlordtablets would be unusble with desktop GUI16:29
doomlordwindows was on tablets for ages and no one used it16:29
Andy80omac777, first of all Android was not my first smartphone :P second, I'm happy (I repeat again) with the fact that desktop and phone/tablets have different UI16:30
Andy80Deskto UI makes no sense on tablet16:30
omac777I know I was disappointed with the Android experience.  When I associate ubuntu and phone together, I imagine ubuntu linux and everything I have experienced with unity or gnome, but on the phone.  I don't expect it to be a completely different way to interact with it or to developer for it.16:30
Andy80just like Metro Win8 UI makes no sense on Desktop16:30
Andy80(infact I use old Desktop mode when I have to work on it)16:30
doomlorddesktop, lines of text are ok.. tablet/phone - clickable elements have to be squarer16:30
doomlordi think eventually people will find ways of doing things more pleasingly that are ok on both16:31
Andy80omac777, you can't expect the same UI when you use just your fingers on a smaller screen16:31
doomlordusing image like previews... spatial information more often with text within16:31
dmj_novaomac777: Are you wanting the exact UI to be the same or are you referring to things like "common toolkits" and "system clipboards"16:32
omac777Even with Zoomable UI's, the widgets and the windows representing each application are intact.  Why not have the exact UI on the phone for as long as the ZUI is there.16:33
dmj_novaBy the way, I do have a frame of reference here for what desktop apps on a smartphone is like.16:33
doomlordyou cant push with your finger as precisely as with a mouse... you just cant16:34
Andy80omac777, I think you're the only one wanting it :P16:34
dmj_novaI've got OpenOffice and Chromium installed on my phone16:34
doomlordand yet you have other ways of expressing commands i.e. multitouch16:34
Andy80dmj_nova, and you can use them? And with "use" I don't mean "being able to start it"16:35
dmj_novaIn some ways it's better than not having them as an option16:35
dmj_novabut one should be aware what they're getting with them16:35
doomlordWhat you'd need for same UI on both is *Pre Selection Highlight*... the phone screen would need to detech when youur finger is close and display  cursor16:35
omac777I never said multitouch can't be introduced.  If fact, it would be nice to see some usb multitouch devices appear on the market to make the desktops more phone like touch-wise.16:35
doomlordmaybe they could do that with a camera...16:36
doomlordcamera trcking your fingers near the screen :)16:36
omac777A mouse and a finger however are identical, drag and drop wise, click-wise, double-click wise.16:36
Andy80imho having the same UI on Desktop and Phone is just like pretending to lick your finger to be able to turn a book page on a Kindle :D16:36
doomlordno they re not16:36
doomlordthey are way off16:36
dmj_novadoomlord: you can actually use many desktops without pre selection highlight, just it's not ideal16:36
doomlordyour finger has a large contact patch16:36
doomlordpre-selection highlight e.g. cursor chnging to show you what it will do is awesome16:36
doomlordoh and you get right click too with  a mouse.. no such thing on a touchscreen16:37
hourdtouch and hold?16:37
omac777touch and hold brings up the right-click behaviour in android.16:37
dmj_novadoomlord: on n900 press and hold acted like right click16:37
doomlordergonomically its very different too - dragging with a touchscreen just isn't as pleasant s with a mouse16:37
doomlordfinger friction16:37
doomlordUsually your finger is a blob 2 lines of text wide16:38
doomlordit needs completely different UI design16:38
omac777I'll agree with the finger friction.  It gets annoying to drag the finger on the screen a lot.16:38
hourdtouch pens!16:38
omac777touch pens.  Honestly I don't have one, but they do look cool.16:39
doomlordyeah i've tried this with ipad programming, emulating  mouse cursor for CAD.. its aful16:39
dmj_novaIf the common technologies used for current desktop apps are present in phone mode (and I would certainly hope they are), anyone could do a crappy port that doesn't change anything except make it accessible in the phone UI.16:39
hourdi hate the ones with the rubber tips, but the ones on the galaxy note are great. the 'active' stylus16:39
doomlordneeding a stylus defeats the immiediacy of a touchscreen16:40
dmj_novaThen it's just up to users to decide if they want said "desktop app on a phone"16:40
hourdonly a little16:40
omac777I'm only giving constructive criticisms.  I would love for ubuntu phone to succeed and not just be another android.16:40
dmj_novaI like having a stylus on the n90016:40
doomlordthe only solution i can thinnk of is "kinect" like ability for the phone to predict where your finger is near the screen and display a precise cursor :)16:40
dmj_novaI rarely use it day to day, but it's great for mypaint16:40
doomlordif thats even possible (how much image procecssing bandwidth?)16:41
hourddoomlord: if you are interested in a close version of kinect i suggest you look up leap motion ;)16:41
doomlordor people can evolve sharpened fingers16:41
dmj_novanow that would make a great default app, mypaint16:41
hourdits designed for controlling a computer with your hands without touching it16:41
Takrelated: https://plus.google.com/112802981015283975416/posts/NAwdyVn6VSf16:42
doomlordthey've done studies and measured, fingers are officially 2/3rds as efficient as mouse for most tasks16:43
omac777The proof of android not being what users want is my wife has a android phone, an android tablet and a laptop at her disposal:  She picks the laptop every time when doing anything.  She won't use the phone unless she's receiving a call.  She finds calling on the laptop most convenient.16:43
doomlordthey're better at some simple tasks but as soon as you need precision its just not as good16:43
doomlordso the UI needs to work harder16:43
doomlordmore screen transitions16:43
doomlordoh there is another possibility... sonys' "Backtouch" on the vita.. but its a bit odd16:44
doomlordyou could have the "backtouch" controlling a cursor :)16:44
doomlordprobably a bit awkward though16:45
omac777Going back to what I mentioned before, the ubuntu brandname has been made on being a great DESKTOP experience and also providing great server software.  when people heard of ubuntu phone, I will bet many were hopeful to see the great DESKTOP experience on the phone, but with some added-value touch capability and that's it.  As a developer, losing access to the known ubuntu desktop apis is highly constraining.16:50
omac777And I'm not a fan of QML and javascript either.16:51
doomlordyou just cannot have the desktop experience without... a desktop. Clue is in the name.16:51
doomlordkeyboard and multi-button pointer16:52
omac777Qt's ok, as long as it resides within a window being managed by your favourite flavor of window manager.16:52
omac777To discover that all disappearing overnight on ubuntu-phone is disappointing.16:52
doomlordits not dissapearing , because the desktop remains unchanged16:52
doomlordand there is "ubuntu-for-Android" wihch is just the desktop ported across16:53
doomlordif you want the desktop experience perhaps you want a device like the Galaxy Note with a stylus16:53
omac777ubuntu for android is not an option.  It's too slow because of the two co-existing operating systems running at the same time.16:53
omac777The unity interface from within "ubuntu for android" takes forever to load up when compared to the seconds it takes to load up ubuntu on a desktop.16:54
doomlordHve you tried using a desktop on a touchscreen16:54
doomlordfind one of those  "windows 7" atom tablets from about 2 years ago...16:54
doomlordand its not just  touchscreen on the phone... its a SMALL touchscreen. the physical size makes a big difference16:55
omac777Yes, but you need to be patient with the onboard keyboard.  Typing from a screen board sucks because there is not easy reference points on the screen to touch to place your fingers properly.16:55
doomlordbasically you can only touch the screen with a grid precision of about 8x1616:55
doomlord8x12 . i dont know... its very low16:55
doomlordAlso a desktop assumes 2-handed operation is availble .. precision of mouse plus speed of hotkeys16:56
omac777the Netbooks that your are referring too had awfully small keyboards which wouldn't work with my stubby fingers.16:56
doomlordi dont mean netbooks16:57
doomlordi mean the windows7 tablets eg Acer W500 i think it was called16:57
doomlordacer or asus? there was an atom tablet before win816:57
doomlordAcer Iconia Tab W50016:58
doomlordtake a look at that to see how desktop turns out with a touchscreen... its terrible16:58
omac777ok, what is the point with the keyboard on the touchscreen.  All the sensitivities of these screens are similar aren't they?16:58
doomlordthe point is .. its just terrible.  you cannot type fast on a touchscreen. end of story.16:58
doomlordkeyboards are for typing.16:58
optimus55Hey i followed all the instructions here http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/#step-get-toolkit to install QT5 and the ubuntu QML toolkit preview but QT creator still says import QtQtuick 2.0 and Ubuntu.Components 0.1 are missing. Any ideas???16:58
omac777I completely agree about not being able to type quickly on a touch screen.16:59
optimus55when i apt-get install qt-components-ubuntu again it says 0 upgraded, installed, etc16:59
doomlordand you have no left/right click either...16:59
doomlordand your selection precision is about 8x12 , not 1280x80016:59
=== gatox_ is now known as gatox
doomlordits chalk and cheese16:59
omac777But simply because it's a tablet/phone, doesn't not imply that I don't want to type though.  I just need to be patient.  The other thing is these devices need to have the ability to connect the keyboard when speed typing is critical.17:00
doomlordwell the phone UI's still have typing17:00
doomlordbut you just can't use desktop windows & menus on a phone screen. Have you ever tried it? its terrible.17:00
doomlordits been done - and its just laughable17:01
optimus55does anyone have an idea how to fix the missing Ubuntu.Components 0.1 issue in the QML toolkit guide?17:01
doomlordthere's a famous video of steve balmer trying to explain you could do it and showing publicly how bad it ws17:01
doomlordbefore windows 8 was in development17:01
omac777the phone ui's got typing, but none of the DESKTOP window management api, nor the same repository as the desktop from which to update from.  I truly believe this to be less than ideal.  If there were arm desktops, tablets and phones, I honestly believe they should be updated from the same repository and let the software adapt to the device profile, but without sacrificing the entire DESKTOP/SERVER devloper libs already in the 17:03
dmj_novadoomlord: omac777: Having access to a desktop app on a phone screen is a bit better than not being able to perform said task at all, but apps should build a custom phone UI if possible.17:03
doomlordi think in time people will just make more phone-like UI's .. it'll be a fassion that becomes more prevalent especially now that mainstream OS's are touch17:04
omac777Although less probable, I still think any arm device can be a server and can behave like my desktop providing all the repos .debs are available as is the case for ubuntu for android.(armel .debs).17:04
doomlord(mainstream consumer OS's and hence mainstream consumer hardware17:04
doomlordsince windows 8 was released we're getting hybrid touch-laptops17:05
popeyoptimus55: poke bzoltan117:05
dmj_novaFor instance I'd rather use open office on a smartphone for 5 minutes than email a person telling them to convert the file to PDF and send it back to me, then wait while they do that, then open it, compose an email saying to make specific changes on pages 4 and 7 and then send it back to me.17:06
omac777The only request I'm making is that the arm repo be just one for arm-based desktop, tablet and phone.  The other request is the ubuntu flavor for arm devices ship with a tool to easily flash over the arm devices to completely take over the device.17:06
omac777Also it would be nice for ubuntu to install grub or other bootloader menu tool on the phone and tablet as they do on the desktop.  That way if we want to boot up android for those rare occasions, we can.17:07
hourdmultirom already exists for android, and can be used to boot the ubuntu for nexus 717:08
omac777Dare I say, there will be others dreaming to put windows phone on the bootloader menu on the arm device too, but I'm not one of them.17:08
dmj_novaomac777: As long as the underlying components are there and usable in phone mode, I'm sure there's a way to hack desktop style apps into the phone17:08
omac777hourd, is the nexus 7 image already out?17:08
hourdomac777: its not ubuntu phone its just ubuntu desktop17:09
omac777JUST ubuntu desktop.  That's all I want!  I just want UBUNTU desktop on the ARM device :)17:09
omac777Is it 12.10 or some other older flavor?17:09
=== ckpringle_ is now known as ckpringle
omac777Pardon my ignorance, but where can I get it?17:10
hourdomac777: http://i.imgur.com/eqyUiYv.jpg17:10
hourdomac777: i used https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/17:11
omac777I don't have a nexus 7 yet, but that's exactly what I would love to see on the Advent Vega.  How hard would it be to see it recompiled for another ARM device?17:12
hourdno idea, it seems to have alot of specific support for the nexus 717:13
omac777hourd:  Did you reinstall android after that?17:13
omac777Are you happy with the ubuntu on 13.04?17:13
omac777on the nexus 7?17:13
hourddidnt need to re-install android, runs alongside using multirom17:13
hourdi have android 4.2.1 on it as well17:14
omac777hourd: now that you have ubuntu on the nexus 7, do you prefer to use it over android?17:14
hourddepends what im doing17:15
hourdandroid is much more convenient for calls, web browsing etc... but i have done some development on the ubuntu and its better than android for that17:15
hourdespecialy with an external keyboard17:15
omac777There you go, that's what I wanted to hear, you need the external keyboard.  No problem with that.  So what you have is an awesome ARM desktop running ubuntu :)17:16
hourdit has an onboard keyboard which appears when its needed and moves out of your way when moving windows17:17
omac777hourd:   Do you get file access errors on your arm device when running at the terminal?  It doesn't suffer from the same issues as running android root terminals right?17:19
hourdnot at all17:20
hourdyou have to patch the kernel for loopback to get it to work17:20
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
omac777hourd:  Thanks for sharing.17:23
hourdno problem17:23
hourdomac777: theres lots of videos on youtube of it working17:24
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
sergey_Hello! I look https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps and not found media player. why?18:21
mhall119sergiusens: media player was already started for the CES demo18:29
sergiusensmhall119: wrong person, but I can confirm that :-)18:30
mhall119tab-complete fail18:31
krovattihi. is anybody here?18:41
LoofyYea, I'm here. First time though. :) browsing throught the CoreApps atm.18:42
LoofyI like this project, but I am currently trying to figure out how to get involved. :)18:44
krovattiare you ubuntu dev? :)18:47
krovattii have some questions but i don't know where i can to get an answer18:48
krovattioh. sorry. i'm a blind :D18:48
LoofyI am certenly not.18:48
krovattii watching for it too :)18:48
LoofyNo problems. :)18:49
krovattiwhat you want to create, by the way18:49
LoofyWell not sure atm.18:49
LoofyPerhaps I would like to start with some simple.18:49
LoofyA clock, alarm how hard could it be? :P18:50
krovattii want to create a clock and alarm :P18:50
krovattinot hard at all if you know qml18:51
LoofyWell I don't know anything about the SDK and how to actually develop anything yet. What is needed to start?18:52
krovattihave you any expirence with qml? :)18:52
krovattihttp://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ here's how18:53
LoofyI haven't done anything serious in qml.18:53
Loofythnx for that link.18:53
krovattiin short, you need to install qt creator, qt5 and qml toolkit then you need to change settings in qt creator (optional) and you're ready to start18:53
krovattiyou need to go deeper in this link i gave. there is much useful information (ubuntu api, how to create first app and what's next)18:55
krovattianyway, i'm away. good googling and programming :)18:56
LoofyYeap... Gonna watch some telly now... But I will keep idling in the channel.19:00
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Robbiliedo you think this could be getting close to the unity launcher on ubu phone? : http://jsfiddle.net/Robbilie/7CbDn/24/show/ just some work i did :D19:28
RougethNice Robbilie, what did you use to do it?19:30
Robbiliehum? this is pure html and css and just a little js :D19:30
RougethBut what lib?19:31
Robbilienooooone :D19:31
Robbiliei really enjoy having the smallest websites possible and therefore i cant afford jquery or such :D and selectors and such are possible with 2 lines of code so why use a lib? i want to extend the launcher a bit, might add better paging and maybe its gonna be a b2g launcher with the look of unity :D19:33
CPCookieManHello there19:51
CPCookieManWhat's going on guys?19:53
hourdnot alot20:05
krovatti95 users and now one ubuntu dev, wtf?20:14
LoofyHi (again)20:54
LoofyI have followed the currency converter tutorial now, to get the hang of qml stuff.20:54
krovattihi, nice to see you20:54
Loofypretty straight forward - but I need to dig into the reference to learn about all the properties available.20:54
krovattilet's go deeper20:55
hourdwhat if you can't get back out?20:55
krovattihourd, what you mean?20:56
hourdkrovatti: it's a film20:59
krovattihourd: thanks, i know :D21:00
LoofyHmm, browsing around on the coreapps of UbuntuPhone... Well. It is a "Phone", but none of the listed is aimed to get the piece to call somebody ?21:01
LoofyTo me that would also count in as one of the core functions of a Phone. :)21:02
krovattiLoofy: i think there's non public app because GSM technology is private thing for a big company21:03
krovattithat's the reason21:03
Loofyyeap probably there is.21:03
LoofyBut I was thinking contacts etc...21:04
krovattiSo, I think it'll be soon, maybe :)21:05
vsrmisHello all. I am student,novice developer. I am loving Linux, and I look forward to Ubuntu on mobile devices. I want to help this project, how can I do it? Could you explain me system of developing products fot Ubuntu for Phones? What tasks can I perform?21:33
vsrmisI Can write on Python,C++,Java. I am using Qt and love it to.21:33
popeyvsrmis: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps21:34
arazbakovhi all21:40
arazbakovwho is here?21:40
LoofyI am :D21:40
arazbakovdo u know smb who develops ubuntu phone?21:41
LoofyWell I am trying to learning it my self.21:42
arazbakovsmb = somebody21:42
LoofyI arrived to this channel for the first time today.21:42
arazbakovso am I21:42
arazbakovwhat is the lang for programming?21:43
Loofythose two are good starters.21:43
arazbakovis it true that os is too slow?21:44
popeytoo slow for what?21:44
arazbakovfor sliding screens for example21:45
popeyits under active development anyway, so any stuttering or slowness seen in any videos from a couple of weeks back are likely to be gone now21:46
arazbakovhow dev proccess is managed?21:47
popeyat the moment it's developed internally at Canonical21:47
popeysoon the source (and binary images) will be made available21:47
krovattipopey: are you a dev at Ubuntu?21:55
popeykrovatti: I work at Canonical with a bunch of clever people, yes.21:55
lars__how are you$21:56
wfireI know this is all Ubuntu, but do you know if the qt-components will be available for windows at any point in time21:56
popeylars__: I think I speak for us all when I say "Fine thanks"21:56
wfireI agree, I am fine21:56
krovattipopey: arrrrrgh, at Canonical of course. I have some questions about development21:57
krovattiwfire: looking there's no chance for it21:57
wfireI will have to run ubuntu in a virtual then I guess21:57
wfireI love QML and was so excited to learn today that the Ubuntu phone is using it21:58
wfireback to QtCreator21:58
wfireloving it21:58
krovattipopey: for example, I have am experience with Qt/qml and I want to help Canonical to develop, Alarm Clock, for example. Where I need to send the result, when... There's no helpful information I found at gomobile section :(21:59
popeykrovatti: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps21:59
krovattiwfire: why not setup Ubuntu in original way?21:59
popeymhall119 can help you21:59
wfireI am not comfortable with ubuntu for it to be my main22:00
wfirenot a fan of dual either22:00
wfirebut QML is a passion for me22:00
wfirekrovatti, here is how to get published22:00
krovattiwfire: there's a way to use it as a second system as i did22:02
wfirehmm I will look into it22:02
wfirewell I have to step away for a bit22:02
wfireis it ok to idle here?22:02
wfireok cool22:03
krovatti1popey: yes, i saw it. i mean i didn't found really helpful info. for e.g. as i said, how i can interact with other developers and what if some developers (not one) wants to develop an app. There's many questions confusing me22:06
krovatti1wfire: what are you develop? btw, i like qml too because it's too easy and too powerful22:09
popeykrovatti1: this is the best place to come, but it's quite early on in the project, so we may not have all the answers you need, but can try to find them22:09
Loofykrovatti1, I think the collaboration will be going on using Launchpad and bazaar?22:09
mhall119popey: what can I help with?22:11
krovatti1Loofy: hmm, that's interesting but i haven't experience with Launchpad. what is it?22:12
LoofyI guess at this stage everything isn't set up yet.. for instance: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev22:12
mhall119boiler-plate code should be available for each of the projects tomorrow or monday22:12
Loofykrovatti1, Launchpad is like a "bugzilla" for ubuntu project.22:12
mhall119more than bugzilla22:13
Loofybut just as a "starter" hehe22:13
mhall119it's like bugzilla + github + (there's no real equivilent to PPAs)22:13
krovatti1bazaar looks like svn at a glance22:13
mhall119bzr is more like git and mercurial22:13
krovatti1that's good i like git22:14
LoofyAnd as you can see. in the project for the clock - there are no members assigned to that project yet.22:14
mhall119Loofy: not yet, the teams are still being set up22:15
Loofyyes so I assumed.22:15
mhall119we kicked off the call for designs because it didn't need to be blocked on boiler plate code or development teams22:15
krovatti1Loofy: can everyone connect to this project, for e.g? or what?22:15
mhall119so we can start getting design ideas while we finish getting the rest together22:16
LoofyWell I am not that knowledgeable yet. I am quite novice my self.22:16
mhall119once there is code, anybody will be able to branch it, and submit patches22:16
mhall119members of the dev team will be responsible for reviewing merge proposals and getting them into trunk22:16
krovatti1popey: i think you're absolutely right. I've just seen a topic which says that Canonical watching for volunteers in our Russian community called Habrahabr and I was thinking that is too late to help, honestly. that's the reason why i'm here killing you with my silly questions :)22:18
LoofyDid we mension earlier that Launchpad also could be used for Localizations?22:18
LoofyWill that part be the same for phoneapps?22:18
krovatti1mhall119: and what we need to join the team?22:19
krovatti1mhall119: one more question. are you planning to create a good guidelines (for code quality for the collaboration) and design guidelines (for UX) in the future?22:21
krovatti1Loofy: are you good at design? )22:23
Loofythat isn't my skillset.22:23
Loofyi like to do the codebehinds hehe.22:24
krovatti1me too22:24
krovatti1so i've got an idea about design but i'm not good at design at all :(22:24
LoofyI think it is good to have the mockup stuff that are available... That way people can gather their suggestions and make the best fit.22:25
Loofyfor instance this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/FileManager22:26
Loofyat the bottom people has sent in some suggestions.22:27
mhall119krovatti1: you don't need to join the team to contribute, no22:28
mhall119Loofy: Launchpad will be used for translations, yes22:28
LoofyOki great.22:28
krovatti1that's good22:28
LoofyI wonder what is the most suitable datastorage for an alarm clock? Would it be a simple xml file maybe? or is there other recommended ways for this built in?22:32
krovatti1mhall119: so, what about controversial situations. Will one language translations controlled by the authority in Ubuntu community?22:34
krovatti1Loofy: what about json?22:34
krovatti1that is more likely I think22:34
LoofyYes that to... I was thinkning if there was something more database-like that was maybe a recommended way?22:35
krovatti1i think not22:35
LoofyI think in Ubuntu there is something called couchdb22:36
Loofyand it is part of Ubuntu One...22:38
Loofythat was one of my ideas.. what if we could find a way that you could optionally synchronize alarms across one-connected devices.22:39
krovatti1Loofy: "U1DB is a database API for synchronised databases of JSON documents", so i was right :)22:39
krovatti1Loofy: i'll setup this alarm clock at my laptop, hah :D )22:40
PeiberHi guys, I'm new to IRC and pretty new to coding, I really want to get involved in this project, how can I help?22:41
krovatti1Peiber: are you good at design?22:41
krovatti1Loofy: all's good? )22:42
PeiberLike graphically?  I'm not very artistic22:42
PeiberUnfortunately as i said I'm fairly new to coding and i have learned a bit of java but anything i can do to help would be great22:43
krovatti1Peiber: so, if you want to code smth look for it - http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/22:43
LoofyYeap I think all help will be needed.22:43
krovatti1Peiber: that's to easy to start with qml22:43
Peiberwhat coding language do i need to learn?22:44
LoofyU1DB seams to have a SQLite back end database.22:45
krovatti1Peiber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QML22:45
krovatti1Loofy: yes i saw this page22:45
Peiberthanks, I'll get started22:45
krovatti1sorry, looks like i'm scared him22:46
Loofyor he went in to focus-mode.22:46
Rasmus_Jumping in as you talk about database backends. I think that sqlite should at least be avalible for apps to use.22:47
krovatti1Rasmus_: i think there's will be a way to use it from qml with c++ extension as well as many libraries we're using nowadays22:49
Rasmus_I don't know what librarys that will be shiped, just reacted becouse you only mentioned CouchDB22:50
Rasmus_Sqllite is very popular and a lot of people is familar with it.22:50
krovatti1mhall119: popey: can will i offer a new application: that's application was written for nokia n9 and wasn't published in ovi store yet, and i can port it very fast because there's just small difference in qml22:54
LoofyWell time to sleep for me...22:55
krovatti1so, can everyone offer app or game to ubuntu phone community in other words to be in phone out of the box22:55
krovatti1yes, i think there's a good time22:55
krovatti1good night22:55
krovatti1mhall119: Popey: if you have an answer, please write me - michaeldavydenko[at]outlook[point]com22:57
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