pittiGood morning04:47
Noskcajafternoon pitti05:26
dholbachgood morning07:20
Noskcajevening dholbach07:35
dholbachhi Noskcaj07:35
jibelgood morning08:01
pittibonjour jibel08:02
jibelbonjour pitti08:02
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zygaretoaded: ping09:43
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retoadedzyga, pong14:04
zygaretoaded: hi14:06
retoadedzyga, greetings14:06
zygaretoaded: I have a few things to talk to but I'm busy in a meeting14:06
retoadedzyga, np. ping me when you are ready14:07
zygaretoaded: I'd like to know if we could somehow get the same kind of automation as unity for landing branches14:07
zygaretoaded: and also, I seem to have issues with connecting from various machines14:07
zygaretoaded: for example:
zygaretoaded: all of the failures are related to network, it's strange, I could use your help14:07
retoadedzyga, ack14:08
zygaretoaded: also, lastly, we'd like to get a public instance so that people can just go and see that14:08
zygaretoaded: but that's probably something that we can talk about later, in the scope of getting the standard CI loop like what unity folks showed14:09
zygaretoaded: I was talking to some people and the tools are there but they are apparently stuck in private code repos14:10
retoadedzyga, the last one is probably the easiest. Once the test(s) is(are) set up and running we can set them to publish to the public jenkins instance.14:10
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zygaretoaded: so I have a moment now15:52
zygaretoaded: have you managed to learn anything about networking fails on those machines?15:52
retoadedzyga, haven't dug into it too deeply yet; got drawn into another issue. Starting to dig back into it now.15:54
retoadedzyga, if I'm reading the console output correctly the git clone process was running on the master node15:56
retoadedand failing15:57
zygaretoaded: this is something I don't fully understand, it clones/checkouts on the master16:02
zygaretoaded: then triggerts all the matrix jobs16:02
zygaretoaded: but those clone again? WTF?16:02
retoadedzyga, idk16:03
zygaretoaded: that's not really testing the same stuff anymore16:03
zygaretoaded: what I understand less is why some of those fail16:03
zygaretoaded: could that be DNS issue on some of them?16:03
zygaretoaded: (ideally they would just reuse master then we don't have any problem with this)16:03
retoadedpossibly, will check that amoung other things16:03
zygaretoaded: do you know who has configured the unity CI stack by any chance?16:09
retoadedPS, I would suggest checking with mmrazik or thomi16:10
retoadedzyga ^^^^16:10
zygaretoaded: thanks16:13
zygaretoaded: ping19:42
balloonshello letozaf_20:05
letozaf_hi balloons, wow! you were quik!20:05
letozaf_balloons, howzit ?20:05
balloonsi just happened to be here20:05
balloonswanted to share on thing with you20:05
letozaf_balloons, sure! I was joking as I always do20:05
letozaf_balloons, yes tell me20:05
balloonshave a look here: /usr/share/doc/python-autopilot/html/index.html20:06
balloonsit has the full docs, unlike the site20:06
* letozaf_ is looking at the site20:06
* dkessel waves20:07
letozaf_hello dkessel :)20:08
Noskcajballoons, i've made a very basic transmission testcase, can someone make it an auto? while i would like to make some transmission will be rather big.20:08
balloonsNoskcaj, ohh20:08
balloonslook it's a party20:08
balloonsI have a surprise for everyone20:08
dkesselhey letozaf_ :)20:08
letozaf_dkessel, hey20:08
dkesseloh, another fine ASCII balloon?20:09
letozaf_balloons, looks good20:09
letozaf_balloons, but it's on our filesystem, right ?20:11
letozaf_balloons, super :)20:11
balloonsletozaf_, yes on your filesystem20:11
balloonsthe site willbe fixed at some point20:11
balloonsthat my friends is the manual testcases.. they've been pulled out and committed20:14
letozaf_balloons, these are the same ones as on the iso, package and laptop tracker, but they are all together20:15
balloonsso Noskcaj you can branch and commit your transmission test to the project20:15
balloonsyes, so now we can have anyone contribute manual tests.. and do so easily20:15
balloonsand you can view them a bit easier too ;-)20:15
balloonsI wrote a script to pull and push the tests.. so I'll keep things in sync20:15
letozaf_balloons, looks like a very good idea, looks practical and quick20:16
Noskcajmy testcase is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567084/20:17
dkesseli'll give that a look when i'm on my developer machine again :)20:18
balloonsNoskcaj, do you know how to use lp?20:18
Noskcajas you can see, it's only dot points20:18
Noskcajballoons, nope20:18
balloonsif not, let's get you setup right now20:18
balloonsif you have a moment20:18
balloonsand we'll commit your test :-)20:18
balloonsthen you'll get some nice credit for it as well :-)20:18
balloonssudo apt-get install bzr20:21
balloons bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests20:21
balloonsyou can see that here: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests20:21
Noskcajok, downloading now20:21
balloonssomeone else was asking about htis.. I think I'll make a little tutorial after this, to help folks20:22
balloonsgranted, I'm a newbie to this as well, but ;-)20:22
balloonsok, once you've branched the code let me now20:23
Noskcaji jut screwed up my install so much, sigh, back to square one20:23
balloonsit will give you a copy of everything20:23
letozaf_balloons, I did ;) just for fun20:23
balloonsthen we'll add your file to it and commit it back20:23
balloonsso the next step is to make the file on your machine20:24
balloonsedit it as you'd like20:24
balloonsand then bzr add MYFILENAME20:24
balloonsfinally, commit it using 'bzr commit'20:24
balloonsif you've gotten that far, there's a few more steps then to push it back to lp and propose it as a merge.. meaning, propose it to be included in the code20:26
balloonsletozaf_, I know you know how to do this -- when/where did you learn it?20:27
Noskcaji can get it to work, i will try again after i fix my desktop pc (broken gpu driver)20:28
letozaf_balloons, cjohnston tought me for autopilot tests20:31
balloonsNoskcaj, where's the trouble.. sorry to hear that20:32
balloonshang onto the test, we'll help you get it committed20:32
balloonsthough it's going to need to be updated to follow the format.. you should add expected results for your steps20:32
Noskcajballoons, will do, the problem was i installed the fgrlx drive from synaptic and i killed x, fixed now20:37
Noskcajthe testcase will take me hours to finish properly, i have other stuff to do.20:41
balloonsNoskcaj, no rush.. but getting it committed will help others help you work it too :-)21:08
Noskcajballoons, i will try and commit my half finished version21:10
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Noskcajballoons, i'm up to bzr commit, what now?21:13
balloonsok excellent21:14
balloonsdoes bzr status show the new file you added?21:14
balloonsbzr status will show what you've modified21:14
Noskcaji'm at the screen made by "bzr commit" it says it's added my testcase21:14
balloonsok, you give a commit message21:15
balloonsthen it will do the commit21:16
balloonsdid you get that far?21:16
Noskcajit says: added:21:18
Noskcaj  testcases/packages/transmission_manual_testcase21:18
Noskcaji'm confused as to what to do next21:18
balloonsok, so what's happened is your local vcs has the new files21:19
balloonsyou need to push it to lp21:19
balloonsbzr launchpad-login USERNAME21:21
Noskcajhow am i supposed to get out of the commit page BTW?21:22
balloonsthen run bzr whoami..21:29
balloonsit should say jackson doak ;-)21:29
balloonsif so, you can then push to the project21:29
balloonsbzr push lp:~doak-jackson/ubuntu-manual-tests/WHATEVERYOUWANTTOCALLTHISBRANCH21:30
balloonsif it's all good.. it will show up here; https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests21:30
balloonsthat will allow you to ask for a merge then when your ready21:31
dkesselenough python learning for today... good night :)21:31
balloonsdkessel, good night21:32
balloonsNoskcaj, note you'll need the ssh key you have on lp21:32
Noskcajballoons, that's an old one, does this mean i have to set up a new ssh key?21:33
balloonsNoskcaj, indeed21:33
balloonsthat's easy enough tho21:33
Noskcajballoons, to lazy, bye21:34
balloonsNoskcaj, lol.. k, we'll pick it up later21:38
Noskcajif i must... anyway, i have overclocking to do21:39
thomiballoons: hey - how's it going?21:41
balloonsthomi, hey21:41
balloonsgood.. pushing the last ap post out now21:41
thomiballoons: I have some spare time right now - thought I'd look into the problems you're having with lp:ubuntu_autopilot_tests21:42
thomiballoons: oooh - got a link?21:42
balloonscan you fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/1103751?21:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1103751 in Autopilot "Autopilot launch fails for some applications" [Undecided,New]21:42
balloonsor https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/109739221:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1097392 in Autopilot "Autopilot vis should allow you to search tree" [Undecided,New]21:42
thomiballoons: I'm on it21:42
balloonsyou rock21:42
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thomiballoons: FYI: first bug fixed: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/autopilot/fix-log-messages/+merge/14482222:39
thomiballoons: I'm starting with the easy parts of your bug report :)22:39
balloonsthe gedit introspection example is working, and the post is going live22:40
balloonsin a few mins.. gotta double check things22:40
thomiballoons: I can see a small issue you will want to fix22:43
balloonsgood.. I threw it together quickly, so I'd appreciate your feedback22:43
thomiline 29: your lambda function will always return the same thing. What you want is:22:43
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
thomirefresh_fn = lambda: len(self.app.select_many('GeditTab'))22:44
thomiself.assertTHat(refresh_fn, Eventually(Equals(2)))22:44
thomiotherwise you just retrieve 'documents' once, and run len() over it many times22:44
balloonshmm.. there could be a timing issue22:44
balloonsyes I see22:44
thomiballoons: but other than that, it looks awesome. A nice demonstration for a number of different autopilot features as well22:45
balloonsImportError: Start directory is not importable:22:50
balloonsI hate bzr22:50
zygaballoons: hey, any updates on the friendly story?22:59
zygaballoons: I have some updates from my end22:59
balloonscprofitt, ^^23:00
zygaballoons: so xml output will arrive in the next cycle (two weeks)23:00
zygaballoons: and I'll land most of the code from the friendly branch to trunk23:00
zygaballoons: I'll update / rebase the branch as we go to keep the delta small, so be wary of moving targets23:01
zygaballoons: I'd love to see some feedback on that though, I wonder if you can test it at all, in any way, before the .xml output is implemented23:01
balloonszyga, I am pretty booked this week, but I will find some time to help you out in the next couple weeks23:04
knomeballoons, hey!23:04
balloonsknome, hey hey23:04
knomeisn't http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/ the sandbox or am i completely lost?23:04
balloonsknome, indeed23:04
zygaballoons: sure, I think that it will be actually more interesting in the next two weeks23:04
balloonsbut surprise23:04
zygaballoons: I'm just glad it's moving23:04
knomeballoons, i don't like surprises ;)23:05
balloonsknome what are you trying to do/23:05
knomeballoons, i'm working on the xubuntu cadence testcases/testsuite, and i'd like to see how those look23:05
balloonsknome, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests. We have an lp project now.. Ive not yet announced it yet..23:06
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knomeballoons, oh, i'm not talking about manual tests. is cadence specific to those?23:06
balloonsbut that means folks who aren't admins can actually contribute now. I've got a tool to sync stuff from the project to the tracker23:06
balloonsknome, ohh.. then what type of tests23:06
balloonsno cadence isn't specific to manual :-)23:06
knomeballoons, just a normal testcase/testsuite which we are going to set up in iso.qa. when we're ready23:07
balloonsknome, yes.. that's what the project is intended for23:07
knomeballoons, but before publishing, i'd like to see how it looks, and not just the html23:07
balloonsI mean, for you, being an admin you have the access to see stuff :-)23:07
knomei'm wondering if we're talking about the same thing23:08
knomelet me try to start from the beginning23:08
balloonsI'm just telling you because lp is becoming the master repository.. which means you need to make sure ultimately it ends up there23:08
balloonsyes, we are knome ;-)23:08
knomei wrote a few testcases in  http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/  and added them to a new testsuite23:09
balloonsyep, got it23:09
knomehow do i know what that testsuite looks like for the end-user when we push it to iso.qa. ?23:09
balloonsahh.. which testsuite did you add it to?23:09
knomea new testsuite called "Xubuntu Raring Cadence"23:10
balloonsyou can't push products, such you need myself, or re-use a testsuite that is visible23:10
knomeif you could make that testsuite visible, that would be cool23:10
balloonsbasically, each product has a testsuite(s) defined23:10
balloonsso if you make a new one, since you can't edit products, you won't see it :(23:10
balloonsyes, I can23:10
knomeyes, i understand that23:10
balloonsok good23:10
knomethat's why i'm in this channel ;)23:10
balloonsgood work making them btw :-23:11
knomehehe, np23:11
balloonsok ok23:11
knomehow's the new format working?23:11
balloonsI really like it and the tweaks youmade23:11
knomeso one more question23:11
knomewho can log in to packages.qa.dev. ?23:12
balloonsjust testcase admins team members23:12
balloonswell. I mean anyone can23:12
balloonsfor test submissions23:13
knomeright, that's good23:13
knomeso when i work on those testcases, i can tell people to log in and see if the testcases are what they expected23:13
knomegreat, thanks!23:13
balloonsfyi, we would normally put this in the download info23:13
balloonsBefore starting this test, you will need to enable a PPA and install MenuLibre from the PPA. To do this, run the following command in a terminal:23:13
balloonssudo add-apt-repository ppa:menulibre-dev/devel && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install menulibre23:13
knomeand just to be sure, now that i add new testcases to that testsuite, they will be shown automatically?23:14
knomeoh right.23:14
knomethat's good to know23:14
balloonsyes.. all your work you push into the testcase will show in realtime23:14
knomeas it is, or is there a good example i can copy/paste?23:14
balloonsbut yea, again, sadly, you can't define product download info ;-(23:14
balloonsan example.. sure23:14
knomeheh, ok23:14
balloonsPrerequisites: Make sure you are running the latest version of SERIES <br>1) Update your system<br> <b>sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade</b><br>2) Restart your session (logout and log back in)23:15
balloonslet's see23:15
balloonsohh a ppa version23:15
knomei'm expecting our testers are up-to-date on the release ;)23:16
knomemmh, ok23:16
knomebut i can't do that myself?23:16
balloonsalso bug instructions are good, if needed23:16
balloonsno, sadly..23:16
knomeis it too bad if we just have it in the description?23:16
* balloons wonders if we can pull and expose that too23:16
balloonsknome, that's how I've done it23:17
balloonsfeel free to run with it however you choose :-)23:17
knomei'll do it that way at least for now23:17
balloonsfor the moment, just leave it on top23:17
balloonswhen the migration happens, we'll just yank it out and put it in the right spot23:17
knomehehe, yeah23:17
balloonsbugs instructions, if you wish, can also be added23:18
balloonsand we'll put them in the right spot too23:18
knomei'll ask the developers23:18
knomeone more thing23:21
knomecould you add ~smd-seandavis to the testcase admins?23:21
balloonsone moment23:22

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