infinityBah, someone remind me what breakage leads to the NBS report being empty when it shouldn't be?00:16
cjwatsonBusted lplib cache?00:22
cjwatsonubuntu-archive@lillypilly:~$ rm -r .launchpadlib/api.launchpad.net/cache00:23
cjwatsonI've done that, hopefully that'll clear it00:24
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shadeslayerslangasek: errr ... I still haven't heard back regarding being included in SRU15:39
* Laney spies a little https://launchpad.net/builders/sagari16:55
xnoxinfinity: is adare ready? cause sagari is sad =))))16:56
infinityxnox: "sad"?17:30
Laneyit was ABORTed17:30
cjwatsonit's back now17:31
infinityUhm, yeah.  Looks like a network event took out half the world.17:31
cjwatsoninfinity: Most of the half of the world you're looking at is pandabox relocation.17:32
infinitycjwatson: It's not just the PB.17:34
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infinityslangasek: ^-- Looks like that's the Libreoffice upload you said you'd expedite review on? :)18:59
* infinity does some reviewing too, since clearly what we need right now is longer buildd queues.18:59
antarusholy lord this channel posts when things are uploaded19:42
stgraberantarus: just when things get queued for review. dev release uploads (except during freeze) won't show up in here (it'd flood the channel)19:53
xnoxantarus: wellcome to the important channel where import things happen. For example the ongoing debate of which is better green tea vs green tea with lemon extracts is still unresolved.20:00
xnoxinfinity: thanks for approving alsa-* =)))20:08
infinityxnox: Black tea.  Green tea is for management.20:10
infinityxnox: And you're welcome.20:10
bdmurraycould somebody remove nvidia-common and jockey from oneiric-proposed per bryce in bug 873058?20:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 873058 in fglrx "Jockey fails to install binary ati driver (post release) version" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87305820:38
bdmurraythere's been no verification on oneiric forever20:38
infinitybdmurray: Can do.20:39
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bdmurrayinfinity: thanks20:40
bdmurrayinfinity: how about mrtg in oneiric too?  clint asked for a clear test case in august and did not get one and subsquently there has bee no verification.20:46
infinitybdmurray: Oh, I was about to say "that's only been in proposed for 7 days"...20:49
infinitybdmurray: And then I checked the year.20:49
infinitybdmurray: Done.20:53
bdmurrayinfinity: nis could be removed from oneiric-proposed21:46
infinitySay, did we clear out natty-proposed when it went EOL?21:48
infinitybdmurray: We could just wait for a few months and remove everything from oneiric-proposed without need for review.21:49
bdmurrayinfinity: I don't think we did clear out natty, I'm just working on a reviewing tool and testing with oneiric.21:50
infinityWe should have if we didn't.  Oh well.  Should probably put that on the EOL checklist.21:52
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ScottKbdmurray: Could you arrange for the package name to be at the start of the subject line of your verification still needed mails?  It would help a lot.22:53
bdmurrayScottK: sure22:56
bdmurrayHow about verification of $pkg still needed22:57
ScottKI'd prefer $pkg verification still needed, but that would definitely be better.23:01
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