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dddggghi, i recently got a new laptop with 10finger multitouch. after i installed ubuntu 12.10, it was working out of the box. if i am using unity, i am able to use some multitouch gestures for moving windows etc. With xfce this doesn't work. my question is: what software is responsible for that behaviour? is that compiz?13:03
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bregmadddggg, window management is a function of the window manager:  unity supports window management with gestures, xfce does not14:54
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dddgggdo you know, if that's a plugin of which i can find&edit the source easily or is the touch functionality directly compiled into compiz?16:14
bregmadddggg, the gesture handling is in unity, not compiz, and the touch functionality comes from the X server through the geis API16:24
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dddgggi want to develop a small application, which provides a menu bar, that is shown when i do a drag gesture beginning at an edge of the screen towards its center.  do you have a suggestion how to do this? is the best way modifying the unity source? or can i interface with geis to do this?17:24
bregmawell, in theory you should just be able to use geis to do that, so long as the gestures you want are not already grabbed by the window manager17:28
dddgggit seems that you are right. if i try to use ginn, the function geis_subscribe() fails on unity, but works on xfce17:34
bregmaunity grabs all 3- and 4-touch gestures on the root window17:35
bregmabecause they're window management gestires for unity17:35
dddgggdo you know where this happens (which package or process)? i just downloaded the unity source package and grep'd for geis but couldn't find anything17:37
bregmaI think it's wrapped in a Nux class17:41
dddgggyep, you are right. so i wont get arround editing the unity source code?17:58
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dddgggi think i've got everything what i need to start developing. thanks alot for your helb bregma19:59
bregmaglad I could help19:59
cambrianExplosioHey everyone, could i get some help with a touchpad problem please?23:37
cambrianExplosioI have a Macbook Pro and it is sad times in ubuntu :(23:38

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