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dcopeis there an official status page?16:56
tgm4883dcope, not that I know of17:03
tgm4883there is a meeting on Friday though17:04
dcopei'm using xbmc (along with myth as a backend), i'd love to get ubu tv running ocne it's stable17:04
tgm4883jhodapp, mhall119 will you both be available for the meeting tomorrow?17:08
tgm4883jhodapp, also, can you review and post the post I made on doadjustyourset17:12
mhall119tgm4883: I should be,yes17:17
jhodapptgm4883, what time for the meeting tomorrow?17:53
tgm488310:00 AM PST17:53
jhodapptgm4883, should be able to make it17:56
tgm4883jhodapp, can you take a look at the post I made?17:56
tgm4883you need to approve it17:56
jhodappoh sure17:57
tgm4883jhodapp, mhall119 the reason I ask, is we had said the last meeting of the month would be a community meeting for people to ask questions, so I want to ensure there are a few canonical people there17:58
tgm4883along with me and hopefully bobweaver17:58
jhodapptgm4883, published17:59
tgm4883jhodapp, thanks18:01
popeyyou doing your meeting on irc or hangout?18:02
tgm4883popey, IRC18:02
tgm4883mhall119, can you put this on the facebook page http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2013/01/24/come-one-come-all-ubuntu-tv-community-meeting-this-friday-jan-24-2013/18:50
tgm4883I'll do G+ now18:50
mhall119tgm4883: sure thing18:55

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