knightwisehey diplo  !08:36
knightwisehow are you :)08:36
diploMorning knightwise, sorry work call :)08:45
diploGood thanks, albeit a tad cold this morning! And you ?08:45
TheOpenSourcererMorning all.08:47
aptanetTheOpenSourcerer, a cold an icy morning it is too08:59
nigelbMorning popey08:59
TheOpenSourcererHi aptanet, morning popey08:59
nigelbHey TheOpenSourcerer08:59
TheOpenSourcererhey nigelb how's it going? long time no see08:59
nigelbTheOpenSourcerer: Going good. I'm in London!09:00
popeyyo yo yo09:00
TheOpenSourcererFor good, or just visiting?09:00
nigelbjust visiting.09:00
nigelbI'll be here for 3 weeks, I hope to meet as many of you guys as I can manage ;)09:00
popeyLondon all of that time or moving about?09:01
TheOpenSourcererThat sounds like a plan.09:01
nigelbCambridge for a week.09:01
nigelbOtherwise, I'll be in London most days I think.09:01
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Ever written any tips on screencasting?09:05
popeynah, they're mostly in my head09:08
TheOpenSourcererOK - ta.09:08
popeyanything specific you were after?09:09
TheOpenSourcererNot really. I have a new module for vtiger  I want to screencast.09:09
TheOpenSourcererThanks aptanet09:09
popeythat page is old and outdated09:10
aptanetby popey ;)09:10
aptanetyes, the three on your blog are a bit old too09:10
* popey brainstorms09:10
TheOpenSourcererI was just going to write some script notes first then do it.09:10
TheOpenSourcererOn a clean desktop09:10
aptanetI've found Kazam better than record my desktop09:10
aptanetalthough it is prone to stopping responding I find09:11
popeylets go!09:12
TheOpenSourcererThat etherpad keeps dropping out.09:13
davmor2Morning all09:17
popeystrange, fine here09:18
TheOpenSourcererIt's OK now seemingly.09:18
awilkinsNot having problems09:19
diploI still love watching multiple edits on documents, its the future :)09:26
aptanetwhen you're thinking about typing something and it appears from somewhere else if fun!09:27
TheOpenSourcererNice, one of our VMs has a Load Avg of 68 :-)09:27
TheOpenSourcererbloody apache and WP again.09:27
* popey hugs lighttpd09:27
* Laney looks down and sees that his top is on inside out and backwards09:32
popeybug 110363809:32
lubotu3bug 1103638 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "software updater window spacing wrong" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110363809:32
diplolol one is bad, 2 is well...09:32
popeyanyone else notice that?09:32
popeyafter you update on raring09:32
JamesTaitGood morning all! :-D09:32
diploOCD kicking in again popey :)09:33
* diplo is debating writing a phone app..09:33
* JamesTait really should update to Raring. Maybe over the weekend.09:33
diploAny one here tried writing one yet apart from sil ?09:33
davmor2JamesTait: morning dude09:34
JamesTaitHowzit davmor2! :)09:34
hooverhi folks09:37
knightwisehey hoover09:38
timpHi, I tried to install 10.04 from dvd on external optical drive on a MacBook Pro, last years (non-retina) model. It nearly worked: i even heard the little drum role, but the screen remained completely blank.09:39
timpAny suggestions?09:39
knightwise10.04 ?09:39
knightwise12.04 works out of the box.09:39
timpDoh, sorry, 12.0409:40
knightwisethats odd.09:40
knightwiseare you using the amd/mac iso ?09:40
timpThe standard amd iso09:41
timpthanks for the link, I will try again tonight.09:41
knightwisecould be a no-acpi settins in grub09:43
knightwisei had that problem too09:43
knightwiseif you hit me up on facebook or google+ i"ll get you in touch with one of my listeners who had the same problem.09:43
=== Ivanka_ is now known as Ivanka
einonmtimp: If the drumroll sounds, it may well just be the display settings - CTRL-ALT-F1 may get you a prompt to login09:45
timpeinonm: thanks09:46
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:28
brobostigonmorning popey10:34
bigcalm_laptopGood morning peeps :)10:35
brobostigonmorning bigcalm_laptop10:35
bigcalm_laptopHi brobostigon10:36
brobostigonok, lets say. i used get-iplayer, to download something to my rpi, how would you stream that from there to another machine on the same network, whith the rpi being headless ?10:43
gordsmbfs? ssh+ftp?10:44
diploI have a similar setup, albeit a microserver and yeah as gord says I stick it in a samba share10:45
diploand point xbmc in my case to said samba share10:45
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: dlna, rygel?10:46
gordis what i do, i've also used a upnp setup in the past too, which worked well and something i want to explore in the future but xbmc was a bit buggy with it at the time10:46
brobostigontwo questions, will it download the whole file before playback? and how can i get it to do that without having to download said file wholly or partially first ?10:46
TheOpenSourcererdlna/upnp I think is a proper streaming service.10:46
TheOpenSourcererIt works on my TV from my home server.10:47
brobostigonok, let me make notes, and research those possibilities.10:47
gordit won't download the whole file before playback, unless your video player is beyond terrible10:47
TheOpenSourcererIf you are using a Pi though you probably don't want to do real-time encoding ;-)10:47
* bigcalm_laptop pokes gord10:48
brobostigongord: ok, i just remeber some attempts at this before. doing that,10:48
* bigcalm_laptop pokes mrevell10:48
gordonly thing i have seen download the whole file before playback is a sftp filesystem extension for windows that would download the files to a temporary directory before letting the thing open it10:48
* gord is poked10:48
mrevellAH, hey bigcalm_laptop. I got back late from a meet-up in Manchester last night so I'm still at home. Are you all there?10:48
brobostigongord: ah,10:49
bigcalm_laptopmrevell: davmor2 and myself are here10:50
bigcalm_laptopmrevell: you're welcome to join us10:50
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: good point, yes.10:51
davmor2mrevell: yeah come you can tell us all about your new job and the globe trotting that you are doing :)10:51
mrevellheh :)10:52
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
brobostigonminidlna seems a good candidate, for what i am looking for.11:18
bigcalm_laptopIs that the mysql drop in replacement?11:19
bigcalm_laptopOh, maybe not. I think I'm still a little tired today11:19
SuperMattno, you're thinking of maria11:20
SuperMattthe only thing that's stopping me from dropping postgres on unsuspecting asses over here is bloody wordpress11:21
SuperMattthough I guess if I can prove that wordpress works fine with maria, then I might be able to convince the devs to make the switch11:24
bigcalm_laptopSuperMatt: drizzle is another drop in replacement for mysql11:33
SuperMattconsidering that fedora 19 may go maria (if it ever gets out of the door), and it's being developed by formers mysql devs, maria might be the better option11:34
SuperMatthah, silly me11:45
SuperMattthe maria db wikipedia page says wordpress is "officially supported"11:45
SuperMattI'm just going to have a look around to see where I can find that "official" confirmation11:45
SuperMattbrilliant, zend support it too, so I could move everything across the maria 1011:47
SuperMattor just keep maria for wordpress and use postgres for everything else11:47
hooverShould be ok to use maria as it's a drop-in binary replacement for mysql11:56
SuperMattwell, currently it is ;)12:13
SuperMattI don't imagine that if maria and mysql were no longer compatible that wordpress would stop working12:13
SuperMattit's not like wordpress sites need to worry about transactions, etc12:13
brobostigonwhat the best format for videos to be in, so that dlna can playback and stream them properly ?12:34
brobostigonbtw, i got minidlna up and running properly, :)12:35
popeyi dont think dnla cares12:35
popeythe client might12:35
brobostigonhmm, get-iplayer and minidlna end, it is a .flv12:35
popeyh264 seems to be the codec of choice which plays on most things12:35
popeyflv is the container12:36
popeywhat's inside it?12:36
popeyget_iplayer usually converts .flv to .mp4 when it finishes iirc12:36
brobostigonhow do i find out from cli ?12:36
popeymplayer will tell you12:36
Azelphurdoesn't iplayer serve mp4 as it's high quality option?12:37
brobostigonit didnt convert it to mp4 for some reason.12:37
popeydo you have libav/ffmpeg installed?12:37
popeyif not it wont12:37
gordmost things that can play h264 can also play flv though12:37
brobostigonpopey: ah, ok. let me try again then.12:37
popeySelected video codec: [ffh264] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg H.264)12:38
popeySelected audio codec: [ffac3] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg AC-3)12:38
popeyfor example is what you might get from mplayer12:38
brobostigoni have installed ffmpeg now, so will try and pull a different video off iplayer, and see whats happens.12:39
popeyor just manually convert one you already have12:40
popeyi think get_iplayer just changes the container, not the internal codecs12:41
brobostigoni will have to do that yes.12:41
popeywhat are you playing them with?12:41
popeyi.e. what frontend?12:41
brobostigonmediahouse on my nexus7. is the first client i tried.12:41
einonmgord: watch out though, flv is a container, whereas h.264 is a video codec, so there is quite a difference12:42
brobostigonspoton popey , ffmpeg was the problem.12:45
brobostigonit is working really quite well. i am impressed.13:06
knightwisehey popey brobostigon13:18
brobostigonhey knightwise13:19
knightwisehmm.. i'm using the nxfree nomachine client / server13:27
knightwisebut it doesnt seem to like unity very much :(13:27
brobostigoni wonder, if there is an risk of the rpi overheating and burning,? hmmm,13:28
knightwiseis there still an lts supported version without unity (with standard gnome ?)13:34
knightwiseor has that also gone the way of the dodo ?13:34
brobostigonstandard gnome is there is the repos, and i beleieve there is a gnome-ubuntu remix.13:35
knightwisestandard gnome  ? but thats gnome 3 ..right ?13:36
knightwisehmm.. dunno if the Nomachine client likes that any better13:41
diploknightwise: xfce ?13:42
knightwisesure ,b ut then you need to hack some preferences into the nxclient and i've tried several things.13:46
BigRedSI'm after an XMPP client that supports a few different accounts being configured, but lets me treat them separately, anyone know of any?13:49
BigRedSso (easy) different statuses/messages for each, ideally separate contact lists. I'm thinking basically Pidgin's interface but tabbed...13:49
knightwiseBigRedS: Centerim ?13:54
BigRedSknightwise: oooh, perhaps. Hadn't considered text-mode.13:55
BigRedShaha, you can judge software's maintenance activity by which woman is in the photo in the background of the screenshot...13:56
knightwiseah , i got it14:00
awilkinsBigRedS, Are we saying the maintenance is inversely proportional to how attractive the screenshot people are?14:00
knightwiseneed to specify what desktop the nomachine client should launch14:00
knightwiseworks nog14:00
awilkinsBigRedS, ie ; super hot - obv. rubbish software being covered up by glitz?14:00
knightwiseremote desktop with NXclient (running XFCE on the far end) is FAST !14:07
BigRedSawilkins: haha, nah just which woman is in the background. Though I'm not sure who it would be now...14:08
knightwisewhat screenshot are you referring to ?14:09
awilkinsAn old shot of Alysson Hannigan14:10
awilkinsFrom this we can infer the software is maintained by people who liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer14:11
knightwiseaah the allison hannigan wallpaper ?14:12
* knightwise had big time nerd crush on her14:12
knightwiseand i still think she's hot14:12
knightwisehad her on my wallpaper for a long time.14:12
knightwiseCurrently boasting artwork from "the mad shipyards" (google to find out)14:12
awilkinsShe gets hotter as time goes on, if anything14:12
knightwisedo i like her in ginger more then in dark brown14:13
awilkinsHer turn in "How I Met Your Mother" is nothing short of inspired14:13
dwatkinsGillian Anderson is awesome14:13
knightwisegillian anderson ?14:13
awilkinsX-Files Scully14:13
dwatkinsyeah awilkins14:13
knightwiseoh Skully14:13
awilkinsI had the issue of FHM that was trading for £10 a copy on ebay14:13
dwatkinsKarin Gillian isn't bad either, can you detect a theme?14:13
knightwiseyeah .. she's like the big sis everybody wanted as a kid14:13
awilkinsThe one with Gillian Anderson in her underwear14:14
knightwisesooo pretty14:14
knightwisecool :) Lxde remote desktop is lightning fast :)14:21
SuperMattI would love if someone in canonical worked on a proper rdp contender for linux14:22
BigRedSssh -x14:22
* BigRedS doesn't use rdp14:22
SuperMattI know we have x-forwarding, but it's not the same as having a whole desktop running quite fast14:22
SuperMattand I mean faster than vnc too14:22
SuperMattI had to work from home on monday and vnc was painful14:23
dwatkinsNX and VNC are fine for what I need14:23
AlanBellSuperMatt: I suspect someone will do something with wayland14:28
knightwiseSuperMatt: you need to connect to a windows machine ?14:29
knightwiseI am currently using NXFree , but thats not realy an 'remote desktop' client14:30
knightwisemore of a terminal server one14:30
knightwiseha : )14:32
knightwiseused NXfree to connect to a virtual machine i'm running at home14:32
knightwisevirtual machine is also running with another user logged in14:33
knightwiseusing vnc to connect to the other X session of that user :)14:33
dwatkinsI often use NX to remote control my machine at home, especially as it has less port restrictions than the office network14:34
SuperMattknightwise: no, not connecting to windows.14:36
SuperMattRDP just seems to do remote displays way better than vnc14:36
SuperMattxfordwarding is nice for the odd app or two, but it can't replace being able to access your hole desktop14:36
awilkinsI think there's an RDP server for Linux somewhere, when I mention it here people link it14:40
* SuperMatt nods14:40
SuperMattI've never managed to get that to load unity though14:40
SuperMattcould just be me14:41
knightwiseSuperMatt: i know you'll swear at me but .. teamviewer isn't so bad14:41
SuperMattmaybe I should just try xrdp when I get home14:43
solarcloud_3srcnAlanBell: Thank-you once again for sending me a 12.10 DVD that you had spare (plenty for for anyone interested) .. As I recently had an email from Amazon.us about the reality of buying one ... £5 is nothing when you thnk about it .... :: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/Ubuntu%20DVD%20..%20the%20reality%20of%20getting%20UBUNTU%20on%20DVD.PNG15:31
AlanBellwow, always amazes me how many people sell them15:34
solarcloud_3srcn2 people, if you look, so far .. but your right, Prob.ly more ..15:36
popeynot a single ubuntu thinkpad on amazon15:36
solarcloud_3srcnebay, dr watson, ebay ..15:37
solarcloud_3srcnsu. from Hollande..15:37
solarcloud_3srcn**usu. from ...15:37
AlanBellnovatech do nice laptops popey :)15:38
solarcloud_3srcnstill got yours to sell ?? :D15:39
solarcloud_3srcnI saw Alan Lord's tweet pic.. v. nice.15:39
AlanBellnot selling it, that is aptanet's laptop now :)15:40
solarcloud_3srcncool, surethingy.15:40
aptanetand it's getting well used!15:41
popeyIf it doesn't have a touchpoint it's not a proper laptop15:42
popeyso it's thinkpad or dell latitude for me now15:42
solarcloud_3srcnaptanet: You are darling of new tech. How's the getdeb download's , or haven't you bothered ???15:42
aptanetgetdeb downloads?15:42
aptanetnot looked at them, and the site is offline at the moment - power outage!15:44
solarcloud_3srcnAKA PlayDeb ..15:45
AlanBelldon't spam us with affiliate links dragonkeeper15:46
solarcloud_3srcndragonkeeper: gifgaff is an information controller from ebay .. stay away !!15:46
solarcloud_3srcnWonder's if that advert would still be an affiliate link if it was on www.archive.org (or whatever the way-back machine is) ??15:48
* solarcloud_3srcn " " "15:49
* solarcloud_3srcn alsowonders if PlayDeb's archive is ready for the way-back machine ??15:50
AlanBellon irclogs.ubuntu.com we add rel=nofollow to the links so you don't get google pagerank from spamming junk into the channels15:51
solarcloud_3srcn\o/ Hello Ginger Thurs.15:53
solarcloud_3srcnTime for *free* beer dregg's http://goo.gl/1L2YW15:57
dwatkinsdregg's what? ;)15:58
popeyreminds me, must make some more ginger beer15:59
solarcloud_3srcnSoz ,to many g's http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-definition/dreg15:59
andrewebdevI've just finished setting up for myself a new pc, and I'm wondering if it's possible to just copy my private ssh key to the new computer, from my old laptop, or should I generate a new one?16:01
brobostigonanother question, what controls inside dlna, the quality of playback on the client ? is it directly the source video quality?16:01
popeyandrewebdev: is your old laptop being decommissioned?16:02
solarcloud_3srcnAlanBell: Well, at least the #channel is going, at last, today .. thanx everyone.16:02
andrewebdevpopey, I am planning to still use it16:03
popeyif so, I'd copy ~/.ssh over, if not, and you're keeping both machines, I'd create a new one16:03
andrewebdevok thx16:03
popeyso if you lose one machine (or it gets stolen or compromised) you can remove that one key from remote machines and keep the safe one16:03
andrewebdevah i see that makes sense yes16:03
einonm1brobostigon: I'm not sure if dlna dlna adaptive streaming16:03
andrewebdevta :)16:03
einonm1...dlna has adaptive streaming16:03
brobostigoneinonm1: so it adjusts to the client ?16:04
einonm1to the link speed, if it is present. As I said, I'm not sure if DLNA does that.16:04
brobostigoneinonm1: ok, thank you,16:05
einonm1basically, it first tests if it can shove the best quality stream down the pipe - if it can't it tries the next best etc.16:05
brobostigonah, i see.16:05
einonm1but you need either multiple streams of different quality, or (like on blu-ray) a codec that can cope with adaptive bitrates16:05
brobostigongood point,16:06
popeybrobostigon: what client are you using?16:08
brobostigonpopey: mediahouse on android 4.2.116:09
popeyany good?16:09
brobostigonnot bad, weird menu system, but seems to work well enough,16:10
brobostigonit was simply the first one i found, so i choose it by chance.16:10
solarcloud_3srcnpopey: Pre-loved.Do they ever stop with the Adverts ? Prob.ly not  http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/list?keyword=thinkpad16:17
solarcloud_3srcnIs is daftykins or dwatkins , but it looks like my Co-op a/c in St Peters Port 'aint that good anymore   http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/52423/island-signs-tax-co-operation-agreements-with-jersey-and-guernsey16:47
popeydaftykins is an islander16:54
solarcloud_3srcnpopey: Fair enough, I'll talk to him later when he see's the post .. thanx popey.16:55
solarcloud_3srcnNote to diaspora, *don't worry* it's mostly the Esther-Louise-Rantzen types that live here ... http://goo.gl/b2Jt017:07
aptanetgetting slightly annoyed with this wireless card dropping connection seemingly randomly17:22
aptaneteach time I have to disable and re-enable wireless to authenticate again :(17:22
solarcloud_3srcnaptanet: Just outta interest has the novatech laptop/ultrabook gotta Wireless disable screen option in the Bios, like dell's has ?? http://goo.gl/rZKkF . Just askin'     .17:24
aptanetgood question, without rebooting I'm not sure!17:25
solarcloud_3srcnaptanet: Crumb.s .. hope I've not started anything, Oh dear.17:26
popeyaptanet: which wireless device is it?17:26
aptanetnot sure about the BIOS, but there's a hotkey on the keyboard - and it works17:26
aptanetRalink corp. Device 329017:26
aptanetI've had to update the kernel and install firmware to get it working17:27
aptanetthat said, my netbook does exactly the same thing with the stock kernel and an express card nic17:29
popeyaptanet: 12.10?17:30
aptanetpopey, yes17:44
solarcloud_3srcn@seen daftykins18:14
* solarcloud_3srcn just forgot who to ask to 'see' ppl's last sighting since absence ??18:15
solarcloud_3srcnAlanBell: thoughts on above Question. ??18:16
AlanBellsorry, which question, I wasn't paying attention18:30
AlanBelland I am off out now18:30
AlanBellping me with a question and I will see it18:30
solarcloud_3srcnno prob.s.18:31
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solarcloud_3srcnLaura Boyle – Mitchelstown http://open.spotify.com/track/6W5SZHPJ9reZ9kLhBZ7Mv9  Awaiting bigcalm 's arrival...18:52
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cocoa117when using nfsv4 to export filesystem to linux client. does the locally bind filesystem automatically export?18:58
cocoa117e.g. /media/pool/family on /srv/sto/home/pans/multimedia type none (rw,bind)18:59
cocoa117so when i exports /srv/sto/home as root to clients, do i get access to the /meida/pool/family folder?19:00
MartijnVdSI have no idea.. what happened when you tried? ;)19:04
MartijnVdSBug 1085342 is getting annoying19:10
lubotu3bug 1085342 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "Pulseaudio applications hang (Totem, GNOME Shell etc.)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108534219:10
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: co-op in St. Peter Port? huh?19:41
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins: Ignorance is bliss ! But there is an ethical bank in .. I'll PM'd you...19:54
daftykinsroger that19:55
bigcalmEvening peeps20:30
brobostigonevening bigcalm20:31
bigcalmWhat am I missing out on by doing work rather than IRC during the day time?20:32
solarcloud_3srcnbigcalm: Mostly Links from your UrlGrabber :: http://www.redbubble.com/people/robbrown/works/8613327-ubuntu-linux-for-human-beings20:33
bigcalmMy url grabber?20:34
solarcloud_3srcnSorry I use Xchat ...20:34
bigcalmThat's nothing to be ashamed of ;)20:35
solarcloud_3srcnYeah, If only I could figure women out too ! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Attachments%20Email%20Xchat/understanding%20women%20book.jpg20:36
Azelphurhalf life 1 :P23:06
directhexpopey, hl1, just released for linux and osx23:06
directhexas in 11 minutes ago23:06
* Azelphur downloads hard.23:06
Azelphuraww, I only have half life source.23:12
directhexsteam steam://install/7023:12
Azelphuryea just takes me to the buy page23:13
solarcloud_3srcnI remember a lot of this :: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/Half%20Life%20Loading%20Bar.PNG23:21
directhexsolarcloud_3srcn, then you're a youngun. there was no bar like that in pre-steam half-life23:23
directhexremember, this is a game from 199823:23
solarcloud_3srcnmmmmphf .... '98 tech .. What's the big deal about then ??23:24
cambrianExplosioHi everyone, is anyone using Ubuntu on a Macbook here?23:25
solarcloud_3srcnnot me ..23:25
directhexwell, there was no steam. half-life came instead with "sierra utilities". which had a minor bug whereby it would delete all your files when you uninstalled it23:26
directhexhalf-life patch day was hell. a 45-meg patch on 28.8k dialup was lame23:26
solarcloud_3srcnSounds familiar.23:26
solarcloud_3srcnmmmmhpf .... '98 tech .. What's the big deal about *today* ,then ??23:31
directhexsolarcloud_3srcn, well, it's been ported to linux and osx, and released within the last hour23:33
directhexpart of why that's interesting is a) steam for mac came out years ago, yet never saw ports of hl1-based games, and b) the rather messy history of the unreleased osx port23:34
solarcloud_3srcnscrew this |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| I'm seeing what www.phoronix.com says ...23:35
popeythat's an interesting point directhex, I hadn't considered that.23:42
popeywe're up to what? 60+ Linux games on steam now?23:42
directhexpopey, fully working, or in the CDR?23:42
directhex45 and 84 respectively23:45
directhexYMMV. IANAL. IDDQD.23:46
directhexi have 53 of them23:46
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