katsumebliskIs this Loco active? I'd love to participate.20:09
FunnyLookinHatkatsumeblisk, It's alive22:05
FunnyLookinHatFiguring out direction and events and such :)22:06
FunnyLookinHatYou should sign up for the mailing list and such22:17
FunnyLookinHatintroduce yourself, say what you're interested in seeing, etc.22:17
FunnyLookinHatThe more bumps we get on that list, the more active the community tends to be.22:17
FunnyLookinHatright on22:17
Cheri703FunnyLookinHat: I'm looking at in/after May to move to Denver!22:21
FunnyLookinHatCheri703, !!!22:21
FunnyLookinHatThat's awesome!22:21
Cheri703I'm excited :)22:21
FunnyLookinHatSo Emma managed to convince you, eh?22:21
Cheri703Exact time frame will depend on when/if units are available in the complex I've been eyeing22:21
FunnyLookinHatAh - what part of town?22:21
Cheri703hehe, I was 90% convinced already, just needed to check it out :)22:21
Cheri703ha, REALLY REALLY close to sys76 actually22:22
Cheri703didn't realize it til after I'd looked at the place22:22
FunnyLookinHatYeah - I guess it's no competition between Colorado and Ohio...  no offense, but I left the midwest for the same reasons...  :)22:22
Cheri703On S Quebec Way south of Florida ave22:22
FunnyLookinHatOh right on - that's a good area.22:22
Cheri703yeah, I'm ready to leave here22:22
FunnyLookinHatGood match of price and proximity to the city.22:22
Cheri703found a place that'll let me keep all 3 of my dogs too!22:22
FunnyLookinHatWhat kind of dogs do you have ?22:22
Cheri703Yeah "Deerfield Apartments"22:22
Cheri7032 beagle mixes, lab-ish something mix22:22
FunnyLookinHatah right on22:23
Cheri703You guys can come over for lunch once I move :)22:23
Cheri703or after work or something :D22:23
FunnyLookinHatThat's a really great spot for biking too22:23
FunnyLookinHatthe Cherry Creek trail is right near there - and you can ride it all the way downtown22:23
FunnyLookinHatHah right on22:24
Cheri703yeah, and the High Line Canal trail (something like that?) is between parker and s quebec way I think22:24
FunnyLookinHatOhhh yeah that one too22:27

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