snap-lYeah, Apple has crazy money00:10
snap-lI wonder if they have enough money to float Microsoft a loan.00:11
snap-lWhether that's true or not, it makes a nice story.00:12
jcastroheya rick_h_01:54
jcastroI need your webdev skillz01:54
rick_h_jcastro: what's up?01:56
jcastrohey so I had my DNS on gandi01:56
jcastrobut I moved to route5301:56
jcastrohow do I know when my site has propagated fully?01:56
jcastroI did this01:57
rick_h_all depends on the client. In *theory* it should be as long as the TTL on the old DNS server01:57
rick_h_but that's not always followed to the second01:57
jcastroyeah so really, my only concern is that I did it right01:57
jcastrolike, I'm not _sure_ that when all the dns catches up that my site will work01:57
jcastroI want to figure out how to test with the latest, even if it's not propagated01:58
JonEdneyEdit your hosts file.01:58
rick_h_well to test that, just check it by specifying the dns server. http://droptips.com/using-dig-to-query-a-specific-dns-server-name-server-directly-linux-bsd-osx01:58
rick_h_do that against the route53 dns servers. Do they give you end points?01:58
jcastroyeah but I am also using cloudfront, so I don't really know what to do about /etc/hosts01:58
rick_h_do you know the ip jorgecastro.net should resolve to?02:02
rick_h_that's pointing at a server? Or just at s3/cloudfront?02:02
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/872/ is on aws02:03
rick_h_and site loads fine for me, quick02:03
rick_h_ok, well not so quick for all assets, but quick enough02:03
jcastrojust s3/cloudfront02:07
jcastroah ok dude02:07
jcastroso ns-1790.awsdns-31.co.uk.02:07
rick_h_jcastro: yea, I think you're set02:07
jcastrois one of the new dns server things they told me to add02:07
jcastroso ... I switched out dns and everything just worked02:07
jcastroI was expecting everything to break02:08
jcastrobut man, they do a nice job of making it convenient to use all their services instead of piecemeal02:08
rick_h_lol, naw. Unless you took down the old stuff it should update invisible02:08
rick_h_yea, AWS wins because they provide tools that work together nicely02:08
jcastroit's like, annoying to set up cloudfront and s3 with another dns provider02:09
jcastrobut if you use route53 it's like, click click, here's my bucket, CDN that shit yo.02:09
jjessehahahaha laughing at "CDN that shit yo"02:09
jcastrodude it's not even that02:09
rick_h_yea, every time I backup a EC2 EBS to S3 I get thinking "crap this is nice"02:09
jcastroit's just like, click, and then pay02:09
jcastrorick_h_: how brutal, my bill for my blog this month02:12
jcastro.69 cents02:12
jcastrothat's _with_ cloudfront02:12
jcastronormal s3 is like .1802:12
jcastrobut I ain't ghetto!02:12
jjessei can't believe my wife still watches american idol02:14
JonEdneyBlame Keith Urban.02:14
jjesseprobably should srsly this show should have died a long time ago02:14
snap-lAm I the only person who mutters "fuck you" around Toby Keith's "I Love this Bar and Grill"?02:15
JonEdneyhaha, doubtful.02:15
jjesseand Mariah and  Nick Minaj or however you spell are terrible02:15
jjessejust burn it down02:15
rick_h_greg-g: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/8410275040/in/photostream :) etsy ftw for crap I can't do.02:16
rick_h_seriously, they've got anything on etsy these days02:16
rick_h_gotten a wall clock, boys apron, etc02:16
snap-ljcastro: Rush induction into the RnRHoF is April 18th03:33
snap-lTHey're selling tickets to Fans on Jan 28th03:33
greg-grick_h_: awesome! :)04:57
jjessethe android app for pebble is now live in google play14:12
jjessethough it won't do any good until you get your pebble14:12
rick_h_yea, installed it this morning14:14
rick_h_oops http://r.bmark.us/u/9ebada2bed178016:32
rick_h_maybe that's why barracuda networks is hiring :P16:32
snap-lOh that's no good.16:32
snap-lThat's a reputation hit no security company can afford.16:32
rick_h_10yrs is a lot of hardware16:33
snap-lQ: Did you read in there that it was intentional?16:34
jcastrosnap-l: huh, so what's the catch with Ting16:35
snap-lSPrint only16:35
jcastroyeah but you don't deal with sprint directly right?16:35
snap-lAnd you have to buy the device, but they're working on BYOD16:35
snap-lNo, you deal direct with them16:36
greg-gjcastro: right, just deal with ting16:36
jcastrooh, so I can't just switch to them if I have my own stuff16:36
snap-lThey have a beta program16:36
snap-lone sec.16:36
jcastrothis is nuts16:36
jcastro$416 for a galaxy nexus?16:36
jjessethats w/o the carrier giving you any money16:36
jjesseyou buy the phone outright16:37
jcastroright, I already do that.16:37
jcastrobut a nexus4 is $299 from google.16:37
jcastrothough sold out. :(16:37
snap-ljcastro: If you use my referral code, you can get $25 off16:37
jcastronone of my devices are on the BYOD list16:38
snap-lYeah, then you'd have to buy a device.16:38
snap-lreferral is at the bottom16:39
snap-lIf you have a contract, you can cancel in February, and they'll reimburse your ETF.16:39
jcastroI don't have a contract16:39
jcastroI've been on a euro-style plan for like 5 years. \o/16:39
snap-lYeah, the no-contract is awesome with Ting.16:40
greg-ghey! split your referral with me! ;)16:40
jcastroare all their phones CDMA?16:40
jcastrooh, it's sprint right16:40
jcastroyou're killing me bro16:41
snap-lStop leaving the country. ;)16:41
snap-lWon't matter then. ;)16:41
jcastrohey don't get me wrong, I love saving money, but I won't be giving up my gsm phone any time soon16:42
greg-gI need to figure out the regulatory process that made it so Sprint allows this (not just Ting, Virgin Mobile uses Sprint's towers, I bet MetroPCS and similar do as well)16:43
jcastroif there's ting<->tmo, count me in.16:43
jcastrogreg-g: they've always resold stuff (the big carriers)16:43
greg-gjcastro: show me one other than sprint that does it, though16:43
snap-lVerizon does it16:44
snap-lTracfone is via TMo16:44
snap-lOr at least in this area they are.16:44
jcastrohere you, start greg-mobile!16:44
jcastrogreg-g: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_virtual_network_operator16:47
greg-ghuh, well then, I am proven wrong16:47
jcastroI didn't know Sprint owned boost16:48
jcastroI thought they just sold it to Boost and were like "you keep the low low end"16:48
snap-lTMo also now owns Metro PCS, iirc.16:48
jcastro"Walmart Family Mobile"16:49
jcastrocan you imagine _that_ experience16:49
* greg-g sings the deliverance theme16:49
snap-l"Hello, I'd like to dispute a charge". "Whu?"16:49
snap-l"I said I'd like to dispute a charge". "Huh? Charge? No, we don't accept credit cards"16:50
jcastrolooks ting-esque16:50
jcastrobut for tmo16:50
snap-l"No, I mean I have a charge on my bill that I'd like to ... " "Omigawd, we don't allow ducks in the store no more. Not after the incident"16:50
jcastromy only other problem is jill never moved to her google voice #, so I'd have to like, transfer it, sigh16:51
snap-lTing makes it easy16:51
greg-geasy peasy16:51
greg-glike, seriously easy, as easy as you think it should be16:51
snap-lAnd you can turn in the old phone to Gazelle for... well... pocket change.16:51
snap-lLet's not go there.16:52
brouschIn February I will have like 8 months left on my Verizon contract. Ting would really pay that termination fee?16:52
jcastroyeah I've done that16:52
snap-lbrousch: That's what I'm banking on16:52
brouschI keep all old smartphones for testing apps16:52
snap-lI have a Galaxy Nexus waiting to activate.16:52
snap-lbrousch: Hm, maybe I should do that instead16:52
jcastroman, moving to simplemobile would make my bill go from 130 to 9016:53
brouschI'm skeptical. That's a big chunk-o-change16:53
snap-lGazelle is offering $26 for the Thunderbolt16:53
jcastrofor the 2 of us16:53
snap-ljcastro: Moving to Ting would make your bill half that.16:53
jcastroyeah, so I'm not willing to go to the cdma ghetto for it. All the best phones come out for gsm first16:54
snap-lIt's cheap enough that you could use that for your tooling-around-the-states phone16:55
jcastrotrue true16:55
snap-land then buy the OMGWTFBBQ phone before UDS16:55
snap-lit's only $6 to keep it active.16:55
snap-lper month16:55
snap-lYou could put it in a drawer for 2 months and still come out ahead. ;)16:56
jcastrohmm, so 2 nexuses from google + simple seem like a decent money saving effort off the bat16:57
jcastroeven @ only a 40 different with simple, that's like, a car payment over the course of a year.16:59
snap-lHow much do you and Jill use your phones?16:59
jcastroI don't much, I have a gtalk landline I use which is free17:00
jcastrobut she eats through minutes like a beast17:00
jcastrowe need like, the 1000 min plan17:00
snap-lOK, so 1000 minutes, 2000 messages, and 1000 megabytes is 53 a month for two phones17:01
snap-land if you go over, you just bump up17:01
snap-l71 a month for 2gb a month17:01
snap-land if you don't use it, they credit the difference.17:01
brouschIt sounds so good it feels like a scam!17:02
snap-lso if you pay for 2000M, and only use less than 500, you get a credit of $2917:02
jcastroI get that, it sounds awesome17:02
jcastrobut cdma is a deal breaker for me17:02
snap-lHow often do you travel out of the country?17:02
snap-l6 times a year?17:02
snap-l4 times a year?17:02
jcastroit's not just that17:03
snap-lEnlighten me17:03
jcastrothe phones I buy (nexuses) all come out in gsm first, by a long margin usually too17:03
snap-lOK, so you have to wait a little to buy the new toy.17:04
snap-lAre you saving money? :)17:04
jcastrocraig, I know you want a referral, I'll just buy you a beer for helping me find simple. :p17:04
snap-lI'm not in it for the referral; I want you to make a good choice.17:04
jcastrowell, let's see17:05
jcastroI would need 2 phones, that's $391 a pop for a galaxy nexus17:05
jcastroa phone that was slow the day it came out, over a year ago.17:05
snap-lSo get the S317:05
jcastrovs. $299 for a nexus4, which is admitably sold out17:05
snap-lThe Nexus 4 is HTC< so it'll blow up in a year17:06
jcastrothe s3 is even more of a joke, it's $520!17:06
jcastroalso any non-nexus is an immediate deal breaker, has to be purge google.17:06
jcastrorick_h_: help me out here, I know you understand.17:06
rick_h_with jcastro, getting sick of devices on verizon :/17:06
jcastroalso I meant pure google, not purge google17:07
rick_h_some of us pay for the joy of software updates and devices that don't suck17:07
snap-lOK, so you're paying $400 for a year-old phone17:07
snap-lAnd getting a hell of a ddeal in the process on a month-to-month basis17:07
rick_h_N4 isn't year old and is < $400 and you can get it on GSM, have latest android, and know it'll be good for the next 2 years without an issue17:07
snap-lAnd you'll pay $90 a month for the privilege17:07
snap-l1200 to have a nice toy17:08
snap-lwith admittedly great coverage17:08
rick_h_phone is  more than a toy for some :P17:08
jcastrodude don't blame me, it's not my fault all those phones suck17:08
snap-lvs 480 for a year for two phones17:09
snap-l(that's about how much I pay for JoDee's dad and my phone per month)17:09
snap-lassuming I don't get referral bonuses17:09
rick_h_right, but what's the price when your phone has no coverage and you run out of gas, or say..hit a deer in the back wood by my uncle's house :P17:09
snap-lrick_h_: In case you hadn't noticed, Sprint is in a lot of rural areas Verizon isn't. ;)17:09
rick_h_meh, jcastro you go man.17:09
jcastrosnap-l: hey so for sure, for my parents and stuff, this is awesome17:10
snap-lI mean, Sprint is in GR, and that's rural. ;)17:10
rick_h_snap-l: heh, was at music class surfing on my tablet while the ATT and Sprint folks couldn't get get/send a text message :)17:10
rick_h_and that's every wed night17:10
snap-lrick_h_: Were they on iPhones ? :)17:11
rick_h_just saying it's not so clear cut for those of us that rely on the phone and coverage.17:11
snap-l(grasping at straws, yeah)17:11
rick_h_snap-l: two iphones, one ipad, and don't know wtf the sprint phone was17:11
snap-lAT&T coverage was shit anyway.17:11
snap-lMy iPhone was pretty useless when it wasn't on wifi17:12
rick_h_jcastro: let me know what yuo end up with. I'm thinking I might have to move back to ATT next contract17:12
snap-lrick_h_: Why?17:12
jcastroI am just waiting for N4's to get into stock17:12
rick_h_bring my own device and have 4g17:13
rick_h_the ATT 4g is not as good as verizon but hear it's getting better17:13
snap-lPh, yeah, minor detail: Sprint doesn't have 4G in this area.17:13
rick_h_and I'm sick of long waits for any software updates on my nexus17:13
rick_h_might keep a verizon mifi and get phones from ATT17:13
rick_h_well, bring my own phones that is17:13
snap-lDidn't know ATT supported BYOD.17:14
rick_h_they don't really, you can buy a sim on contract and get it working though. It took some work but did get a sim working in my gsm mifi I bought for international travel17:14
jcastrotmo doesn't have 4g either, it's 3.5g17:15
rick_h_yea, when I say 4g I mean LTE17:15
jcastrothey just call it 4g17:15
jcastrobecause they're assholes17:15
snap-ljcastro: I mean you'll only get 3g17:15
snap-lThere's no 4G / LTE coverage, period17:15
jcastrowell, as I like to say, "I'm on tmo, I'm always on 3g."17:16
snap-lYou have to go to Ohio for 4G17:16
jcastroI get their "4g" HSPDA or whatever in AA and RO and in most populated areas, including my house17:16
jcastrobut like, I don't care that much, all 4g means is hitting my cap faster17:17
jcastrojust like the comcast commercials17:17
snap-ljcastro: Oh, Ting doesn't have caps.17:17
jcastro"We're faster than anyone else."17:17
jcastrobut if you do simple arithmetic you'd hit their cap in like a day.17:17
snap-lI want to know why fucking Valprasio has 4G and we don't.17:18
greg-ghey rick_h_, off topic for now, but do you still send things to your kindle to read offline, stuff like longer blog posts/articles?17:19
snap-lYeah, talking abou phone service is so on-topic. ;)17:19
greg-gwell, on-current-topic-of-discussion ;)17:20
rick_h_greg-g: no, not really. I tried to read books offline. If the article isn't worth attention now I bookmark it in case I need it but don't always go through them all17:20
greg-gthis channel should be renamed #ubunu-us-mi-offtopic, but no one would be in #ubuntu-us-mi anymore ;)17:20
greg-grick_h_: gotcha17:21
rick_h_tried/try that was17:23
greg-gah, this is kind of nice, actually: https://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/firefox17:25
rick_h_greg-g: very cool17:28
rick_h_heh, they've got the whole read it later in kindle setup.17:29
snap-lgreg-g: I thought instapaper had something to move articles to the kindle17:33
greg-gsnap-l: /me doesn't use instapaper17:34
greg-gsnap-l: but whatever works17:34
snap-lRight, I haven't used INstapaper in a while now17:34
greg-gI thought it was a more involved process back in the day17:34
snap-lI just print to PDF and put it in a Dropbox folder.17:34
greg-git == getting things to the kindle17:34
rick_h_yea, instapaper supported it, how I used to get stuff on there17:34
* greg-g nods17:34
rick_h_you mean you first hit up r.bmark.us and then put that in the dropbox folder? :P17:35
snap-lUm, yeah17:35
snap-ltried to convince John here to use bookie instead of this scrapbooking17:35
snap-lhe was under the mistaken impression that Bookie didn't do images17:35
snap-lof course all of the articles I found didn't have images.17:36
snap-lOr the parsing was wonky.17:36
greg-gyou read the wrong news sites ;)17:36
rick_h_well, so I don't pull down and store images17:36
rick_h_but I do try to update them to the correct links if I can17:37
rick_h_ah interesting. Should file that as a bug against breadability17:37
rick_h_sucky, works with readability. I fail17:37
rick_h_http://r.bmark.us/u/fa83e5f50cba96 does better since there's more body to it17:39
rick_h_http://r.bmark.us/u/f47105aef8de5a is pretty much ugh as well17:39
greg-ggrr, neither the Fx nor the Chrome official Send to Kindle plugins are working21:27

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