waltmanClassmate: "Are you around tomorrow after 1:30?" Me: "Sure, I'll be around all day." So he stops by at 5.00:01
waltmanAm I wrong for getting a little annoyed at that?00:01
waltmanhe showed up 5 minutes before all hell broke loose with that power strip00:03
pleia2sounds like he pissed off the power strip too00:09
pleia2I vote blaming that guy00:09
jedijfso to avoid that guy you set the lab on fire...damn waltman00:10
waltmanhow about if I add that he smelled like he's smoked a pack of cigarettes on his way over?00:12
ChinnoDogI've run everything from one outlet before. I use an A/C cord and an outlet multiplier block without a cord to reduce the fire hazard though.00:16
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:04
* ChinnoDog yawns14:04
MutantTurkishI love when they let you pick the security question14:23
MutantTurkishbrings up the old XKCD where are the bodies found one14:23
MutantTurkishI hate arbitrary password restrictions though,... they suck14:24
jedijfi hate the timeouts14:29
jedijfforced changing dates14:29
JonathanD"your password is too long"14:29
jedijfi hate that my bank doesn't allow 'special' characters14:29
MutantTurkishyour password is to similar to your old one...14:31
MutantTurkishthen I _always_ forget it14:31
jedijfMutantTurkish: but i think in your new role, you are supposed to love all things passwords14:31
MutantTurkishhell I don't know  my online bnking password and it's so annoying I just stopped using it.14:32
MutantTurkishget my balances in the mail.14:32
MutantTurkishjedijf: I like _sane_ passwords14:32
jedijfas a sysadmin 1234 is no longer allowed14:32
jedijfpass, however is still acceptable14:33
MutantTurkishi have o rest my domain registar password every single time.14:51
MutantTurkishAnyone know of a good way to know my home IP if it's dynamic, while away?14:57
MutantTurkishif my home server computer is on, i'd love to ssh into it, yet  I can't because i dn't always have the IP14:57
MutantTurkishesp i f it changes14:57
jedijfmutdynamic dns16:11
ChinnoDogWhat happened to the "ey" in Turkey?17:43
ChinnoDogey, MutantTurkish?17:58
MutantTurkishnot on my desktop17:58
MutantTurkishdon't feel like authin'17:58
MutantTurkish:[ why you CTCPin me17:58
ChinnoDogTo see why auth is so much work for you.17:59
ChinnoDogBe lazy like the rest of us and use a CLI based client17:59
MutantTurkishIm just using pidgin since I don't have konversation installed.18:01
ChinnoDogThe longer I look through amber lenses the less amber everything looks18:40
ChinnoDogBut then when I take them off everything has a blue tint to it.18:41
TheLordOfTimeyour eyes autoadapt like that18:45
TheLordOfTimeor rather your brain does :P18:45
ChinnoDogBox from Newegg just arrived18:46
* ChinnoDog oohs and ahhs new video card18:48
TheLordOfTimewatch it be DoA :P18:48
ChinnoDogIt better not be :-p18:49
ChinnoDogAdmittedly it is for a Windows server so I can use RemoteFX. I'm not sure how that will integrate with the Ubuntu VM18:53
ChinnoDogThere are three choices I can see for getting 3D acceleration from the VM. 1. Use a virtual GPU in the VM + VirtualGLl. I am not sure either one of those will work in this configuration. 2. Run xming on the Windows server and access ubuntu through an RDP session. This is the most reliable method but the UI will be double remoted. 3. Run xming on my laptop. I won't get the benefit of the new graphics19:12
ChinnoDogcard in the server this way but it will work and 2D will be fast.19:12
MutantTurkish1if you don't have ifconfig what do you use?20:22
MutantTurkish1wait nvm20:22
MutantTurkish1just dumb20:28
ChinnoDogcommon affliction20:39
jedijfMutantTurkish1: you /should/ be using ip now21:12
ChinnoDogip > ifconfig?21:13
jedijfnewer - the new style - stay current - i try to when i remember even though still prep ifconfig21:16
jedijfeven though the whole aptitude > apt-get thing still has me pissed21:18
jedijfafter i got used to, and totally switched, they said 'psych'21:18
waltmanI confess I'm still using aptitude21:28
waltmanjust to spite them!21:28
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!21:33
ChinnoDogWith so much replacement functionality in any Linux distro it would be nice if old commands would notify you they are depreciated21:35
roastedI am about to enjoy one of the most amazing songs ever produced23:45
roastedPink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Live - Pulse - London 199423:45

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