* Kilos waves04:18
* Squirm looks at Kilos bleary eyed05:04
Kilosi gotta be early or i get called sleepyhead05:07
Kiloswith stink feet nogal05:08
Kiloswb inetpro 05:08
Kiloswhat crashed05:08
Kilosthe core?05:13
magespawnmorning all06:07
magespawnhey Kilos06:07
Kiloshowdy magespawn 06:07
nlsthzngood morning06:07
magespawnhey nlsthzn06:08
nlsthznhow are you magespawn ?06:08
Kilosjust an idea. at the hotel. if you plugin one cable at a time wont the faulty one crash it immediately06:08
Kiloshi nlsthzn 06:08
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos 06:08
Kilosthat should isolate it, not so?06:09
superflyI NEED HELP!06:10
nlsthznGOOD MORNING superfly 06:10
superflyJust checking that everyone is awake :-)06:11
magespawngood and yourself nlsthzn?06:11
Kiloshiya superfly you fulla beans today06:11
nlsthzngot up so I can go for a sleep in a bit for night shift. so I am good06:12
* superfly has been hacking portals and deploying resonators06:12
Kilostummy better nlsthzn ?06:12
* nlsthzn likes it when apps just work like they should06:12
magespawnit might Kilos if the cable is faulty, but it was affecting the entire network so has to be a link to the servers or the switch or some other central part of the network06:12
nlsthznKilos, yes thanks uncle Kilos ... toughted it out and seems ok now06:12
nlsthznsuperfly, i thought about it but that would mean getting dressed and going out the house06:13
Kilosthe fly is really hooked on that game06:13
nlsthznthe idea sounds awesome...06:14
nlsthznreal life mmorpg almost06:14
superflywill try to go down to that one portal and maybe deploy some more resontators06:15
nlsthzncurse my laziness...06:16
Kilosmagespawn, are the cables not connected on the other side to pcs or something06:17
Kilosyou see my reasoning06:17
magespawnyes they are06:17
Kilosmight be whats plugged in at the other end06:17
magespawnyes that is what i am thinking to because i know have them running through a slighlity different physical port for the internet06:18
Kilosmaybe a linux pc revolting at having to slum all day06:19
magespawnthe packet loss seems to happens on the port that they use for the internet on the replacement router they sent down06:19
Kilosmaybe router?06:19
magespawnyes but just the one port on the router06:20
magespawnwill have to test it to make sure06:20
Symmetriamy god... I worked on a windows 8 system for all of 60 seconds yesterday06:31
Symmetriaand decided that I'd rather be raped by a rabid goat than have to use that any longer06:31
Symmetriaits *HORRIBLE*06:31
nlsthznSymmetria, you can make it better06:38
nlsthznjust stay away from the modern interface06:39
nlsthznif you don't have a touch device...06:39
Symmetrianlsthzn you can make it go back to having a start bar and all the normal hot keys to avoid complete mouse dependance?06:39
Symmetria;p when I cant hit control-escape on a windows box I wanna break things06:39
nlsthzni bought start8 06:39
nlsthznworks brilliantly06:39
nlsthznthus far this desktopis been stupid stable and I have been hitting it with many random applications at the same time for days on end...06:40
Symmetriaheh, my windoze 7 box is awesomely stable06:42
nlsthzni guess mine was too now that I think of it06:42
nlsthzngood thing the "upgrade" was cheap06:43
Symmetrialol I love some of the network vendor discussions06:53
Symmetriasomeone whined that he was getting raped by cisco on price 06:53
SymmetriaI told him I long ago realized, no matter which network vendor you deal with, eventually they are going to rape you, the only difference between them is the quality of the lube used by different vendors06:54
magespawngotta go again07:07
magespawnand here ia m07:15
Kilosthat was quick07:15
Kiloshi henkj jrgns 07:15
magespawni took after nine to mean anytime after nine, apprently 09:16 is not after nine07:17
Kiloslol 07:17
magespawnhey Vince-007:17
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:17
magespawnmorning henkj07:19
Vince-0work work07:22
Vince-0working for the weekend07:22
Symmetria100G is finally cheaper on a gigabit for gigabit basis than 10G 07:25
* nlsthzn starts a budget using ynab08:04
inetproSymmetria: now please explain that to me09:28
Kiloshi inetpro what happened last night?09:29
Symmetriaheh inetpro well09:29
Symmetriawe calculated that a 10G interface09:30
Symmetriawith optic09:30
Symmetriacosts around 6 thousand dollars in a router 09:30
Symmetriaversus a 100gig interface that costs around 39 thousand dollars 09:30
Symmetriaso you are now running at 390 dollars per gigabit on 100G, versus 600 on gigE 09:30
Symmetriaoops on 10GE09:30
SymmetriagigE is harder to calculate because of density issues09:31
Symmetriabut I'd put gigE very close to 10GE (around the 600 dollar mark)09:31
Symmetriathat does change very drastically if you start introducing the differences between singlemode, multimode and copper cabling though09:31
SymmetriagigE has copper options, thats a helluva lot cheaper09:32
Symmetriamultimode 100G is at about 39 grand a port, single mode 100G on standard LR optics goes *WAY* up 09:32
Symmetria(you're looking at around a 25 thousand dollar per port increase)09:33
inetproSymmetria: $390 per Gb on 10Gb? That sounds a bit much for me09:33
Symmetriainetpro $390 per Gb on 100G 09:33
Symmetriacloser to $600 per Gb on 10G09:33
Symmetriaheh, router interfaces arent cheap :) 09:33
inetproeven worse?09:33
Symmetriaheh like I said, it comes down to the fiber stuff09:34
inetproSymmetria: is that the installation costs?09:34
Symmetriainetpro yeah09:34
Symmetriathe multimode fiber interfaces for example09:34
inetpromakes sense09:34
Symmetriacost like, $1000 each you can get em at 09:34
Symmetriafor 10G09:34
Symmetriaversus like, $3k for single mode09:34
Symmetriaso 2k differential09:34
Symmetriawhere as on 100G, you're looking at around $2k for 10G multimode09:35
Symmetriaversus $27k for single mode 09:35
Symmetriaso 25 thousand dollar difference there 09:35
Symmetriathat changes the calculations 09:35
Symmetrialol, and if you start talking extra-long range (40KM optics) things get truely screwed up 09:35
Symmetriayou're looking at $5k for 10G single mode 40Km optic09:35
Symmetriaversus $75k for 100G single mode 40Km optic09:36
inetproSymmetria: so hopefully others will join you and roll out a few more 100Gb networks and let the costs come down some more for everyone else09:36
inetproKilos: good morning09:37
inetproKilos: we had hardware issues09:37
Kilosmorning inetpro we kinda missed you09:38
Kilosyoure core is at work and you connect through that09:38
* inetpro after coming home from school parents meeting last night had to rush through to go resolve matters09:38
Kiloswhat crashed?09:39
Kilosissues is such a broad way of saying things09:40
Kilosstarting at pta electrical suppliers pulled the plug09:40
inetproKilos: memory failure causing our firewall to reboot every few secs09:41
Kilosbut good to know you fixed it09:43
* inetpro still living on the edge, trying to fix the plane in flight09:44
inetprohoping that it won't come crashing down again09:45
Kiloseeek careful along the wings09:45
KilosFor one week only, get 40% off The Book of GIMP, a complete, full-color guide to the free graphics editor. At 676 pages, it's everything you ever wanted to know about GIMP, and then some!09:46
KilosPrint books come with free ebook editions (DRM-free, of course).09:47
KilosUse coupon code GIMPMASTER09:47
Kilosso you can get it free at the link?09:47
Kiloscan you09:47
Symmetriaso, here is a random thought from someone on irc09:59
SymmetriaApple should make sex dolls, they would be 3 times the price of anyone elses, but holy hell they would be pretty ;p09:59
* Symmetria snickers09:59
KilosSymmetria, whats news with a host for us?10:03
Symmetriakilos actually, thanks for reminding me, Im sitting in bloem now so as soon as Louis walks back in here I'll ask him10:03
Symmetriaremind me again exactly what you need on there10:04
Kilosyou forgot us10:04
* Kilos cries10:04
Symmetria:P yeah well, I have real work to do these days 10:04
Kiloslol a host for us is real work man10:04
Symmetriareal work these days for me is whatever increases the number of 0s in my bank account10:05
Symmetriaso now remind me ;p10:05
Kilosbloem varsity?10:05
Kilosok we hear what Louis says otherwise ill remind you daily ok?10:05
Kilosif he says yes you wont be nagged10:06
Symmetrianono, I meant, remind me the details of what you need on the host10:06
Symmetriaand what we're using it again for 10:06
Kiloslol oh10:06
Kiloswe need a host for debdelta which saves up to 80% on updating/upgrading10:07
Kilosi think this explains10:08
Kilosor this10:08
SymmetriaLouis said, fine, they will do it, you gotta email Fanie ;p will get his email address for you in a second10:08
Kilosgreat thank him from me and ubuntu-za10:08
Symmetriariekertsjpk@ufs.ac.za 10:08
Symmetriaemail that 10:09
Symmetriaand tell him myself and Louis sent  you10:09
Symmetriaand cc me aa@alstonnetworks.net10:09
Kiloswhat must i say in my mail10:09
Kilostumbleweed, superfly can you guys advise me please10:10
superflyKilos: say that you spoke to Andrew Alston and Louis about running a DebDelta server, and that they sent you to him.10:12
Kilosyessir superfly but surely i need to give size etc10:12
Symmetriakilos "hai, we need a debdelta server, here is the documentation about how to set it up" or something to that effect10:12
Symmetriaand say you spoke to me 10:12
superflyKilos: ^^ what Symmetria said10:12
Kilosok Symmetria for the documentation i give links?10:13
Symmetria(and tell him if he doesn't do it, I'll convince his boss that implementing kerberos on all his servers is critical and has to be done in a week) ;p 10:13
Symmetriajust kidding on that last part10:13
Kiloswho will set it up?10:14
SymmetriaFanie will 10:14
Symmetriahe's standing behind me10:14
Symmetriathreatening to shoot me10:14
Symmetriaand then claim the reward10:14
magespawnis there a way to prove where an email came from using the headers, conclusively?10:20
Symmetrianot really 10:23
magespawni have a web developer and host claiming the a person computer is sending spam10:25
magespawnthe spam report is for the ip address of the person website and email hosting10:25
Kiloshey Symmetria get Fanie to come online here once he has the mail. so some of the clever guys can help me10:25
Kilossuperfly, can i bug you for a good link to debdelta for my mail please10:26
Kilosi get all doff ones10:27
Kilosgoogle aint my friend as you all know10:27
Kilosinetpro, lees man10:27
inetproKilos: sorry, I will need a holiday when I'm done here10:31
inetprosomewhere on a remote island for a year without mobile or interwebs connectivity10:32
Kiloshey guys must this deb-delta server be a mirror?11:10
KilosSymmetria, install xchat for Fanie so he can come here11:27
Kilosive mailed him11:27
Kilosbut im sure he can get better info from the guys here than me11:28
Kilosi forgot to cc to you Symmetria 11:36
Kilosmm forwarded twice11:39
Symmetriahaha kilos fanie is quite capable of installing xchat if he wants to :) 12:26
Kilosi shoulda gone via our mailing list somehow then everyone can get involved12:40
* Squirm stretches13:37
Squirm50min left13:37
Kilosthen home?13:46
Kiloswen jy inetpro ?14:13
inetproKilos: as dit nie so warm was nie was dit dalk makliker14:13
magespawn i am out of here for now14:14
inetproKilos: en dan praat ek nie eens van die onderbrekings in 'n normale werksdag nie14:15
Kiloslater then magespawn 14:15
inetproso ons loop maar op genade14:15
Kilosai jaag weg die mense man14:15
Kilos"can't you see I'm Busy"14:16
inetproKilos: can't you see I'm busy?14:16
Kilosdis wat jy vir die se wat jou pla14:16
Kilosbehalwe ekke14:16
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:18
* Maaz puts the kettle on14:18
KilosMaaz, large14:18
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos14:18
inetproMaaz: coffee please14:20
Maazinetpro: Done14:20
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!14:22
KilosMaaz, ty14:22
MaazYou are welcome Kilos14:22
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kiloshi Trixar_za 15:20
Kiloslong time no see15:20
Trixar_zaYeah, been busy with stuff :P15:22
Kilosfunny this thing stuff15:22
Trixar_zaAnybody know a Cape Town based Red Hat Training center?15:22
Kilosgets everyone sooner or later15:22
Trixar_zaAll the good ones seems to be Johannesburg15:22
Kilosyou want to go on a course?15:23
Kiloswhy not do it like nuvolari 15:23
Trixar_zaHow did he do it?15:24
Kilosi thing correspondence15:24
KilosSquirm, \15:24
Kilosnot nuvolari 15:25
Kilossorry. head no happy15:25
Trixar_zaHe did it by flying there, staying with family close to the center, taking the 4 day course and flying back15:25
Kilosoh my15:26
Trixar_zaThen he flies up in 2 months to take the exam15:26
Trixar_zaI want to fast track (and possibly make life hard for myself) by running the RH300 course - the combined RHCSA and RHCE course15:26
Trixar_zaNow they have the Upcon convention up there too15:28
Trixar_zaWell, in Pretoria, but close enough15:29
Kiloslong way to go15:35
SquirmTrixar_za: I'm lucky I don't have to fly. you forget where I live :P15:39
Squirm3.5hour drive15:39
Trixar_zaOh right15:39
Squirmbbl, supper time15:39
Trixar_zaIt's a 16-18 hour drive for me :P15:39
SquirmTrixar_za: remember, to get RHCE you need RHCSA15:40
Squirmoh yes, *gone15:40
Trixar_zaNot if you run RH30015:40
Trixar_zaOnly you don't spend much time going through both courses material15:41
Trixar_zaWhich is bad :/15:41
Kiloska shisa kusasa 18°c and 38°c15:59
charl_good afternoon16:02
charl_Maaz: coffee on16:03
* Maaz washes some mugs16:03
Kiloshi charl_ 16:03
KilosMaaz, coffee please16:03
MaazKilos: Yessir16:03
charl_hi Kilos 16:04
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!16:07
KilosMaaz, ty16:07
MaazYou are welcome Kilos16:07
charl_Maaz: dankeschon16:09
Maazcharl_: Sorry...16:09
charl_Kilos: how's it going?16:09
Kilosgood ty charl_ and you?16:13
charl_Kilos: good thanks16:14
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi not_found 16:15
not_foundhiya uncle Kilos 16:15
Kilosat long last it looks like we getting ahead with hosting for a deb-delta server16:15
Kiloscan save lotsa data and have quicker update/upgrades16:16
Kilosmaybe then i can have a go at a daily build ubuntu16:16
not_foundhow does that work... does it automagically on the fly calculate what is needed and then download it and what about creating the file to be installed, is that done on the host or server?16:17
Kilosi think the server does the work and only supplies what has been changed16:18
Kilosnot full packages16:18
Kilosand your pc shows what it has got16:18
Kilosbeen a while since i read up on it16:18
Kilosback in lucid days methinks16:18
Kilosbut now deb-delta is in the repos16:19
not_foundcool... rpm has been doing this for ages16:19
Kilosback then it was debian16:19
Kilossave up to 80% data16:22
Kilosand save lotsa upgrade time16:22
not_foundSA must get with the program and stop being so expensive for data... will fix many issues 16:22
Kilosthis should be a fast server methinks16:24
Kilosbloem varsity16:24
Kilosif its slow we jump on Symmetria 16:28
* Squirm yawns16:48
* Squirm goes to play a little dota16:50
Squirmthey must port it to linux already :/16:50
not_foundSquirm: dota on WC3?16:50
Squirmnot_found: dota216:51
not_foundah cool... was going to ask if you want a dota 2 invite :p16:51
SquirmI got an email from Steam a few days ago saying I have Dota 2 invites. I now have 1316:51
Squirmgot another email from them yesterday, another 416:51
* not_found does the dota 2 thing every now and again16:51
not_foundoh wow... I think I have 616:52
Squirmand I don't know anyone else who plays dota16:52
Squirm(I only got dota2 2 weeks ago)16:52
not_foundbut I am playing smite a whole lot more than dota 2 currently16:52
not_foundI have had it several months :/ silly steam :p16:52
SquirmI got all excited and downloaded steam for linux, turns out Dota 2 doesn't work :/16:52
Squirmalong with 99% of the other games16:52
not_foundit hasn't been ported (yet)16:53
not_foundbut valve very anti windows 8 so I am pretty sure it will come soon16:53
SquirmI think it's popular enough to do it now16:53
not_foundthen again it was running fairly well in wine16:53
Squirmnever worked for me16:53
not_foundjust some glitches with text etc.16:53
not_foundI used crossover if memory serves16:54
Squirmnot opensource16:54
Squirmnot_found: do you have any idea how a 2Gb notebook gfx compares to a 2Gb PCI-e ?16:55
SquirmI want a laptop but it was be enough to play the very few games I play16:56
not_foundSquirm: use http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/ to compare the GPU's... typically the GPU's in notebooks have an M appended to the end... will give you an idea of how they compare16:58
not_foundtop of the range gfx cards pull more power than a whole laptop so you can imagine the performance difference :p16:59
SquirmI don't want anywhere near top of the range17:01
Squirmit must play some CoD, CSS, Dota 217:01
not_foundthen most of the current 1 or 2gb mobile ones will work ok... just keep in mind if you want to go linux that the hybrid graphics are is still pretty patchy17:03
SquirmI'd dualboot17:03
not_foundfor myself I need a desktop... must have a desktop... must have the graphics set up to 11... 17:04
Squirmnot_found: I'd like a desktop. but I don't know. getting tired of moving it around and stuff17:04
not_foundthat is why I don't :p17:05
Squirmmaybe I should compare17:06
SquirmCore i5, 4Gb RAM, 24Gb SSD + 500Gb HDD, 2Gb DDR3 GT 635M17:06
not_foundnice gfx card17:06
Squirmit's 1x4Gb RAM, so I can bump that up at some point17:06
Squirmand I'd have to bump up my hdd if I'm dual booting17:07
not_foundi7 2600 8GB RAM 500GB+350GB HDD 1GB AMD Radeon 6850 17:07
Squirmleave linux on the SSD17:07
not_found(gfx card weaklink)17:07
Squirmmeh, and17:08
Squirmmy pc17:08
SquirmDual Core 2Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 2x1TB hdd, 1Gb Radeon HD 420017:08
Squirmhmm, could be 2Gb gfx, but it was hit by lightning. stuff doesn't render correctly17:09
not_found:) seems your notebook more than enough for your needs... just see if you can get more RAM sometime17:09
Squirmyeah, I'd bump it up. try buy 2x8Gb :P17:09
not_foundooh... nice :D17:10
SquirmI like the fact that it has an SSD, means there are 2 hdd bays17:11
Vince-0I have the old school i7 3ghz + Geforce 560ti. 4-8GB ram only affects loading time in battlefield for example17:11
Squirmand that my OS will boot nicely(I don't play many games, so it'll be for linux)17:11
Squirmand if I have space, windows17:12
=== SmilyBorg_h is now known as SmilyBorg
SmilyBorgHey there17:12
* not_found goes for dinner bbl17:13
Squirmlol, not_found, that mobile gfx is ranked better than my current pci card17:14
Squirmnow I want that laptop17:15
Kiloshi SmilyBorg 17:18
SquirmMaaz: tell not_found - Just put together a PC with prices. like R700 more than the laptop but quite nice :/ Core i7 3.5GHz Ivy Bridge, 16Gb Kingston HyperX RAM, 3Tb HDD, 2Gb GDDR5 Innovision GeForce 66017:30
MaazSquirm: Sure, I'll tell not_found on freenode17:30
not_foundSquirm: that is an awesome desktop... 17:50
* Squirm grumbles17:52
SquirmR9500 though17:52
not_foundproblem when you go for top end...17:52
not_foundbut it seems a decent price for what you are getting17:53
Squirmwholesale price17:53
* not_found is considering National Diploma: Engineering: Chemical (NDENG) ... anyone have any experience with the practical components of this (as I will need to come to SA to do those)...18:37
Kiloswhew thats serious stuff not_found 18:38
Kilosinetpro, wen jy darem?18:38
inetproKilos: ek lewe nog18:39
Kilosen die probleme. is dit reg nou?18:39
not_foundI have to try uncle Kilos ... I have hit the ceiling (or a brick wall) and the only way up and out is with some heavy papers18:40
Kilosgood not_found . i like your attitude18:40
inetproKilos: ons loop op genade18:40
Kilosnog steeds inetpro wats fout18:40
inetproKilos: ek's moeg18:41
Kilosnee man met die probleme18:41
inetproKilos: dit ook18:41
Kilosjy moet vroeg gaan slaap ne18:41
inetproKilos: die goed loop al van gisteraand af, maar kan enige tyd weer omval18:42
Kiloswat is die probleem?18:42
* inetpro is besig om nuwe hardware aan die gang te kry en alles oor te skakel18:42
Kilosis dit die nuwe hardeware wat probleme geee18:42
Kilosof die conf stuff18:43
Kilosjy skakel orr van die ou goed wat die probleem gegee het?18:44
=== Smile is now known as Guest88350
Kiloshi smile18:44
KilosGuest88350, ?18:44
Guest88350i'm too slow18:45
Kiloswhat happened Guest88350 18:45
Kilostoo slow?18:45
Guest88350broke my little finger18:45
=== Guest88350 is now known as smileee
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:47
not_foundsmileee: ouch18:47
Kilosdidnt you know it hurts smileee 18:48
Kiloslive and learn18:48
smileeebasketball landed onto my finger18:48
not_foundnow if it was a bowling ball >.<18:49
Kilosnot_found, how long are the classes18:51
not_foundoh, diploma is 3 years but I doubt that is do-able part time...18:51
not_foundthe biggest issue is there are a lot of practical classes and they are only done in SA18:52
Kilosnot if you plays games as well18:52
Kilosyou gonna move back or what?18:52
not_foundgames are not the issue... the fact that I am at work so often is kind of a limiting factor18:52
Kilosdoesnt unisa do it18:53
Kiloswhat you call it when you get study material from the net18:53
Kilosi hope Squirm is seeing this18:54
Kilosstudy while you can18:55
not_founddistance learning18:55
not_foundthat is the plan... and if the practical is done over say two or three weeks back to back I can come over on leave and do them18:55
Kilosno man there is a name for it18:55
Kiloscorrespondance courses18:55
Kilossomething like that18:56
Kiloswhew good luck lad18:56
not_foundproblem is unisa... not the best at communicating18:57
not_foundI can't find any info on the practical side as they don't do it but outsource it...18:57
Kiloswhat does google say18:58
not_foundhaha... africa is a big black hole for google18:58
Squirmnot_found: what course are you looking at studying?18:59
not_foundchemical engeineering18:59
* not_found will look in a bit... actually have to do something for a change19:02
not_foundnot trusting the link... there are too many fake things on the internet19:11
Squirmgoodnight all19:19
not_foundgood night Squirm 19:24
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:38
Kilossee you tomorrow again19:38

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