antonio_hey folks11:29
antonio_anyone around?11:31
senator_Hi all... my ubuntu studio wont go into suspend mode, it suspends for a second and immediately wakes up again14:42
cfhowlettsenator_, powersettings?14:46
senator_tell me cfhowlett14:47
cfhowlettsenator_, I'd suggest you take a look at your system>powersettings14:48
cfhowlettsenator_, see settings manager>Powermanager14:48
senator_looking now14:49
cfhowlettOK.  gotta go.  starbucks told me to get out.14:50
senator_sorry cant find the power settings tho14:51
ScabbyMadmanis there a non graphical installer/net installer for ubuntustudio?15:39
smartboyhwScabbyMadman, try to download an mini.iso15:40
smartboyhwAfter installation type tasksel and select the Ubuntu Studio item15:41
ScabbyMadmansmartboyhw, thanks...15:41
ScabbyMadmansmartboyhw, do you know if I need to do special partition things if I install on a Western digital drive/500g?15:42
ScabbyMadmanI had no luck with the standard us installer15:43
smartboyhwScabbyMadman, no I think15:43
smartboyhwgot cha sleep bye15:43
ScabbyMadmanciao thanks15:44
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