micahgknome: I most likely won't be able to make this week's meeting00:14
knomemicahg, oki, np00:14
ochosihi there00:15
knomemicahg, that reminds me i should add your extra comment to the minutes00:15
knomemicahg, though it's a bit late now >:)00:16
knomei don't think anybody said about anything though.00:16
knomewe should get the docs SRU to .3 or .300:16
knome... or .400:16
micahgwe still have time for .3, especially if it's just our pacakge00:17
pleia2we haven't actually done the updating work yet :)00:17
knomeyes, that00:17
micahgok, well, whenever it's ready00:21
knomethat's why i was referring to .3 or .e :)00:21
knome.... .400:22
micahgI'll see if I can get the ISOs to CD size later00:22
pleia2knome: clearly we need to get it in for .3, since your .4 key isn't working00:22
knomethat must be it00:23
micahg.e should be between .2 and .3...00:23
knomehah :P00:23
micahgknome: I'll drop langpacks in line with Ubuntu for .2 unless you object?00:24
knomelangpacks as in?00:24
micahgI have to see which ones00:24
knomeso you are referring to just "some languages" ?00:24
micahgI'll diff the manifests between .1 and the dailies as well00:25
knomeok, that's fine00:25
micahgI need to put the alternate amd64 .2 image on a diet, it's 40MB oversized00:27
micahgumm...50MB http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/precise/daily/current/00:28
pleia2this is going to become increasingly hard and it's eating up micahg's precious time, when do we draw the line here?00:30
micahgthat's precise00:31
pleia2oh :(00:31
micahgraring isn't in as bad of shape00:31
micahgwe dropped alternates for quantal00:31
pleia2bad pangolin00:31
knomewhat's the lightest gui hex editor?00:32
micahgcurses count?00:34
knomei think ghex does what i want00:34
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ochosiknome: shouldn't there be a meeting in 10 minutes?14:52
maddernickif UTC == GMT then yes14:53
* maddernick is not sure14:53
ochosimaddernick: about plymouth: mr_pouit created a branch for raring now for xubuntu-artwork, so if you could create a proper branch of that and push your changes there, that'd be great!14:54
ochosithen the often-mentioned merge-request14:54
maddernickcreate a proper private branch and do a merge? Or can I push directly there?14:56
ochosimr_pouit: what do you prefer? ^14:57
* pleia2 yawns14:58
pleia2yeah, meeting in a couple minutes14:58
ochosii'm hoping i can stay, but it might be that there's a meeting in my office and i have to leave, just sayin...14:58
maddernickim in & out due to cooking :P14:59
GridCubemeeting is now according to timeanddate.com15:00
mr_pouitochosi: let's do a private branch and request a merge, so the 'real' branch only contains the final "product" :P15:01
ochosimr_pouit: yup, sounds like a clean approach. maddernick ^15:01
maddernickwill do15:01
maddernickochosi: ill make a branch containing the spinner one15:02
pleia2knome: you about?15:02
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Jan 24 15:02:51 2013 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:02
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pleia2#chair pleia2 knome ochosi maddernick15:03
meetingologyCurrent chairs: knome maddernick ochosi pleia215:03
ochosimaddernick: sounds good, ping and i'll test it15:03
pleia2#topic Items carried on15:03
pleia2ok, lets see here..15:03
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive/Minutes/2012-01-0915:05
pleia2GridCube: any update on your QA item?15:05
GridCubethe qa was already released15:06
GridCubeoh... no sorry15:06
pleia2GridCube: the tracker updates?15:06
GridCubei didnt knew i had tha item on me15:06
GridCubei though it was faq15:06
GridCubeno, will see to it15:06
pleia2wrong year!15:06
smartboyhwFound the new one15:07
pleia2just clicked on the first january I saw on the archive page ;)15:07
smartboyhw#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive/Minutes/2013-01-1015:07
GridCubethat makes more sense15:07
pleia2micahg: said he wouldn't be able to make it and knome isn't here yet15:07
pleia2my action item depends on knome's15:07
pleia2bluesabre_: you about?15:07
pleia2smartboyhw: thanks, adding this link to the archives now15:08
pleia2bluesabre_: any update on you action items? (please use #info I always forget)15:09
bluesabre_#info Testing list sent to knome15:09
bluesabre_and I haven't done anything with yelp yet15:10
bluesabre_should I #info that?15:10
* micahg is actually here15:10
pleia2micahg: oh good, you're next ;)15:10
pleia2bluesabre_: nah15:10
pleia2bluesabre_: thanks!15:11
pleia2micahg: lots of action items for you last time, any updates? :)15:11
micahgI don't think so, let me check lie list15:11
micahgnope, the raring ISO grew another 1.5MB15:12
pleia2ok, thanks15:13
micahgI should have a little time this weekend, though not sure how much I can get through15:13
micahgI'll probably focus on ISO size if we have people willing to test15:14
micahgotherwise, I'd rather work on the build failures15:14
* pleia2 nods15:14
micahgor bugs that need fixing in 12.04.215:14
micahglike exo helpers not working with Firefox apparmor enabled15:14
* GridCube opinion is that file size its not that relevant anymore15:15
pleia2ok, so I think we can poke around to see if there are testers about this weekend (I'd like to volunteer, but my weekend is packed this week)15:15
pleia2otherwise.. do the otherwise :)15:16
micahgeven if we have testers, it's more if the ISO size makes a difference to the testers15:16
* pleia2 nods15:16
* micahg will brb15:16
pleia2#topic Team updates15:17
pleia2we adjusted the agenda a bit so we no longer are going through each team in a subtopic-y order15:18
pleia2(we'll see how this goes :))15:18
pleia2so anyone who has updates, you can just #info MARKETING: foo15:18
ochosi#info ARTWORK: i'm working on our icon-theme quite a bit lately, people can check the progress here: https://github.com/shimmerproject/elementary-xfce15:19
ochosi#info ARTWORK: people can test/use them in any of our releases (P,Q,R). i'll be soon trying to weed out useless icons and duplicates, so keeping the theme locally up-to-date to check whether icons go missing would be helpful testing for me15:20
pleia2ochosi: are there instructions for testing them somewhere?15:21
ochosi#action ochosi to send testing-instructions to knome15:21
meetingologyACTION: ochosi to send testing-instructions to knome15:21
bluesabre_knome is going to have a nice big blog post to write soon15:21
ochosipleia2: well it's really simple, "cd ~/.icons && git clone https://github.com/shimmerproject/elementary-xfce.git"15:22
ochosiand then "git pull" to update15:22
pleia2yep, that's simple :)15:22
bluesabre_and then the icon cache update, right?15:22
ochosi(possibly "mkdir .icons" as a first command ;))15:22
ochosiwell, either i'll include that command in the instructions or i'll tell ppl to switch icon-themes back and forth15:22
* pleia2 nods15:23
pleia2#info DOCUMENTATION: We're going to push the documentation SRU for 12.04 to the .3 release (this summer) instead of trying to get it in for .2 (which is coming up quick)15:23
pleia2#info DOCUMENTATION: We still don't have a docs lead, so if there is anyone interested in pitching in on docs for 13.04, please do :)15:24
pleia2#info WEBSITE: Opened a few bugs to update screenshots on the site, which I'm planning on completing this week15:24
pleia2#action pleia2 to complete outstanding screenshot update bugs15:24
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to complete outstanding screenshot update bugs15:24
pleia2any development updates?15:25
pleia2mr_pouit? :)15:26
bluesabre_People are testing parole and reporting bugs, and we're fixing them :)15:26
bluesabre_menulibre too :D15:27
mr_pouitNot much on my side, I only merged xfburn from debian I think15:27
mr_pouityeah, bluesabre and ochosi are more active these days ;P15:27
olbiare you planning to add xfce 4.12 if it be released at march?15:27
mr_pouitwe already have the latest thunar and exo in raring15:28
GridCubewhat about the weather plugin? 15:28
mr_pouitOther components haven't been changed much for now, so I can't really tell15:28
micahgFeature Freeze is Mar 7 IIRC15:28
micahgI would think 4.12 would be targeted to 13.1015:29
mr_pouitGridCube: 0.8.2 in raring right now15:29
ochosi(btw, it's still another week to fosdem, but i might bring up the topic of a gtk3-compilable panel again there)15:29
micahgplease, that would fix our indicator problem at least15:29
GridCubebut 0.8.3 is to be released soon and it had lots of work apparently15:30
mr_pouitGridCube: if it's released before feature freeze, no problem really :)15:30
GridCubealso, "Please note that 0.8.2 is actually unsupported because it's gradually falling apart, so better don't spend any more time on it.15:31
mr_pouit(panel plugins an other goodies have their own release schedule)15:31
ochosii met hjudt for lunch today, i can motivate him to release it before ff ;)15:31
mr_pouit*and other15:31
ochosibut i have to admit that it partly depends on me having enough time to complete the new icon-set for it15:31
pleia2ok, any other updates?15:33
pleia2#topic Announcements15:34
pleia2any announcements? :)15:35
GridCubenot from me15:35
bluesabre_none from me15:36
ochosisame here15:36
pleia2#topic Any other business15:37
pleia2anything else at all?15:37
pleia2I'm thinking we do another meeting in 2 weeks, same bat time/place15:37
bluesabre_sounds good to me15:37
GridCubei have an idea15:38
pleia2GridCube: go for it15:38
frustratedtechI just want to chime in that I'm loving Xubuntu and I've been spending my sparetime trying to help others.  I just loaded up Xubuntu last week and am diving in full force. :D15:38
GridCubewhat if we make a deviantart group for xubuntu users and ask them to submit screenshots and wallpapers and such15:38
bluesabre_I like this idea15:39
ochosifrustratedtech: if you wanna help the project in any are feel free to help with whatever you can15:39
ochosiyeah, dA is not a bad place for that15:39
frustratedtechGridCube, no offense to the xfce-look guy, but I cannot stand that website.  As a web designer I can't handle it nor send people there.15:39
pleia2I think the reason we didn't typically is they wouldn't be default on the CD (no space)15:39
pleia2but if we could get a volunteer to make a separate package for them installable later, and people are ok with non-default15:39
ochosipleia2: yeah, but this can simply be a group (as in: collection), no strings attached15:40
pleia2screenshots are good too though, last cycle we thought about a "this is my Xubuntu" sort of page for the website to show off how people are changing it for their needs15:40
GridCubeyes, but dA manages it better15:40
ochosipleia2: yeah, we could maybe take a feed from dA for that15:41
GridCubewe could make friends with the ubuntu-users group to15:41
pleia2ochosi: don't want an unmoderated feed15:41
pleia2people use crazy things as desktop backgrounds :x15:41
ochosiGridCube: do you wanna moderate the xubuntu-group on dA?15:41
GridCubeit can be easily moderated15:41
GridCubei can do15:41
ochosipleia2: there you go ^ ;) (so it wouldn't be unmoderated)15:41
pleia2then maybe cherry-pick ones to put on the site directly?15:41
ochosiyeah, why not15:41
ochosiGridCube: and remember, no naked ladies! ;)15:42
pleia2#action GridCube to create and moderate xubuntu-group on deviantart15:42
frustratedtechWho is in charge of the overall design of the xubuntu website?15:42
meetingologyACTION: GridCube to create and moderate xubuntu-group on deviantart15:42
GridCubeo.o but... but... its deviantart15:42
GridCubeok no nakkid ladies15:42
pleia2yeah, have to keep it CoC-friendly if it's to be an official resource15:42
pleia2(no naked anyones)15:42
pleia2GridCube: can you also add me as a moderator? (we always have at least two for our social media-y things, in case of buses)15:43
GridCubewill do, you can create a simple toc for the joining members15:43
GridCubesure pleia2 15:43
pleia2(I won't actually do anything, just in case of emergency)15:43
* pleia2 checks if she has an account15:43
mr_pouit(no naked ringtail either)15:43
pleia2thanks GridCube!15:44
pleia2anything else?15:44
GridCube:) no problem15:44
* micahg disappears for a while15:44
bluesabre_frustratedtech, the theme is a knome-original15:45
olbibye all :) going home :]15:45
pleia2GridCube: didn't have an account, but now I do as pleia2!15:45
frustratedtechbluesabre, I wouldn't mind getting in touch with them to help it out.15:45
pleia2frustratedtech: yay, thanks!15:45
pleia2frustratedtech: re: website, I'm the website lead and knome is our designer and main webdev15:46
pleia2so knome is in charge of design15:46
frustratedtechpleia2, nice.  I've being doing design for 15 years so I'd love to help in some way.15:46
ochosifrustratedtech: if you wanna draw icons that'd be welcome ;)15:47
pleia2frustratedtech: fungi> i can help you get the user added for that when the time comes to start testing15:47
pleia2 oops15:47
GridCubeisnt the lightdm theme javascript/xml based?15:47
pleia2frustratedtech: https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website15:47
pleia2^^ that's the code for the website15:48
pleia2and outstanding bugs under the "bugs" link15:48
pleia2it's wordpress15:48
mr_pouitGridCube: css I think (it's gtk3 theming)15:49
frustratedtechpleia2, ok.  get with me in private so I can help with getting these done.15:49
pleia2frustratedtech: can you drop me an email? lyz@ubuntu.com (right after this I'm off to work :))15:49
GridCubemr_pouit, mmmhm ok15:51
pleia2ok, anything else before we wrap up?15:51
GridCubenot from me15:51
pleia2ok, thanks for coming everyone, and it was nice to see some new faces!15:52
bluesabre_have fun at work pleia215:52
pleia2always do :)15:52
GridCubepleia2, this is the most active ubuntu group on deviantART, http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/15:53
pleia2GridCube: yeah, I think that's the one doctormo moderates?15:53
pleia2ok, we'll finish up then15:54
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Jan 24 15:54:30 2013 UTC.  15:54
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2013/xubuntu-devel.2013-01-24-15.02.moin.txt15:54
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2013/xubuntu-devel.2013-01-24-15.02.html15:54
ochosithanks for chairing the meeting, pleia2 15:54
pleia2sure :)15:54
GridCubehow should i call the group?15:54
pleia2artists is nice15:55
GridCubexubuntu-artists? ok :)15:55
ochosior just xubuntu-art?15:57
ochosior zoobuntu-fartists?15:58
* ochosi runs15:58
bluesabre_wow, I need a new screenshot for my dA16:57
knomeyeah, sorry, was unable to attend today :/16:58
knomefrustratedtech, i suppose the best way to go forward with things would be if you sent a mail to the -devel list with your ideas for the website16:59
knomefrustratedtech, atm, i don't think there's going to be a big or even medium rewrite, but minor changes are definitely possible, if they can improve the site17:00
knomepleia2, thanks for chairing the meeting17:06
knomeochosi, well, it's your team... ;)17:07
bluesabre_knome, with ubuntu talking about possibly moving to rolling release in 2014, how would that affect derivitives like xubuntu?  Or do we cross that bridge if/when it gets here?17:09
knomei'm pretty certain ubuntu is willing to let flavors decide if they want to join that too or not17:10
knome(if at all possible)17:10
knomei think the most important thing to consider is looking how other flavors react to that17:11
frustratedtechknome, I did sign up for the mailing list.  Didn't know if you'd want to talk one on one since your lead on web design17:19
knomefrustratedtech, the process needs to be transparent anyway, so doesn't matter17:20
frustratedtechknome, there are a few things I'd recommend, but since this is a WP site, do you have a database export I could play with?  You could empty users if needed17:23
knomefrustratedtech, we don't have database exports, but the theme and plugins code is available from https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-website17:25
knomethough as i said, i think the best way would to be to discuss the changes first17:27
knomefrustratedtech, you around?19:39
knomefrustratedtech, if you want to, i'd have time to go through any ideas and feedback on the website now :)19:40
knomepleia2, will you set up the meeting minutes or should i?19:40
pleia2knome: if you could that would be great19:40
knomepleia2, i'll do that right away! :)19:40
frustratedtechsounds good19:40
knomeminutes up, page updated19:44
knomewill go and read the log quickly too19:44
knomefrustratedtech, if i wasn't clear enough, just go ahead and shout your ideas out loud and i'll be here to discuss them ;)19:47
frustratedtechWell, looking at the current site, the design looks good minus a few things.  19:48
frustratedtechObvious, need to update the screenshots.19:48
frustratedtechI believe the homepage should capture more attention though.  19:49
knomethe problem with the details in the design is that i haven't had as much time to work on it than i wanted19:49
knomein what way?19:49
frustratedtechI wouldn't mind seeing the screenshots larger and taking a more widescreen aspect ratio19:49
knomeif we make the screenshot larger, we will have more vertical space on the left column19:50
frustratedtechi believe that would help to emphasize the OS and XFCE more.19:50
knomeand i'm not sure if that's a good idea19:50
knomefor the title text wrapping as well19:50
frustratedtechyou would have less19:50
knomeless horizontal, but more vertical19:50
frustratedtechYou can add 100px width or so to the current screen shot and it would fit nicely if the left column is made a tad smaller.  It would just wrap the text sooner19:51
knomethat's true19:51
knomeit's doable19:51
knome(and we don't even need a code change for that, hurrah)19:51
knomecan you file a bug against the website for that?19:52
frustratedtechthere is currently 130px height of white space19:52
knomedepends on the screen resolution19:52
knomeor to be more exact, the window resolution19:52
frustratedtechwell, I can update the screenshots and do a widescreen version (like more people would see on their own device)19:52
knomei have no objections, but i'd talk with pleia2 first about that.19:53
knomei suppose it would make sense to make all the screenshots on the site widescreen then, and she just took a work item to get them updated19:53
frustratedtechah.  what would be the lowest resolution to design against?  1024?19:53
pleia2I already have a bunch of screenshots made by someone, I need to review them19:53
knomeoriginal resolution doesn't matter too much, but i'd say a 1024 original would be good19:54
knomethat's what we have now, and it scales relatively nicely19:54
Unit193I have 1280*1024, but other uses 1024*768.19:54
frustratedtechseems ubuntu.com is at 1024 so i guess it would be best to stick with what they have19:55
knomepleia2, just fyi, if we're going to change the frontpage size, poke me before you upload the new photos. we don't want to recreate the thumbs, so the change should be done (just) before uploading19:55
pleia2knome: wasn't planning on changing the frontpage size19:55
knomepleia2, no, but you were planning to upload new shots19:55
knomepleia2, so if we're going to make the frontpage size bigger, that needs to be done before upload (ideally)19:56
knomebecause i'll just bump up that one image size then19:56
pleia2I am being pulled in too many directions today :) I'll get the screenshots reviewd this weekend19:57
knomepleia2, sure, no hurry. just poke me before you upload!19:57
knomeactually, hummm19:57
knomemeh, we need a css change for the frontpage stuff19:58
frustratedtechI also think that the "take the feature tour" should be more emphasized 19:58
knomefrustratedtech, how does that look now?19:59
frustratedtechthe columns are left aligned. "In the blog, Further information, Get started".  Those should be centered.  Same with footer info.20:00
knomei'm not sure i can completely agree20:00
knomenow that i think about it, i think the feature tour should be one of the "icons"20:01
knomeand the larger icons could be moved to the uppermost left column20:01
frustratedtechseems the h1 text doesn't fit well like that20:01
frustratedtechthe h1 looks good at 170% with that width20:02
frustratedtechonce people get to the page they dont have a sense of direction20:03
frustratedtechfeature tour could use an icon.  I agree20:03
knomethat's true, but i suppose that problem is mostly due to the part under the introduction20:03
frustratedtechwith the h1 at 170%, that would leave perfect amount of room for icon based feature tour20:05
knomei was thinking to move all the icons there20:05
frustratedtechThe get started icons?20:07
frustratedtechi personally like where they are20:07
knomethey are the most clicked links on the site though20:07
frustratedtechif moved it would look cluttered then you'd have to figure out what to replace the void with20:07
knomesure. i have no problems coming with ideas for that though ;)20:08
frustratedtechthey are also the biggest and more pronounce links20:08
knomethe sizing could be reconsidered20:08
knomemaybe they could be a bit smaller too20:08
knomeif they are grouped together with the introduction text20:09
frustratedtechIf they were moved and inline it would look ok20:10
frustratedtechwould need to add some more white spacing around it20:10
frustratedtechand to replace that area they moved from could be a link to a video20:10
frustratedtechbug report asked for twitter feed20:11
knomeyeah, i reported that bug myself20:11
knomethat's up for consideration as well20:11
knomeas i said, there are things we can drop there20:11
frustratedtechi could create a psd and maybe show some examples of placement20:12
knomethat works, but please export to png/jpg and send to the list for comments :)20:14
knomei'd definitely want to get the frontpage lifted once again20:14
knomethanks for the help/input!20:15
knomei'll go for a while longer, but i'll read all backlog when i come back if you want to throw around more ideas20:15
frustratedtechNo problem.  I'm excited to see what happens here.  I'll probably provide a good selection of ideas in the jpg's20:15
bluesabre_on the note of the site, the sidebar is a bit barren on the non-home pages20:16
frustratedtechheaders should be consistent.  they are all upper then lower except one "The Ubuntu Family".  So it's not consistent20:17
frustratedtechthe copyright needs to be 201320:18
frustratedtechthe footer elements could be bigger to help fill the void on the right side20:18
frustratedtechbluesabre, maybe on those pages put twitter feed?20:19
bluesabre_yeah, or expand the "In the blog" and not use the combobox20:21
frustratedtechYes, it would look better expanded full width20:23
frustratedtechbut, then menu would have to be moved20:23
GridCubeknome, ping21:27
knomeochosi, can you help me a bit22:40
knomeno need for a true -dev machine here22:40
knomecan you look at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-r-xubuntu-testing22:41
knomethe work items are a mess22:41
knomewe should list things we need to test in the whiteboard22:41
knomenot the work items22:41
ochosiin what respect are the workitems a mess?22:42
knome [mrpouit] Get the new display dialog to a PPA and tell testers to test it: TODO22:42
knome [xubuntu-team] Get gtk-theme-preferences in a PPA and get testers to test it: TODO22:42
knomeboth of those have a single work item for "make it available"22:42
knomeand a shared one "organize testing"22:42
ochosiactually the first part is done for both22:43
ochosithey are available22:43
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
knomeochosi, ...and we really should discuss it here ;)22:46
knomeyes, i know22:46
knomethat's the misleading part22:46
knomewas menulibre in a ppa?22:47
knomebut no raring packages22:47
knomebluesabre_, ^ 22:47
knomeis the parole version in raring current enough?22:48
knomelooks like it's 0.4.0-0ubuntu122:48
ochosiyeah, that's the newest parole-version22:49
knomeso one doesn't need to enable a ppa to test that?22:49
ochosimr_pouit: is it enough to copy the binaries of xfce4-settings in the 4.12 ppa to R for testing or does it have to be rebuilt/repackaged?22:51
ochosiknome: i was thinking about re-designing the lightdm-greeter layout a bit today22:53
mr_pouitit should be enough, I don't think there has been any major transition22:53
ochosioha, the man is here! :)22:53
mr_pouitbut imho, testing on any release is fine (precise/quantal)22:53
ochosiyeah, shouldnt make a big diff22:53
ochosibtw, should we do a release of the hotplugging support or was there something you and bluesabre_ were talking about that you wanted to figure out?22:54
ochosi(i didn't read all the backlog, but it was something about when to save settings)22:54
mr_pouityeah, I disagreed with the latest commit ;>22:55
knomewhat about catdish?22:55
knomecatfish too22:55
knomewas it in a ppa for raring?22:55
knomeor uploaded :P22:55
mr_pouitthere's the same version in quantal and raring22:57
mr_pouitI'm not aware of any new release :P22:57
knomeso is it the one we want tested?22:57
knomebluesabre_, ochosi ?22:57
ochosii think bluesabre_'s rewrite isn't ready for testing yet (not released)22:58
ochosiso yeah, that's what we want tested for now i guess22:58
ochosimr_pouit: meh, it seems i don't have any rights in the xubuntu-dev ppa, could you copy the settings for R?22:59
mr_pouitright, you're not in ~xubuntu-dev :P23:01
ochosiawwwh :)23:01
ochosiwell i guess there's a good reason i'm not! :D23:02
mr_pouithuhu, I made the copy23:02
mr_pouit(no idea how much time it takes to show up)23:03
ochosishouldn't take too long23:05
ochosimr_pouit: i'm working on a quick wireframe for lightdm btw23:06
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
ochosimr_pouit: http://imagebin.org/24410323:13
ochosiknome: ^23:14
bluesabrecatdish, not ready yet (it was a secret)23:15
bluesabrethe new catfish is not ready yet either23:15
knomeochosi, right.23:15
knomeochosi, i suppose that works for me23:15
ochosiknome: i'm wondering whether we should get rid of the "box" around the login and just throw the widgets on the backdrop23:15
ochosiknome: one idea is to make the shutdown more prominent, i realized that some of my friends had to search for it when first landing on the login screen23:16
ochosi(ideally i'd prefer to get rid of the cancel-button, but it's needed in certain cases :( )23:16
knomeochosi, bluesabre_: log in to http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/23:17
ochosibluesabre: shall i copy the packages for menulibre to R or will you do that anyway?23:18
bluesabreI'll add raring to the ppa23:18
ochosiok cool23:18
ochosicopying the packages should suffice i think23:18
knomeochosi, bluesabre_: then see: http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/249/builds/27871/testcases23:18
bluesabrewhen I finish this and some other updates, I'll try to convince mr_pouit to upload it the the actual ubuntu repos23:18
ochosiknome: why log in?23:20
knomeochosi, oh, if you don't need to log in... great :)23:20
bluesabredvds will fail, since libdvdcss2 is not in normal repos23:20
ochosithat sucks though23:20
knomebluesabre_, do you think it would make sense to get you rights to edit those testcases too, in this sandbox and iso.qa. too?23:20
bluesabreand I don't know if the codec-installer will install that either23:20
knomebluesabre_, or, would you use that ability :P23:21
bluesabreknome, sure, sounds good to me23:21
ochosibluesabre: i think there's a script that's in a package that'll install libdvdcss23:21
knomeok, let me get that done23:21
bluesabreI'll try to remember that I have rights23:21
ochosiknome: stop pinging the wrong bluesabre_ ! ;)23:21
ochosibluesabre: say, do you see a realistic chance that the primary-branch can be fixed for nvidia so that it's mergeable or shall we simply strive for a new release of the settings to get hotplugging out?23:22
knomebluesabre, done.23:22
knomebluesabre, now log in23:22
knomebluesabre, on the left hand side, click "administartion"23:23
knomebluesabre, then on right top, click "testcases"23:23
bluesabreochosi: I'd say for now, probably revert my last commit and get the new release out23:23
knomebluesabre, then find the correct testcase and from that row, click "edit"23:23
bluesabrenvidia support can be a bug we attempt to fix later23:23
knomebluesabre, let's try to get all testing we need in those testcases (new testcases are fine as well)23:24
ochosimr_pouit: do you agree with that? ^ (i mean: merge the ochosi/primary branch even though we know it's not working 100% for nvidia-proprietary?)23:24
knomeerr, for what app?23:24
ochosiare you asking me?23:25
knomemmh, right23:25
ochosiwe wanna push a "primary" option for displays23:25
knomewhat does "not working 100%" means ?23:25
bluesabredoesn't work with the nvidia experimental-304 driver all the way23:26
ochosiwell the RandR primary-property is working fine with intel (or: our code for it), but it seems that with nvidia (which just started to officially support randr) it's not always working bugfree23:26
bluesabrewhich is experimental23:26
knomewhat's not working?23:26
knomedo you mean it's not working at all times, or is something specific not working at all?23:26
ochosion the user-side: checking a checkbox23:26
knomeis it critical for the user?23:27
ochosias long as the xfce-desktop or panel don't support this property it won't have any effect anyway23:27
knomeeg. can somebody break his installation that way23:27
ochosiit'll just mean the panel will probably remain where it is23:27
knomewhat's the point in introducing the feature if it's not working anyway?23:27
ochosiit's a devel release, and nick wanted to have support in the dialog first and then implement it in panel and desktop23:28
ochosihe already agreed to implement it, so it should be fine23:28
knomebut does he need it in xubuntu?23:28
knomeisn't it supported already23:28
knome(since the code is ready)23:28
ochosino, it's not supported23:28
ochosiby panel and desktop i mean23:29
knomethen why should an option be included in the dialog?23:29
ochosibut it will be for xfce4.1223:29
ochosiand the dialog has xfce4.12 as target23:29
knomeyes, but can we include the option in the dialog when we have xfce 4.12 uploaded?23:29
knomewill the dialog hit Q?23:29
ochosiwell you can us it23:30
ochosiuse it23:30
ochosiwith the 4.12 ppa23:30
knomewill the feature be supported in R even if 4.12 isn't released?23:30
ochosiit's really just a checkbox that won't do anything in the worst case23:30
ochosiso nothing to worry about ;)23:30
knomeyes, but that's not optimal at all23:30
knomei'd rather just comment the code if it's not supported by other components23:30
knomethen uncomment when it is23:30
knome*in xubuntu*23:30
ochosiwe can always decide to do that, yeah23:31
knomenot in the general xfce development23:31
knomeor be ready to comment it if the support in panel/desktop doesn't arrive in thime23:31
knomethat works for me as well23:31
knomeas long as we don't have something that doesn't work for anybody :P23:31
knomeso about dvd support23:31
knomewill all dvds fail without libdvdcss2 ?23:32
ochosii think many will fail23:32
knomebut by definition not all?23:32
ochosiall those that are encrypted23:32
knomeeg. not those you mastered yourself23:32
ochosii would think those should work23:32
bluesabredisney's hercules is oddly not encrypted23:32
ochosibut i'm really no expert on this23:32
* ochosi hates dvds, it's a really bad medium, fails far too often23:33
bluesabreyeah, only commercial dvds are copy-protected23:33
bluesabreunless you are silly23:33
knomeand not even all those actually23:33
bluesabreand most people are not _that_ silly23:33
knomenot all older dvds23:33
knomehow does that look?23:33
knomeplease remember that these are instructions for *testers* not end-users :)23:34
ochosiwell, libdvdcss2 is not in the repos, or is it after all?23:34
knomenot installable as a package23:34
knomebut that's not the point23:34
knomethe point is that with this note, people know dvds will not work without it23:35
knomeand send "failed" results23:35
ochosithis might be the droid you're looking for: http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/libdvdread423:35
knomeyes, that package has a script that installs libdvdcss223:35
ochosiiirc it pulls libdvdcss2 via a script23:35
knomei don't think that's automatic though23:36
knomeat least it didn't use to be23:36
ochosican't remember now23:36
bluesabreit installs the script somewhere23:36
knomein /usr/lib/doc/libdvdread... something23:36
ochosiwould be nice to be able to simplify that23:36
knomewell, it would be possible to have something ala the flashplugin-installer23:37
ochosibut i guess there's no cross-distro way to do it, otherwise i'd have loved to see a helper in parole23:37
knomenot really.23:37
ochosiactually some people complained that we implemented the gstreamer-internal codec-installer23:38
knomewhat's the problem in getting something done?23:38
ochosibecause it's not cross-distro enough or doesn't use packagekit, can't remember now23:38
ochosii call that whining on a high level23:38
ochosii updated your blueprint again23:42
ochosig2g sleep now23:42
bluesabreseeya ochosi23:42
ochosisee y'all23:42
knomenight ochosi 23:42
knomebluesabre, so, will you help me in getting all the thing to test in the testcasese?23:44
bluesabreIf you don't mind it being done tomorrow, kinda busy atm (but work at work is slow still)23:45
knomenot at all23:46
knomehttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-r-xubuntu-testing tries to list everything we need to test23:46
pleia2oy, what are you doing to my inbox23:48
knomeclicking around23:48
knomei'm setting our blueprints to be "approved"23:48

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