goodbyeearlhey everybody my xubuntu has been to slow and heavy00:26
goodbyeearldo you know how could make it more smooth and light?00:27
goodbyeearli've been using it for more than one year now and it is just amazing00:27
goodbyeearlbut it is slow now00:27
xubuntu509Hi everyone02:49
xubuntu509I need some help with Ubuntu02:49
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Facetioushello. I'm currently trying to build ristretto from source, and I keep getting messages that various xfce librariries are not current enough. I've compiled some of the libraries myself, but I was wondering if there was a smarter way to get the most current xfce libraries.03:05
holsteinFacetious: i dont muck around much there.. i find something always breaks or gives me a hard time.. i usually try PPA's03:11
Facetiouscool. thanks.03:13
xubuntu570Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew if i could change the log in screen so it looks like Ubuntu's stock? i have both Ubuntu 12.04 and Xubuntu 12.04 installed on my laptop.03:40
holsteinxubuntu570: sure... you dont want to know the difference though?03:41
xubuntu570im guessing, that if i change it to ubuntu stock i would have to choose only one flacor to log into am i right?03:42
holsteinxubuntu570: ?03:43
xubuntu570if i changed the log in screen to be ubuntu stock, i didnt think it let me choos what linux to log into03:43
holsteinxubuntu570: you'll just have the ubuntu greeter03:43
holsteinxubuntu570: they all let you choose whatever you set them up to let you choose03:43
xubuntu570is there a dowside to that?03:44
holsteinxubuntu570: i suggest leaving it alone03:44
holsteinxubuntu570: bestcase scenario, you mess around for a bit and dont break your system, while only changing sometihng cosmetically03:44
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/195674/how-to-fix-xubuntu-lightdm-theme-after-installing-unity is relevant03:45
xubuntu570okay, thank you for the help, i think i will have to think about whether or not it's worth it for a while.03:47
freedomruntrying to send crash log for xfce4-session but when "Continue" is clicked, nothing happen ??? help08:41
nantouhow do I limit upload and download speeds for the whole system?09:07
moetunesnantou:  afaik you do that at your router09:13
moetunessome routers have a setting for that09:14
moetunessee if this has a clue - http://www.speedguide.net/articles/linux-tweaking-12109:14
moetunesit's old but ...09:15
baizonnantou: http://askubuntu.com/questions/776/how-i-can-limit-download-upload-bandwidth09:18
nantouthx baizon09:20
xubuntu301hey guys09:32
xubuntu301is there anyone who know how to get the same windows 7's windows behavior (or ubuntu's) when i put them on the edge on xubuntu?09:34
xubuntu301the window gets maximazed but it only occupies the upper half of the screen... is quite annoying lol09:35
MoL0ToVhi to all! i see that latest xubuntu need more or 4GB to install. I have a asus eeepc with 4GB ssd internal disk. what are the latest version that fit in 4GB? leaving some space also to store some document or mp3..10:21
baizonMoL0ToV: you can always deinstall stuff10:26
baizonthen you get more spac10:26
MoL0ToVbut the graphical installer say to me that 4,6GB are needed to complete installation10:28
sonkey4was just gunnna say that10:28
sonkey4best you could do is install ubuntu mini.iso10:28
sonkey4then apt-get xubuntu-desktop10:29
baizonindeed, sonkey4 is right :)10:29
sonkey4as ubuntu no longer offer alternate installs10:29
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MoL0ToVand lubuntu? need minus of 4GB to install?10:44
ztxgpsmanMoL0ToV, I have xubuntu installed on a 4GB stick, I've about 2.5GB free on it.10:44
MoL0ToVthe installer stops and say to me that there are no enough space10:44
baizonthe best sollution is what sonkey4 said10:45
baizoninstall the mini and then just add xubuntu-desktop10:45
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ChesterXhello, i can not seem to create a vpn connection. which manager do you recommend?11:48
koegsNetwork-Manager, which comes with xubuntu11:48
daswortIs it right that xfrun4 and xfce-appfinder are both the same, but xfrun starts allways with the `-c` option?14:03
ochosidaswort: well the two were merged in xfce4.10, before that they were separate programmes14:14
daswortBTW: appfinder needs 5 sec to start while thunderbird needs just ~1,2sec. Is is there a mode where it runs but is hiden? Like synapse or gnome do, so i dont have to wait.14:23
ochosidaswort: yes, after launching it for the first time it should be pretty fast14:26
ochosithere should be a way of preloading it in the session if i'm not mistaken14:26
dasworti dont see something like that in its manpage. :(14:27
daswortOh, there is already a process in the background. Why does it need so much time? (ಠ_ಠ)14:28
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nando29please, I have an enlga-1320  gigabit nic, its supported for xbuntu in gigalan? thx16:52
xubuntu570how do you access the windows hard drive from xubuntu?18:27
xubuntu570i need to access system 32 to find password hash18:27
FacetiousYou should be able to see all the partitions in the file manager18:28
xubuntu570it doesn't have config folder in it.18:28
Facetiousconfiguration folder?18:29
xubuntu570im booting xubuntu 12.10 i386 from live cd, and need to crack windows 7 password.18:29
xubuntu570i dunno what to do since i don't know jack shit about linux18:29
holsteinxubuntu570: i would watch the language, and try using a live CD such as the ulitmate boot cd18:30
holsteinxubuntu570: if the drive is encrypted, i woudnt know how to deal with that18:30
holsteini usually just mount the drive and recover the data..18:30
xubuntu570dont have the resources to get ultimate boot cd...18:30
xubuntu570the hard drive is shown, just not system 3218:31
holsteinmaybe its corrupt18:31
xubuntu570no, i can run windows perfectly fine.18:31
xubuntu570i just need the admin's password18:31
holsteinxubuntu570: i wuld use a live CD designed for that purpose18:32
xubuntu570i only have the cd im currently running.18:32
xubuntu570what would you suggest to find the password hashes with only this live cd?18:33
holsteinxubuntu570: searching, or asking in a windows channel.. i dont know where those are, and i dont know anything about recovering that info that way18:34
holsteini have used the ubcd to reset windows passwords.. and quickly too18:35
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Bon-changuys, can i have some problems if i remove gmusicbrowser using apt --purge?18:38
xubuntu570should i use ophcrack?18:38
holsteinxubuntu570: i would ask a windows channel to be sure... ask how you are expected to recover that information18:41
holsteinBon-chan: i would just look and see what is being removed18:41
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qasimvideos do not work properly on my newly installed xubuntu 12.10 OS...help please20:12
Facetiouswhat do you mean by videos?20:18
qasimvideos of any format .... i cant play them properly..image is blury and the picture hangs20:19
Facetiousare you using gstreamer?20:19
qasimand its like same even after installing restricted extras20:20
qasimgstreamer is?20:20
qasimcodec or software to run videos?20:20
FacetiousI think it's the default that comes with xubuntu20:21
FacetiousVLC is what most people use though20:21
qasimi have vlc20:21
qasimrather i prefer vlc but this problem is with every sort of media player i have20:22
Facetiousmaybe a problem with the video drivers then20:22
qasimi cant play any type of video through sm player20:22
qasimwhen i try to open any video ...it crashes20:23
Facetiouswhat sort of video card do you have?20:24
qasimnvdea ge force 640020:24
qasimlast time on my previosus xubuntu installation i had installed its driver too20:25
Facetiousdo you have compiz?20:25
qasimthe driver worked properly but it dint resolve my problem20:25
qasimwhat is compiz ?20:26
Facetiousit's a fancy windows effects thing20:26
Facetiousthere's a bug that makes videos not work when desktop effects are on or compiz20:26
qasimdoes that compiz thingie comes default with xubunu?20:27
qasimwell i dont have it then20:27
Facetiousmaybe desktop effects are on?20:28
qasimi dont thin so20:29
qasimhow to chk that20:30
FacetiousI think you need compiz anyways for that20:30
FacetiousI really can't help you other than tell you to check xorg.conf for anything and maybe reinstall the codec packages20:31
Zelouilleqasim: maybe try to disable the Compositor (in the window manager settings)20:32
qasimokay let me find that manager20:33
Zelouilleqasim: « window manager tweaks » sorry. Last tab.20:37
qasimZelouille,  im soooo very greatful ...it was frigging compositer..thx heaps20:46
Zelouilleqasim: you're welcome. But you should thanks Facetious, i would not have suspected the "fancy windows effects" to be the source of the problem.20:53
qasimaww nice...thx Facetious ..you both were great help to me20:54
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