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* benji suspects gary_poster just got back from dinner.02:48
gary_posterbenji, heh, about half hour ago, yes :-)02:48
gary_posterwell, 21 minutes02:49
benjiI hope it was good.  Probably not as good as beef tongue in Copenhagen, but what is?02:49
gary_posterbenji, heh, thanks. It was Texas chili from a very local-seeming place.  Very hot.  Good.02:52
benjisounds good02:52
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benjiguihelp: has anyone seen this before?  I am trying to do a view.set('container', container);14:20
benjiin a test but it is ignored14:20
benjiI have tried tracing through the morass that is YUI's idea of how to treat object attributes but I don't yet understand why14:21
benjiit is not a "writeOnce" attribute, I have eliminated that14:21
hazmatbenji, js debugger, or try setting other attributes, most likely i'd guess something else is setting it after your set14:25
benjihazmat: nope, immediately after the call a subsequent .get returns undefined14:26
frankbanbenji: what is container? a string? YUI uses Y.one as setter14:52
benjifrankban: an object14:52
* benji meditates upon "YUI uses Y.one as setter"14:52
frankbanbenji: what is returned, in your code, if you do "Y.one(container)" ?14:54
benjilet me see...14:54
benjifrankban: both before and after the .set Y.one('container') returns null14:55
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frankbanhum, benji, in node_modules/yui/view/view.js, Y.View defines this attr: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1569972/14:58
frankbanso, the setter is Y.one, and it's writeOnce too14:58
benjifrankban: ah, that is a nice clue; Y.one seems to be a very odd setter to me14:58
benjiI suspect that means that no one can ever set it (without using the "force" option or digging around in the guts of YUI)14:59
benjithat's a bit irritating for testing15:00
teknicobenji, I seem to have the exact same problem you had yesterday when installiing phantomjs globally15:01
frankbanbenji: maybe Y.one is a no-op if you pass an Y.Node instance, I am not sure, but if so, it could eliminate some irritation15:01
benjiteknico: I hope the note I added to HACKING helped/will help15:01
teknicobenji, mocha-phantomjs did install, but I still have the Error 127 when running "make test-debug" or "make test-prod"15:01
frankbanteknico: have you installed phantomjs itself?15:02
teknicofrankban, I run "sudo npm -g install phantomjs"15:03
teknicowhich tries to get the 1.8.0 version, which apparently is not there15:03
teknicobenji, I'll try doing that, and also add to HACKING a link to the archive to be downloaded :-)15:04
benjiteknico: good idea15:04
benjiooh, the YUI "setter" really isn't a setter; it is a pre-processor called before the value is stored15:09
benjitherefore Y.one makes sense, that way "container" can be set with either a DOM node or a CSS selector, either of which will be turned into a YUI Node before storing15:09
benji"getters" are similarly not really getters, they are a way to post-process a stored value (or override it, I assume) before returning the value to the caller15:10
teknicolook at that! tests running in terminal, what a beautiful sight ;-)15:17
benjiwell, I figured it out, but it's not pretty: view._state.data.container.getter = function() {return 99;}15:19
teknicowhat a not-so-beautiful sight :-)15:21
teknicobcsaller1, benji, frankban, Makyo, daily/weekly call in one minute15:29
teknicofrankban, starting without you15:31
Makyoguihelp: All console logging appears to be off in 'devel' mode.  Was this an intended change?17:47
bcsaller1Makyo: no, it should still log, though many of the messages were removed 17:55
goodspudThanks for the tidy up off the controls in the bottom bar.17:55
Makyobcsaller1, ah, alright.17:56
MakyoWill try again.17:56
benjinew branch up for review: https://codereview.appspot.com/719605620:15
Makyobenji, Thanks.  Will review in a few.20:20
MakyoAssuming no gary_poster calls this week, what with the sprint.20:21
benjithat is my assumption too20:21
hazmatbenji, did you ever get your phantom issues sorted?23:16
benjihazmat: yep; I ended up manually extracting the archive and putting the phantomjs executable on my path23:18

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