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olyhi, i have made a change to a project on lacunchpad and would like to know the process to commit it back is there any information on this any where ?09:03
olynormally i just commit to my own projects, so making changes to others code bases is new to me,09:04
czajkowskiso you want to ush it back to launhc ad09:05
olyits a change to one of the ubuntu web apps so i guess it needs reviewing or something09:06
czajkowskiah thats ubunut and not launhcpad you'll need to ask in #ubuntu-webapps09:07
olyits a nice simple change, so i thought it would be a good test to learn the process09:07
olybut the code is on launchpad ? so dont i push it there09:07
czajkowskiyou do09:07
olyor is each project different ?09:07
czajkowskibut you need to ask what the review process is09:07
olyoh i see, cheers i will go ask :)09:07
czajkowskihttp://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr-0.10/bzr_man.htm  might also heklp09:08
mgzyou might want to link a newer version of the docs, though09:10
olyokay cheers, i am familiar with branching and merging though,09:10
mgzgoogle likes indexing the really old ones first, for whatever reason09:10
czajkowskimgz: sorry was the top hit when I searched :)09:10
czajkowskimgz: morning btw09:10
mgzmornin' :)09:10
olyits more the where do i push my code to and do i create a merge request like you do in git09:10
czajkowskioly: like I say talk to the team they will point you in the right direction there09:11
mgzoly: see https://help.launchpad.net/Code09:11
mgzand related subpages09:11
olyokay, i submitted my question to the room, thanks for the help czajkowski and mgz :)09:12
olycheers mgz think that link outlined kind of what i was after :)09:13
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* mpt gives czajkowski another spam report ;-)10:56
czajkowskimgz: can you be like all the other users and just put it on answers10:57
czajkowskinot that I dont appreciate it10:57
czajkowskijust trying to not fire the router here off a wall and stomp on it10:57
mgzczajkowski: ^mpt :)10:58
* czajkowski looks a tthe shinny cisco router and tempted to play frisbee with it 10:58
mptczajkowski, that's exactly what I did.11:22
mptWhat are you on about? :-)11:23
czajkowski20 bugs11:24
* czajkowski peers at mpt where is my restart later button :)11:24
mptczajkowski, listed on Answers.11:25
czajkowskiyes I know11:25
czajkowskiI can see it11:25
czajkowskishall tackle that shortly11:25
olyhum, if i want to push up a personal branch for an existing project do i need to use launchpad to create it first ?12:30
olyor should i be able to push straight away, only asking as i am getting permission denied but does not tell me why its denied12:30
olyusing bzr push lp:~username/projectname/brnachname12:31
olyi can work on my own projects so my ssh keys should be good12:31
wgrantoly: What is the error message?12:33
wgrantYou don't need to create it on Launchpad first.12:33
olybzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~oly/webapps/webapps-applications/googleplus-indicator-counter/": : Cannot create branch at '/~oly/webapps/webapps-applications/googleplus-indicator-counter12:34
wgrantAh, there's the problem :)12:35
wgrantThere's an extra path segment in there.12:35
wgrant'webapps/webapps-applications' isn't a project name12:35
wgrant(you probably want to drop the 'webapps/')12:35
olyyour quite right, webapps was the team i think :)12:37
olythank you wgrant :)12:37
czajkowskiwgrant: is this our LP do you think ? https://support.one.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2846612:38
wgrantczajkowski: No, that's some other Launchpad entirely :/12:40
czajkowskiwgrant: how they end up on ours I'll never knwo12:50
czajkowskiwgrant: can you *please* answer the reply to this rt re differneces https://support.one.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=2802212:50
czajkowskitrying to clear ut the queue12:50
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notgaryIs there anyone here who can answer a question I have about using the Launchpad REST API directly (as opposed to the python lib)?14:36
czajkowskinotgary: best possible to ask on launchpad-dev mailing list tbh14:38
notgaryczajkowski: thanks a lot. I'll do that :)14:39
wgrantczajkowski, notgary: launchpad-users is the more relevant list14:40
czajkowskiwgrant: ah ok sorry14:41
czajkowskiwgrant: why though ?14:42
wgrantczajkowski: -dev is for development *of* Launchpad14:44
wgrantnotgary wants to write code against the user-exposed Launchpad API14:44
czajkowskiahh ok14:45
notgaryczajkowski: wgrant Thanks both for your help :)14:47
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fancycodeHi, I'm trying to upload a source package but get a rejection mail containing only "Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error." with no further hints - any suggestions what I can do to get a better error description?16:11
mgzfancycode: only that? see <https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors> for the common issues.16:15
fancycodeyep, only that. first line is "Rejected:", second line is "Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.". nothing else16:22
fancycodesuccessfully uploaded source for lucid into the same ppa yesterday, now trying hardy and it doesn't work16:22
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mgz...I'd be a little surprised if hardy *did* work... anyway, you need someone who knows the buildds, so I'd post the the launchpad-users mailing lists (find on http://lists.ubuntu.com/)16:26
fancycode:) well, hardy worked fine in some other ppas yesterday16:27
fancycodethanks, will post on the mailing list16:28
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ondrejHi, how do I report spammer in launchpad? (https://launchpad.net/~york-m) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/db/+bug/110540520:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1105405 in db (Ubuntu) "Dila Hanım 18. bölüm izle 25 ocak 2013" [Undecided,New]20:23

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