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deper29hey, I'm trying to install lubuntu on an older pc. when I boot my livecd and click try lubuntu, I get no video at all. I have to fall back to tty. could someone help me with this?00:45
deper29I have an ati card00:49
BlitzHereI just installed Lubuntu and have this little annoying issue. I uninstalled gnumeric and abiword for libreoffice but the shortcut to gnumeric is still in the menu. I can't get rid of it. Tried reinstalling and uninstalling. Can anyone help please? thanks02:43
BlitzHereOh, and I did all the installations through CLI (apt-get)02:44
Unit193BlitzHere: That's odd, anything in ~/.local/share/applications/ ?02:46
Unit193holstein: (I know you didn't write it)  Best to copy to ~/.local/share/applications/ and edit it there, or use for example menulibre. ;)02:48
holsteinUnit193: i can see about editing it though02:48
BlitzHereUnit193: Just mimeapps.list02:48
Unit193(Technically, in reality I directly edit the files, but harder to revert.)02:48
BlitzHereholstein: Let me see if I can find gnumeric.desktop02:49
Unit193sudo updatedb && locate gnumeric.desktop02:49
BlitzHereCommand running. And there's no gnumeric.desktop in /usr/share/applications02:51
BlitzHereOh, wait. It's here02:51
Unit193Installed and purged it here, no menu left...02:54
BlitzHereWell, it was in a couple of places. Deleted them as root and it's gone now. Thanks Unit193, holstein02:55
BlitzHereI did purge it too - Dunno why it didn't work the first time around....02:56
BlitzHereHmm, so, I did a locate gnumeric and a LOT of files turned up. Should I be getting rid of them?02:58
BlitzHereAlso, when I was using the ubuntu netinstall CD or lubuntu alternate 12.04 or xubuntu alternate or basically anything that's not live, the installer doesn't detect my Ethernet card. I have a realtek 8139d and apparently, the drivers are in the kernel. Oddly the debian installer detects my card just fine. Should I file a bug report?03:02
Unit193BlitzHere: No, a lot of those are images that come with the theme.  The alternate is the debian installer, and you can try a bugreport, sure.03:09
BlitzHereUnit193, thanks. Will file in a bug report. And the debian installer detects my card while installing debian. The same installer doesn't detect my card on any of the ubuntu variants. It's odd....03:13
Unit193BlitzHere: Do you happen to know the versions?03:14
BlitzHereUnit193: Hmm, no. I'll see if I can look it up but the installer worked for both squeeze and wheezy on debian. But it didn't work for 12.04 netinst, xubuntu and lubuntu and 12.10 netinst, and lubuntu03:18
BWMerlinHow do I go about updating to the latest nvidia drivers, apt-get only list 310 as experimental but nvidia has released 313 as stable07:58
Unit193I'd check Software Sources > Additional Drivers.08:13
BWMerlinI have, the latest experimental is 31008:16
BWMerlinI would install it from the nvidia website but they recommend that you should get the driver from your distribution updater08:17
Unit193When did it go stable?08:26
BWMerlinUnit193: 16/01/2013 according to http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI3NjI09:48
billhookmanhi all11:31
SilverLionhoi bill11:31
billhookmananybody know why i cannot find anything at software center?11:31
billhookmanit just show me blank11:32
SilverLionbillhookman: sorry no clue :(11:33
billhookmanneither di I :D well, at least synaptic works11:33
billhookmanhotline miami soundtrack on youtube, good shit indeed11:40
cab___don't remember who told me about xombrero ?13:21
HyperiantInstalled Lubuntu because standard Ubuntu works well on this laptop, but I'm getting horrible lag with flash videos in Chromium that wasn't there in standard Ubuntu.  Any ideas on how to fix?21:23
holsteinHyperiant: look into installing any graphics drivers21:26
holsteinHyperiant: make sure you have the same version of ubuntu, flash, the browser... etc21:27
HyperiantI didn't install any drivers for the Ubuntu laptop, and I can't find Linux-compatible ones on the ATI website21:27
HyperiantWhat do you mean by "same version"?21:28
HyperiantThey're both 12.10 with everything updated, the only difference is that one is Ubuntu with Chrome and this is Lubuntu with Chromium21:28
HyperiantI should be more specific; there's two laptops with identical hardware, except one has Ubuntu and one has Lubuntu.  I have problems on Lubuntu that I don't have on Ubuntu.21:31
TheLordOfTimedid you check to see if the hardware drivers tool that is existent on Ubuntu and Lubuntu has the drivers you need for graphics?21:32
* TheLordOfTime very rarely suggests checking on the manufacturer's site for drivers + build/compile21:32
TheLordOfTimehence my asking :P21:32
HyperiantTheLordOfTime: I'm not aware of such a tool ><21:33
* TheLordOfTime pulls up his lubuntu VM21:34
holsteinHyperiant: chrome in 32bit has its own flash21:35
holsteinHyperiant: i would install the *same* browser21:35
Unit193And jockey in 12.10 isn't what it used to be either.21:35
HyperiantInexplicable, Chrome's version of Flash runs much faster21:44
holsteinHyperiant: its a different version. that *is* the explanation21:46
Unit193Adobe doesn't like linux, basically.21:46
holsteinthat is the underlying explanation21:47
HyperiantHow do I make Chrome default, then?21:48
HyperiantAlso, apparently removing Chromium will also remove lubuntu-desktop21:50
Hyperiant...that doesn't sound good21:50
Unit193No, that's fine.21:52
ubottuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.21:52
norttiwhen trying to run some programs like wine or rtmpdump I usually get: WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-vxBXps/pkcs11: No such file or directory21:55
norttiwhat causes this?21:55
Unit193Did you restart your xsession?21:55
HyperiantIs there any way to make backspace a hotkey for going back in pages on browsers or file managers?21:55
Unit193Hyperiant: It is by default in Firefox, don't know about chrom(e,ium)21:56
HyperiantIt doesn't work in Chrome or Chromium on Lubuntu but does on W721:56
HyperiantApparently PCManFM uses it just fine21:57
Unit193nortti: If you restart lightdm when you have a screen session open, or restart the keyring with it open, then the env var is wrong.22:01
Unit193nortti: I've gotten that, and just linked one to the other. :P22:09
heliocentriqueHello, so at last is Lubuntu got the Ubuntu Software Center ?23:03
heliocentriquethey were supposed to integrate it in 12.04 IIRC23:04
Unit193Not quite right, there was the "Lubuntu Software Center", it's supposed to be a little lighter in weight, but you can always install "Ubuntu Software Center"23:05
heliocentriqueUnit193: there was or there is ?23:05
Unit193!info lubuntu-software-center23:06
ubottulubuntu-software-center (source: lubuntu-software-center): Utility for browsing, installing, removing applications on Lubuntu. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.0.5~bzr135-0ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 89 kB, installed size 687 kB23:06
heliocentriqueoh thanks. as long as it's more user-friendly than the old package manager that I don't recall the name23:06
wxland supposedly LSC is in 12.04 on up23:07
heliocentriquesynaptic ?23:07
wxli don't think user friendly is an objective thing to be measured, but my guess is you'll find it easier to use than synaptic or apt.23:07
wxl(although all of them are merely front ends for apt, but i digress…)23:08
Unit193wxl: For apt, or dpkg?23:08
Unit193Though, some people have had issues with getting LSC to install stuff?23:09
wxloh right, apt is the front end to dpkg :)23:09
* wxl shrugs.23:10
wxli use apt. it works.23:10
Unit193Yep, pretty much.23:10
heliocentriquewxl: apt is the CLI ?23:11
wxlheliocentrique: well, apt and dpkg are both cli.23:11
heliocentriquewxl: thanks for your time, I'm going to install Lubuntu right now : )23:13
wxloh you haven't installed the os at all yet?23:13
wxlif the only thing keeping you back is package management, keep in mind (as Unit193 suggested) that anything that's available in ubuntu is available in lubuntu23:14
heliocentriquewxl: ubuntu is too laggy on my old netbook to be usable, I was looking at Xubuntu but I installed Lubuntu in the past and liked it (it's fast and looks clean, A la Windows 95/XP but superior), I want something that works out-of-the box without having to troubleshoot23:17
wxlheliocentrique: then i think you will really like lubuntu. be wary of the "easy button," though. many of those pretty, easy little utilities in ubuntu (like USC) are not necessarily lightweight. we've been trying to put together a whole system that is light. if you need suggestions, please just ask.23:18

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