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BarkingFishGood morning guys :)  Anyone else having trouble getting ndiswrapper to build on the new 3.8 kernel?  I've just upgraded to raring to do some bugsmashing, and had to drop back to the kernel to get ndiswrapper back :(01:05
yoasifwhat is the best way to report audio bugs?02:47
bjsnideryoasif, well, that depends02:50
bjsniderwhat is the nature of the problem?02:50
yoasifbjsnider: audio output stopped working after updates02:50
yoasifhavent tried using an old kernel yet02:50
bjsniderok, so probably doing ubuntu-bug alsa from the cli02:51
bjsnideryour audio drivers are in the kernel02:51
bjsniderit may not end up being correct but it's a good place to start and will ping the right people02:51
yoasifbjsnider: thanks... ill try a reboot and try again02:51
yoasiftried some of the old audio wiki recommendations02:52
turgayI can not get sound02:54
turgayhttp://ompldr.org/vaDdjZQ   I can not get sound02:55
yoasifbjsnider: uh, apparently alsa doesnt exist - is it alsa-base?02:55
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gnomefreakyay! no more held back packages :)06:43
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ryehi, is installation image planned to be on 3.7 for the final release? I'm asking this because on sandybridge chipsets that makes GPU and CPU run at full speed, 3.8 has this fixed09:43
* rye talks about kernel09:43
yofelrye: current kernel is a 3.8 RC, so it'll probably stay on 3.810:05
ryeyofel: the cds are @ 3.7, do you mean it will stay on 3.7 ?10:06
yofelthe daily builds?10:06
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yofelI don't see a 3.7 kernel in the archive anymore so that shouldn't be possible10:07
ryeyofel: interesting...10:08
yofeland the meta package is on 3.8 as well10:09
yofel!info linux-image-generic10:09
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB10:09
ryeyofel: ok, sorry, PEBKAC. Wrong image (was writing in 12.04 because disk sync/flush mount options in 13.04 make writing disk images unbearably slow and it had an older image selected by default)10:15
ryewhich is another bug but it looks like people want sync writing to flash drives even if that makes the overall process slower10:17
om26eroh boy, raring has poor wifi connectivity10:58
ryeom26er: what hardware?11:12
om26errye, atheros AR948511:13
om26eron Asus UX31E11:13
ryeom26er: 802.11g or n ?11:13
ryeom26er: has anybody actually got ath9k working properly with 802.11n? So far all I hear (and see) is with n _everything_ starts to break11:14
ryeeverything but android phones :(11:15
om26errye, well it was working perfectly fine in 12.04 and 12.10 for me11:15
ryeom26er: interesting... Are you sure your card supported n at these distros (I assisted an upgrade for UL30 recently from 10.04 to 12.04 where in 12.04 card started supporting n but it did not work properly)11:16
ryealso ath9k11:16
* rye is happy- http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~usb-creator-hackers/usb-creator/trunk/revision/40512:14
ryeReverting sync option!12:14
BluesKajHey all13:33
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hggdhcheers BluesKaj18:06
BluesKajhi hggdh18:07
hggdh(a bit late, I guess, but still...)18:07
BluesKajyeah , not much action here today18:07
jtayloranyone got a pristine steam install?19:16
jtaylorneed to check a possible security issue19:16
jtaylornevermind checked it on another machine19:29
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NMinkerI need a clarification, where are package proposals for Raring supposed to be submitted? Release or Proposed. I remember at the last UDS, it was recommended all new proposals/packages should be submitted to Proposed22:25
padsterhow do you get raring daily build isos to install? the installer always hangs before partitioning for me22:26
NMinker@padster what kind of machine are you using? (physical, VM, etc)22:28
padsteron the live usb right now22:28
NMinkermaybe the installer (or the daily build) is just buggy22:29
padsterit seems to be a known bug, i googled it, but i was hoping someone had further knowledge of a fix22:30
padsteris there an alternate method of installation?22:30
NMinkerupgrade Quantal -> Raring (as in clean installation of Quantal, and just upgrade to Raring)22:32
padsteryeah, i suppose i could try that22:32
padsteri'll try that, thanks22:33

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