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Fudgeamoma  what do you mean09:35
robotfuelis there a list of accessibility packages installed by default? 18:24
Fudgerobotfuel  such as speech dispatcher gnome orca etc?23:37
robotfuelFudge: ^23:37
Fudgewell yes they are installed out of the box23:38
Fudgeare you new to ubuntu23:38
robotfuelno I want to know what they are so I have a list. I want to make sure I haven't missed any. 23:39
Fudgeby default you would probably have to ask themuso or AlanBell 23:41
Fudgelet me think though, speakup modules are in the kernel, orca is part of ubuntu-desktop meta package23:41
Fudgecheck ubuntu-desktop apt-cache show 23:41
robotfuelIf I start with this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core, I want to make sure that all the default accessibility  apps are added back in. 23:43
Fudgefor a project robotfuel ?23:56
Fudgethere wont be any accessibility support in core I doubt23:58
Fudgeyou would need to more than likely figure out your target audience and decide on a desktop from that 23:59

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