AmEvWell, I've got a near-chroot method working.01:55
AmEv*chroot method near-working...01:55
AmEvNow I've figured out how the Ubuntu for Android guys did it... haha01:55
AmEvAny ARM Xorg guys on right now?01:58
slangasekogra_: so my 'ssh hangs hard when I try to connect to my nexus7' bug is still here, even after repeated reinstalls02:26
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wingzei'm trying to cross compile a kernel on my desktop for a panda board but i get an dependency error07:39
wingzebut the dependencys are met and i still get that error07:40
mjrosenbwingze: what error?07:48
dholbachgood morning07:53
highvoltagegood morning07:56
wingzedpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: libelf-dev libnewt-dev binutils-dev libdw-dev libgtk2.0-dev | gtk2-devel07:57
wingzei have all that installed but still get the error07:57
wingzethis is crazy08:08
wingzeok got it working it was a build dependency error it needed gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi08:12
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sveinseI have a headless target which plymouth is not installed, and I'm missing some of the logs from initramfs, even when I have console= console= in the kernel commandline. Is it possible to get this log out on the console, or do I need plymouth even on a headless system?09:50
xnoxsveinse: plymouth has text-mode plugins & can run fine on headless and output text.10:58
xnoxsveinse: i dunno how to do this without plymouth.10:59
asiekierkais there any reasonably priced 10" tablet that can run Ubuntu well11:19
asiekierkabonus points for Flash support in any way, shape or form (for livestreams that don't HTML5)11:19
sveinsexnox: Hmm. plymouth is installed after all (dep'd by mountall). But for some reason nothing appears in the console during initramfs. I have another device (another kernel) also with the console= console= bootcmd construct, but here it does work.11:47
sveinseKernel config perhaps. Don't remember seeing any config related to that (since the initial printk of the kernel is output properly on the console)11:48
lilstevieasiekierka: flash is a no go with ubuntu-arm12:21
lilstevieasiekierka: for 10" tablets I don't really know of one that runs it "well", especially at a reasonable price, it runs fine on the tf201 but that isn't reasonably priced, and while fine I wouldn't call it "well"12:22
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marvin24_lilstevie: do you have a device tree for tf201?13:13
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ogra_janimo, hmm, your HDA trick doesnt work if i build the HDA driver as module13:40
janimowell we build it in I suggest13:40
janimomost our hw stuff is built-in anyway13:40
janimoas we know it is there13:40
ogra_well, i'm *extremely* short on bootimg space13:40
janimoah I remember13:40
janimohow much more can fit there?13:41
ogra_so modular would indeed be preferred if we add any stuff13:41
janimoohm that should fit fine then for a while :)13:41
ogra_the boot is slow enough that it justifies to have plymouth in the initrd13:41
ogra_which i cant do atm13:42
janimoI did not look closely at what we have modular or built-in13:42
ogra_everything is builtin13:42
janimoI think the majority of settings are as in the original android kernel13:42
ogra_well, nearly at least13:42
ogra_vmlinuz is 4.5M13:42
ogra_(ac100 is 1.2 or so)13:43
janimoI say when we hit that limit, we take out non-essential hw stuff (maybe all the USB peripherals)13:43
ogra_you dont get it ? we are about 1M above13:43
janimoand high-level networking and fss13:43
janimoah, aboce? I thought 1M to go13:43
ogra_it currently only works due to some evil hacks and diversions i add13:43
janimothat - 1M confused me13:43
ogra_well, you asked how much more :)13:44
janimowell I thought you said dash 1M not minus 1M13:44
* ogra_ is neadly done with a set of quietening patches for the boot13:44
janimowell anything not strictly tegraSoC hw could be modular IMHO13:45
ogra_sadly practically that will fall over in many places13:45
janimowell FSs that are not ext4, TCP, and other bits Asus/Google did not modify should be fine I think13:45
janimoIknow battery and some other bits don't work as modules13:46
ogra_all the non std drivers that are woven into android stuff usually require to be builtin13:46
janimoright, but the big space consumers are network,fs and the rest of the code13:46
ogra_battery, wlan, bluetooth, i bet the accelerometer and all other sensors too13:46
janimoso if we can make those modular it should fix the bootimg size issue13:46
janimoright, but those are all relatively small footprint  i bet13:46
ogra_well, wlan would really help13:47
ogra_we could drop all network bits to modules that way (protocols etc)13:47
ogra_wlan itself wont gain us much, but firewall, protocols etc13:47
janimoogra_, do we have a nexus meeting today?14:15
ogra_GRRR !14:18
ogra_i just had the boot quiet ...14:18
ogra_enabling HDA gets me another message on the screen14:19
ogra_why cant people use pr_info for info messages instead of pr_err14:19
janimoogra_, is onboard not working when the gksu dialog after apport pops up a known issue?14:20
ogra_yes, gksu is supposed to go asap14:20
janimoI seem to have seen lots of onboard related bugs filed but am not sure which are still relevznt14:20
janimowhat replaces gksu?14:20
ogra_pkexec, since about 4 releases now14:20
janimoI keep getting an apport dialog on each session start, but cannot send the report due to this14:21
* janimo never heard of pkexec14:21
ogra_yet you use it all the time :)14:21
janimoso by asap you mean a couple weeks or a couple more cycles? :)14:21
ogra_its part of policykit/consolekit14:22
ogra_i mean this cycle14:22
ogra_there are two apps left that need porting, then we can unseed gksu14:22
ogra_one is update-notifier (which is the apport bit you see) and the other is xdiagnose14:22
janimoI don't know what makes up the 'January-2013 Linux Plumbing stack'14:22
ogra_where does that come from ?14:23
janimoI can only assume it is different from 'December 2012 Linux Plumbing stack' and 'February 2013 Linux Plumbing stack'14:23
ogra_oh, you mean wrt pkexec :)14:24
janimowrt the whole moving thing which keeps getting in the way of actually writing features14:24
ogra_yay, completely quiet boot !14:25
janimoeverything from kernel up until the login manager14:25
ogra_if we now just could have plymouth in initrd14:25
janimoogra_, what happened to the no initrd at all attempt?14:26
ogra_i got stuck at the console-setup race14:26
ogra_and was told bootspped isnt a prio anymore14:26
ogra_so for now i just care about it having bling :)14:27
lilsteviemarvin24_: nope14:27
lilsteviemarvin24_: probably should work on that14:28
infinityjanimo: Who's on armadaxp SRU duty right now?  You or Ike?14:31
janimoIke I guess14:31
infinityKay.  We have a rushed revert in master that needs a quick rebase for derivatives.14:31
janimoI was told I'd be doing non-SRU stuff last December, so my last armadaxp thing was the B0 enablement in Precise14:32
janimobut if I misunderstood I can be convinced otherwise14:32
janimoinfinity, or if there's an emergency I can of course try handling it14:32
ogra_what happened to NCommander ?14:33
ogra_doesnt he do any server kernel work anymore ?14:33
janimoogra_, not on armadaxp at least14:33
infinityjanimo: I'll ping Ike.14:34
ogra_janimo, btw, compiling HDA in or as module doesnt get me any sound working (suspend/resume still does)14:34
ogra_are you sure your HDA stuff isnt just a red herring ?14:34
janimoogra_, very strange. I got that repeatedly after enabling it14:34
janimowell I am not 100% sure, it just worked in my testing14:34
janimoogra do you have the volume turned on at boot?14:35
ogra_no, it is muted14:35
ogra_but unmuting doesnt get me any sound14:35
janimothat sucks14:35
* ogra_ tries another reboot14:36
janimocould it be i accidentally set some alsa configs which made it work? I'll dump my alsa state and paste it14:36
ogra_now that rotation works wutomatically, we should probably consider to just boot in portrait14:36
janimoogra_, alsa store gives me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1569919/14:37
janimoogra_, I agree with portrait booting. needs to drop the fbcon rotate cmdline arg too14:38
ogra_it also doesnt seem to make any difference if HDA is card 0 or 114:38
janimoogra_, so reboot and still no sound?14:38
ogra_janimo, and i think yoiu did a hack to the touch driver to switch to 1280x800 from 800x128014:38
ogra_i guess we need to drop that too14:39
ogra_janimo, right, but sound after resume14:39
janimoogra_, right, I tested with that dropped this week14:39
janimowill need the matrices shuffled in the rotate scripts14:39
ogra_great, telly me once it entered the kernel and i'll adjust the cmdline14:39
janimobut better that way so portrait is the 'normal' one14:39
janimoand we drop that needless delta vs the android kernel14:39
ogra_and getting plymouth inoto landscape seems impossible anyway14:40
janimoogra_, btw the cmdline could be altered separately no? Isn't that only affecting the fbcon (so bootup messages) ?14:40
ogra_separately from ?14:40
janimofrom the rotate script and kernel stuff14:40
ogra_the cmdline has two parts, first is hardcoded in the bootloader ...14:40
ogra_second is from abootimg14:41
ogra_the abootimg part can be altered14:41
janimoright, abootimg fbcon rotate=114:41
janimowhich is only about display in console mode14:41
ogra_i'll drop that from the builds as soon as the kernel fix is there14:41
janimothe kernel bit is only about touch input14:41
ogra_janimo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1569980/15:00
ogra_thats the diff to my automatically stored asound.state file15:01
ogra_(yours is +)15:01
ogra_seems you played with all the controls :)15:01
ogra_i wonder if you probably stil have sound working if you now disable HDA in your kernel15:02
janimoogra_, can you try this .deb? http://people.canonical.com/~jani/linux-image-3.1.10-8-nexus7_3.1.10-8.21_armhf.deb15:49
janimoI freshly rebuilt with the HDA and the axes inversion changes15:49
janimoit works for me if I set the volume up (it is again off at boot)15:49
ogra_bah, the noise is back at boot :P15:51
ogra_no sound15:52
ogra_janimo, how exactly do you test btw ?15:53
* ogra_ just relies on the plop plop from the volume control applet15:53
ogra_(when adjusting with the buttons)15:53
janimoogra_, canberra-gtk-play --file=/usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/glass.ogg15:54
ogra_geez, complex15:54
janimowell, I have no media to play, and this is a simple thing to test via ssh15:55
ogra_and indeed the touchscreen is totally screwed now15:55
janimowith export DISPLAY=:0 of course15:55
ogra_well, i just press vol-up/down15:55
ogra_makes an event sound if audio works15:55
* ogra_ reboots back to a sane kernel that likes my touching :P15:58
janimoogra_, so no sound with this deb?16:01
ogra_janimo, right16:01
ogra_well, after resume i had it16:01
ogra_as with my kernel16:01
ogra_well, lets have a meeting :)16:01
janimoogra_, well with this kernel I get sound without having to do suspend16:02
janimoogra_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1570120/ the matrices changed around to have rotation work with this deb16:03
janimoto be uploaded once we have the kernel change16:03
janimoxnox, Bus 001 Device 067: ID 04e8:6866 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd16:34
janimoGalaxy Nexus16:34
xnoxjanimo: thanks.16:37
janimoanyone else with a nexus 7 willing to test the deb I linked above to see if it fixes the no sound on boot problem?16:39
Tassadaryeah, why not, tell me what to do16:40
Tassadarjust install and reboot I guess)16:42
ogra_right, like we discussed in the meeting :)16:42
janimoTassadar, yes, install and reboot but make sure you have ssh enabled or a keyboard or mouse16:43
janimoas the touchscreen will be messed up :)16:43
janimovia ssh then export DISPLAY=:016:43
janimoand  canberra-gtk-play --file=/usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/glass.ogg16:43
janimoor any other sound playing app you wish16:43
Tassadarokay, I'll just update my installation first16:44
janimofor me this works on boot without having to issue a suspend16:44
janimobut you may need to turn the volume on16:44
Tassadarhmm, it does not work for me16:56
ogra_Tassadar, does it work after a suspend cycle (as it did before)16:57
AmEvAnyone got some initfs advice for me? I'm trying to get Ubuntu to run natively on the Toshiba Thrive.16:57
Tassadarjust to make sure it is right kernel, my /proc/version looks like this:16:58
TassadarLinux version 3.1.10-8-nexus7 (jani@parapapio) (gcc version 4.7.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.7.2-19ubuntu1) ) #21 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 25 16:55:55 EET 201316:58
Tassadarso I think it is the right one16:58
Tassadaryeah, it is, the touch screen is messed up16:58
AmEvI was able to get into a chroot Ubuntu, but the X server never displayed anything. I know it had access to the framebuffer because there was garbage on the display before I started it.17:00
Tassadarit doesn't need any modules or cmdline params during boot or something like that, does it? You said it is built in the kernel, right?17:00
janimoTassadar, yes it is the right kernel - especially since the touchscreen handling is broken right17:04
janimoTassadar, indeed no extra boot params17:04
janimoTassadar, thanks for testing17:04
janimoI am building anothe deb now without the messed up touch now17:04
Tassadartheres one hda-codec message if that's any help, "hda-codec: No codec parser is available"17:05
janimoTassadar, I have that too in dmesg17:07
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AmEvWould I need to set a custom cmdline when I make the boot image on mine? If so, what?17:19
janimoTassadar, btw I put a new deb at the same URL, this time without the messed up screen17:24
janimodid you test with the canberra command line ?17:25
janimoogra_, did you test with that canberra line btw?17:25
janimothat works for me but playing an mp3 in rhythmbox is silent17:26
janimoor rather it plays crack. I think I'll soon do a test-reinstall :)17:27
ogra_well, we dont ship any mp3 codecs17:29
ogra_rebooting to your latest kernel now17:30
janimoogra_, well I installed mpg123 and rhythmbox installed its own17:32
janimomy alsa settings are likely broken now17:32
janimonot sure how the gtk player just works17:32
ogra_anyway, no change with the kernel from the ML17:32
janimovolume up?17:32
AmEvHmmm... Sound works perfectly, but I'm not getting anything to display.17:32
ogra_and yes, i used the canberra methid too17:32
AmEvYou and I are in completely opposite sides of the spectrum... haha17:33
ogra_volume is indeed up17:33
janimoAmEv, does sound not work for you with the regular kernel unless suspending first?17:33
AmEvI'm actually on a Tegra 2 device in a Android-to-Ubuntuchroot.17:34
AmEvI have absolutely zero speaker issues.17:34
AmEvMy problem is that I can't get anything to display.17:34
ogra_what do you want to display ?17:35
ogra_android doesnt ship an X server17:35
Tassadarjanimo: no, no sound until suspend/resume17:35
ogra_right, same here17:35
AmEvI've got Ubuntu on an SD card.17:35
Tassadarbut touchscreen works)17:35
ogra_AmEv, but you are aware that ubuntu apps use X ?17:36
janimoTassadar, mine is a 16G model if that is any help but I doubt it has to do with the model17:36
Tassadarmine too17:36
AmEvI'm trying to start X, but nothing's displaying.17:36
ogra_android doesnt ship an X server, you cant display anything17:36
ogra_janimo, i really think HDA is a red herring ...17:37
ogra_janimo, but i also think you must have something that makes it work :)17:37
janimoogra_, could well be17:37
janimoyes, so I should not just wipe and reinstall17:37
janimoI may have a gem here somewhere17:37
ogra_we should consult diwic again17:37
AmEvI've built an X-compatible kernel. I've been able to get Zygote, Surfaceflinger, Media, and DRM stopped, then chroot into Ubuntu, and start X.17:38
AmEvMy final goal is to get a working native, zero-Android solution.17:38
AmEvKernel source is https://github.com/Thrive-Hackers/tostab3-gnu-linux-kernel17:38
janimook, indeed it now works with the stock kernel17:39
janimomy nexus just got fixed and I don't know how17:39
AmEvIn the meantime, I'm trying to esssentially shut down Android and shut down Ubuntu.17:40
Tassadarboth bohdi and plasma have sound working without suspend, but I don't see jeff here right now :/17:40
AmEv*start up Ubuntu17:40
* janimo wonders whether bodhi and plasma are applications or people17:41
Tassadarbohdi is based on debian and plasma active on MER (it is "kde on tablet" project), but both use ubuntu's kernel17:42
AmEvStill, if someone does want to try remoting in, I'm willing to.17:43
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AmEvAlmost in...17:47
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AmEvHmmm... WiFi module isn't loaded.17:54
AmEvOkay, this is new... X is segfaulting.17:57
AmEvWall of text coming in...18:00
AmEvroot@localhost:/# startx18:01
AmEvxauth:  error in locking authority file /data/.Xauthority18:01
AmEvxauth:  error in locking authority file /data/.Xauthority18:01
AmEvX.Org X Server 1.11.318:01
AmEvRelease Date: 2011-12-1618:01
AmEvX Protocol Version 11, Revision 018:01
AmEvBuild Operating System: Linux 2.6.38-1209-omap4 armv7l Ubuntu18:01
AmEvCurrent Operating System: Linux localhost #6 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 24 18:24:20 MST 2013 armv7l18:01
AmEvBuild Date: 05 April 2012  02:47:41AM18:01
AmEvxorg-server 2:1.11.4-0ubuntu10 (For technical support please see http://www.ubuntu.com/support)18:01
AmEvCurrent version of pixman: 0.24.418:01
AmEv        Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org18:01
AmEv        to make sure that you have the latest version.18:01
AmEvMarkers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,18:01
AmEv        (++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,18:01
AmEv        (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.18:01
AmEv(==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Fri Jan 25 09:59:34 201318:01
AmEv(==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"18:01
AmEvSegmentation fault at address 0x418:01
AmEvCaught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting18:01
AmEvPlease consult the The X.Org Foundation support18:01
AmEv         at http://wiki.x.org18:01
AmEv for help.18:01
AmEvPlease also check the log file at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for additional information.18:01
AmEv ddxSigGiveUp: Closing log18:01
AmEvServer terminated with error (1). Closing log file.18:01
AmEvxinit: giving up18:01
AmEvxinit: unable to connect to X server: No such file or directory18:01
AmEvxinit: server error18:01
AmEvxauth:  error in locking authority file /data/.Xauthority18:01
AmEvOuehy..... I'm on 2.6.39.....18:08
AmEvMight that be what's happening?18:13
AmEvWell, anyone know how to set up a initfs properly, and the proper cmdline?18:20
AmEvI should probably mention that I was using http://blog.rot13.org/2012/08/x11-running-on-nook-color-without-android-stack.html as a basis for a lot of what I was doing...18:23
slangasekogra_: hmm, any idea why modem-manager in raring takes over /dev/ttyACM0 when I connect my nexus7 to my raring laptop?18:33
ogra_nope, thats a qerustion for cyphermox i think, we noticed other modemmanager issues as well, might be the same bug, not sure18:34
ogra_*question even18:34
slangasekah, it apparently opens the port several times and takes a long time to probe it, but eventually lets go18:37
ogra_yeah, it sends AT commands18:37
ogra_seems it does that for the serial gadget connection too18:37
ogra_which can confuse getty a bit18:37
ogra_slangasek, btw, make sure to upgrade to the latest, there were a ton of fixes this week18:38
slangasekthis was installed yesterdy18:38
ogra_well, we didnt have images for the whole week :)18:38
slangasekwe did yesterday18:39
ogra_oh, i missed that, only saw that todays failed18:39
ogra_perfect then :)18:39
* ogra_ goes for dinner18:50
AmEvYep. My audio device is tegra8903. Perfect sound in Ubuntu.18:55

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