IveBeenBitDoes anyone feel like talking me through some installation problems for 12.10?05:17
histo!details | IveBeenBit05:56
ubot2IveBeenBit: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:56
duanedesignoops sorry08:11
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JonEdneyIm planning to build a new PC, to run Ubuntu 12.10 on primarily.  I've done a lot of looking around in regards to hardware compatibility.  I'm currently looking at an Intel i5 CPU, but due to cost, I need to downgrade that.  Anyone have any exp running on some of the Pentium or Celeron processors?20:04
holsteinJonEdney: you get what you pay for20:46
holsteinJonEdney: if i were not going to drop some cash on some nice new hardware, i would just get something used20:46
holsteini got a dual core box for free a couple years ago and maxed out the ram20:47
JonEdneyyeah thats what I was assuming, but building is new to me.20:47
userubuntuhi I have a problem when installing ubuntu, my mouse does not work, during the installation and after that It used to work previously and it does in other operative systems. I tried some workarounds but I am stuck21:23
holsteinuserubuntu: you can really only search around, and try different live CD's21:27
userubuntu holstein I tried to reboot Ubuntu from a pendrive (that is how I re install it) and the mouse is not detected. Previously it was but had some problems, so I decided to reinstall the version 12.0421:29
holsteinuserubuntu: if its not working on the live CD, it wont work21:31
holsteinuserubuntu: not "out of the box" anyways21:31
holsteinuserubuntu: what would i do? make sure its not a hardware issue21:32
holsteinif it worked for certain in a verion of ubuntu, load that live CD21:32
userubuntuholstein it is not, I checked in other computer and it used to work previously21:32
holsteincheck the bios, check hardware switched21:32
userubuntu(albeit with problems)21:32
userubuntuok will go to bios21:32
holsteinuserubuntu: you'll need to entertaion that it is one of 2 things21:32
holsteinhardware or software21:32
holsteinif its hardware, it could be a switch, or broken hardware, or disbled21:33
holsteinif its software, it could be software support for the device is lacking in linux21:33
holsteinthose are really all the options.. you just troubleshoot and rule them out, one at a time21:33
userubuntuhow can I see if the mouse is enabled through the terminal (as I cannot really use the mouse)21:33
holsteinuserubuntu: it is enabled in the terminal21:34
holsteinuserubuntu: you dont get a mouse in a terminal21:34
holsteinyou didnt "disable" it in a freshly booted live CD21:34
holsteinso, you dont need to troubleshoot "did i disable it"21:34
holsteinyou need to determine if the hardware is working21:34
userubuntuwill got to bios21:35
holsteingo to *any* live CD that used to work with it21:36
holsteintake your current OS out of the equation21:36
holsteinthen, if it did work with that live CD in the past, and you are *certain* of that, then its safe to assume its either disabled, or broken21:36
userubuntuok will try this21:37
userubuntumouse work in bios so it is safe to assume it is not a hardware issue21:39
userubuntuand somehow it is now working21:39
userubuntuthis is odd, but thank you holstein for your help21:40
holsteinuserubuntu: cool.. then you can move on to software21:42
holsteintry a live CD, and take your current OS out of the equation21:42

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