KlfJoatDoes anyone care to look at bug 1102797 for me and make sure I did it right?  It's my first time, so be gentle.  <grins>03:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 1102797 in sane-backends (Ubuntu) "Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 does not work after fresh install of 12.10 x64" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110279703:48
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om26erwhere to report bugs for cdimage.ubuntu.com ?15:26
ogra_against ubuntu-cdimage15:27
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psusiwasn't there a tag to make the bot stop messing with bugs in the linux package?18:38
ogra_bot-stop-nagging ?18:42
ogra_or some such18:42
psusithat's it18:44
bluefoxxxthis is probably a better channel than #-devel19:17
bluefoxxxis it appropriate to file bugs in the distribution found?19:17
bluefoxxxOr should I be working my way upstream, checking for behavior in Debian, and filing from top down?19:17
bluefoxxxParticularly in this case apache2 comes with a configuration file that includes a global Listen directive19:17
bluefoxxxthis is 1) useless; 2) stupid; 3) problematic if you don't run a VirtualHost on port 80 but DO run other services on port 8019:18
bluefoxxxThose of us pushing vhosts out with configuration management software can generally avoid messing with httpd.conf except for that19:18
bluefoxxxtrying to decide if I need to file with Launchpad or with Debian's bug tracker19:19
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hggdhbluefoxxx: if it affects Ubuntu, then you can open the bug here. If it is also present in Debian, you should _also_ open one in Debian, and cross-ref both19:46
TheLordOfTimewhat hggdh said :)19:47
* TheLordOfTime was ninja'd.19:47
hggdh(it is better to have upstream fix an issue, always, and it minimises future merges)19:47
hggdhTheLordOfTime: :-)19:47
TheLordOfTimehggdh, you pulled the words out of my mouth about upstream... i do that with nginx all the time :P19:48
TheLordOfTimeSEND: bug upstream to nginx trac.  WAIT: for patch.  APPLY: patch for SRUing.19:48
TheLordOfTimespeaking of which, one of my nginx servers died...  o.O19:48
hggdhsometimes I *do* pay attention to this channel ;-)19:48
TheLordOfTimehggdh, :P19:48
bluefoxxxhggdh, I was more in the mind that I'm not a strictly Debian proper user, it's an extra step for me to go back19:59
bluefoxxxand interested in if it's fairly likely that opening an Ubuntu bug will get the changes propagated back to Debian if it affects Debian, due to collaboration20:00
bluefoxxxor if I should spin up a VM and test everything and see if the same bugs come from upstream20:00
TheLordOfTimetypically, what i'd do is look at the debian package...20:01
TheLordOfTimeand see if it exists there.20:01
TheLordOfTimealready *20:01
TheLordOfTimeusually i find already-filed upstream ones, but i also usually file bugs in debian if its not already filed - usually including which version of the package is affected, or the nearest equivalent one.20:02
TheLordOfTimeand of course, testing the upstream package :p20:02
TheLordOfTime(of course, for PHP5 and nginx, i don't have to do that, its already done by others... xD)   (my specialization is server packages :P)20:02
hggdhbut you are not *required* to open it on Debian. It would help, but it is not necessary. Eventually, someone will.20:02
hggdhmeanwhile, you wait ;-)20:03
TheLordOfTime... okay, either apt-mirror hates me or my system is broken..........20:03
antifaceHi, I'm new to this. Am I supposed to be Triaged first before coming here?20:06
TheLordOfTimeno, we can help you regardless of if the bug is triaged or not :)20:06
TheLordOfTimealthough hggdh'll probably be more help than I right now20:06
* TheLordOfTime is debugging apt-mirror20:06
antifaceOk. Thanks. I just switched to Ubuntu less than a month ago, so it's all very new to me. :)20:07
antifaceI'm still gathering together a proper documentation of the problem anyway.. and it's something that's been discussed a good deal on forums..20:09
yofelTheLordOfTime: what's wrong with your apt-mirror?20:09
* TheLordOfTime reads the logs20:09
* TheLordOfTime facedesks20:09
TheLordOfTimelolololololololololololol... its erroring out because one of the mirrors that it mirrors is down xD20:10
* TheLordOfTime repoints the offline-mirror entry to the US regional archive20:10
TheLordOfTimes/regional/country code/20:11
antifaceThere must be a resource out there, a site or IRC channel for people having a hard time with audio setups?20:11
bluefoxxxThat should be a very low importance but I can't triage my own bugs.20:13
TheLordOfTimetriage requires bugcontrol usually, which bug?20:13
TheLordOfTimeLP Bug 110541120:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1105411 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110541120:13
TheLordOfTimebugs usually need to be confirmed before we triage, but i agree on the low importance20:14
* TheLordOfTime sets the bug as Low Importance20:14
bluefoxxxIt's low priority because it's effectively meaningless housekeeping minimizing the configuration20:14
TheLordOfTimeagreed, which is why i set it :)20:14
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, which releases are affected?20:17
TheLordOfTimeall of em?20:17
bluefoxxx12.10 last I looked20:17
bluefoxxxI stumbled over it trying to deploy puppetmaster-passenger from a puppet module20:17
bluefoxxxcouldn't figure out how to get port 80 closed20:18
bluefoxxxmanager stumbled over the same issue in RHEL6 a few hours ago because Apache was binding to 80 and breaking another server software ;p20:18
TheLordOfTimesounds like upstream issues?20:18
bluefoxxx(I guess it affects RHEL/Fedora too)20:18
TheLordOfTimeif its in Ubuntu its likely in Debian, *checks debian BTS to see whether this is filed there*20:19
bluefoxxxwell, the location is in httpd.conf in RHEL and ports.conf in Ubuntu, but it's probably in Ubuntu because it's in Debian20:19
bluefoxxxhence why I asked if I should test this in Debian and file there earlier, which I don't have time to do at the precise moment and which requires me to figure out where to get a Debian install ISO :)20:19
TheLordOfTimei'd file in both Ubuntu and Debian then.  i usually file in ubuntu first and triage it up to Debian where necessary, and sometimes all the way to upstream :P20:21
yofelports.conf from SID: http://paste.kde.org/65661820:22
yofelso feel free to bug them20:22
* TheLordOfTime triages to Debian20:22
bluefoxxxyofel, is it inconceivable to keep Debian packages in git?20:23
bluefoxxxlike, the build tree, sans the source code20:23
yofeluh, I think the debian folks do that20:23
bluefoxxxI don't remember, but i thought that the source of a deb file was without any source code, and that it knew where the code came from, got the tar.gz, extracted it, built, packaged, etc.20:23
bluefoxxxis that still correct?20:23
TheLordOfTimeyofel, 2.2.22-12, right?20:23
TheLordOfTime(what you found it on)20:23
bluefoxxxyofel,  cool, I should find their git server so I can just read through stuff there :)20:24
yofelbluefoxxx: not really, a normal debian source package is source+packaging as it doesn't need a VCS at all20:24
bluefoxxxyofel, it's notable that the Listen 443 thing is broken in newest httpd anyway20:24
yofelbut there is a git plugin I believe that does exactly what you're saying20:25
bluefoxxxI think.  SOmething is.20:25
bluefoxxxLike, SSL won't inherit SSL configuration directives from the global space in virtualhost anymore, which is funny.  It broke our Web server here when I tried to migrate it.  8)20:25
bluefoxxxbut I know awk20:25
yofelTheLordOfTime: 2.2.22-12 yeah20:25
bluefoxxxwhich is Unix kungfu20:25
* yofel solved *that* with c&p as he only had one host there20:26
yofelbut yeah, I did notice that -.-20:26
yofelbluefoxxx: I think you're looking for http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-apache/apache2.git;a=summary btw20:28
yofelseems to be the full source too though20:28
TheLordOfTimei shall return, i have to disappear because of reboot :/20:32
TheLordOfTimeyofel, bluefoxxx, bug sent to debian.  Debian Bug 698967 has been linked to the Ubuntu bug.20:47
ubot2Debian bug 698967 in apache2 "apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/69896720:47
TheLordOfTime(The LP bug is LP Bug 1105411)20:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 1105411 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110541120:48
* TheLordOfTime goes off to beat his head into the wall because of Windows being stupid.20:51
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, still here?21:12
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, barely21:34
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, messing with a media server on CentOS621:35
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=69896721:35
ubot2Debian bug 698967 in apache2 "apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive" [Minor,Open]21:35
bluefoxxxCannot wait for CentOS721:35
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, well if you can divert your attention21:35
TheLordOfTimesomeonie responded on the debian bug21:35
bluefoxxxbecause for a few days, RHEL will not be so much of a pile of crap.21:35
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, from what I can tell the Listen directive is completely unneeded at all21:36
TheLordOfTimeif you have email you can respond :P21:36
TheLordOfTimeemail 698967@bugs.debian.org to respond.  you may want to point out if you're the poster of the ubuntu bug too21:37
TheLordOfTimesince all i did was "triage" it to debian21:37
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, I must have missed something somewhere.  Trying to figure out what I did.21:39
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, I think I'm completely wrong :(21:40
bluefoxxxApache listens on whatever it's told to listen on, whether or not there is actually a virtual host listening there.  It doesn't cry that you have a VirtualHost listening on another port that it's not listening on, doesn't open the port, and will cry if you're not listening on any ports.  Blah.21:41
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, so... notabug and i should have it invalid'd in debian and invalid it in  ubuntu?  :P21:43
* TheLordOfTime yawns21:43
TheLordOfTimeapache, while being a server package, isn't on my list of favorite packages :P21:43
bluefoxxxmade a fool of myself now22:14
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, don't forget to mark that on the debian bug as well, 698967@bugs.debian.org :P22:17
bluefoxxxi replied to the debian bug22:17
bluefoxxxi should probably put something on the launchpad bug22:17
bluefoxxxor not do this crap while I'm doing 40 other things at work22:17
TheLordOfTimesomeone already did on the lp bug22:17
bluefoxxxI have too much negative karma to make mistakes :|22:17
TheLordOfTimehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/1105411/comments/2  <-- you?22:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1105411 in apache2 (Debian) "apache2 default conf file contains Listen directive" [Unknown,New]22:17
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, i'm going to assume that comment was yours.22:20
TheLordOfTimei'm forwarding to debian, with the suggestion to mark it as invalid or similar.22:20
bluefoxxxi think it got there by way of e-mail to the list22:25
bluefoxxxI have no idea what I did, all I know is I saw an e-mail and I hit reply.22:25
bluefoxxxTheLordOfTime, just send them 'nevermind, end user is incompetent'22:26
bluefoxxxthat should get the point across22:26
TheLordOfTimedoesn't matter.22:29
TheLordOfTimei've already sent the message along :)22:29
TheLordOfTimewe tend to be nicer than just "INCOMPETENT! </banrifle?>"22:29
TheLordOfTimebluefoxxx, i suggested that they close the bug as won'tfix or notabug.22:34
TheLordOfTimethey did so :)22:34
TheLordOfTimeand i politely suggested that :)22:34

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