BobJonkman1Hello Everybodeee!00:00
BobJonkman1Ubuntu-ca IRC meeting about to get under way.00:01
BobJonkman1Roll call: F|ReSTaRT jlamothe oracology zul Yompa MagicFab DarwinSurvivor jaguar johanbr mars bregma komputes KombuchaKip ryanakca IdleOne dscassel azend Chex  cyphermox sipherdee txwikinger    egerlach00:01
Chexhello :)00:01
oracologyBobJonkman1: greetings! i'm unfortunately in the UK and am heading to bed but will idle here to read up in a few hours.00:02
Chexoracology: and I am actually in Glasgow as well, and will be idling doing the same00:02
BobJonkman1oracology: No problem.  There'll be logs, and I'll put minutes on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2013-01-2400:02
BobJonkman1which is also where today's agenda is00:02
oracologyahh duly noted. :)00:03
oracologycatch up with you all in a bit then!00:03
BobJonkman1oracology: Seems you blinked out just as I said " oracology: No problem.  There'll be logs, and I'll put minutes on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2013-01-2400:03
BobJonkman1See you!00:03
oracologyBobJonkman1: had to restart Pidgin i'm afraid! but yes, see you !!00:04
BobJonkman1And Hello Chex00:04
BobJonkman1dscassel sends word that he's currently engaged in domestic obligations, but he'll pop in from his phone as time permits00:05
BobJonkman1Let me start with the greeting ritual:  I'm Bob Jonkman, a new contact for Ubuntu Canada, and I'm IRCing from Al Madina Restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario00:06
BobJonkman1Off the top of the agenda is Current Events00:08
BobJonkman1In Waterloo we're having an Ubuntu Hour in an hour, right after the IRC meeting.00:09
BobJonkman1If you're within 50 minutes driving (or biking or walking) distance, c'mon by!00:10
BobJonkman1And Charles McColm (chaslinux when he's online) has moved the Ubuntu Hour Kitchener to Thursday, 7 February, 6:00pm at Egg Roll King00:11
BobJonkman1Charles says: http://charlesmccolm.com/2013/01/22/next-ubuntu-hour-date-and-timing/00:12
BobJonkman1tl;dr: more domestic obligations, and ERK is just too packed on a Friday night00:12
BobJonkman1If you're wondering how to host an Ubuntu Hour, you can just go to a local coffee shop, restaurant, pub, or other gathering place, announce it (here in IRC, and/or on the mailing list).00:14
BobJonkman1People show up, and you chat.  About Canadian things like the weather, divisive things like sports, and even Ubuntu stuff!00:15
BobJonkman1If you take a picture of the event and send it to dscassel he'll send you a handful of Ubuntu-branded DVDs to hand out at your next Ubuntu Hour.00:16
BobJonkman1This is the famous "CD/DVD Bribery Programme"00:16
BobJonkman1Other stuff happening: Ubuntu Developer Week, 29-31 January https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek00:18
BobJonkman1Looks like there are some interesting things on the UDW agenda.00:18
BobJonkman1All are accessible on #ubuntu-classroom, right here in IRC00:19
hakimsheriffHi everyone, sorry I'm late00:19
BobJonkman1Hi hakimsheriff00:19
BobJonkman1I'm just working my way through upcoming events...00:19
BobJonkman1hakimsheriff: Are you still the ubuntu-ca distributor for stickers?00:19
hakimsheriffYes I am00:20
BobJonkman1Can you remind me how that works?00:20
hakimsheriffSure, you just send a self addressed stamped envelope to me; my address is on system76.com00:21
hakimsheriffAnd I'll send you back the envelope with 4 grey powered by Ubuntu stickers00:21
BobJonkman1Got a picture?00:22
hakimsheriffAddress is here : https://www.system76.com/community/stickers/ under Canada00:22
hakimsheriffSorry, I don't have one now00:23
BobJonkman1I'll poke around the System76 site, see if there's a sample00:23
hakimsheriffI'm on my phone, would you like me to try and upload one later?00:24
BobJonkman1Actually, there's pictures right at the top of https://www.system76.com/community/stickers/00:25
BobJonkman1The System76 sticker page says you're in Quebec. Do you know of any Ubuntu Hours or other events?00:26
hakimsheriffThe picture on the website is white though, the ones I have are the same but with a grey, metallic looking backing00:27
BobJonkman1Oooh!  Metalized stickers!00:27
hakimsheriffI don't really participate with the Ubuntu hours here, so I don't really know00:28
BobJonkman1No problem.  I was just curious.  Ubuntu-qc has their own schedule and calendar; I can always go look there.00:29
BobJonkman1So, continuing with events...00:29
BobJonkman1There's Ubuntu User Days on 9 and 10 February: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays00:29
BobJonkman1UUD also takes place in #ubuntu-classroom on IRC00:31
BobJonkman1And at the same time as UUD is Ubuntu LoCo Games.  There's a Web site at http://viajemotu.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/ubuntu-loco-games-2013-1/00:31
BobJonkman1dscassel was considering setting up a LAN party for Ubuntu-ca, probably at Kwartzlab, the local hackerspace where he's much involved.00:32
BobJonkman1I haven't really looked through the ULG web site, so I don't know what's required.00:33
BobJonkman1Sounds cool, tho.00:33
BobJonkman1Maybe we can organize something here (in IRC) or on the mailing list.00:34
BobJonkman1People _do_ know about the Ubuntu-ca mailing list, right?00:34
BobJonkman1You can sign up at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca00:35
BobJonkman1It's a fairly low-volume mailing list, maybe a couple of messages a week, although there's the odd burst of traffic.00:36
BobJonkman1I post announcements about Ubuntu Hours, this IRC meeting; it's good medium for keeping the community (Canada-wide!) together.00:36
BobJonkman1And, yes, it's also used for support questions and answers.00:37
BobJonkman1That's what community does, provide assistance when needed.00:37
bregmawe try at any rate00:37
BobJonkman1Yup.  Hi, bregma!00:38
hakimsheriffHello bregma00:38
BobJonkman1Did you read the Ars Technica article on Ubuntu changing to rolling releases? http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/01/ubuntu-considers-huge-change-that-would-end-traditional-release-cycle/00:39
BobJonkman1I think it's a great idea. Already I'm getting updates for LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and many other apps whenever there's an update.  That works for me, and I can see it working for the OS too00:40
bregmaI imagine nothing will be set in stone until after the next UDS, although there was some discussion at the last one00:41
BobJonkman1My biggest worry is that Ubuntu Release Parties would only happen every other year for an LTS release00:41
* BobJonkman1 still thinks he's a young pup and a party animal00:41
bregmathe bigger problems come with things like new versions of Python or GTK, which can be awkward to roll out gradually00:42
BobJonkman1Yes, I can imagine the dependency hell when a fundamental building block is rolled out before the application layer is ready.00:43
bregmabut the alphas and betas are already gone, and daily raring Ringtail releases are pretty usable, if you want to see what a rolling release is like00:43
BobJonkman1Well, if you go to the next UDS and have input, here's one user who's in favour.00:45
bregmaI'll pass that along if I get the chance00:45
BobJonkman1OK, now to the elephant in the room.  With dscassel not here, I'm not sure how much we can get done on the Canadian Team ReApproval00:46
BobJonkman1I'm hoping to have a ReApplication Preparation Party in February.00:47
BobJonkman1Some folks from nearby Listowel have expressed an interest in holding something IRL00:47
BobJonkman1Mostly, it's finishing off the ReApproval application page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201200:48
BobJonkman1Removing old stuff, coming up with a roadmap, and generally making it ready to present to the LoCo Council.00:49
BobJonkman1If we can get that done in February then we can put in our application for March, and be approved again for the Raring Ringtail release in April00:49
BobJonkman1Of course, everyone is welcome to fix up the ReApprovalApplication page at any time.  No need for a format get-together00:51
BobJonkman1But things are more fun when done in a group when there's pizza00:51
hakimsheriffSo things the team has done and will do?00:52
hakimsheriffOr just what has already been done00:52
BobJonkman1Both, really.00:53
BobJonkman1I've added the things we've done that I know about, but I'm sure there's more.  F'instance, there's a spot on the page that mentions stickers that needs fixing up00:54
hakimsheriffI'll get right on it ;)00:54
BobJonkman1But also a roadmap for the future.  I'd like to have some advice on how to attract more people, how to put Ubuntu in the mainstream.00:55
BobJonkman1For a country with 35 million people, we're getting pretty poor turnout for IRC meetings, for example.00:55
BobJonkman1Mind you, I don't know how the other LoCos are for attendance.00:56
BobJonkman1I sat in on the last LoCo Council IRC meeting, where czjakowski (sp?) said that 300+ members in LaunchPad is pretty good.00:57
BobJonkman1Also, we really need to do something about http://ubuntu-ca.org00:57
BobJonkman1I can't get logged in (something to do with LDAP integration to LaunchPad), and that site is terribly out-of-date.00:58
BobJonkman1I'm thinking that if we can't get it fixed in time for the ReApproval, we should remove mention of it on the Ubuntu Wiki, and use the Wiki for that information instead.00:58
BobJonkman1It's mostly event announcments, which we're already doing on the LoCo event site anyway00:59
hakimsheriffIf we do get the website up and running, I would be glad to keep it up to date with all the events we talk about in the mailing list01:00
BobJonkman1hakimsheriff: Can you get logged in? I seem to recall you had admin access at one time...01:01
hakimsheriffI remember being given access, but I was never able to log in01:01
BobJonkman1Yeah, a common problem.01:02
BobJonkman1I may see txwikinger soon; I'll ask him in person01:02
BobJonkman1(txwikinger hosts the site)01:02
dscasselthanks for doing all this, Bob.01:03
BobJonkman1OK, looks like the hour is up.  I've been hogging the channel long enough -- anyone got anyting else?01:04
BobJonkman1O hai, dscassel01:04
* dscassel has a minute while Ellen is getting ready. don't let me interrupt.01:04
BobJonkman1I think we're close to done.01:05
dscasselI'll get a Sunday at Ubuntu hour later. :)01:05
dscasseler, summary. :P01:06
BobJonkman1OK, see you when you get here!01:06
BobJonkman1Schawarma Poutine is an excellent choice today.01:07
BobJonkman1All rightie then.01:08
* BobJonkman1 pounds gavel01:08
hakimsheriffOK well bye everyone, got to go, have a ton of homework to do01:08
BobJonkman1Next IRC meeting should be on 28 February, the fourth week of the month.01:08
BobJonkman1Bye hakimsheriff!01:09
BobJonkman1See y'all later!01:09
* BobJonkman1 needs to unplug the tethered phone to call home...01:09
bregmaBobJonkman1, thanks for hosting01:09
BobJonkman1You're welcome, bregma!01:10
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