jbichawow, Unity's more broken than I thought with the staging ppa (first time I've ran Unity in a bit)02:42
jbichafor instance, gnome-control-center displaying off-center is weird02:54
darkxstwhat else is broken? (I havent used unity in ages)03:27
jbichatheming is broken especially for the indicators03:31
jbichait looks like gnome-tweak-tool 3.7 crashes if gnome-shell isn't running03:31
darkxsttweak tool has never worked when shell is not running03:32
jbichait used to, I believe it does in quantal too03:32
jbichaand of course, gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center have all sorts of regressions03:33
darkxstwell that is too be expected03:35
jbichaany way I'm back in gnome-shell because those aren't really my bugs to fix, except I should report the off-center g-c-c & the tweak tool crash03:38
darkxstricotz, you seeing any leaks with js188/g-s stack?09:30
ricotzdarkxst, i don't notice ones, but i am not running my sessions or g-s very long11:22

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