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histoAre we going to be able to install ubuntu on our current devices like a Galaxy S3?01:18
xsacha_on that question, would i be able to install it on a nokia n9?01:19
histoxsacha_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/243203/ubuntu-phone-for-nokia-n901:21
xsacha_histo: hmm didn't really answer my question. is it the last comment that it is more targeted towards high-end phones?01:39
surgemcgeeShot in the dark here, do I have to declare namespaces for xml files which do not have them?03:46
freethinkerhow does one go about install the ubuntu phone sdk on archlinux?03:59
mhall119freethinker: um, I suppose you can download and extract all the .debs04:03
freethinkermhall119, compilation from source would be more elegant,  trying to figure out how to add it to AUR04:05
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mhall119freethinker: grab the source debs then04:09
histofreethinker: you can extract from debs04:54
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raven_will ubuntu phone be developed for asus padphone 2?11:58
raven_if not - any way to make a request for it?11:58
doomlordi'm very pleased it just happens to be on the phone I have12:13
doomlordmy next phone purchase decision will be driven by ubuntu-phone support12:13
xsachadoomlord: my next purchase will be driven by whether the bootloader is unlocked. sort of the same thing12:23
raven_any way to make a request for ubuntu on asus padphone 2?12:40
hourdi think the idea is that it will eventually work on any phone that conforms to the android specification12:41
raven_hourd, would be nice but a device that not at least supports mass storage access seems to be very closed......12:43
hourd? like usb storage?12:48
raven_it supports only mtp and ptp12:49
hourdyou can with the otg adapters no?12:49
raven_whats this?12:50
hourdmicrousb -> usb female12:50
hourdi use it to plug a hdd into my nexus712:51
hourdor a keyboard/mouse12:51
raven_i need mass storage access from my ubuntu notebook12:51
hourdnotebook? then surely it has it?12:51
raven_the padphone does not support simply mass storage12:51
raven_only mtp and ptp12:51
hourdright use the phone as mass storage12:52
hourdi misundestood12:52
raven_hourd, it has NO OPTION to provide it as mass storage12:52
hourdis this ubuntu phone in general or a phone you currently own?12:53
raven_i want my padphone 2 running android 4.1 be available as mass storage device via my ubuntu notebook12:54
hourdoh ok. I dont see how that relates to ubuntu phone12:54
raven_i only wanted to say, because it does not support mass storage access by default it obviously is not wanted to be open by asus12:54
cooperyuanis ubuntu-phone available for download12:55
hourdmaybe but seems odd as the nexus7 is asus and thats pretty damn open12:55
cooperyuanI mean source code12:55
hourdcooperyuan: not yet. check topic12:55
raven_how to make a ubuntu request for padphone?12:55
cooperyuancool, Feb'1312:56
hourdraven_: i don't think you can12:56
hourdraven_: and why would it be an ubuntu request?12:56
hourdto do what?12:56
popeyraven_: we're not taking requests at the moment12:56
doomlordhe want ubuntu ported to padphone12:56
doomlordoffer bounty12:57
doomlordthats one of the compromises with FOSS..  so much hardware variety, you can't expect it will all be supported12:57
popeywell, we're expecting the community to help in that regard12:58
hourdisn't that why its conforming the the android hardware spec so that its easier to support the individual devices12:59
doomlordi gaather android is very fragmented though .. its like PC's all over again, many permutations13:00
doomlorddifficult to test :)13:00
doomlordi'd be curious to know if ubuntu (phone/android) can acess the pressure sensitive pen on the Galaxy Note devices13:04
doomlordi'd like to get one of those.. but would hesitate if ubuntu can't exploit it13:04
doomlordit would make a lot more sense of the ability to run a desktop on it i think (more so the 10' tablet)13:05
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elpapoHi, Do you think the SAR (radiation Value) will be changed if installing Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy Nexus? (http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone)13:59
elpapoJust a thought...13:59
krovattielpapo: independently i think14:17
elpapokrovatti, Ok, thx for answer.14:38
Jester86Hey all, I have an old smart phone.. original droid.15:20
Jester86I've been considering upgrading but will lose my unlimited data and what not.15:21
smartboyhwJester86, wow15:21
Jester86That in mind, I'd be willing to consider leaving verizon for a cheaper plan if possible.  Do any of you think any vendor will be more likely to adopt Ubuntu Phone.15:22
hourdJester86: just buy one outright and keep your dataplan15:22
hourdthats what i did15:22
Jester86yes.. smartboyhw.. i've been running aftermarket roms on it for a while so it hasn't been bad but with the more recent CG milestone rom its just been dog slow.15:22
Jester86hourd.. I would be the issue is that I'm still on the family plan from when i was in college/high school.  I'm afraid eventually one of my family members will do an upgrade and screw the pooch.15:23
Jester86we all pitch in on the bill but I'm sure its only a matter of time until one of them jacks it up.15:24
Jester86I use my phone to stream music all day ever day.. and use it for navigation for 30+ minutes at least once a week on average.15:25
Jester86I'm not sure what sort of data that comes out to per month but I'm sure I'm over 2 gigs15:25
Jester86probably over 415:25
Jester86with verizon's new plans there is a $60 fee just for having the basic service in addition to your data plan.. my bill would easily go up quite a bit from where I am today.15:26
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krovattipopey, so what's about my question about integrating brand new apps or games into Ubuntu Phone. can everyone offer it and will it be available "out of the box". I know there's no official answer this time.  just your thoughts as a developer at Canonical15:54
krovattiLoofy, hi ) what's up?15:54
popeyhello krovatti15:57
popeykrovatti: not sure I understand your question15:57
krovattipopey: ok, i'll rewrite it15:58
krovattipopey: i mean next situation. imagine. i'm a developer and i wrote a cool app (or game). can i offer it to the community and then will this app (or game) distribute with Ubuntu Phone?15:59
krovattipopey: is this clear?16:00
popeyyou mean, shipping out of the box?16:01
krovattipopey: yes16:02
popeykrovatti: we're already looking at a set of core apps. maybe you saw jono's blog post about it?16:02
krovattipopey: i know about searching for a CORE APPS (such as timer, alarm clock). i mean non core apps (such as translator for e.g. or brick breaker game). and yes, i'll contribute some code and ideas to core apps16:04
blackout23I'd belive that any 3rd party app will simply be available for download through the ported Software Center on the phone16:04
blackout23imagine there are 5000 apps at some point they won't come preinstalled when they leave the factory of course16:05
blackout23Every smartphone only ships with the core applications.16:06
krovattiblackout23: yes, they will be. but i told about apps distributing in system by default ("out of the box", but not core apps) :)16:06
krovattiblackout23: let me don't agree with you. in some regions, some oem's distribute own apps or games with core apps16:07
blackout23I don't understand what you mean to be honest16:07
blackout23yes that's up the the oem16:08
blackout23Canonical has its core apps. OEM adds maybe 4 of their own that's it.16:08
blackout23Some might ship vanila Ubuntu Phone kind of like the Nexus with vanilla Android16:08
blackout23anything else is just a community contribution and will not be preinstalled16:09
krovattiblackout23: f***. go back to the previous messages and try to figure out :)16:09
krovattiblackout23: oh, thanks16:09
krovattiblackout23: are you a dev at Canonical?16:10
blackout23nope but I'd be very surprised if it won't be like I just explained. Anything else just doesn't make any sense.16:10
krovattiblackout23: maybe you're right16:12
blackout23This how everyone in the industry handles it. Some carriers in the US deliver customized phones to their customers to include their own set of Apps. Some OEM like HTC and Samsung have their own Android spinoff. If you want Android without anything you need to buy a Nexus device.16:14
blackout23In Europe network carrier apps are not that common. Phone are generaly unlocked and unbranded. Only if you let's say a Galaxy S3 you'll find some Samsung Apps that are not part of the original Android that comes from Google.16:16
blackout23+ buy16:17
doomlordis it likely aanyone will SHIP ubuntu phones?16:25
blackout23That's canonicals goal to have handset manufacturs making Ubuntu Phones that you can buy in stores or with your new phone contract.16:26
popeydoomlord: yes16:27
blackout23popey: but there is no offical OEM that will make Ubuntu Phones I guess at this point?16:28
doomlordwell i do home this crystalizes. it wouuld be awesome16:28
xsachais dell interested?16:28
popeywe have nothing to announce yet.16:28
blackout23I think it is intersting to see that even Samsung doesn't want to be married to Android even though their Galaxy Smartphones with Android are very successful16:30
blackout23otherwise they wouldn't be Tizen16:31
popeyA mobile phone OS ☺16:37
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moocow1452Knock knock?17:43
blackout23Who is there?17:43
moocow1452Me, Moocow, it says so on the left side of the screen, right?17:43
moocow1452Wondering the possiblity at this point of having something like Tasker available for Ubuntu Phone. Would a straight port be possible if the developer is willing to put in the time, and/or could a port be feasibly made?17:52
moocow1452blackout, you got my last message about the possiblity of something like Tasker or Tasker itself on the Ubuntu Phone?17:54
moocow1452Do we know anything about how apps would be run or ported at this point, or is it mostly guess work?17:55
blackout23I'm not familiar with the program called Tasker18:02
Wiz007can I install ubuntu in Xperia u?18:02
blackout23The developer would have to do a port with C/C++ and QML  as far as I know18:02
blackout23Wiz007 if someone builds an image for your phone than yes18:03
blackout23the first image that will be availabe will be for Samsung Galaxy Nexus18:03
blackout23The community would have to do a port for your phone just like there are ports of Android ROMs for different devices18:04
Wiz007I dont think ubuntu will work fine in xperia as it has only 512mb ram18:05
Wiz007even if the image is released18:05
blackout23512 MB seems to be the minimum requirement for low end phones with Ubuntu OS.18:07
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surgemcgeeIs there a way to change the Button sizes in the Ubuntu components?18:14
doomlordcan you display the regular desktop on ubuntu phone on the phone (however unusuable it might be)18:22
doomlordkind of like win8's "desktop-is-an-app" perhaps18:22
blackout23I don't think there is such a feature right now. And it would be rather hard. The 1280x720 resolution of the Galaxy Nexus might be comparable to a desktop resolution18:37
blackout23but on a 4.7 inch display window controls would be tiny18:37
blackout23I could only think of an option where you zoom and pan the Desktop like you do with a Website on a mobile browser18:38
blackout23But I'm rather sure that this isn't a top priority of canonical at this time to include such a feature18:39
blackout23It would be kind of cool I have to agree but more from a geeky point of view18:41
doomlordi presume the phone will get a terminal app :)18:41
Joe_BTerminal is one of the core apps, see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/Design18:42
xsachai sure hope it is as good as the nokia n9 terminal :D18:43
blackout23I did some of the mockup work you can see on the balsamiq site18:44
blackout23I don't know about the n9 terminal but I think my idea might be the best possible touch terminal18:44
blackout23You don't need extra keys. You hardly have to type anything, because the way autocompletion is done.  etc.18:45
xsachayeah the n9 one is seriously the best one i've ever used. it felt really nice18:47
xsachaand n9 has no buttons18:47
xsachairssi was really nice in it18:47
blackout23I'll see if I can find a video.18:49
blackout23but n9 has a slide out physical keyboard if i remember correct?18:49
popeyn950 does18:50
Joe_Bblackout23, I just left a comment there actually.18:52
Joe_BI was wondering how you would scroll up if scroll was dedicated to cycling through previous commands.18:52
Joe_BI thought maybe use the volume rocker to scroll through commands and swipe up/down to scroll through previous output?18:53
blackout23Joe_B I replied18:57
blackout23xsacha so for ctrl + shift + v for pasting text from clipboard into terminal you have to get 3 fingers on the touchkeyboard?18:59
Joe_BIdeally we can cover completion, cycling through previous commands, jump to end of line & beginning of line and scrolling.  I'd also add jump by word (though tapping on the location you want the cursor seems ok).  Anything else?19:07
ninjaaronAre the default coreutils on the phone going to be GNU, busybox, or something else?20:24
mhall119ninjaaron: unknown at this point20:28
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dmj_novaI would hope they're identical to the desktop ones20:29
ninjaarondmj_nova: That would be ideal, but something like busybox might provide better performance, being designed for embedded devices.20:31
ninjaaronThe wiki page about the terminal app says something about 'integration with busybox commands,' which lead me to believe that busybox might be used on the phone instead of GNU.20:32
ninjaaronInteresting. sh on ubuntu is dash (I would have expected bash), so I guess the busybox shell (ash) should already run... though looking now, some of them have bash in the shebang, but the syntax is POSIX, as far as I can tell. Eh... whatever. I'm sure someone has already thought of all this.20:46
ninjaaron"some of them" = "some of the init scripts"20:48
HashcodeAnyone know what kernel they've been using for the GNex running UbuntuPhone?22:20
gdanei have a comunicator based on intel xscale pxa270, does Canonical have some ubuntu phone project for such processor?22:26
gdanewhat faqs or info i have to read first to make ubuntu for such comunicator?22:28
gdanemay be some manualk or something22:28
MrMorfhi 2 all22:28
MrMorf people i have a one question about ubuntu phone.22:28
MrMorf Can i buy phone on android, and in the future change andriod os for ubuntu?22:28
k1lgdane: you saw the hardware specs mentioned on the http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/operators-and-oems site ?22:30
MrMorfoh7fdn, thx22:30
k1lMrMorf: see the hardware recommendations and make sure  your device got a open bootloader22:30
gdanek1l, thx, i didnt see this page before22:30
oh7fdngalaxy nexus should work fine...22:31
gdanehmm cortex a9 - is it a armv5 or armv7?22:32
gdaneohh then pxa more older proc22:32
k1lgdane: what i saw that device you mentioned looks too old/slow22:32
gdanei have htc x751022:33
gdaneso ill wait my rasperri py then22:33
gdaneit have to be delivered soon22:33
gdaneright now i have debian rootfs + xfce on htc x751022:34
gdanebut comunicator stacks then i try to mek apt-get update22:34
k1lgdane: that raspberry pi is not a ubuntu-phone hardware. you better want to look into #ubuntu-arm for that (but there is no ubuntu port for raspberry pi )22:35
gdaneshell without x11 works fine22:35
HashcodeDoes the GNex demo run on the current Android 3.0 kernel?  Or does Ubuntu Phone need alterations?22:37
MrMorfk1l: unfortunately, i had a lot of money and whant buy phone like as Prestigio PAP4040 DUO,  ZTE V880E.  How u think can i install ubuntu on this phone. I'm not very good at flashing phones, this would love to hear your opinion. Is it worth? 'm Afraid not wait to release their ancient phone handsets with preinstalled OS.22:38
doomlordwhats the expected support roadmap for ubuntu phone. (i.e which phones is it likely to run on)22:40
k1lMrMorf: if you want to be safe get a galaxy nexus. since that is the dev-phone it will support ubuntu-phone. what devices will recieve support is not mentioned, yet22:40
HashcodeI would imagine some of that will depend on manufacturers and community devs putting it on existing devices.22:41
k1ldoomlord: see that hardware minimum specs as posted above. and like i just told its not mentioned so far which devices will recieve support22:41
HashcodeI have so many technical questions about the GNex implementation (I support 5 OMAP4 phones for Android).  Feb 13th is far far away. :/22:42
k1lHashcode: just ask them here an be patient. its not a very living channel but most phone-team guys idle in here and take a peek from time to time.22:43
HashcodeAH, wasn't sure any of the phone-team actually stopped by22:44
gdaneDoes Canonical plan to work with older comunicators?22:46
k1lgdane: honestly22:46
k1l, i would stick to the recommendations mentioned on that page, so far22:46
gdaneok, ill do when ill plane to buy new comunicator22:47
gdanebur right now i dont need new one22:47
gdanei work with stuff i have already22:47
HashcodeDev Question: OMAP Android uses OMX-IL layer for HD codec/camera support.  Standard Ubuntu for devices like PandaBoard don't use OMX layer.  They use Gstreamer, etc.  Which will Ubuntu Phone use?22:48
MrMorfk1l, tnx for answer. I see on website, that different untill "Entry level Ubuntu smartphone" and "High-end Ubuntu "superphone"" only in desktop convergence? If i had PC with Windows, i think that i don't need high-end b coz, on my pc don't install unbuntu (only in virtual box). How u think, on this basis, what better buy: phone with  Cortex A9  or  Quad-core A9 or Intel Atom?22:48
MrMorfthat is, I mean, I would buy high-end? in addition to performance.22:50
k1lMrMorf: i understand it that way, that you need the more power for a fluid desktop experience when docking the phone in and use it as a desktop with mouse and keyboard and monitor.22:50
k1lMrMorf: at this stage there is not much information on how good the real OS is running on which hardware. the whole OS is not really done right now. so i would wait for the code and images to show at the end of february22:52
k1lphones with ubuntu-phone are expected not before end of 2013 more like 2014.22:53
MrMorfk1l: I'm beginning to understand you better. But not sure that we understand each other correctly.I want to buy a new phone, but in the future to install ubuntu on it. But if I installed Windows. That is, whether it makes sense to take the more expensive phone with an "Quad-core A9 or Intel Atom" when in fact, I will not use the Desktop convergence?22:58
MrMorfwindows on my PC*22:59
k1lMrMorf: you are not forced to use the desktop mode on that phone :) but since its hardware and this is still an early developing stage i would stick to the developing phone (galaxy nexus) or go with a similar better equipped one. i think a 4core device will run more fluid. but noone can guarantee you anything right now23:00
MrMorfk1l: tnx for u time and answer  :)23:03
livefree424Anyone have an ETA on when you can buy a phone with it pre-installed, ill probly flash it myself after its further developed but I would love to see it for sale in stores23:23
Hashcode^^ about 5 comments23:23
Hashcode<k1l> phones with ubuntu-phone are expected not before end of 2013 more like 2014.23:23
ubuntubhoy_talking 201423:23
k1llivefree424: end of 2013 or better beginning of 2014 was mentioned23:24
livefree424I just rolled in didn't see the other comments but that's cool its not too far out23:25
darkstarhi LL23:26
darkstaranyone have any fun updates23:27
darkstarHi livefree23:27

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