phillwNoskcaj: thanks for the reply, a couple of new PPC testers are coming on board and Walter is playing catch up :)01:20
pittiGood morning06:06
jibelGood morning08:04
dholbachgood morning08:05
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jibeldholbach, out of curiosity, what is this WI about "Add autopkgtest into the packaging-dev metapackage" ? in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-r-automated-testing-community13:40
jibelwas it adding autopkgtest to the list of recommends, right?13:42
smartboyhwballoons, phillw if you are here: ping14:39
cr3oh boy, new version of checkbox on precise today :)14:42
dholbachjibel, yep14:46
roadmrcr3: mwhahaa14:50
cr3roadmr: I'm afraid...14:54
roadmrcr3: haha, no, don't worry, you know it's hard to sneak easter eggs into sru fixes14:54
smartboyhwballoons, would you please add me into the trello board page, and also assign the Transmission manual testcase writing to me:)14:56
cr3roadmr: good point, we have FF for that14:57
roadmrcr3: yes and you'd have to either run from source or install raring to get those goodies14:57
cr3roadmr: I still say "we"!14:57
roadmrcr3: resistance is futile. You will be checkboxed.14:57
cr3death by checkbox14:58
zygacr3: hehe, indeed15:02
zygacr3: we finally enrolled checkbox into automatic j-word testing15:02
cr3zyga: what's j-word testing?15:02
zygacr3: j-enkins15:07
cr3j is for cookie, that's good enough for me15:09
plarslool: Hey, around?15:55
loolplars: around!15:56
plarslool: I've been looking at both smem and smem-tabs and had a job set up that was giving me some strangeness15:56
plarslool: it all worked locally, but not when I tried to run it on a real test - would just get the headers and no data15:56
loolplars: there are a couple of bugs that I've fixed in a couple of uploads today15:56
loolI've patched smem-tabs as well earlier today15:56
plarslool: ok, so does this fix it in raring?15:56
loolplars: That sounds like the bug I've fixed; smem breaks with latest kernel15:56
loolYes, it was broken with the raring 3.8 kernels15:57
looland not with older ones15:57
plarslool: awesome, so the one in your people.c.c account should be good now?15:57
plarslool: thanks, I'll give it a try15:57
zygaplars, lool: hey guys16:15
zygahow are you doing?16:15
plarszyga: hey, good16:16
loolgood; how are you?16:18
zygayeah, pretty good, thanks16:19
stgraberjibel: pushed the new version of the release upgrader LXC backend. Now using overlayfs + tmpfs during the upgrade, that makes things much faster ;)16:26
jibelstgraber, yeah, I saw your commit, that's very good. Thanks!16:27
xnoxstgraber:  WIN!16:27
jibelpsivaa, plars ^16:27
* balloons notes I need to use lxc more16:28
stgraberjibel: the only catch is that you need to run the dist-upgrader in python3 mode, so you need 12.10 unless you want to do some nasty hacks to get it working on 12.04 (as I just did on my machine here ;))16:28
stgraber(I installed python3-lxc from precise-backports and manually grabbed ubuntu-release-uprader and update-manager from LP, tweaked the symlinks and run the dist-upgrader with that)16:29
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Noskcajwhy is classroom session 2 after session 3?19:08
Noskcajgema, pleia2?19:10
gemaNoskcaj: we are still scheduling things19:12
gemaNoskcaj: I cannot do the session the week before because it is UDW and I Cannot do it over the weekend because I have other commitments19:13
gemaNoskcaj: so if you want it any other day during the week, that time is good for me, move it please19:13
* gema is off for today!19:13
Noskcajgema, ok. now we need phill19:13
pleia2while I have some of you, can someone answer the question I asked a few days ago?19:17
pleia2Starting with session 3 it says "The QA tools sessions and beyond will require people to have the 'ISO' of what they want to test for raring pre-downloaded." - Do you have a basic link that explains how people would do this so I can add this to the blog post?19:17
pleia2^^ that one19:17
pleia2of course I could go ahead and explain how to go to the iso tracker and download one, but if it's already been written it would be nice if I didn't have to write it myself ;)19:18
pleia2probably good to add said description/link to that Classroom page too, so people know what it means19:19
balloonspleia2, I'm not sure of what they intend to do, but Noskcaj  it's your session right?19:20
balloonsIt's simple enough,., just need a link to an iso and tell them to dl it in advance19:20
balloonspick a daily that you know works and use that19:20
balloonsafaik, that's what they mean19:21
Noskcajballoons, mine and phill's19:21
pleia2heh, phillw said he'd ask Noskcaj ;)19:23
pleia2so if someone could give me an answer, that would be good19:23
balloonsNoskcaj, if your cool with that.. pick an iso now, and plan on using it19:23
balloonsthen for pleia2, it's a simple line of instruction to include..19:24
Noskcajpleia2, it's just a case of giving them a download link (i think ). but phillw had said he wanted people to pick there own19:24
pleia2Noskcaj: the trouble is that people are new to this, a newcomer may barely know what an ISO is, let alone what the ISO tracker is or how on earth to download a development image19:25
pleia2so saying on the class page "will require people to have the 'ISO' of what they want to test for raring pre-downloaded" is not a useful thing to say :)19:27
pleia2need to explain to them what that means, or where to find one they want to try out19:27
Noskcajpleia2, get phillw to do that.19:28
balloonsobviously you can teach them during the session Noskcaj19:28
pleia2I really was hoping there was an existing QA link for this ;)19:29
Noskcajslightly offtopic, do any of you know why parallels is in testdrive?19:30
balloonsthere's a linux client19:31
balloonsNoskcaj, let's settle this and your session now..19:32
balloonsok, so you have a testdrive session..19:34
balloonsdo you want them to have already synced an iso?19:35
balloonsif not, you don't need them to do anything in advance19:35
Noskcajballoons, i don't need them to have anything but a current iso helps19:36
balloonsok, so if you want to stay simple, no need for pre-instruction for you then19:36
Noskcajballoons, i will link you a paste of my session so you can see for your self.19:38
balloonswell, we want your session published.. and pleia would love to help..so let's help her out :-)19:39
Noskcajfor my session the iso is optional, phillw needs one for his. therefore get phill.19:40
balloonsok, so no instruction fo ryou19:40
balloonspleia2, your free to publish19:40
balloonswe'll have to nail phillw down19:41
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balloonshello chilicuil20:27
balloonshave you been able to play with autopilot much?20:27
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phillwpleia2: balloons I'll get on with some ideas tonight and over the weekend.21:50
balloonsphillw, roger that22:07

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