sarnoldMraAlbertina: that typically means it is being overwritten by the resolvconf mechanism; see /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/* files for information..00:00
MraAlbertinasorry, sarnold , i didn't see your msg. thanks00:08
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MraAlbertinasarnold: strange... /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail was empty. i put the values and now.. without a reboot or service networking restart i get a net ping alreadyg the net00:17
MraAlbertinaalready/ cut the rest :)00:18
sarnoldMraAlbertina: woo :)00:18
sarnoldMraAlbertina: does that mean you days-long drama to get your funky machine-without-a-console installed has finally reached a point where you can treat it just like any other machine? :)00:19
MraAlbertinasarnold: you don't believe how much tweaking is needed to get this working00:21
sarnoldMraAlbertina: it's sounded really annoying. :)00:21
MraAlbertinayeah, a bit00:21
MraAlbertinawell, i'm trying to get this machine working to have a MAAS working with the others00:22
MraAlbertinaif i can get it to a point where i believe it results i might get a couple 486 machines from the garage and this would be a super/hiper/big computer system :)00:24
sarnoldhere's hoping you've got some PXE-capable NICs in those 486s ;)00:25
MraAlbertinai were kidding about the 486, but these ones yes, they could interact with pxe00:27
MraAlbertinaaltough i might bet into another problem on this headless machine... i can't access bios setup00:27
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MraAlbertinabye sarnold, have a good night :)00:48
quietonewhen I try mount a drive at /dev/mapper i get "NTFS signature is missing".01:44
quietonekinda new at this, and searching hasn't helped (yet). Anything I should be reading?01:45
sarnoldquietone: how are you trying to mount the drive? what type of filesystem does it have on it?01:49
quietonesarnold, I'm not sure. fdisk -l just shows 'Linux'.01:51
quietonesarnold, "mount -o acl,user_xattr /dev/mapper/backup /mnt/backup"01:52
axisysI guess raid10 does not allow grow.. oops01:57
axisyssince I have a backup, I will just rebuild raid1001:57
axisysnow is it possible to build raid10 with disks of different sizes?01:58
axisysin my case: 2 76G and 4 300G disks01:58
sarnoldaxisys: I think you'd be able to raid0 a 76 and a 300; and raid0 a 76 and 300; and then raid1 the result for 376 gigs of storage..02:00
axisyssarnold: hehe.. i was just reading the same thing here02:06
axisyssarnold: http://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg17303.html02:07
axisysso I have 2x72G and 4x300G02:07
axisysi guess raid0 (raid1,raid1,raid1) .. right?02:07
sarnoldaxisys: oh, I _think_ Neil gave different advice than I did -- you should go with his advice, he's The Guy :)02:09
sarnoldaxisys: I think you've interpreted his advice correctly02:09
axisyssarnold: thanks02:09
axisyssarnold: (offtopic) how do you do that underline thing? pretty cool02:11
sarnoldaxisys: I just put underscores before and after the word; most clients underline that way :)02:12
axisyshow about bold?02:16
sarnold*asterisks* give you bold :)02:16
sarnolddon't tell anyone I told you this (and for $DEITY's sake, don't _use_ them), but ^B does bold too02:17
axisyssarnold: :-)02:27
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Free99hey sarnold: you know anything about drbd?04:21
jeeves_mosshow can I setup a single local dovecot server so I can use the mail dir files from a long dead server so I can get the e-mails out of them and push it into my Exchange server?04:28
patdk-lapthe same way anyone would setup any other dovecot server04:34
patdk-lapfollow the instructions 100%, there is nothing you can shortcut about it04:34
jeeves_mosspatdk-lap, even if I'm just doing it for a single user?04:36
patdk-lapjeeves_moss, and a webserver is easier to setup for 1 client? vs 100 clients? not really05:17
patdk-lapit makes no difference, there is just as much work05:17
jeeves_mosspatdk-lap, I'm just trying to rescue the remaining e-mail that I was able to pull05:22
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eagles0513875_hey guys I have a single domain email server setup, how do I go about setting up aliases? as I am using postfix plus dovecot.08:16
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greppyeagles0513875_: look at /etc/aliases08:22
eagles0513875_thanks greppy will take a look08:24
eagles0513875_greppy: quick alternate question im in the process of setting up a  new mail server, my question becomes i have another mx entry pointing at a different provider and a new mx entry pointing at another server. how will the email know which mx entry to use will it check the one with the highest priority first then if it doesnt find the account there check the other one?08:27
greppymail should go to the lowest numbered mx record first, not all senders honor that though.08:30
greppyif you do a 'dig -t mx grephead.com' you will see that mail.grephead.com has a priority of 0 and backup.grephead.com has a priority of 10, backup tries to deliver to mail.grephead.com08:31
ikoniait only uses the higher priority one if the lower prirority one doesn't respond08:31
andolThen there are spammers who intentionally go for the highest mx number, hoping that the backup mx will have a weaker spam protection.08:31
greppy== andol08:32
ikoniaeagles0513875_: you are running a professional Linux consultancy business, to paying clients, how are you not knowing the basics of a mail server ?08:32
ikoniathis is getting really tedious that you use this channel to basically command by command get you to set things up for your paying clients08:32
eagles0513875_ikonia: reason im askign these questions is i dont want to disrupt their current setup in terms of emails until some other issues get resolved08:33
ikoniaeagles0513875_: yes, but you should already know this stuff08:34
* eagles0513875_ goes back to work08:35
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eagles0513875_hey guys I am looking at replacing apache prefork with either the event or worker versions what advantages does each of them have and what would one recommend?10:25
Andreii have no idea at the moment eagles0513875_  (i'm right after a sleepless night, not easy to think :)10:42
eagles0513875_Andrei: understandable bro10:42
Andreithx. be back later10:43
pythonsnakewhats the way to reverse proxy using htaccess?10:44
ikoniaeagles0513875_: why are you looking to replace the apache process if you don't know what the alternatives do and their advantages ?11:37
koolhead17hallyn: around13:03
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zuljdstrand: pinger when you are around15:26
jdstrandzul: I'm here15:52
zuljdstrand: when you get a sec can you review python-extras its a new dependency of quantum and will be a new dependency of python-testtools15:53
jdstrandzul: sure15:53
zasternIf I modify /etc/security/limits.conf to allow a user more open files, e.g. www-data, can I just restart apache, for that to take effect? I'm trying to figure out a way to avoid a reboot.16:05
zasternI know that if it were a normal user I could have them log out and back in, so for apache i suspect stopping and starting the service, which runs as www-data, might do it. Not sure how i can test that though.16:06
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tedski.+host *!*tedski@
tedskilets try that in the right window :P16:52
toordogis there any easy solution for central authentication with Ubuntu like the project FreeIPA for RedHat?16:54
toordogor something like spacewalk?16:54
awatermaCheck out the CAS project. It's HTTP based.16:56
Toordogthanks for the link, I will investigate it.   :)17:00
awatermaYou can tie it into normal authentication on a unix box (PAM, etc.) or via JDBC, LDAP, etc. Nice solution. Developed for Universities.17:01
Toordogthe website is just unclear if it is just a SSO or it's good to centralize the authentication of my server park17:01
Toordogok that answer my worry :)17:01
Toordogit should work just fine then17:01
awatermaIf you're doing in Unix work, I think you'd want to do something with PAM.17:01
Toordogyes actually i have about 400 servers with ubuntu 10.x and 12.x17:02
awatermaOr Radius or possibly something like that. :)17:02
awatermaHave you looked at the MAAS implementation?17:02
ToordogI tried to build from scratch a ldap server but it was quite a headache17:02
Toordogi'm considering to implement MAAS and JUJU for deployment infrastructure17:02
awatermaOur server is too wimpy, so I moved to basic KVM for what I'm up to. :)17:03
Toordogwe are adding 30 servers per month in average and often it comes by batch every 2-3 month of 100-200 servers17:03
awatermaI'm just looking at single numbers of boxes down here. That's a huge amount to me. :)17:04
Toordogwell automated, it's like managing <10 servers17:04
awatermaHey all, it was suggested to me to look at using bonding to take advantage of my 4 nics on a box that's serving as a server for several vms, which I'd like to have running under two bridges. One bridge for static DMZ traffic, the other for internal. Is this possible?17:05
awatermatoordog: nice!17:05
Toordogawaterma:  yes it is possible but you need to have your switch to support the aggregation protocol you'll be using17:06
Toordogbasically you will create 2 aggregate link interface (LAG1 and LAG2)17:07
Toordogcan be separate switch or same switch, you could as well do your seggregation using VLAN and having only one LAG17:07
awatermaHmm. Here's my current problem, I have one nic up in "manual" mode supporting a bridge. This works nicely. When I bring up the other nic, the static connection goes down. I think this is due to using two separate gateways.17:07
awatermaDoes that sound like the right analysis?17:07
Toordogyou cannot use 2 gateway17:08
awatermaAnd I have read a little that I could do this with a vlan, but it gets a bit confusing. :)17:08
Toordoggateway = default route when there is no other route defined.17:08
awatermaSo, the analysis is right?17:08
ToordogVLAN is just like a virtual network17:08
Toordogon the same hardware17:09
awatermaAm I mis-using gateway? I thought this was part of the interface configuration, e.g. computer where traffic is directed.17:09
Toordogin a computer you have static route , you can see it via netstat -rn17:09
Toordogyour static route tell your computer where to send traffic17:09
Toordogwhen it doesn't find a static route, it will send it to the gateway17:09
awatermaCan I even do what's been requested on the same box? E.g. host virtual servers that server DMZ traffic. And host servers that server internal traffic?17:10
Toordogyou would have to explain me exactly waht is your DMZ traffic and Internal ...17:10
Toordogdo you want all VM on the internal network segment to see each other?17:10
awatermaNot necessarily. Just be available from outside, e.g. Lamp servers for different departments.17:11
awaterma(I'm at a University)17:11
ToordogDMZ = Internet with public IP?17:11
awatermaSo some lamps serving external public http traffic, others serving internal traffic. that's what's desired.17:11
awatermaI don't want to bridge the two nics.17:12
Toordogbut is your DMZ with public IP?17:12
awatermaYeah, that's the idea.17:12
ToordogIs your VM under your management or under the management of random people or untrusty people?17:12
awatermaTwo different routers. One router for one set of nics. Other for nics internal. I'm running the box.17:13
awatermaI think what happens now, is I bring up the other nic, and I run into this gateway issue. I don't want to bridge all the nics, as that would open the internal net to the outside. I want to use one bridge for external (public) nics and VMS, another for internal. This was why bonding was suggested to me.17:14
awatermaAm I hoping for too much on one box?17:15
Toordogno actually this is pretty basic17:15
Toordogon your internal network why do you need a gateway?17:16
awatermaI'm not sure I do. What's happening is that when I bring up the internal network (as a bridge, which is what I want, or as just a simple network connection) the external network becomes unreachable.17:17
Toordogjust make sure your gateway is on the DMZ side17:17
Toordogroute add default gw 10.x.x.x via eth017:17
awatermaI thought that the gateway issue was connected to the gateway that each cards is using, the static bridge is configured to pass through to one gateway, the other interface is DHCP.17:17
ToordogDHCP can setup gateway for you and overwrite your static one17:18
Toordogso better not use DHCP on a server17:18
awatermaAh, so add the route command before bringing up a the DHCP gateway?17:18
awatermaAh, okay, that makes sense now.17:18
Toordogyou can only have one gateway17:19
awatermaSo I could do this at the /etc/networks/interface level?17:19
awatermaE.g. setup a static for a 10.x.x. or 192.x.x.x that uses an actual external gateway?17:19
awatermaIn the definition?17:19
Toordogthe thing about your internal network is that you might have let say : /24 and and and you need to set a gateway to reach the other network17:20
Toordogyou would have17:20
Toordogeth0 static IP public with gateway17:20
Toordogeth1 static IP *NO GATEWAY*17:20
Toordogeth2 static IP *NO GATEWAY*17:20
Toordogonly one can have static IP17:20
awatermaAh, okay. And then when the other interfaces come up, they inherit the gateway defined in eth0?17:21
Toordogonly one can have gateway17:21
awaterma(Sorry, I'm a coder, not a network guy.) :)17:21
Toordogrouting is not per interface17:21
Toordogit is per machine wide17:21
awatermaAh, okay, so the DHCP server is rewriting the route table which is what knocks out my access.17:22
Toordogthe only thing that is per interface in routing is the path to reach the location.  Let say : reach via eth1  and reach via eth317:22
Toordogbut it is per machine wide view since you can only reach one network node per one interface at a time *normally, there is advance option to even bypass that*17:23
ToordogDHCP is evil if it is not configured correctly17:23
Toordogit thinks it knows better than you17:23
awatermaSo, all I have to do is update my /etc/network/interfaces file to define statics and only use the keyword "gateway" in my "eth0" definition? Or would I need to right a "ifup" script to define the route as something like "route add default gw 10.x.x.x via eth0" as well?17:24
awaterma(Sorry for all the questions, this has been troubling me for a couple days).17:25
zasternDo deamon starts go through pam with ubuntu/upstart?17:28
zasternE.g. does /etc/security/limits.conf affect things, like where domain is a user like www-data17:28
Toordogawaterma:  set your eth0 with gateway, no need of ifup script17:28
Toordogunless your eth0 is not always up17:29
Toordogwhich is unlikely17:29
awatermaToordog: Cool! Thanks! Off to the lab!17:29
sarnoldzastern: Idon' think so; there's no /etc/pam.d/apache or /etc/pam.d/nginx or similar..17:29
zasternsarnold: yes, but the daemon runs as a user17:32
zasternand im setting the domain to be that user17:32
zasterne.g. www-data17:32
zasternin /etc/security/limits.conf17:32
sarnoldzastern: yeah, I think the limits for most daemons have to be set via the daemon's configuration or just before the daemon is started17:33
zasternsarnold: that seems to violate the principle of system level security though. E.g. no process or user may have more than 8000 open file handles17:34
zasternor whatever.17:34
ToordogCAS project doesn't have an IRC room?17:35
sarnoldzastern: it's definitely an annoyance that it can't be configured in one location..17:35
zasternsarnold: I don't think there's a specific apache configuration item for this though, for example17:35
zasternand apache docs mention tuning limits.conf specifically17:35
zasternbut otoh that might just be a thing on EL-based systems17:36
zasternsarnold: hey and while you're here, what's your favorite AppArmor tutorial :D17:37
sarnoldzastern: hrm, there's no _great_ apparmor tutorial :( the wiki has two, "Creating and modifying AppArmor policy with the tools" and "Creating and modifying AppArmor policy by hand" that together should be tolerable :)17:41
zasterncool, thanks.17:42
sarnoldzastern: .. not all the tools work with the newest features, so knowing how to do things by hand is important17:42
zasternI need to secure my apaches.17:42
sarnoldzastern: http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/Documentation17:42
sarnoldzastern: but the tools, when they work, are a good time saver :)17:42
zasternsarnold: yeah, I'm not looking for a wizard. But something more directed than just "read all the documentaiton that exists, line by line"17:42
sarnoldzastern: apache is a bit complicated because there's two ways to confine it: either as a single apparmor profile (simple) or use the libapache2-mod-apparmor package and confine different portions of your site with different permissions (hooray for keeping phpbb away from your other code..)17:44
zasternsarnold: yeah . . . I was planning to use the latter, because I think different sites might have different requirements17:44
sarnoldzastern: you can also set the rlimits for a program in apparmor policy; it's not a perfect fit, since it is setting the usual rlimits rather than per-profile limits, but it is simple :)17:46
zasternI don't know what that means, but I'll look it up!17:46
zulhallyn: ping17:54
ChriysHi everybody. i have an issue with my ubuntu server (12.04). When it's connected to router the commands apt-get install/update stuck at [Waiting for Headers] but if i connect it directly to the modem everything works fine. I have a dynamic ip and my router is TP-Link. the last i fixed it by putting into resolv.conf those lines:domain ahidjodesign.com nameserver and
Chriyslocalhost. Thanks for your help.17:57
Chriysanyone can help18:13
ketan985Hi Chriys18:14
ChriysI got one question for you18:16
Chriysi have an issue with my ubuntu server (12.04). When it's connected to router the commands apt-get install/update stuck at [Waiting for Headers] but if i connect it directly to the modem everything works fine. I have a dynamic ip and my router is TP-Link. the last i fixed it by putting into resolv.conf those lines:domain ahidjodesign.com nameserver and localhost.18:16
ChriysThanks for your help.18:16
ketan985tell me...18:16
ketan985Bro server must have configured with static ip18:17
Chriysyeah i know but i don't have one currently so i'm using a no-ip18:19
ketan985sometimes due to misconfiguration of nameserver we couldn't connect internet yet we connected to network18:19
sarnoldketan985: you want to put _php_ in the path to receiving _email_?? sounds scary.18:19
ketan985why ?18:19
ketan985why scary man ? It 's normal18:19
sarnoldphp is a fairly brittle language. I'd do my best to keep untrusted input away from it. and email is 90% untrusted and unsafe input...18:21
ketan985Chriys,  Put nameserver in resolve.conf18:21
ketan985sarnold,  then what should we use18:22
sarnoldketan985: I'd pick perl, python, or ruby...18:22
ketan985sarnold, I need that fuctionality any language I can use18:22
sarnoldketan985: look into the 'milter' support, it may do what you need18:23
ketan985how I need to config that postfix server , that i need to know18:23
ketan985sarnold, can you provide me link ???18:24
sarnoldketan985: http://www.postfix.org/MILTER_README.html18:25
Chriysare you serious ? :o it worked like a charm18:27
Chriysthanks do you know what is causing this18:27
sarnoldChriys: did you keep the nameservice lines when you directly plugged int othe modem?18:28
Chriysthink yes but i didn't modify the resolv.conf when i plugged to the modem18:28
sarnoldaha :)18:29
sarnoldthen you wre tryin to use a nameserver that didn't exist :)18:29
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sarnoldChriys: 192.168/16 is in the RFC1918 "non-routable" class of addresses; they won't work on the internet, only within a network designed to use them (as is the case behind most consumer routers..)18:30
Chriysso i can do nameserver myISPDns ? right18:30
sarnoldChriys: yes18:31
Chriysand i have bind9 running on my server so nameserver should be correct18:32
ketan985ya correct Chriys18:33
sarnoldChriys: perhaps would be better, if it is actually on the same host..18:33
Chriysgreat now i understood. ok cool got another question18:34
ketan985ask me friend18:34
Chriysi'm using virtual host on my ubuntu server 12.04 and i set my domain(with 1and1) to point the CNAME of the no-ip on my server. but if i try to access to mydomain.com it shows 403 forbidden can access / on this server18:35
ketan985There is problem with permissions.18:36
ketan985checkout it18:36
Chriysalready tried. i did chown chriys:www-data /var/www/ahidjodesign and chmod -R 777 /var/www/ahidjodesign18:38
Chriysi did the the same with /home/chriys/www-dev/ahidjodesign18:38
Chriysthe files are located there and point to /var/www/ahidjodesign18:39
ketan985reload server and try again Friend18:40
Chriysin the error log of apache i got this: Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible: /var/www/ahidjodesign18:41
ketan985then try to link again18:43
ketan985using ln -s18:43
sarnoldyou're not allowed to exit the document root using symbolic links18:44
Chriysdon't understand18:45
ketan985I don't think so18:45
ketan985Bro It is given in terminal no in document file18:46
ketan985Chriys, continue with links18:46
sarnoldChriys: you'll need this if you use symlinks: http://www.apache.com/docs/httpd-docs-2.2.13.fr/mod/core.html#options18:47
ketan985It is very easy syntax .18:48
Chriysit should work because i followed step from ubuntu-fr site18:49
Chriyssame issue i'm going to verify the virtual host settings18:50
Chriysgot a last question for you guys you helped me a lot.18:51
ketan985I am always Happy to help Friend18:51
Chriyspostfix won't send email i have courier imap installed. But everything works fine if i send to myself or local18:52
Chriysi also remember that i wasn't able to find the package postfix-tls.18:53
ketan985Hey Chriys , I am new to postfix and having some problem like this18:53
ketan985pleia2,  Can you help a little in solving this issue?18:55
Chriysthanks. Do you know how to configure a MX on my server i pointed my domain to the no-ip on my computer(which is a CNAME)18:55
Chriysketan985: for your question i followed some steps yesterday for creating database for postfix. But got no idea for the php script18:57
ketan985I have a scprit friend but I don't know how to config postfix to apply it18:58
Chriysok i see. http://library.linode.com/email/postfix/courier-mysql-ubuntu-9.10-karmic19:01
ketan985I followed this but couldnot succed , It disturbs functionality of server and I could not mail .19:01
Chriysthe first one has more detailed step19:01
ketan985this link http://blog.thecodingmachine.com/content/triggering-php-script-when-your-postfix-server-receives-mail19:01
Chriysit help you to configure postfix with courier and mysql19:02
ketan985I have .py script , sendind you....19:02
Chriysyeah i see but trying to accept it19:03
Chriysketan985: i could be funny but i don't code in python19:04
ketan985Dont worry, whatever the launguage we used, I need to config postfix19:05
Chriyshaha. i don't know why but i can post on the postfix channel19:06
designbybeckI connected to a Server via the COnnect to server SSH in the file browser. I have su access on that server with my username. I can see the files but I can add files to because it says access denied19:23
designbybecki can't paste files in there19:23
designbybeckany ideas?19:24
sarnoldscp/sftp is not going to call 'su' to write files with a different owner for you.19:24
sarnoldI'm not sure if there is a nice way to do what you want to do.19:25
cloakablesudo passwd root?19:25
designbybecki don't have the root password19:29
designbybeckI thought I've done this before19:30
designbybeckfused into a box and opened and edited files in a GUI and saved them back to the server19:30
sarnoldperhaps, but you might have put your ssh keys into /root/.authorized_keys or something.19:31
designbybecki'm a newbie19:31
designbybecknot sure how to do that19:31
designbybeckI'll try filezilla19:33
Chriysi'm back ketan985 sorry i had my mother on the phone19:37
designbybeckgot denied using FIlezilla also19:37
designbybeckmy IT hates me LOL19:37
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Chriysdesignbybeck it is your server ?19:45
designbybeckgrrr... I guess you could say that Chriys... I work for a university, we asked for a R&D server I could play with, so the did a bunch of stuff to it first19:45
designbybecki do have su rights19:46
designbybeckI was able to use filezilla to copy my bg.png file I'm playing with to my /home/username19:46
designbybeckand then logged into the terminal and cp'ed it to /srv/image19:46
designbybeckand that seemed to work19:46
Chriyswhat is the directory on which you have issue19:48
designbybeckI just setup a canvas LMS install Chriys so it is /srv/canvas/public/images19:49
Chriysso cant do anything inside of this directory19:50
Chriysif yes do this command and paste resul:  ls -l /srv/canvas/public/images19:52
Chriysdesignbybeck: result*19:55
designbybeckon sec19:56
designbybeckthis was me coping the css over19:58
Chriyssorry bro but you have no way to copy or paste something in it. You can only read what is inside. Contact the root if he can add you permission or you are the root retrieve your root password20:01
designbybeckok, thank you for the feedback Chriys20:02
Chriysyou are welcome20:03
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ChriysGuys question for you what is the difference between <Directory></Directory> and <Directory /var/www></Directory>20:07
frojndMy quess would be <Directory></directory> automatically set directory and <Directory /var/www></directory> set directory to /var/www20:09
Chriysketan985 i received your file20:10
sarnoldChriys: <directory> is a syntax error. keep this page open while you fiddle with your apache configuration :)  http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/core.html#directory20:11
Chriysthanks sarnold you always have great links haha :p20:18
sarnoldChriys :)20:18
Chriysby the way do you about postfix it gives me a lot issues20:19
sarnoldI've done less with postfix; but between the manpages and website, it's reasonably over-documented :)20:21
Chriysi tried so many steps one week but still having same issue -_-' Postfix want send email outside of the local environnement20:23
Chriyssince one week*20:23
hallynzul: i'm not in today.  nobody here but us chickens20:38
Chriyssarnold: did you find something about postfix ?ΒΈ21:39
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jeeves_mosshow do I import the e-mails that I was able to save from the maildir of my dovecot server directly into Thunderbird so I can move them to my new host?23:07
sarnoldjeeves_moss: you may need to use a tool such as https://github.com/tdb/maildirarc23:09
jeeves_mosssarnold, thanks, I'll have a quick look23:10
jeeves_mosssarnold, basically, the folder is from a long dead server, and this is the last mailbox that I can't pull back from the dead from backups23:11
jeeves_mosssarnold, are you still here?  I'm getting an error when I rin that program  "BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./maildirarc line 45."23:24
sarnoldjeeves_moss: ah, nuts :) that's the danger of recommending software one's never tried...23:24
jeeves_mosssarnold, lol.  well, I don't know what to say.  this thing is kind of pissing me off.23:25
sarnoldjeeves_moss: try: sudo apt-get install libemail-address-perl23:25
sarnoldthat should install the Email::Address module that is referenced on line 4523:26
jeeves_mosssarnold, thanks23:26
jeeves_mosssarnold, if I'm reading the howto correct, there is no way to batch the entire directory23:29
sarnoldjeeves_moss: it might just take some shell scripting; something like (untested :) for m in * ; do maildirarch -d0 -m /path/to/mboxes/${m} -c -F -n $m ; done    -- if that looks right, remove the -n ..23:32
jeeves_mosssarnold, ok.  thanks again for your help.  the wife is calling so I need to leave this for now.23:33

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