hweg162is there any successor for grail? i checked http://bitmath.org/code/grail/ and the download links are dead12:19
bregmahweg162, there's https://launchpad.net/grail12:23
bregmait's packaged and available in the last few Ubuntu releases12:24
hweg162i know it's packaged. i just wondered if there is any development going on.12:24
bregmait's fairly mature at this point12:25
hweg162okay, i think i need to explain what i am doing :)12:26
bregmaI'm not aware of any active development, but I could be mistaken12:26
hweg162i am testing multitouch capabilities on a samsung slate pc series 712:26
hweg162with both ubuntu 12.04 and 12.1012:26
hweg162unity recognizes three finger gesture out of the box, giving the window move and resize handles12:27
hweg162but four fingers aren't recognized12:28
bregmayou might want to verify the touch data coming from X (xinput -test-xi2) to make sure more than 3 touches are recognized12:29
hweg162so i need a way to debug this. i installed mtview and ran it. in mtview only two fingers are handled correctly. if i touch the display with three fingers it looks like random coordinates are reported from the hardware/driver/lib/whatever12:30
bregmasounds like a driver problem12:30
hweg162kernel driver or Xorg driver or...12:30
bregmamtview only talks to the kernel12:31
hweg162oh you are right. it opens /dev/input/event*12:31
bregmathere are some newer tool in the evemu-tools package, let you capture data for later replay12:32
hweg162btw, i don't know under which circumstances mtview manages to grab that device. sometimes it's "cannot grab device" and sometimes it just works. each time run as root in X.12:32
bregmayou're going to have trouble opening the device reliably while X is running12:33
bregmait works best from a text console12:33
hweg162but mtview needs X for displaying its window12:33
bregmayeah, pretty nasty, that catch-2212:34
bregmawe haven't really used mtview since the XINPUT changes went in to the X server, grabbing the device12:34
bregmathat's what the evemu tools are for12:34
bregmaexcept they dump text data12:35
hweg162okay. so the wiki pages are simple outdated?12:35
bregmamost likely12:35
hweg162okay. i'm gonna check the xinput -test-xi2 thing first12:36
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hweg162so XI2 are multitouch event in Xorg?12:37
hweg162bregma: if xinput -test-xi2 reports RawTouchEnd and TouchEnd events, does that mean MT is basically working?12:52
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hweg162it looks like xf86-input-multitouch (which isn't installed by default on ubuntu) has its own gesture recognition (instead of doing it with a library on evdev basis). is this driver deprecated?13:18
bregmahweg162, that driver was deprecated some time ago13:30
hweg162that's valuable info, thanks13:31
bregmaunfortunately, I don;t know enough about the low-level protocols (evdev, etc) to help out much13:31
bregmathe evdev events are documented, and the xinput events are documented, but not in one central place13:32
hweg162afaik the kernel delivers MT events using a specific protocol (mtdev?)13:33
bregmathere are a number of devices out there that do not implement the protocol correctly13:43
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hweg162bregma: thanks again, bye14:52
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LIDHi need help configuring a PS/2 touchscreen device18:11
LIDHcan't get it to be detected18:11
bregmadoes 'sudo lsinput' list anything that might remotely look like your input device?18:21
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LIDHbut i think i found a way to get it installed, problem is now i dont get image, because i created a new xorg.conf19:15
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