solarcloud_3srcnYMMV means "Your Mileage May Vary" , IANAL means "I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion)" IDDQD means "Cheat code for Doom" , err OK . directhex, Your obviously not a bowler.00:03
BigRedSIn answer to my earlier questiond, mdadm -D /dev/mdX has the state of each member at the bottom00:45
solarcloud_3srcndirecthex: phoronix.com retorts ::  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTI4MzE01:10
solarcloud_3srcnWith over a dozen comments so far ::: http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?77091-Valve-Pushes-Out-Half-Life-For-Linux#post30837401:11
Azelphurvalve has originally ported their original half life original title original to linux original.01:26
popeyAzelphur: and cs:source by the look of it01:44
Azelphurthis is a good day.01:44
Azelphureven though my boiler has apparently died and the house is getting cold, this is still a good day.01:44
MartijnVdSAzelphur: fire up half life.. have your GPU keep you warm ;)05:41
knightwisehey MartijnVdS07:27
knightwiseyou are up early07:27
knightwisehey directhex08:08
knightwisehey diplo08:08
kvarleyCan anybody recommend a good RAW viewer? I don't want an editor or album manager, just a viewer like the default image viewer does for JPGs, etc in Ubuntu08:28
MartijnVdSkvarley: rawtherapee?08:33
MartijnVdSkvarley: or, if you set the default viewer to "Shotwell viewer" you just get the viewer part of shotwell08:34
MartijnVdSnot the manager bits08:34
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Ok ty08:38
kvarleyAnother question, is it possible to use VirtualBox to install Ubuntu on an actual hard drive? /dev/sdc for example? I have a netbook that is a problem and need some bootable OS to test it with08:39
kvarleyLoading from USB on this model is being awkward08:39
popeybeing awkward how?08:45
kvarleypopey: The system goes really slow after 5 mins last time I tried it08:46
kvarleyI think the CPU may have overheated in the past08:46
kvarleyIt was a while ago tho so I need to try USB again really08:47
AlanBellmorning all08:52
TheOpenSourcerermornign all.08:52
* TheOpenSourcerer has produced a screencast. Would like AlanBell to review it before going public...08:52
popeynever seen that kvarley08:53
TheOpenSourcererThanks for the etherpad stuff popey that was useful.08:53
knightwisehey popey TheOpenSourcerer08:59
TheOpenSourcererwotcha knightwise08:59
kvarleypopey: Checked  the HDD still works, that is fine. Reassembling the netbook then gonna try booting Ubuntu via a SATA CD drive08:59
knightwiseNetbooks are cool :)09:00
knightwisedid this weeks podcast on "bringing your netbook back to life'09:01
kvarleyknightwise: Netbooks are dead lol09:01
kvarleyknightwise: I just figure if I can make this one work I can give it to a relative09:02
kvarleySurprising amount of dust in this one considering it was so tightly sealed09:02
knightwisekvarley: i disagree http://knightwise.com/kw503-return-of-the-netbook/09:02
knightwiseBeen using one as my main 'portable thin client' for the last week.09:03
knightwiseloving it so far!09:03
einonmI tried putting Ubuntu server 11.10 on my netbook last week - just hung there after I filled in all the forms at the start. So it's still on life support...09:03
directhexcounter-strike 1.6 for linux too. fancy.09:05
kvarleydirecthex: Has that been added too? I'm really hoping for CS:GO09:06
directhexkvarley, half-added. requires badgers to run09:09
kvarleydirecthex: hehe ok09:10
directhexkvarley, http://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/178xsx/native_counterstrike_16_on_steam_for_linux/09:10
kvarleyTaking this netbook has made me realise a few things. 1) Netbook ribbon cables are actually sensibly placed. 2) Netbooks shouldn't be opened. 3) Only 1 fan in the whole netbook for the GPU is stupid09:10
kvarleydirecthex: Thanks, I may have to try this out09:11
popeydirecthex: i don't have a beta tab in properties of CS:Source09:20
directhexpopey, where did i say CS:Source?09:20
popeyignore me09:20
kvarleypopey: It lives ... sort of09:21
kvarleyI'm booting from live USB09:21
kvarleyThe netbook is held together with about 30 screws but none of them are actually needed. Everything snaps into place09:24
popeywhich netbook?09:25
kvarleyAsus 1201N09:25
popeyoh, thats similar to wifeys 1008HA09:25
popeyI say "wifeys" she hasn't touched it in a year or more09:26
kvarleyI didn't miss this fan noise one bit09:26
kvarleyThink this was one of the first to get nvidias ION tech in it09:26
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rowinggolferbuilt a server yesterday. 2*1TB drives in raid 10 configuration. Followed the howto here. https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html10:04
rowinggolferreally, really good documentation :)10:04
rowinggolfer5 year support was the differentiator for me.10:05
rowinggolferie.. there are still many things that canonical are doing right.10:05
TheOpenSourcererAnyone got any experience with sakis3g?10:06
rowinggolfernever heard of it.. and I can't get to http://www.sakis3g.org/10:08
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:08
rowinggolfermorning brobostigon10:09
brobostigonmorning rowinggolfer10:09
directhexrowinggolfer, 2 drives in raid10?10:17
knightwisegot a little grub question here10:22
knightwiseanyone in ?10:22
dwatkinsno, they're all having a snowball fight10:23
knightwisei'm installing ubuntu on my macbook and doing the manual partitioning thing10:23
knightwiseive got an Ssd drive (sda)10:24
knightwisei just created a root partition and a home partition10:24
directhexdual-booting the macbook or not?10:24
knightwiseit has placed them on SDa1 and SDA210:24
knightwiseSingle booting10:24
knightwiseno dual boot10:24
knightwisenow it leaves 1 megabyte of free space on SDA10:24
knightwise(donno why)10:24
knightwisequestion is : Where do i install grub10:25
knightwise/dev/sda or /dev/sda1 ?10:25
andylockranknightwise: I used refit for mac10:25
knightwiseyeah , but in order to install refit you need to install osx first10:25
andylockranand installed grub to the partition, rather than to the disk10:25
andylockranah, ok10:26
knightwiseok, but can you install refit without osx ?10:26
knightwisebecause when I boot , I just get a blinkin cursor10:26
knightwiseso i have the feeling the grub isnt doing anything or isnt even working.10:27
knightwiseSo do i install grub to /sda (which is one megabyte, empty space)10:27
knightwiseor to /sda1 where i have my / partition ?10:27
andylockransounds like you need to have a mini OSX partition on there10:27
knightwisesmells like it.10:28
knightwiseperhaps do a 10 gig osx install.. and then go with Refit ?10:28
andylockranyeah, I just read a recommendation of 10-15GB for the OSX partition10:29
andylockranas youll need it for firmware updates to the macbook too10:29
knightwiseyeah , i thought about that too10:29
knightwiseits that , i only have a 128 ssd10:30
knightwiseso i would like to keep the osx footprint to a minimum10:30
directhexat this point i'm super concerned about your setup10:30
davmor2Morning all10:30
directhexmacs don't use BIOS booting, they expect a GPT-partitioned disk with an EFI boot partition10:31
directhexwhether you also have a shadow MBR table as well is a secondary issue10:31
knightwiseinstaller is telling me i should install a 35 meg efi boot partition first ! :)10:31
andylockranI have read that grub2 were working on a open source 'bless' for EFI10:32
knightwiseso i think i have to put the bootloader in there10:32
knightwiseok , giving it a whirl10:32
knightwisethe workaround i have is that i use an osx installer disk to do the firmware updates :)10:33
andylockranthat'd work10:35
rowinggolferdirecthex, yes.10:42
rowinggolferdirecthex, it appears counter intuitive, but raid10 < raid 510:43
knightwisedirecthex: super concerned ?  about me ?10:43
=== timp__ is now known as timp2
knightwisethere is a shadow table there somewhere10:45
knightwisenow the mac says it cannot find a bootable os10:45
directhexrowinggolfer, raid10 needs 4 disks.10:45
knightwiseok , going the other route10:53
knightwiseinstalling a 20 gig OSX partition and using Refit10:53
rowinggolferdirecthex, that's a common configuration, but 2 disks is the minimum.10:59
directhexthat doesn't make any sense10:59
directhexraid 0 is striping data across 2 or more disks. raid 1 is mirroring data across 2 or more disks. unless you're doing partition-level mirroring or striping which is, well, stupid since it'll decrease performance not increase it11:00
rowinggolferI'm not looking for performance.11:01
rowinggolferbut redundancy.11:01
shaunothen why add striping?11:02
timp2Hi, I am trying to install amd ubuntu 12.10 from external usb CD drive, it semed to be working, but screen went blank, now I have just had the little drum roll, but completely blank screen11:23
timp2Ctrl Alt F1 does nothing11:23
timp2Sorry, on an 18month old macbookPro11:23
directhexrowinggolfer, then what on earth does using partition-level raid 0 gain you, other than complexity and another layer of potential failure?11:24
knightwisehey timp11:24
knightwisedid you use refit ?11:24
timp2hi knightwise11:24
timp2efi ?11:24
knightwiseare you singlebooting  or dual booting ?11:25
rowinggolferdirecthex, to be honest, I dunno. I'll need to revisit this.11:25
timp2dual booting,11:25
knightwisehave you installed REFIT on your OSX os11:25
knightwisethat will help you to dual boot11:25
timp2yes, I think so,11:26
knightwisedid you take a look at the howto i sent you yesterday ?11:26
timp2yes, and that was pretty much what I did originally11:26
knightwiseubuntu try this11:27
timp2though I am trying from a usb DVD11:27
knightwiseits an old hawto but it has to do with your grub settyings11:27
knightwisewait , have you installed it yet ? or just trying to boot from the livce cd  ?11:28
timp2I suspect it is the video firmware, possibly due to it having been updatd.11:28
knightwise seems that something in the Macbook power management causes a kernel panic, so you’ll need to run the installer with the “noapic” option (press space at the splash screen, then F6). Note: you may need to reboot several times, as the installer may kernel panic before you have the option to set “noapic”. Also, note that the wifi won’t work (we’ll fix this in the next step), so don’t try to install updates during the inst11:28
knightwiseOnce the installation finishes, you’ll need to boot up with the noapic option (press ‘e’ in GRUB and add it to the kernel parameters, right next to “splash” and “quiet”), and then add it permanently once you’ve booted up. You can find detailed directions for both of these steps in the Ubuntu guide for Kernel Boot Parameters11:28
knightwiseSee step 4 of this manual : http://cberner.com/2012/07/10/installing-ubuntu-12-04-on-macbook-pro-retina/11:29
timp2knightwise: thanks, looks like I need to blockout a bit more time than I have this minute, but thanks, I will read those and start again when I get back11:30
knightwiseno worries , good lucj !11:31
kvarleyI just ran updates and my xorg conf got wiped because I have manually installed AMD graphics drivers. Will restoring the xorg conf work or will I also have to add the kernel modules again? I'm not sure if my kernel got updated or not11:38
diploTheOpenSourcerer: Nice vid :)11:38
TheOpenSourcererthanks diplo11:38
TheOpenSourcererFor others if they are interested: Gelocation for vtiger CRM - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1FxiADQpsU11:39
diploMay have to integrate something like that for our erp system now :)11:39
TheOpenSourcererWhat's your ERP?11:39
diploCalled chalice, we're re-writing our text based one to web based11:40
popey"standing on the shoulders of others... and all that" :D11:40
TheOpenSourcererYeah - got that a b it wrong but couldn't be bothered to go back11:40
diploTrying to make it stand out from the text/console one by adding features that we can't do in the old one11:40
directhexrowinggolfer, if you're using RAID0 across partitions on the same drive, i.e. sda1 and sda2 are raid0'd, sdb1 and sdb2 are raid0'd, and md0 and md1 are raid1'd, then you'll actually gain less than nothing - you'll decrease performance compared to just using flat raid1, as all sequential disk reads/writes larger than the raid0 stripe size are no longer sequential, they're random (as the disk needs to bounce between stripes on both partition11:43
* popey hugs btrfs RAID111:47
* popey dreams of btrfs RAID511:47
* brobostigon checks to make sure the stats are working properly.11:47
* davmor2 checks popey 's meds, you should be tripping the the light fantastic not dreaming sysadmin dreams.......11:48
brobostigonyep, looks good, :)11:49
brobostigonoh dear, are the bbc going to trash daily politics for the tennis now.11:56
directhexanyone have a use for 2 months of lovefilm?11:57
brobostigonlovefilm, umm, never tried it.11:58
dwatkinsI use it, it's not too bad.11:59
kvarleydwatkins: Lame that there is no android client tho12:02
kvarleyBeing silverlight and all12:02
Azelphurhmm, think my boiler has bit the dust, :(12:02
Azelphurit fails to turn on and makes a high pitched whistling sound12:02
directhexi've got a few 2-month-free new customer discount codes12:04
rowinggolferdirecthex, I follow your logic. thanks.12:11
rowinggolferdirecthex, my choice was swayed by http://www.acronis.co.uk/resource/tips-tricks/2005/whats-raid-10.html12:12
rowinggolferbiab - gonna get some lunch. need a good one today as haggis for dinner ;)12:14
constrictorhow do i find out what graphics card I'm running from the command line12:31
directhexlspci | grep VGA12:35
constrictorthanks daftykins12:36
daftykinsjust had two synology NAS' turn up along with 4 x 2TB WD Reds :)12:39
directhexdaftykins, for RAID10? :p12:40
daftykinslol no12:41
daftykinstwo separate two bay units12:42
daftykinsamusingly these are backups for RAIDs12:42
daftykinsjust had to phone verified by visa due to a rejection ordering something from a website12:43
daftykins'we haven't got enough trained advisors right now, we can give you a call back in 30 mins'12:44
daftykinsheh these little Synology NAS' are cute :>13:20
dwatkinsdaftykins: agreed, I'm considering getting a DS413j13:23
dwatkinsthe interface is pretty good, it seems to run a linux, and they're not too pricey13:24
dwatkinsalso, loads of plug 'n play applications for them13:24
daftykinsgot a couple of the super basic 212j's for some clients backup13:25
daftykinsjust fitted the drives, powered on and installed the OS over the network13:25
daftykinsvery neat web UI13:27
daftykinsand off it goes creating the RAID1 setup :>13:30
daftykinsext4 is its' poison13:36
popey\o/ btrfs13:37
gord\o/ whatever we use by default because i'm too lazy to use anything else13:37
mgdm\o/ ext313:39
* mgdm avoids btrfs13:39
daftykinsit's checking all the sectors now, i like this13:39
davmor2mgdm: ext4 I think you'll find is the default :P13:43
popeymgdm: wuss!13:44
mgdmI've not formatted a partition in ages, so defaults don't matter :)13:44
BigRedSI kep meaning to have a fiddle with btrfs, but I don't have a large body of data that I'm not that fussed about13:50
BigRedSactually, I just don't have that much data...13:50
popey/dev/sdc         22T   13T  8.2T  62% /srv13:51
popeythats my btrfs volume13:51
rowinggolferis btrfs now on a par with zfs (functionality wise, not license etc..)13:51
popeyquite impressed by the reliability of it now13:51
SuperMattI've never gotten around to trying btrs, because every time I try to use it, I forget that I can't use it on /boot, get frustrated and then go back to ext413:53
BigRedShaha, I love how many things still need a separate /boot. I'm still expecting it to become te norm to have a 2GB disk soldered tothe motherboard for /boot to live on13:55
mgdmdisk? Flash :)13:56
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BigRedSah, yeah, I suppose13:56
BigRedSOh yeah, we had some HPs (I think) with sd card slot on the board13:56
BigRedSIs there a synergy-alike that's better for simply conjoining two Linux PCs? I've not tried Synergy for some time, but wondered if there was some more native 'solution'14:07
MartijnVdSwhat's synergy? :)14:10
daftykinsthe one that forwards kb+mouse input over LAN14:12
rowinggolferkeylogging heaven.14:16
daftykinsomg verified by visa is such rubbish14:19
daftykinsrowinggolfer: not if you SSH tunnel it =]14:19
BigRedSach, we're all friends here anyway14:30
BigRedSsays he with the encrypted filesystem14:31
gordi think fridays should be ubuntu-uk-synergy-party-friday, where we all connect to an internet synergy server and try and get work done when sharing one virtual mouse and keyboard14:33
daftykinsthat assumes work gets done without that!14:33
AzelphurAnyone know how I can stream microphone from my PC to my Laptop?#14:44
brobostigonvlc ?14:45
Azelphuryea I mean, an actual working example, I've been trying with vlc and various methods without luck14:45
popeypulse and gst both have networked audio14:45
Azelphurdon't really wanna move audio, just wanna listen to the mic14:47
brobostigonpulseaudio could do that, pipe the microphone input on machineA, to speaker output on machineB.14:48
daftykinsthat oh-so frequent of usecases ;)14:52
* davmor2 thinks Azelphur is setting up a budget recording studio14:56
daftykinsnah it's just his dream to never have to leave his seat14:56
AzelphurI used mumble, made it work15:08
gorddoesn't mumble compress the audio with speex? ie, be terrible for music?15:28
Azelphurthat's ok I only want it to listen in and find out when my fire alarm stops going off15:28
gordoh okay15:29
gordnot concerned about the fire?15:29
gordi'd be more worried about that15:29
Azelphurno fire15:29
daftykinsdoh, this second NAS didn't come with the screws D:15:30
gordyou don't have a container full of thousands of random screws through years of computer owning?15:30
daftykinsnot the point though is it15:31
gordi think that is entirely the point of the container ;P15:31
daftykinsyour being facetious is entirely unwelcome15:32
gordi think i'm helping15:32
daftykinsyou're wrong15:33
gordi don't think thats possible15:33
daftykinsno need to troll15:34
popeygord: have you tried this tack in a job interview yet? ☺15:38
popeyfriend of mine did15:38
popeyinterviewer: what do you consider are your weaknesses?15:38
popeyfriend: I don't have any weaknesses15:38
popeyi: isn't that arrogant?15:38
popeyf: No, arrogance isn't one of my weaknesses15:38
daftykinsdo you know the result?15:39
popeyhe didnt get the job15:39
popeycolour me unsurprised15:39
daftykinssounds like it would've gone down well as the guy in Trainspotting's interview technique15:39
popeydirecthex: oi! why does it say half life (beta) is not available on my platform?15:39
popeyooh, not watched trainspotting for years15:39
* popey queues it up15:39
popeywatched inglorious basterds yesterday which was fun15:41
daftykinsyeah that wasn't half bad15:41
daftykinsbit o' scalpin'15:41
gordif anyone asks me what my weaknesses are i just walk out. you never expose your weakness. its called evolution - duh15:41
popeycant remember the last proper job interview I had15:42
daftykinsmost i've been to have been quite a joke15:42
daftykinsone states (local government) woman kept saying she kept wanting to call me John after the Led Zeppelin drummer given my surname :(15:43
daftykinsi nearly asked if it would help me get the job if i learnt the drums15:43
daftykinsbut i got it anyway \o/15:43
daftykinsthat was about 4 years ago now :O15:43
gordi don't think i've ever not gotten a job after an interview, plenty of failed applications but always managed to get the job once i got to the interview part. must be my winning personality/threats of violence15:44
daftykinscould be15:44
daftykinsbet that'd be a different story now though15:45
daftykinsapparently most super mundane jobs locally have 25+ applicants15:45
daftykinsbad time to be an interviewer15:45
gordyeah probably, haven't actually applied for a job for about 4 years15:46
czajkowskigord: do you bribe them with your odd sweets15:53
* daftykins starts on another creme egg15:54
popeyooh, sweets!15:56
* popey gets some15:56
SuperMattsweets? This is how my office treated us today https://twitter.com/WCRS_LDN/status/294830796500512769/photo/116:00
SuperMattthis is a new weekly thing16:01
SuperMattfridays are gonna be totes awesome from now on16:01
daftykinsSuperMatt: i'm applying :D16:05
SuperMattI'm afraid I'm the only linux guy the company need16:05
daftykinsi am not this16:08
* TheOpenSourcerer spies wine gums!16:12
TheOpenSourcererI had some fruit gums earlier :-)16:12
* brobostigon has jelly babies, :)16:13
* TheOpenSourcerer notices it is approaching Friday evening.16:14
brobostigoni can have them now, i couldnt because they had artificial colourings and preservatives in them.16:14
TheOpenSourcererBeer O'clock thrusts into view16:14
daftykinsare you allergic to those?16:14
brobostigondaftykins: some, yes.16:15
daftykinsthat sucks hard16:15
daftykinsglad i don't have to think about what i eat16:18
gordi saw creme eggs on the shelves like, 1st of january this year. at first i was completely outraged obviously, but then i realized that i can now eat a cream egg so that outrage went away quickly16:24
brobostigondaftykins: :)16:25
daftykinsgord: same here, i mean why is Easter stuff stocked so early? makes zero sense16:25
daftykinsbut then mere seconds after that thought, OM NOM NOM CREME EGGS!16:26
gordits stocked early because easter stuff is delicious16:26
daftykinsmaybe they're applying genius supermarket sale techniques16:26
daftykinspeople are fat after Christmas and New Year, so in order to beat them to trying to lose that weight in the gym, provide more comfort junk food that they can guiltily stock up on16:26
daftykinsgenius plan16:27
gordi was thinking earlier that the only way supermarkets are going to be able to compete with amazon in the future is if they instigate something like amazons suggestions, ala you bought x, other people who bought x also bought y kind of thing. anyway the end result is that i should be allowed to go snooping through other peoples shopping whilst in the supermarket16:28
daftykinsgord: you can do this by pretending to be a checkout staffer!16:29
dwatkinssome people might consider that to be taking things a bit too far, especially considering some of the hilarious and tragic suggestions Amazon has made over the years16:39
dwatkins"you bought this book on C++? How about a book about some things a small minority of people do in the bedroom which aren't fit for discussion on an Ubuntu IRC channel?"16:40
AzelphurAnyone bored feel free to make suggestions on this: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130125084110AAPXJms16:43
daftykinsdwatkins: how intrigueing16:48
daftykinstrust me it's not picnic being a landlord16:49
daftykinsbut that's definitely taking the biscuit and possibly some of the cake too16:49
daftykinsif you've scrutinised your contract, it might be best to officially pursue some action regarding that alarm16:50
Azelphurdaftykins, yea, I'm really starting to get to that point, I've asked him nicely, sent recorded mail, etc16:52
daftykinsAzelphur: does the phone never get answered?16:52
daftykinsyou could, although it'd suck, offer to be a key holder on site for the fire alarm in some way i guess16:53
daftykinsbut it sounds like they need to be relocated16:53
Azelphurdaftykins, It's only ever answered once, out of around 30 calls.16:53
daftykinsthat's a joke16:53
Azelphurthink it might have finally stopped, brb going home xD16:54
daftykinsthe problem is of course that you have to stay nicey nicey otherwise they can only make it harder for you and you won't want to live there :(16:54
daftykinszomg Azelphur out of his chair D:16:55
daftykinshistoric moment16:55
Azelphurthere we go, back home17:00
Azelphuryea, I went to my brothers and listened on mumble for it to stop17:01
Azelphurdaftykins: he's doing lots of other unacceptable stuff to, the summary is that the place is in a state of disrepair17:01
Azelphurright now I got no hot water or heating because the boiler is fucked, having to use electric fan heater to stay warm17:02
Azelphurso yea, he's no doubt gonna be getting in trouble17:02
daftykinsis there a boiler per property or shared per a #?17:02
Azelphurper property17:02
daftykinsif you got no headway, you could probably claim some health and safety thing over the fire alarm misuse and noise issue17:03
Azelphurbaring in mind I'm aspergers and noise sensitive, it makes the flat totally untenable17:03
Azelphurfire alarm goes off I just pick my laptop up and leave pretty much.17:04
Azelphureven for a normal person it'd be pretty bad, they are commercial grade sirens17:04
daftykinsi used to wake up with a fright every Tuesday morning in Uni halls of residence as the test went off for a few seconds >_<17:04
Azelphurthe longest stint we've had is 6 hours, that one was a little over 2 hours17:05
daftykinscor la17:05
Laneyno boiler> how long ago did you inform the landlord?17:07
Azelphurabout 2 hours ago, via an answering machine on the "24/7 emergency line"17:07
Laneyi have had good luck with the council's environmental health department before17:09
bigcalmAfternoon peeps :)17:09
Laneythey'll come round and do a little inspection then light a fire if anything's wrong17:09
daftykinswell at least then, there really *IS* a fire :P17:10
bigcalmAnybody know if I can buy online with dell but have the invoice handled by my company, or do I have to do such things on the phone?17:11
daftykinsshouldn't cost anything to go through the motions on the site17:12
daftykinsthough beware, once a phone number / email is in, the lovely outsourced individuals will be climbing over each other to try and get the sale17:13
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
aptanetsolarcloud_3srcn, no sign of any wireless settings in the bios on the laptop - I remembered to check when I rebooted :)17:55
daftykinswhat kind of wireless settings 0o17:56
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins: Saw this today :: http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/52461/chief-minister-briefing-2-  (3mins in)...18:09
solarcloud_3srcnSuperMatt: As Far As http://t.co/JAwXjoXC :::    .... it's called stodge.18:14
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solarcloud_3srcnaptanet: never under.estimate the power of drop-box to put people in the picture of a bios system.18:36
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: ruh-roh18:45
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins: Take it that's a chortle lol, then ?18:45
daftykinsnah it sounds a bit serious if that presenter is trying to suggest the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey will be annoyed at the IoM's recent actions18:46
solarcloud_3srcnUnite the clans !!18:46
AlanBellnigelb: are you in London?18:47
daftykinsi still don't really have a clue what it's all about18:48
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: looks like your local news presenters are as annoying as ours18:49
solarcloud_3srcnIt's basically an Americae institute FATCA (not sure of spelling there) .. kicking as$ outta the OECD smaller dominions .. but I must get a paper, Yes.18:49
daftykinsi might have to visit the IoM some day, see what yet another rock is like18:49
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: is the TT still held?18:49
solarcloud_3srcnyep. but accommodation is ike, couchsurfing :: intermitent.18:50
daftykinslook how daft ours look18:52
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins: Have you come across any interesting #-tags on twitter today ??18:52
daftykinsi don't use twitter, i think it's a pile of @!#%^18:52
solarcloud_3srcnoh Ok .soz ... Well, gargoyles a plenty there, I must say.18:53
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins:   mmmh ... Yoga . A by-word for chillout everywhere .. All depends on the teacher of course .. but I see a global need on most channels19:00
daftykinsoh my word19:00
daftykinsthe crap they have kids doing now19:00
popeywhat's wrong with yoga?19:01
daftykinsoh hush19:01
solarcloud_3srcnAt least it's in-doors . Think of all of the cross-country double lessons going on today .. I digress, but it is a bettr option, popey.19:02
AlanBellanyone in London?19:02
daftykinsmay help combat obesity? know what else might do that? not carting your chubby kids to school and back on an *island* >_<19:02
daftykins(in a car)19:02
solarcloud_3srcnThe walk to school is prob.ly the safest part of their day ... except in Lurgan. NI.19:03
popeyWhen we go away there's a bunch of people who go and do yoga first thing in the morning. they seem better off for it19:03
daftykinspopey: where's that d'you mean?19:04
popeywhen we go away for work events19:04
daftykinsah yeah19:04
popeylike sprints and the Ubuntu Developer Summit19:04
* solarcloud_3srcn thnks popey is omnipotent 19:04
daftykinsi don't think there's anything wrong with it itself, i just don't think primary school kids need peace and to 'de-stress' XD19:05
daftykinsalthough if they're surrounding themselves with constant noisy technology, perhaps it is of benefit19:05
solarcloud_3srcndaftykins: I epends how the teacher plays them , as I said.19:06
popeykids certainly need a way to wind down19:06
popeyreading is good for that19:06
popeythat's one reason why we always read to our kids at bed time19:06
popeyand the telly/computer/ds/ipad go off a while before bed19:06
popeyyoga focusses the mind I guess. ☺19:07
* solarcloud_3srcn says "Good for the popeys" !!19:07
daftykinspopey: do you practice the no-electronics in the bedroom strategy too?19:07
solarcloud_3srcnoooh, that's a bit harsh daftykins19:07
popeyno TV in the kids rooms, no PC19:07
solarcloud_3srcnouch !19:07
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: no it's very important, these days the kids are snapping themselves nude and sharing to one another >_<19:08
daftykinsgotta clamp down19:08
popeythey can use them in the morning19:08
popeyjust not before bed19:08
popeysophie has just started getting into email19:08
solarcloud_3srcnright, 'cos in the final analysis, It just makes *you* look bad, right ?19:08
popeysolarcloud_3srcn: que?19:09
daftykinssolarcloud_3srcn: i find that a very daft statement19:09
daftykinsit's that the kids don't realise the consequences of that kind of thing19:09
popeyyeah, it's funny, lots of kids in her class got ipads / ipod touches for xmas19:09
popeyso they now have email addresses19:09
popeyshe's been off sick a couple of days, and got emails from her schoolfriends wishing her well19:09
popeyvery cute19:09
daftykinswhat age is that?19:09
popeyand yes, I saw one of the mails had a webcam photo attached19:09
popeywhen we heard other kids getting ipads we were somewhat dismayed19:10
popeypeer pressure19:10
daftykinsoh my word, super slow archive extract, i detect disk issues19:10
popeybut we have loads of devices in the house so they don't need their own19:10
daftykinsyeah, next they'll be after the 'new model'19:10
popeynot having that going on here ☺19:10
popeyalthough she is using a nexus 7 ☺19:11
popeyshared one19:11
* daftykins pats 3 year old smartphone19:11
daftykinsno contracts for me.19:11
popeyme either19:11
solarcloud_3srcnIt's like watching two Old clucking hen's, you two ^_^19:12
daftykinswell i'm far from having kids but i find the issues surrounding their upbringing and technology quite interesting :)19:12
popeyyeah, me too19:12
popeyi worry about these things19:12
popeyi caught sophie looking at a safe video on youtube recently19:13
daftykinstreading that fine line between giving them what they *need* versus what might affect them in relation to their peers19:13
popeybut the comments were less than savoury19:13
daftykins:( all too common that one yeah19:13
popeyi hear there are browser extensions to block comments19:13
popeymight install those19:13
daftykinsiirc you have some website blocking in place at home, don't you?19:13
popeyshe doesn't need to see that crap19:13
popeyonly the usual opendns blocking19:13
daftykinsah do they have a blacklist?19:14
daftykinsor just in using their DNS?19:14
popeyyeah, but i never maintain it19:14
popeyi have never seen anything untoward19:14
popeyand I keep an eye on things19:14
popeywe have sophies email set to forward every mail she recives to mum19:14
popeywill turn that off in a few years, but not yet19:15
popeysam doesnt have mail yet, he's only 619:15
daftykinsi'm pretty surprised at some of the aptitude of younger kids that are appearing online on even, freenode here lately19:16
daftykinsi imagine how different it would've been having such easy access to further information on topics i was interested in back then19:16
daftykinsalways on broadband to get it too, rather than the classic driving your parents mad with big dial-up phonebills :D19:17
popeyheh, yeah19:17
popeymy mum had never used a computer before 2 years ago19:18
popeyher very first internet connection was 20Mb broadband :D19:18
popeyshe will never know the pain of dial-up19:18
solarcloud_3srcn:-$:-/O:-)    can we talk about halflife 1 now ?19:18
popeyalso, my mother in law has an ipad19:19
popeyshe got it as a retirement present19:19
popeyit's helped her stay in contact (mostly fb but also email) with people19:19
popey(she just pinged me which is what made me think of it)19:19
daftykinsone of my clients got given one by one of his directorships recently, for 'reading notes on' because they *totally* didn't have laptops already19:19
popeythats the "its for doing my homework" excuse ☺19:20
popeyi used that one in 198319:20
daftykinshe groaned as much as me, but he's loving it now19:20
popeygot me a Sinclair Spectrum19:20
solarcloud_3srcnpopey, 'ave you tried M.U.L.E  on it yet ?? (S-Spectrum) ??19:22
* solarcloud_3srcn wonders if popey even knows what SWars M.U.L.E. actually is , mmmmhpf !19:55
popeynope ☺19:57
solarcloud_3srcnoh well .. perhaps this will help .. http://www.worldofmule.net/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=30 also http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/showthread.php?p=198568#post19856820:00
solarcloud_3srcnMan , I'm so tired .. I'm sweating tears !  .. Yesterday was the Alternative sock day. Today is the Wet insoles o' shoes Day,    but ya know; I can't complain. :::::::: Anyone gotta Ubuntu rash to itch ???21:01
nigelbAlanBell: In cabridge now. won't be back in London until the weeek after next, I'm afraid.21:19
directhexCS 1.6 on Linux is now official, no hax needed to run it22:48
brobostigonCS ?22:51
AivarasCounter Strike from steam.22:52
AivarasI just saw that it is on Beta now.22:52
daftykinsfor whoever plays that ;)22:55
directhex4th most popular game on steam22:58
directhex40k people playing it right now22:58
directhexmore popular than CS:S or CS:GO22:58
timp_Hi, I have managed to get ubuntu server running on my macbook pro, but cannot get desktop up.23:12
timp_Can I upgrade from server to desktop?23:12
timp_What is the package I need?23:12
directhextimp_, yeah, just install the ubuntu-desktop package23:12
timp_yay, thanks23:12
timp_Oh, what about wireless?23:13
timp_I have two macs, this one, wireless and the other booted with ubuntu server23:18
timp_If I connect them with an ethernet cable can I get to the outside world?23:18
directhexmaybe there *is* some incompatibility right now for people who don't own HL1 as well as CS23:45
directhexi just did a reinstall of CS only without HL installed, and it's behaving differently to installing CS with HL already installed23:45
daftykinsdidn't Windows based Steam get around that by having a base package?23:46
directhexdaftykins, yeah, but something's changed since this afternoon23:47
daftykinsi know what you mean about CS 1.6 btw, i just more meant shocking that people *do* still play it23:47
directhexi have a sad CEO who can't get it to run23:47
daftykinsCEO 0o23:48
daftykinsi'm seeing an update on HL1 0o23:48
directhexdaftykins, like i said, stuff has changed around!23:49
daftykinsyeah my surprise was my verification23:49
daftykinsamusingly the Windows client is seizing up refusing to play ball, it has that update paused and won't do anything about it23:51
daftykinsgood times23:51
directhexdaftykins, do you own HL1?23:51
daftykinsi hit pause, instead of resume23:52
daftykinsthen resume, then it was done instantly23:52

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