raevolHAPPY FRIDAY20:45
philipballewraevol, same to you!20:46
raevolphilipballew: wassssssssssssap!20:46
raevoli just did a google search for "steam linix"20:47
philipballewraevol, have the day and have yet to get out of bed20:48
philipballewyou at work?20:48
raevolyea at work20:48
raevolbeen sick so i came in late20:48
raevolHELL FROZE OVER: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Original-Half-Life-Launched-on-Steam-for-Linux-Screenshot-Tour-324059.shtml20:48
darthrobotTitle: [Original Half-Life Launched on Steam for Linux – Screenshot Tour - Softpedia]20:49
philipballewI got the scale codes yesterday. gonna register myself tonight, then make sure it works and email it to you20:49
raevolawesome :)20:49
raevoli am excited for scale!!20:49
raevoli'll need to figure out my housing20:50
philipballewmaybe email the list asking for roomshare20:51

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