jjesse-homeok this might be one of the worst job ads I've seen "Do you offer the Net to go with the Dot? The # to go with the C? The “j” to complete the Query? The right mix of P’s, H’s, and P’s to have the experience we need in PHP? Can you make it all happen with an O an O and a P through OOP? "00:21
snap-lDo you break your bytes into bits?00:55
snap-lwe can't function without your methods, so break from your normal case and gosub us now00:57
snap-lWE promise we won't break you.00:58
snap-lor leave you in an infinite loop00:58
snap-lWe're anything but routine01:01
* jrwren just threw up in his mouth a little01:41
rick_h_isn't the little second one cute :P http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/8413133638/in/photostream/01:55
jcastrohey rick02:28
jcastroI can't find a decent Teac stoll for Jill for the shower, make me one yo02:28
rick_h_jcastro: what's up02:28
rick_h_teak stool?02:28
jcastroyou know, for the shower02:33
rick_h_no, but google suggested teak stool so looking02:33
jcastrolike that02:33
jcastrobut not ass02:33
rick_h_http://www.goldenteak.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=TSSS&Category_Code=TOI&Store_Code=001&source=froogle&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CPfjmJS8grUCFYxaMgodwDwA2w looks cool02:34
rick_h_http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/1/1/57563-teak-asia-stool.html isn't bad looking02:35
rick_h_shame they didn't curve the legs some to go with the top but that makes it a pita to make I guess02:35
derekvi royally declare the state of computing to be,... bullshit02:36
rick_h_now here you go http://cgi.ebay.com/Danish-Modern-Teak-Stool-Chair-Bench-Mid-Century-Wegner-Finn-Juhl-Eames-Era_W0QQitemZ290781763219QQcmdZViewItemQQssPageNameZRSS:B:SRCH:US:10102:36
rick_h_jcastro: ^^02:36
rick_h_derekv: and the new part of this statement is? :P02:37
derekvso i figured out you can compile hundreds of dependancies deep in freebsd generally without a problem02:38
derekvall with their nested ports makefile system02:38
derekvas long as its a fresh system02:38
derekvtrying do maintain updates that way02:38
derekvthings go way out of wack02:38
rick_h_updating is hard, let's go shopping02:39
rick_h_jcastro: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Grade-A-Teak-Wood-Stool-W-Shelf-Shower-Spa-Bath-Bench-Outdoor-Garden-Patio-New-/290614467120 isn't bad looking02:40
derekvbasically want I want is a system where I specify what things are important to me.  if its important what version, I specify that, or if its important I have the most recent, I say so, otherwise give me the most stable that is known to match the other requirements I have given02:41
derekvinstead of upgrading02:41
derekvtake a snapshot of my system02:42
derekvrebuild from scratch02:42
derekvgiven the requirements02:42
derekvif something fails, or in the morning I find I don't like it, I get to roll back02:42
derekvdon't try to upgrade in place02:42
derekvjust, new system as per my requirements02:42
derekvapply my patches to config files02:43
derekvrick_h_: you know how you made your makefile to roll out all the requirements, at least given an ubuntu system02:47
derekvI want that for my entire operating system02:47
derekvI don't care about upgrade02:47
derekvhere's the other way of putting it02:47
derekvworked on a system where customer data was in the database, but the scheme was evolving02:48
derekvwhat I wanted that never quit happened was this02:48
derekvwe started with the schema of the last release02:48
derekvCI applied the patches, including the schema upgrade scripts, given a snapshot or dump taken from the last release point02:49
derekvbasically at every commit, CI tries to do the full upgrade02:50
derekvpart of the "tests" that CI runs, is testing the upgrade process02:50
derekvI want that for my OS02:50
derekvthe previous release point is my current system02:51
derekvbut in my case, I think I can remove much of the "state" eg the database02:51
derekvjust start with a base OS install, apply patches02:51
derekvif I don't like, I back out, and adjust the patches untill they work02:51
rick_h_ugh, wtf...I think it's trapped02:59
rick_h_derekv: yea, but that's hard. I know with ubuntu we've worked on smoke tests and doing upgrades/etc02:59
rick_h_but it's not on a continous package by package and with 30k packages there's amore than a few combinations to test out there03:00
derekvrick_h_: its not trivial no ... thats why id be running tests on my own paticular combination03:27
derekvno OS packager could run tests on every combination, and its even more ridiculus when you throw in upgrades03:28
snap-lI wan t to know why fucking dropbox keeps wigging out on me03:42
greg-gI wish nixternal was in the channel:05:44
snap-lI think I need to post my dropbox problem on askubuntu.com13:01
rick_h_sounds like a plan13:02
rick_h_or their forums on their site13:02
brouschubuntu forums is your best bet13:03
rick_h_I meant dropbox forums13:04
brouschI didn't13:04
jcastrohmm so blowing away the dot directory didn't work?14:08
snap-ljcastro: Nope.14:28
snap-lI've even tried blowing away the .dropbox-dist directory to no luck14:29
jcastroand you're sure your user has the correct permissions to ~/Dropbox?14:31
brouschCould it be a problematic file messing you up?14:31
snap-ljcastro: It Seems to stop working after a while, so it starts off just fine14:32
snap-lIt's the damndest thing14:33
snap-lI could understand it not working at all, but I'm not sure why it stops working after working perfectly.14:34
snap-ldmesg doesn't have anything14:34
snap-lKeyboard is on the truck14:37
snap-ldrive! drive like the wind!14:37
rick_h_the wife's laptop is on the truck as well. delivery friday!14:47
rick_h_3 days clearing in KY, but finally free!14:47
rick_h_ugh, it's kind of nasty out14:48
rick_h_and I'll never understand the white cards in white snow without headlights on14:48
snap-lYeah, I don't understand that either14:54
snap-lor grey cars in rain without lights.14:54
snap-lTHis is not the time for camoflauge14:55
jjesseor dark cars at night w/o lights14:58
jjessei just want to run into them14:58
* jjesse smashes cars w/o headlights14:58
jcastrodang, more snow14:58
jcastroit just passed the "Should I shovel it" threshold14:59
snap-lApparently one of my goals is to research cat litter.14:59
snap-ljcastro: You must have a low threshold, or we haven't received enough yet.14:59
jcastroI got a tiny bit15:00
jcastroenough to not shovel15:00
jcastrobut now I got some more, enough to shovel when added with the other stuff15:00
jcastroand I really shouldn't make my UPS guy do the sidewalk without at least some salt.15:00
rick_h_droidyea cleared and salted yesterday and they're saying 2inches today15:32
jcastrooh, so I should wait a bit then15:32
snap-lWoo woo! New keyboard showed up. :)17:40
snap-lAnd it's way more quiet. :17:40
snap-lMight not even need the dampers.17:45
greg-gbrousch: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=726169c1ea006fb3cc9103a7afc4359a&p=12473611#post1247361119:45
brouschUbuntu forums? I smell a troll link19:45
greg-gbrousch: nope, I'm subscribed via rss to our sub-forum there from way back when19:47
brouschThanks for the heads-up19:54
snap-lbrousch: Would you create a separate topic that people are more likely to find folks on the mailing list than on the forums?20:02
snap-lI have no idea who half of these folks are in the forum. :)20:02
snap-lie: "please stop posting in the forums, because were it not for greg-g, nobody would read it. ;) "20:03
* snap-l deleted his forum account long ago20:03
brouschgreg-g has a sticky thread20:03
brouschThere's like 1 post every 6 months20:04
snap-lCould we make it a little more "stop posting here? :)"20:04
greg-gyeah, lemme remember what my password is :)20:05
brouschThat's what lastpass is for20:06
snap-lI don't want people to get the impression that we're not active because we don't use the forums20:06
* greg-g nods20:07
greg-ghow's this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51571820:09
brouschI don't see how to make somthing sticky20:09
snap-lgreg-g: better. Thank you.20:10
snap-lgreg-g: Maybe even in the title20:10
snap-l"This group is deprecated" or something like that.20:10
greg-gdon't think I can.20:11
snap-lFrankly, I'd love to see the forums deprecated entirely.20:11
snap-lI think Ask Ubuntu takes over the forum nicely.20:11
snap-lYes, I know some folks think the forums are the bee's knees, but I'm ready to mark them as "no" under my search preferences.20:13
snap-lgreg-g: Just refreshed. Thank you!20:14
greg-gsnap-l: 6~http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=27120:14
greg-g-6~ ;)20:14
snap-lrick_h_: I <3 Modern Package Template23:30
snap-lit's a nice feeling knowing you just installed your app locally. ;)23:30
brouschneed's python323:31
snap-lTHis is just a dippy little script for me to create random playlists23:32
snap-lthat's all23:32
brouschthen it should definitely be py323:35
brouschTime to move up!23:35
snap-lPardon me while I don't care. ;)23:35
brouschGo back to fortran23:36
snap-lWHo are you calling a 19th century textile worker?23:36
brouschThe Python2 user23:38

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