canthus13dzho: Probably, but $REALLY_OLD_BUT_FAMOUS_COMPUTER is infinitely more productive.00:48
canthus13and cable boxes are touchy enough without throwing something at them they don't expect. you'd prolly just brick it.00:49
canthus13hell. Watching TV can brick a cable box.00:49
dzhoit's not the cable box, it's just a DVR-sans-hard-drive00:50
dzhoostensibly a blue-ray player, but it has an ethernet jack and a USB port00:50
dzhoblu-ray (tm)00:50
dzhowas something like $40 or $50 on sale at Best Buy over the holidays and so I was sort of "meh, why not"00:51
* canthus13 has seen a Pace box brick simply by turning it off and back on.00:51
dzhoyeah, that sounds like A Problem00:51
canthus13It's not really Pace's fault.. It's TV Guide. their sofware sucks.00:51
Cheri703\o/ I like xubuntu!00:52
Cheri703super customizable panels = happy dual monitors!00:53
Cheri703also 24" 16:10 monitors are HUGE00:53
canthus13I have a 22" at work. it's quite large enough.00:54
Cheri703:D I got two00:55
Cheri703semi-impulsively, but...yes. migraine brought on by flickery screen = OMG MAKE IT STOP00:55
Cheri703I'd been eyeing these for a while, just hadn't pulled the trigger00:56
* canthus13 nods.00:56
skellatBlah: http://erielookingproductions.info/2013/01/119-seeking-the-logline05:10
dzhoCheri703: you have two 24" monitors?14:09
Cheri703yep :D15:36
Cheri703as of yesterday evening15:36
Cheri703I'll fully admit it's a bit of overkill for day to day personal computer use, BUT for work stuff it's pretty great15:37
paultagis there such a thing?15:44
Cheri703pretty sure the setup of one of the contractors for my company would qualify, he's got like 6 monitors of varying sizes up to (iirc) 30" all arrayed in front of him15:56
jrgiffordCheri703: that's not overkill16:39
jrgiffordi met a guy who had like 10 20" monitors16:39
jrgiffordone was a nagios dashboard16:40
paultagthe most I had was 3 :)16:40
jrgiffordhe had his server error.log piped through some funky grep thing that returned serious stuff on one16:40
paultagOnce I get my new place, I'm about to try 2x2, or 1x4, longways16:40
Cheri703I'm at 3 if I'm also running the laptop on my lapdesk16:40
jrgiffordand had ssh terminals to other machines on all the others.16:41
jrgiffordthe guy never saw his desktop.16:41
paultag← never sees his desktop16:42
skellatThis is part of why living in Ashtabula County can get aggravating at times: http://identi.ca/notice/9921356018:29
paultagbtw, that exists19:11
* dzho sighs19:17
paultaghahahaha - http://www.imfromohio.com/post/41162663030/ohioans-when-touchdown-jesus-was-struck-by19:18
paultagso PERFECT19:18
dzhohttp://www.imfromohio.com/post/40815201738/omg <- paultag19:22
dzhos/nyc/bos/ of course ;-)19:22
dzhohttp://www.imfromohio.com/post/40765885538/everyone-in-ohio-when-forbes-named-dayton-as-the haha, I missed this forbes thing19:23
Cheri703yeah, someone linked me to that site a few days ago, saw the link from fyo and saw the mansfield one :)19:26
Cheri703I know no one here is officially a xubuntu person, but anyone have thoughts on this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1921687 ?19:26
Cheri703at least, afaik no one is19:26
dzhoalso, xubuntu+second monitor+ . . . well, ohio19:28
dzhointersection of sets are smaller than the sets themselves, so . . . good luck with that.19:29
Unit193Well, I don't use dual monitors, so don't know.19:29
Cheri703ah, yeah19:29
Cheri703it treats far edges as edges, even though you can make it so windows are draggable through the far edge19:30
Unit193skellat uses last I knew, as do I.19:30
dzhoI can't remember if we're running lubuntu or xubuntu on the thinkpad the kid uses at home.19:30
Cheri703so you'd think *something* could be done to make the "seams" treated as edges19:30
dzhoI'll try to pay attention next time I'm on it.19:30
dzholaptops + external monitor is a "two monitor" situation I often don't think about as such.19:30
dzhomostly because I most commonly encounter that with a projector, which is horrible to use as side-by-side, so we usually punt and mirror.19:31
yanohaha, that site is golden19:32
Cheri703one: I posted to the forums about this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192168719:49
Cheri703bah, wrong window19:49
Unit193Cheri703: I decided to try OMG!Ponies just for the heck of it, someone just pinged me and I literally said "Oohh!" and jerked back a bit. :D21:53
Cheri703hehe, that was my reaction too!21:53
Cheri703it makes sure you don't miss messages21:53
Unit193(Switched back, of course)21:53
Cheri703I'm leaving it!21:54
Cheri703I have everything dark so normal notifications disappear21:54
Cheri703and if my phone is on silent or in another room, I need the visual notification21:54

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