ChinnoDogAre your songs protected by raid 10?00:49
ChinnoDogThis sata controller card is just slightly out of tolerance such that it does not line up with my PCI slot. What an unusual problem02:06
ChinnoDogMy computer didn't like having so many int13 extensions. I had to disable the RAID in my BIOS. :-( Now running with 6 hard drives and new video card.04:00
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:06
HowdyDoodymorning bears13:32
* HowdyDoody drops a pin20:19
* TheLordOfTime picks up the pin, and melts it down for base metals.20:21
HowdyDoodyall your base belong to us20:22
ChinnoDogs/base belong/base are belong/20:37
jedijfin the meadow.....21:00
ChinnoDogSomeone added "bacon" as a test product in the order system I am working on.21:02
TheLordOfTimewas it you?21:03
ChinnoDogEggs is a separate product21:06
ChinnoDogtoast is probably next21:06
TheLordOfTimeapple pie!21:06
HowdyDoodyand OJ21:06
* TheLordOfTime wants apple pie21:06
ChinnoDogMake one21:06
HowdyDoodySome even demand coffee21:06
TheLordOfTime(sorry random coffee-needed outburst :/)21:07
TheLordOfTimeohey perfect timing... *sips the coffee*21:07
ChinnoDogCan the same home folder successfully be used for both Windows and Ubuntu? I tried this once and there were issues.21:35
ChinnoDogAssume home is on a network share and permissions issues are resolved21:35
ChinnoDogI think I already made up my mind how I am going to handle this21:46
ChinnoDogWindows and Linux need separate home folders and all the shared folders go somewhere else21:47
pleia2I didn't even know Windows had a home folder21:52
JonathanDit has a "users" thing now.21:52
pleia2but it would have to be ext3 or something to preserve linux permissions and I think Windows needs a plugin to support it21:52
pleia2I've shared data directories (movies, music, etc) but I figured the windows "users" thing and the linux home directory were too different, the web browsers can't easily share each others profiles and things afaik21:53
ChinnoDogIf it is on a network share neither OS needs a special driver21:53
ChinnoDogYea, that is the problem. The data files produced could collide and they are incompatible21:54
pleia2what exactly are you trying to achieve?21:55
JonathanDI think there are a lot of things in windows users folder that are profile related.21:55
ChinnoDogI think I can preserve linux permissions even on a Windows file share by configuring mount correctly21:55
JonathanDI'd do it a different way.21:55
ChinnoDogKeeping my data separate from my operating systems21:55
pleia2what kind of data?21:55
ChinnoDogAll user generated data, which means the entire contents of my home folder on both systems21:56
pleia2photos, movies, music, etc is all easy, profiles and things for software make it hard, which is why people tend to have media shares, not home directory21:56
pleia2I don't think it makes a lot of sense to share a home directory21:56
JonathanDI think maybe redirecting documents/music/photos would make sense.21:57
ChinnoDogIt would if they didn't collide. All data in one place.21:57
ChinnoDogWith a vGPU provided by hyper-v there aren't any screen handling defects on the VM console. Neat.22:17
jedijfi would do a media share - nothing else - media being any file that plays well in all worlds - common filetypes - anything else is unreasonable22:19
jedijfor use that public windows folder22:20
ChinnoDogNot so sure vGPU is being used now but I don't know how to explain why the mouse does not give me issues anymore22:49

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