wrstafternoon chris458519:05
chris4585morning wrst19:16
wrsthow you doing chris4585?19:17
chris4585alright, I got this the other day http://chris4585.tumblr.com/post/41313889346/i-received-my-patriot-extreme-intel-limited19:19
wrstsweet chris4585 :)19:21
wrsti switched over to cinnamon on my laptop19:21
wrsti must say i like it i just prefer gnome, but not gnome shell, so it seems to be a good way to have it all19:22
chris4585I personally love it, I use the same extension on it I do on gnome19:22
chris4585so it somehow just works nicely19:22
wrst16GB of ram goodness19:22
wrstyeah chris4585 and i tried out Nemo last night19:23
wrstbeats the pants off of nautilus it seems19:23
chris4585its rather nice, so far haven't went over 4.7gbs just using chrome and OS19:23
wrstthat's a bunch of ram19:24
wrsti should say i loved nautilus until the gnome team felt they needed to take all the features out of it19:24
chris4585wrst, lol yeah, nemo is basically a fork but its just what I love, and I trust mint to not make stupid choices19:24
chris4585yeah know devs are retarded :)19:24
wrstyeah you would think they would be better at usability than mint but gnome isn't19:25
chris4585if gnome was a country it would be china or north korea19:25
chris4585they just don't listen19:26
wrstgood way of putting it, they have the ability to be great but...19:27
wrstgnome 2.x was so good for so long19:27
wrsti think they would have been better to have kept the gnome 2 feel but update it much like many of the extensions do or what cinnamon does19:31
chris4585I imagine gnome will eventually die out due to lack of interest and cinnamon will flourish19:34
wrstyes the gtk backend stuff is all good but...19:36
chris4585actually it would be wonderful it people jumped ship19:40
chris4585I think mint has the capabilities of literally leading linux to victory they just need the resources19:40
wrstthey do provide a very usable nice desktop, I think I'm going to put my mom on mint cinnamone19:41
chris4585as far as ubuntu goes, I'm staying away from unity until they add reasonable options for unity19:45
chris4585even then manjaro is working wonderful with cinnamon19:46
wrst i just installed cinnamon from the aur19:47
wrsti just need to get everything integrated with Nemo then i shoudl be good to go19:47
wrstdropbox looks to be fine i think there is a package just need to get ubuntuone working19:48
wrstfunny thing an update to some package broke ubuntuone, ubuntuone team didn't want to fix it but they eventually will but the packager just patched it and released a fix that is cool19:54
chris4585awesome sauce19:56
wrstyes very cool19:57
wrstgotta love that19:57

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