inetprogood morning04:43
inetproMaaz: tell kilos Goeie more Oom04:43
Maazinetpro: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode04:43
Kilosmore inetpro en ander05:30
Kilospc rebooting on its own again06:20
Kiloshi sakhi 06:35
magespawngood morning all06:42
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
Kiloshi magespawn SmilyBorg 06:49
SmilyBorgHey all06:49
magespawnhey SmilyBorg Kilos06:54
magespawnKilos pc still giving probs?06:54
Kilosyeah started again last night06:54
Kilosswopping ram from other one to try localise the faulty one06:55
Kilosonly slower now06:55
Kilosbut min ram is better than no ram06:55
magespawnyou think it is a ram issue?06:58
Kiloswell the monkey said reseat ram las week and for a week it worked good06:59
Kilosram or mb06:59
magespawnyou can try memtest07:05
Kilosi have and it goes through without any errors, that what is confusing07:09
Kilosand it is so time consuming07:10
magespawnyup i do not know of software that can accurately test a mb07:18
Kiloshi jrgns 07:20
Kiloshey sneaky fly07:21
jrgnsmorning Kilos, all07:21
Kilosi need to fing something that will alert when you away peeps return07:22
playmonkeymorning Kilos 07:31
Kiloshehe hi playmonkey 07:32
Kilosis that you wes07:32
playmonkeythe web chat works here07:32
playmonkeybut remember it is unsecure. 'they' can see what we talk about ;)07:32
Kiloswell after all this time you got a way hey07:32
Kiloswell done07:33
Kilosyou gotta keep cleaning ff cache or somethintg07:33
playmonkeyoh I always knew about webchat. I'm just too paranoid to actually *use* it :P07:33
playmonkeyclean the cache for what?07:33
Kilosso the browser doesnt remember where it went07:34
playmonkeyoh that is not a problem.07:34
playmonkeythe problem is the connection goes through a network that is out of my control07:34
playmonkey[PC] <> [PROXY] <> [ISP] <> [WEB]07:35
Kilosso it can be monitored while working?07:35
playmonkeyMaaz: coffee on07:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:35
KilosMaaz, coffee please07:36
MaazKilos: Righto07:36
Kilosi spose its harmless if you come for coffee07:36
playmonkeyKilos: I need to post you that hedgewars game. it is quite fun.07:36
Kilosis it big?07:37
playmonkeyrather large to download from all the nice music it has07:37
playmonkey130MB about?07:37
Kilosdata low till the 1st07:37
Kiloshi henkj 07:37
henkjhi Kilos 07:37
Kilosnot now playmonkey 07:37
playmonkeyhi henkj 07:37
Kiloswont make the month07:37
playmonkeythat why we can post you a love-bundle but I think when I get the new ubuntu discs i'll include those too07:38
Kilosand dont forget a dvd with 07:38
Kilosyour os?07:38
playmonkeyyes crunchbang07:38
playmonkeylol, not crash :p07:38
Kiloslol oh ya that too07:38
Kilosthey got him07:39
MaazCoffee's ready for playmonkey and Kilos!07:39
KilosMaaz, ty07:40
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:40
Kiloshe didnt even get to have his coffee07:45
playmonkeyback Kilos 07:49
playmonkeyhad to close the window suddenly07:50
Kilosthought they got you07:50
Kilosdont jeapodise your work hey07:50
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:51
Vince-0Hi Kilos , hoe gaan dit met jou07:51
KilosMaaz, spell jeopordise07:51
MaazKilos: Suggestions: jeopardise07:51
playmonkeyhi Vince-0 07:51
Vince-0hi playmonkey hoe gaan dit07:51
playmonkeyI don't think that spelling looks right Maaz 07:51
Kilosgoed dankie en jy Vince-0 07:51
playmonkeygood Vince-0 07:51
playmonkeybet everyone is glad it is Friday07:53
playmonkeyVince-0: I've been getting into hedgewars a bit, the quality of the content is just too good07:55
playmonkeyand it has lan play, or online via their official server. you can spectate games too, it works fine with a 2G/3G connection even.07:56
Vince-0Vrydag, ja07:59
Vince-0I'm bored at work07:59
Vince-0hedgewars? checking it out now08:00
playmonkeywish I was bored ;)08:00
playmonkeyI have to get back to coding this C# MVC site...08:00
Vince-0using a framework?08:01
playmonkeyyes, knockout and razor08:02
playmonkeyand MEF08:02
Vince-0hedgewars intro vid - queen lol . its a worms knock-off08:02
playmonkeyyeah its a worms remake :D08:03
playmonkeyhave a good day Vince-0 and Kilos and *your-name-here*08:10
Vince-0oh, too late08:17
Kilosquick hey08:18
Kiloshi N8Wulf 09:30
N8Wulfhey Uncle Kilos09:31
Kiloshi superfly 09:38
N8Wulfwhat's the kde groups name again pls?09:45
superflykde group?09:46
Kilosask superfly and inetpro 09:46
N8Wulf#ubuntu-kde non comprende vous09:46
N8WulfDankie dankie09:46
inetproN8Wulf, Kilos: why?09:49
Kiloshe needs some kde info of course09:49
Kilosyou winning inetpro ?09:49
N8Wulfstuck with something small: how do I switch Workspaces? with gnome I pressed Cntrl+Alt & Left /right09:50
Kilosi click in that block of workspaces bottom left09:50
N8Wulfand to move a App we "normally" press Ctrl+Alt+Shift and Left/Right... Kilos... Clicking is for Windows users09:51
superflyN8Wulf: I set mine up to use Super+Alt+Left/Right09:51
superflyN8Wulf: you can set all of that up... let me quickly see...09:51
superflyN8Wulf: btw, don't forget Alt+F209:52
superflyN8Wulf: System Settings -> Shortcuts & Gestures -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts, Select "KWin" as the component, and Bob's your uncle!09:53
superflyMeta = Super = Windows key09:53
charl_good morning09:55
charl_Maaz: coffee on09:55
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:55
* inetpro is happy with all in one workspace and simply Alt+Tab for switching between apps and Alt+F2 to start new apps09:57
inetpronot sure why anyone would want different workspaces, but that's just me09:58
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!09:59
inetproif I really want to move stuff to a 2nd desktop I just switch with Ctrl+F1,F2,Fx09:59
Kilossee N8Wulf the kde guys here are clever10:00
N8Wulfone reason being that I run IRC on my right hand workspace, my browser on the bottom workspace and then the rest in my Main workspace. then when I need to switch quickly between the 15 open Apps, I dont need to Alt-Tab 32 times10:01
inetpro15 open apps? Why?10:02
inetprosuperfly: by the way, my super key is not working by default, is there anywhere you need to enable it?10:03
* inetpro goes to google it10:04
inetprohmm... 10:07
inetprothe key definitely works when I set it to launch the KMenu10:07
inetprobut shortcuts defined in above mentioned settings don't do what they should be doing10:08
N8Wulfthanx guys10:08
inetproN8Wulf: working?10:08
Kilosinetpro, i asked you if you are winning with you move to new hardware10:08
inetproKilos: I'm always winning10:08
Kilosexcept when youre sukkeling10:09
inetproKilos: it will take some time in between many other daily challenges, we're sorting out the memory tonight10:10
Kiloswhew long hours hey10:12
Kiloskeep us informed though10:12
N8WulfHeeelpp... Server 12.10 , I'm trying to edit the resolv.conf but I see that it is dynamically managed by resolvconf10:22
N8Wulfso how do I change the DNS server in the resolv.conf? pleas someone10:23
N8Wulfthe mighty Google has spoken10:27
N8WulfWhat's for Lunch gents?11:14
inetproN8Wulf: i just noticed that steers dropped their prices11:20
inetprowith combo meals11:21
N8WulfGreek Salad with lots of Feta... made by Fruit and Veg11:23
N8Wulfindeed... and Big Bananas for pudding11:24
Kiloswhat is a caterpillar in afrikaans11:28
Kilosdont work that link11:29
Kilosgoes to google developers11:29
superflyinetpro: probably because you're already using the Super key as a dedicated shortcut for something else11:31
inetprosuperfly: I don't actually, have never used it since using kubuntu... ok perhaps not never11:40
* inetpro is used to many default kde shortcuts without needing the super key11:41
N8WulfAny Geniuses in the house for Lamp Server installation?11:53
N8WulfUsing this: sudo tasksel install lamp-server  I'm supposed to get a Prompt to create a MySql password, but this never happened. Should I remove and reInstall or can I set the PW in another way?11:55
superflyN8Wulf: google it, there are tons of blog posts out there on how to reset your MySQL admin password11:56
Squirmgood afternoon12:11
* Squirm pops in12:14
N8Wulfafternoon Squirm12:16
Squirmhello N8Wulf, superfly 12:16
N8Wulfpls point me in the right direction.. busy setting up a smei headless box. I have to run a Webbrowser on the box as part of the setup, so I'm installing LXDE quickly. Do I have to run the LXDE first, then something like VNC-Server so that I can connect remotelly/12:19
N8Wulf*don't ask me what a "smei" is, typo12:19
inetproyou're doing it wrong12:21
inetproa web server should never require a gui12:21
N8Wulfjust above the Step for Setup a virtual server12:22
inetproremind me to never install Moodle12:24
N8Wulfwhich brings me back to my Q... some kind of remote X possible?12:25
inetproN8Wulf: try using a text browser12:26
inetprono gui needed12:27
inetproelinks, links, lynx or any other12:27
N8Wulfgood idea.. will let you know12:33
Squirmand N8Wulf, it is possible to have a remote X session13:12
Squirmjust don't ask me how to do it :P13:12
Squirmonly way I know of is ss -x13:12
N8Wulfwill read up on that one thanx for the tip13:13
Squirmwell, ssh -X13:13
Squirmit brings an X application through ssh.13:13
N8Wulfow COOL13:13
inetproI would however stay away from installing X components on a server13:47
inetprothe only thing that is sometimes needed is libraries13:47
superflyif you need something like X, use Xvfb14:02
charl_i find it hard to believe that there is now an ubuntu derivative that is actually called "descentos"14:13
charl_how unoriginal can you get14:13
charl_(i'm not criticising the distro by the way, just the name...)14:14
N8Wulfhave a gr8 weekend all15:00
inetproN8Wulf: thanks, same to you15:05
Kiloscheers N8Wulf storm coming inetpro 15:06
Kilosthere by your side15:06
inetproKilos: nee, it's already over15:06
inetproor you mean by my house?15:06
inetproin city centre we just had a massive amount of rain15:07
inetprowell, massive in a short space of time15:07
inetprosun is out again15:07
N8Wulfstorm hitting the Vaal now15:07
hibanaKilos: and you didn't even greet me?15:17
Kilosaw sorry hibana was asleep15:22
Kilosjust woke when dogs barked when sis got home15:22
Kilosstorming your house side15:23
hibanaahh he's sleeping in the middle of the day?15:25
magespawnhey all finnally back at a keyboard15:27
Kilosdont spot man15:27
Kiloskop klap dag15:27
inetproKilos: jammer oom15:27
Kilosnp 15:27
* inetpro going down in a few minutes15:27
Kilossee some interesting stuff here15:28
* hibana ready to take control15:28
Kilosgood luck inetpro hibana 15:28
hibanaKilos: thanks15:30
magespawnwhats up Kilos?15:32
hibanadood soos 'n mossie15:33
Kilosaw poor inetpro15:34
magespawnanywho i am off for the rest of the day,see you later all15:35
Kiloslater magespawn 15:36
Kilossaw some interesting stuff about x onna server15:54
inetprohello world15:59
Kiloswb inetpro well done16:02
Kilosplustwo, with you?16:02
Kilosor coincidence16:02
Kilosoh my16:11
Kilosaw toods banana16:23
Kilosi mean hibana16:23
inetproKilos: ai!16:23
inetproen dit sonder om te groet?16:23
Kilosmaar hy is oud so ons kan hom verskoon16:24
Kilosjy moet groet ballie16:25
hibanasorry oom16:26
* hibana going to sleep now16:26
hibanabye oom16:26
Kilosnag hibana lekker rus16:26
hibanamooi bly julle!16:26
Kiloswerk als16:26
* inetpro voel stukke beter16:27
Kiloshi drussell hows things16:29
inetprowb drussell16:30
drussellKilos: good! Just back from Stockholm... -29 degrees there ;o)16:31
drussellinetpro: thx16:31
Kiloshi smile 16:45
smilehow are you kilos? :)16:46
Kilosgood ty smile and you?16:46
smileim okay16:47
smileim cleaning up old kernels :p16:48
smileyeah :)16:50
smile665 mb :o16:50
Kilossuch big kernels?16:51
smilehaha, http://www.praag.co.za/nuus-magazine-402/internasionale-nuus-magazine-399/12951-gaan-vlieg.html16:56
smileno, four :)16:56
Kiloshi not_found 17:38
not_foundhiya uncle Kilos 17:38
not_foundChanServ: /help17:40
smileKilos: wb :p17:41
Kilosty smile 17:43
Kiloswassup not_found 17:44
not_foundnot much uncle Kilos ... playing around with chanserv17:44
Kiloslol what you wanna do17:45
KilosChanServ: /help17:45
Kilosthat does nothing17:45
not_foundoh I just had to op so I could change the topic in another channel...17:45
not_foundalready got it done now :p17:45
Kilosdid that command give you a message or options?17:46
not_found/msg ChanServ help worked17:46
not_found/msg ChanServ help commands worked17:46
not_foundtakes me a while but where there is a google there is a way17:47
Kilosyou must remember those things man17:47
Kilos like /msg nickserv Nick etc17:48
not_foundperhaps... for the one time in a year I might need it17:48
Kilosinetpro, why you use hibana when working on system?18:41
inetproKilos: so that I could see when inetpro got cut18:41
Kilosoh ty18:42
inetprowas connecting with hibana from a different route18:42
inetprosame network, just another server18:42
Kilosfrom same pc?18:43
inetproanother server at the gate of our network18:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight.19:28
smilebye :)19:30
* smile waves19:30

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