nynexHello I need a little help with flash. I broke something...00:00
BillyZane2where is ~00:00
histoBillyZane2: unity has a screenshot app that comes withit but I can't remember the name of it00:00
SonikkuAmericanynex: We don't support Flash here.00:01
histoBillyZane2: /home/billyzane2   if that's your ussername00:01
BillyZane2i typed in scrot and nothing happened00:01
histoBillyZane2: it took a .png and put it in your /home/username  folder00:01
BillyZane2ok i found it00:01
histoBillyZane2: or you can use gnome-screenshot   that's aparently the one that comes with ubuntu00:01
nynexSonikkuAmerica, Okay, what do you recommend I do? if i show you a pic of the problem can you suggest what to google?00:02
SonikkuAmericaUnless it's that "confetti" problem in Chrome00:03
xj54yHow can I check to see what is utilizing a disk?00:03
histo!details | nynex00:03
ubottunynex: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:03
k1lxj54y: with lsof00:03
BillyZane2sorry, 640 res is really bad for productivity00:03
benlangfeldHello gents. I'm having a hard time finding out about upstart and restarting services as a user other than root. Obviously if that user can sudo, all is good, but if they can't, is there a way to allow them to restart a specific service?00:04
histoBillyZane2: yeah you are using the nouveau driver that's why your resolution is messed up00:04
BillyZane2histo: i love you00:04
BillyZane2histo: how do i fix it?00:04
histoBillyZane2: click on the one below that and click enable it00:04
BillyZane2changes are being applied00:05
histoBillyZane2: enable button is in the bottom right you'd have to move the window up some more to see it.00:05
BillyZane2i'm going to microwave some food real fast, brb00:05
BillyZane2histo, i'm hungry, i got school in a few minutes.. like.. ahh.. 40 minutes.. i better get cracking, then i'll get all this done and be on time00:05
SonikkuAmericaDoes anyone know which version of Ubuntu that is that BillyZane2 is using?00:06
BillyZane2histo, it's going to take a few minutes to apply, i'm using 12.1000:06
nynexubottu, Sure. im running 12.04 it was all working fine, but slow on a dell 1520 inspiron so i thought i would install a ligher window environment and put in sudo apt-get install lubuntu as the canonical website suggested.00:06
ubottunynex: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:06
BillyZane2SonikkuAmerica, : 12.10 sir00:06
SonikkuAmericanynex: You mean lubuntu-desktop00:06
nynexSonikkuAmerica, Yeah it looks like confetti00:06
BillyZane2histo: i will be right back00:06
nynexSonikkuAmerica, Yeah thats it00:07
SonikkuAmericaBillyZane2: That's right, you said Xubuntu 12.10.00:07
histobenlangfeld: you need to edit the sudoers file00:07
SonikkuAmericanynex: Sadly, AFAIK there is no fix to that00:07
histo!sudo | benlangfeld00:07
ubottubenlangfeld: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:07
SonikkuAmericanynex: I would suggest using Opera to view YouTube videos for the time being, until the next Pepper Flash comes arounds.00:08
histoSonikkuAmerica: what is this confetti bug you speak of?00:08
nynexSonikkuAmerica, jsut so we are talking about the same thing, is this it? [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/2u63db9.jpg[/IMG]00:08
histoSonikkuAmerica: flash for linux is done I believe00:08
benlangfeldhisto: I know I can edit sudoers, but is there not a way to do it without giving the user sudo?00:08
histobenlangfeld: yes you can give them permission to a single command etc...00:08
histobenlangfeld: if you look at that documentation00:09
nynexhisto, by done you mean finished as in its killled or done as in its ready?00:09
jerradcan you guys think of a reason why a file system would suddenly change to read-only?00:09
histobenlangfeld: ewww they don't ahve it on thos epages let me look for better docs00:09
SonikkuAmericahisto: In Chrome for Linux, when you try to play a YouTube video using the latest Flash Player, "confetti" (really random single-color dots) appear in the player window. In the HTML 5 demo, they turn red.00:09
histoSonikkuAmerica: not for me... I thinkk it's only with nvidia cards00:10
nynexjerrad, i had that when my external hdd died00:10
histoSonikkuAmerica: can't they use gnash instead of flash and fix the issue00:10
BillyZane2histo, the driver got updated, should i reboot?00:10
SonikkuAmericahisto: I'm using Ubuntu under a Mobile Intel GMA965. And Gnash doesn't work.00:10
SonikkuAmericajerrad: Another one: You might've dropped sudo by accident00:11
benlangfeldhisto: That's still sodoers. That's not what I'm looking for. Thanks anyway00:11
jerradSonikkuAmerica: /dev/disk/by-uuid/89617218-d503-4f18-ab7b-0098bfe1dbdf / ext4 ro,relatime,errors=remount-ro,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 000:11
jribbenlangfeld: what service is this?  You could let the user use upstart to have his own jobs (this isn't enabled by default in ubuntu)00:11
jerradno, thats from /proc/mounts00:11
jerradits read only00:11
histobenlangfeld: okay it is what you are looking for but don't believe me00:11
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BillyZane2hisot: brb, rebooting00:12
SonikkuAmericajerrad: So the entire FS just magically [ chmod 744 ]'ed you.00:12
benlangfeldhisto: I'm telling you I would prefer not to use sudo. I know I can do it that way, I know sudo inside out. But thank you for trying to help anyway.00:12
roastedQuestion - when I execute my custom find command which deletes all files and directories older than 3 days, I get a message for each directory indicating "No such file or directory." While on one hand it may not matter, I'm exceptionally curious as to why I'm even getting this message during the execution of the find command???00:12
benlangfeldjrib: Do you have a doc reference for that? Or a good search term?00:13
jribbenlangfeld: upstart cookbook00:13
jerradSonikkuAmerica: i had a FSCK error pop up on startup, fixed it. I think this might be normal operation as per the 'errors=remount-ro,' in /proc/mounts (which i didn't set, so must be default behavior)00:13
SonikkuAmericaroasted: Are you cd'd to the directory your script is in?00:13
benlangfeldjrib: This? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#user-job00:13
roastedSonikkuAmerica: there is no script, I'm just running the command freely in terminal.00:14
jribbenlangfeld: yes00:14
benlangfeldjrib: Awesome, thanks, will dig into that.00:14
roastedSonikkuAmerica: I am CD'd into the parent dir though, hang on let me try again.00:14
roastedSonikkuAmerica: my command is find /home/jason/Desktop/test/* -mmin +1 -exec rm -r {} \;00:15
jribbenlangfeld: it's not clear what you are doing.  histo's suggestion is what you would want if you just want to let a user manager some service on the system.  But if you want a user to have his own jobs then use user jobs00:15
SonikkuAmericajerrad: What is /dev/disk/by-uuid/89617218-d503-4f18-ab7b-0098bfe1dbdf / ext4 ro,relatime,errors=remount-ro,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 0 listed as in Nautilus or your FM?00:15
roastedSonikkuAmerica: I was CD'd into /home/jason/Desktop/test at the time00:15
histobenlangfeld: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/allow-a-normal-user-to-run-commands-as-root.html  This will give you an idea.  Then you can remove the passwd prompt etc...00:15
roastedSonikkuAmerica: still gives me that message even if I'm just CD'd into Desktop00:15
benlangfeldjrib: I want a user to be able to manage his own jobs.00:15
benlangfeldhisto: Yes, I'm familiar, thank you.00:15
jribbenlangfeld: k00:15
jerradSonikkuAmerica: i dont know how to check that?00:15
SonikkuAmericajerrad: Open your file manager00:15
SonikkuAmericaas root00:15
SonikkuAmericaroasted: Why not [ find * <whateverSwitchesYouPutHere> ]?00:16
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roastedSonikkuAmerica: I'm using find to locate files/directories over a certain age and deleting them via rm -r00:16
OerHeksbenlangfeld, answer #4 is what you r goal is ? >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100965700:17
tertuleroalguien habla español00:17
SonikkuAmerica!es | tertulero00:17
ubottutertulero: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:17
JonEdneyI'm getting this error when I open terminal in 12.10: bash: /home/jon/.bashrc: line 116: syntax error: unexpected end of file00:17
JonEdneyThe only change to the file I made was adding a couple aliases, but then I got rid of them thinking I messed things up, and they came back.00:18
jribJonEdney: pastebin your ~/.bashrc00:18
benlangfeldOerHeks: It's a partial solution, but does not do what I want. Sudoers is not a good way to solve the problem I have. Thanks anyway :)00:18
historoasted: do the directories hav file in them perhaps you need -f00:20
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roastedhisto: yeah, they do have files. I thought I got the same thing with f as well but let me try00:20
roastedhisto: still getting the message.00:21
historoasted: what message were you getting?00:21
roastedhisto: I don't understand why it's telling me no such file or dir when the intention is to delete it anyway. It's as if it's looping twice or something00:21
hilariousanyone ever set up their own SMTP server ?00:21
roastedhisto: sec00:21
roastedhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567643/00:21
historoasted: try find /home/jason/Desktop/test/.  blah lbah00:22
roastedhisto: pardon? just change the * to .?00:23
historoasted: yes00:23
roastedhisto: would . still act as a wildcard? The goal is to delete anything older than 3 days in this specific dir.00:23
jribhilarious: best to just ask your actual question.  There's some documentation on help.ubuntu.com (server guide) as well as help.ubuntu.com/community about setting up a mail server00:23
JonEdneyjrib, http://pastebin.com/PNnhW89R00:24
hilarioushm i think i may just use a perl implementation00:24
roastedhisto: same error with .00:24
hilariousi don't have a specific question, i am thinking about running my own smtp server00:24
JonEdneyjrib, SInce I removed my aliases, this should be a non-altered file, as I'd have no need to touch it.00:24
historoasted: yes you are telling it to look there and look by dates i'm assuming00:24
hilariousseems complicated though00:24
jribJonEdney: erm, there is no line 116 :x00:24
roastedhisto: yeah.00:24
roastedhisto: this is for video surveillance. I need to rotate the feeds since I don't have 4 million petabytes of HDD storage00:25
yeats!smtp | hilarious00:25
ubottuhilarious: Ubuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html00:25
roastedhisto: this is a mock test for my actual server.00:25
jribJonEdney: look at line 10300:25
historoasted: Well does it work with .00:25
roastedhisto: no, same error.00:25
roastedhisto: operates identically00:25
JonEdneyjrib, oh my...a rogue paste!00:25
historoasted: ask in ##linux again. See if xeon will answer he is good with that sort of thing00:26
JonEdneyI can't believe I overlooked that :( ty jrib00:26
historoasted: show him the pastebin also00:26
jribroasted: you're deleting based on modification time?00:26
jribI feel like I've seen this question in here like 5 times at this point....00:26
roastedjrib: originally I was deleting based on file type, but that of course leaves empty directories behind.00:27
roastedjrib: this time I'm axing the whole dir as well.00:27
sid|laptoprm -rf /00:27
sid|laptopwrong window00:27
roastedvery nice00:27
jribsid|laptop: well remember to read the man page when that doesn't work I suppose00:27
sid|laptopthanks ◕‿◕00:28
jribroasted: have it echo what it is deleting.  You're probably deleting things recursively from the top and that's messing with find00:29
BillyZane2histo: it won't work. i tried the one you told me to use, i tried the other drivers. i even did sudo nvidia-xconfig before each reboot00:30
roastedjrib: I'm drawing a blank as to how I'd incorporate echo in that...00:31
jribroasted: change '-exec' to '-print -exec' then00:31
roastedjrib: looks fine to me - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567660/00:32
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jribroasted: this doesn't have rm :)  Anyway, there's some switch you can pass to find so that it starts at the bottom level which will probably let you avoid the issue you are coming across now00:33
roastedjrib: ah, thank you - yes there is. I'll dig it up and give that a shot.00:34
jribroasted: -depth it seems00:34
histojrib: is roasted problem maybe due to the spaces in the results?00:34
roastedhisto: I tried solid single word directories too00:34
roastedfind: `/home/jason/Desktop/test/test1': No such file or directory00:35
historoasted: and test1 exists right?00:35
roastedhisto: oh yes00:35
jribhisto: I don't think so; I believe it's because test1 gets deleted (because he used rm -rf on something above it) and find still goes to look for it00:35
roastedhisto: test1, test2, and four "Untitled Folders" - all 6 got the same error.00:35
historoasted: what's your latest paste?00:36
jribroasted: -delete might be a better idea too (it includes -depth automatically as a bonus)00:36
BillyZane2OMG i have sound on ubuntu, but no video. how ironic00:36
roastedhisto: hang on... -depth gave me an error00:36
roastedbut I think I just misplaced -depth00:36
histoBillyZane2: Can yo ujust use VGA again? does that fix the issue?00:36
BillyZane2histo: the original driver? i can try00:37
roastedfind: warning: you have specified the -depth option after a non-option argument -mmin blah blah blah etc etc00:37
BillyZane2histo: i'm in the middle of an update and i gotta leave in a few minutes, but lets try00:37
histoBillyZane2: No you said this started when you switched to DVI right? can you switch back?00:37
Mkopwell, after struggling to install hebrew in lubuntu, I rebooted, and now everything is right to left00:38
BillyZane2histo: i am currently on VGA.  this problem was occuring in windows as well. It might be a problem with the video card's bios00:38
johnjacobjingerBillyZane2 what do u mean u dont have video?00:38
VivekanandaHello everyone. I am thinking of upgrading from lucid to 12.04 now but I have just a few questions00:38
BillyZane2histo: here's the thing, VGA works fine in windows. it detects the high res, but ever since i tried switching to DVI, nothing works in ubuntu, not DVI or VGA00:38
histoBillyZane2: that's bizare I'd assume it's more related to driver but it could be somehting goofy with the card or the monitors EDID data.00:38
BillyZane2i mean my screen resolution is stuck at 640x480, i'm back in the stone ages00:38
jribroasted: -delete is probably safer too since it won't wipe out directories that are not empty00:39
BillyZane2hmm.. how do i check EDID data?00:39
histoBillyZane2: So you activated the nvidia driver rigth?00:39
ImmatixDoes anyone know if Precise is ever going to receive dnsmasq 2.6+ ?00:39
Vivekananda1. my laptop is old and I heard that 12 needs a little more powerful processor ( celeron is mine ) so should I upgrade. If I do how do I choose to keep it light ? Is gnome still as light?00:39
histoBillyZane2: did you confirm that it's active in jockey-gtk  ???00:39
BillyZane2histo: before doing the VGA to DVI swam, I tested this monitor with a DVI cable on another computer, everything worked normally.00:39
roastedhisto: jrib: the money shot - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567676/00:40
BillyZane2histo: i did a system update :( it's installing currently00:40
roastedjrib: I'll give -delete a test drive00:40
DrManhattanI'd be happy to see firestarter get a friggin DMZ mode. Who makes a firewall tool with no DMZ00:40
BillyZane2histo, NO I DID NOT, hwo do i do that?00:40
BillyZane2actually.. you mean the jockey drivers?00:40
historoasted: you may want to use the -delete option of find00:41
BillyZane2i have to say something else.. my computer is running very slow. this is extremely strange as i have an intel i7 3770k. it shouldn't run 1/10th this slow00:41
histoBillyZane2: No remember I wanted you to enable the nvidia driver in hard ware drivers dialog?00:41
histoBillyZane2: then did you go back in hardware drivers and make sure it's enabled?00:42
BillyZane2updates almost done00:42
BillyZane2histo, i tested out all but the bottom driver00:42
vagrantcanyone know if building live CDs on ubuntu still uses the process mentioned here: https://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2011/06/msg00152.html ?00:42
BillyZane2i did the top, the second and third drivers, and used nvidia-xconfig00:42
histoBillyZane2: run xrandr in a terminal does it show higher resolutions availible00:42
BillyZane2these drivers were working before i did the DVI switch too00:42
vagrantcor a more appropriate place to ask about  ubuntu's live cd infrastructure?00:42
subcoolrtorrent it commandline??00:43
histosubcool: yes rtorrent is a console based app00:43
BillyZane2Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 640 x 480, maximum 16384 x 1638400:43
BillyZane2DVI-I-0 connected 640x480+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm00:43
BillyZane2   640x480        59.9*+00:43
BillyZane2   320x240       120.100:43
FloodBot1BillyZane2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:43
subcoolim stuck with vuze forever00:43
histoBillyZane2: can you pastebin the output of cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EDID00:44
roastedjrib: histo: -delete gives me the same errors, while -depth does not00:46
roastedhere's the paste with -delete: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567685/00:46
BillyZane2histo: looks like that might be the problem00:47
jribroasted: you're doing -delete before -mmin and you still have -exec....00:47
histoBillyZane2: What all did you do before to get higher resolution?00:47
jribroasted: -delete actually deletes00:47
roastedoh, I didn't realize -delete was to replace -exec00:48
BillyZane2histo: all i had to do was install the display drivers before and do nvidia-xconfig00:48
BillyZane2histo: except there were some complications00:48
Vivekanandajrib: hey you gave me instructions about the upgrade. Could I have them again from ubotto00:48
BillyZane2however, it was working before very well00:48
histoBillyZane2: Yeah what complications?00:48
roastedjrib: look better? jason@Area51:~/Desktop$ find /home/jason/Desktop/test/* -mmin +1 -delete {} \;00:48
jribVivekananda: you can ask ubottu at anytime with /msg ubottu upgrade00:48
jrib!upgrade | Vivekananda00:48
ubottuVivekananda: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:48
jribroasted: you don't need « {} \; »00:49
BillyZane2i'm not entirely sure, all i know is as soon as i did nvidia-xconfig , everything was fixed. but now that doesn't work anymore00:49
roastedjrib: look better? jason@Area51:~/Desktop$ find /home/jason/Desktop/test/* -mmin +1 -delete00:49
Vivekanandaalso care to comment on the upgrade. should I upgrade or remain with this one for  a less powerful comp00:49
jribroasted: seems ok00:49
BillyZane2histo: before, i was getting very strange results, i mean.. my resolution was jacked up, i couldn't access my entire desktop so using my PC was difficult outside of terminal. this happened when installing nvidia-current00:49
roastedjrib: winner!00:50
roastedjrib: I assume that command doesn't work recursively at all? Does it simply look at the dirs within test and that's it?00:50
jribroasted: find is recursive the -delete isn't00:50
ajacomHi guys ... I installed Samba to attempt to access a Win8 PC. Upon trying to access it, I apparently mistyped the login name (or the domain ... got a little confused there). And now just double-clicking on the remote PC icon (in Browse Network), brings up an error inmediately... Thus Samba remembered my choice. How can I reset that and make Samba forget the pwd I entered? Thanks ...00:50
jribroasted: just put a -print before -delete if you are unsure of the behavior00:51
histoBillyZane2: can you sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup   and try to restart.  If X breaks just sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:51
roastedjrib: if find is recursive... but delete isn't... would find "win" since it's capable of more?00:51
jribroasted: I guess that's one way of looking at it00:51
roastedajacom: I think that would actually be handled on the Windows side. I remember in XP there was a way somewhere deep in control panel to remove saved info.00:52
ajacomWow really ?00:52
roastedajacom: yeah.00:52
ajacomHmm ok ..00:52
roastedajacom: I don't think the server plays a role here at all. I'd bet my car if you used a Windows server instead of Samba you'd have the same issue.00:52
BillyZane2mv: missing destination file operand after `/etc/x11/xorg.conf'00:52
roastedpending you don't have a domain and identical credentials on the windows server, because then it would auto authenticate etc.00:53
BillyZane2hmm... one sec, lowercase x00:53
histoajacom: edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf00:53
roastedjrib: if find is recursive, why would it not cause -delete to function outside of the test/* ??00:53
BillyZane2histo: mv: missing destination file operand after `/etc/X11/xorg.conf'00:53
ajacomroasted: just for the record... when your windows8 username is xxxx@live.cl ... you shouldn't put "xxxx" in username, and "live.cl" in domain, right? (that's what i did)00:53
jribroasted: what do you mean by "outside"?  you mean above it?00:53
histoBillyZane2: okay does cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf   display any output?00:54
roastedajacom: I'm not entirely certain, but my educated *guess* would say that doesn't sound wrong... so sure?00:54
roastedjrib: yes00:54
roastedunless find is only recursive one way00:54
jribroasted: yes, only one way00:54
BillyZane2histo: cat: /etx/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory00:54
roastedjrib: so it hits test and stops since that's the parent dir that was targeted in the command. Eh? That train of thought right?00:55
BillyZane2histo, i gotta leave for class in about 5 minutes00:55
ajacomhisto: smb.conf seems to be holding the samba server configuration actually... nothing on the "Browse Network" part.... (Is that even controlled by Samba ? Or did it came with Ubuntu?)00:55
jribroasted: just run "find" by itself and you will see every file it considers00:55
histoBillyZane2: I have no idea what is causing your issue. If you are running the nvidia driver IDK why you can't set a higher resolution. I'm assuming Xorg is having issues detecting your monitors capabilites. BUt I don't know why this would have worked before but would be failing now. Perhaps someone else can chime in.00:55
jribroasted: or "find PATH" in this case00:55
BillyZane2histo: it's ok. thank you for trying00:56
histoajacom: oh sorry. Got confused there. WHen did you get prompted for a password?00:56
BillyZane2histo: i think i'm going to try to get the video card's bios to be upgraded. i'll check to see if maybe i broke something inside the video card's display adaptor. that is unlikely though. i' gotta go now. thank you so much00:56
roastedjrib: thereby suggesting, what it displays, is what gets hit with whatever command issued - in this case, -delete. Eh?00:56
ajacomOK .. Something happened. =)... The password prompt magically reappared00:57
jribroasted: no, because you didn't tell it the "-mmin"00:57
ajacomhisto: I'm just trying to access my Win8 PC on the Browse Network part00:57
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ajacomGot very confused with the username/domain/password, since Win8 usernames are username@live.cl or similar...00:57
roastedjrib: assuming all files older than 1 minute, and I run -mmin +1, THEN what I'm seeing here would be hit with whatever command issued... in this case -delete. Eh?00:57
roastedajacom: the domain when authenticating against hte Samba server would be whatever it is in the smb.conf00:58
roastedajacom: I didn't understand what you were asking at first.00:58
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roastedajacom: I believe smb.conf defaults to WORKGROUP00:58
johnjacobjingeri think i want to start a Linux for Car project00:58
histoajacom: there may be some setting stored in a hidden folder in your ~00:58
johnjacobjingeror Ubuntu for Car rather00:58
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roastedajacom: from the smb.conf of my machine - # Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of workgroup = WORKGROUP00:58
ajacomroasted: Yes, I have that set to "Casa", which is my home network's name.00:59
johnjacobjingermake an in-dash ubuntu machine with touch interface that offers GPS capabilities, audio, rear camera, and maybe a way to record everything your car does to act as a blackbox00:59
ajacomroasted: I have no problem entering Ubuntu from Windows8 though ...00:59
jribroasted: yes.  Remember, find just evaluates expressions.  When you write "find -foo -bar" you should think of it as "find -foo -and -bar".  Find tries to find the value of the expression "-foo AND -bar".  If -foo is false, then it stops and never gets to -bar because it implies "-foo AND -bar" is false.  As long, as each expression is true though, find keeps chugging along.  Some expressions have side00:59
jribeffects (like -delete which deletes files)00:59
Vivekanandajrib: about the upgrade. Is 12.04 heavy ? and also advisable to upgrade now ( bug situations and all )01:00
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roastedjrib: I understand. My only (and major) concern about this was making sure that it didn't go backwards. Last thing I want is to do find /home/jason/Desktop/test/* -mmin +1 -delete and it goes to test, then Desktop, then jason, etc.01:01
jribVivekananda: 12.04 has been out since april of last year.  So if you read the release notes, you shouldn't expect anything surprising (well when do you anyway? :P).  unity is probably a little more resource intensive than what you are coming from in gnome, but you can use unity-2d (just choose it at the login screen)01:01
Vivekanandajrib: I like to havee compiz like effects sometimes like desktop jump and I was using devilspie but not sure if that would work now or not01:02
johnjacobjingergnome classic for me01:02
ajacomNo avail... I just can't open the machine from here ...01:02
ajacomNo biggie01:02
johnjacobjingeri cant stand unity01:02
roastedjohnjacobjinger: give it time.01:02
jribVivekananda: how much ram do you have?01:02
Vivekananda2 gig01:02
roastedjohnjacobjinger: I was a one time hater, now I feel lost without it.01:02
johnjacobjingerroasted it doesnt play nicely with my media center01:02
Vivekanandaceleron 1.6 ghz max01:03
roastedjohnjacobjinger: how so?01:03
Vivekanandalower is 800 mhz01:03
Vivekanandafor the cpu01:03
johnjacobjingerlike the dock on the side doesnt disappear when i am playing my movies full screen01:03
johnjacobjingerthe panels on top and bottom do just not the stupid dock01:03
johnjacobjingerusing xbmc01:03
dr_willisjohnjacobjinger:  theres known bugs and work arounds for that bug. but i dont see the issue with xbmc here on my  nvidia card.01:03
roastedjohnjacobjinger: I'm running 12.04 with XBM Con my system. Unity bar hides when I laucnh XBMC...01:03
roastedNvidia card here01:04
VivekanandaI have to run intensive tasks on this machine too sometimes ( I know :( ) but what to do . So I want a lightweight but functional manager like gnome01:04
johnjacobjingeri noticed it on my dell m460001:04
dr_willisi even run xbmc on my Raspberrypi01:04
johnjacobjingerwhich has an nvidia 2000m01:04
johnjacobjingerbut not a big deal gnome classic is pretty good imo01:04
jribVivekananda: hmm I don't know how well unity would run.  But if it gives you trouble, you have unity-2d, as well as xubuntu, lubuntu, and even gnome-classic available to you01:05
roasteddr_willis: I'd PM you but I forget how to do it over irssi. ONE quick question - does the Pi to video AND audio over hdmi?01:05
dr_willisgnome2 had some issues. ;)  the fallback gnome mode - was slated for removeable.01:05
dr_willisroasted:  yes. can do HD video over hdmi.01:05
pcvegoogle Enable/Disable Auto Hide For Unity 2-D Launcher In Ubuntu 11.1001:06
linuxnoobsoooo complete noob question incoming:  I get a (initramfs) unable to find medium containing a live file system when I reboot during the install process.  It stays on the ubuntu load screen for several minutes then this error appears.  I know, I'm retarded, but I'd love an answer <301:07
Vivekanandajrib: are these option avaialabe for switch out of the box or do I have to download each of these separately ?01:07
jribVivekananda: not sure.  unity-2d and gnome-classic might be.  The others definitely need to be installed after if you want them01:08
w0rm-_xguys whats the convenient way to open up a graphical user interface program from the terminal? can't remember it is it -gk?01:08
johnjacobjingeri had to install gnome classic01:08
Vivekanandahmm ok01:09
dr_willisw0rm-_x:  you mean any gui app> or a specific one?01:09
w0rm-_xdr_willis, like wireshark01:09
dr_willisw0rm-_x:  type its name ....01:09
histodr_willis: Did they ever get working X driver for the pi's chipset?  Or atleast accelerated drivers?01:09
hilariousanyone familiar with SPF ?01:10
dr_willisw0rm-_x:   tab completion can help01:10
dr_willishisto:  they are being worked on. sort of a alpha state right now01:10
w0rm-_xdr_willis, there is a flag for GUIs for better performance01:10
histodr_willis: Hrm.. That's the only thing thats holding me back.01:10
histodr_willis: I may still order one to play around with. Where did you order yours?01:11
locojayhi just installed ssh on a system runing livecd in ramdisk. what is pwd01:12
locojaytried ubuntu and nothing but not success01:12
Vivekanandaguys I have a question that has been bugging me for long . In movies and stuff they show that all comps are mostly windows cli s pop up but never see a gui interface in the background. Can I do something simiilar in unix??01:12
geek4everlocojay: try root01:13
xsacha_hi, is there a specific channel for ubuntu phone?01:13
histolocojay: I don't believe there is one for ubuntu  user01:14
locojayadding one via passwd01:14
histolocojay: take a look at /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to be sure01:14
locojayand then logging in helps01:14
locojayi m in :)01:14
histolocojay: Why not just log in without one01:14
locojaydid not work01:15
locojayno idea why via sshd01:15
histoVivekananda: What? do you hvae a picture of what you are talking about?01:15
histolocojay: I thikn blank passwd's is disabled by default in sshdconfig01:15
locojayi guess it musst be01:16
geek4ever!ot |vivekananda01:16
ubottuvivekananda: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:16
locojayany idea why01:16
locojayhwinfo not in livecd01:16
xsacha_is there a channel specifically for the phone platform of Ubuntu?01:17
histolocojay: it's unsecure01:17
histolocojay: lspci01:17
histo!phone | xsacha_01:17
ubottuxsacha_: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone01:17
locojayjust try to get a raid0 controller back to work and checking stuff01:17
Vivekanandageek4ever: thanks I will use that :)01:17
dougl"sudo apt-get update" and what other command updates my system?01:19
stevenapt-get dist-upgrade01:20
stevenaptitude safe-upgrade, aptitude full-upgrade01:20
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OerHeksapt-get upgrade01:21
douglcant get a straight answer in here - I'll try google.01:23
Guest13197Alright folks! I've got an incredibly frustrating issue that I'm hoping someone can see through and give me a chance at running Ubuntu on my computer finally. :( I've got a Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard and no matter how I install my Windows 7 Pro x64 copy I can't get Ubuntu to recognize that it exists. I've tried using "EFI ROM" and "Legacy ROM" BIOS settings and installing both by using the "UEFI" and the "SATA" options for the drive01:24
aeon-ltddougl: those were straight answers01:24
OerHeksdougl sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade is the usual routine to update01:24
seekwillHello. I just installed 12.10, and enabled FDE. When I'm setting up my user, it asks me about encrypting my Home folder. What is the difference between that and FDE?01:24
Shaydehey guys01:24
douglI must be misunderstanding then - apologies.01:25
Guest13197Will pay for working solution that doesn't involve manually installing a boot loader and 8 conversions of boot partitions ;)01:25
douglwhat does sudo apt-get dist-upgrade do?01:26
Aszuromdoesn't that bring you current to the latest and greatest release?01:26
aeon-ltddougl: upgrade the versions of ubuntu01:26
histoGuest13197: did you install windows first?01:26
ShaydeI'm using wubi to install ubuntu on my windows 7 computer but i keep getting an error when i first select ubuntu from the boot options saying: "error: cannot read '/dev/sda' : Input/output error" followed by a different colored screen with "Invalid ROM contents, no valid vbios image found" then it goes into the ubuntu splash screen that says "checking disk drives for errors"01:27
histoseekwill: it would just encrypt your home directory instead of the whole disk01:27
Aszuromapt-get upgrade will upgrade packages in the current point release version, but dist-upgrade will bring the whole system to the latest point release -- right?01:27
magpiiehow can i find out if my isp is blocking ports to my connection?01:27
Shaydethat is the error that is stopping me from completing the installation01:27
Guest13197histo: Sure did. I've got an essentially blank HDD at this point that I'm installing to because I've cleared it trying to get it to work.01:28
histo!upgrade > Aszurom01:28
ubottuAszurom, please see my private message01:28
histo!dualboot | Guest1319701:28
ubottuGuest13197: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:28
zykotick9Aszurom: dist-upgrade is the same as full-upgrade.  upgrade everything.01:28
aeon-ltddougl: oh wait that's a lie. it removes obslete packages and adds dependencies01:28
aeon-ltddougl: 'do-release-upgrade' upgrades distributions01:28
Aszuromyeah, I was asking in assisting the other guy who had asked it.  That's my "I think this is the answer" reply01:28
magpiiei can access the internet, but i cannot use utorrent or teamspeak or connect to the battlestar gallactica online game. something is blocking my ports01:29
histoGuest13197: it's pretty straight forward. Install Windows... Leave free space for ubuntu. then install ubuntu it will see that windows is there when it installs grub. I would avoid EFI since you have that ability. Making it easier on yourself.01:29
aeon-ltdmagpiie: check your firewall01:29
locojayhi i have a Marvel Raid -Chip 88SE9230 and running under livecd.. i can see it in lscpi on pci port 4 . but the drive is not mounted ? do i have to use dmraid?01:29
MattDNJI have ubuntu installed on several machines but when I try to install on a Dell Inspiron 560 64 bit dual core E5800 Pentium, the install media freezes and never completes the boot process.   Is there a way that I can modify the install on my thumb drive to be able to step through the install and identify the specific issue?01:29
histomagpiie: Did you install a firewall?01:29
magpiieit was working fine erlier today, then my pc stopped connecting to certain sites, as well as my laptop and my friends pc in his room01:30
Shaydeanyone have any ideas with my error?01:30
magpiiei rebooted the router, my pc, my laptop, my friends pc runs on Debian and he is having the same issue01:30
histoMattDNJ: I would try the alternative install disk. make sure your media is good01:30
aeon-ltdmagpiie: same network?01:30
histo!automate > MattDNJ01:30
ubottuMattDNJ, please see my private message01:30
magpiieyup, all running through the same router01:31
histomagpiie: then It's your router or isp01:31
Guest13197histo: Sounds simple enough, right? The problem is I've attempted to but it won't allow me. The "ubuntu will see that windows is there"01:31
Guest13197part doesn't happen01:31
histoGuest13197: then you can manually add the windows entry to grub01:31
seekwillhisto: Ah ok. So I don't need both right? Just FDE will do fine?01:31
histo!grub2 > Guest1319701:31
ubottuGuest13197, please see my private message01:31
aeon-ltdmagpiie: then your router might be the one restricting it01:31
Guest13197No matter that method/mode I install Windows in and then boot to ubuntu with (EFI/Legacy ROM) Ubuntu doesn't recognize that Win7 is on the HDD.01:32
magpiiehow can i find out if my isp is blocking ports?01:32
histoseekwill: Right unless you want double encryption01:32
seekwillhisto: Na, not storing any CIA secrets. Thanks!01:32
histoGuest13197: can you see the windows partitioon from inside of ubuntu?01:32
ShaydeThis error is saying Invalid ROM contents, no valid VBIOS image found when I am trying to install ubuntu through wubi01:33
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Guest13197histo: I see. So Install Win7 in "Legacy ROM" mode, then boot to Ubuntu LiveCD. Install on empty partitoin space, and then manuall add Win7 to GRUB2?01:33
Guest13197histo: Yep01:33
histomagpiie: if it was working earlier I'm willing to bet one of your routers is just acting wacky right now.01:33
histoGuest13197: yeah if during the install process grub doesn't find windows you'd have to manually add it.  Make sure you install grub to the MBR01:33
histoGuest13197: perhaps you may want to read the uefi stuff as well. Just incase that's what is going on.01:34
histo!uefi | Guest1319701:34
ubottuGuest13197: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:34
MattDNJhisto, I think I have tried that.  I tried 32bit, a variety of settings, different versions, etc.   Fedora also dies the same way.   There must be a hardware issue.01:36
histoMattDNJ: have you checked your media?01:37
MattDNJYes.   After it failed on that machine I successfully installed on another.  I ran through the check too.  I've tried several different versions and media.01:38
Vivekanandahello everyone. I have a pretty old card on my computer too and lucid was working but nto sure if pangolin will01:38
MattDNJI've done everything I could find on line so far.   I want to rid the family (this is the family computer in the kitchen) of Windows 7.01:38
Shaydeanyone have any input on my error? this is getting frustrating hahahaa01:38
CT1Is tremulous dead? Is it not in the repos anymore?01:38
histoMattDNJ: maybe there is an issue with that specific media and that machine.  try a netinstall or something.01:40
Shaydeanyone there?01:40
barbs_how can i remove my nvidia driver command line?01:41
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locojaydo i need a driver for the marvel 88SE923001:42
MattDNJhisto , I've tried DVD and Thumb.  I've tried expert mode with server, etc.  It craps out at the hardware scan.  The trace takes over the screen so I can't really see what's up.   Can I get a shell at that point?01:42
GerowenWhat's the best way to clone a partition?  Let's say I have a ~441 GB partition with Win7 on it, and I want to clone it so that it can be restored later, but I don't want the image to be 441 GB because most of that 441 GB is free space.01:42
GerowenNvm, just noticed the "Disks" utitlity has a "Create Image" option, I'll try that out and see how it works.01:43
MattDNJI think I tried ctrl alt f2.  Should that work?01:44
GerowenNext question, let's say this works just fine, and I want to remove all Windows partitions from my hard drive and extend the Ubuntu partitions to take up the remaining space, is there a way to "safely" extend an EXT4 partition so it would take up free space on the drive?01:44
Shaydecan someone help me please? :(01:44
aaamouraohello, I am with some trouble. I wanna replace Windows Boot Manager for GRUB. I searched in google, but anyone of the tutorials I found solved my problem. Can anyone help me? :)01:45
GerowenShayde: I just got here, what's your problem?01:46
aaamourao\msg Shayde Yes, use gparted and you can do it01:47
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Shayde:D Alright so I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 using wubi on my windows 7 laptop, everything goes fine until when i boot into it, it repeats this error: "error: cannot read '/dev/sda' : Input/output error" followed by a different colored screen with "Invalid ROM contents, no valid vbios image found" then it goes into the ubuntu splash screen that says "checking disk drives for errors"01:47
Gerowenaaamourao: You can use the command "grub-install" to install grub to a particular hard drive.  I haven't used it in a long time, but "grub-install --help" should give you some useful flags to use with it.01:47
Guest23275Howdy. I've just recently install 12.10 x64 on my laptop. I wanted to install GNOME 3.6 and followed this page to do so: http://akovid.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-install-gnome-36-in-ubuntu1210.html . I restarted with no issue. When I try to log in, I select GNOME (not classic), but it seems to always run GNOME classic.01:48
Guest23275Where can I start to look to debug this and run the gnome 3.6 inerface01:49
ShaydeGerowen: it would just keep repeating that cycle.01:49
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diverdudeGenerally speaking, which USB-wireless dongles works for linux and which ones dont? Is it all intel works and all broadcom dont?01:49
GerowenShayde: To be honest, I've never encountered that problem, you must have bought a communist computer or something, :P01:50
GerowenShayde: Did it come with Win8?01:50
ShaydeGerowen: Windows 7, it's getting so frustrating hahaha01:50
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GerowenShayde: You can use the Ubuntu DVD to install it alongside Windows, during the steps where it partitions your hard drive, there is an option to resize your Windows partition to make room for Ubuntu.01:51
GerowenShayde: I've heard of some people having issues with Wubi on some hardware.01:51
Shaydei don't have any CDs laying round that are big enough :( Could I use a USB drive?01:51
GerowenShayde: Yep, I used a USB drive.  I did it, there's tons of programs out there to let you format a thumb drive and extract an ISO to it and make it bootable.01:52
GerowenIt's how I got it on mine because I didn't have any CDs either.01:52
ShaydeGerowen: any path you can point me to that you suggest? hahaha01:53
GerowenShayde: Lemme get the name of a program for you that works with Windows, I don't remember the name of it.01:54
GerowenShayde: Look at UNetbootin01:57
ShaydeGerowen: Thank you! I'll give it a try01:58
GerowenShayde: It has a Windows version and has built in options to download ISOs for a lot of Linux distros, or you can select an ISO you have already downloaded.  It does all the formatting for you, hope it works out, :-)01:58
NewbuntuIn the file explorer, when I click on a certain partition, can anyone tell me what it means if it says "Adding read ACL for uid 999 to '/media/volumename' failed: Operation not supported. BTW I'm really new at this so don't assume anything is set up properly.01:58
Vivekanandawhat is the "first point release" ? What does it mean . Mentioned on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades01:59
seekwillVivekananda: 10.04.1 <-- the .102:00
Vivekanandaubottu: upgrade02:00
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:00
Vivekanandaok seekwill thanks02:00
Vivekanandaseekwill: I have a an old comp with very celeron and graphics. Lucid had drivers for it but will I get issues in precise for it ?02:01
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seekwillVivekananda: I think it should work fine, maybe slower perhaps?02:01
seekwillI haven't used a Celeron in a very long time :)02:02
Vivekanandaseekwill: that is what I Dont want02:02
xningHi, I cannot install emacs23-nox-dbgsym02:02
Gerowenubottu: grub02:02
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:02
Vivekanandatell me something . if I go for something like flux or l will it matter a lot ?02:02
Vivekanandausability and stuff02:02
xningThere's dependent problem02:02
Vivekanandaor what should I dot to keep it fast enough02:03
xningI have installed the emacs23-nox,and aptitude complains this problem02:03
seekwillVivekananda: I love fluxbox :)02:05
Vivekanandaseekwill: The question was directed at that was for you :)02:05
Vivekanandaok so if I get flux box then what can I not do it it that I can do in gnome02:05
seekwillVivekananda: I would buy a new computer :P02:05
VivekanandaI like to stick with gnome02:05
seekwillWhy not stick with 10.04?02:05
Vivekanandaseekwill: That would solve everthing but got not money02:05
VivekanandaI am fine with 10.04 only two issues02:06
Vivekanandafirst it is going out of date soon02:06
seekwillVivekananda: Your computer went out of date already :P02:06
Vivekanandasecond I need to somehow install emacs24 in it02:06
Vivekanandaseekwill: I know that . A long time back but it is my fav girlfriend so02:06
VivekanandaI wont part and it works fine for my needs :)02:06
Vivekanandaso anyways02:07
Vivekanandafluxbox howto ?02:07
seekwillWhy can't you install emacs24 on it?02:08
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Vivekanandaseekwill: hold on02:13
aeon-ltdstay classy shojo.02:15
sahari am seeking help on ubuntu andriod support02:17
Vivekanandaseekwill: I followed this link and no results https://launchpad.net/~cassou/+archive/emacs02:19
Vivekanandait says repo not found in the last step02:19
djmitchethis is a long shot, but here goes - I'm using a Kickstart script to set up Ubuntu, and it stops at the "This is an overview of your .. partitions" page.  I have 'clearpart' and 'part' options in the KS config.  What would be missing that would cause it to stop?02:20
seekwillVivekananda: http://d.pr/i/crtv/51eSwUgC Did you click on the green link and install the repo?02:21
Vivekanandaseekwill: I will do all and paste output for you02:23
immortal_Hello. I just tried to install gnome 3.6 on 12.10. I can only use the gnome classic shell (even if I select "GNOME" at the login screen). Should I try to remove gnome3 completly and try again?02:24
aeon-ltdimmortal_: if you can kill the guis and and managers try starting gnome 3.6 from the terminal02:27
dr_willisso you used a PPA for gnome 3.6 ?02:28
immortal_aeon-ltd, Would that just be running gnome-session?02:30
immortal_dr_willis, I used this: http://akovid.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-install-gnome-36-in-ubuntu1210.html02:31
mechliorDoes anyone know if there are issues with ubuntu connecting to the net if you use wubi to install?02:31
seekwillmechlior: It's usually better if you stated what your issue is02:31
dr_willisi cant even read the 'commands' they are showong on that site.. the color scheme is so bad...02:33
dr_willismechlior:  wubi has lots of issues.. but the drivers and networking shoul dbe the same as a normal install02:33
mechliorIm sorry, i installed ubuntu 12.10 via wubi and the network connections find my ethetnet port and show a mac address, but keeps sayin that my wired connection is disconnected.  I reboot back into windows and the internet is running fine.02:33
dr_williswhat kind of wired network card do you have? theres some bugs with some drivers for some of them..02:34
seekwillmechlior: In Linux, does it show you have an IP address? Or just mac? In Windows, are you using DHCP?02:34
mechliorIm using an onboard ethernet controller from gigabyte model 900fxa-ud7 and doesnt show an ip anywhere.  The dchp is built into my router, but i cant even get to that in ubuntu02:37
mechliorExcuse me its 990fxa-ud702:37
dr_willismechlior:  you may want to pastebin the output of ifconfig and lspci02:37
mechliorIm still kinda new to linux, so do i just type those into the terminal?02:38
=== Guest62995 is now known as nihgt___________
dr_willisyou  have no networking at all on that machine right now?02:38
mechliorNo, i have it plugged in, but i cant reach my router settings via browser02:39
viddstupid question here im sure ... what happened to the "ALT" cd?02:40
dr_willismechlior:  start with simple command  line tests...     can you  ping your router?    in terminal... ping  ###.###.##.###    Where the ## is the ip of your router02:40
dr_willisvidd with 12.10 - its gone02:40
dr_willismechlior:  second command line test   the output of th e'ifconfig' comand - does it show a eth0 or eth1 device? does it show an ip# for that device.02:41
vidddr_willis: will the live cd give the ltsp install option?02:41
dr_willisvidd no idea. never used lstp.02:41
mechliorUmm, im connected here on my tablet, so is there someting i should look for in ifconfig?02:42
dr_willisnot evcen sure what  lstp is. ;)02:42
mechliorIt shows eth002:42
dr_willisthe first few lines should mention a eth#   device. then below it.. some numbers.. like an ip#02:42
dr_willis192.168.1.100  or similer..02:42
viddltsp = linux terminal server project02:42
mechliorIt shows a inet6 ip address, but no ipv402:43
dr_willishmm.. whats the ipv6 address its showing02:43
vidddr_willis: ltsp = linux terminal server project02:43
vidddr_willis: thank you for your time02:43
Super_DogJust ran some updates on 12.04 LTS and my machine is running way faster...  Seems like there must have been some improvement to the GUI or X.org or something...  Anybody else notice?02:44
Super_DogThis is just a low-end ATom box small form factor system with built-in Intel graphics adapter...02:44
dr_willisand for 'inet addr' its just empty?02:45
beeI want to learn Ubuntu so should I first learn Debian ?02:45
mechliorIts not even showing02:45
dr_willisI dont know enough about ipv6 to know whats supposed to be there02:45
BIGBOOMBAI'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 on a Dell Inspiron 13z that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. I have created a partition for it and used the Universal USB Installer to put the iso onto an 8 gb sd card (that i inserted into the laptop using an adapter). This laptop uses UEFI instead of a BIOS, and the windows bootloader has a .efi extension, so I have to install ubuntu in EFI mode. The problem is that I'm fairly sure that UUI for02:45
BIGBOOMBAnot a GPT.02:46
mechliorMe either...02:46
dr_willisbee:  if you know linux fundamentals first.. it wont matter what disrto you use.02:46
beePreior I have worked on Fedora and CentOs02:46
Donnie_Darko21hello folks i have some problems with my google chrome, i have 12.04 lts the problem is video on youtube its like something like smal points small parts are flying on the video02:46
mechliorShould i try manually adding a ipv4 address?02:46
dr_willismechlior:  at least it is showing a eth0   thats a good sign.02:47
dr_willisyou could try the command 'sudo dhclient eth0'   that might  kick it into gettting an ip from your dhcp server02:47
BIGBOOMBAAs it stands, the only way to get the UEFI to try booting from the SD card is to switch it to Legacy Boot mode, and when I start the laptop in that mode with or without the SD card inserted I simply get a black screen and the message, "Operation System not found."02:47
beein Fedora I use yum command but in Ubuntu apt is used (if i am correct) so a little confusion02:47
mechliorYeah, it atleast sees my controller,02:48
fishcookeropensync ubuntu 12.0402:48
fishcookeris removed02:48
fishcookerthere is another candidate02:48
dr_willis!apt | bee02:48
ubottubee: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)02:48
BIGBOOMBAI turned Secure Boot off, but I think I need to set the SD card up to have the image and a GPT, not a MBR. The UUI tool doesn't have an option for this.02:49
dr_willismechlior:  i cant understand why there would be ipv6 shown.. but no ipv4.. that just seems weird. My Unplugged  eth0 shows neither.02:49
BIGBOOMBAEither that, or I'm doing something else wrong.02:49
tomsloanHi guys. My home folder is currently limited to about 13 gigs even though the partition it's in is about 115 gigs. Is there any reason for this and how do I expand it to use the whole partition?02:49
eye_whois eye_02:49
dr_willistomsloan:  you  made a seperate home partion? check output of the mount command if not sure.02:49
mechliorYeah, ive never had a problem before....02:50
Donnie_Darko21what is wrong with google chrome ,i usually use firefox more often but in some way now i have problem with youtube video on chrome02:50
RollinV2tomsloan, you might have a swap file of 2gigs02:50
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mechliorHmm should i get my ip settings from windows and manually set it up?02:50
BIGBOOMBAIt can't be a hardware issue, because the Dell Inspiron 13Z is certified as compatible with Ubuntu. So it's gotta be something with the damn UEFI (which seems to have been invented to make it harder to install linux on PCs that come with windows pre-installed).02:51
tomsloanRollinV2 is right, more or less. An installation how-to told me to use a Linux swap inbetween my OS X partition (I'm on a MacBook) and my Linux partition of about 1 GB. What now?02:52
dr_willismechlior: are yu using dhcp in windows? if not then you will want the same settings02:52
mechliorI got by manually setting it up, it just wouldnt do it automatically.  Thanks for your time02:53
BIGBOOMBAright now i'm reading this: http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/index.html02:53
BIGBOOMBAright track?02:53
RollinV2tomsloan, how much RAM does your macbook have?02:53
tomsloan2 gb02:53
Donnie_Darko21its really weird why firefox video works fine and chrome youtube video have problem , java is update ,flash update but on chrome YOU USE NOW THE GREAT VERSION OF CHROME  i have problem now02:53
RollinV2tomsloan, if its less than 4gb id highly recommend keeping the swap file in place02:53
beethanks "<ubottu>"  it means that there is no need to learn Debian first to switch into Ubuntu server side ?02:53
fishcookeris there any option for package opensync02:53
RollinV2tomsloan, for systems with 4+ gb its safe to not use the swap. but everyones opinion will differ.02:54
dr_willisbee: they will be 90% the same02:54
dr_willisbee: learn what you plan on using.02:55
dr_willis!find opensync02:56
beebasically i usually use command like in prepairing Fedora server so plz can you guide me more for the command line tutorials so I may configure squid and Samba server on Ubuntu02:56
ubottuPackage/file opensync does not exist in quantal02:56
tomsloan@RollinV2 Ok, so the swap file limits the size of the Home folder? Is there any way to allow Linux to utilize the whole partition and maintain the file swap?02:56
dr_willisbee: most of that core stuff will be udentical02:56
Donnie_Darko21where i can send log file or etc crash report for google chrome02:57
dr_willisssh in. edit configs..   basic server admin tasks02:57
ryan_im having an issue where no apps are showing in either unity or gnome 3.6 in ubunt 12.10. can anyone help me with that?02:59
RollinV2tomsloan, type "df -h" in your terminal and paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com02:59
ryan_@rollinv2 are you taking to me?03:00
dr_willistomsloan:  a swap file takes up space. it dosent limit home. except that it uses space on the hd03:00
RollinV2ryan_ errrr.. don't think so unless you changed your nick within the last minute03:00
ryan_oh ok ha, sorry03:00
RollinV2ryan_ np, its cool. irc can be confusing with the replies.03:01
ryan_yeah im rather new here, after staring at a forum page with no replies for 2 hours i figured id jump on here...03:02
dr_willisryan_:  does the guest user account work correctly?03:03
tomsloanDr_willish, just pasted it there at past.ubuntu.com03:04
ryan_ill check in a second. here is my full issue...03:04
dr_williswe need the full url to any pastes......03:04
ryan_so i was in gnome for the first time today, and i came across an app called "software" and clicked on (highlighted) the stock gnome browser as i wanted to uninstall it. i clicked in the bottom left where it said "delete". as i lifted my finger off the trackpad, i realized that EVERY APP ON MY MACHINE WAS SELECTED by a blue check box. i panicked and immidiatly held down the power button on my laptop turning it off, hoping to kill it03:06
ryan_ before everything was gone. when i booted back up and logged into gnome and everything was gone. not one single app would show. nothing. so on a whim i logged out and logged into unity and the same thing happened. Whats queer is that when in unity, any app i have docked to the launcher still works without a hitch, making me think everything is still there. if i go to "file system -> usr -> lib" there is still a bunch of stuff in t03:06
FloodBot1ryan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
tomsloan@dr_willis http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567921/03:06
ryan_dr_willis i posted full issue in the paste bin03:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ryan_if you would like to see screenshots of my issue, i posted it in a thread online ...here is the url http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210851503:09
dr_willis'gone' is a vague term.... do you mean the icons are not showing? or what exactly03:09
ryan_dr_willis i will try the guest account and get back on irc, be back in five.03:09
ryan_oh ok03:10
ryan_i mean in the unity lense they dont show03:10
ryan_like the tab on the bottom that looks like a house, there are only 18 apps03:10
ryan_but if i click the comb like icon there are 11803:10
ryan_and when im in gnome, there is simply no apps to speak of....like they are just gone03:11
dr_willistomsloan:  your / patition is almost full. its under 20gb in size to begin with.. you got some other partion   thats 100+gb and only 1% fill03:11
ryan_if you jump to the url i posted to ubuntu forums there are several screenshots of the issue03:12
dr_willis'no aps  they are gone;'   you mean the ICONS are gone?  or the applications button shows nothing?03:12
dr_willisits hard for me to read some sites - since im on my phone03:13
dr_willisin eithe rcase.. id test with a guest user. then test with a newly made user.03:13
dr_willisif those work properly. then id look into resetting the problem users settings03:13
tomsloan@dr_willis can I merge those two partitions without loosing anything?03:14
ryan_k ill test with guest and brb!03:14
dr_willistomsloan:  you can resize partions with Gparted from a live ccd.03:16
dr_willistomsloan:  since one is aparently empty.. you could  delete it and enlarge the other perhaps.03:16
dr_willistomsloan:  you tell us.. whats on the 100+gb partion thats  aparently close to empty. ;;)03:17
tomsloanactually, I'm pretty sure it's a screwed up linux-mint partition03:17
dr_willislook whats on it..  if you dont need it .. delete it. or convert it onto a seperate /home/ for your user to use03:18
=== pug is now known as Guest40576
tomsloanI thought I deleted it with Gparted and put Ubuntu on there. That would explain why my efi manager is screwed up.03:18
dr_willis13gb for /  is way to tiny for my systems   :) i use 30gb for / normally03:18
dr_williseven my reapberry pi has a 32gb  sd card for its //03:19
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=== Daver is now known as DaveR
tomsloanI'm with you there Dr_Willis. I only installed Ubuntu this week and it's full. So it's quite frustrating. Anyways, thanks for the help!03:19
trwpqzadmittedly unrelated to ubuntu, but I figure someone here might know: what kind of cable is this? http://i.imgur.com/pQ3zc7b.jpg03:26
penguinmantrwpqz: a coax from the look of it03:28
Vivekanandastill there?03:28
trwpqzpenguinman: seems like you're right, thanks!03:28
Super_Dogtrwpqz:  A second for coaxial.03:28
trwpqzit's where my internet explorers come from, as they say03:28
Super_DogMight want to check the grade on that one...03:28
ryan_@dr_willis i cant log in as a guest.... i use the gnome 3.6 login screen and there is no option for it....03:29
Super_Dogtrwpqz:  better get a handle on those Internet Explorers.  they can get pretty feisty...03:30
beewhen we first time install ubuntu in the desktop pc,it does not ask to add root user password as Fedora and Centos ask durning instllation . So how can I use root account instead of normal user ?03:31
ryan_but anywho, when in unity, i open the dash and it says i have only 18 apps, i actually have over 100, when i click the "pencil and ruler" at the bottom of the dash it shows all 11803:31
hektacbee: sudo or su03:31
trwpqzSuper_Dog: I was trying to buy an extension for that cable so that I can have my internet explorers further away from the wall, but couldn't for the life of me find out through my rusty google-fu. Thanks!03:32
beeso when we use su "Switch User" it will not ask the password ?03:32
ryan_^^that is useable, the biggest issue is in gnome 3.6 there is nothing, i hit "apps" button and its blank, my launcher is blank....its all blank...no apps03:32
=== boze_tacoBell is now known as boze
Mkopfor some reason, there is suddenly no sound on my computer. no volume control, nuthin'. how do I go about figuring out why?03:33
ryan_mkop check "sound settings" and make sure the right speakers are selected in "output"03:34
Super_Dog"Rusty google-fu"...  Classic.  I'm saving that one.03:34
ryan_then check to see if there is anything stuck in the headphone jack...like a crumb or lint03:35
=== t4nn3r is now known as _t4nn3r
Mkopinteresting.... headphones work. there is nothing stuck in the headphone jack03:36
_t4nn3rhow do I double check to make sure that /dev/sdb refers to the device that I think it does?03:36
Mkopprobably something on the software level that's only playing to the headphones rather than choosing based on whether headphones are inserted03:36
Mkopryan_: do you know how I can get to sound settings in lubuntu?03:37
ryan_nope, but in ubuntu i can either click the sound icon on my top bar, and sound settings is on the bottom, or i can go to the dash and type "sound settings"03:38
trwpqz_t4nn3r: does your device have an activity led?03:38
Super_DogMkop: Right click on sound icon on upper right corner of taskbar - sound settings.  At least that is the way in Ubuntu.  Not sure if Lubuntu is different.03:38
ryan_should be in your apps, not to famillar with lubuntu03:38
trwpqz_t4nn3r: you could dd -if=/dev/sdb -of=/dev/null and watch out for blinking lights03:38
_t4nn3rtrwpqz: nope03:39
trwpqz_t4nn3r: and I take it there aren't any partitions on it that might hint at which one it is?03:40
_t4nn3rHow do i view the partitions? fdisk -l doesn't give me anything03:40
trwpqz_t4nn3r: hrm, fdisk -l should03:41
ryan_can anyone help with this ... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21085103:41
ryan_no apps are showing in gnome, and they are "half showing" but useable in unity, full issue and screenshots at URL03:42
trwpqz_t4nn3r: you might get more info from udevadm info -a -p $(udevadm info -q path -n /dev/sdb)03:42
_t4nn3rtrwpqz: A little verbose, but it does the trick03:44
trwpqz_t4nn3r: or smartctl --all /dev/sdb if you have smartmontools03:44
dr_willisryan_:  its hard to tell if its a  gnome shell ppa issue. or your apt  disaster issue.. or whats going on..  id have to suggest backing up any imporntant data firsst. ;) then perhaps try removeing the gnome ppa you are using. and remove the newer gnome-shell stuff.. then try reinstalling the  ubuntu-desktop package. and try  to get back to a known sane state03:47
ryan_thanks doc. I do a lot of cloud computing, i use google Drive, and i dual boot, and keep all my files backed up in win7....i might just start over :(03:48
dr_willisa forced powering off while apt is working is never a good idea. ;)03:49
dr_willisyou could just try reinstalling the ubuntu-desltop package also. that might sort things out03:49
ryan_lol yeah...03:49
ryan_ok ill try. THANK YOU!03:49
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muqcDanielmu_: hh03:51
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BillyZane2hey dr_willis04:01
BillyZane2dr_willis: how is it going?04:01
BillyZane2i have a problem. lol04:01
BillyZane2well... i got sound to work by using my on board sound04:01
BillyZane2but i have a new problem regarding my video card04:01
BillyZane2something no one can fathom or fix04:01
BillyZane2not even MSI tech support04:02
BillyZane2are you up for it dr_willis  ?04:02
dr_williscant say ive ever called tech support in my entire life. ;)04:02
BillyZane2ok.. here goes...04:03
dr_willisi doubt if i can be of any help. I always use older nvidia cards that work fine.04:03
BillyZane2when we got my video card to work a few days back, i had my video card going from my monitor's VGA port, to a vga cable, to a VGA to DVI converter to my video card's DVI port04:03
BillyZane2I had this setup because I thought my DVI connector wasn't working a long time ago. I decided though to test it out again to see if it would work04:04
BillyZane2I took my monitor to a shop where the dude hooked up my monitor to a computer with a DVI cable. everything was good. my screen resolution was as it should be04:04
BillyZane2I am happy at this point. So i bring back my monitor to my house where I think it's just a simple matter of swapping the VGA cable for a DVI04:04
BillyZane2this is where the problem begins. When I use DVI in windows, I can only do 1024x768 max resolution04:05
BillyZane2this problem is also felt in the bios, in the boot up, and in Ubunutu04:05
BillyZane2I try and try to fix it, nothing works. So now i've switched back to VGA. In windows, my resolution has restored04:05
BillyZane2however, in Ubuntu, I can't get my resolution past 640x48004:06
BillyZane2i've tried switching drivers, i've tried nvidia-xconfig04:06
BillyZane2a helpful hint that might solve the problem is this...04:06
dr_willisif dvi in windows is not even giving the proper res. that sounds like the monitor is not reporting the proper res to the system04:07
dr_willisid test this with a differnt monitor or tv04:07
BillyZane2dr_willis: That sounds like it's the issue, but this monitor along with this DVI cable was able to work flawlessly on another computer04:07
hektacwhat kind of card is it04:07
BillyZane2hmm... actually.. i might be wrong on that04:07
BillyZane2it's an nvidia GTX 66004:07
dr_willisother computer/card/ may have done some assumptions..04:08
hektacwhat driver are you using?04:08
BillyZane2i'm using the 310 drivers i believe.. let me check04:08
dr_willisid test with a difffernt monitor and see if it does in fact work.. that would  narrow it down to a monitor isssue or not.04:08
BillyZane2i'm using nvidia binary xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library from nvidia-current-updates(proprietary)04:09
tech936anyone know the output of this ??  date -u +%V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g'"?04:10
BillyZane2i've tried installing alternative driers, 2 others in particular, and i did nvidia-xconfig on both occasions, i rebooted my computer. no result. NOTHING seems to work04:10
BillyZane2my resolution and video card was working perfectly fine, then suddently when I hot swapped the VGA for true DVI, everything went to garbage04:10
BillyZane2and nothing works even if i go back to VGA, which is what i'm using now04:10
dr_willisyou can custom make a xorg.conf and try to force various resolutions, or use xrandr. but ive not needed to do that in years04:10
hektacthat really sounds like a monitor issue then04:11
hektacor the port on your card perhaps04:11
tech936anyone atall know the output of this??? My ubuntu just flew this on the screen and said whats the output04:11
BillyZane2i think i ran xrandr earlier, what does that do again?04:11
dr_willisive  seen hot swapomg video cables cause shorts/issues.. and if its an old card. that may have finally been the  little kick it needed04:11
BillyZane2hektac: it does. but this monitor on this setting works fine on windows04:11
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1204:11
hektacits a 660 so its not that old04:12
BillyZane2i just bought in04:12
dr_willisxrandr is how you can configure things on the fly04:12
dr_willisa new card witha  vga port and not a hdmi? that is odd.04:12
BillyZane2let me run xrandr real fast04:12
BillyZane2dr_willis, : i'm using a VGA to DVI converter04:12
dr_willisxrandr has all sorts of cli options to force specific res;s04:12
BillyZane2it's going through DVI, but it's connected to a VGA cable04:12
dr_willisvga to dvi converter can cause issues also04:12
cubis there a way to easily show the desktop on ubuntu 12.04?04:13
hektacdo you have the option of using HDMI?04:13
cublike minimize all windows?04:13
BillyZane2hektac: i do not04:13
hektacbilly- I had a similar issue with my 570, I had to set grub to load ubuntu with "nomodeset" and I had to instsall the nvidia drivers manually (downloaded from their site), since then no issues and I run off HDMI and dvi04:14
BillyZane2i don't mind trying that04:14
dr_williscub when i alt-tab theres a desktop item there for me.04:14
BillyZane2dr_willis: should i try xrandr and force the resolution higher?04:15
BillyZane2i was told it was an EDID issue by someone04:16
BillyZane2from that log, it looks like the monitor's EDID information is not being detected, thus the screen resolution04:16
dr_willisBillyZane2:  no reason to not try.... or go buy a new monitor....04:17
dr_willisvga-dvi converters can mess with edid info04:17
BillyZane2i've been using this vga-dvi converter this whole time04:17
BillyZane2i got my computer to work with a good resolution, using VGA-DVI converter. the way i have it setup now is how it always was. Now suddenly there's no resolution...04:18
BillyZane2Dr_willis i think i figured it out04:18
BillyZane2there's a subtle detail04:18
BillyZane2that i left out04:18
BillyZane2Before, I was using a 5 foot VGA cable04:18
BillyZane2it allowed my computer to detect my screen resolution, which is 2048x1152 without any issues04:18
BillyZane2right now, although I have a high screen resolution in windows, I'm only using 1080p, and when I manually set it to 2024x1152, the quality is severely degraded. this means that the longer VGA cable is interfering with the EDID information04:19
BillyZane2is this hypothesis plausable?04:20
dr_williscant say ive ever seen  a vga monuitor that could do 2048x1152  that seems an odd red.04:20
BillyZane2could i still manually increase the screen res in xrandr ? if so, how?04:20
dr_willisi havent used vga in years.. but it can have interfearance04:20
BillyZane2it is an odd res04:20
dr_willischeck the xrandr docs. it might not work properly wioth the nvidia drivers.04:21
BillyZane2it's a special res used for working with 2 documents side by side.. 2048x1152 that is04:21
BillyZane2i have the nvidia drivers installed evidently04:21
dr_willisso this is a rather rare monitor then.04:21
BillyZane2i don't mind trying 1920x1080 though04:21
BillyZane2dr_willis: the resolution is, yes. however, I was working on this res with the 5 foot cable04:21
BillyZane2dr_willis: I could go to my friend's house and get my 5 foot cable back i suppose, i traded it for a 25ft cable that turned out to be horrendous04:22
BillyZane2I've been going through a cable ordeal lately04:22
dr_willis25 ft for vga would be extreme for vga i would iomagine04:23
BillyZane2it has horrible ghosting. I'm using a 15 foot cable right now which is the smallest I could find over 6 feet04:23
* dr_willis recalls his large box of differnt cables and stiff.. dont ghink i got any vga over 6 ft long04:23
BillyZane2But I believe the 15 foot cable might be the issue, the EDID information is being degraded04:24
dr_willisi do have a 25ft hdmi cable. ;)04:24
BillyZane2unless of course i'm totally wrong on this and it's impossible for that to occur04:24
BillyZane2long cables are horrible unless you have a signal booster from what i've read04:24
dr_willisim not even sure if vga  uses edid info.. been so long siince i last used it04:24
dr_willisi switched to dvi/hdmi and havent looked back04:25
BillyZane2lucky u :)04:25
dr_willissoon to be all hdmi on my systems04:25
hektacsome VGA connectors do, but apparently that isn't standard04:25
BillyZane2i have a 6 foot DVI cable too... it's so ridiculous that I can't use it04:25
BillyZane2it's perfect size04:25
BillyZane2i will try to look up xrandr documents online04:26
HyperiantWhen you make a bootable LiveUSB, isn't the entire file system kept in a single large, compressed file?04:27
BillyZane2i found a command04:28
HyperiantI'm seeing a gigantic filesystem.squashfs file, and there's a casper-rw file for persistence that's 4GB04:28
HyperiantIf that's the case, then doesn't this cause more lag than a "full" install of Ubuntu, which (I presume) just places files in their respective folders on the drive instead of within a huge file?04:29
dr_willisthe changes are stored to the casper-rw file04:31
dr_willisand yes. a live install is gong to be slower then a full install04:31
dr_willisand have other limits04:31
HyperiantIs there a way I can put a full bootable install on a USB drive?04:31
dr_willisYou can do a full install to a usb.. same as you would to a internal HD04:31
HyperiantDoes it work if you move PCs?04:32
dr_willissame steps.. be sure that grub is goin gto the usb04:32
dr_willisiit can work04:32
dr_willisof course moving to a ati based pc   when you ahve nvidia drivers installed can be an annoyance04:32
dr_willislive-usbs biggest advantage is differnt hardware detection that should work on most systems.04:33
dr_willisbut you are going to have a challange getting the  nvidia or fglrx driers working on a live-usb04:33
dr_willisive used a 32gb usb as a main system drive for months04:33
HyperiantI just bought a 32GB myself, and I'm hoping to use it as a main system drive for my laptop04:34
HyperiantBut I also want to be able to go to other PCs and boot from it04:34
dr_willisit should boot.. but depending on whats on the other pcs - some drivers may  not work..04:34
dr_willisand if you update grub. it may detect the other pc's extra os;s04:34
dr_williswhich then wont work  if you move it to a difffent pc...04:34
dr_willisbut ubuntu should still boot04:35
BillyZane2dr_willis: I tried xrandr --size 1920x1080 and it says "size 1920x1080 not found in available modes"04:35
HyperiantI made a live USB using the help articles on the Ubuntu website; should I delete everything off of the drive before I install "full" Ubuntu?04:35
dr_willisBillyZane2:  i think theres a force option. ive not used the command in years04:36
BillyZane2i'll check online04:36
dr_willisHyperiant:  the installer repartions and reformats..04:37
HyperiantI heard something about ext2 working better than ext3 for small drives04:38
HyperiantShould I do that for my 32GB?04:38
dr_willisi use ext404:38
dr_willisdosent really seem to matter to me from what ivbe done with it04:39
HyperiantMore accurately, the Ubuntu help pages say that ext2 has low overhead04:39
dr_willisi doubt if you will be able to tell the differance04:40
BillyZane2dr_willis: I used xrandr --fb 1920x1080 , but the problem now is that my desktop environment is one giant black square with the desktop on the top left corner, and I can move around this black void with my mouse04:41
dr_willisguess thats progress. ;)04:42
dr_willisyou still using that converter?04:42
BillyZane2this video card does not have a VGA port so I have to use it04:43
BillyZane2unless I switch to DVI, which go tme in trouble in the first place04:43
=== dad_ is now known as Guest31908
dr_willisi would be using dvi and trying the xrandr commands with it04:43
BillyZane2I have to also mentioned that the first time i switched to DVI, i was on windows and i blue screened04:43
BillyZane2dr_willis: I wouldn't be able to get proper res with DVI in windows though. this is so not cool you know?04:44
dr_williswindows can bluescreen if you look at it funny04:44
BillyZane2i'm so angry04:44
HyperiantWindows is very bsod-happy04:44
BillyZane2i can't believe this is happening04:44
dr_willisif you can force the proper res in linux. thers similer tools in windows04:44
BillyZane2I can't get this to work04:45
jordoAnybody able to help out a n00b?04:45
=== FreakingTea is now known as FreakingLinux
jordolawl billy zne04:45
dr_willisthe  dvi 2 vgs converter is just adding a nothe rlayer of  potentisal problems04:45
=== ke5pcv is now known as ke5pcv-away
ryebread761Jordo: what ya need?04:45
BillyZane2dr_willis, : should i just switch to pure DVI04:45
jordoMeld Diff directory comparison help04:45
dr_willisBillyZane2:  i think ive said to use dvi several times now. ;)04:45
dr_willisTOSS vgs...04:45
dr_willisor use vga without that converter04:46
dr_willisfor all we know the converter CANT do the higher ress04:46
dr_willisit may have limits04:46
HyperiantCan I partition part of a drive that's on another computer in my network and use it to boot Ubuntu?04:46
jordoryebread: you familiar with Meld?04:46
dr_willisHyperiant:  you can netboot one pc. from a differnt pc on the lan...04:46
dr_willisbut you havce to setup special services on the server04:47
BillyZane2dr_willis: it won't let me run using DVI at all04:47
BillyZane2my computer is totally blank04:47
BillyZane2the monitor won't even turn on04:47
Hyperiantyou sure that cable works?04:47
dr_willisyou did power DOWN and switch cables then powerd back up?04:47
BillyZane2i did not04:48
jordoZane: you running off a Mobo or graphics card?04:48
dr_willishot swaping video can really confuse things04:48
BillyZane2Hyperiant, : this cable was used with this monitor on another computer and it worked. also, i get signal in windows04:48
BillyZane2jordo: graphics card04:48
BillyZane2ok, how about this, i'll power down, switch, power up04:48
jordoin your bios settings, is the PCI express card set as default for video out?04:48
jordosometimes you have to set it04:48
dr_willissome nvidia cards turn OFF the other ports if you power on and nothing is connected to them04:48
BillyZane2jordo: I don't know. I do have the on board graphics on though04:49
HyperiantIf Ubuntu formats my flash drive, can I still use Windows to access the files on it?04:49
jordozane: Try going into your bios setup and looking for something along the lines of "default monitor output" or something. it'll either be VGA or PCI i think04:49
dr_willisHyperiant:  thats another advantage of a live-usb setup.. it uses fat32...  a full install would use ext* and thus windows wont know what to do with it04:50
dr_willisthe various ext* reader tools for windows.. i found rather flakey04:50
Neytirihow do you mount a LVM drive?04:51
confuzzled-studiThe command, or the tools?04:52
BillyZane2i will try rebooting and using the DVI04:52
Neytiriboth, i am having to recover data from a system that got sabatoged04:52
histoBillyZane2: is there a reason you want to use DVI?04:52
BillyZane2histo: At this point i just want it to work. But ideally, it's so I can connect both of my computers to my monitor without a KVM switch04:52
rsflynndo you know the name of the LVG?04:53
histoBillyZane2: how are you goijng to switch between dvi and dsub on your moniotr?   most don't ahve that capability04:53
HyperiantCould I partition a part of the drive as FAT32 and format the rest as ext*?04:53
confuzzled-studilook through synaptic for LVM toolkits, and then read their instruction manuals; or you could download a distro like backbox or backtrack and use their live DVD's to mount, check, possibly repair, and backup the data off the drive04:53
BillyZane2there's a button on the monitor that says source, i can switch from VGA to DVI input04:54
histoBillyZane2: does the other computer have dvi?04:54
BillyZane2histo: actually, yes04:54
BillyZane2histo: :O04:55
BillyZane2histo, i will try connecting the other computer04:55
histoBillyZane2: so use vga on this one and dvi on the other for the time being. rather than wasting all this time trouble shooting a wierd issue04:55
confuzzled-studibackbox is slightly more geared for something like that than backtrack - it's more tooled for pen-testing04:55
BillyZane2histo: i don't mind doing that, but at this point, even the VGA does not work04:55
BillyZane2histo: as soon as i did the switch, it was an irreversible blunder04:55
=== IcePee is now known as Guest23749
histoBillyZane2: what do you mean doesn't work?  like only low res?04:55
Misty_someone say hello04:56
BillyZane2histo: yes, the low rest (640x480) is all i can do on ubuntu now, even in VGA04:56
Misty_really someone say hello04:56
HyperiantMisty_: hi04:56
rsflynnHello Misty!04:56
confuzzled-studiUbuntu did something weird like that on my P4 desktop, the DVI output stopped working for some reason after I booted live04:56
histoBillyZane2: okay well it's not the cable then or the dvi vs. vga04:57
histoBillyZane2: Its still a problem with the driver04:57
histo!nvidia | BillyZane204:57
ubottuBillyZane2: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:57
Neytirirsflynn,  yes i think its LVM2_member04:57
Misty_hey hey hey04:57
histoconfuzzled-studi: his dvi is working fine.04:57
braddBillyZane2: I had that issue after using a kvm.. I had to manually add the modes with 'xrandr --admode (connection name) XxY04:57
histo!ot |  Misty_04:57
ubottuMisty_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:57
confuzzled-studiNeytiri: LVM2 is the LVM- group, the dirve should have a different name04:58
Neytiridm-3 maybe?04:58
Misty_how are u guys going04:58
braddBillyZane2: in my case it was 'xrandr --addmode VGA-1 1920x1080'04:58
Misty_how r u guys going04:58
BillyZane2bradd, let me try that04:58
BillyZane2histo: sorry about me leaving for a bit04:59
histoMisty_: do you have a Ubuntu related question04:59
BillyZane2give me 1 minute04:59
braddit probably won't be VGA-1.. I forget how I found out the interface name04:59
HyperiantCan you make Ubuntu format a drive as NTFS instead of ext*?04:59
HyperiantIn installation, I mean04:59
histoHyperiant: yes04:59
Misty_i mean hi05:00
rsflynnWhat error are you getting at boot exactly?  Can you boot? Do any of your drives error out?  Have you run a repair?05:00
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BillyZane2bradd: addmode is an option, but it won't let me use it05:00
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BillyZane2one second, let me see if i can connect my second computer to this using DVI05:00
Hyperianthisto: Are there any disadvantages to using NTFS instead of, say, ext*?05:00
histoHyperiant: yes05:01
Confuzzledyes, writeability05:01
histoHyperiant: why would use want to use ntfs on a linux install?05:01
rsflynnYes, NTFS support is "experimental" in Ubuntu...05:01
HyperiantI want to be able to install full Ubuntu to a USB but still be able to read the files off the drive on a standard Windows PC05:01
Confuzzled'nix has some fs-tools for read/write on NTFS volumes, but their not quite release-version, yet05:01
dr_willisHyperiant:  you dont do a full install to NTFS...05:01
histoHyperiant: create another partition on the usb drive that's fat3205:02
BillyZaneHi, this is BillyZane05:02
histoHyperiant: Or you can use unetbootin it creates a fat32 partition and installs ubuntu there.05:02
BillyZaneI am on my windows box05:02
dr_willisyou can easially have a extra partion on the usb thats fat32 or ntfs05:02
BillyZaneholy crap, my screen resolution is capped in this computer too05:03
histoHyperiant: http://www.pcworld.com/article/230527/ubuntu_linux_day_16_ext4_vs_ntfs.html05:03
BillyZaneit's definately the monitor or cable05:03
dr_willisgiven how cheap 32gb usb are... ;;)05:03
BillyZaneif it's the cable, i'm going to punch the dude i bought it from in the nose05:03
dr_williscables are made cheap...05:03
Confuzzledyeah, keep your nix installs on an ext3 partition, at least, and maybe have a fat32 partition for a swap/share05:03
histoBillyZane: Then it's the EDID data not getting back from the monitor05:03
dr_willisthis is your 25 ft vga cable?05:03
Misty_hello people05:04
braddBillyZane: I had that issue using a kvm.. I had to add the modes i wanted manually05:04
histoBillyZane: you can work around that in linux by adding modes to your xorg.conf05:04
Misty_someone please talk to me05:04
BillyZanethis is a 6 foot used single link DVI cable that I bought off some dude in some ridiculous corner office that's about to get fucked up05:04
histoMisty_: if you don't have a ubuntu related question please move along05:04
dr_willisMisty_:  you  have an actual ubuntu support question?05:04
IdleOne!language | BillyZane05:04
Confuzzleddoes anyone off the top of their head know the VESA monitor mode for 1920 * 1080 x 32-bit?05:04
ubottuBillyZane: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:04
histoIdleOne: he did waste a day of time messing around with it though.05:05
dr_willisthere used to be x modeline generator web sites that would  take your input and show a modeline to put in the xorg.conf05:05
ConfuzzledI'd really like to be able to hard code it into my LILO so I don't have to set the "ASK" flag for video05:05
IdleOnehisto: that doesn't change the rules of this channel.05:05
dr_willisLILO? how old skool05:05
histoIdleOne: I know but just to give you some insight to his frustration05:05
BillyZaneok... at least I know it's not the computer05:05
Hyperianthisto: I already had a Live USB on there, but I'm told that using a full install of Ubuntu significantly increases performance05:05
IdleOnehisto: I don't need your insight, thank you.05:05
ConfuzzledI'm actually running a dual-boot with Ubuntu Studio and Slackware05:06
ConfuzzledAnd I vastly prefer LILO to GRUB205:06
dr_willisHyperiant:   its more flexiable at least05:06
histoHyperiant: yes if it's running off a hard drive you will see a performance increase05:06
koumorileoanyone know of a link for info on the wireless adapter drivers to use in ndiswrapper  for Emachines eME528 laptop?05:06
dr_williskoumorileo:  the exact chipset of the driver will be more  mporntant then the brand. see what lspci says about the card05:07
histokoumorileo: what wireless chipset is it?05:07
Confuzzleddo you know the driver for the emachines?05:07
Confuzzledor the chipset?05:07
koumorileook ty05:07
koumorileoill get that in a min ... i'm helping a friend over chat05:07
Hyperianthisto: I suppose my hesitance to use a live is that it seems to work the same way as a dual-boot, and the dual-boot installed on my other PC's hard-drive seems to handle installing things really poorly; Ubuntu Software Center never finishes "applying changes" and I have to install everything by terminal or else it never finishes05:08
braddBillyZane: you might be able to do a 'xrandr' to find the display name (such as DFP1, etc) then do a "xrandr --addmode DFP1 --mode 1920x1080"  (or whatever mode you want)05:08
histoHyperiant: well I'd look into why it's doing that; as it's not normal behavior.05:08
Hyperianthisto: I did a little research and it's not an isolated issue, but nothing I've tried has fixed it05:09
ConfuzzledWhat are you dual-booting hyperiant? You describe something like what I've recently been dealing with - the packager never finishing05:10
HyperiantXP and latest Ubuntu05:11
Hyperiant12.10 I believe05:11
Confuzzledyeah, I' running UStudio 12.10, and Slack14 - I had that for a bit, and then I did a fresh install of UStudio, and it worked right.05:11
ConfuzzledBut it overwrote my /boot partition with GRUB2, and I've been having a lotof random weirdness on the Slack side since05:12
BillyZaneok... i'm going to try something different... I have a second VGA cable lying around here. I'll try hooking up my computer to this new cable, which I know has worked in the past to get high resolutions (it has ghosting issues which is why I don't use it), and see if it works then05:12
histoBillyZane: Please try both computers with it. So we can illiminate ubuntu as being the problem.05:13
amomagnome terminal wants to install fonts < echo 0 #do not work05:13
amomawhats wrong?05:13
Confuzzledhyperiant, have you been having issues with your package source headers? or your sources timing out as well?05:13
jackson_can some one change the is bug to critical? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/105804005:13
histoamoma: what?05:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1058040 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "fglrx-installer not working with AMD Radeon/Mobility Radeon HD 2000-4000 cards in Quantal" [Wishlist,Triaged]05:13
HyperiantConfuzzled: I'm not sure what the former means, and if the latter means what I think it does, then no05:14
amomahisto,  how to turn off fonts auto install05:14
histoamoma: if they are package requirements you cant05:15
amomagnome try to install fonts for binaries05:15
Confuzzledhyperiant, when you go to reload your package sources list, rebuild your package database, you get some http/ftp time-outs, or it being unable to reach sites05:15
histoamoma: what package are you trying to install?05:15
amomahisto, i can , this is linux, do you know how ?05:16
[x_]anyone here using squid + squidGuard?05:16
HyperiantI don't recall getting timeouts from my mucking about in the console05:16
zykotick9amoma: you could try --no-install-recommends but i wouldn't be surprised if the fonts are depends05:16
ConfuzzledI have used squid before in the past05:16
[x_] i'm trying to figure out why my squidGuard setup isn't working. I have the following in squid.conf:url_rewrite_program /usr/local/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/local/etc/squid/squidGuard.conf05:16
[x_]with my squidguard conf set to : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1565269/05:16
[x_]however if i go to a url in the ads file, such as merchants.netstep.net, it is not blocked05:16
[x_] and we can see squidGuard running, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1565277/05:16
[x_] i built the db files, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1565275/05:16
FloodBot1[x_]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
histoamoma: What package are you trying to install?05:17
Confuzzledok, that was one of my chief problems I had with the installer not completeing properly, and how I ultimately got it fixed05:17
amoma--no-install-recommend < where to inject this option?05:17
amomahisto, ?05:17
zykotick9amoma: with apt-get from terminal05:17
histoamoma: I don't know how else to state that question to make it easier to understand.05:17
BillyZane2YOU GUYS05:18
amomahisto this is not related to installation, it is in user mode05:18
BillyZane2Igot my display to work. The problem was YET ANOTHER FAULTY VGA CABLE. AHH!!!! I'm GOING TO KILL THOSE CHINESE PPL WhO SOLD ME THIS05:18
amomahisto, while browsing trough /viewing binary content in gnome terminal05:19
histoamoma: How do you turn off all fonts auto install?  Is not related to installation?05:19
histoamoma: wth are you trying to do?05:19
histoBillyZane2: Whatever wire sends EDID is probably disconnected05:19
BillyZane2histo: do you think If I use a dual link DVI cable, it will work?05:20
BillyZane2I'm going to serious kill someone05:20
BillyZane2no, i'm going to kill some eggs05:20
[snake]Where are all of the fonts at? (like the directory) I am using ubuntu 12.04 64bit05:20
BillyZane2i'm going to make some eggs and eat it furiously05:20
amomahisto, it is aoing , the box popup with message :: gnome-terminal wants to installl fonts, any time i open in gnome terminal a binary file05:20
histoBillyZane2: I don't know what a dual link cable is05:20
BillyZane2histo, thank you so much once again05:20
BillyZane2histo: there are several types of DVI cables. dual link has 2x bandwidth, there are also cables with analoge+ digital. i think i should get the supreme cable. some DVI cables don't have all the pins05:21
histoamoma: How are you "opening" binary files?05:21
amomahisto, i looking at that file in raw mode05:21
BillyZane2histo: dual link and single link don't have ths ame number of pins05:21
BillyZane2but they are cross compatible05:21
histoamoma: What is your native language?05:21
Confuzzledx_ it looks like you're squid.conf is set up to pass all ads through, and your redirect section is commented out, but it's been a couple of years since i've had to set it up05:21
amomaso i can see all and swith to hex05:22
histoamoma: perhaps use a hex editor05:22
Confuzzledsnake: /usr/share/fonts05:22
HyperiantI made a live USB using the Universal USB Installer; do I have to enable persistence manually?05:22
Confuzzledyes, hyperiant05:23
amomahisto, if you dont know ... its ok. I asking if you know how to turn this off, Thats it05:23
histoamoma: i've never seen it so no I don't.05:23
amomahisto,  perhaps you never looked at binary file05:24
dr_willisHyperiant:  been easier to tell it to use perisstance whenyou made it..05:24
histoamoma: With what?05:24
amomahisto, it is only on x gnome, it will not happen if x is off05:24
ConfuzzledI've never looked at a binary file in terminal05:24
histoamoma: What are you using to view the binary you aren't making any sense05:24
histoYou can't gnome-terminal some file foo05:24
Hyperiantdr_willis: I made a persistence file through the installer (I'm redoing the drive, had wiped it in anticipation of installing full Ubuntu), will this enable persistence without any further input?05:25
amomaoh my good, do you really getting intrest to inspect binary code ?05:25
ConfuzzledYou can open binaries in some programming editors, but i try to avoid code if at all possible05:25
chamunksis there a command that I can rewrite my MySQL root password via the commandline for somereason its not working anymore on my Ubuntu lamp setup05:25
chamunksI really need to figure this out quicktime.05:25
dr_willisHyperiant:  you are not making sence.. if you do a full isntall.. then it dosent use the persstance file...05:25
histoWow fail05:25
amomait is perfectly safe to inspect what is in binaries, who you scare ?05:26
histoamoma: gnome-terminal cannot edit binaries05:26
Confuzzledit should, depending on the live usb creation tool05:26
histoamoma: or view them05:26
Hyperiantdr_willis: I've been urged by chat to just use a live USB, as it provides more compatibility without a significant lag increase05:26
amomai do not want edit, i want to see05:26
archzombieCan I download the ubuntu phone beta? I have a galaxy nexus by sprint, is it available for that?05:26
histoamoma: well you can't with gnome-terminal05:26
amomaor rather search05:26
ConfuzzledHyperiant, my preference is unetbootin05:26
histo!phone > archzombie05:27
ubottuarchzombie, please see my private message05:27
dr_willisHyperiant:  then you  are not doing a full install.. you just use the live installer maker thing...05:27
histoamoma: You need to use a hex viewer or editor05:27
amomadefinietly i can i do this for years05:27
histoamoma: really how?05:27
Confuzzledamoma: opening in a proggramming editor doesn't mean you have to edit, but terminal isn't equipped by default to handle opening binary files for inspection05:27
amomanow i getting this upset message on ubuntu05:27
Confuzzledyeah, open up your files using emacs or jed or joe or something05:28
histoamoma: gnome-terminal is just a X terminal nothing more05:28
amomaok in terminal i opening midnight commander05:28
histoamoma: Okay so you are using mc to look at a binary05:28
Confuzzledwrong program to try to open a binary file in05:28
amomabut this do not mater since it is fro gnome terminal05:28
Hyperiantdr_willis: I'm using it, but do I need to enable persistence in Ubuntu or will it be automatically enabled when I boot into it?  Also, is there a way to turn off the try/install thing and make it take less time to boot up?05:28
Confuzzledmc will attempt to run it, notshow you the code05:29
dr_willisHyperiant:  you tell the installer tool the size of the peristantce file to use.. and it uses it05:29
amomaConfuzzled, < as you say05:29
Confuzzledhyperiant, if you've got persistence set up when you installed it on the thumb-drive, it should work automagically, and you can't really turn off the try/install thing unless you do a different sort of install05:30
HyperiantConfuzzled: different sort?05:30
=== c_smith is now known as c_smith_away
histoamoma: Are you using F4 to view the hex?05:31
amomaso where is con fig file controlling install of all the alien fonts ?05:31
histoamoma: possibly in gconf somewhere.05:31
Confuzzledhyperiant, try unetbootin for your thumb-drive, I think you can use it to install to a usb as if it were an SSD HDD, rather than a thumb-drive with an *.iso on it05:31
dr_willisalien fonts?05:31
amomahisto, f4 f8 depends what i look for05:31
histoamoma:And when does the prompt for fonts come up?05:31
amomadr_willis, klions for example,05:32
HyperiantConfuzzled: Yes, but then comes the issue I was talking about before; it also needs to be read/writable by any Windows PC05:32
dr_willisi just drag/drop new fonts into my   .fonts directory   ;)05:32
dr_willisor double click on them and use their installer tool05:32
amomahisto, the prompt is pop up box gnome related05:32
histodr_willis: he is saying that when he looks at a hex editor in gnome-terminal it prompts him to install fonts05:32
Confuzzledhyperiant, you can create a seperate FAT32 partition on the drive as a swap/share /home05:33
dr_williscant say ive ever seen a hex editor need any extra fonts,05:33
dr_willisthere are terminal  based hex editors thata would use the normal terminal fonts also.05:34
histodr_willis: rigth I have no idea wth he is talking about either05:34
amomahisto, i searched all etc and .hiden for string fonts and all combination, i asking for help second day05:34
dr_willishisto:  this seems to be the day for confusons05:34
HyperiantConfuzzled: I'd like to keep as much Windows-accessible space as possible because I don't know how much I'll be using, but at the same time I'm not sure how much Ubuntu space I'll be using, and it'd be a pain to constantly keep expanding partitions and/or reformatting05:34
histoamoma: I've never seen gnome-terminal prompt for a font installation05:34
dr_willisHyperiant:  best answer.. get a 2nd usb flash  drive. ;))05:35
histoamoma: and based on some google searches I don't believe it does.05:35
Confuzzledhyperiant, another option you might consider would be to use one of the many system configuration tools to create a live-cd based off of the distribution and customizations of the ubuntu-box you're using,05:35
Hyperiantdr_willis: I may very well do this, haha05:35
Confuzzledhyperiant, what size drive are you using?05:35
histoHyperiant: What is your ultimate goal here?05:35
HyperiantConfuzzled: 32GB05:36
histoHyperiant: that's plenty of space for a seperate storage partition05:36
ConfuzzledWhat's you're ultimate goal with all of this?05:36
dr_willisunless you need like 30gb for windows.. ;)05:36
HyperiantConfuzzled: A USB drive that's bootable from multiple computers, writable and readable from Windows, and doesn't break when I use Ubuntu Software Center to load programs05:37
dr_willisHyperiant:  you dont wan tto be install ing a lot  via software center to a live-usb.. thats just a fact of life.. you can do some.. but  its Not going to be as flexiable as a full install05:38
koumorileook we found device id  14e4:435705:38
ConfuzzledCreate a bootable ext3 partition of ~8GB for '/', and then partition the rest in FAT3205:38
dr_willisa live usb -  has limitations in what will work if you install it.05:38
histoHyperiant: That would be a normal Ubuntu usb disk with perisistance.  It's already formatted in fat3205:38
Hyperiantdr_willis: What limitations, for example, might I run into?05:39
dr_willisHyperiant:  installing newer kernels, drivers, may not work right05:39
HyperiantConfuzzled: Would 8GB be enough for packages?  I don't want to have to reformat to expand the partition05:39
[x_]anyone use squidGuard?05:39
dr_willisand theres going to  be size imitaions when your persistanc file fills up05:39
amomahisto, just typing the string:https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=50102305:39
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 501023 in gnome-packagekit "gnome-terminal wants to confuse you about installing a font" [Medium,Closed: nextrelease]05:39
amomafirst of 180K05:40
Confuzzledyes, if you set /home to be on your FAT32, should be plenty, depending on what you're installing.05:40
Hyperiantwait, what05:40
ConfuzzledI am also a minimalist, and uninstall as much garbage as possible05:40
Confuzzledlike all of Unity05:40
dr_willishome on a fat32 will have its own limitions also05:40
zykotick9dr_willis: i'm not 100% sure "persistance" even allows for programs to be installed... i think it might only be file storage...  i could be wrong.05:40
Confuzzledyes, but it will maintain your maximum windoze compatibility05:41
dr_williszykotick9:  it does.. but if you do it a lot - you can run into issues.05:41
amomaand with strin"ubuntu" http://osdir.com/ml/ubuntu-bugs/2009-09/msg10869.html05:41
dr_williszykotick9:   ir ecall issues with kernels. and  the nvidia and fgrx drivers05:41
Confuzzledpersistance tracks configuration changes, and some package installs... but it has to process with every start up and shutdown05:41
Hyperiantdr_willis: What limitations would it be for having /home/ on FAT32?  Would it install packages to the FAT32 partition and boot from the ext4 partition?05:41
amomahisto, http://osdir.com/ml/ubuntu-bugs/2009-09/msg10869.html05:41
zykotick9dr_willis: i find full install to usb makes a lot more sense then persistance05:42
amomahisto, aparently is not only me05:42
HyperiantConfuzzled: That was one of my other main issues; my USB drive takes about twenty minutes to boot from my craptop05:42
ConfuzzledI would run root on an ext3, rather than ext4 if compatibility is considered to be an issue05:42
histoamoma: assuming you are using a 2009 version of fedora then yes05:42
dr_willisHyperiant:  no owndership, no modes,  and things  other things from Not using a real  linux supported filesystem. vvfat does not have all the features that ext2/3/4 does05:42
histoamoma: That is an antient bug05:42
dr_willis20 min? what is it? a USB-1 ?05:43
Hyperiantdr_willis: I believe so, this is a pretty old laptop05:43
Confuzzledhyperiant, I would figure out exactly what you're looking to do with the drive, and then exstimate a conservative partition size for root, /usr, and /home05:43
koumorileoquestion ... will the driver for 14e4:4357 be different from 14e4:4358 for ndiswrapper ?05:43
Hyperiantdr_willis: I have a USB 2.0 card but I doubt WIndows auto-detects it05:43
amomahisto, ancient but surviving, like neanderthal05:43
histoamoma: On that bug  they added a gconf key it looks like.05:43
HyperiantRather, I doubt that my laptop can boot from it05:43
histoamoma: perhaps file a bug report with gnome then05:44
histoamoma: or use a different terminal for the time being05:44
amomaok, i can live with dis05:44
amomaut it just pesky annoing05:44
Confuzzledhyperiant, you can customize your paths to folders inside your home directory to point to locations on the FAT fs, and that way all of your configuration files should be retained ona  native linux fs05:44
amomahisto, of corse if i turn F{2..6} i can do it ,05:45
HyperiantConfuzzled: For the Ubuntu portion, I intend to install assorted utilities, and optimistically a few games05:45
amomabut it is set back those days to advise not to use x05:45
Confuzzledece it's primarily a single user system, I have dox, downs, pix, movs folders that are shared across my distros05:45
histoamoma: right becuase you aren't using gnome-terminal I'd assume soem other terminals won't act the same way05:45
histoamoma: There are plenty of other terminal choices in X05:46
amomahisto, ok i dont thisn but trying , thanks now05:46
BillyZane2now that I have it on 2024x1152 with ghosting... i have to admit.. the resolution is too big. I can't see the writing on xchat05:46
mahamayaMahamaya tripathi05:47
Confuzzledhyperiant, i'de set up your usb as a full install, and install your ntfs, and nfs tool packages, and you should be plenty fine with 8GB of space for /, especially if you re-path your documents and stuff to the FAT32 partition05:47
dr_willisBillyZane2:  dont make me slap you....   ;P05:48
dr_willismake the fonts larger...05:48
dr_willisthe whole point of the monitor was to show 2 pages side by side. :)  you need a 60 in plasma tv?05:48
Confuzzledhyperiant - one thing I would be sure to do though is ditch the unity WM for something like gnome, kde, or xfce05:48
Confuzzledunity is a giant sack of unneccesary bloat05:49
dr_willisHyperiant:  if the pc is that old.. what are its other specs?05:49
dr_willis!fud | Confuzzled05:49
ubottuConfuzzled: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt05:49
koumorileook so after a search on ubuntuforums i found an answer to a 14e4:4358 but i cant find out if 14e4:4357 will run with the same driver ... any suggestions ?05:49
Hyperiantdr_willis: 1.6GHz Celeron, 898MB RAM, 80GB HDD05:49
BillyZane2Dr_willis: I'm very close to abandoning windows.. I can feel it. The very last step in the process is setting up an SSH account05:49
dr_willisHyperiant:   you are using 12.04 or 12.10?05:49
BillyZane2now.. I have openssh-server installed05:50
Hyperiantdr_willis: 12.1005:50
dr_willisHyperiant:  lubuntu may be better suited for a low end  machine..  12.10 requires a CPU  with PAE also..  so i guess if it works.. then the cpu has pae. ;)05:50
BillyZane2umm.. let me figure out how to config this05:50
SpeirosHello.  Can someone help me with why my mic might not work on ubuntu 10.04?05:50
Hyperiantdr_willis: PAE?05:51
dr_willisBillyZane2:  i just install then use.. ;) not much to configure for ssh05:51
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info05:51
dr_willisa lot of very old hardwre dosent have PAE - so is limited to 12.0405:51
Confuzzledhyperiant, on somehting that old, i'd use xfce as a wm over unity. yeah, it's pretty, but it will slow you down more than you need.05:51
Hyperiantwell, Ubuntu dual-booted just fine with 12.1005:51
dr_willisso your system is not super old...05:51
dr_willisLubuntu works well for older systems.05:52
ConfuzzledI've run on an older P4 than that, but I also had 1GB RDRAM with it05:52
Hyperiantdr_willis: Can it do that really cool thing where you can tile windows to, for example, share a screen equally05:52
=== test2 is now known as IcePee
BillyZane2I have a question. Suppose I enter SSH and i want to initiate a GUI environment. I would need to install an extremely minimal GUI right? One that would work well over an internet connection. I was using a unix system earlier today and it had a really simple GUI that worked very well. Is there something like that for linux?05:52
yatrigawhich is the best video editoy05:53
Hyperiantdr_willis: Admittedly it's a bit of a stretch if it's a lightweight OS, to be able to tile windows and swap workspaces like in Unity05:53
Confuzzledi can't remember the name, but there is an rdesktop app designed to run over an ssh connection05:53
Confuzzledhyperiant, if you're committed to the ubuntu-distro, i would switch up your WM.05:54
Confuzzledif not, i'd look into other distro's of 'nix05:55
dr_willis!info freenx05:55
ubottuPackage freenx does not exist in quantal05:55
HyperiantI can let go of swapping workspaces, that much is a luxury05:55
dr_willisBillyZane2:  ssh and its x forwarding lets you forward a single app easially :) thats about all i ever need05:55
HyperiantBeing able to tile windows to share half a screen is extremely useful though05:56
dr_willisHyperiant:  even the most basic window manager for linux ive seen.. has Workspaces.. ;) its been a feature for decades05:56
Hyperiantdr_willis: Oh, that's encouraging then05:56
dr_willisHyperiant:  lubuntu works well.. it uses openbox. or you could just use openbox by itself05:56
Confuzzledhyperiant, for a machine with <1GB of RAM, I really wouldn't use any WM heavier than XFCE or LDXE, unless you're running a super-minimal distro, then maybe would I branch out into KDE05:57
dr_willisit gets to a point where its silly to try to use a uber-light desktop.. because 99% of your resources are being used by your  browser or other apps anyway. ;)05:57
BillyZane2dr_willis: Oooooo.. i seee.. so if you want a terminal, you would forward xterm, and if you want a GUI, you would forward the gui interface app or something05:57
ConfuzzledXFCE is lightweight enough that you can still easily swap WorkSpaces05:57
HyperiantWhat about compatibility between distros, then?  Are there programs that are incompatible with some distros over others?05:57
dr_willisa simple window manager..  and then run what apps ya need from a terminal05:57
dr_willisBillyZane2:  not much need to forward a xterm over ssh.. since ssh allready gives you a terminal. ;) but its doable05:58
BillyZane2dr_willis: good point05:58
BillyZane2dr_willis: would LXDE be a good candidate for an "app" to forward?05:58
Confuzzledit's more of a question of apps that require/designed for services provided by a particular desktop environment05:58
amomahisto, you are right05:58
ConfuzzledQT apps versus gnome-apps05:58
dr_willisbillyzane2  thats not an APP.. its a whole desktop05:58
amomahisto, you are right05:58
BillyZane2dr_willis: is it possible to forward a desktop?05:59
HyperiantConfuzzled: For a more specific example, I hope to run Steam on whatever distro I pick, and all I know for sure is that it probably supports Ubuntu05:59
SpeirosSo does anyone know if I can change some settings to get the microphone to work, or do I need something else installed?05:59
dr_willisbillyzane2  its possible but a  bit pointless05:59
dr_willis and going to  be slow05:59
BillyZane2dr_willis: how come?05:59
amomaxterm and KDE konsole do not exhibit this buggy behavior05:59
dr_willisyou are forwarding like 20+ seperate apps....05:59
BillyZane2KDE!!that's what i was using earlier05:59
dr_willisvs the one you really wan tto use05:59
dr_willisvnc and freenx are for shareing a whole desktop06:00
BillyZane2I was in a KDE environment earlier (SunOS), would this be possible with SSH on ubunutu?06:00
histoBillyZane2: you can forward X apps over ssh yes06:00
Confuzzledhyperiant, if you wanna steam, then I'd probably stick with an ubuntu-based distro, and go with a minimalistic WM, like LDFE or XFCE or hell, even something like fluxbox06:00
dr_willisyou can install kde on ubuntu..06:00
amomaothervise gnome is infected with "anciend bug"06:00
Confuzzledbillyzane2: Kubuntu06:00
spyzerhey everyone, i am unable to find a channel where i can ask gtk devel related question :(06:00
spyzerplease help06:00
BillyZane2but this was a very very downgraded version of KDE, it looked like wolfenstein3D06:01
dr_willis!alias | spyzer06:01
dr_willis!alis | spyzer06:01
ubottuspyzer: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:01
BillyZane2histo: i was using a very downgraded KDE over SSH earlier, i was wondering if i could have the same experience with SSH on ubuntu06:01
HyperiantConfuzzled: Looking at Fluxbox, it seems really...fluid in terms of visuals.  How would it look when I installed it?06:01
BillyZane2this was unix proper though06:01
ConfuzzledHyperiant: it would look like Win 3.006:02
dr_willissimple window managers look simple... ;))06:02
tekkbuzzUse the command xhost to allow all connections from your host:06:02
tekkbuzzxhost +host (with "host" being the name or ip)06:02
Confuzzledright-click on an open area of the desktop to bring up a 'start' menu to pick whatever programs you're trying to run06:02
BillyZane2brb, i'm gona get in to xfce06:03
machicolahow do i filter OUT output with grep? i'm using fping i.e. 'sudo fping -g | grep available' and it lists the results with the string 'available' then spams the screen with massive other unwanted output06:03
Confuzzledit's very VERY basic, but highly configurable if you're willing to put int the time to learn to do so06:03
Hyperiantdr_willis, Confuzzled: So it's lubuntu as a distro?  If that's the case, is there any WM either of you two would recommend?  (and how would I go about installing them/uninstalling the old one anyway)06:03
DarwinSurvivormachicola: grep -v06:03
Confuzzledwhereas, XFCE is more like a desktop-environment that most people are used to06:04
dr_willis!lubuntu | Hyperiant06:04
ubottuHyperiant: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.06:04
ConfuzzledXFCE even supports some basic 'widget-liike' apps06:04
dr_willisHyperiant:  i would say time to quit dawdling.. and go inssttall lubuntu live to your flash and try it06:04
histomachicola: you couold use cut06:05
DarwinSurvivormachicola: unless you are talking about content printed to stderr, in which case you want to do "sudo fping -g 2>/dev/null | grep available"06:05
ConfuzzledHyperiant: Xubuntu is the same, with XFCE. research lighter-eight WM, and figure out which one strikes your fancy06:05
machicolanot stderr i don't believe06:05
histomachicola: can you pastebin your output06:05
Confuzzledalthough, with a 32 GB thumbdrive, you could probably install one or the other, and run a version of ubuntu that has both WM's, which you can choose from at your login screen06:06
BillyZane2hi i'm back06:06
ConfuzzledI run UStudio, and I have at least 3 WM's installed, and I use thme all for slightly different purposes06:06
zorg24I have a Lenovo W530 and just installed ubuntu can anyone help me get the correct drivers for the graphics card, its a Nvidia Quadro K1000M06:06
dubeyIs it possible to take screenshot of ubuntu system when it boots up and shows the grub list ?06:07
BillyZane2well.. lets just say i have openssh-server installed... I suppose I could test out logging on.. would the command be... ssh local ?06:07
DarwinSurvivormachicola: can you give us an example of what you are getting and an example of what you would like to get (pastebin works best)?06:07
amomahisto, thanx , i using now KDE konsole, after some color change 3 click it work perfect with mc. If you spot somehow info how to fix it in gnome term i will greatly appreciate this tip.06:07
ConfuzzledIMHO, Konsole > gnoem-terminal06:07
histoamoma: idk if you poke around in gconf you may be able to find some setting06:07
braddBillyZane2: ssh localhost or maybe ssh . Both should connect to the current host06:08
BillyZane2it says connection refused (for localhost)06:08
dr_willison the machine you installed ssh on..  you shhould be able to 'ssh localhost;06:08
BillyZane2let me check...06:08
BillyZane2it says... "ssh: connect to local host port 22: connection refused06:09
dr_willissounds like you dont have the ssh server insgtalled06:09
histoBillyZane2: take a look at you /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:09
[x_]anyone use squidGuard?06:09
dr_willisi forget the package name...06:09
dr_willisopenssh-server or somthing like that06:09
BillyZane2LOL, i did not have it installed06:09
BillyZane2it was installed on my virtualbox06:09
machicolaDarwinSurvivor, yeah... sorry, just havin some issues06:09
amomaBillyZane, if you have installed service sshd start06:10
BillyZane2histo: sorry, it wasn't installed06:10
machicolaits spamming the heck out of my output06:10
BillyZane2i'm gona try connecting...06:10
zorg24I have a Lenovo W530 and just installed ubuntu can anyone help me get the correct drivers for the graphics card, its a Nvidia Quadro K1000M06:10
BillyZane2says, the authenticity of host 'local host (' can't be established.. ECDSA key finger print is oijdfoijdf..06:11
histo!nvidia > zorg2406:11
ubottuzorg24, please see my private message06:11
histoBillyZane2: yes to accept the fingerprint06:11
zorg24thanks ubottu06:11
BillyZane2ok, i added yes yes, it says... permantly added 'localhost' ECDSA to the list of known hosts06:12
temp_A bit of help someone?06:12
DarwinSurvivormachicola: pastebinit will automatically pastebin the output of any given command (make sure you put single quotes around it to escape the pipe)06:12
histo!ask > temp_06:12
ubottutemp_, please see my private message06:12
BillyZane2histo: i try to run codeblocks, it says unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?06:12
histoBillyZane2: ssh -X localhost06:13
dubeyanyone has done this ?06:13
DarwinSurvivorzorg24: http://www.thinkwiki.org/ has LOTS of information about using Linux on thinkpads (helped me with my x220 multiple times)06:13
HyperiantConfuzzled: Well, it looks like I'm probably gonna use lubuntu then.  How should I partition?06:13
BillyZane2histo: i tried that, i'm in... i tried codeblocks again, it says the same msg, unable to initialize gtk06:13
dr_willisHyperiant:  you doing a live or full install?06:13
zorg24DarwinSurvivor: I tried that but couldn06:13
=== atriusz is now known as atrius
zorg24't seem to find the right thing06:14
Hyperiantdr_willis: Full this time, hahaha06:14
histoBillyZane2: try -Y just for giggles06:14
BillyZane2lol, ok06:14
DarwinSurvivorzorg24: it's got more information on some machines that others, so it really depends on which model you have06:14
BillyZane2histo: same msg06:14
dr_willisHyperiant:  id jsust setup the whole flash as  your lubuntu  install then. a /  and a swap partition.06:14
histoBillyZane2: also try another app like xclock or something06:14
temp_Could really use some help.06:14
BillyZane2hmm.. not ssh?06:14
BillyZane2i think openssh is a good app no?06:15
BillyZane2it's super secure06:15
zorg24DarwinSurvivor, oh well the W530 is brand new so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have a ton yet06:15
[x_]BillyZane, yes06:15
[x_]BillyZane2, yes06:15
dr_willistemp_:  state the problem to the channel yet? Ive not seen it...06:15
BillyZane2BillyZane, : should i try running xclock on the ssh server?06:15
histoBillyZane2: No try opening another X application06:15
* [x_] lulz06:15
histoBillyZane2: like xclock06:15
temp_I'm new to this, sorry.06:15
temp_I'm trying to install ubuntu SE.06:16
BillyZane2histo: error, can't open display06:16
histoBillyZane2: what are you sshing from06:16
[x_]dont ssh me06:16
BillyZane2histo: i'm SSHing from konsole06:16
temp_But I'm having difficulties. i actually installed ubuntu for that in specific.06:16
histoBillyZane2: to the same box?06:16
Hyperiantdr_willis: Just throwing this out there; can Android read ext4-formatted USB drives?  My phone supports USB hosting and it -is- based off of Linux06:16
BillyZane2histo, yeah i'm basically connecting to myself. i type ssh -X localhost06:16
histoBillyZane2: check your sshd_config and make sure X11 forwarding is enabled06:17
BillyZane2hmm.. ok06:17
dr_willisHyperiant:  havent really noticed.. ive seen  some android tablets/phones  have packages that let you use ext* for your sd card.. so it may depend on the specific android device06:17
BillyZane2should i do that by typing ... cat /ssh/sshd_config ?06:17
DarwinSurvivortemp_: if you are having trouble installing ubuntu se (I'm assuming you mean Satanic Edition), you will need to contact the Ubuntu SE support channels as we have no way of knowing what changes they have made to ubuntu when they created their derivative06:17
histoBillyZane2: cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:17
BillyZane2histo: i almost had it :D06:18
histoBillyZane2: or less /etc/ssh/sshd_config  would be easier06:18
* dr_willis wondered what Ubuntu SE was...06:18
temp_Alright, thank you!06:18
temp_how do I do that, exactly?06:18
dr_willisUbuntuSatanic edition.. is not worth using...  i suggest sticking to the real ubuntu06:18
temp_What's the difference?06:19
dr_willisso many pointless variants06:19
DarwinSurvivortemp_: their forums are at http://ubuntusatanic.org/forum/ I'm not sure if they have an IRC channel or not06:19
dr_willistemp_ if you dont know the differances.. then why choose it?06:19
BillyZane2histo: there's a big problem.. i opened the file, there was some stuff so i typed yes... now there's just a bunch of Y's being repeated again and again06:19
temp_For the looks of it. haha06:19
Hyperiantdr_willis: If I have files on my flash drive, how would you recommend getting them off?06:19
dr_willispointless reason to choose a disrto.. because of the them06:19
histoBillyZane2: ctrl+c06:19
dr_willisHyperiant:  copy them to your ubuntu one account. ;)06:19
temp_Alright, well, thank you guys. have a good evening.06:20
Hyperiantdr_willis: hrm, not a bad idea06:20
histoBillyZane2: less /etc/ssh/sshd_config   or gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config06:20
BillyZane2histo, i closed it and started again06:20
Hyperiantdr_willis: There's no way to do it without booting up in Ubuntu though, huh :/06:20
dr_willisHyperiant:  thers ubuntu one for android now also06:20
histodr_willis: satanic edition really?06:20
dr_willishisto:  when children have to much spare time on their hands....06:20
BillyZane2histo: i opened the file in gedit06:21
dr_willishisto:  ranks up there with 'Hanna Montana' linux...06:21
BillyZane2histo: i found X11Forwarding yes, evidently it's enabled06:21
histodr_willis: satanists need their own distro i guess06:21
histoIf that's what their even called06:22
* dr_willis makes MyLittlePonyBuntu06:22
[x_]which is better dansguardian or squidGuard?06:22
* histo makes kidsareretardedubuntu06:22
DarwinSurvivordr_willis: you have no idea how popular that would be. put ranbow dash on the front and 3/4 of reddit and 4chan would be running Linux!06:22
dr_willisthen CatBuntu for the other 1/406:23
histoyeah with an animated gif desktop06:23
histothey'd be in heaven06:23
* dr_willis stops now.06:24
histoBillyZane2: Yet you can't forward X apps06:24
dr_willisBBl.. i have to go water my crops.......06:24
BillyZane2histo, i'm not sure what it means, perhaps i can't run any app?06:25
HyperiantConfuzzled: Lubuntu unpartitioned sound good?  Or do you have anything to say about it?06:25
BillyZane2should I pastebin the sshd_config ?06:25
HyperiantI'd really honestly like to be able to -use- the flash drive for moving files from computer to computer06:26
histoBillyZane2: ssh -X localhost xclock06:26
histoBillyZane2: should open xclock06:26
=== zhurai-tsuki is now known as zhurai
HyperiantNow that I think about it, I don't need more than about 1GB for file storage, so should I partition it for that much?06:26
BillyZane2histo: it worked!!!06:26
HyperiantBillyZane2: Many congratulations06:27
BillyZane2hyperiant: TY :)06:27
ConfuzzledHyperiant, partition for much more, you never know what you'll run into06:27
BillyZane2a clock popped up histo. it was a surprise to me too06:27
histoHyperiant: Will you please just use unetbootin or whatever the installation instructions suggest. Create a persistant install. IT WILL FORMAT TEH ENTIRE STICK FAT3206:27
ConfuzzledI've got a 4.5TB RAID-5 NAS unit for things like that06:28
histoBillyZane2: Okay well X forwarding over ssh works06:28
BillyZane2OMG codeblocks is running now too06:28
Hyperianthisto: It's not a full install, though, it's live06:28
BillyZane2BillyZane, : suppose i'm on a windows computer when i'm using SSH06:28
zorg24DarwinSurvivor, damn I feel silly turns out there is a driver on nvidias site.....06:28
histoHyperiant: it doesn't matter either way you are installing to USB06:28
histoHyperiant: there is no difference06:28
BillyZane2histo: suppose i'm using windows at school...06:28
BillyZane2histo: there wouldn't be any problem? wouldn't I need a GUI environment?06:28
histoBillyZane2: you need a local X server to handle the forwarded application. So you'd have to use cygwin to install X on windows06:29
BillyZane2or does SSH come with it06:29
quietonemy partner's new Dell is asleep or hibernating, how do we wake it up?06:29
Hyperianthisto: Live makes a persistence file that's huge and has to be completely loaded on startup; my laptop takes about 20 minutes to do that06:29
Confuzzledyou don't */need/* a GUI, it just makes things easier for some people06:29
histoquietone: push a key06:29
histoHyperiant: okay well then install it to a fat32 usb06:29
Ben64zorg24: you can install the 310 drivers from the repository, they support your card06:29
quietonehisto, so far we have tried every  key, function keys, and Ctl-Alt-F106:30
histoHyperiant: or create a seperate partition fat3206:30
BillyZane2histo: i use X-win32 at school for SSH. it opened up a ... kde environment. a very very low overhead version that worked very well06:30
histoHyperiant: you've been trying to decide for hours now. It's just a usb. Try it one way if you don't like it format start over06:30
Hyperianthisto: That's what I'm debating whether to do; question is, how much space should I reserve for FAT32 and how much should I reserve for ext406:30
ConfuzzledHyperiant, I'de see what I could do about making use of that 80GB IDE you've got installed, and set that up to use GRUB2 for a bootloader to dual-boot buntu with your XP06:30
histoquietone: power button?06:30
histo!best | Hyperiant06:31
ubottuHyperiant: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:31
quietonehisto, oh yes, we did that to06:31
histoquietone: okay why do you think it's sleeping?06:31
Confuzzledand whatever you do, I'd create a seperate partition for storage, so that your winows partition and ubuntu /root can be reinstalled without you having to worry about what you're going to lose06:31
HyperiantConfuzzled: wait, what06:32
HyperiantConfuzzled: Oh, as a storage for documents and stuff06:32
histoHyperiant: you can partition a flash drive just like a hard drive. So install linux on /dev/sdb1  create /dev/sdb2 and format it for fat32  for winblows compatibility06:32
histo!dualboot | Hyperiant06:32
ubottuHyperiant: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:32
Confuzzledthere isn't any law saying that youre documents, music, and movies have to be kept on the same partition, physical or logical, as your root directorites foreither windoze or linux06:33
zorg24Ben64, what repo?06:33
histoBillyZane2: I'll have to look up X-win32 i'm not familiar with it06:33
Hyperianthisto: I didn't understand any of that06:33
BillyZane2histo: i was able to connect to my school computer :D06:33
Confuzzledmake a seperate partition for persistent storage of your personal effects, so you can experiment with whatever OS, app, or program floats your fancy at any second06:34
histoBillyZane2: yes you can use xwin32 according to their documentation that's what it's for06:34
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BillyZane2histo: thank you so much06:34
quietonehisto, your're right, I don't know what state its in. Screen is blank, fan may run. It happened after the lid was closed for dinner06:34
histoHyperiant: You can have multiple operating systems on one hard drive. You know this right?  Like your computer can boot Windows and Linux from the same hard drive.06:35
Hyperianthisto: I know that, but everything after that made absolutely no sense to me06:35
histoquietone: usually it's sleeping. It may hybernate if the battery was runing low.06:35
histoHyperiant: Okay so you are still wavering on usb vs hdd then or what?06:35
Confuzzledhyperiant, i would figure a way out to save my data, and then I would reparition, reformat, and reinstall your primary 80GB IDE HDD in your 1.6GHz celery box to dual-boot your XP and your Xubuntu. use one parition for Xubuntu/Lubuntu, use on for winblows, and use a third for storage of all of your data06:36
Hyperiantahahaha celery box06:36
quietonehisto, it's been plugged in all day.06:36
histoquietone: hrm.. Well hold the power button for five seconds will turn it completely off.06:37
Ben64zorg24: the normal ubuntu ones06:37
zorg24oh ok06:37
Confuzzledthat away, when windoze comes out with a new win9 that can run on old hardware, you can upgrade to that, or if your windoze gets sick or something. if you decide you don't like xuuntu and want to try lubuntu, or kubuntu, or slackware 14 (;)) then you can refort that individual partition, and retain all of your downloaded music and games and whatnot on a third, and seperate parition06:38
zorg24Ben64, what's the package called06:38
histoHyperiant: if you insist on using usb and you stated earlier you ahve a 32gb usb. I would give 10gb to ubuntu and 22gb as a data storage partition.06:38
quietonehisto, yea, that's what we have been doing. I was just hoping ....06:38
Confuzzledif you use FAT32 for your data partition, it is mountable, readable, and writeable by every OS out there you'll probably ever consider using06:38
histoquietone: then look at your power options after it comes back on. I have mine go to sleep on lid close if it's plugged in06:38
Ben64zorg24: nvidia-experimental-31006:39
histoquietone: or on battery and only hibernate when battery is below a certain percentage06:39
zorg24Ben64, ok I'll try that, thanks06:39
Hyperianthisto, Confuzzled: At this point it seems to make more sense to repartition the drive and reinstall everything, but I don't have an XP install disc, which makes that...problematic, to say the least06:39
Confuzzledif you use ext3 for your linux root partition, then you would additionally be able to read and modify it from other alternative distros, such as if you need to use a rescue live-cd or something, or even from a mac.06:39
Confuzzledadditionally, you can instal NTFS tools into ubuntu, which will give you (theoretically) the ability to read/write your windoze drive from your linux OS06:40
zorg24Ben64, thanks a ton because because the drivers from nvidia wanted me to kill x windows server which I was a bit scared to try06:41
izxHow do i fix initramfs error in ubuntu 11.04 ??06:41
histoHyperiant: Just put the ubuntu install disk in. It will allow you to resize the XP partition and install ubuntu along side it.06:41
Confuzzledbut be aware that the NTFS tools for linux are in an alpha/pre-release state; so you can fully expect to find some bugs, for which there isn't a fix yet06:41
HyperiantConfuzzled: ext4 isn't supported by non-Ubuntu distros?06:41
BillyZane2histo: will, i sorta have it working. but the full desktop isn't running.. i suppose it's something to do with the configuration. it's extremely slow also06:41
izxHow do i fix initramfs error in ubuntu 11.04 ?? Without using a any optical disk / usb ??06:41
Confuzzledext4 has additional (better) journaling capabilities, which some older variants have difficulties interpreting links and stuff06:42
ckoneHi when ubuntu phone os?06:42
histoBillyZane2: What do you mean the full desktop isn't running?  You are trying to forward an entire DE?06:42
Ben64!phone | ckone06:42
ubottuckone: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone06:42
Confuzzledext4 isn't supported on OS X, either06:42
histockone: end of feb06:42
BillyZane2histo: yes. there should be a full DE06:42
histoBillyZane2: use vnc or teamviewer06:42
Confuzzledsome of the lighter-weight older rescue CD ISO's aren't very ext4 - friendly, either06:42
histoBillyZane2: X forwardign is more for specific apps not an entire desktop. You can run vnc through ssh for more security though.06:43
ckoneThanks waiting :)06:43
histo!vnc | BillyZane206:44
ubottuBillyZane2: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX06:44
BillyZane2histo: i'm in an introductory programming class, they just gave me this login and told me to use X-Win32, through that, i can get an entire DE. however, I feel i should in principal be able to do it through another application. I was able to login, The file manager pops up when I type startkde , however, this is a limited environment. there is very tiny window that pops up, so tiny it's the size of a pill06:44
Confuzzledhyperiant, your box really won't gain or lose much from the differences between ext3/4 either, and especially not for what I am assuming your uses will be, either06:44
histoBillyZane2: I thought you were trying to run soem codeblah app?06:45
BillyZane2it says, unable to launch kwm, it looks like there's already a window manager running, kwm not started06:45
Akiva-Thinkpad12.10 shows me a nude picture (from amazon suggestions) when I type store. Should I report this as a bug? Also, how can I get rid of this? This is a fresh install.06:45
ConfuzzledTBH, most of the differences in types of file-systems come out when you're trying to push a high-availability server over a network, in which case you're using specialized hardware, and are moving into things like btrfs, xfs, zfs....06:45
HyperiantConfuzzled: Then...I have an alternative flash drive that's very tiny.  About 1GB.  Is there a distro that can fit on it?  :P06:45
BillyZane2histo: codeblocks isn't on this server, it's the schools. to get codeblocks running, i wanted to use it from my school by logging on to my home computer06:45
Confuzzledhyperiant: DSL06:45
dr_willisHyperiant:  tinycorelinux06:45
Confuzzledor puppy linus, slacko linux06:46
histoBillyZane2: okay ssh -X ip.of.home.computer codeblocks   Run that on the school computer and poof codeblocks will appear06:46
BillyZane2histo: :D06:46
Confuzzledwhat are you tyring to do with the distro on a 1GB thumb drive?06:46
BillyZane2histo: i was going to see if the school will give me a sub domain. probably not, but worth a try06:46
histoBillyZane2: assuming you have some form of ssh client on the school computer and an X environment running on that machine also.06:46
Confuzzledsomething like that I'd basically reserve for a recovery utility distro06:46
BillyZane2histo: they have X-win32 on all the computers06:47
histoBillyZane2: dynamic dns will give you one for free06:47
Confuzzledand there are plenty of different kinds of those out there06:47
zorg24hey Ben64 do you know if with that driver I'll be able to switch between the discrete and the onboard (b/c the discrete wrecks the battery life)06:47
BillyZane2histo: yeah but it wouldn't be as cool. lol. plus, am i really suppose to write down a huge DNS address?06:47
HyperiantConfuzzled: Recovery utility primarily, maybe light word processing06:47
histoBillyZane2: is X-win32 just a X server for windows?06:47
BillyZane2histo: it's a client i believe06:47
Ben64zorg24: you'd need something like bumblebee06:47
histoBillyZane2: no it could be something like billyzane.homeip.net06:47
dr_willisi use xming as a x server for windows.06:47
Confuzzledyeah, check out trinity rescue cd,06:47
BillyZane2oh really?06:47
BillyZane2histo: how do i do that?06:48
histoBillyZane2: please pm as this is way offtopic for ubuntu06:48
Confuzzled! Hyperiant: http://distrowatch.com/search.php06:48
zorg24Ben64, ya... I was just reading a thread saying tha bumblebee doesn't work well on this laptop.... :-(06:48
Confuzzleduse distrowatch to find a distro or two for you to try out on your 1GB USB, and use unetbootin to put it on there.06:49
gnomefreakdoes grub support a tri-boot system?06:50
Confuzzledthat way you can retain your 32GB USB for data slavation/storage, and then go wreck your IDE HDD repartitioning to dual-boot distros with06:50
ConfuzzledGRUB2 supports as many booting systems as you can fit on your HDDD06:50
gnomefreakConfuzzled: cool thanks06:50
ConfuzzledLILO supports 32, I think06:50
gnomefreak32? holy crap06:51
ConfuzzledI've gone up to 8 distros using LILO06:51
Confuzzledpast that you really start to move into redundancy06:51
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dr_willisgrub2 is pratically its own os. ;)06:53
* dr_willis ports emacs to grub206:53
Confuzzledwould anyone know the VESA framebuffer mode for a 1920x1020 resolution with higher than 256 color depth?06:53
ConfuzzledDr_willis: which is why I prefer LILO - it's simple, and easy, like a bootlader should be06:54
dr_willis and has its own set of limitations06:54
Confuzzlednone of which have ever been an issue for me06:55
dr_willisConfuzzled:  i belive i saw the /etc/default/grub  file coments mention some command to list all supported modes and that info06:55
dr_willis;)  vbeinfo  perhaps?06:55
* gnomefreak hates lilo, last time i used it it gave me nothng but trouble06:55
dr_willisim not even sure how the kernel supports those old mode options any more.06:56
Confuzzledubuntu doesn't seem to play well with lilo, which is why I use # other=/dev/sda5 and let Ubuntu have its grub loader just by itself06:56
Confuzzledold mode options? like 1920x1020x32?06:57
dr_willisvbeinfo may be a grub command.  the docs  sort of say that.. but its not real clear06:57
dr_willisget to a grub menu,,, try the  vbeinfo from a grub shell perhaps and see.. im on my phone. :) so cant do it06:58
dr_willisive not messed with console/framebuffer modes in years06:58
dr_willisi was thinking vbeinfo scanned your current hardware and returned what modes it could support06:59
Confuzzledyeah, but the intel hd video modes aren't always listed as supported, even when they are by the hardware06:59
Confuzzledi was reading something like that awhile back07:00
Confuzzledi'd rather just hard-code my video mode into a kernal-mode and fohgettaboutit07:00
Confuzzledeverything would pop up at my lcd's native resolution without fuss07:01
Confuzzledno need to hve commands being read and interpereted on so many different layers... just keep it all as low-level as possible for maximum efficiency07:02
Confuzzledwow, i didn't even know I had those fonts installed.07:02
Confuzzledwas pretty sure I had deleted all of the asian character support on this system.... i'll have to check into that07:03
dr_willislooked like 2 squashed spider and a table to me... ;)07:03
Hyperiantx_carrey: 漢語 or 日本語?07:05
Danielmu_是汉语 。07:05
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iamzimGood Afternoon, has anyone here tried installing libgpgme on ubuntu 12.04? Is the correct package libgpgme11 in the repositories? I'm trying to install fwknop but it is not detecting libgpgme in /usr/lib07:06
dr_willis!find libgpgme07:07
ubottuFound: libgpgme11, libgpgme11-dev, libgpgme-ruby, libgpgme-ruby1.8, libgpgme-ruby1.9.107:07
iamzimwhy didnt i think of the dev package -_-", thank you dr_willis07:07
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dr_willisi would think fwknop would pullin needed dependencies.. unless you are compiling from source07:09
Supercomphow to copy vcds in ubuntu07:12
Confuzzledalcohol120, handbrake, ffpmpeg07:13
dr_willisyou can use 'dd' to clone  many optical disks07:13
dr_willisUnless you want to 'rip' the vcd toa video file07:13
dr_willisbeen ages since ive seen 'vcd' mentioned. ;)07:14
Confuzzledis there a reason you want to stick with the VCD format?07:14
Confuzzledsome device compatibility?07:14
Korekameno dvd drive??07:14
Supercompno dvd drive07:15
Korekameor no blank dvds?07:15
dr_willisYou can play iso files :) no need for a dvd drive...07:15
dr_willisI have several home tv-media players that can play DVD iso files also.  - makes it handy07:15
KorekameI never understood why vcd's were so popular on the web07:15
Korekameit's a horrid format07:16
Supercompstill many videos come in vcd format07:16
dr_willisages ago i recall making/seeing some Vcd(?) that you could boot in a pc and it had a built in player ;) sor tof a  DVD player on a disk.07:16
Confuzzledthen i'd rip an iso of your VCD using a cd-burning program, and if you really wanted needed a duplicate physical copy, use said cd program to make a copy07:16
Supercompnot able to copy them on to pc07:16
Supercomptried vcdrip07:16
Confuzzledyou can copy the image files. use something like K3B or Brasero07:17
dr_willisUnless theres some sort of copy protection, you should be able to use 'dd' to make a disk image.07:17
dr_willis!find vcdrip07:17
Korekamevcd's come with copy protection?07:17
ubottuPackage/file vcdrip does not exist in quantal07:17
Korekamethis I've never seen.07:17
dr_willisNo idea.. ive not touched a vcd in years07:17
KorekameI'm not doubting it, just haven't ever seen it.07:17
Korekamevcd's are popular on pirate media mostly. I don't even remember any legitimate media in vcd format.07:18
dr_willisso i imagine theres tools out to convert them, or clone them.. depending on whatg you want to do07:18
dr_willisid start with just dding one to a file to see if it works07:18
Supercomphere original media come in VCD07:18
Confuzzledthere's a chance vcdrip might not be interpreting the image correctly. most burning programs try to interpret the data they read off a disc - there are  a few burning programs though that are designed to utilze what's commonly called blind reads/blind writes07:19
KorekameSupercomp, where is here?07:19
Confuzzledif your disc is scratched or damaged, that could be the case07:19
Korekameah, actually, that sort of makes sens.07:19
Korekameindia does have a tendancy to be behind on technology, especially in media.07:20
Confuzzledmuch of the media i've purchased near that part of the world was fo questionable legitmacy to begin wiht07:20
KorekameConfuzzled, questionable, or just didn't want to ask?07:20
KorekameIt's like name brand anything in Hong Kong07:21
Confuzzledand TBH, at the prices I saw, I didn't really care, either07:21
dr_willisGenuine Fake Rolex! Only $507:21
Confuzzledheyhey, been ther, bought that07:22
Confuzzledmy dress watch barely ticks at all, but it's pretty07:23
Confuzzledand cheap, while I was in Dubai07:23
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zenuHas anyone been able install a dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 8 without the system defaulting to Windows 8 on startup unless explicitly told to boot from the HDD by selecting it from the boot menu?  I installed a dualboot on an HP laptop for a friend and could not get around this issue07:31
ububhI'm purging java and apt-get continue to reinstall an alternative, how can I force apt-get to *only* purge my java install?07:35
Supercompwindows 8 not pretty good hence didnt try07:35
zenu@Supercomp Is this a problem I should just expect from any Windows 8 installation?07:36
zenuor has somebody found a work around to it?07:36
ububhapt-get purge openjdk-7-jre installs me these new pkgs---> "openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib" and I don't want that! How can I solve this?07:36
Supercompi think you should be able to use dual boot if you first install windows and then ubuntu07:36
zenuThe problem is that the system bypasses Grub and defaults to Windows 807:37
ububhzenu: is that an issue realted to (U)EFI computer?07:37
zenuif the HDD is not selected manually from the boot selection07:37
ububhzenu: Lenovo?07:38
zenuI disabled secure boot and got Ubuntu installed07:38
ububhzenu: HP?... Crap... Pure crap! Btw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:38
zenubut it seems wrong to install a dual boot for a friend that requires a complicated start up process07:38
ububhlook at point 5 of 1st chapter "Installing Ubuntu Quickly and Easily via Trial and Error"07:39
rsserplease, where can I find this wallpaper? ==> http://vindsl.com/images/vindsl-desktop-22-oct-2012-2.png07:39
zenuI am looking at the link right now brb07:39
ububhapt-get purge openjdk-7-jre installs me these new pkgs---> "openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib" and I don't want that! How can I solve this?07:40
ububhrsser: ask VinDSL to give you "lime-room-2.jpg" :p07:41
somsiprsser: try tineye07:42
rsserububh, thank you07:43
ububhrsser: lol07:43
BWMerlinHow do I go about updating to the latest nvidia drivers, apt-get only list 310 as experimental but nvidia has released 313 as stable07:43
somsiprsser: tineye is giving links to 1280x1024 of the original07:44
zenu@ububh thanks for the link. I didn't use the secure remix the first time. I assumed the main iso didn't have a branch for (U)EFI.07:44
rsserI loved this wallpaper, ububh07:44
ConfuzzledI haven't used winblows since win2K was current and up-to-date, but I remember hearing some scary and nasty things about the so-called secure-boot feature of win8. on BIOS systems, it had to be able to be disabled, but on NON-BIOS systems, it COUULD NOT be disabled07:44
rsserit is very beautiful07:45
zenuwill those instructions solve Windows 8 being the default OS?07:45
Confuzzledyou might very well be locked into using windoze 8 on that achine07:45
ububhrsser: lol was for "asking to VinDSL" :D07:45
ububhConfuzzled: it's just harmless on non-ARM arch and btw Ubuntu has its own verified keys07:46
zenuits a friend's computer so I don't have to worry too much about it but, wanted to know if there was a better solution I should had used07:46
ububhConfuzzled: from 12.10 IIRC07:46
Confuzzledyeah, but if you want to try something outside of Ubuntu? the whole notion is rather offensive to me07:46
kubanchellow! are there any setting for powering off monitor in ubuntu 12.10?07:47
zenu@Confuzzled ??07:47
Confuzzledpower managemnet, kubanc07:47
histokubanc: yes power management settings07:47
rsserububh, i can't find that wallpaper on that website07:48
Confuzzledthe sort of attck that the 'secure-boot' methodology is designed to prevent against hasn't presented itself 'in the wilds' in some time07:48
kubanchisto, Confuzzled i only have power window for showing battery status (i have PC) and option suspend when inactive for...07:48
Confuzzledwhat WM are you using, kubanc?07:49
zenu@Confuzzled You would think Microsoft would be trying to attack none (U)EFI computers with viruses if it was important07:49
historsser: i'm looking now07:49
kubancConfuzzled, i'm not using any WM. My ubuntu is install directly to hard drive..07:49
Confuzzledyou're using Unity WM, then?07:50
rssersomsip, what did you mean by "tineye"?07:50
somsiprsser: it's a image reverse search. Google it. That image is avaiable07:50
cfhowlettI'm editing my /etc/hosts so I can see blocked sites.  Can someone please run nslookup www.twitter.com and nslookup www.wordpress.com and paste the output, please?07:50
* ububh I wonder why aren't we all linuxers using something cool like rEFIt now that more an more PCs sold ships (U)EFI! ... O.o07:50
historsser: try google image search07:51
historsser: search for liek images07:51
histoI don't have time right now07:51
ububhhisto: just tried me also... Nothing found :[07:51
Supercompskype with bluetooth headset doesn't seem to work in ubuntu07:52
rssersomsip, it's perfect07:52
rsserI got what you meant07:52
somsiprsser: you got it? good07:52
rsserokay, histo07:52
rsseryes, somsip07:53
rssera lot website with image07:53
ububhOn Ubuntu 12.10 amd64 FireFox is a 32bit version, right? So, I need Java64 for the OS *and* Java32 for the brwoser. Right?07:54
historsser: google image search is the way to go07:54
dr_willisububh:  i just install the java using the !java factoid guide and dont have to worry about it07:55
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.07:55
Supercompanybody used skype in ubuntu?07:55
ububhdr_willis: yup, followed that, but Java isn't working on the browser... :/07:55
ububhSupercomp: yes, but no with BT headaset07:56
rsseris there any ubuntu 13.04 alpha version?07:56
zenuHow have you tried installing Java for Firefox?07:56
dr_willisrsser:  its in testing riught now,  if you ant to be a beta tester07:56
rsserI'm not a beta tester, dr_willis. But I would like to try07:57
Supercompi can see the bluetooth headset work in sound preferences, but doesn't detect in skype07:57
dr_willisrsser:  expect issues with 13.04 ;)   see #ubuntu+1 for 13.04 support07:57
* ububh better could be Kernel's EFI Stub Loader... Ah...07:57
gipzoHello! What is the best way to copy all files from USB flash drive (it's ext2 partition) to HDD and compress them (tar.gz)? And how could I copy them back?07:58
zenugipzo you can use zip and cp for that07:58
zenuarchive manager and nautilus can be used if you like GUIs07:59
gipzozenu: I have bootable ubuntu server on that flash, and I want to clone it on different flash07:59
icerootgipzo: you want to clone the complete drive with filesystem or just the files itself?08:00
dr_willisgipzo:  cloneing an install is not the same as  copying files...08:00
zenuDo you mean clone it as a tar.gz or another live iso?08:00
gipzoIf by cloning you mean dd - it is very slow08:01
gipzoAnd I have different flash drives with different sizes08:01
gipzoBut size of system files are about 1.2 gigs08:01
gipzoWhile flash drives are 8gb and 16 gb08:02
zenuIs the 16 gb the drive you want to copy to?08:02
gipzoI want to write script, that will format fresh drive, install grub on it and copy all system files from tar.gz to that flash08:03
gipzoI have one 16 gb drive with working system08:03
gipzoAnd I will have dozen of fresh usb drives08:03
gipzothey will be 8 and 16 gigs08:03
gipzohow to format and install grub i know08:04
gipzoi want to copy files and compress them into tar.gz file, saving all attributes08:06
photonHello I had installed ubuntu with wubi but I was running out of space. So I uninstalled it and burned a copy of ubuntu on a cd and tried to install it with split partition. It was going well but then towards the end it told me that the disk was corrupt08:07
dr_willisgipzo:  if you want to clone a 16gb usb to other  usb  drives you can do that with dd08:07
photonand I had partitioned 200GB for it, now when I look at the drive I didn't get back those GBs back08:07
photonI can't even install Wubi again08:08
photonI don't know why08:08
dr_williswubi installs to some directory on the c:  see if its still there.   I dont recall its name08:08
gipzodr_willis: Two 16 gb usb drives could have slightly different sizes08:08
dr_willisgipzo:   cant say ive ever noticed the issue.08:09
photongipzo: Do you know what happened to me?08:09
TakeItEZgipzo: use a smaller (8GB) image, write it, resize partition/fs then08:09
zenu@gipzo my first instinct is to use tar to make the archive and then untar it to the location you want08:09
dr_willisgipzo:  i cloned a 8gb 'full install' from usb to several differnt hds and usbs then used gparted to fill out the rest of the hd.08:09
gipzozenu: will it keep all file attributes (permissions etc.)08:09
dr_willisgipzo:  or use clonzilla08:10
dr_willisjust copying the files will not make the other disks bootable.. if thats your end goal08:10
gipzoI have max 2 gb files on 8(16)gb flash drives08:10
gipzodd copy all 8 gigs08:11
gipzoit's 4 times slower08:11
dr_willisif you are worried about the sizes..  makd a 16gb usb and have the last gb be a swap partition. that way if there is a size issue.. you can easially remake the swap partion and not harm the rest of the installed system08:11
dr_willisyou just have to dd the image to the hard drive once..08:11
dr_willisthen you could be writing it to  3+ usb flash drives  at the same time08:11
Hyperiantconnect #ubuntu-bots08:11
Hyperiantwell that didn't work08:12
gipzoi can make usb bootable08:12
dr_willisdont forget to use the bs= option for dd also. ;)08:12
gipzowith ext2 partition08:12
gipzoguys, i can't use dd08:12
dr_willisdo what you want then.08:12
gipzoit's _very_ slow08:12
dr_willissounds like you are not using the bs= option to me08:13
Tuna-Fishhow do I clear the metadata of a broken package?08:13
Tuna-FishI explicitly do not want to remove any actual files contained in said package08:13
gipzoit's not because i'm not using different block size, it's because it will copy all 8 gb, and i need only 208:13
gipzoWhat I want to do: 1. Copy all files from USB and store the in tar.gz file on my HDD. 2. Insert different flash, format it to ext2, install grub on it. 3. Uncompress files from tar.gz to new USB08:15
gipzoWill that work?08:15
dr_willisgipzo:    if you can manage the grub part by hand.08:15
dr_willisi really dont see the point in using ext2. but use whateer you want08:16
gipzoI found this manual - http://ohhohe.tripod.com/files/linux_usb_flashdrive.pdf08:16
dr_willistheres clonzilla i belive  that can  auto mate most all of it08:16
gipzoWhy not ext2?08:16
dr_williswhy ext208:16
gnomefreakits old08:17
gnomefreaknot as secure as ext408:17
rayhello, I bought a conceptronix Express Card for USB 3.0 but it's very unstable, I can't boot from it and copying large amounts of data keeps getting errors at some point and I have to reboot the machine. Anybody here has recommendations on a good USB3.0 express card?08:17
dr_willisray:  the one i bought --- dident fit in my pc. ;)08:18
gipzoIt will be used in info-terminals...08:18
raydr_willis: expresscards you buy normally for laptops with express-card slots :-)08:18
dr_willisray:  mine was for a desktop.. aparently it was for minipcie or somtjhing. ;) the  one slot my video card has covered by its fan.. oh well it was only $1508:19
raygnomefreak: why are you saying ext2 is not as secure as ext4? I am not really aware of great security features in ext4?08:19
dr_willisother desktop is a slim case.. it wwont fit in there either.08:19
raydr_willis: did you return it and get a refund?08:20
gipzoClonezilla wouldn't work: "The destination partition must be equal or larger than the source one."08:20
dr_willisray:  im sure i will find a pc some day to fit it in.08:20
dr_willisif you just need 2gb.. make a 2gb partion... shrink it down to the minimal size needed.... then clonezilla can copy and enlarge08:20
dr_willisthen again.. does it even need to be enlarged if its juss for a   Koisk08:21
gipzo2 gb is only system, I need free space for media08:21
dr_willisso you could use a 3gb /, then a whatver is left for /data  or whatever you want08:22
dr_willisso if you image to a 16gb usb you get 13gb for /data   image to a 32gb usb  you have 29gb for /data08:22
dr_willisdozens of ways to set this stuff up. ;)08:23
gipzohm... why not cp or rsync?08:24
Kartagiscan I use my phone to share my cell operator's internet package?08:24
gipzoI thinks it's easier08:24
KayAteChefKartagis: Android does it08:24
dr_willisKartagis:  i can connect to my cellphones hotspot08:24
KartagisI can turn on personal connection08:24
dr_willisandroid makes it easy08:24
KartagisKayAteChef: what about iOS?08:24
dr_willisno idea what 'personal connection' is..08:24
KayAteChefKartagis: use NAT to share the connection with a network08:25
KayAteChefuse  a Linux computer to pick up the connection with USB or wifi and then route through wifi or Eth08:25
Kartagisdr_willis: personal connection point I think, I can only translate because the phone isn't in English now08:26
KartagisKayAteChef: do you have a guide in mind?08:26
dr_willisi just enable the wireless-hotspot-teathering feature on my phone. and the linux box (or my tablets) see it as if it was a wireless router.08:27
dr_willisits how i get books to my Kindle pwoerwhite from work.08:27
rsserwhen I grow up, I want to have a room like this ==> http://www.finalarchitecture.com/wp-content/uploads/images/Nice-White-Modern-Living-Room.jpg08:27
rsserit totally clean08:28
Kartagisdr_willis: I enabled that, but all I got was a 3g modem connection, even though I don't have a 3g modem08:28
kostkonrsser, nice but off-topic :/08:29
gmg85hi guys...is there a way of installing the gnome-tweak-tool without installing gnome shell?08:29
gmg85or a way of changing the fonts and themes without gnome tweak08:29
dr_willisKartagis:  i thinksome phones can appear as a modem. if you use a cable.. but im doing this all wirelessly08:29
kostkongmg85, try myunity of ubuntu-tweak08:30
bassogmg85: you can manualy do it in dconf08:30
=== zhurai-tsuki is now known as zhurai
dr_willisgmg85:  try unsettings  perhaps08:30
gmg85thanks for all the suggestions guys...let me check them out :)08:30
gnomefreakray: i could swear it is, but i never said it was alot more secure08:31
Annette01this is gonna sound silly but for some reason all my right click bars and drop down menus are going behind all the windows and i haven o idea how to fix this08:31
shock_oneCan somebody write me a message, please? I'm testing some settings.08:31
gnomefreakAnnette01: file a bug on that. it has happened before in another release08:32
aeon-ltdshock_one: test in a offtopic channel next time08:32
Annette01i....dont know how to do that gnomefreak, ive literaly ran ubuntu for 20 hours o.o08:33
gnomefreakAnnette01: oh08:33
JernejL_Workhi guys08:33
JernejL_Workand gals08:33
=== Exzel is now known as Jack3k3
JernejL_Worki'm in need of some linux magical help08:33
gnomefreak!bugs > Annette0108:33
ubottuAnnette01, please see my private message08:33
Annette01gnomefreak: , is there a way to fix it?08:34
JernejL_Worki need to get bandwidth info per ip.. something like what iftop does, but have it directed at a screen, and then read that screen's buffer externally08:34
gnomefreakAnnette01: not that i am aware of unless rebooting fixes it08:34
Jack3k3hi, could someone tell me, if I'm installing ubuntu on a new machine, and i want to leave a partition on the drive for windows 8 install later, should I just create my partition size, and set it to beginning08:34
KayAteChef!bugs > KayAteChef08:34
ubottuKayAteChef, please see my private message08:34
Jack3k3also, do I need to specify a "Mount point" or leave that blank08:34
dr_willisJack3k3:  you could make a ntfs and format it now if you wanted08:35
dr_willisand put it at  /media/WindowsStuffs08:35
Jack3k3well my issue is that I can only boot via usb on my ubuntu stick08:35
dr_willisJack3k3:  you are better off installing windows furst08:35
gnomefreakJack3k3: normally best to install windows first08:35
picarooJack3k3: the best thing to do would be to let Windows format the drive first, and leave space for Ubuntu later on, but08:35
penguinmanJack3k3: generally with dual booting you want to do the windows install first since windows will overwrite your mbr without asking.08:36
Jack3k3so i want to install linux now , leave a partition, for windows, then install windows and reinstall the boot loader08:36
pungi-manJack3k3, gnomefreak is correct .....08:36
Jack3k3right but as long as i boot back in and reinstall the boot loader its not a problem?08:36
dr_williswindows 7 also sort of likes 2 partitons.08:36
penguinmanyeah, and i'm assuming 8 is the same way08:36
KayAteChefyeah reinstalling grub is easy08:36
KayAteChefthere are tutorials everywhere08:37
dr_willis may be safest to have a large space at the front in a primary, then  a extended with logicals afterwrds for linux08:37
Ben64Jack3k3: you should really install windows first08:37
pungi-manJack3k3, but do this in 2 partitions ..... one for windows and the other for ubuntu/linux08:37
Jack3k3right my drive is brand new, so i wanted to format one ext4 40gb for linux and leave 80gb to create a partition in for windows later08:37
mechIf i make a driver on one linux machine, can I make install it on another?08:38
parolkarI am using ubuntu official cloud ami on AWS08:38
gmg85quick question...does ubuntu use systemd?08:38
Ben64windows doesn't like installing after ubuntu08:38
TakeItEZgmg85: not by default08:38
pungi-manJack3k3, do the windows stuff first and then the linux stuff !08:38
penguinmanubuntu uses upstart, which is a (supposedly) improved sysV init08:39
parolkarwhen I try to  mkfs -t ext2 -q /dev/ram1 65m it complains with "filesystem larger than apparent device size"08:39
gmg85TakeItEZ, damn...ok let me look into alternatives..what does it use in place of systemd?08:39
TakeItEZgmg85: upstart08:39
Jack3k3i dont have any way to install windows :[08:39
gmg85TakeItEZ, nice...thanks08:39
gnomefreak!grub2 > Jack3k308:39
ubottuJack3k3, please see my private message08:39
penguinmangmg85: not as fast as systemd but it is still reasonable to change the configs08:39
pungi-manJack3k3, buy a windows image file and then install it then download and burn a ubuntu image file and then install it !08:40
picarooJack3k3: why can't you install a trial version of Windows, then install Ubuntu, then just overwrite the Windows install later?08:40
zenu@Jack3k3 Windows doesn't support dual booting very well. Installing Windows first is the best bet if you want both08:40
parolkarI am trying to create a ram fs of size larger than 30 Gig (I have that much ram in that machine)08:40
gnomefreakoh and Jack3k3 please watch your language08:40
gmg85penguinman, i see..08:40
Jack3k3my bad, im just frustrated since i only have a 2gb usb and my dvd drive isn't bootable08:40
parolkarHow can I change this limit imposed on mkfs?08:40
mechIf i make a driver on one linux machine, can I make install it on another?08:41
zenuJack3k3 would a VM work for what you need to do in Windows?08:41
penguinmanmech: what do you mean by make? as in code it yourself?08:42
Jack3k3not really, I mean, i'm confused why you guys are making it sound so bad, from everything I'm reading, you essentially need to just boot a live cd in after installing windows to reinstall/fix grub08:42
Jack3k3if thats all it is, I'm not worried about that08:42
picarooJack3k3: the thing is, there's no guarantee Windows will like what you've prepared for it.08:42
gnomefreakJack3k3: we are giving you the easiest way to doing the job that is all08:42
picarooIt's much more likely Ubuntu will like what Windows prepares for it.08:43
penguinmanwindows doesn't play well with others08:43
Jack3k3well, i need something now, so i'll just install linux, try it with windows and if it fails format the whole thing and install windows first08:43
gmg85 does anyone know where the upstart config file is located?08:43
Jack3k3thanks for the info08:43
penguinmangmg85: it's actually several, most of them located in /etc/init.d/08:44
gmg85penguinman, thanks08:44
TakeItEZgmg85: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook        lots of info on upstart08:45
mechno, i mean run the make command.  I have a machine with the Realtek 8111e controller and am trying to make the drivers for it, but am running into issues with the make command for it (make[2]: No rule to make target 'clean'), so I want to run it on the one with internet so i can do all the updates instead of guessing what i need for build-essential and move it to the internet-less machine to08:45
mechinstall it08:45
zidohmy laptop seems to sporadically boot with the error "your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly", making it unable to start gnome.. however, rebooting the computer will usually apparently "fix" the problem.. anybody got a clue what would make this nondeterministic?08:45
picarooJack3k3: I actually just decided to ditch my dual-boot environment - now I use Lubuntu on my host, and I have a guest machine running in Virtualbox which uses Windows XP Pro.08:45
BlackWebJust curious when I open up a nautilus window Then it shows Attached Devices; Computer & Network, Which I have NFS Shares mounted and its showing them Under the attached Devices & Computer, But when I click on Devices then it just says that the following is already mounted, Have to click the HardDrive Under Computer, Is there a way to remove it from showing up under Devices? Not really a big deal just a small tweaking issue I guess08:45
picaroozidoh: loose cable or connection somewhere?08:46
gmg85How does one go about solving this problem  "The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available:"08:50
gmg85after an apt-get update08:50
zidohpicaroo: would have to be inside the laptop then, nothing connected to it.. although it's never a problem in windows, and never a problem after boot.. so it seems kind of weird08:51
penguinmangmg85: that's probably from a source you manually added yourself08:51
gmg85penguinman, yes sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa08:51
gmg85there was a problem with the keys..08:51
gmg85connection refused...08:52
penguinmangmg85: usually when you add a ppa it will auto add the gpg keys08:52
picaroozidoh: where does the error appear?08:52
gmg85could it be because am behind a proxyed network?08:52
agiantdbagsup guiz08:52
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FloodBot1agiantdbag: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:52
agiantdbagfaggot bitch cunts08:52
penguinmangmg85: it's possible. try launchpad to see if you can manually download/add the appropriate key08:52
sujonhow to install codeblocks in ubuntu ?08:53
=== c0li is now known as c[0]li
AtumTapt-get it..?08:54
penguinmansujon: search for it in the software center, or run the command `sudo apt-get install codeblocks`08:54
zidohpicaroo: on boot, it shows the nvidia splash very briefly, then i get a dialog telling me my system is running in low graphics mode etc.. i press ok and it gives me some options (reconfigure, start terminal etc), but this options menu just hangs, so i have to switch tty to a terminal08:54
gmg85penguinman, just opened the link https://launchpad.net/~tualatrix/+archive/next08:55
sujon<penguinman> i looked in the software center it showed me the software but said the package is broken08:55
gmg85penguinman, how do i proceed from there if you don't mind me asking08:55
penguinmansujon: do a system update first then08:55
sujon <penguinman> how to do that ?  (I am a beginner user)08:56
picaroozidoh: I'm not sure.  I suggest you look at the xorg log files to see if it says anything more about what might be failing.08:56
penguinmansujon: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a terminal will do the trick08:57
picaroozidoh: they're located at: /var/log/Xorg*08:57
zidohpicaroo: thanks, will do!08:57
penguinmangmg85: taking a look right now08:58
picaroozidoh: I do know that nvidia graphics cards sometimes have problems...I have an older desktop that has issues with the nouveau drivers, which are the default open-source alternative to the proprietary nvidia drivers08:58
sujon<penguinman> thanks it's working08:58
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest59436
sujon<penguinman> it showed ."Failed to fetch the the link(  http://bd.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/universe/binary-amd64/Packages)09:00
penguinmangmg85: ok, try this `wget http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x6AF0E1940624A220 | sudo apt-key add -09:00
penguinmangmg85: what that does is manually download the gpg key for the repo and add it to apt's keyring09:02
theadminsujon: If that fails, try switching to the main mirror: sudo sed -ie 's/bd\./us\./g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update09:02
gmg85penguinman, cool..let me try that09:03
gmg85penguinman, do i have to edit the search param or is it the correct one for that ppa?09:04
penguinmanyeah, that's the tulatrix ppa09:04
penguinmangmg85: if that doesn't work there's a couple more ways to do it.09:05
gmg852013-01-25 12:05:56 ERROR 404: Not Found09:06
penguinmangmg85: ok, option 2 here we come09:07
gmg85penguinman, thats the error i get from running " wget http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x6AF0E1940624A220 | sudo apt-key add -"09:07
sujongmg85 -> it's working thanks09:08
penguinmangmg85: try this ` gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0624A220 `09:09
penguinmangmg85: let me know what the output of that is09:10
martin___Is there any danger of deleting files in /var/lib/dpkg/info?09:10
picaroomartin___: is there any danger in leaving it be?09:10
gmg85penguinman, perfect!I think it worked!09:10
martin___Well i had smoe problems with running apt-get upgrade09:10
gmg85gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found gpg: Total number processed: 1 gpg:               imported: 1  (RSA: 1)09:10
penguinmangmg85: ok, one more step09:10
gnomefreakit worked09:11
dr_willismartian:  i would move them to ssome  known safe place... i recall some problems if you just delete the wrong ones09:11
penguinmangmg85: gpg --armor --export 0624A220 | sudo apt-key add -09:11
dr_willismartian:  ive seen the apt system get mad if you remove some of the database files and directories09:11
pSinghanyone down to make a Legend of Zelda trap album09:12
pSinghlike this ->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyLFgnD00-s09:12
gmg85penguinman, output from second command "OK" :)09:12
gnomefreakif you dont know what files to remove it is best not to touch them09:12
gmg85what does that second one do?09:12
penguinmangmg85: now try an update again09:13
penguinmangmg85: takes the signing key from your gpg keyring and imports it into apt09:13
gmg85penguinman, flawless..many thanks!!09:14
penguinmangmg85: no prob09:14
=== ist162548 is now known as litchas
ixio2im about to install ubuntu again on an AMD A8 APU setup.. whats the best way to get the drivers working, this is always a battle09:17
ixio2?? amd09:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto09:17
ixio2^ is that up to date09:17
penguinmanixio2: radeon drivers are pretty good these days, may not even have to install fglrx at all09:18
gnomefreakixio2: my ati 4200HD worked after using jockey-gtk09:18
gnomefreakwell sorry 3D worked09:18
gnomefreaknice and quiet :)09:27
=== william is now known as Guest38724
mrshr3d a little.... Too quiet :-)09:28
cristian_cI've enabled suspend with: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend09:29
cristian_cIt works but when I try resume, a kernel panic occurs or desktop is unusable09:29
* gnomefreak spoke too soon09:29
cristian_cIf I launch chromium by the terminal, I get: pcilib: Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.1/resource: No such file or directory09:29
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem? Any ideas?09:29
gotoguy_I made a button on my desktop to run a script, but I need to run it as root, if I change the script to Set UID it still doesn't work. Does anyone know how to do this?09:30
gotoguy_I can do it if I enter a password, but I just want the button to work without one.09:31
ixio2its the sound that doenst seem to work with radeon drivers without messing about with the propietry ones on their website09:32
=== linuxuz3r_ is now known as linuxuz3r
marenostrumHello. Ubuntu 12.04 here, with latest updates and with Firefox 18.0.1: Some minutes ago I was about to write "openjdk" (without quotes) in Firefox searchbar (set to google) to search the Web for it. I was not looking at neither the serachbar nor keyboard while ı was writing. Most probably I wrote the word (openjdk) and hit enter. But surprisingly Ubuntu software center opened showing its openjdk page. Then, when I checked the searchbar I saw that j09:32
marenostrumust some portion of the word (openjdk) is there. Any idea? Did I hit something else on the keyboard and what could it be? What's triggering software center via Firefox searchbar? I can't reproduce it with typing any other software/package name. Any idea? Thanks in advance.09:32
dr_willistap the alt key and try it marenostrum09:34
dr_willisalt = the hud. super = the dash09:34
marenostrumdr_willis, Thanks.09:34
dr_willisthe hud is an often overlooked feature.. you may want to check youtube for hud features videos. ;)  if it was the hud you used09:35
mrshr3dHi gotoguy, I'm no expert but don't believe it possible to run something as root without a password.  Would make it too easy for malicious scripts to run on your machine as root without your knowledge09:35
dr_willisyou can set up sudoers to allow running specific apps as root wituout a password09:36
gotoguy_mrshr3d: I think that's what Set UID flag is for.09:36
dr_willisand you can set things to be 'suid' to allow them to run as root09:36
dr_willisso. yes it is possible to set it up.09:36
gotoguy_dr_willis: suid don't work on my script for some reason, Does suid have to be a program.09:37
dr_willisyou DONT make SUID scripts09:37
dr_willissystem wont allow it for scripts. just executables09:37
dr_williswell binarys09:38
gotoguy_ahh, okay, I was wondering about that. thanks.09:38
dr_willistheres perhaps only a few suid binaries on your system also.09:38
dr_willisthe trend over the years have been to remove them as potential security risks as much as possible09:38
gotoguy_dr_willis: I'll have to take the sudoers approach, I didn't think of that, tanks!09:39
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ArchRatioA few days ago, I tried to install Ubuntu, because I want to learn C, because that's apparently best done on an Unix-based system.09:44
ArchRatioI had the OS before, but I removed it using some Live CD of an OS with OS removal tools on it.09:44
ArchRatioSo I tried to reinstall it, and it failed to install the bootloader, or at, it prompted me to either skip it, or install it in a different location.09:45
ArchRatioI did the latter, and the OS itself seems to have installed fine, but I when I boot my PC, it just goes to Windows.09:45
picarooHas anyone ever had a problem with xterm replacing single quotes with the 'd' character?  Using Terminus font09:45
ArchRatioIt also told me that there were some changes made to my system or something, and that Windows wanted to restore it, but I just started Windows normally.09:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest21169
Guest21169hey guys, im trying to install ubuntu on my laptop but it wont detect the ssd i have pllugged in09:46
ArchRatioIs there any way I can still install the bootloader somehow or should I just uninstall it again and then reinstall?09:46
dr_willis!fixgrub | ArchRatio09:46
ubottuArchRatio: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:46
cristian_cAn other question09:47
Guest21169can anyone help me?09:47
=== Guest21169 is now known as fddg
dr_willisArchRatio:  you made a cd and booted the cd and insstalled that way?  or did you use some .exe on the cd to install inside windows09:47
triassicfddg, install from a USB stick09:47
fddgi am09:47
ArchRatioI burned and booted from a CD and installed from there.09:47
fddgim on the usb right now, i only have the one hdd09:47
fddgi dont have any cds09:48
dr_willisArchRatio:  the check out that fix grub wiki page. the boot-repair tool should let you reinstall grub from the live cd09:48
ArchRatioIt also had some .exe on the CD, but I chose to install it from the Live CD because that's what I was familiar with.09:48
dr_willisthe .exe would be a wubi insgtall.. its best to avoid wubi09:48
triassicI think Ubuntu pops up a splashscreen with 'install' or 'run'09:48
ArchRatioYou mean https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:48
ArchRatioThis one?09:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:48
fddgwhy do i bother09:48
ArchRatioAlright, thanks a lot, will try that.09:49
dr_willisfddg:  ive seen some windows installs use 4 primary partitions which make it imppssible for the installer to install ubuntu.09:49
triassicreplace the drive09:49
dr_willisfddg:  check your disk partiton layout to see what you have09:49
triassicthey're cheap09:49
cristian_cWhat command must I use from terminal to make the Find box appeared in chromium?09:50
fddghow do i do that mr willis09:50
cristian_cAny ideas?09:50
fddgthe hard drive doesnt show up in gparted09:50
triassicI use gparted whenever I feel the need to know how much disk space is unavailable09:50
dr_willisfddg:  if gparted or fdisk, or cfdisk dosent see it at all.. thats a deeper issue.09:51
fddgoh.. :(09:51
dr_willisfddg:  does 'sudo blkid' see the disk at all?09:52
fddg/dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs"09:53
fddg/dev/sda1: LABEL="PENDRIVE" UUID="1EE3-1B1C" TYPE="vfat"09:53
fddgthats all i see09:53
dr_willisso apaently the answer is 'no'  ;)09:53
fddgso its broken..?09:53
dr_willisbe curious if a 13.04 beta live cd would see it.09:53
MonkeyDustlooks like a hardware issue09:53
dr_williscould be the hardware is dead.. or some weird ness going on.09:53
fddgis 13.04 good?09:54
dr_willis13.04 is in testing09:54
fddgim going to go check my bios and such ill br back09:54
mrshr3dDoes your hard drive show in the BIOS?09:54
ArchRatioWait, just a question here09:55
ArchRatioAside from the bootloader, my OS is installed fine09:55
ArchRatioSo I jut have to repair the boot using Boot-Repair09:55
icerootare "precise-updates" and "precise-proposed" the same? as it seems i am getting precise-proposed updates (last entry in changelog) when enabling precise-updates. is there another qa between proposed and updates, or is updates the same as proposed?09:55
triassicgosh, Unity is awful09:55
dr_willisgosh unity is awsome...09:55
triassicit's so slow09:55
icerootdr_willis: +109:55
dr_willisis there an actual support question?09:56
KayAteChefunity is pretty awful09:56
marenostrumdr_willis, Sorry for taking your time but I can't trigger that Firefox search bar > ubuntu software center issue with alt key. Would you please explain it very briefly?09:56
AtumTdr_willis: +109:56
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt09:56
ArchRatioWait, what does fud have to do with this09:57
ArchRatioI'm a bit confused09:57
dr_willismarenostrum:  i dont knwo what you did then.   unless you poped up sone software center lens09:57
KayAteChefI am using the familiar gnome 2.3009:57
KayAteChefold comfy num nums09:57
marenostrumdr_jesus, OK, thanks again.09:57
icerootKayAteChef: its eol in ubuntu09:57
triassicback to xfce, much faster09:57
dr_willisand with the same old gnome2 bugs and other issues...09:57
MonkeyDustKayAteChef  wrong channel09:57
nukkei need recommendations for configuring linux to use the least amount of gnu stuff09:58
ArchRatioIs it true, anyway, that learning C is easier to do in Unix-based systems such as Ubuntu?09:58
nukkehow's syslinux compared to grub?09:58
mrshr3dThinking of trying Xubuntu myself, my lappie is starting to get on the old and tired side09:58
ArchRatioMy tutorial recommends me I use Ubuntu if I'm using Windows09:58
dr_willisArchRatio:  it thsts all you want to do. you could run lubuntu inside virtualbox09:58
icerootArchRatio: doesnt matter09:59
triassicmrshr3d, you won't regret it09:59
triassicand on a fast machine, it's even faster!09:59
dr_willisnukke:  syslinux is radically differnt then grub209:59
ArchRatioI have found that using a different OS is great for my focus though09:59
ArchRatioSince I can't use communication applications I use on Windows without putting in some effort to set them up09:59
dr_willisArchRatio:  you could even do a full install to a  decent sided usb flash drive isf all you want  to do is play with the c compiler stuff10:00
ArchRatioAnd I really want to be productive, haven't done useful stuff in days10:00
icerootArchRatio: and ubuntu is not based on unix10:00
ArchRatioOr was it Linux-based systems?10:01
icerootArchRatio: GNU/Linux is the correct term10:01
MonkeyDustArchRatio  politicians are the only people who always speak the truth10:01
icerootArchRatio: ubuntu is a GNU/Linux system based on Debians GNU/Linux Distribution10:02
nukkewhat are good alternatives to gnu utils?10:02
nukkeany experience with asmutilks or blackbox?10:02
dr_willisnukke:  why does it matter if its gnu or not10:02
dr_willis!info blackbox10:03
ubottublackbox (source: blackbox): Window manager for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70.1-12ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 231 kB, installed size 602 kB10:03
ArchRatioWell, I have to go now.10:03
ArchRatioBye, thanks for the help so far.10:03
gmg85created a new upstart job in /etc/init/ which i want to start on startup ...problem is it does not start on startup and startup.conf does not exist as a job under /etc/init10:03
nukkenot blakcbox but busy box10:03
icerootnukke: and what has busy box to do with GNU utils?10:04
nukkedr_willis, i just want to see if it's possible to build a gnu-less config10:04
MonkeyDustnukke  what is it you actually want to do10:04
dr_willisnukke:  busybox is fairly commonly used.. do you have a more specific qiestion10:04
dr_willisnukke:  get the kernel.. start writing your own stuff10:04
dr_willisthis is sort of out of th ernge of 'ubuntu support area'10:05
xkernelwhat is the process name for the menu applets?10:08
dr_willisxkernel:  you mean the top right indicator-applets?10:08
xkerneldr_willis, yes10:08
dr_willisdont think there is a single process name for them.10:08
dr_willisat least i  dont recall ever hearing of one10:09
antonio__I'm trying to reinstall 12.10..when I try to boot up with dvd I get no default ui or configuration directive found10:09
antonio__"no default ui or configuration directive found "10:09
xkerneldr_willis, before there was gnome-applet which you can kill to reload all applets again10:09
dr_willisthats all changed i belive with the move to indicator-appletss and the slow phaaseing out of the  systemtray10:09
antonio__anyone have any ideas how I can get this ubuntu install dvd to boot up correctly?10:10
MonkeyDustantonio__  is the iso md5 tested? something may be wrong with it10:11
antonio__how can I test it?10:11
dr_willisantonio__:  so unds like a bad burn or image to me also10:11
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:11
xkernel/etc/init.d/networking restart  crashes X10:11
picarooOMG this is driving me crazy.  I'm using Terminus font in xterm, and single quotes (the ‘ character, not the ' character) are being replaced by the character "d"...does anyone have any idea why?10:11
MonkeyDustpicaroo  I have that too in certain apps, i'm glad it's not me, sounds like a bug10:12
mrshr3dDoes changing the font change the behaviour?10:13
dr_willisthe backtick character becoems a d10:13
dr_willis``` = ddd10:13
picarooI don't think it's backticks, but it's a single-quote-like character.10:13
dr_willisoh wait you mean    '''' = dddd10:13
dr_willisdoes it do it in other terminal apps?10:14
picarooI think its hex value is 80e2009810:14
=== versi is now known as kalkov
picaroodr_willis: I haven't tried other terminal apps...what would be an easy one to test?10:16
dr_willisgnome-terminal is  a normal one  thats instlled. then theres the  good old rxvt, and  perhaps a dozen others  in the repo10:17
picarooWould gnome-terminal work if I'm not using gnome?10:17
martin___rxvt or lxterminal is quite good :)10:17
dr_willisyou dont need to use gnome for gnome apps to work10:17
antonio__yeah the checksum was bad10:17
dr_willisyou can run kde apps in gnome and visa versa or on any other window manager10:18
cfhowlettantonio__, download again.  I suggest you use torrents.  Also, rather than DVD consider making a boot USB10:19
dr_willisusb definatly th eway to go these days10:21
picaroodr_willis: tried rxvt, it didn't render properly so I can't say for sure.10:22
dr_willistry a more mondern terminal app10:23
dr_willisxterm and rxvt are achient. ;)10:23
dr_willis!info uxterm10:23
ubottuPackage uxterm does not exist in quantal10:23
dr_willisi cant even rember the names of the terminal apps ive used over the years10:24
dr_willisterminator is my fave10:24
kostkontry tilda10:24
MonkeyDustantonio__  i was away, where did you get the iso? best get it from ubuntu.com/downloads10:24
kostkon!info tilda10:24
ubottutilda (source: tilda): terminal emulator with first person shooter console likeness. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.09.6-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 80 kB, installed size 507 kB10:24
martin___dr_willis: rxvt are stll good :)10:24
dr_willismartin___:  aparently they havce some issues ;010:25
__Hackuin__martin___: terminator pwn's all :P10:25
dr_willisill stick with newer ones..10:25
dr_willisterminator uses gnome-terminal10:25
kostkon__Hackuin__, terminator is cool yes10:25
martin___Let me rephrase it, I still think it's good anywho :)10:25
__Hackuin__My official life would be like hell without terminator.10:26
antonio__monkeydustL I think my torrent program screwed it up10:26
kostkonantonio__, just do a regular download then, go to releases.ubuntu.com, get the url and just use wget:  wget url-of-iso10:28
gmg85upstart job starts when i run the start command but won't start on startup10:28
gmg85any idea why?10:28
gmg85there was no job named startup under /etc/init so i switched to start on lightdm ...that dont work either10:30
dr_willisso you made a /etc/init.d/somthing.conf for the job?10:31
gmg85dr_willis, yes10:31
dr_williscompare it to one that works ;)10:31
gmg85dr_willis, just changed something ....let me reboot and see if it helps..will try that too :)10:31
spikeyhi, question for you: do you know where the dock's icons of unity are installed on file system ?10:35
vmachinedo i have to restart networking server for ubuntu to use the local host file after changes have been made?10:35
icerootvmachine: no10:36
vmachinehmm well its not using the entry i made int  /etc/hosts10:36
icerootvmachine: you want to change your hostname?10:37
icerootvmachine: or you want to setup a entry so that a ping on "foobar" will result in the ip from the hosts file?10:37
icerootvmachine: that was not a yes/no question10:37
vmachineyes i want ubuntu to use the host file for resolutions10:38
icerootvmachine: that will work directly without restarting10:38
icerootvmachine: ping the new entry and it should use the new ip10:38
icerootvmachine: when you used the correct syntax in /etc/hosts10:39
icerootvmachine: ip hostname10:39
martin___You can remove ads from the search10:41
dr_willisthey really are not ads either...10:42
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ10:42
DJonesWouldn't be so bad if they stayed in the channel to find that out10:42
dr_willishit-and-troll attack. ;)10:43
TakeItEZi guess he doesn't care if you can remove it or not. it is there by default and that is... odd10:43
dr_willisthe whole lens/scope system is a work in progress.. so its  got to have time to mature10:44
TakeItEZdr_willis: point is: do people really want this?10:44
dr_willisi want to search just askubuntu,com  from the help lens but cant seem to do tghat either. that has mor eaffect on me then the amazon suggestions10:44
dr_willisTakeItEZ:  they dont seem to mind the 10x worse ssituation on  the android  market. and i imagine apple and w8 have it even worse10:45
TakeItEZdr_willis: linux != android10:45
dr_willisand  they are expanding the lens feature in the next release so its pointless to speculate on it10:45
dr_willisubuntu is taking ideas from android.. and android  update on my phone is makign it more like ubuntu/linux10:46
TakeItEZdr_willis: question is, will people accept that or will they switch distro (like they do if they dislike wallpapers)10:46
=== versi is now known as kalkov
dr_willispople do stupid things for stupid reasons... that has never changed10:47
vmachineoes anyone know of an website that i can use to perform a dig  + trace ?10:49
=== ubuntu is now known as girlpalmface
=== kyo is now known as CSPro
CSProO~~~~~~~ how r u?!10:50
girlpalmfaceso i got it to see my hdd, but now when i installed it i got an error when it first booted, it said failed to mount /10:50
mehdihow to terminal show?10:50
girlpalmfacecan anyone help me?10:50
CSProhow to close the function which show who quit the server10:51
dr_willismehdi:  clarify what you mean10:51
angsis there another command than "find" and "locate" to find a file?10:51
girlpalmfacealso i have another issue, alot of pictures and texts in the installer were all like... distored and fuzzy? like tv static? lol10:51
TakeItEZangs: grep, depends on what you want10:51
martin___angs: Why should you need another command for that ? :)10:51
dr_willis angs  you mean cli commands? not that i know of..  theres gui tools10:51
girlpalmfacedoes anyone know why linux hates me?10:52
vmachineit hates everyone10:52
CSProhow to close the function which show who quit the server10:52
CSProUbuntu is a nice one10:52
dr_willisCSPro:  depends on your irc chat client10:52
angsmartin___: to learn:) TakeItEZ, dr_willis: thanks10:52
dr_willischeck your clients docs.10:53
girlpalmfacenobody can help me?10:53
girlpalmfacei guess ill try linux mint then10:53
martin___angs: Ohh ok, good luck with that then :)10:53
dr_willisgirlpalmface:  you may want to give some details.....10:53
* TXRoadkill is away: Off to find a shrubbery...10:53
angsthanks :)10:53
dr_williswe dont know what you roiginal issue is10:53
martin___angs: Ohh ok, good luck with that then :)10:54
girlpalmfacei dont have anymore details, when i launched after the install it went to a black screenw ith lots of text and at the bottom it said failed to mount /10:54
martin___Dam*... sry10:54
coderounable to install ubuntu 12.04. Download iso and burnt to DVD and booted. Ubuntu icon ( startup icon) appears and no progress for the next 45 minutes. Need suggessions on possible cause and fixes.10:55
Priceycodero: Did you verify the disk before/after burning it?10:56
Pricey*disk image10:57
girlpalmfacedistrowatch says linux mint is mroe popular than ubuntu10:57
TakeItEZgirlpalmface: who?10:57
coderoverification failed and so ihad to asume that evrythin went right. When it dint work, I tried unetbootin and created a boot stick. That dint work either .10:58
MonkeyDu1tgirlpalmface  it has more hits in search engines and the like10:58
girlpalmfacecann anyone help me im on a live usb now, i installed ubuntu but i got a black screen that had a bunch of text followed by failed to mount /10:59
=== xx4h_ is now known as xx4h
coderoPricey: verification failed and so i had to assume that evrythin went right. When it dint work, I tried unetbootin and created a boot stick. That dint work either .11:00
kostkongirlpalmface, something went horribly wrong then if your system is not even able to mount the root partition. Did you manually setup the partitions11:00
Priceycodero: If verification failed than you should assume it... failed...?11:01
girlpalmfaceno kostkon11:04
girlpalmfacei said erase and install11:04
kostkongirlpalmface, try reinstalling11:05
kostkongirlpalmface, i think that's your only option at the moment.11:07
girlpalmfacein the install i have an error11:08
kostkongirlpalmface, what kind11:08
girlpalmfaceerror informing the kernal about modifications to the partition /dev/sda1 -- Device or resource busy.  This means linux wont know about any changes you made to /dev/sda1 until you reboot -- so you shouldnt mount it or use it in any way before rebooting11:09
girlpalmfaceignore? xD11:09
kostkongirlpalmface, hmm11:10
girlpalmfacewait ill restart and install ike that just incase, ill brb11:11
CSProwho can give me a server to chat 0 011:13
CSProany one? 0 011:14
auronandace!alis | CSPro11:14
ubottuCSPro: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:14
CSPro3Q lol11:15
marculeshi there11:16
CSProwhat's up?11:16
bassoCompiz gets very slow when the my i7 clocks down to 800mhz11:16
bassothis is at 1920x108011:16
marculesNothing mutch, just trying to activate 3 displays ^^11:16
CSProi7 down to 800mhz...11:16
CSProu r good11:16
bassoyes ubuntu on my laptop downclocks the cpu dynamicly according to load to save power11:17
basso1.2ghz is okay for compiz, but once the cpu goes down to 800 it becomes too laggy11:18
dr_willishmm it should ramp back up almost instantly.. at least mine does11:19
kepleri have no problems with mine either, on my i7, i5, or i311:22
CSProu r good11:24
CSProo sorry send error11:24
famax8hye people11:25
famax8im back with my dual boot install11:26
famax8and today11:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest15225
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Guest15225ubuntu is good11:27
famax8I can partition the dedicated hard drive where i will install ubuntu sutdio 12.10 with 1 fat 32 for install 1 ext4 for datas and 1 swap - i want to install dual boot with a OS on each hard drive (win 7 preinstalled) - but once i crate the partition it is impossible to mount them adfterwards11:27
kostkonGuest15225, but?11:28
CSProplease use EasyBcr famax811:28
saju_mcould someone please help me to setup squid proxy and authentication using username and password11:29
famax8who are u?? what are doin inside my computer11:29
saju_mi setup proxy server with doc http://dabase.com/blog/Minimal_squid3_proxy_configuration/11:29
saju_mhow test client authentication using username and paswword11:29
CSPro / . test11:30
famax8cspro: whats bcd?11:30
antonio__I just reinstalled 12.1011:30
famax8i did the job with GPARTED11:30
antonio__I'm trying to get my wireless to work again.  I've got a broadcom and I've run into this issue again..11:31
CSPro目测中国人占多数 lol 又故意拽鸟语11:31
antonio__Does anyone know an easy fix?11:31
CSProsorry send error11:31
famax8looool @CSPro11:31
CSProlol @famax811:31
saju_mmy /etc/squid3/squid.conf http://dpaste.com/891441/11:32
famax8so yeah anyone can tell me whats up here? what did i do wrong for being unable to see the partitions after i crated them on gparted?11:32
auronandacefamax8: are you looking at the right disk?11:33
famax8once i launch the install it doesnt even see it i can not mount anything either11:33
famax8but is my sdb1 this i am sure it has some pastard size (189gb)11:33
famax8it says then "unaothrized action"11:34
MonkeyDu1tfamax8  type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here11:34
famax8ah wait i got to do this from the other pc then brb11:35
antonio__anyone ever have an issue with broadcom wireless drivers?11:38
MonkeyDu1t!bcm | antonio__ start here11:38
ubottuantonio__ start here: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:38
famax8biswhich line command i have to enter?11:38
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis   type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here11:39
famax8bisi know for broadcom u got a third party driver that works, and it is not categorized as such, u should ave an option called @third aprty drivers@ and install those it should work11:39
famax8bishere on the caht?11:40
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  th url yes11:41
antonio__this is so damn annoying11:42
famax8bisbut pastebinit?? where do i find this shall i dl and install that first???11:42
antonio__monkeydult: have you actually gotten a broadcom to work?11:42
antonio__Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the11:42
antonio__kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed.11:42
MonkeyDu1tantonio__  i don't need/use wireless, find general instructions in the ubottu link11:42
famax8bis" antonio: as i said just install all drivers possible from ubuntu and it shall work, i did it with my previous laptop and it worked, worst case wire it and download all the other drivers existing - wort case, backtrack has a larger library of drivers and they sure work !!11:43
antonio__how do I install them?11:44
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  yes, install pastebinit, then enter the command in a terminal and paste the url here in the channel11:44
antonio__"Note: If you see the message "Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed" then you are missing the appropriate generic linux-header package(s)."11:45
antonio__how I can I fix this?11:45
famax8bisi never hard of pastebinit thanks monkey - IRC chat noob here lol11:45
antonio__so it looks like I need to install the "appropriate generic linux headers packages"...11:46
antonio__How do I know which one to install?11:46
famax8bisMonkey here is what i get when i try to install the package:11:47
famax8bisW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pastebinit/pastebinit_1.3-2ubuntu3_all.deb   404  Not Found [IP: 80]11:47
famax8bisW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pastebinit/pastebinit_1.3-2ubuntu3_all.deb   404  Not Found [IP: 80]11:47
auronandaceantonio__: the headers of the kernel in use11:48
famax8bis404 not found11:48
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  type lsb_release -sd    what's the output?11:48
antonio__auronandance: how can I tell what one to use?11:48
auronandaceantonio__: you don't know what kernel version you are using? uname -a11:49
famax8bisubuntu 12.1011:49
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install pastebinit11:50
famax8bisall in one line or 2 separated?11:51
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  one line is ok, don't forget the ;11:51
famax8bismade it in one go and it works so far11:51
famax8bisye thanks monkey ^^11:52
famax8biscould not get lock???11:52
famax8bisE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:53
kostkonfamax8bis, close your updater and/or software centre11:53
kostkonfamax8bis, then try again11:53
famax8bislool didnt see was still open too many windows open ^^11:53
famax8bislove the speed of intall on linux ^^11:54
famax8bissays no -l found11:55
BlackWebWhen it comes to Partition tables is there a Advantage between using a MSDOS Table, or GPT11:56
MonkeyDu1tfamax8bis  got to go, good luck, hope you find a solution11:57
famax8bisi hope too11:57
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famax8bishave fun11:57
FloodBot1famax8bis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:57
famax8bisfloodbot i just did use pastebin?11:57
babilenfamax8bis: Just go easy on the enter key. You send too many messages in close succession which triggered the FloodBot.11:58
famax8bisoh right i see bad habit from work sorry ^^11:58
addifamax8bis, or try to say more in a single sentence instead of one line for each word ^^11:59
famax8bisanyways if anyone has an answer to that problem id be gladly sending a box of chocolate to the savior!11:59
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
famax8bisno? nobody?12:02
babilenfamax8bis: What is the actual problem? Could you show me relevant commands and output in a pastebin (again, as I might have missed it) please?12:02
antonio__has anyone ever installed kdenlive from source?12:03
famax8bisbabilen:  i am trying to dual boot on a preinstalled 7  using a separated HD for linux - i used gparted to create 1 fat32 for install 1 ext4 for datas and 1 swap (95gb-94gb-9gb) and now i can not mount the partitons and therefore install on it12:04
antonio__has anyone ever installed kdenlive from source?12:04
auronandacefamax8: fat32 for install? you can't install ubuntu on fat3212:05
famax8bisbut here it say "no -l found"12:05
babilenfamax8bis: What caused that output? "here" ? Have you installed Ubuntu already?12:05
famax8bisauronandace: does that mean i can directly create the right partiton? i always first made it fat 32 then when i install i change it for whatever it tells me to12:06
dr_willisgparted lets you make whatever you want. ;)12:06
famax8bisbabiln: nope is not installed yet12:06
babilenfamax8bis: So what gave you the output you pasted?12:07
famax8bisthe command line given earlier @ babilen12:07
famax8bisbabilen: sudo fdisk -l12:08
babilenfamax8bis: That command needs an argument. Try "sudo -l /dev/sda" (if applicable) -- Are you /trying/ to install Ubuntu already?12:09
dzieglerHi is it possible to see the kernel messages and the splash screen on booting my pc? I remember ther was a way in Kubuntu hardy but i dont know in newer versions. I only can see my splash or the kernel messages...12:10
dr_willisdziegler:  not that i know of.12:11
babilenfamax8bis: And "fdisk -l" /should/ work, but simply list information about ever block device. Could you paste your exact command and its output to a pastebin? (just copy the entire terminal content)12:11
dr_willisit got decided that kernel messages where to confuseing to beginners. ;) so they are all hidden by the splash screen12:11
babilenfamax8bis: Please include your exact command. Also /where/ are you executing these commands. AFAIK you haven't installed any Linux yet and are just making this up ;)12:11
famax8bisbabilen: i tried already to install it but couldnt see it after reboot so i formatted again12:12
asilhouettemy software updater doesn't work anymore. using the software updated does nothing. Any ideas anyone12:12
kostkondziegler, you can just open up your kernel or boot log files,  /var/log/kern.log  /var/log/boot.log respectively12:12
auronandacefamax8bis: are you booting the right disk from bios?12:12
asilhouettei'm using synaptic to update though.12:12
famax8bisbabilen: it is not installed anymore - if you mean i never installed linux ever before then no i run already 2 slax and 1 ubuntu12:12
dzieglerdr_willis kostkon: i know, but in hardy ther was a way to display the splash and the kernel msg on start up. Like this: http://www.mymac.com/img/features/boot1-6-11-06.jpg sorry it was the only picture i found...12:13
babilenfamax8bis: I am not closely familiar with Ubuntu's installer (I am a Debian person), but that sounds as if you forgot to install the bootloader (i.e. grub) to the MBR (if this is a non-EFI setup)12:13
famax8bis@auronandace: is a dual boot that i am trying to do12:13
auronandacefamax8bis: with 2 separate disks, are you booting the right disk?12:13
famax8bisguys wait hard drive is toatlly empty is no more anything on it zero nada niets12:13
asilhouettefamax8 use grub boot disk to fix the mbr12:14
famax8bisauronandace: yes 2 disks but i now erased it all to do it again12:14
babilenauronandace: That shouldn't make a difference if famax8bis installed the bootloader managed by Ubuntu to the disk (s)he is booting from (typically /dev/sda)12:14
* babilen still does not understand which command causes http://paste.ubuntu.com/1569368/ and why that is of any relevance to the installation at all. I would also still like to see the output (and command) of "fdisk -l /dev/sda" (and /dev/sdb if applicable)12:15
kostkondziegler, that was before plymouth. but check this post here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2012-June/056698.html12:15
famax8bisbabilen: is @sudo fdisk -l/dev/sda12:15
babilenfamax8bis: The command is "fdisk -l /dev/sda" and not "fdisk -l/dev/sda" (note the space between -l and /dev/sda)12:16
=== versi is now known as kalkov
babilenfamax8bis: That is why you /always/ paste the exact command together with its output if you ask for help12:16
dzieglerkostkon, ye thats what i tryed, but than my splash screen disapers :(12:16
famax8bisbabilen: yes and i also should put sdb as it is this disk im aiming at ^^ good morning people :) sorry for that12:17
kostkondziegler, isn't that what you really want?12:17
=== raven__ is now known as palmfacegirl
palmfacegirlhey guys12:17
* babilen hands famax8bis a nice hot mug of coffee12:17
dzieglerno, i want booth, splash and kernel msg li in the screen i posted -> http://www.mymac.com/img/features/boot1-6-11-06.jpg12:17
palmfacegirli got ubuntu to install but i think its like.. errored or something.. it took a long time to start and theres lots of graphical glitches12:18
babilenfamax8bis: Make sure to install the bootloader to the disk you are booting from12:18
kostkondziegler, oh right sorry. i'll say that's currenly impossible12:18
dzieglerkostkon, yes i think so12:18
auronandacefamax8bis: your pastebins make no sense12:19
babilenfamax8bis: paste your command too! The entire shell session, like here: http://paste.debian.net/228530/ (that way I can help you)12:19
auronandacefamax8bis: include everything in the pastebin12:19
babilen(haven't we been over this already?)12:19
famax8bisbabilen: yes this i remember i shouldnt fail on that part... (i said shouldnt ^^ )  - tho it says sdb not found - it is not mounted as i can not mount it "unautothirzed"12:19
famax8bishow do i include everything? i just enter the command line with pastebinit at the end12:20
palmfacegirlis there a way i can repair ubuntu12:20
auronandacefamax8bis: show us exactly how12:20
babilenfamax8bis: You have no graphical interface?12:20
dzieglerkostkon, hm i liked this feature... ok so i will activat only the kernel messages without splash, but thanks :-)12:21
famax8bisas i hace been told earlier: "sudo fdisk - l /dev/sdb|pastebinit"12:21
gnomefreakfamax8bis: save it to a file and pastebinit the file12:21
famax8bisbabilen: i do have one yes12:21
babilenfamax8bis: The command is "fdisk -l /dev/sdb|pastebinit" (note the lack of a space between - and l !)12:21
babilenfamax8bis: Then why can't you simply copy the content of your terminal and paste it to a pastebin? You don't have to use pastebinit as you can paste directly ...12:22
kostkondziegler, np12:22
palmfacegirlis there a repair ubuntu command?12:22
famax8bisno sdb found still the same12:22
palmfacegirlstuff it ill try mint12:22
babilenfamax8bis: I give up12:22
fidel!details | palmfacegirl12:22
ubottupalmfacegirl: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:22
auronandacefamax8bis: seriously, i think you are trolling12:22
famax8bisauronandace: haha im sorry is my first time having an issue and coming here and i dont get the pastebin thingy? will it generate itself the link?12:23
babilenfamax8bis: ping me once you managed to come up with a sensible and comprehensible description of that /actual/ error you are facing and /complete/ commands+output in a pastebin12:23
gnomefreakauronandace: i doubt he is12:23
babilenfamax8bis: Just select whatever you want to paste in your terminal (as you /are/ using a graphical interface and go to http://paste.debian.net, http://refheap.com or whatever pastebin you like)12:24
auronandacefamax8bis: what is so difficult: sudo fdisk -l (then copy the output to pastebin.com)12:24
babilenYou can paste your selection with a middle-mouse click or use right-click → copy and right-click → paste12:24
famax8bisauronandace: i didnt know about the whole pastezone and so on i told you first time on irc chat and having troubles with linux sorry12:25
gnomefreakfamax8bis: is there something you do not understand about using pastebin? or the command itself?12:25
auronandace!paste | famax8bis12:26
ubottufamax8bis: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:26
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
gnomefreakthe facts get much longer we are going to have to pastebin them12:27
babilenYou do not need to use pastebinit /if/ you are working in a graphical environment as you can select text and paste it /directly/ -- pastebinit, nopaste and other tools are meant to be used if you are working at the console (because you cannot access X for example)12:27
* babilen strongly recommends to use nopaste in lieu of pastebinit, but well ...12:27
bogo__hiu guys... :)12:28
aposwhatevers clever12:28
* gnomefreak wonders if he has pastebinit installed or if he even has the conf file for it12:28
auronandacefamax8: type?12:28
famax8bisgnomefreak: yes it is installed - thank you for the quick tuto i didnt know it was possible at all12:28
bogo__quick question...were can i get the ubuntu mobile os from? :(12:29
=== Kneferilis__ is now known as Kneferilis
babilenfamax8bis: The command is "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" ... there is no command "type" that is the verb (as in speaking to each other, communication) "to type"12:29
* babilen gives up12:29
auronandacefamax8bis: can't you read what we are telling you to do?12:29
aposwhat filesystem is sdb using?12:29
gnomefreakwhy is there  type?12:29
MonkeyDu1t!phone | bogo__ ask here12:29
ubottubogo__ ask here: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone12:29
babilenfamax8bis: Simply run "sudo fdisk -l" and paste its output12:29
famax8bisok just sudo fdisk -l ?12:29
gnomefreakfamax8bis: dont type the " in command12:30
aposand paste the result12:30
babilengnomefreak: right :)12:30
ZengerHi guys, I have made a big mistake "sudo chmod 0777 ~/ -R", I started having problems with different notices, and I "sudo chmod 0755 ~/ -R" and "sudo chown myself ~/" but still getting errors, and some software isn't working :(12:30
Zengerhow can I reset the privs on my home folder ?12:31
KartagisZenger: by re-installing12:31
ZengerKartagis: re-installing the whole os ?12:31
gnomefreakpretty much12:31
babilenZenger: restore from backups12:31
Zengerwhat if I create a new user12:31
babilenfamax8bis: congratulations!12:31
apossudo chown you.you /home -Rv12:31
Zengerthen give him rights12:31
Zengerand switch to it12:32
Kartagisor what babilen said, if applicable12:32
famax8bisbabilen: :P12:32
Azmuthyhello,i have a problem my ubuntu recognize only 2gb ram while i have 3gb ram ?12:32
* gnomefreak wonders if anyone remembers the question12:32
=== lrandomx is now known as simpledot
palmfacegirlam i better off getting 64 or 32 bit distributions?, my laptop is an i7 with 8 gigs of ram i believe?12:32
KartagisZenger: if sudo doesn't work, can you create a user?12:32
Kartagispalmfacegirl: 3212:32
kostkonpalmfacegirl, 6412:32
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
ZengerKartagis: I did sudo chmod on my home folder12:32
Zengernot on my whole root12:33
ZengerI have privs and sudo is working12:33
bogo__anyone? :-/12:33
fidelpalmfacegirl: 64 should cause no problems nowadyas12:33
babilenfamax8bis: Ok, looks as if your partitioning worked. Just make sure to install the boot loader (grub) to /dev/sda (and not /dev/sdb or some partition (/dev/sda1 or anything with a number at the end)) during the installation12:33
KartagisZenger: oh, then I guess you could create a new user and so on12:33
Zengerthat said I think apos is right12:33
Mathiasis it possible to install ubuntu on another harddrive than the main disk? i'm thinking about installing it on a harddrive and stick it into another machine12:33
famax8bisbabilen: but why cant i see then that disk in the installation and why cant i monut it?12:33
babilenpalmfacegirl: I'd recommend amd64 (i.e. 64bit)12:33
KartagisZenger: I must have misread, sorry12:34
ZengerKartagis: no worries mate12:34
ZengerI have done that mistake of changing the whole root12:34
gnomefreakpalmfacegirl: doesnt really  matter i have both 32 and 64 and they run fine12:34
Zengerwon't do it again :D12:34
famax8bisdepends on yourprocessor architecture12:34
simpledotcan i disable the unity launcher bar?12:34
* Kartagis shivers12:34
palmfacegirlim getting very mixed signals here12:34
gnomefreaksimpledot: not sure you can12:35
huttanpalmfacegirl: if you have over 4GB ram u should use 64bit12:35
aposMathias,  yes you can install to anything any where, just make sure your boot loader (grub) is installed to the boot device12:35
huttanpalmfacegirl: as a 32bit system cant support more than that12:35
Kartagissimpledot: yeah, log out and log in with cairodock (install it first)12:35
Zengeractually more than 3.2512:35
babilenfamax8bis: btw, what is the fat32 on /dev/sda for? I believe that your mistake was that you installed the bootloader to /dev/sdb and not /dev/sda (or some partition)12:35
simpledotKartagis, i dont want cairodock either12:35
=== pug is now known as Guest7251
Zengerokay apos gonna reboot :)12:35
auronandacebabilen: hence why i asked if he was booting the right disk from bios12:35
aposhis problem was he cant mount after partitioning12:36
babilenauronandace: and rightfully so12:36
Kartagissimpledot: okay then12:36
famax8bisbabilen : the fat 32 is just because i always did like tis so far since an old issue few years ago, but the problem is more that i now can not mount the disk and see them when i try to install12:36
=== versi is now known as kalkov
Mathiasapos: it has to be done withing windows, unfortunately12:37
babilenfamax8bis: You don't need that fat32 at the beginning -- Are you using it for anything or is it just empty/unused space at the beginning?12:37
Laura--Hi all.. dumb question: Where's the "Edit" menu for RythmBox?  I keep seeing references that I need to edit my plugins, but can't find the darn Edit menu12:37
babilenLaura--: Select (a) song(s) and right click on them?12:37
ankrJust installed 12.04 and I am not very fond of the Alt+Tab applicaton-switcher, which now works very much like the one in OSX. Is there any way to get the old behavior back?12:38
Azmuthymy ubuntu only show 2gb ram instend of 3gb ram ???12:38
aposMathias,  im not understanding? ypu can install linux to any device and still dual boot. if your intention is to use the drive in other computers as well, you can also install grub to that drive and it will swap out and run on any machine any time without issue12:38
babilenLaura--: Ah, that would be "Properties" -- The "Edit" menu is at the top (between "Music" and "View"12:38
famax8bisit is not installed - when i boot otherwise it boots on the windows hd first or the usb key as i tell it to do when i try to install12:38
dr_willisankr:  you can use the ccsm tool to tweak compiz settings. theres alternative alt-tab things in ccsm12:39
huttanAzmuthy: pastebin cat /proc/meminfo12:39
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz12:39
babilenfamax8bis: What do you use /dev/sdb1 for (the fat32 one) ?12:39
aposfamax8bis,  do you have gparted and all its extras installed?12:39
ankrdr_willis, thanks alot - I will take a look :)12:40
famax8bisg parted: yes all extras - not sure -12:40
Mathiasapos: i have swapped disks and stuff before, but then i installed from a cd. i have to install it to disk, in windows. (i might end up creating 3 partitions, putting the installer on one and making it bootable, then install it from the installer on the second and remove the third and expand the second)12:40
babilenfamax8bis: Either way: You can (as root!): "mkdir /target" then mount your Ubuntu's root partition with "mount -t FILESYSTEM /dev/sdb2 /target" (replace FILESYSTEM with ext3 or ext4 or whatever you used". Continue with "mount -t proc none /target/proc ; mount -t sysfs none /target/sys" then chroot into your Ubuntu with "chroot12:40
aposMathias,  what do you mean install it in windows? you meen wubi?12:41
babilenfamax8bis: Then chroot into your Ubuntu with "chroot /target" and reinstall and configure grub with "update-grub2 ; grub-install /dev/sda"12:41
famax8bisbabilen: so manually mounting it will do?12:41
huttanAzmuthy: How are u running ubuntu? not virtualized or anything right?12:41
Mathiasapos: doesn't wubi mess with windows' bootloader?12:41
babilenfamax8bis: You can probably also use something like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:42
famax8bisbabilen: target=sdb1 or 2 or 3?12:42
aposMathias,  wubi installs linux as if it is a windows application12:42
babilenfamax8bis: It should if you have a valid filesystem there and Ubuntu is still installed12:42
Azmuthyhuttan:no i am not running it in any virtualmachine12:42
Laura--babilen: So I don't see Properties or Edit, either?  I have a "Rythmbox" title bar, play/pause/etc below it.. Library down the left, and an Artist/Album region12:42
babilenfamax8bis: /target is /target nothing else. You /do not/ replace /target in those commands12:42
famax8bisbabilen: ubuntu is not installed yet grub will do its job whne i do i guess as usual12:42
babilenLaura--: Hmm, that sounds as if you are missing some controls :)12:43
ubuntuw1204need help with my wifi card12:43
babilenLaura--: Might be "party mode" -- Lets see if I can figure it out how to get it back. One second please.12:43
Mathiasapos: that would be bad for the main computer then, since it's only going to be used for installation12:43
ubuntuw1204its not working12:43
babilenfamax8bis: Well /then install Ubuntu/ !12:43
ubuntuw1204i am using ubntu 120412:43
aposMathias,  what are you trying to do? make linux installations using windows?12:43
ubuntuw1204wifi card is usb type12:44
ubuntuw1204model is netgear12:44
Mathiasi'm trying to find a way of installing ubuntu from windows to an external drive12:44
ubuntuw1204what to do12:44
GerowenWhere is grub's menu.lst file located at now?12:44
babilenubuntuw1204: Is it hanging out on the couch while it eats all your pizza? (i.e. "Would you be so kind to provide more information? For example paste the output of "lspci -nn|grep -i network" and "iwconfig" to http://paste.debian.net)12:44
babilenubuntuw1204: Oh, make that "lsusb" if it is an USB one12:45
babilenEither way: I am out of here12:45
babilengood luck all!12:45
ubuntuw1204babilen: are u quitung12:46
GerowenWhat's the best way to edit grub menu entries in Ubuntu 12.10?  I've noticed there is no /boot/grub/menu.lst file any more.12:46
PatrickDickey!grub | Gerowen12:46
ubottuGerowen: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:46
PatrickDickeyGerowen: it's in /etc/default/grub if I remember correctly. But, it's been a while since I've done it.12:46
MonkeyDustGerowen  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:47
famax8bisbabilen: i think i will just make on big ext4,install again and see if it works this time ^^ and i should put the grub on the same disk and change the bios to be safe right?12:47
babilenubuntuw1204: Don't take it personally, but I had enough of support in #ubuntu for today. I am also not involved in Ubuntu and does not use it, so I am not really qualified to help. (I am a Debian Maintainer, and Debian does things slightly different)12:47
GerowenThanks everybody!12:47
ubuntuw1204babilen: are you on #debian also12:47
babilenfamax8bis: You should put grub on whatever disk you boot from (presumably /dev/sda) which is not necessarily the disk you install Ubuntu on (but might be)12:47
Mathiasapos: nvm, a friend of mine is loaning me a computer :)12:48
aposMathias,  thats not really going to work. best i can recommend is turn the drive into a linux live disk with persistence, which is not the best way to do it but it will work. use windows disk managment to make a small partition for the live ISO, leave the rest unpartitioned. use a seperate live disk to boot the PC and partition the rest of the drive as ext2 and label that partition caper then delete the casper file on the windows formatte12:48
aposd partition12:48
babilenubuntuw1204: Yes, #debian is my home :)12:48
famax8bisbabilen: ok sound will do it then12:48
Mathiasapos: i got two locked up computers (they can't boot from anything else than internal hdd and NIC)12:49
PatrickDickeybabilen: Did you ever figure out how to get Rhythmbox out of party mode for Laura--?12:49
aposMathias,  forgot to mention to use linux live usb creator to make the windows partition into the linux live drive12:49
babilenPatrickDickey: Oh, good point.12:49
babilenLaura--: Forgive me please, one second.12:49
simpledotLaura--, what plugin does it say that you want to edit?12:50
Mathiaswell, thanks anyways. byeh :p12:50
ubuntuw1204http://paste.debian.net/228540/ check12:50
aposMathias,  using that method i described you can make a hard drive that boot the computer and make the installation possible12:50
huttanAzmuthy: sorry got a phone call12:50
huttanAzmuthy: been trying to google some on what can cause this, im not really sure. Sorry :(12:50
babilenLaura--, PatrickDickey: You can switch between Party and non-Party mode with F11, but that is not what causes the controls to be missing. I am not entirely sure what caused this and would have to investigate a bit longer.12:51
Laura--simpledot: I wanted to turn off that "growler" notification that pops up, and everyone online mentions an "Edit -> Plugins" menu.  But I can't find it for the life of me!  :)12:51
ubuntuw1204wifi is not working12:51
ubuntuw1204hi all!!12:52
kelvinellahow do i connect?12:52
* PatrickDickey needs to install rhythmbox 12:52
PatrickDickeykelvinella: connect to what?12:52
ubuntuw1204where do you want to connect12:52
ubuntuw1204my wifi card is not wrking12:52
aposubuntuw1204,  try installing NDIS wrapper, otherwise your gonna have to sudo lspci os lsusb and tell us what chitset it is12:52
PatrickDickeykelvinella: keep your eye on it, and swing?12:52
aposos = or12:53
ubuntuw1204apos: http://paste.debian.net/228540/]12:53
simpledotLaura--, what rythmbox version are you using?12:53
babilenLaura--: http://projects.gnome.org/rhythmbox/screenshots/rhythmbox-main.png this is the "normal" Rhythmbox window. Note the "Music", "Edit", ... menus at the top. Not sure why they are missing for you.12:53
simpledotLaura--, you can see that from help>about12:54
famax8bisbabilen: now it mounts the drive i can see it in teh install process..... -_____-12:54
dario967ciao a tutti12:54
PatrickDickeyubuntuw1204: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsNetgear is a good start12:54
ubottudario967: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:54
dario967sto' cercando un libro12:55
babilenubuntuw1204: Please don't take it to #debian -- I am leaving anyway, so ...12:55
dario967come possofare x trovarlo?12:55
PatrickDickeydario, puedes a querer #ubuntu-es12:56
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
aposubuntuw1204,  okay the answer can be found in google, but to be honest that chipset looks like such a pita that i'd spend $13 on a RTL8188CUS12:58
simpledotLaura--, nevermind run in terminal rhytmbox --disable-plugins and tell me if that solves the problem12:58
ubuntuw1204apos: will it not work?12:58
cfhowlettjoin #ubuntustudio12:59
aposubuntuw1204,  yes it will eventually work but it will be a lot of research and time and headache12:59
PatrickDickeydario967: Parli inglese, in caso contrario, si potrebbe desiderare di provare # ubuntu-it12:59
simpledotLaura--, rhythmbox --disable-plugins12:59
simpledotLaura--, i forgot one h12:59
ubuntuw1204apos: i searched here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsNetgear but my card was not found13:01
aposubuntuw1204,  i did a search for RTL8188CUS ubuntu and found the answer13:01
ubuntuw1204apos: whats the ans13:02
ubuntuw1204apos: doesnt work.. but why13:02
=== versi is now known as kalkov
scristopheranyone ever see every https site having invalid ssl cert?13:03
scristopheri mean every site that uses https, ubuntu, google, launchpad etc13:03
PatrickDickeyubuntuw1204: On that page, it says the person had no problem installing, had to reboot and switch on Dell controls.13:04
vlacascristopher: how are the date & time settings?13:04
aposubuntuw1204,   run a search for that and you will find the answer.   i made a mistake in an earlier post. Ralink RT3072 is what i would recommend you purchase as it will work on any computer out of the box regardless of the OS. no muss no fuss. the one you have is a REAL hassle. $13 is cheaper than the time it will take to fix ur current card.13:04
famax8bisno root file system???13:04
scristopherthey are waaaay off13:04
scristopheri just noticed that13:05
rndmtngnthi how can I do I search in ubuntu say want to list all of my ebooks in the file manager I did the mask *.mobi?13:05
MK``I'm getting all gnome-panel notifications twice. How can I fix this? Duplicate daemon running?...13:05
rndmtngntnothing coming up, dont think its searching the sub directories :(13:06
vlacascristopher: that's why :)13:06
PatrickDickeyubuntuw1204: https://www.google.com/search?q=WNA1000M+linux+drivers or https://www.google.com/search?q=WNA1000M+ubuntu+drivers13:06
ubuntuw1204PatrickDickey: i have the drivers linux13:06
PatrickDickeyubuntuw1204: The first link on both of those searches should be in the ubuntuforums. You'll probably find your answer there.13:07
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest73348
famax8bistrying to install now but it keeps on saying no root file system13:10
aposyou have not told it what partition is to be used as "/"13:11
danie552Hello, can someone help me with something.13:11
danie552My friend has a problem with his PC, and wants to install Ubuntu on it.13:11
cfhowlettdanie552, and ... ?13:12
david__What is the best distro to use?13:12
danie552He gets in the start a blue screen saying there are a couple of tests running. After that the screen goes black.13:12
danie552And it stays black.13:12
aposdavid__,  the best distro is Ubuntu Studio13:12
ubottudanie552,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:12
ubottudavid__,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:13
=== danie552 is now known as danielbauwens
famax8bisdavid: if u manage to install it!! ^^13:13
erupterhi guys. is there a way I can have an ssh session launch a process hooking it up to the remote x-session?13:13
lasersdanielbauwens: I like biebian distro.13:13
blamidavid__: hard to say, depends on your needs13:13
lasersdanielbauwens: Sorry. Bad hilight.13:13
aposfamax8bis,  i have the fealing you have made a mistake somewhere13:14
cfhowlettdavid__, depends on what you want to do, on your hardware and on your breadth of knowledge...13:14
aposdavid__,  the best distro is Ubuntu Studio13:14
famax8bisapos: me too ^^13:14
david__I want something to compile Android with, that doesnt have Unity desktop.13:14
danielbauwenslasers: No, I changed my nick13:14
icerootdavid__: then install another DE13:15
blamidavid__: I was into hc distros like those with userbase of five developers. Now I use ubuntu because it looks good and works out of the box, is backed by company that can provide support and convince OEMs but developed by community.13:15
TomyLobokdesu[do]/gksudo ask me to type my password. what keeps a malicious app from intercepting that?13:15
icerootTomyLobo: you mean a keylogger?13:15
TomyLobofor instance13:15
MK``TomyLobo: nothing.13:15
blamidavid__: install ubuntu without unity then. You can compile android in any linux but I recommend Ubuntu as I believe google uses slightly modified version of Ubuntu internally13:16
icerootTomyLobo: just dont install a keylogger :)13:16
TomyLoboha ha13:16
icerootTomyLobo: just install packages from the repos and you are fine13:16
NexuusGoogle calls is Gubuntu13:16
david__I was a Red Hat user at one time...13:16
icerootdavid__: you have a support question?13:17
aposTomyLobo,  whats to stop that from happening? you. if cant and wont happen if you keep to best practices13:17
TomyLoboapos, which are?13:17
NexuusI don't understand the knock on Unity.  I think it's getting better.  Still has a ways to go in some respects, but it's not awful.13:17
aposthe same stuff people have been preaching to you since the dawn of computers13:17
TomyLobothat stuff13:17
TomyLobothe ten commandments13:17
cfhowlettTomyLobo, choose one link  http://cn.bing.com/search?q=linux+best+practices&form=MOZSBR&pc=MOZI13:18
TomyLobowhy would you use bing?13:18
cfhowlettTomyLobo, in china ... google is throttled.13:18
david__Im trying to get Jack to work with the fglrx driver.  Im also having problems with the flashplugin-nonfree package.13:18
TomyLoboi'm not in china, are you?13:18
aposmicrosoft is my bread and butter   XD13:18
cfhowlettTomyLobo, I'm in china13:18
cfhowlettdavid__, might also query #ubuntustudio13:19
TomyLoboapos, ah, you work in tech support?13:19
aposthats where i started. now i get to break stuff for a living13:19
TomyLobosounds fun13:19
danielbauwensSo actually I need to know if you can install ubuntu from a black screen?13:20
IrcDroidClienthow to install ubuntu on android phone13:20
famax8bisapos: nope cant see the HD at install still the same appearing - monted or not13:20
aposdanielbauwens,  have you verified the checksum to make sure that boot disk actually works?13:20
cfhowlett!nomodeset|danielbauwens should work13:20
ubottudanielbauwens should work: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:20
TomyLobocfhowlett, i somehow dont think that helped the droid guy13:21
danielbauwensBut the laptop doesn't have ubuntu on it yet.13:21
danielbauwensIt's using windows.13:21
aposfamax8bis,  what is that fat32 partition for? i'd like to erase the drive and repartition it13:21
cfhowlettdanielbauwens, wait you get black screen without ubuntu?13:22
famax8apos: is doen already just one ext4 and a swap13:22
aposdanielbauwens,  have you verified the checksum of the ISO you downloaded?13:22
famax8apos: it just doesnt see the hd when i open the install application13:22
danielbauwenscfhowlett: Yes, it's in windows and when started up it first goes to a blue screen which says a few tests have to be done and then it goes black.13:23
aposfamax8,  yes, something is wrong with the partition, i think it should be redone13:23
scristopherthanks vlaca13:23
famax8<apos> so again reformat in ext4 and a swap?13:23
scristopherthat did it13:23
vlacascristopher: yw13:23
cfhowlettdanielbauwens, this would seem to be a hardware issue and we arent' going to be able to fix that here.  Suggest you get a consider getting a new screen13:23
scristophersuper derp moment there13:23
cfhowlettdanielbauwens, or something.  Solve the HW issue then do an ubuntu install13:24
aposfamax8,  my understanding was you have a fat32 first then an ext4, then a swap13:24
aposdanielbauwens,  have you verified the checksum of the ISO you downloaded?13:24
famax8danielbauwens: try windows first with an external screen on vga and hotkey the switch between the screens see if it works13:24
famax8<apos> no just a ext4 and a swap at the begin - fat32 is gone as per required13:25
danielbauwensBut the screen isn't broken since there comes the blue screen with text.13:25
aposdanielbauwens,  what did you use to make the boot disk? did you verify its checksum to ensure its not bad? what happens from the moment you press the power button?13:25
cfhowlettdanielbauwens, if windows won't boot without issues, then you have definite problems to solve before you tackle ubuntu13:25
aposfamax8,  it would help if i knew what you did from the begining.13:26
danielbauwensIt wont boot into windows, it stays a while on this blue screen, then it goes black and it stays like that.13:26
palmfacegirlis there a task manager13:26
palmfacegirlfor ubuntu13:26
danielbauwensAnd you only get the blue screen back if you push the power button.13:27
MonkeyDustpalmfacegirl  system monitor13:27
apospalmfacegirl,  there are many task managers for ubuntu13:27
famax8<apos> trying to install US 12.10 on  a preinstalled win 7 wiht dual boot - dedicated hard drive for USt - partition as such: 1 ext4 180gb or so and 1 swap 10gb or so - i am booted via usb stick now and try to install via the install application in USt13:27
aposfamax8,  how many hard drives?13:28
famax8<apos> 313:28
aposfa windows was able to use sdb before ll this?13:29
aposthe drive worked correct?13:29
danielbauwensOkay thanks for the input.13:29
famax8<apos> 1 hd 2tb 2 partitions  (NTFS)- 1 hd 120gb 1 partitions (win HD NTFS) - 1 hd 189gb 2 partitions (1 ext4 - 1 swap)13:29
famax8<apos> yes i could read write and erase on that disk via windows and it mounts well adn writes well on USt too13:30
=== bryan is now known as Guest87688
aposokay erase the ext4 partition and thee swap partition and reboot13:32
apostry again13:32
BluesKajHey all13:33
famax8<apos> so i erase all and restart right?13:34
aposyeah get back to square zere then reboot and start over13:35
famax8bis<apos> ok brb13:35
crocketIs ubuntu good?13:35
aposcrocket,  the best distro is Ubuntu Studio13:36
fidelcrocket: that question doesnt make sense in an ubuntu channel13:36
zykotick9crocket: 'cause asking in #ubuntu is going to get you an unbiased opinion...13:36
aposits a valid question. Ubuntu (non forked) is not all that and a bag of chips (not that its bad)13:37
fidelapart from that - 'good' heavily depends on your needs. so best you can do is ...test it yourself - or tell us in particular what is important for you13:37
aposUbuntu Studio = God13:37
Thorapos: proof? cause I don't believe in god...13:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:38
famax8lol apos Ub studio so far didnt prove ot be that good... still cant install it lol13:38
crocketapos : Why is ubuntu studio good?13:39
aposits everything thats great about a mac for pennies on the dollar13:40
cfhowlettcrocket, here's a thought: downloand ubuntu.  It's free.  Install it.  It's still free.  Try it for yourself.  Free.13:40
webfox_Hello folks!13:40
cfhowlettwebfox_, greetigns13:40
=== webfox_ is now known as webfox
famax8<apos> ok restarted now im bootede on USt via usb stick - whats next?13:41
aposopen gparted13:41
webfoxNot sure why but my ethernet connection doesn't seins to be working at my Ubuntu Precise Server. I am willing to make a apt-get update and it is reporting error connecting. Could someone help me figure what is wrong here please ?13:42
meetThere are many one click screenshot utilities for windows which take the screenshot,immediately upload it to a server and copy it's link to the clipboard. are there any such available for linux?13:43
crocketapos : I'm going to try ubuntu studio for my new laptop.13:43
compdocwebfox, have you added nics? was it ever working?13:43
aposfamax8,  format the drive to your needs, close gparted, run the Ust installer, "choose something else" use the ext4 partition as "/" and the swap as swap. make sure grub is being loaded to your windows hard drive (the boot drive)13:44
webfoxcompdoc, yes, it was working. I just changed network from home to oficce. Maybe from eth2 to eth3.13:44
craigbass1976I can't deal with Unity.  Is there a guide somewhere (wheelchair accessible -- I'm very numb to new desktops) to help me migrate from GNOME2 (or actually a heavily customized XFCE that acts like GNOME2) to unity?13:45
cfhowlettmeet, screencloud.  It's in software center13:45
compdocwebfox, open this file: /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules13:46
cfhowlettcraigbass1976, you can install xfce, kde or just about any other desktop environment and use that instead of unity.  I'm unaware of a published migration guide.13:46
aposcraigbass1976,  you can install whatever window manager you want from ubuntu software center. i recommend xfce413:46
famax8<apos> doesnt allow me to put the swap as logical...13:47
aposfamax8,  thats alright13:47
aposi personally dont even have a swap partition13:48
famax8<apos> installer launched option picked - next?13:48
aposmake sure grub is going to the boot drive and you should be good to go13:49
famax8<apos> it asks me to unmount all drives right?13:49
aposlet it handle that13:49
webfoxcompdoc, maybe I am facing a DNS isu here.13:49
famax8<apos> yes bootloader on the same HD as windows one i cant fail is written on teh hd and partition win 7 loader ^^13:50
craigbass1976cfhowlett, apos Last holiday season (2011) I gave unity and gnome3 (ubuntu and fedora16) a try, couldn't deal with it, and went to xfce.  I'd like to try again, but was wondering if there was a guide somewhere with lots of "Well, duh... this is how you do such and such" types of things in it.  I miss a panel at the bottom showing all of my open windows; a place to see all of my apps (like an applications menu)13:50
aposcraigbass1976,  its very simple to do. open ubuntu software center and search for xfce and press install13:51
cfhowlettcraigbass1976, the latest version is xfce4.  let me look for a guide ....13:51
compdocwebfox, can you open an ip address:
webfoxcompdoc, when I try to ping ww.google.com it return a unknown host13:51
craigbass1976cfhowlett, apos I'm already running xfce.  I want to use unity successfully13:51
aposcan you ping google.com13:52
famax8<craigbass1976>: try first to resize the resolution of your screen see if the missing windows or bars appear it happened to me many times before and still now with USt13:52
aposwhen you turn on the computer, at the password screen you can select unity3d as the window manager13:52
famax8<apos> again in the installer i clikc on the ext4 disk and it say no root file defined13:53
famax8when i click install afterwards13:53
aposyou "chose something else" and you selected the ext4 partition to be used as "/"?13:53
IrcDroidClienthow to scan windows viruses in ubuntu?13:53
aposIrcDroidClient,  install clamav13:54
ikoniaIrcDroidClient: any antivirus you want13:54
cfhowlettcraigbass1976 lots of guides ... http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/04/21/the-power-user%E2%80%99s-guide-to-unity/13:54
elpapoHi, Do you think the SAR (radiation Value) will be changed if installing Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy Nexus? (http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone)13:54
cfhowlettIrcDroidClient, clamAV13:54
famax8<apos> yes :'(13:54
IrcDroidClientis that graphical13:54
cfhowlettcraigbass1976 http://maketecheasier.com/a-simple-user-guide-for-ubuntu-oneiric/2011/10/1313:55
ikoniaelpapo: that link sayins nothing about it13:55
ikoniaelpapo: that link is talking about a product that is not released and has no information, how can we answer that13:55
aposfamax8,  can you post a screenshot of the screen with the error message and the partitioning scheme?13:55
ubottuelpapo,: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone13:55
famax8<apos> ah wait!!13:55
IrcDroidClientis clamav having gui?13:55
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
apos!find klamav13:56
ubottuFile klamav found in fvwm-crystal13:56
famax8<apos> how can i post a screenshot? same as pastezone?13:56
aposthats the gui i know of13:56
aposlol to be honest i dont know. i always throw em on one of my webservers so i never needed to look into that13:57
=== phantummm_ is now known as phantummm
elpapoikonia, Its a general question/thouht. If you install a modded Android ROM it may change i was told.  If same drivers are been using it might not be any difference or what?  I know it might be hard to give a "correct" answer today... just a thought.13:57
famax8<apos> moverd the swap to the begin of the disk again.... seems to be working now...???????13:58
BWMerlinI keep getting the following error when I try to install glx-alternative-nvidia The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-alternative-nvidia : Depends: glx-diversions (= 0.2.2) Depends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.13:58
IrcDroidClientI find that ubuntu reveals passwords13:58
elpapoubottu, Thanks!13:58
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:58
ikoniaelpapo: we cannot know this as it's a product that's not released and has no information on it13:58
aposswap is better off at the beginning any way13:58
cfhowlettelpapo, why don't you ask the experts over in !phone???13:59
famax8<apos> it was ealrier and it didnt work so after moving back and forth few times it now works14:00
famax8anyone understand that??????14:00
aposif you have time, file a bug report on it14:00
elpapocfhowlett, Question is now asked in the ubuntu-phone channel.14:00
cfhowlettelpapo, good luck.14:01
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
chaospsychexhow can i determine if hardware acceleration for my gpu is working correctly ?14:03
famax8<apos> i got plenty of time but how to file a report about that?? when im almost sure it is me the bug?? ^^14:04
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:06
wizdroidhow can the speed of ubuntu be improved14:06
wizdroidany thing is there to clean in ubuntu14:07
=== DaZ is now known as Guest56687
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:09
famax8<apos> is going..is going... i alredy lsot all my work once it better isntall this time so i can save my work easily!! if not im coming to you!! :O  hahaha14:09
aposwizdroid,  http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/06/11-tips-to-speed-up-computers-running.html14:09
chaospsychexunity wouldn't even be showing if hardware acceleration wasn't working, yes ?14:09
cfhowlettchaospsychex, as i understand it, that is correct14:10
aposunity2d will work without accelleration14:10
chaospsychexapos: how can you determine which unity is being used ?14:11
aposat the password screen 3d option should be greyed out, if not it'll give you a notification its running in 2d when you log in14:11
chaospsychexits a shame my old gpu is supported in ubuntu 12.04 and not windows 7....14:14
chaospsychexkyo: ?14:15
kyohow to learn Computer's English 0 014:16
ikoniakyo: what14:16
kyocomputer's term 0 014:16
ikoniakyo: what are you talking about ?14:16
famax8<apos> nope still wont offer dual boot - how do i fix this?14:17
aposwhat do you mean?14:17
wizdroidcomputer term 0 0 means shutdown14:17
aposthats kinda vague14:17
wizdroidisn't it14:17
kyoplease use "EasyBCD"14:17
kyoit can fix boot14:17
kyosorry for my poor english14:17
ikoniakyo: what language do you speak ?14:18
famax8<apos> well it boots atomatically on windows withouth offering the dual boot option14:18
ikonia!cn | kyo14:19
ubottukyo: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:19
aposfamax8,  either grub did not get installed onto the boot drive or you need to disable EUFI secure boot in your BIOS14:19
=== becker_away is now known as becker_11
zimboi am trying to move files on to a micro sd card, though it is saying that it is a read only filesystem, it wont let me change permissions either14:20
aposbootrepair should fix it either way14:20
kyo3Q ubottu14:20
famax8<apos> how do i get to bootrepair? is the right disk the one stamped windows loader?14:20
aposits a linux app14:20
chanchisclanzimbo open term then: sudo nautilus now copy14:21
chanchisclansometimes happens to me14:22
AtumTgo on windows cmd prompt and type bootrec /fixmbr14:22
chanchisclanall i have to do is that14:22
AtumTfamax8: it should fix it14:22
cfhowlettstroodlepup, are you up and running?14:23
webfoxHow do I check if I have apache running at my server?14:23
famax8<atumT> so i need to boot under windows? it boots fine under windows i just dont have the option to dual boot14:23
aposfamax8,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install boot-repair && boot-repair14:23
cfhowlettstroodlepup, just wondering if we solved the basci issues.14:23
aposfamax8,  this is a known bug, run that command and all should be well14:24
cfhowlettstroodlepup, fat fingers error *basic*14:24
AtumTfamax8: log into windows and download easybcd14:24
AtumTfamax8: its a free software, it should fix those dual boot errors14:24
aposfamax8,  windows cmd cannot fix linux boot14:24
stroodlepupnope, flash player still screws up  :(14:24
cfhowlettfamax8, is you computer UEFI boot equipped?14:25
stroodlepupi' m watching a video of landscape14:25
famax8no idea about UEFI14:25
andrebmorning all14:25
AtumTfamax8: I'm using it atm, I got a W8 and Ubuntu working fine. I had the same error as yours after the system installation14:25
cfhowlettandreb, GREETINGS14:25
aposfamax8,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install boot-repair && boot-repair14:25
AtumTandreb, morning :)14:25
andrebis it possible to delete a file based on it being the oldest file using" rm -rf" command ?14:26
famax8<apos> commande not found14:26
MonkeyDust!tab | famax8 no need to use < >14:26
ubottufamax8 no need to use < >: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.14:26
Supercompwhich is the best desktop environment for ubuntu14:27
famax8apos: ok14:27
ikoniaSupercomp: that's personal opinion, make up your own mind14:27
andrebany ideas guys ?14:27
apossudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair14:27
MonkeyDustSupercomp  try a few, then decide which you prefer14:27
Supercompi need al lighter one14:27
chanchisclanSupercomp gnome 2 is my choice14:27
AtumTSupercomp, that's personal. I like unity/gnome14:27
aposrun each command seperate till we find were i typos i guess14:27
Supercompsometimes iam seeing the title bars getting stuck while trying to minimize in ubuntu14:29
aposSupercomp,  xfce4 is best14:30
Supercompthanks apos14:30
andrebhrm.. maybe i shoudl rephrase my question14:31
famax8bisstill not found?14:31
famax8bismim doing wrong14:31
aposyou made sure theres no extra space b4 the sudo cmd?14:32
Supercompubuntu reveals passwords in Password and encryption keys14:32
Supercompis there any way to avoid them from being displayed14:32
andrebi amt rying to write a script to search a folder and then delete the oldest file14:33
AtumTjammmn, hi14:36
Supercompubuntu reveals passwords in Password and encryption keys, is there any way to avoid them from being displayed14:36
jammmnYesterday I mounted my Windows partition /dev/sda2 manually and after a reboot this partition is now mounted automatically. I don't want that. Where does Ubuntu save that it should do this?14:36
PierrotLinuxHello world :)14:37
famax8bisapos:  yes i did14:37
PierrotLinuxIs there a channel of french people ?14:38
PierrotLinuxthx, how can i join it ?14:38
PierrotLinux(i begin with ircà14:38
aposfamax8,  i just did sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair and it worked14:39
PierrotLinuxjoin #ubuntu-fr14:39
famax8bisapos:  shall i be in root mode?14:40
=== ChallengerX is now known as h
aposthe sudo command makes the command run s root14:40
famax8bisapos:  argh ok that was teh conflict then14:40
=== h is now known as Guest94351
g105bCan anyone tell me how to install an ISO to an SD card?14:41
famax8bisapos:  imported14:41
jammmnOh, I should add noauto to the /etc/fstab entry. :-)14:41
aposnext sudo apt-get update14:41
apossudo apt-get install boot-repair14:42
famax8bisapos:  done14:42
aposnow you should have boot repair in your launcher menu, go ahead and open it and run it14:43
famax8bisapos:  under which line?14:43
famax8bisapos:  nothing14:44
K4kHi, I'm running Ubuntu on my Dell XPS 13. I've added the sputnik ppa but when I tried to install the latest 3.5.0-22 kernel (currently on 3.5.0-16) and I rebooted my screen was claiming a max resolution of 1024x768. Can someone please help, I've had to roll back to the *-16 kernel.14:44
famax8bisapos:  shall i install before update?14:45
aposyou must run the update command first so that it can find it for the install14:45
lantiziaHow can I check what variable/settings were turned on/off at the time my standard ubuntu kernel was compiled?14:46
theadminK4k: And why are you installing kernels from PPAs? That's not supported.14:46
famax8bisapos:  ok this is done14:46
zykotick9lantizia: check /boot for a config-* file14:46
BluesKajK4k, if you are back on the default kernel then what is the problem , resolution still not correct ?14:46
K4kBluesKaj: the problem is that it keeps telling me a kernel update is available but being kept back14:47
BluesKajk4k , get rid of the sputnik ppa14:47
K4kWhen I apply that update, however, it breaks my screen resolution because the ppa kernel I'm using includes some things which improve support for the Dell XPS "sputnik" laptops14:47
lantiziadid Ubuntu put OSS support BACK into it's Kernel?14:47
lantiziawhy the flip is CONFIG_SOUND_OSS_CORE and CONFIG_SOUND_OSS_CORE_PRECLAIM set to yes?14:48
K4kBluesKaj: I will try the upstream one again and see what happens, I have a feeling it will break things again, however.14:48
=== nyuszika7h_ is now known as nyuszika7h
theadminlantizia: I dunno about the kernel, there *may* be OSS support in the kernel for compatibility reasons, pulseaudio has OSS compaibility packages14:48
theadminlantizia: But the main sound system in Ubuntu is Pulseaudio in combination with ALSA14:48
lantiziatheadmin, I should all that was removed long ago14:48
BluesKajK4k, if the ppa is suppoesed to enhance your experience with the Dell , but doesn't , then you know what to do .14:49
theadminK4k, I have a Dell XPS 15Z, everything works out of the box, why do you need that PPA?14:50
aposfamax8,  type boot-repair14:50
lantiziaCan I somehow override the settings in that file when Linux boots WITHOUT having to recompile linux itself?14:50
craigbass1976Is there an "Official" app that will give me an apps menu?  I see that I have Main Menu installed where I can edit a menu, but I don't see where I can use the menu.14:51
famax8bisapos:  ok i found how ot insstall it now just im realizing im booted on usb again i think14:51
theadmincraigbass1976: There's no app for that, the menu is used in GNOME's Fallback mode, or other desktop environments such as Xfce, LXDE, KDE14:51
craigbass1976theadmin, no way to pin a menu to the side bar thing?14:52
theadmincraigbass1976: The Unity dash's "Applications" tab is the menu, no?14:52
aposrun boot-repair, let it do its thing, shut down the computer and remove the live disk14:52
famax8bisapos:  running it as we speak14:53
theadminWell, in an alternative form, for sure, but it's still got the hierarchy preserved and stuff14:53
=== elw is now known as K4k
craigbass1976theadmin, you mean clicking the logo then the ruler and pencil on the bottom of the new window?14:53
theadmincraigbass1976: ...wait, wut?14:53
lantiziaAnyone running an older ubuntu (say 11.04 or 11.10) who can post their /boot's config-3.0.x-xx-generic file  (only if you're running the default kernel)14:54
famax8bisi restart now14:54
bentinataWhy sudo and running as root has different effect?14:54
K4kOk, for some reason, after disabling the ppa, running and update, re-enabling the ppa and updating again it's no longer complaining of updates being held back so it looks like I'm good to go.14:54
theadminbentinata: sudo is generally more secure, because you don't have to give people the root password, instead you can configure priveleges on a per-user/per-group basis14:55
famax8apos:  WWOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! it worked!14:55
aposfamax8,  its telling you it should all be fixed now but you might need to change your bios boot sequence14:55
MonkeyDustfamax8  problem solved?14:56
famax8apos:  it did advise me about it as well but no need actaully it did it on its own14:56
craigbass1976theadmin, http://inky.ws/g/2ii14:56
famax8MonkeyDust: yes solved!14:56
=== slank_away is now known as slank
theadmincraigbass1976: Oh, yes, that button. Forgot how it looked, I use Xfce14:57
famax8MonkeyDust:  changed partitionning and used boot repair14:57
famax8thanks guys!14:57
aposawesome! enjoy!14:57
famax8im now off to the studio room i guess for the rest of the infos?14:57
aposim going to bed now14:57
craigbass1976theadmin, me too; I'm trying to switch again14:57
famax8apos:  where are you based at?14:57
aposUSA, bay area, california14:58
auronandace!cookie | apos14:58
ubottuapos: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:58
famax8apos:  well greetings to orange county and good nightman and thanks again14:58
famax8MonkeyDust:  thanks to you too for your patience14:59
famax8cookie as well14:59
=== ke5pcv-away is now known as ke5pcv
famax8cookie for everyone!!14:59
craigbass1976just going to bed apos ?  Cripes...14:59
famax8auronandace:  see im not a troll :P14:59
auronandacefamax8: sorry15:00
famax8auronandace:  no worries id have shot me as well ^^15:00
happyfaceSince 12.10 was updated to kernel 3.7.0 I can't install nvidia drivers. I get "ERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-3.7.0-7-generic is not supported" when installing nvidia-current15:00
ikoniawhere did you get 3.7 ?15:00
bentinatatheadmin: oh, thats why sudo can get "permission denied"15:00
ikoniathat's not an official kernel15:01
happyfaceikonia, really? I must have installed it by mistake :S15:01
ikonia!info linux-image15:01
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB15:01
ikoniajimerickson: 3.5 is current15:01
ikoniahappyface: 3.5 is current15:01
theadminbentinata: Pretty much, except sudo deosn't say that, it says something along the lines of "user is not in sudoers list. This incident will be reported."15:01
happyfaceikonia, I installed 3.7.3 to test it out, then removed it and somehow have 3.7.0 now. So I just remove linux-headers-3.7.0-generic and linux-headers-3.7.0 and  I should be okay?15:02
famax8which one is the studio forum?15:02
ikoniahappyface: you've updated dependency's15:02
aposthe studio guys are rarely there, your better off with #xubuntu15:03
kris_therrienhello i desperatly need help this is the 28 time i have reinstalled ubuntu server on my server as i keep getting freezez the error is kernel hung_task_timeout_secs15:03
famax8apos:  thanks - xubuntu would know about how to use the softs in studio?15:03
ikoniafamax8: are you using ubuntu studio, yes/no15:04
aposstudio is based off xubuntu15:04
ikoniafamax8: are you using ubuntu studio, yes/no15:04
Unknown0BCHi, I am able to capture my webcam with ffmpeg and play it with ffplay. I am looking for a way to monitor ( see my webcam on screen ) and record at the same time using these programs.15:04
famax8ikonia:  yes15:04
Unknown0BCAnyone know how I could do that ?15:04
ikoniafamax8: right, then the channel is #ubuntustudio - that is the correct channel, nowhere else15:04
famax8apos: yes but i need now kinda walkthrough for the softwares themselves as in how to create a sound and so on -15:05
apos#ubuntustudio will tell you themselves, if they arent around, seek help in #xubuntu15:05
ikoniafamax8: the only correct channel is #ubutnustudio15:05
ikonia#xubuntu is not for ubuntu studio15:05
ikonia#ubuntustudio is the ONLY correct channel for ubuntustudio15:05
famax8ikonia:  ok ok gotcha chill out ^^15:05
theadminikonia: I think Ubuntu Studio is an officially supported deriv, so one can ask in #ubuntu too, am I wrong?15:05
aposu may15:06
ikoniatheadmin: it's an official derivative, you can ask for help, but the correct channel for the specifics of ubuntustudio and using ubuntustudio is #ubuntustudio15:06
ikoniaxubuntu is not for ubuntustudio15:06
theadminikonia: Makes sense15:06
bentinatatheadmin: thanks :)15:07
kris_therrienCan anyone help with a ubuntu 12.04 lts server issue?15:07
ikoniakris_therrien: if you tell us the problem, people can try15:07
kris_therrienthis is the 28 time i have reinstalled ubuntu server on my server as i keep getting freezez the error is kernel hung_task_timeout_secs15:08
ikoniakris_therrien: there will be a lot more error than that15:08
ikoniakris_therrien: however if you've installed it 28 times, it suggests a hardware error, or incompatability15:08
=== ke5pcv is now known as ke5pcv-away
kris_therrienyes it list every service i have running with the kernel hung task timeout secs 12015:08
k1lkris_therrien: is it a vserver?15:09
kris_therrienmy server is hp proliant 380 g415:09
kris_therriennot vertiual15:09
theadminWell, HP is partnered with Canonical and Proliant servers come with Ubuntu preinstalled I think so we can cut out the probability of incompatibility...15:10
kris_therrienI have ruled out hardware as i have run every diagnostic i can think of and it comes back fine15:10
ikoniakris_therrien: that doesn't mean there is an incompatability15:11
ikoniakris_therrien: have you ran a memory test for example ?15:11
kris_therrienI read on one bug report of upgrading the smartaray firmware   yes i have run memory test and it passed15:11
ikoniakris_therrien: are you using the smart array in raid mode ?15:12
ikoniakris_therrien: what model array controller is it a p series ?15:12
ikoniaor an i series15:12
kris_therrienhmm not sure on the series and its raid 015:12
ikoniakris_therrien: ok, so a.) check the series of the card b.) install with out raid to test15:13
k1lkris_therrien: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=173568015:13
ikoniaraid 0 is a bad technology to use for your root disks, so moving that out of the way for a test is a wise move15:13
k1l"The trick was upgrading the SmartArray firmware from version 2.36 to version 2.84. "15:14
kris_therrienit seems to make me use raid as i cannot seem to disable the smartarray15:14
ikoniakris_therrien: it will not make you use raid15:14
ikoniakris_therrien: if you set the array to have no volumes/arrays on it drops to jbod mode15:15
ikoniakris_therrien: I suggest researching your hardware a little more15:15
ikoniaand being able to validate it's compatability beyond "I don't know"15:15
ikoniarather than just keep installing 28 times15:15
kris_therrienif i delete the logical drive from the array setup when i try to install ubuntu it shows no drives15:15
ikoniakris_therrien: I would suggest contacting HP to confirm the model number of the card (you should be able to see it from the smart array tools) and verifying how to drop it into jbod15:16
ikoniakris_therrien: if you MUST use raid, do a test with a raid 1 mirror15:16
kris_therrienok ill go down to the server and find the model number15:17
solidoodlesupporGood morning15:18
gchristensenHi, running 12.04 server for a mysql database. Is it safe to create the mysql user manually and then install the package?15:19
ikoniagchristensen: why do that ?15:19
ikoniagchristensen: what benifit is creating the user first ?15:19
gchristensenikonia: I need to create the user and group with specific IDs15:19
gchristensenand if I install a package before mysql, then its liable to change the ID it receives15:20
ikoniagchristensen: that would be bad, as the installer assume certain things15:20
ikoniagchristensen: I would suggest changing it post install15:20
lantiziaIs there like a development or even kernel ubuntu channel?15:22
kris_therrienok it is a hp smart aray i6 v2.3415:22
gchristensenikonia: how would that affect files that are owned by MySQL's user before the uid change?15:22
theadminlantizia: There's #ubuntu-devel15:22
ikoniaok, so an i series is a fake raid controller kris_therrien15:22
lantiziathat's what I'm trying to remember :D15:22
ikoniagchristensen: I'd suggest just doing a chown aferwards to make sure15:22
kris_therriencan i disable it ?15:22
gchristensenokay, thank you ikonia15:23
k1lkris_therrien: you  saw my quote regarding the smart  array?15:23
LectusHello! I decided to remove Windows 7 completely from my dual boot set up and keep only Ubuntu. How can I remover Windows from GRUB 2?15:23
kris_therrienyes i series is a fake raid15:23
theadminLectus: Get rid of the Windows partitions and run "sudo update-grub:15:24
theadminsudo update-grub15:24
theadminsoz, getting used to the new laptop's keyboard.15:24
LectusWindows is on a second hard disk15:24
Lectuswill there be any problems if I do that?15:24
theadminLectus: Shouldn't...15:24
=== erry_ is now known as erry
LectusThanks... I'll back up my files to /home and try that15:25
FergusLi'm trying to manage an old mini-itx box, I installed Ubuntu Server on it but I don't get how to manage the CPU, it's a Pentium III ay idea which module to use exactly ?15:26
jilI have a read/write error on a fat32 usbstick.15:27
jilhow can I run dosfsck on it?15:28
FergusLjil: hi, when does the error happen exactly ?15:28
andrebmorning all again15:28
jilit's a on latex file that I saved a few hours and that I cannot reopen now.15:28
andrebi am trying this command and it isnt work15:29
andrebfind /media/Passport -mtime +4 -exec rm -f {}\;15:29
=== f4cl3y is now known as Guest12350
andrebi get find: missing argument to '-exec'15:29
FergusLjil: you can check the whole filesystem with fsck.vfat15:29
jilandreb how about --exec15:30
theadminjil: That's not how find takes arguments...15:30
theadminandreb: You may need to escape {}: find /media/Passport -mtime +4 -exec rm -f '{}' \;15:30
andrebjil : that gives me the error find :unknown predicate '--exec'15:30
theadminandreb: Also, a -type f is a good idea to avoid passing directories to rm...15:31
jil andreb your not far...   maybe /;15:31
andrebtheadmin -> that folder only have files15:31
theadminandreb: Ah, k15:31
theadminandreb: Well, try my command then.15:31
theadminjil: Please don't try to help without knowing how things work, your suggestions are nonsense (no offense meant)15:32
andrebtheadmin erorr:   {}::command not found15:32
manjunathHi I'm Manju from India. Can anybody tell me how to install openoffice dbase with internet connection.?15:32
y2jtrying to connect my bluetooth headphones however no having luck the two system communicate but no sound ou15:32
jilFergusL,  I try to fsck.vfat but it's not working15:32
y2jsenhieser mm550-x15:32
MonkeyDustmanjunath  try libre office, it's in the repos15:32
theadminmanjunath: OpenOffice is deprecated. LibreOffice has replaced it, so sudo apt-get install libreoffice-ase15:32
theadminandreb: uh.15:33
=== erry_ is now known as erry
FergusLuh, why isn't it working jil ? type "man fsck.vfat" to see how to use it15:33
manjunathBut, it did not work.15:33
theadminandreb: What's with the + after mtime?15:33
jiltheadmin,  no problem,  I do not know the exact answer but I often have the same problem with find and exec...  for me I don't bother remembering exactly the syntax. I just knew he was close ;)15:33
manjunathI am an assistant professor in an engineering college in India.15:33
MonkeyDustmanjunath  what happes when you try sudo apt-get install libreoffice-base ?15:34
manjunathBut without internet connection, how to do this.15:34
andrebtheadmin for the amount of days... from what i have read... -mtime +4 means anything older than 4 days15:34
=== ChallengerX is now known as rX
theadminandreb: Ah, okay. Well fridge it: find /media/Passport -mtime +4 -delete15:34
MonkeyDustmanjunath  you mistyped earlier, you said 'with internet connection'15:34
theadminNo need to mess with the exec syntax this way15:35
manjunathSorry, without internet connection.15:35
=== MartinS is now known as Guest15966
manjunathHow to download it and install.15:35
MonkeyDustmanjunath  do you also have a pc with internet connection there?15:35
jilFergusL I get a no such file when I run fsck.vfat on /dev/sdb1  and a "open is directory" when I run it on the root directory of the usb key.15:35
andrebfudge it - havent heard that phrase ina while15:35
theadminmanjunath: There are packages on libreoffice.org which should do well enough.15:35
andrebit works theadmin.. so now i can add that to ym script :015:36
FergusLjil: are you sure it's installed ?15:36
theadminandreb: yay.15:38
ShapeShifter499I'm freaking out I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 as my only operating system and I'm getting this error "both the primary and backup gpt takes are corrupt"15:38
jilnormaly I should be able to run it on either the device or the mounted folder right?15:38
=== c_smith_away is now known as c_smith
FergusLshould be the device jil15:39
theadminjil: Normally, you don't run fsck on mounted devices.15:39
zykotick9theadmin: s/Normally, //15:39
FergusLalso, try the root dev identifier15:39
ShapeShifter499I had a dual boot of Windows 7 and Fedora but I never liked Fedora and I use to run ubuntu and I really want to kick Windows15:39
FergusLlike /dev/sdb15:39
theadminzykotick9: eh, good point :P15:39
MonkeyDustmanjunath  keep it in the channel please15:40
jilFergusL yes, I justed ran fsck.vfat -a /dev/sdb .... open: no such file or directory.15:40
jilho, I should unmount the stick maybe15:40
ShapeShifter499What do I do now?15:41
manjunathHow to join a FOSS group.15:42
ShapeShifter499I have never come across this issue of corrupt gpt tables15:42
MonkeyDustmanjunath use a pc with internet connection, go to packages.ubuntu.com and download the libreoffice .deb // then put it on a thumb drive and install it on the pc that has no internet15:43
FergusLjil: tell me if you can recover t !15:43
MySelf_hello guys, could anyone help me with a stupid ubuntu problem?15:43
FergusLdon't ask to ask MySelf_, just ask and wait15:43
petergkMySelf_, say it15:44
FergusLbut the "hello" part is nice15:44
MySelf_after i installed new drivers for ati, i cant get into the "desktop"15:44
MySelf_when i type startx i get only background, and no bar on top and unity15:44
petergkati drivers....15:44
petergktry xinit15:44
MySelf_i have used linux only for 1 week...15:45
petergkif the previous stucked try xinit -- :515:45
MySelf_i wanna download the prop. drivers and install it15:45
adamkMySelf_: How did you install these "new" drivers?15:45
MySelf_a guide on the internet lol15:45
MonkeyDustMySelf_  don't hit enter too often, please15:45
FergusLMySelf_, petergk: maybe also looking at xorg.log ? where is it again ?15:45
adamkMySelf_: Ubuntu very nicely packages the proprietary drivers specifically for people who don't really know what they are doing.15:45
adamkMySelf_: Use a service like http://pastebin.com/ to show us your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.15:46
FergusLits in /var/log/Xorg.log15:46
Ghost1227So I'm trying to test the latest release, and when I boot the livecd, the live component works fine but the installer freezes after doing the initial system checks. Any thoughts on what's going on there?15:47
MySelf_i dont know how to get there from only terminal15:47
ikoniaGhost1227: which version15:47
pochefuok_hello everyone... i have a trouble extracting a zip file with 7-zip... the error code is this15:47
pochefuok_7-Zip 9.04 beta  Copyright (c) 1999-2009 Igor Pavlov  2009-05-3015:47
pochefuok_p7zip Version 9.04 (locale=it_IT.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,4 CPUs)15:47
pochefuok_Processing archive: /home/pochefuok/Scrivania/uccw/Combifix.zip15:47
pochefuok_Extracting  Combofix2.uccw     Unsupported Method15:47
pochefuok_Sub items Errors: 115:47
FloodBot1pochefuok_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:47
petergkwhat is running currently on the system?15:47
addihey guys. any simple way to install official Nvidia drivers on 12.10? :X15:47
Ghost1227ikonia: 12.1015:47
jilFergusL,  ok  I struggle a bit because I was trying to unmount the disk while been on it  ??  but still, unmounted I cannot recover it because the logical sector size is not a multiple of the physical size15:47
ikonia!nvidia | addi15:47
theadminaddi: Surely. sudo apt-get install nvidia-current15:47
ubottuaddi: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:47
petergkMySelf_, is X running now?15:48
MySelf_just the background pic and nothing else15:48
MySelf_whats x? :/15:48
tonsofpcsX, not x.15:48
tonsofpcsthe X Windows System15:48
MySelf_whats X ?15:48
=== djmer is now known as thewizord
theadminMySelf_: As in X11.15:48
MySelf_is it like explorer ?15:48
=== Clovertown_ is now known as Clovertown
tonsofpcsno, it's the thing that makes everything GUI15:48
theadminMySelf_: eh. Are you on a fullscreen console/command line thing, or in some form of a graphical interface?15:48
addiikonia, I tried that, then restarted lightdm (was following a tutorial) and it just gets stuck on a black screen after that15:48
petergkMySelf_, the X provides graphical user interface, the background for graphical applications and resources, via drivers access to the graphics cards15:49
MySelf_i were in terminal (fullscreen) and typed startX, and now i have a background picture (my own) i just pressed ctrl alt T15:49
MySelf_i just want the prop driver (download) and install15:50
ikoniaaddi: right, so your problem is not installing the drivers15:50
petergkati had opengl issues in the past....15:50
pochefuok_hello everyone i get this error code extracting a zip file downloaded from web... can you help me please?15:50
addiikonia, I guess the problem is activating those Nvidia drivers that I've installed :P15:51
adamkMySelf_: Run this command:15:51
adamkcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us15:51
adamkcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us15:51
ikoniaaddi: what have you done to verify it15:51
Ghost1227ikonia: thoughts?15:51
jilFergusL, I'm getting ther. I have to specif the device number.15:51
FergusLha jil !15:51
addiikonia, lsmod|grep nvidia15:51
theadminaddi: curl doesn't come preinstalled on Ubuntu. May as well install pastebinit to avoid typing that out.15:51
mikehaas763_Hello! I use Ubuntu for my main OS. I'm on the market for a new laptop and would really like to get a macbook of some sort because there are times when I would really like to use OS X (for w/e reason). My concern, is Ubuntu basically fully stable on macs?15:52
ikoniaGhost1227: hit caps lock on the keyboard, does the light go on/off15:52
addiI get this response: "nvidia 11257759  51 "15:52
theadminSorry, adamk, that was meant for you15:52
petergkMySelf_ so X is running only dash and panels are not there15:52
theadminaddi: My bad, wrong person (tab fail)15:52
ikoniaaddi: ok, so you know the module is loaded15:52
ikoniaaddi: is your xorg.conf set to use nvidia ?15:52
Ghost1227ikonia: Not in the installer at the moment, but yes. I can also still hit the cancel button and exit the installer. Just when I'm in the installer it sits there thinking forever.15:53
petergkMySelf_, if actually terminal runs it means some stuff are already in place15:53
addium, no idea, I'm new to this :/15:53
FergusLjil: if the issue is still there you can also check "lsusb" if it's detected correctly or even "dmesg | tail" right after plugging it in, which might tell you how it went15:53
Ghost1227ikonia: tried both through 'try ubuntu' and 'install ubuntu' with the same issue at the same spot15:53
ikoniaGhost1227: look in the sys log for anything of interesting15:53
MySelf_here is my log http://sprunge.us/VQNE15:54
=== yann_ is now known as YannT
adamkMySelf_: You have an intel GPU.  Why are you trying to install the AMD proprietary drivers?15:54
MySelf_i thought i had that15:54
MySelf_i have all my master documents on this computer :/15:55
ikoniaprobably one of those dual cards15:55
ikoniahence why it's game over15:55
mikehaas763_Does Ubuntu run pretty stable on macs? natively that is not in a VM15:55
ikoniamikehaas763_: yes15:55
ikoniamikehaas763_: most model macs have no/few problems15:55
adamkikonia: From the log file, it looks like the only PCI VGA devices are intel...15:55
theadminmikehaas763_: Well, recent macs are fine, Ubuntu's dropped PowerPC support though I think15:56
jhutchinsmikehaas763_: Been that way since ~2007.15:56
mikehaas763_theadmin, I'm not concerned with power pc. I'm on the market for a new laptop so I'd be getting something newer15:56
mikehaas763_Thanks though15:56
jilthe issue is corrected, thank you FergusL, theadmin...  fsck.vfat -a  did errase my .tex file but I had a backup juste a few minutes older.  thank you, next time I might use -r ;)15:56
alakazamalmost got debian running on graphite imac not worth it anyway15:56
MonkeyDust!mac | mikehaas763_ start here15:56
ubottumikehaas763_ start here: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:56
FergusLanybody using an old Pentium III ? I'm trying to use cpufreq but it doesn't work "unsupported cpu", which module to use ?15:57
SquarismSometimes i just wanna dropkick the whole ubuntu unity team. Is there ONE damn keyboard shortcut they havent reserved for their gayass functions. Good luck running any application with +10 shortcuts wo conflicts.15:57
jhutchinsmikehaas763_: Are you planning to dual-boot?15:58
tonsofpcsSquarism: killall unity15:58
mikehaas763_jhutchins, I would like to because I want native performance15:58
MonkeyDustSquarism  if you don't like unity, you can easily install and use something else15:58
theadminSquarism: The only shortcuts Unity uses have to do this or that with the Super key and that's not used by many apps...15:59
jordanrainI'm having problems with folders not being shared on reboot on 12.10. I was told it's because they aren't my main OS HDD's so they aren't mounted fast enough on boot to re-enable sharing? What can I do to get these auto shared again on boot? I'm using the built in sharing when you right click on a folder.16:00
=== lrandomx is now known as simpledot
mikehaas763_jhutchins, do you see a problem with that?16:01
zombiejimis ubuntu 12.04.1 supposed to be running the 3.5 kernel ?16:01
craigbass1976Is is possible to add a launcher to the dash that fires up a bash script?  With an icon?16:01
theadminzombiejim: yup16:02
zombiejimtheadmin, any idea why i reinstalled and did all updates and it isn't updating it to that kernel?16:02
zombiejimtheadmin, and i keep getting crashes this install compiz etf16:03
theadminzombiejim: Oh, err, wait, it's on 3.216:03
k1ltheadmin: you are sure?16:03
theadminzombiejim: my bad16:03
k1li only see 3.2 on packages.ubuntu.com16:03
theadmink1l: Yeah my mistake16:03
simpledotzombiejim, iam using 3.2.0-36 right now16:03
zombiejimis there a way to fix compiz crashing? when it does my computer pretty much locks up for a few minutes16:04
rdsmI just installed the package "amd64-microcode" but it only updated the initrd.img for the last kernel installed , how do I make it update previous versions of the kernel?16:04
shade34321I have a NFS mount mounting on two machines. On one machine it is mounting right and on the other it is mounting with nobody/nogroup as the owner any suggestions why and how to fix it?16:04
zombiejimi only asked about kernel 3.5 because last time i installed ubuntu 12.04.1 and did the updates it went to kernel 3.5 for some reason16:05
theadminrdsm: run "sudo update-initramfs -k VERSION", replacing VERSION with the kernel version you want the initrd to be generated for.16:05
theadminzombiejim: Might be in backports or proposed16:05
zombiejimtheadmin, it was a fresh install *shrug*16:05
theadminzombiejim: oh, odd16:05
zombiejimtheadmin, but this compiz crashing is killing me and my ability to use ubuntu16:06
theadminzombiejim: Why not use a desktop that doesn't rely on crazy window managers like compiz, for instance, Xfce?16:06
k1lzombiejim: that 3.5 kernel came from a PPA, i think16:06
zombiejimim using what ubuntu came with?16:06
jhutchinsmikehaas763_: Dual boot is a bit trickier than single system install, but it can be done.16:07
rdsmtheadmin, it's asking: "You must specify at least one of -c, -u, or -d." should I tell it to -u right?16:07
zombiejimand xfce looks awful i shouldnt have to run something that looks 15 years old on an i5 processor16:07
=== Ghost1227 is now known as Guest18444
jhutchinsmikehaas763_: I was just thinking that paying extra for Mac hardware if you're not going to be useing OSX isn't the best choice.16:07
theadminrdsm: Oh, yes, right16:07
theadminzombiejim: ...I have an i5 processor and run Xfce :P16:07
theadminzombiejim: No complaints from me16:07
zombiejimtheadmin, so basically unity is still horrible16:08
zombiejimtheadmin, and thats why compiz keeps crashing16:08
theadminzombiejim: Well, most people seem to think so16:08
CoreyBRhello, do you guys suggest me an application to facebook chat?16:08
k1lzombiejim: unity is fine here16:08
adamkzombiejim: Install ccsm and enable the crash handler plugin.16:08
theadminCoreyBR: Ubuntu comes with Empathy, why not use that?16:08
zombiejimi have no problem with unity only the compiz crashing16:08
k1lso i dont like it to be called crazy like theadmin did16:08
=== anna is now known as Guest21876
XorifelseHow do you know which device/partition holds the mbr on a multi-boot run of Ubuntu/Windows?16:08
jhutchinszombiejim: compiz is still horrible, that's why unity keeps crashing, and KDE, and whatever else you run on compiz.16:08
rdsmtheadmin, thanks a lot, it's updating, I thought that I needed to do something else before just updating :) , This package should make my C-50 runs better right?16:08
zombiejimdoes cinnamon use compiz?16:09
theadminrdsm: Dunno what a C-50 is...16:09
k1lzombiejim: no, but its not supported in here16:09
=== Guest18444 is now known as Ghost1227_
theadminzombiejim: Nope, I think GNOME3 (and therefore Cinnamon) has completely switched to Mutter.16:09
rdsmtheadmin, amd vision cpu, I don't know if it was improved by this microcode or by 3.8 changes , I'll test here anyway , thanks :)16:09
zombiejimk1l, thats not a good idea, if what ubuntu comes with is unity and crashes why not support what works at lesat16:09
Ghost1227_ikonia: I'm in the live environment now16:09
zombiejimk1l, least16:10
k1lzombiejim: ubuntu got alot of desktops supported16:10
jhutchinszombiejim: We can only consistently support projects that are part of ubuntu.16:10
k1lzombiejim: and again: unity and compiz work here. so its not a generall problem16:10
theadminzombiejim: Ubuntu officially supports 4 desktops: Unity, KDE, Xfce and LXDE. That's plenty.16:10
zombiejimthe two that are supported that have decent looks are crashing16:11
valerio /EXEC rm -vf /home/valerio/.xchat2/buduscript/tmp/budus_XDCC_23426.query16:11
mhsHi, I am an assistant professor in a college.16:11
jhutchinszombiejim: Being linux you can pretty much install anything on ubuntu, but that doesn't mean people here have the knowledge to help with outside packages.16:11
EphexeveHey guys, I am having a few problems wiht my wireless card, it's stable for 10 min max and then it starts to disconnect..16:11
zombiejimbecause they are based off compiz which from what i've read the guy who's been making it quit16:11
mhsRecently our college has introduced ubuntu as college syllabus.16:11
k1lzombiejim: so what is your actual issue besides ranting?16:12
zombiejimk1l, every 5 minutes compiz crashes16:12
ubuserGuys! I came out of the store with a brand new Dell Latitude e5530 preloaded with Ubuntu 11.10!!! Ubuntu rulezzzzz!!!16:12
adamkzombiejim: Again, enable the crash handler plugin and see what errors compiz gives when it crashes.16:12
jhutchinsubuser: So quit using it.16:12
k1lzombiejim: provide the logs and error messages so see what causes it16:12
jhutchinsubuser: Sorry, wrong nick.16:12
zombiejimk1l, im new to linux i dont know how16:13
mhsEven most of my colleagues and students are also new to this ubuntu16:13
=== nuxninja is now known as commode-rocket
theadminubuser: It would be great if 11.10 wasn't EOL.16:13
theadminOh, wait, never mind16:13
theadminIt's not16:13
mhsCan anybody tell me that how to install software without internet connection16:13
ubuserUbuntu + Dell = LOVE16:14
zombiejimk1l, but i will say i'd use linux mint because the users are much more friendly to linux noobs.. but nvidia will not work with them properly which is why im forced to use ubuntu16:14
theadminmhs: You normally don't. What a weird thing to do.16:14
ubusernow I update it to LTS16:14
theadminzombiejim: Have you tried Xubuntu? Kubuntu? Lubuntu?16:14
theadminzombiejim: They are all officially supported Ubuntu versions with different desktops preloaded.16:14
k1lzombiejim: so just another pun. im out.16:14
makarahi. From yesterday my 12.04 notebook won't boot - stuck on purple and black garbage screen. No ctrl+alt+f1 or +del. Safemode boots. What's up?16:14
rdsmtheadmin, system is much faster now :) amd64-microcode package with 3.4+ kernels really makes the c-50 usable :)16:14
mhsI'm not getting.16:14
CoreyBRtheadmin: sorry for the late response, i was afk, i'm new in linux i'll try empathy thanks16:15
zombiejimtheadmin, I want a DE that I can drag windows to the side and have them automatically resize themselves properly like unity does, be able to just press the window key and search for a program ctrl+alt+t terminal etc16:15
makaramhs: you get the .deb file and open that, but usually not16:15
zykotick9makara: tried nomodeset yet?  see "/msg ubottu nomodeset" for details.16:15
zombiejimk1l, later.. what else would you expect being attacked by 4 people at once because im ignorant to linux and trying to learn16:16
mhsAs all of us are new to ubuntu can you tell me how join FOSS as a member and get help from them.16:16
simpledotzombiejim, to search files,programs,etc sudo apt-get install synapse16:16
mikehaas763_I'm a web developer (front and back end). I have dual monitors. I get all of my windows laid out exactly how I want across my screens. Is there any app that can restore them exactly when I reboot etc16:16
zombiejimsimpledot, its working on unity fine, will that command enable it for other DE16:17
theadminsimpledot: You sure you don't mean Synaptic?16:17
simpledottheadmin, yes16:17
EphexeveNo one?16:17
simpledotzombiejim, yes16:17
simpledottheadmin, try it :D16:18
zombiejimsimpledot, okay nice is there a way to enable the drag windows to side and they resize themselves?16:18
mhsHow to edit and execute COBOL in ubuntu 12.1016:18
simpledotzombiejim, i dont know16:19
zombiejimsimpledot, okay i appreciate your response16:19
makaramhs: do your homework now, like I am...16:19
jhutchinsEphexeve: 99% likely it's either the card or the router/ap; a hardware issue.  Since it works at startup the software is ok.16:19
BWMerlinI keep getting the following error when I try to install glx-alternative-nvidia The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-alternative-nvidia : Depends: glx-diversions (= 0.2.2) Depends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:20
TomyLobohow can i add new alternatives (like /usr/bin/g++-4.7, which i got form a PPA) to "update-alternatives --config c++" and is that advisible?16:20
Ephexevejhutchins: Well, it works fine on Windows16:20
simpledotzombiejim, also you dont want to change to DE just for these kind of things16:20
mhsOne common question from my students is how to install software without internet connection?16:20
simpledotzombiejim, to a new DE16:20
zombiejimsimpledot, the whole problem is compiz is crashing for me on unity on 2 fresh installs with all updates16:20
commode-rocketmhs make your own local repo16:21
MonkeyDust!offline | mhs16:21
ubottumhs: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD16:21
jhutchinsmhs: Either you need a local repository, or you need at least the first DVD, possibly the second and/or third.16:21
jordanrainHow can I get samba shares to startup on boot?16:22
MySelf_sudo X gives me "server is already active for display 0"16:22
LIDHhello, I need help, i get "no PS/2 driver found under /sys/bus/serio/devices/serioX" and can't get the touch to work16:22
zykotick9jhutchins: ahhh ubuntu != debian.  there isn't the entire repo on dvd for ubuntu.16:22
jhutchinsmhs: Most linux distributions use a software management system rather than a download-and-install concept.16:22
simpledotzombiejim, you're the guy that has 3.5 kernel?16:22
cleamoonis there any good accounting program in linux?16:22
k1lMySelf_: what are you trying to do?16:22
commode-rocketmhs basically you will need internet connection intially for download and building your own repo server16:22
zombiejimsimpledot, no the first install when i did the updates it went to 3.5 kernel, this time it stayed on 3.2 after updates16:23
jhutchinszykotick9: Yeah, I'm thinkin' debian.16:23
zombiejimsimpledot, err should say yes thats me16:23
LIDHhow do i Add the PS/2 mouse driver?16:23
makaramhs: .deb files. It depends on what the developer of the software offers you. Sometimes its something else.16:23
jhutchinsmhs: This suggests a local mirror would be a better idea.16:23
MySelf_k1l: i try to get into GUI16:23
k1lzombiejim: there is no 3.5 kernel in precise. and if you dont give and logs or errormessages noone can help you by inly guessing16:24
k1lMySelf_: start the dm like "sudo service lightdm start"16:24
mhsPlease don't mind, as I have told that I am totally new to this ubuntu. I not understanding what this mirror a d repo server is all about. Please guide me that where I can get ubuntu beginner help.16:24
jhutchinszombiejim: You might consider pastbining your sources.list so we can figure out where you got a 3.5 kernel from.16:24
MySelf_unrecognized service16:24
jhutchinszombiejim: Or you could just tell us.16:24
k1lMySelf_: which ubuntu are you running there?16:25
zombiejimjhutchins, i reinstalled ubuntu this time im not running 3.516:25
jhutchinsMySelf_: What do you see if you press Alt-F7?16:25
k1lMySelf_: try "sudo start lightdm"16:25
zombiejimjhutchins, i just thought something was wrong because last time it went to 3.5 this time it didnt,  i had no idea which was correct16:25
MySelf_uknown job16:26
zombiejimill brb though16:26
jhutchinsMySelf_: ps ax | grep dm16:26
commode-rocketmhs check out askubuntu.com for all cut and paste commands......greatest resources available.....repo is basically like a tank to store all packages and dependencies of any program you ever need....ofcourse you need to know name of program16:26
k1lMySelf_: again: which ubuntu is that exactly?16:26
theadminMySelf_: sudo /etc/init.d/*dm start16:26
Ben64k1l, jhutchins: I think a 3.5 kernel is in precise, just not by default16:27
MySelf_it was not isntalled, i installed now and run the start thing16:27
MySelf_black screen16:27
makaramhs: free support? you're probably at the best place. just think about your questions a bit16:27
k1lBen64: i looked at packages.ubuntu.com there was no 3.,5 kernel mentioned16:27
LIDHanyone to help me to get a PS/2 touch driver working? i get that there's no PS/2 Driver16:28
Ben64!info linux-image-3.5.0-22-generic precise16:28
mhsPlease tell me about repo...16:28
ubottulinux-image-3.5.0-22-generic (source: linux-lts-quantal): Linux kernel image for version 3.5.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP. In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.0-22.34~precise1 (precise), package size 39135 kB, installed size 114977 kB16:28
zombiejiminstead of wasting everyones time trying to figure out why my compiz is crashing the cinnamon DE seems to be working fine and from what I've been told it doesn't use compiz16:28
k1lmhs: we have #ubuntu-beginner (iirc) but you could ask here too16:28
jhutchinsmhs: Short for repository.  Software packaged for Ubuntu is collected in repositories that have indexes and other information for use by the package management system (apt).16:29
k1lzombiejim: then dont waste our time and go to the mint support. thanks16:29
rdsmk1l it's in -updates16:29
MySelf_k1l: :D16:29
MySelf_i fixed it !16:29
MySelf_i had to install lightdm and restart ! omg !:D16:30
zombiejimseriously dude... you're being ridiculously im running ubuntu 12.04.1 and install another DE environment and suddenly you say to go to mint when im not even running their OS16:30
k1lrdsm: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise-updates&searchon=names&keywords=linux-image  dont see it there16:30
mhsjhutchins: How to create this repository.16:30
commode-rocketmhs you will need a mandatory intenet connection to work with repositories......so its a never offline job16:30
Ben64they're trying something new this time with kernels16:30
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jhutchinsmhs: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu-help/index.html16:31
jhutchinsmhs: There are guides on the ubuntu.com network, but it's a bit of an advanced topic.16:31
rdsmk1l, I don't understand packages.ubuntu.com/precise/linux-image-3.5.0-22-generic am I missing something in this page, not really familiar with ubuntu packages?16:32
rdsmops *I am not really familiar...16:32
David-Amhs: you can also get help in the ubuntu forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/ (less stress than in a chat)16:32
mhscommode-rocket : Once after doing this repository can I dump that repository in other systems.16:32
k1lrdsm: that is quantal16:32
Ghost1227_ikonia: Now it's not letting me do anything once it hits installer. Had to hit the power button that time16:32
k1lerm wait16:32
ikoniasounds like a hardware problem16:33
rdsmk1l , oh it says precise and I got confuse , really sorry for wasting your time.16:33
jhutchinsmhs: Yes, by the same process, but you don't need it for each system, you just need one common source.16:33
commode-rocketyes you will create a large pool of packages on a single server which can have over 100 or 10000 packages.....an be able to install these packages from any other ubuntu system.....provided the packages are for that version of ubuntu16:34
jhutchinsmhs: You do need to look around the ubnutu.com network and read the guides and documentation.16:34
jhutchinsmhs: This is not a "click here" situation.16:34
LIDHI can't get PS/2 Touch controller working, it needs drivers under /sys/bus/serio/devices/serioX16:34
LIDHhow do I solve it?16:34
commode-rocketjhutchins: correct mhs you need to read a LOT16:35
mhsOh... Can you tell me where I can get information about this repository online.16:35
jhutchinsmhs: ...especially if you're going to stay ahead of your students <grin>.16:35
Ghost1227_ikonia: I'd thought of that, but I'm currently running Fedora 18 without a problem in 3D mode...16:35
EphexeveDoes anyone knows a fix for this??16:36
MonkeyDustEphexeve  for what?16:36
ikoniaGhost1227_: doesn't mean it's compatible with ubuntu16:36
simpledotEphexeve, i dont know16:36
LIDHhow do i get this working? PS/2 touch any one?16:36
EphexeveBasicly my wireless keeps on disconnecting16:36
Ephexeveevery ~10 min16:36
Ephexevethis doesn't happen on Windows16:37
jhutchinsmhs: Indian Institute of Technology provides public mirrors from their Kanpur, Bombay, and Madras locations.16:37
rdsmEphexeve, "lspci | grep Network"?16:37
commode-rocketjhutchins you indian16:37
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
mhsjhutchins are you an Indian?16:37
jhutchinsmhs: Nope.16:37
jhutchinsmhs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors16:38
commode-rocketmhs are you indian16:38
mhsYa I am an Indian.16:38
commode-rocketthen check out #bakchodi channel mhs16:38
jhutchinsmhs: Above link says how to create & maintain a mirror.16:38
LIDHI can't get PS/2 Touch controller working, it needs drivers under /sys/bus/serio/devices/serioX anyone to help me=16:39
commode-rocketcheck on askubuntu LIDH16:40
joel__my HTPC is lagging behind and I'm wondering what tips you lot have for me? It shouldn't lag but it hasn't been re-installed for 3 years. Should I install a more light weight ubuntu? even flash lags..16:40
ikoniajoel__: what do you mean it's lagging ?16:40
jhutchinsLIDH: http://askubuntu.com/questions/202988/how-to-use-a-ps-2-mouse16:41
joel__ikonia: yeah.. the computer is slow and sometimes unresponsive16:41
joel__ikonia: can't even handle 720 p with vdpau16:41
joel__(on flash)16:41
ikoniajoel__: look at the resources on your machine and what's taking them up16:41
ikoniaahh flash16:41
ikoniagame over16:41
ikoniaor do you mean flash storage ?16:41
joel__just flash basicly16:41
ikoniaas in flash the application or flash storage16:42
joel__unity just stopped working but the uptime is 50 days I think16:42
ikoniareboot it16:42
joel__still thought, flash will lag16:42
ikoniaflash is bad....16:42
joel__how else to browse youtube?16:42
joel__sometimes I use youtube.com/xl16:42
joel__works fine but can't use that everytime16:42
joel__how do I browse youtube with html5?16:43
joel__ikonia: rdsm ^16:43
rdsmjoel__, youtube.com/html516:43
ikoniajoel__: check the youtube html5 service16:43
mhsCan you tell me any Indian chat room?16:43
MonkeyDust mhs #ubuntu-in16:44
fellayaboyhey this is really itching my bum for a very very long time but how i enable my video camera via omegle facebook and other webservices...when i see the option that says allow or deny webcam on omegle it wont let me click ...its just frozen there..and facebook doesnt have the webcam icon within the text message boxes16:44
joel__ikonia: rdsm thanks! can't believe i've missed that16:45
joel__time for a reboot16:45
LIDHjhutchins thanks, but i still don't get it, it is not a mouse, it's a touch controller that isn't detected16:45
fellayaboyi know the webcam works jsut fine cuz ubuntu asked me to take a pic when i first installed the ubuntu16:45
LIDHit is PS/2 interface16:45
jhutchinsfellayaboy: The plugins for those services have to know about your camera and be able to access it through a common interface like tv://16:46
fellayaboyok how do i do that then16:47
jhutchinsLIDH: You'll have to search on the actual hardware model then, there were/are various different devices that connected through PS/2 ports (which are basically just serial ports).  You could blindly try the existing PS/2 compatible drivers, but it's better to track down the specific hardware.16:47
mrintegrityhi all, does anyone know of a USB3.0 graphics adaptor that has any support under ubuntu?16:47
smthi, is there a way to modify a desktop setup to use server repositories?16:47
commode-rocketmhs ++1 jhutchins16:47
mrintegritysmt: it's the same repo..16:48
commode-rockethi vibhav16:48
smthmm, so i would get security updates with a desktop sytem as long as server support is going on?16:49
awatermaHey all! I'm having trouble bringing up two network cards on the same box under 12.10. When one goes up, the other drops.16:49
mrintegritysmt: not sure what you mean really.. the update / support cycle is based on the ubuntu version number.. doesn't matter if you are running it as a server o desktop.. or what cd image you installed from16:49
LIDHit's egalax touch, already have the drivers, but when i install it shows up a "error" (no ps/2 mouse driver found under /dev/bus/serio/devices/serioX16:50
awatermaDo all network cards have to be configured with the same gateway?16:50
mrintegrityawaterma: no, you can have multiple gateways..16:50
zykotick9awaterma: what are you hoping to achieve?16:50
rdsmawaterma, no you can have multiple , check out the route command.16:50
awatermaI have a server with 4 nics, love to make use of all 4 for bridging to kvm16:50
MonkeyDustawaterma  #ubuntu-server16:51
smtmrintegrity: lts support for 10.04 server is supported until 2015 whereas desktop support ends in april this year16:51
awatermathanks MonkeyDust16:51
mrintegrityawaterma: you can bond them into one large connection (minus some overhead).. but they would use the same gateway in that case16:51
mrintegritysmt: oh right! sorry yeah i guess you are correct then16:51
awatermaThanks mrintegrity.16:51
mrintegrityawaterma: look up ubuntu bonding16:52
awatermaWhat I want is two bridges, each one covering 2 nics.16:52
mrintegrityawaterma: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding16:52
awatermaubuntu bonding. Okay, will do, and I'll bug the guys over in #ubuntu-server. I'm glad to see that I'm not looking for a crazy solution.16:52
mrintegrityawaterma: yep, two bonds (they are called nic teams in the windows world)16:52
smtmrintegrity: u think a desktop system would get the security updates as long as server is supported?16:52
awatermaHuge thanks mrintegrity! :)16:53
jhutchinsLIDH: Was the touchpad connected when you installed?16:53
awatermaExactly, what I'm looking for. Too bad there's not a nice Enterprise right up on Ubuntu KVM and multiple nic networking.16:53
mrintegrityawaterma: have a look at ovirt.org16:53
awatermaAnother big thanks! :)16:54
jhutchinsawaterma: #kvm16:54
mrintegrityawaterma: i work for an organisation currently using vmware.. i am researching moving to ovirt/kvm16:54
CoreyBREmpathy is too heavy for my computer, any suggestions for an alternative to facebook messaging?16:54
jhutchinsmrintegrity: Might want to look at vbox as well.16:54
jhutchinsCoreyBR: Firefox?16:55
mrintegrityjhutchins: virtualbox? it's fine for desktop usage..16:55
mhsIf anybody is ready to conduct a workshop on Ubuntu in Karnataka, India, then let me know by mial : manjuhshirur@gmail.com. I'll make arrangements for that.16:55
awatermaAh nice, I'm enjoying it at the moment. Although there's these little problems. Definitely good to use Ubuntu desktop for connecting to virt-man for visual installs (e.g. windows)16:55
ikoniamhs: please don't ask for that sort of thing16:55
ikoniamhs: talk to your ubuntu Indian loco16:55
toordogmhs what is workshop for you?16:55
CoreyBRjhutchins: i dont like opening a browser just to chat, but i think i'll have to open chromium to chat with my friends group in facebook.16:56
LIDHyes, it was already connected, yes, it's a touchscreen, so it was connected its a POS system16:56
mrintegrityCoreyBR: pidgin works great for me16:56
mrintegrityCoreyBR: a bit less demanding than empathy i guess16:56
CoreyBRmrintegrity: yeah pidgin is good but it dont work with facebook chat groups, only when i'm talking with a single person, and my facebook is with a lot of discussion's group16:56
craigbass1976I'm trying to make Super+T fire upa terminal, but it keeps firing up the trash.16:57
CoreyBRit doesn't* sorry still learning english16:57
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awatermamrintegrity: how heavy is ovirt?16:57
jhutchinsLIDH: Ah, POS touchscreens.  Get the specs from the manufacturer's manual, google for the drivers.  There are two or three included in the kernel.16:57
_t4nn3rcraigbass1976: But doesnt a keyboard shortcut just for the trash make so much more sense?16:57
k1lcraigbass1976: standard is ctrl+alt+t16:57
LIDHit only appears to detect the keyboard PS/2 port, the "mouse" isn't detected16:58
LIDHPS/2 mouse port isn't detected16:58
craigbass1976_t4nn3r, are you messing with me?16:58
LIDHalready reinstalled to windows to check if it was working, and yes, it is and is located on the PS/2 port16:58
LIDHso basically it is a PS/2 touch input16:58
LIDHproblem is, getting ubuntu to recognize it16:58
_t4nn3rcraigbass1976: lol yeah. Why would you ever need to open the trash?16:58
jhutchinsLIDH: You don't need the driver for the port, you need the driver for the touchscreen.16:58
LIDHi already downloaded the drivers from the egalax website and still nothing16:59
craigbass1976_t4nn3r, ok...  Threw me for a bit.16:59
SorinanThere's a way to create a nested RAID1+0 in the Ubuntu installer?16:59
LIDHif i do cat /sys/bus/serio/devices/serioX/description16:59
LIDHi can only get the serio0 and that's the keyboard port, so no mouse detected16:59
jhutchinsLIDH: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1541396 <- howto17:00
craigbass1976I used to use Ctrl+Alt+t back near dapper I think, then it switched to Super+t in some newer ubuntu version, so I got used to that, and didn't want to get used to the former again.17:00
jhutchinsLIDH: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man4/uep.4freebsd.html <- manpage for driver17:00
DarthFrogHi folks.  Does anyone know how to get snd-pcm-oss working on Quantal?  I need it.17:01
rdsmCoreyBR, apparently ekg2 will work (not sure , I am actually installing it to try, need a lightweight one too)17:01
rdsmCoreyBR, it's textmode17:01
k1lcraigbass1976: you changed the shortcut setting in the options?17:01
jhutchinsLIDH: Note that that's the BSD driver, the GNU driver may be different.17:02
LIDHhum, but that appears to be to USB, and this is PS/217:02
rdsmCoreyBR, works great http://petermolnar.eu/linux-tech-coding/facebook-chat-from-linux-command-line/17:03
LIDHhum, but that appears to be to USB, and this is PS/217:03
craigbass1976k1l, I changed it to Super+t, but there's nowhere I see to change the shortcut for trash.17:03
CoreyBRrdsm: try Finch17:03
jhutchinsLIDH: Perhaps you could do the google search instead of me doing it and pasting the results.17:04
LIDHalready did, and didnt' find anything, that's why i came here :s17:04
LIDHi'm running out of ideas17:04
petergkis there any geoclue-less build of the unity clock?17:04
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jordanrainI need to get my folder shares to come back on boot... Can someone please explain to me how to do this?17:06
petergkcome back?17:06
petergkjordanrain, what do you mean - come back?17:08
rdsmCoreyBR, wow nice.17:09
jhutchinsLIDH: How about this: http://thefreecountry.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/obs-egalaxtouch/17:09
jhutchinsLIDH: Or this: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Egalax-Touchscreen17:09
CoreyBRrdsm: its a nice text-based app, but i want something to be in my taskbar and that have some kind of reminder that i received a message17:10
CoreyBRbetter get my hands dirty and start developing an app like this17:10
CoreyBRtime to learn some python17:10
jhutchinsLIDH: Since the driver's packaged in debian I won't link you to the source.17:11
lastleo85let me know how i can turn this website as ecommerce??? http://partyaturbanwoods.com/17:11
lastleo85in ubuntu??? which cms???17:11
MonkeyDustlastleo85  wrong channel17:12
LIDHi'm trying to get it17:12
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lastleo85which channel should i visit???17:13
donsdI installed 12.10 from i386 dvd. I've lost my crontab settings. Have they been saved somewhere?17:13
rdsmCorey, maybe notify-send + some xmpp lib?17:13
LIDHi already have the drivers17:14
LIDHbut i get an error while installing17:14
rdsmCoreyBR, maybe notify-send + some xmpp lib?17:14
jamaadaarLIDH are u using 64 bit ubuntu??17:14
LIDHnope, 32bit17:14
jhutchinsLIDH: Since the correct way to install the drivers is with apt, and since your system doesn't correctly find the drivers, I suspect you DON'T already have the drivers, but if you prefer to go your own way rather than follow the guides I posted that's fine.17:15
jamaadaarLIDH is your driver ending with .deb17:16
jhutchinsLIDH: You need to configure the xorg.conf file for it to work in a GUI.17:16
LIDHi already did lots of tutorials17:16
LIDHbut let me check once again17:16
jhutchinsLIDH: That could be the problem, you might need a clean install to un-do the stuff about external drivers.17:16
LIDHthe drivers i have to install are using sh17:16
LIDHthis is clean17:16
LIDHalready reinstalled17:16
LIDHi did try a lot of tutorials yesterday17:17
LIDHtoday installed windows to really check if there wans't any issue with the touchscreen17:17
jamaadaarthats a bash script installation17:17
LIDHand it works ok in windows17:17
LIDHso i reinstalled ubuntu and did the updates to 12.0417:17
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:17
jamaadaarsudo bash <your-driver-name>.sh17:18
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LIDHi get a message when i select ps/2: please confir the touch controller is linked with your ddevice. press enter to continue17:19
LIDHthen it says: found /etc/rc.local file.17:19
lclhstHello. Is there any chance to make browsew's fonts look beautiful like the ones from windows or macos?17:19
LIDHconfigure PS/2 aux driver and then No ps2 mouse driver found under /sys/bus/serio/devices/serioX17:20
jamaadaarinstall aller code font by google searching and double click the file with extension .ttf to install lclhst17:20
petergklclhst, get the fronts, put them into the directory .fonts in your folder and set up i the browser/and system17:20
jhutchinsLIDH: Are you following this: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Egalax-Touchscreen ?17:21
lclhstpetergk: what kind/family  of fonts?17:21
killerwhenever i access tty ..after some time it comes ..-->unable to enumerate usb device on port 617:21
lclhsti tried arimo, arial etc. any of them make pages look good17:21
jamaadaartry aller code lclhst or envy code R17:22
jhutchinskiller: What usb devices are connected to your system?17:22
petergklclhst, search for the font on the net, I don't use mac because of spyware17:23
chreekatHey! Can someone explain the difference between the fonts I see in `xfontsel` and the fonts I see in, e.g., the gnome-terminal Font: dropdown?17:23
LIDHok, i tried that manual, but i'm stuck on the first code, it says can't find package evtouch, and i copy paste the code17:23
killerjhutchins: none is connected .....17:23
killeris there a way i can permanently disable that port :jhutchins17:24
methodswhy is `mailutils not installed by default ? is there something else that's better now ?17:25
scristopherjust switched from fedora to ubuntu, can anyone tell me what this clock thing is that comes up when the screen locks? I need to remove it, it locks up my screen in a way that doesnt work correctly because Im using gnome-shell17:25
ApeShotSeveral questions.  Does Ubuntu 12.10 behave correctly if installed next to windows 8?  The internet seems to indicate previous versions caused problems.17:27
jhutchinskiller: No mouse?  No keyboard?17:29
jhutchinsApeShot: Windows8 still has problems, and there are problems with the UEFI hardware it's often used with.17:30
larsduesingHi together... Can anybody help me? I need to make a backup keeping owner and rights - problem is: target is a ntfs-partition (tar would be ok, but it keeps only permissions)17:32
ApeShotand 2) in the install it asks me to divide the space for the install17:32
ApeShotbut which side of the slider is for windows and which is for linux?17:32
ApeShotThey are unlabeled17:32
jriblarsduesing: you're sure tar doesn't preserve ownership?  I thought it did17:32
larsduesingApeShot: left is windows, right is linux as far as i know17:32
ikoniatar p17:33
larsduesingjrib: no, only permissions17:33
larsduesingjrib: oh, does permission mean both?17:34
jriblarsduesing: well try it :)  I'm fairly certain it does17:34
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jriblarsduesing: try with some test case17:34
hubert__Hey guys, i'm having problem here, i can't upgrade to new version of ubuntu. Now i have 11.04, it says i am having internet connection problem.. Any help please..?17:35
jhutchinslarsduesing: Check the manpage for tar - it can preserve ownership.17:35
jriblarsduesing: you need to extract as superuser (or use --same-owner) according to the man page17:36
ikoniajrib: you fool, look at you reading the man page to find the right options17:36
jhutchinsEverybody knows it's better to ask in irc!17:37
hubert__Could anyone help me with upgrading from no-longer supported version of ubuntu?17:38
kostkon!eol | hubert__17:39
ubottuhubert__: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:39
jamaadaar!ls| jamaadar17:39
ubottujamaadar: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:39
MonkeyDusthubert__  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes17:40
larsduesingjrib: doesn't work: tar --extract --bzip2 --preserve-permissions --same-owner --file=/home/test.bz217:42
larsduesing(all are root)17:42
jhutchinslarsduesing: tar xjvf /home/test.bz217:43
larsduesingjhutchins: yes. does not work as desired. owner is root.17:44
larsduesing(and not lars)17:44
raven_cannot export with kdenlive - NO support in their channel need help please17:44
ChriysHi there17:44
jriblarsduesing: did you create the archive as lars and are you running your extract command now as lars?17:44
mokujini need help with Python, what adress chanel of python (Russian is desirable)17:44
jhutchinslarsduesing: It's never done that for me.17:44
jribmokujin: #python I don't know if they have a russion channel17:44
kostkonmokujin, #python ?17:44
larsduesingjrib: booth as root17:44
jhutchinslarsduesing: What command did you create it with?17:45
larsduesing# tar cvsjf test.bz2 */.local17:45
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LIDHhow do I list all my PS/2 ports?17:46
jhutchinslarsduesing: try just svjf17:46
larsduesingjhutchins: same order17:46
jhutchinslarsduesing: Sorry, cvjf17:46
jriblarsduesing: it works here when I try... Are you extracting to an ext* partition?17:47
Wiz007how to reset to default fonts in ubuntu 11.0417:48
jrib!11.04 | Wiz00717:48
ubottuWiz007: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.17:48
larsduesingjrib: ext417:48
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erupteris there a way I can stop unity from autostarting? I need some way of stopping auto-loading of the modules, since I want to be able to type "unity" and start it should the need be17:49
Wiz007can I upgrade 11.04 to 12.1017:49
bekksWiz007: 11.04 -> 11.10 -> 12.04 -> 12.1017:50
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jriblarsduesing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1570397/  show something like that in a pastebin17:50
larsduesingjrib: thanks17:51
Chriysi have an issue with my ubuntu server (12.04). When it's connected to router the commands apt-get install/update stuck at [Waiting for Headers] but if i connect it directly to the modem everything works fine. I have a dynamic ip and my router is TP-Link. the last i fixed it by putting into resolv.conf those lines:domain ahidjodesign.com nameserver and localhost. Thanks17:51
Chriysfor your help.17:51
scristopherI need to remove this damn clock lock thing, and i dont know what its called.17:52
scristopherdoes anyone know what im talking about?17:52
jhutchinsscristopher: Try changing the screensaver setting.17:52
scristopherin installed xscreensaver the lock isnt active, removed gnome screensaver17:52
compdocChriys, this is your domain?  domain ahidjodesign.com17:53
OerHekserupter, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/131497/disable-automatic-unity-launching17:53
scristopherdisabled the lock in brightness and lock17:53
scristopherI noticed this clock screensaver thing before i installed xscreensaver17:53
erupterOerHeks, that does not allow me to start unity17:53
compdocChriys, when you hook up the router, what ip address does ubuntu obtain?17:53
erupterOerHeks, is I boot in text and then run "unity" it can't find no monitor17:53
jhutchinsscristopher: Are you running a DNS server?17:54
Chriys192.168.1.101 i configured the router to give this ip to the computer17:54
jhutchinsDoes your router run a DNS server?17:54
OerHekserupter, in that same ans17:54
larsduesingjrib: Hmm, strange. this works with me17:54
scristopherumm it does not17:54
OerHekserupter, in that same answer "Also, you can still launch it any time you want manually by doing sudo service lightdm start"17:54
larsduesing<- problem maybe in front of computer17:54
jhutchinsscristopher: THen you need to put a valid nameserver in the resolv.conf.17:54
OerHeksstartx might also work17:55
erupterOerHeks, so I shouldn't run "unity" but rather start lightdm first and then run unity?17:55
scristopherfor the clock lock screen to disable?17:55
jhutchinsscristopher: is valid, but you should probably use the one provided by your isp.17:55
jhutchinsscristopher: Your isp probably sets the nameserver via dhcp when you connect directly.17:55
Chriysi have an issue with my ubuntu server (12.04). When it's connected to router the commands apt-get install/update stuck at [Waiting for Headers] but if i connect it directly to the modem everything works fine. I have a dynamic ip and my router is TP-Link. the last i fixed it by putting into resolv.conf those lines:domain ahidjodesign.com nameserver and localhost. Thanks17:55
Chriysfor your help.17:55
OerHekserupter, no, you don't have to run "unity"17:55
arone95Hey look, people are actually talking in this one.17:55
mannii need help with sound problem in ubuntu 12.04 .. anybody17:55
scristopher? sorry im not sure how the lock screen is related to my DNS/Networking17:55
erupterOerHeks, ok thanks I'll try that now17:56
Wiz007can ubuntu be installed on Xperia u phone?17:56
kitten-sandwichhi Devaki17:56
DevakiHello :)17:57
scristopherjust switched from fedora to ubuntu, can anyone tell me what this clock thing is that comes up when the screen locks? I need to remove it, it locks up my screen in a way that doesnt work correctly because Im using gnome-shell17:57
kitten-sandwichare you devakipat Devaki17:57
jhutchinsscristopher: Tabfail, sorry.17:57
afterlighthi all17:57
DevakiNo, i am normal version Devaki17:57
kitten-sandwichare you indian17:57
OerHeksWiz007, join #ubuntu-phone for that17:57
DevakiNo, why everyone is asking me that :D17:57
scristopherbut yeah ive removed gnome screesaver, disabled the lock in brightness and lock, no lock set in xscreensaver17:58
kitten-sandwichyou keep indian name ....thats wy17:58
scristopherscreensaver works for xscreensaver17:58
Devakiis this an indian name ?17:58
kitten-sandwichyes 100%17:58
DevakiI didnt know that :) I thought i made it up ! :D17:58
scristopherbut when resuming there is a clock screensaver behind the xscreensaver running that totally locks up my screen17:58
nmmmhow can I show progress bar for TuxOnIce (hibernation script), dont mind if is text mode or graphical17:58
Chriyssomeone can help plese ? i have an issue with my ubuntu server (12.04). When it's connected to router the commands apt-get install/update stuck at [Waiting for Headers] but if i connect it directly to the modem everything works fine. I have a dynamic ip and my router is TP-Link. the last i fixed it by putting into resolv.conf those lines:domain ahidjodesign.com nameserver and17:59
Chriys192.168.1.101 localhost. Thanks for your help.17:59
kitten-sandwichnope it means a goddess17:59
jhutchins!repeat | Chriys17:59
ubottuChriys: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:59
compdoci was trying to help you, but you posted the question again17:59
mannii need help with sound problem in ubuntu 12.0418:00
jhutchinsChriys: When you connect directly, your ISP's DHCP server provides a valid nameserver (usually two).  You need to see what that is and configure that either with the router's DHCP server or directly in your resolv.conf.18:00
LIDHok..now i'm installing ubuntu 10.10 to try to solve my issue...and i get my screen flashing randomly and in colors18:00
Chriysubottu i already did that nothing fixed and i also tried other forum18:00
ubottuChriys: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:00
kitten-sandwichmanni have you attached speaker.......lol .....go ahead18:00
BluesKaj /etc/resolv.conf is ovewrwritten by /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head , scristopher , jhutchins , also network manager will overwrite on bootup18:00
Chriyssorry compdoc. Thanks for your help again :)18:01
mannii have problem with input.18:01
mannifighting with it from a week18:01
scristopherBluesKaj, ?18:01
jhutchinsBluesKaj: Shouldn't overwrite if it doesn't get a valid DNS from the server.18:01
Wiz007manni it could be hardware issue18:01
scristophersimply chattr +ia /etc/resov.conf18:01
LIDHhow do I install ubuntu in "software" rendering mode?18:01
kitten-sandwichchecked sound settings are u using hdmi monitor ?? manni18:01
mannii am getting output18:02
LIDHbecause normal i get my screen acting crazy and i dont wanna wreck this equipment18:02
nmmmhow can I show progress bar for TuxOnIce (hibernation script), dont mind if is text mode or graphical?18:02
nmmmmy tuxonice-userui is already the newest version.18:02
mannibut no input is going18:02
jhutchinsscristopher: There's actually a config switch, I think on the dhcp client, to keep that from happening.18:02
kitten-sandwichwhat mic in or line in???18:02
mannitried both18:02
BluesKajjhutchins, resolv.conf gets overwritten unless the nemeservers are set in  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head , afaik , it'sbeen like that since 12.0418:02
jhutchinsChriys: Did you understand what I said?  Have you tried fixing it?18:02
kitten-sandwichneed to change the device from sound settings by right clicking the soung icon on panel.....experimetn a little manni18:03
Chriysyes i tried but i was unable