micahglen-1304: oneconf is synchronized config management01:26
len-1304That much I figured, just not why it would be of use to US01:27
micahgaudio settings syncd across machines?01:27
len-1304I would think someone with more than one computer would have one used for audio and one not.01:28
micahglen-1304: software-center pulls it in01:28
len-1304I suppose if you ran a place with many computers (one for each recording room)01:28
len-1304That was my thought.01:29
micahglen-1304: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntustudio.raring/desktop makes things like that easier :)01:29
len-1304Does it just crash for Studio or has it been crashing in vanilla too?01:29
len-1304Actually I haven't had another crash since today's oneconf update. Will have to see if it shows tomorrow morning.01:34
astraljavaFunny, after reading the explanation by Leann, she seems to say just what I thought it to mean. (re: moving to rolling releases in the future)10:02
zequence_I think it's funny how big that story became from her just mentioning that during a g+hangout10:06
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
zequenceHard for me to say how many people are for such a change. At least, it seemed it's still only in the idea stage, and being discussed10:07
astraljavaYeah, well people who don't understand how distribution release process works get easily scared by such big words.10:07
astraljavaI'm not saying I do, but I seem to notice the plus sides of the proposed change.10:08
* astraljava finds Ghost Brigade works really well for getting into the zone for programming.10:09
zequenceGot to check them up right away10:09
* zequence is exteremely picky with music10:13
zequenceWe don't have a youtube channel, right?10:25
zequenceubuntustudio@gmail is taken, to no surprise10:25
zequenceubustudio is still available though. I'm getting it10:25
astraljavazequence: Did you, and if yes, then how did you like them?11:21
scott-workmorning everyone12:12
scott-workzequence: len-1304: micahg: is there anything you think i should include in the release team email?12:13
zequencescott-work: I can't think of anything myself14:13
scott-workzequence: thanks14:14
zequenceastraljava: I have great difficulty with anything mainstream. If it's easy listening, it still needs to have some sharp edges, at those levels of perception which communicates to me. I think this is different for everyone. Some people like melodies, some rhythms, some the voice, some the sonor==sound of the whole thing. I thought it was ok, but I might not put it on too often14:15
zequencescott-work: Do we have a youtube channel?14:16
zequenceI was investigating how that works today14:16
zequenceStarted a new account ubustudio@gmail.com. ubuntustudio was of course taken. Any chance it was someone we know?14:16
zequenceI reserved the name just for the sake of it, and to have a neutral account on which I can experiment14:17
zequenceI haven't gotten how one can set a title that is not a personal name on the channel for instance. Perhaps one needs to upload a video, and monetize it?14:18
zequenceWell, I was investigating that kind of stuff anyway14:18
zequenceastraljava: It's like a mix of doom, grunge and some recent stuff14:24
scott-workzequence: i played around with a youtube channel but didn't really do anything with it14:33
scott-workwhatever we do we should probably write at least the channel name down somewhere :P14:33
scott-workzequence: i don't know who had ubuntustudio@gmail.com, maybe it is someone we know but i am not aware of the person currently14:34
scott-workhi jamesjordin 14:34
jamesjordinhi scott14:35
jamesjordinjust trying out IRC right now, gtting familiar14:36
smartboyhwHello to all14:36
smartboyhwHello jamesjordin 14:36
scott-workjames email me about helping out with ubuntu studio14:38
scott-worki had suggested coming onto IRC and hang around a bit, maybe help with documentation or testing14:38
zequencejamesjordin: Welcome to the channel. Scott told us you might be coming14:39
smartboyhwscott-work, yay!14:39
jamesjordingood stuff, thanks for the welcome everyone!14:42
jamesjordinrecovering from surgery today though, so one handed typing while lying down and keep drifting off. eager to get going but not much use today14:44
smartboyhwjamesjordin, oops14:44
jamesjordinjust trying to keep an eye on what you're all talking about for today and get a feel for what's going on. please don't think me rude if i don't reply stright away14:47
zequencejamesjordin: I think you said you were interested in documentation, right?14:53
zequenceAnything else?14:53
zequenceAs for docs, there are two kinds. User docs, and developer docs. In both, there are subsections. The user docs are not even begun, as is now. 14:54
zequenceUser docs are split into workflows, but there's no real structure set for them at all14:54
zequenceSo, we'd really need to start working on one of the areas: audio, or video, or graphics - to see what we want to write ourselves, what we link to, how we organize the whole thing14:56
jamesjordinhi zequence, thanks - yes, happy to help with docs, probably user, and I have more experience with audio so maybe there14:56
zequencejamesjordin: We work from blueprints, that are defined at launchpad. The blueprints are more like sketches of what we want to do. There are workitems. Some are very specific, some not. We assign ourselves to workitems. This way we can keep track of who's doing what.14:57
zequenceAlso, we have teams for the different areas, so if you'd work on docs, you'd be in the doc team14:57
jamesjordinok. sounds good14:58
zequenceActually, we have testing docs too. I almost forgot :)14:58
smartboyhwzequence, my fault on the testing docs:P14:58
smartboyhwThe classroom sessions, as I should be waiting for14:58
smartboyhwJust kept delaying14:58
jamesjordinhappy to help with testng too14:58
zequencejamesjordin: On this page, you see the three blueprints for docs - dev, testing and user https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/topic-ubuntustudio-documentation14:59
zequencejamesjordin: Look at the bottom for the bubbles14:59
jamesjordingot it, will have a read now15:00
zequenceThat's the dependency tree. You can go into one of the bubbles to see workitems for it. You can also go back in the tree, to its root, to see all of the blueprints15:00
smartboyhwjamesjordin, warning though: Seeing the dependency tree for all blueprints may faint you15:00
jamesjordinhaha, ok thanks for the warnng!15:01
smartboyhwWow zequence you really got it fixed, it is better now (the dependency tree)15:01
zequencejamesjordin: So, if you didn't already read this page, this is the user docs blueprint. It has some workitems. Those are not written in stone, but gives you and idea of what things need to be done https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/ubuntustudio-user-documentation15:01
jamesjordinlooks like I've got some reading to do! :)15:02
smartboyhwzequence, how's your new IT work life doing?:P15:02
zequencejamesjordin: If you're interested in developing user docs for audio, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. There are two links on the whiteboard for the user doc blueprint, which are sort of "staging/development" areas for docs. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide15:03
zequenceThat's for the user guide15:04
zequenceThere's a bit of structure at the upper level there, but again, nothing is written in stone15:04
zequenceAnd, one could just start from any corner of it. 15:04
jamesjordinok, yes see what you mean. might be best if I work through it bit by bit and try to follow all the steps as a new user would (which is essentially what I am)15:07
jamesjordinjust as a jumping off point, identify possible gaps etc15:08
zequencejamesjordin: I did this for 12.04, but I'd redo it now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro/120415:08
zequencePlease use it, if you find anything useful about it. Or, just start from scratch. That often works best for me15:08
jamesjordinwow! no, looks like good work, i would think it would make sense to just bring it up to date. no point reinventing the wheel! ;) up to 12,10 or raring?15:10
zequencejamesjordin: Nothing has changed since then, AFAIK, so it would work, at least for setting up audio, I guess15:11
zequenceThat's really just about audio devices, and audio serves. I guess one could just paste it in there.15:11
zequenceHaven't much thought about organizing the pages. One could include it into another page as well15:12
zequenceThere are lots of options15:12
zequenceWe still probably need some docs on how to start some programs, use them with jack, etc15:13
jamesjordini'll go through as a new user, then as a starting point and get familiar with what we already have15:13
jamesjordindefinitely! I've had trouble with understanding that15:13
zequenceFeel free to go your own way with things. I'm available most of the time when I'm awake, so feel free to ask me anything15:14
jamesjordinthanks zequence! I'm going to be off work for a couple of weeks when I can get stuck in15:16
smartboyhwClap Clap Clap15:16
smartboyhwWe got ourselves a new contributor!!15:16
zequencesmartboyhw: Monday will be my first day at "school", where I'll be studying to become a network technician.15:16
smartboyhwzequence, oh interesting15:16
* smartboyhw didn't realize it is 11:17 PM already:P15:17
smartboyhwscott-work, zequence I think I'm going to apply for membership soon, could you write testimonials for me (I'm sure zequence will tell me off)15:18
smartboyhwmaybe holstein and astraljava too?:P15:18
zequencesmartboyhw: I can do that, np15:19
smartboyhwzequence, go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/smartboyhw please, and add one at the bottom. Thx!15:20
smartboyhwMy page needs a lot of updates15:20
zequencejamesjordin: Happy to see a new name in here. Hope to see you around15:21
jamesjordinzequence - glad to be here, will try to make myself useful soon, smartboyhw - thanks for making me feel welcome too15:43
=== cyphermox_ is now known as cyphermox
astraljavazequence: Yeah, it's indeed a melting pot of many different styles. When I'm feeling pitch black, that's one of the very few things that appeal to me.19:51
astraljavaAt work, this is a highly reoccuring thing.19:51

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