say2joe1is there a way to swap out the desktop environment (appearance) while keeping all the same menu / app listings found in the default xfce DE? new to customizing DEs in linux.00:32
say2joe1For example, I'd like to use a nicer UI (like Unity) keep all the menu (app listings) settings found in std ubuntu install.00:33
len-1304say2joe1, Unity doesn't really have a menu.00:38
len-1304Or, to put it another way, it is user created to feature just the apps the user adds to the side panel00:39
say2joe1len, thanks.01:18
say2joe1i'd like to have some sort of menu with all the exact same app listings as i see in the default ubuntu studio xfdesktop… just have a different appearance… something a little fancier… i appreciate why xfce DE is used by U.S. but want the option to switch appearance without losing any apps listed in the menus between two desktops.01:20
holsteinsay2joe1: you dont have to do that01:32
holsteinsay2joe1: ubuntustduio *is* ubuntu01:32
holsteinubuntustudio uses a lot of common applications that are in most all distros repos01:32
holsteinyou can use whatever distro you want and add applications, or use whatever ubuntu version you want and add anything from our metapackages, or just the apps you want01:33
holsteinsay2joe1: its likely, you dont relaly want/need ubuntustudio at all01:33
holsteinsay2joe1: you can however install ubuntustudio, and change or add *any* desktop environment01:34
holsteinthen, you will be faced with how that environemnt allows you to launch apps01:34
holsteinmost will just work01:35
holsteini would go the other way though01:35
holsteini would get whatever main verion you like and just add the apps you want01:35
holsteinif you are just using audacity and a few other audio apps, you really dont need to bother installing ubuntustudio01:35
say2joe1i d/l'd studio on purpose for low-latency kernel when recording audio…. so, i'd say i have exactly what i want… just looking for easy "appearance" change.01:41
holsteinsay2joe1: the lowlatency kernel is in the repos01:41
holsteinsay2joe1: you can install kubuntu and add the lowlatency kernel to it01:41
holsteinsay2joe1: you likely dont need the lowlatency kernel either thouh01:42
holsteini suggest just getting started, and add the kernel if needed01:42
holsteinits not "magic", and if you have an internal sound card, that will be the biggest performance issue with your system01:42
say2joe1hmmm. the low-latency, high-audio priority kernel is important for what i want to do. and, have a distro with it included, equally so… i love this distro. a fancier desktop is the least of my concerns… i've already just tweaked some of the appearance settings for the xfce desktop env. which is fine.01:46
say2joe1in fact, i'm just as happy at the terminal as i am in the gui most of the time. but, don't use linux enough… trying to get to the point where i'm using it more often now.01:48
holsteinsay2joe1: i can help you determine if its important for what you do01:48
holsteinsay2joe1: what latency are you using JACK at now?01:48
holsteinsay2joe1: are you getting xruns?01:49
holsteinif you are not using JACK, and you are not doing realtime effects or software synthesisers, then you dont need lowlatency01:49
holsteinif you are using an internal sound card then that is going to be the biggest issue01:49
say2joe1i'm just getting back into it… haven't configured jack yet… but in form installations a year ago … had the latency tweaked.01:50
holsteinsay2joe1: enjoy it then01:50
say2joe1i understand about internal sound card issues.01:50
holsteinsay2joe1: just know that you *dont* need ubuntustudio to have our kernel01:50
say2joe1i want to be able to record and playback simultaneously. i play instruments.01:50
holsteinwe have it in the main repos, so you can just apt-get install it in any of them01:50
say2joe1oh! i understand i could get the kernel separate. but appreciate the packaging with ubuntu studio… exactly what i want.01:51
say2joe1… out of the box, so to speak.01:51
holsteinwe dont do any packaging either01:51
say2joe1the distro01:51
holsteinthe packages are in the repos01:51
holsteinXFCE is the distro01:51
say2joe1i meant packaging figuratively.01:51
holsteinif you dont want XFCE, you are missing most of what we are doing01:52
holsteinbut, do what you like01:52
holsteinand to answer your question.. sure01:52
say2joe1i very much appreciate the work put into making this a great audio recording distribution out-of-the-box is what i meant.01:52
holsteinyou can run whatever environment you want01:52
holsteinbut, you are on your own so to speack01:52
say2joe1i've already read about why xfce was chosen and absolutely agree with the thought put into it… its about usability but performance as a priority.01:53
holsteinif you add a ppa for razor-qt, and run that with our packages, then you are reponsible for seeing how things run and open with razor-qt01:53
holstein(for example)01:53
say2joe1… was just looking for options and opinions in this forum.01:53
holsteinoptions are endless01:53
holsteinopinions are just that01:54
holsteini say, run live CD's, decide for yourself01:54
holsteinyou can literally run whatever you want01:54
say2joe1hmmm. haven't read about razor-qt yet… still very new to customizing any linux distro.01:54
holsteinsay2joe1: razor-qt is just an example of something where you might see some breakage01:54
holsteinsay2joe1: i *have* testing our packages with razor-qt01:54
say2joe1i already installed ubuntu-desktop as an option. but, think i'll just stick with what i've done now with xfce.01:55
holsteinunity doesnt have a menu, as len-1304 says01:55
holsteinand i dont use a menu anymore anyways.. i just use kupfer01:55
say2joe1oh. yeah, not really interested in f*cking up what you guys have already put a lot of thought and time into… which is why i came here to get feedback before doing anything silly.01:55
say2joe1i guess i just still like menus… but times are a changing.01:56
holsteinmess up what you like, its your box.. im just saying, dont expect anyone here to be able to help you with what you were asking01:56
say2joe1i understand. thanks.01:56
holsteinyou are asking "will the stuff i have installed show up in a different environment"01:57
holsteinthe stuff from ubuntustudio01:57
holsteinthe answer is, there is nothing ubuntustudio apps are doing to prevent them from showing up01:58
holsteinthe de you are going to will be in charge of that at that point01:58
holsteinif its one of the big ones, you will have no problem01:58
holsteinuinty has no menu01:58
holsteinlxde will work fine, thought the grouping might be different01:59
holsteineven kde and gnome should work fine01:59
holsteinmost of the other smaller lighter ones leave the menu's up to the user01:59
len-1304The trend in computer systems is towards kiosk functionality. Very consumer oriented. In Studio we realize the what we are really doing is development of content and so the DE is focused more in that direction.02:00
holsteinmore of an old-school desktop layout02:01
holsteinits likely one will never use ubuntustuio on a tablet02:01
len-1304No :)02:01
holsteinif they do, then we will have to reconsider02:01
len-1304It is tough already on a netbook.02:01
holsteinardour on a netbook... challenging02:01
len-1304ardour has not been the worst one, Mixxx is just not usable.02:02
holsteini havent tried mixxs in a while02:03
len-1304Some of the synths use a lot of real estate too.02:03
holsteini should.. is it good for synth work?02:03
holsteini dont do a lot of that, but i should look at it for support reasons02:03
len-1304I prefer mixxx? It is a DJ thing.02:03
len-1304s/i prefer//02:04
holsteinoh , i see.. i though you were saying the synths in mixxx, and i was thinking of qtractor i think02:04
len-1304I prefer IDJC02:05
len-1304It is setup quite nice for internet radio streaming02:05
len-1304For a lot of development tasks (art included) two screens is pretty common now.02:06
len-1304My photographer friend was using two screens over ten years ago now02:07
studio-user938tengo problema con el ubuntustudio04:46
contrapunctusGuys? Can anyone tell me how one sets up a MIDI keyboard, along with it's knobs, pitch and mod wheel, and transport controls, to control qtractor and qsampler? I'm totally new to MIDI controllers and need to try them out with my laptop in the store later...please help.06:16
peepsalotwhat are some programs that i can use to emulate record scratch in realtime?  is there a common device protocol for a scratch device if i wanted to build my own?  can it be done over midi?06:43
holsteinpeepsalot: sure07:07
holsteini would just sample it07:08
holsteinor grab a sample, and trigger it/them via midi07:08
holsteini would ask in #opensourcemusicians for more07:08
holsteincontrapunctus: it really depends07:08
holsteincontrapunctus: its more about how you want the controls to be07:08
peepsaloti mean i want to be able to scratch/reverse/slow, etc any random sample that is playing07:08
holsteinsome apps like sooperlooper allow you to map easily by clicking or right clicking and hitting what you want to map07:09
holsteinpeepsalot: sure07:09
contrapunctusholstein: I meant, how do I assign, particularly with qtractor and qsampler.07:10
holsteincontrapunctus: i would ask in #opensourcemusicians or in the channels or forums specific to those applications07:10
holsteincontrapunctus: i dont use them, though when i have, i just map with JACK07:10
holsteinim sure there is an easier way07:11
holsteincontrapunctus: i dont use them, man07:11
holsteincontrapunctus: i dont use the applications.. i can dig around in the menus and find out how, but you could just ask someone in #opensourcemusicians07:11
contrapunctusNo probs, mane. Thanks ^^07:11
holsteinsomeone such as [lsd]07:12
holsteinor poke around in his totorials and see07:12
contrapunctusJust had a word with [lsd] in #OSM07:14
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david__anyone here?13:22
david__Guess not13:23
smartboyhwfamax8, Hi15:03
smartboyhwWelcome to Ubuntu Studio Official IRC Channel!15:03
famax8smartboyhw: hi :) i htoguht there was nobody - how are things?15:06
smartboyhwfamax8, hello15:07
smartboyhwBluesKaj, what poped you into this channel? I thought you were an Kubuntu guy:P15:07
famax8smartboyhw: so i need to know where to find tutorials for using the different programs in studio but fierst which is what? i got hydrogen for my basic beats and still playing around and try to find how to work on the core of teh beat itself such as deepr bass or better kickc and so on15:08
holsteinyou need to wait in this channel.. there is a small group of regular contributors such as smartboyhw , and one of us usually responds in a timely manner15:08
BluesKajsmartboyhw, I'm also curious about ubuntustudio for my HTPC , but would it be overkill for my needs ...suppose this OS is more audio based than all media based15:08
smartboyhwBluesKaj, we are trying to have more workflows now:P15:09
famax8then i would like to find a fruity loop or cubase likke - and would like to have a deeper topic on JACK that i need ot combine each program if i get it right15:09
holsteinBluesKaj: it is.. if you dont need JACK, and you are not making art, you dont need it15:09
smartboyhwfamax8, which release are you useing15:09
holsteinfamax8: i say, you would be better off having never used those other applications you mentioned15:09
holsteinfamax8: the most challenging part of my transition was migrating to ardour from cubase and learning JACK15:10
holsteinthat being said, i felt as if someone had dropped a seriously expensive, high-end piece of equipment into my studio, and all i did was swithc to linux15:11
famax8smartboyhw:  i use quezal 12.10 USt15:11
holsteinmigrating *ever* little tasks was a challenge though15:11
holsteineach plugin... etc15:11
BluesKajok , sampling looping is art ?15:11
famax8holstein:  why is this? they are good programs suiting my needs u recommend any other soft?15:11
smartboyhwfamax8, try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro/1204 (though for 12.04 version mainly)15:12
holsteinfamax8: "good" is a matter of opinion15:12
holsteinfamax8: there are pletny of options to do aything you want15:12
holsteini think its fair to say, just as with libreoffice, the biggest issue is, its not word15:12
famax8holstein:  yes and alloow me to have mine hence my little addition "they suit my needs"15:13
holsteinif you are looing for fuityloops, get fruityloops15:13
holsteinif you are looking for cubase, get cubase15:13
holsteinotherwise, there are litterally thousands of options15:13
holsteinthe one applicaions at the core is JACK15:14
famax8holstein: im not looking for these particulary but alike softs15:14
holsteinfamax8: sure, but what does "alike" mean?15:14
holsteinfamax8: there is no one looking at those and saying 'let me emulate that'15:14
holsteinfamax8: we have DAW's such as cubase15:15
holsteinardour is arguably the most well supported and popular15:15
famax8holstein: means program with similar features?15:15
holsteinfamax8: sure.. i'll let one of the other volunteers talk you through "alikes".. cheers15:15
famax8ardour works fine for me for what i do is even the best i found so far - was using jokosher but needed more tracks15:15
holsteinfamax8: ardour 3 will be released soon with midi integration15:16
holsteinqtractor is a big one15:16
holsteincheck out #opensourcemusicians15:16
famax8holstein:  yummyyy!! ^^15:16
famax8qtractor is to mix only no?15:16
holsteinyou can literally open the package manager ans search "audio"15:16
holsteinfamax8: mix?15:16
holsteinmix what? audio? midi?15:16
holsteinits a DAW with midi support15:17
famax8holstein:  qtractor is a traktor alike?15:17
holsteinfamax8: i dont know traktor15:17
holsteinthey might not either15:17
famax8define DAW?15:17
holsteindigital audio workstation is literally what DAW stands for15:17
famax8ah come on man dont be dull everyone knows traktor ^^15:17
holsteinthat can be difined many ways15:17
famax8ok so os a traktor alike15:17
holsteinfamax8: dull?.. i dont need to know traktor15:17
holsteintuples: i dont do a lot of midi.. i do "dull" acoustic recording15:18
holsteintuples: sorry... famax8 ^^15:18
famax8yes dont be uptight man ok you are a linux user and hate windows yet i beleive that you are not stuck in a cave are you?15:18
famax8holstein: :P :P :P15:18
holsteinfamax8: i dont hate windows, nor am i uptight.. but im sure one of the voluteers here or in #opensourcemusicisns can help you15:18
holsteinfamax8: i dont do midi, so i dont have experience with whatever 'trakktor" is15:19
famax8holstein:  thanks - now still anyone can exsplain me which program i cuold use to create a bassline?15:19
famax8and such15:19
holsteinfamax8: i grab a bass, and use ardour15:19
famax8and i use a dj console to mix but is under windows as i devlopped a vdj on it15:19
famax8oh right no softs for electro bass?15:20
holsteinyou can track a midi synth playing a bass line with the qwerty keyboard or a midi keyboard to ardour15:20
holsteinyou can use qtracoty15:20
holsteinyou can use yoshimi15:20
holsteinfamax8: there are 20 or so ways off the top of my head15:20
famax8qtractor seems to accept akai - nice15:20
holsteinyou can use hydrogen if you like/know that15:20
famax8but i want to create the whole bass electronically15:20
holsteinfamax8: JACK accepts "akai"15:20
famax8hydrogen will create only beats15:21
famax8jack i still dont get it15:21
holsteinfamax8: then you can "jack" the akia to whatever software you want15:21
holsteinfamax8: JAKC is the key15:21
holsteinfamax8: JACK is the core15:21
famax8is to combine all programs right?15:21
holsteinfamax8: assuming "akai" is a piece of hardware you own15:21
famax8i think is installed as well shall i start it everytime i compose?15:21
holsteinyou can "combine" anything to anythin15:21
famax8yes it is15:21
famax8so basically jack works as a reason15:21
holsteinfamax8: compose? you use JACK when you want JACK's funitonality15:22
famax8well u surely dont know waht it is lol15:22
holsteinfamax8: ?15:22
holsteinfamax8: you mean i dont know what reason is?15:22
holsteinfamax8: we dont support that here15:22
famax8and no i know15:22
holsteinfamax8: i, nor any of the voluteers here need to know that, if you can relax about it15:22
famax8i just mean it works the same way as in u plug everyting to jack15:22
holsteinfamax8:  sure, but jack supports *everything* it can15:23
famax8perfect i get it15:23
holsteinmeaning, there is no commercial entity dictating what softwrae or hardware can be connected15:23
famax8is the interface so now if i want to use hydrogen for a beat - yoshimi for a bassline and sooploop or whatever the name for sample i need to have them all on jack and it will work together right?15:23
famax8it keeps on asking me to update is that noraml?15:25
holsteinfamax8: work together, or you can record them as analog audio into ardour, or another daw, or track them as midi into qtractor or rose garden15:25
holsteinor anything else you want to do15:25
holsteinfamax8: update if you want.. i dont usually15:25
famax8ah i'll be crazy i will update ^^15:25
holsteinfamax8: you know the term "track"? as in to "record"15:25
famax8as in track yes create a track15:26
holsteinanyways... as the AVlinux dev says, AVlinux is more of an appliance, and shouldnt be upgraded15:26
famax8u must be dutch or german innit?15:26
holsteinfamax8: yeah? why is that?15:26
famax8my girlfriend say track too15:26
famax8she is german :)15:26
holsteinfamax8: how about this... "where are you from holstein ?" then, i can not assume you are thinking i must not be typing in my native language, or that you are working on an inappropriate racial stereotype15:28
holsteinof its that too uptight? anyways.. im in US.. north carolina15:28
famax8hahah no no is some expressions i work in communication environment i like to try to spot it that way15:29
holsteini find a most active and helpful community at #opensourcemusicians of folks who do more electronic stuff15:29
famax8no offense man15:29
holsteinhttp://wootangent.net/ for example from my friend [lsd]15:29
holsteinfamax8: there are also a few arpeggiators that folks like to use for basslines15:31
famax8im goofing with what u said at the moment - acoustic+ardour adn i will rework the signal in a modualtor afterwards15:31
al4nc4dshi guys15:31
al4nc4dshttp://i49.tinypic.com/255527c.jpg some suggestion in ubuntu studio?15:31
holsteinwith JACK, you can route that arpeggiator to any soft synth on the system, or any hardware synth via JACK supported midi/usb gear, or to any other machine running a commercial os with soft synths you want15:32
holstein!info musescore15:32
ubottumusescore (source: musescore): Full featured WYSIWYG score editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2+dfsg-1 (quantal), package size 2624 kB, installed size 6407 kB15:32
holsteinal4nc4ds: musescore is a nice one15:33
holsteinhttp://www.noteflight.com/login too al4nc4ds15:33
famax8whic room is it for the musiscna?15:34
holsteinal4nc4ds: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=454 http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=115315:35
holsteinfinale notepad is free, and should work in wine15:35
holsteinal4nc4ds: also, keep in mind, there is nothing about linux/ubuntu/ubuntustudio preventing finale from being written for it15:36
holsteinmusescore is great and well supported.. clean, and simple.. though it does do notation as finale, it is nothing like finale15:39
holsteinit is not tring to emulate finale either.. as a finale user, it was quite challenging migrating to musescore15:40
famax8jack can be found where? cant seem to find it yet it was there on live cd :?15:40
holsteinthats why i am cautious or "uptight" about the "whats like finale?" questions15:40
holsteinfamax8: if you removed something, it could have been connected to it and gotter removed15:41
holsteinfamax8: open a terminal or hit alt+F2 and type "qjackctl"15:41
holsteinif nothing is there, you'll need to install it15:41
holsteinqjackctl is a GUI for controlling/starting JACK15:41
famax8its there15:42
famax8but cant find it in the programs lists?15:42
holsteini dont know what you have done to your menu, but i find "qjackctl" in the menu15:42
famax8where exactly? i found some jacks dev but not the same that u just toldm e to open which is the main one15:43
holsteinfamax8: i usually suggest trying the live CD and cliking on everything15:45
famax8ah ok is called jacl audio connection15:45
famax8wtf did i do??15:45
holsteinsee what does what in a safe environment15:45
famax8u think the update would have done that?15:45
holsteindone what?15:45
famax8change the name?15:45
famax8or is me?15:46
holsteinthats fine...15:46
famax8anyways found it then form this i go into set up and plug the applications right?15:46
holsteinfamax8: you'll need to start jack15:46
holsteinits not trivial, and it depends on your hardware15:46
famax8holstein: done opens and runs fine15:46
holsteinpretty much, you hit the startbuttom, and strat troubleshooting errors15:46
holsteinin the "connect" button is where you fine the connections15:47
holsteinthere are prettier frontends that folks can tell you about in #opensourcemusicians ..i just use the oldschool JACK one15:47
holsteinthere are plenty of session managers though15:47
famax8ok now off to the other room for more electro  and how to rework acoustics tracking15:49
joZCoHi All!23:36

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