mangomanHowdy again. So I changed the location of my pidfile in my jobfile, but whenever I try to run it , it's still trying to write to the old location, as though upstart hasn't recognized that the file has changed. What up with that?00:49
mangomannevermind, I'm an idiot01:16
xnoxmangoman: I don't think you are an idiot. We are glad to provide forum for you to think out loud and come up with a solution! =))))01:18
munderwo-workHi all. I have a process that is being handled by upstart. I've got it handling SIGTERM signals, and I understand that this is what upstart emits when doing a stop <service>.the problem is that upstart doesnt seem to be waiting for my process to handle the signal and shutdown gracefully. Is there an extra timeout that I need to give upstart to make it wait longer?01:39
munderwo-workor am I misunderstanding what SIGTERM is supposed to do?01:39
mangomanSo now my job is hanging whenever I try to interact with it03:21
mangomanwhen I start it, It doesn't say anything, jsut gives me a blank line and I have to ctrl+C it03:22
mangomanbut apparently it's not actually stopped, so I do `stop job` and it also hangs in the same way03:22
mangomanif I use `initctl` on it before i stop it, that also hangs03:23
mangomanand the script is fine because if I copy the exact script to a different name and run that, it works perfectly03:23
mangomanis there a cache of some sort that I can clear out?03:23
mangomanalso when it does that hanging stuff it doesn't record anything to the upstart log03:27
xnoxstgraber: i think jodh is deep in coding =))))15:42
stgraberjibel: :)15:44
stgraberoops, just meant ":)"15:44
jodhstgraber/xnox: indeed - apologies - only just finished.20:26

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