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Jason__anybody here?00:38
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:38
Jason__anyone know why i can't install flash?00:40
Jason__once i've downloaded it on xubuntu 12.1000:40
Jason__i did " sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/00:40
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Ronalds_Mcan I change font color of text in panel17:49
ochosionly by modifying your gtk-theme17:49
Ronalds_Mif panel is in alpha color17:49
Ronalds_Mwell how can I have ambiance working on xubuntu17:50
ochosisry, g2g17:50
filantropusneed help, pls.19:47
holsteinfilantropus: sure, just ask and one of the volunteers will help19:48
frustratedtechAnyone having issues with bluetooth on 12.10?19:52
Cheri703my keyboard works fine, my headset hates the world, but it was like that in vanilla ubuntu on 12.04 and 12.1019:55
Cheri703*bluetooth on both of those btw19:55
Cheri703Anyone have thoughts on this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192168719:55
frustratedtechseems i cannot use a bluetooth connection.19:58
frustratedtechmainly trying to connect my iphone5 to bluetooth.19:58
Unit193Cheri703: I'd check with GridCube when he comes around, but he may not know.  Would it be an option to autohide it?20:13
Cheri703I tried that, but it is REALLY hard to hit the right spot to make it pop out when you're balancing between two screens20:13
Cheri703Also, for the way I'm wanting to lay things out, non-hidden would work best20:13
Cheri703also: a thanks to whoever included the ZOMG Ponies! Theme for notifications. I have EVERYTHING on a dark background/light text theme now (including chrome and quassel), and the GIANT pink with yellow comic sans notifications are kind of perfect so I don't miss things. :) It is a bit startling to have an email notification take up a quarter of the screen, but that's probably good. :D20:19
TheSheepCheri703: plus the comic sans font, just perfect20:20
TheSheepyou can easily make your own, you know20:21
Cheri703I am like "do de do de do worky work work OMGWTF?!?!" "oh...an email"20:21
Cheri703eh, this works :)20:21
Cheri703I downloaded a theme from xfce-look20:21
TheSheeppersonally I like the policy of checking the e-mail twice a day20:21
TheSheepat 10 am and at 1520:22
Cheri703that + hacker vision extension for chrome, dark theme for quassel, happy eyes :D20:22
Cheri703I work from home doing support, so I am always connected20:22
frustratedtechim a support guy too :D20:24
Cheri703I'm more on the customer support side than the technical support (at least at this job) :)20:25
Cheri703I do a bunch of other stuff too20:25
frustratedtechI do server support.  So gotta deal with clients more often than I please :D20:26
Cheri703rebooting to see if I can get autokey working again, back in a bit.20:26
Cheri703ok back20:30
toxicsgzXubuntu 12.04 with new netbook after two days of frustration with windoze. Whoohooo! :)20:42
toxicsgz1GB Ram, will check how much mobo will support but how much Ram will xubuntu support?20:43
toxicsgzNot really helpful?20:46
MoL0ToVi have the display brightness that don't work with fn key in xubuntu20:47
toraxin theory 64 bit OS can support 16EB of memory20:47
MoL0ToVhowto fix?20:47
MoL0ToVthe audio volume works instead20:47
holsteintoxicsgz: more than a netbook will support20:47
MoL0ToVor other things20:47
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info20:47
MoL0ToVbut brightness no20:47
toxicsgzOK torax thx, I doubt a netbook mobo will support nearly that so I am in the clear :)20:47
holstein^^ and thats just for more than 3gb's on 32bit systems toxicsgz20:48
Cheri703For some reason after a reboot, the application icons aren't showing up on my panel20:48
toxicsgzYep as i thought thx all, wn't put more than 2 in anyway.20:48
Cheri703even if I change themes20:48
holsteinCheri703: i would test as a new user to remove your config from the equation20:49
Cheri703(I just installed xubuntu yesterday, so I'm still playing with it)20:49
holsteintoxicsgz: you likely cant20:49
Cheri703good call20:49
Cheri703hrm, if I change theme and log out and back in, they're back20:51
toxicsgzWill play fr a week or two but interested to know if users install xubuntu on mid to high end desktops. RUnning linux mint 13 currently but liking xubuntu a lot in to days.20:52
drctoxicsgz: More than you can afford :)  According to AskUbuntu: A LOT! (Actually 2^64) but because of hardware limits and real world computers the limit is around 1TB ( 1024GB RAM)20:52
holsteintoxicsgz: xubuntu is freely available to anyone, and its a good match with most any system, so its used really anywhere20:53
toxicsgz:) I think 2 GB will suffice for my netbook purposes.20:53
toxicsgzHmm! Might consider this for my desktop also :)20:53
Siilencetoxicsgz: I ran 2gb ram on my main workstation with xubuntu.20:53
SiilenceI simply had no need to upgrade.20:53
SiilenceBecause it was blazingly fast.20:54
SiilenceLinux devs are weird that way.20:54
toxicsgzSome things hang with just 1GB so two is a must.20:54
SiilenceThey dont assume resources are endless and that there is no need to make everything as bloated as possible.20:54
SiilenceIt used to be that good code used as little as possible.20:55
holsteini use both.. i wouldnt say "a must" but its nice20:55
holsteindepends on what you are doing.. my netbook with 2gb's rarely needs/ uses 1gb20:55
toxicsgzHD video hANGS A BIT20:56
holsteini doubt the ram will help with that20:56
holsteinram doesnt make the system any faster20:56
toxicsgzhMM! YOU MAY BE RIGHT THERE20:57
toxicsgzsorry caps20:57
toxicsgzI mean HD stream20:57
toxicsgzbut same I guess20:57
Unit193holstein: Can if it's swapping out like crazy. ;)  (Mine does that, had to try a couple things to make it work better)20:57
toxicsgzI think the CPU struggles more than the Ram20:58
holsteinsure, but i doubt thats the case when playing a vid20:58
SiilenceUsing all the ram isnt necessarily bad.20:58
holsteinbut, you can test.. and try for youself toxicsgz20:58
SiilenceIt depends what it's doing with it.20:58
SiilenceRAM is meant to be used.20:58
Nothing_MuchHello, I'm having trouble with Firefox 19 opening Thunar Preferences instead of Thunar20:58
SiilenceSwapping sucks, though.20:58
SiilenceUnless you have ssd in which case it wont matter much, usually.20:58
toxicsgzWell thx for the input, new xubuntu user very happy :)20:59
SiilenceBut tweak to noswap, but then it might just freeze ;)20:59
toxicsgzAh! I like th SSD idea :)20:59
Siilence(so dont do that)20:59
Nothing_MuchSo uh.. my preferred applications are set to Thunar, but it opens the preferences for some reason.21:04
holsteinNothing_Much: it?21:07
Cheri703Anyone familiar with poking around in theme settings to try to figure out why my the window button icons vanished?21:08
Cheri703Or anyone have a deviant art account they'd be willing to use to post a comment and ask about it? (I don't really want to create one >_<)21:09
holsteinCheri703: i just use well supported themes, that just work21:09
Cheri703well, yeah21:10
Cheri703but this one is PERFECT other than the icons not showing up :s21:10
holsteinyou can always just borrow the elements and/or ideas and make your own21:10
holsteinCheri703: i would say that is not perfect then21:10
holsteinlots of changes with gtk going on... hard to tell21:10
Cheri703yeah, I might try modifying one that came with xubuntu21:11
Unit193The shimmer themes will be the most compatible, Albatross is pretty good as is Blackbird for darker themes.21:13
Cheri703this is...DARK. http://sixsixfive.deviantart.com/art/ACID-280889262 not just outlines dark, everything dark21:24
Cheri703my eyes are much happier with this + hacker vision extension in chrome21:24
koegsi like this one a lot: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/beautiful-mediterraneannight-gtk-36.html21:28
Cheri703ooo, I will try it, thanks :)21:28
Cheri703not *quite* as dark, but still good! and my icons are back! Thanks koegs!21:33
MoL0ToVbrightness control dont work on my xubuntu on my notebook someone can help me?22:05
holsteinMoL0ToV: on the keyboard, correct?22:19
holsteini would look into graphics drivers.. i would ask yourself just how important this is.. i would try live CD's and see if something "just works" and see what is making it work22:20
MoL0ToVif i add the applet on the panel that control the bightness i can change it22:23
MoL0ToVbut not via function keys22:23
MoL0ToVfn+f5 fn+f622:23
Cheri703all I need to do now is get the panels functioning properly on the edges between my monitors and I will be a happy camper :)22:27
Cheri703MoL0ToV: do those keys do other things? like are they not matching up with the assigned shortcut that's printed on the keyboard?22:28
MoL0ToVis all ok but brightness22:29
Cheri703what model of notebook?22:29
holsteinMoL0ToV: well, its not the brightness then, its the function keys on your keyboard22:30
holsteinMoL0ToV: brightness is fine, and you *can* control it22:31
holsteinMoL0ToV: i would search by the model # of your maching and see if anyone has the function keys working22:31
heliocentriquehey guys, is Xubuntu as easy to use as Ubuntu or more complicated like Lubuntu ?22:32
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/233312/how-to-make-keyboard-backlight-fn-buttons-work-in-samsung-series-9 might be helpful too22:32
holsteinheliocentrique: i dont find lubuntu more complicated22:32
holsteinheliocentrique: complicated can be a matter of opinion22:32
koegsheliocentrique: if you come from gnome2, you will find it easy to use xubuntu22:32
holsteinheliocentrique: fire it up live and see if it meets your needs22:32
holsteinheliocentrique: if you are looking for main ubuntu/unity, then just use it22:33
heliocentriqueholstein:  the package manager on Lubuntu is more complicated than Software Center IMO, Ubuntu lags too much on my netbook and I need a very user-friendly OS (like OSX or Windows)22:34
heliocentriqueI tried Lubuntu in the past and it seems uncompleted, so I was looking at Xubuntu. I have limited data that's why I ask before downloading22:34
holsteinheliocentrique: lubuntu *is* ubuntu, so you can install and use the package manager of your choice, same as with xubuntu22:35
Cheri703heliocentrique: I just switched to xubuntu yesterday. I really like it. I've been using regular ubuntu for a while, and it was fine, but xubuntu seems way more customizable22:36
Cheri703and all of my normal stuff runs fine.22:36
MoL0ToVholstein, is a asus k56c22:36
holsteinMoL0ToV: thats how i would search then... asus k56c ubuntu function keys.. also, i might just not bother since you can adjust the brightness, and i find that if that is going to be easy, its working out of the box22:37
MoL0ToValso the touchpad is bad22:38
MoL0ToVthere are a touchpad that goeas also over the 2 buttons..22:38
MoL0ToVso when you click, ch pointer moves and you click out of the place..22:39
holsteinbad?.. if the hardware is bad, linux wont fix it22:39
holsteinyou can try other drivers.. i usually test with live CD's.. its an easy way to use other kernels temporarily and test hardware support22:39
MoL0ToVok thx22:40
Cheri703holstein, were you in here earlier when I posted a link to the issue I'm having with panels?22:41
holsteinCheri703: the issue with the theme, i thought22:43
Cheri703that was one issue, I have another :)22:50
holsteini just use one panel22:54
holsteinyou can do whatever you like im sure.. i would look into maybe just running a different panel22:54
holsteinmaybe tint222:54
holsteinmaybe that would be worse.. not sure22:54
Cheri703I don't know if it's a bug or just some setting a dev could change22:54
Cheri703it's something about the middle being treated as floating22:54
GridCubewhats the problem Cheri703 ?22:55
holsteinCheri703: its more of a "feature" :) ..but you can get what you want, im just not sure how22:55
holsteinGridCube: bascially seperate panels per screen on dual head22:55
Cheri703basically: vertical panels along the inner edge between two monitors are treated as floating vs edge22:55
Cheri703so when I maximize they go under instead of butting up against it22:55
Cheri703and that is the opposite of what I want22:56
holsteinoh.. maybe im mis-understanding22:56
Cheri703separate panels are possible22:56
holsteinyou want the panels to be over the windows?22:56
GridCubeCheri703, how its your set up¿?22:56
holsteinmaximisedwindows going under makes the panels going over22:56
Cheri703basically, if I put a panel on the outer edges, when I maximize the window, it doesn't go under it, it goes up against the edge. if I put them on the inner edges, the window goes under it and there's no way for it to be treated as solid22:57
Cheri703GridCube: I have two 24" monitors22:57
Cheri703I'm running xfce 4.1222:57
holsteinCheri703: its going to be all about the nomencature for your search queries22:57
Cheri703yeah, I spent some time looking last night22:58
Cheri703the settings for an "outer" panel and an "inner" panel will be identical, but it still treats the "inner" panels like they're floating instead of edge22:59
GridCubeare you sure they are touching the "center"22:59
holsteinsure, but me nor google will understand what you mean by outer and inner22:59
Cheri703yeah GridCube22:59
Cheri703holstein: I was looking for all sorts of stuff about edge panels and multi-monitors22:59
holsteinim not sure that the dual head matters23:00
Cheri703it does23:00
Cheri703edge panels work fine23:00
Cheri703as expected23:00
holsteini would take that out of the equation and try on one screen23:00
GridCubemy set up is different so i cant help you, sorry, i use a combination of vga/hdmi and it has its oddieties23:00
Cheri703it is only the edges in between them23:00
Cheri703they work fine holstein23:00
holsteinCheri703: then just do it the same23:00
Cheri703GridCube: right now I'm vga/dvi, next week I'll be dvi/hdmi23:00
Cheri703holstein: I did! I set them up identically and it still behaves this way23:00
Cheri703I spent a few hours poking at it last night23:01
GridCubeim my case, you can only have different panels and each monitor is treated a whole different screen23:01
GridCubebut the pointer can move around both23:01
Cheri703hmm...mine is set up in displays as "x monitor is to the left of y monitor" and "y monitor is to the right of x monitor" so xubuntu is recognizing them as two separate monitors23:02
holsteinCheri703: i would take screen shots or whatever would help describe "this way"23:02
Cheri703basically "make a floating panel, see how it behaves when you maximize a window" "make an edge panel, see how it behaves when you maximize a window" "when the panel is on the edge between two monitors it behaves like a floating panel instead of an edge panel" the end.23:03
Cheri703I can do screenshots if necessary23:03
holsteinCheri703: that is the difference though, i thought23:06
holsteinCheri703: if you move them, they change.. that should be the case on one monitor23:06
Cheri703each monitor has 4 edges23:06
Cheri703even when set up as a dual monitor setup23:06
holsteinbut, i would have to set this up first hand, and i can.. and will.. but i cant now23:06
Cheri703so as a dual-monitor thing, I should have 8 edges to use as edge panels23:06
Cheri703I have 423:06
Cheri703I want 823:06
Cheri703because I want the left edge of the right monitor and the right edge of the left monitor to be places I can mount a launcher panel23:07
frustratedtechah, your using an expanded desktop between both monitors right now23:07
Cheri703and have them behave as edge panels with regard to maximized windows23:07
Cheri703not mirrored23:07
Cheri703so...I guess?23:07
Cheri703but I still want panels23:08
frustratedtechso you have 2 panels now and want to add more?23:10
GridCubeas said you can have panels for each just add new ones and send them to the proper screen23:10
Cheri703I have one right now, I'd like to have a total of two, one on each monitor on the inner edges between them23:10
Cheri703creating them is NOT the issue23:10
Cheri703their behavior is the issue23:11
Cheri703I can make 80 panels if I want23:11
Cheri703I get that23:11
Cheri703ok, screenshot time, hang on a few minutes23:11
GridCubebut wait, wait wait, im being confused right now... what version of xfce are you using?23:11
Cheri703so I could have the monitors non-mirrored23:11
holsteinthe problem is not with the panels.. nor with anything23:12
GridCubebut thats not the official version for xubuntu bro23:12
holsteinyou want the inner edges to be "edges"23:12
holsteinand they are not23:12
* frustratedtech seems i can mount a panel on the inner edge23:12
Cheri703frustratedtech: yeah, they can be there23:13
Cheri703now maximize a window23:13
GridCubei have them on the inner edge aswel, im using 4.1023:13
Cheri703the window goes under23:13
Cheri703I can uninstall 4.12, but my understanding was that it wouldn't support the dual monitors without it23:13
holsteinCheri703: i have one of those on my xfce rig.. and it works fine23:13
holsteinits not in the inside edge23:13
Cheri703holstein: is it on the outside edge?23:14
holsteinCheri703: i have dual head on the stock23:14
holsteinCheri703: correct23:14
GridCubeif the panel its unticked on "reserve space on the borders" it will be floatin23:14
holsteinits on the outside edge, and i have ^^ that setting23:14
frustratedtechI see23:14
Cheri703GridCube: it acts the same both ways23:14
Cheri703I tried it23:14
GridCubeits not the case here23:14
Cheri703frustratedtech: do you see what I'm saying?23:14
Cheri703alright, let me uninstall 4.1223:14
holsteinyeah, could be your version23:14
frustratedtechyes, the window is below the panel23:15
frustratedtechthats wonderful lol  i like it23:15
Cheri703IT IS SO ANNOYING!23:15
frustratedtechyea, so panel can be on one screen and maximize under but when you max on the other screen with no added panel it has blank space23:17
frustratedtechseems that you found a bug23:19
Cheri703are you running 4.12 or 4.10?23:19
Cheri703frustratedtech: ^^23:19
Unit1934.12 isn't out yet, not even preview 1 is.23:19
frustratedtechI'm on 4.1023:19
* Cheri703 is running 4.1223:20
frustratedtechSo I see the same thing as you23:20
Cheri703so if it's doing the same behavior it's not the fault of 4.1223:20
Cheri703so then I might not bother trying to revert23:20
Cheri703because I have no idea how to do that without killing something :)23:20
Unit193Cheri703: If you need to revert, ppa-purge is a very handy tool!  (Maybe not for this, but others)23:21
frustratedtechyea, i'd say its just a bug with xfce4-panel23:21
frustratedtechCan you take a screen shot and file a report?23:21
Cheri703Unit193: I know nothing about that, I will google23:21
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:22
frustratedtechif you click always on top for that window, it will go OVER the panel23:24
frustratedtechbut same issue on other monitor with the blank space23:24
Cheri703sooo...I might break something with this, so if I disappear, that's why23:25
Cheri703doing ppa-purge23:25
Cheri703I figure if I'm going to file a bug, I'll do it against the current version23:26
frustratedtechyes, it would be optimal23:26
frustratedtechfrig.  now I got it so it wont do the space on the other monitor23:28
frustratedtechyet, it will still be above the expanded window23:29
Cheri703Yep, that for sure broke something23:32
Cheri703I'm on laptop now23:32
Cheri703trying to recover desktop >_<23:32
frustratedtechtry this23:34
frustratedtechsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop23:34
Cheri703I did. it said "unmet dependencies" "recommend x program but not installed" and then stopped23:35
Cheri703something about held broken packages or something?23:36
Cheri703I'm trying to "repair broken packages" but my other thought is to install the 4.10 ppa and see if that sorts things out23:36
Cheri703once I give up on this23:36
Cheri703for the record, this is why I installed 4.12 in the first place: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-in-xubuntu.html23:55
Unit193http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/ Number 5.23:57
Cheri703yeah, but I wanted it natively, which 4.12 does23:58
Cheri703and apparently the same issue arises anyway! as far as panels23:58
Cheri703because if I'm telling it via arandr that it's one big screen, then I can understand it thinking it's a floating panel, if it's built in to xfce 4.12 that it is recognizing and treating as separate, then it should do what I want23:59
Cheri703so maybe I'll just go back to 4.12 and file the bug there23:59

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