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Minschello *.*00:26
KJ_agent007hi minsc00:27
Minsci'm not sure how to configure my nvidia card with 2 monitors, should i use nvidia-settings or the monitor configuration in systemcontrol?00:29
mandoguitMinsc:  I use the nVidia Server Settings -> X Server Display configuration00:35
KJ_agent007what version of kubuntu are you using, mandog?00:42
KJ_agent007it seems to be a common problem when upgrading kubuntu 12.04 to 12.1000:45
mandoguitfwiw.... just did that upgrade yesterday and my original monitor settings were honored (laptop and desktop monitor)    Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA G96 [GeForce 9600M GT] X.Org: 1.13.0 driver: nvidia Resolution: 1280x1024@60.0hz, 1440x900@59.9hz00:49
mandoguit           GLX Renderer: GeForce 9600M GT/PCIe/SSE2 GLX Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 304.43      maybe newer cards are more prone to buglets?00:49
KJ_agent007possible but you might try backing things up and doing a clean 12.10 install00:50
KJ_agent007the upgrades sometimes break packages00:50
KJ_agent007in my case the muon package manager crapped out00:51
mandoguitKJ_agent007:    I am not the one having problems....as stated my upgrade went fine00:51
mandoguitin fact it really suprised me with the ease of doing it.,    the only thing that really suprised me was the total amount of files (over 1 gigs worth) that had to be downloaded but from what I have seen/experienced so far it was worth it :)00:53
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logicistgreetings and salutations.01:09
KJ_agent007hi logi01:14
MichaelPwhat is the best site for plymouth boot screens ?01:45
MichaelPWhats a good site with good plymouth boot screens ?01:58
MichaelPEveryone sleeping02:06
logicisthow can i upgrade to kernel 3.8?02:15
logicistfrom 3.502:15
logicistmust i compile it myself?02:15
yofelthere are unsupported mainline deb packages on http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/02:16
yofelyou need the ones for your architecture and the "all" one.02:16
MichaelPWhere is a good web site with plymouth boot screens ?02:23
BluesKajMichaelP, try www.kubuntu.org02:25
shadeslayerI don't think kubuntu.org has plymouth boot screens02:27
shadeslayerbut if you just google for them, you can find many of them02:27
BluesKajmaybe it'll have a link02:28
MichaelPBluesKaj, only a few on there.. And they suck02:29
BluesKajwell, linux teaches us patience after a while ...plymouth doesn't appear for very long anyway ..maybe in the near future a less dull and dreary plymouth will be created02:31
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MichaelPI'll just stick with the one i got.. Cause i don't think you going to get anything better...    http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/linux+is+sexy+plymouth-splash?content=13921602:35
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logicistanyone have a Intel Wireless-N 6150 + WiMAX card?02:49
logicisti'm not getting any errors, it just won't connect. keeps asking for the password after a few minutes of lingering.02:49
* shadeslayer wants to get rid of the whole "Boot splash" paradigm02:50
logicistyet, with Intel PRO 4965, i'm here02:50
shadeslayeriirc the 4965 is a really old and really well supported card02:51
shadeslayerI think my XPS M1530 has that :D02:51
shadeslayercorrection, my now dead XPS M153002:52
BluesKajwell, getting close to bedtime for old guys ...later folks02:53
shadeslayerlogicist: have you tried googling your wireless chipset number + ubuntu?02:55
mandoguitmaybe make sure both are using same security protocols   wpa, wpa2 etc02:55
shadeslayermandoguit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/87614702:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 876147 in linux (Ubuntu) "Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 (rev 67) not working after upgrade to 11.10" [High,Triaged]02:55
shadeslayerlogicist: ^02:55
logicisti tried that02:56
logicistyes, thank you.02:56
shadeslayerokay, people say comment 16 makes the wifi worl02:56
shadeslayer2 channels where you might be able to find support, #linux-wireless and #ubuntu-kernel02:57
logicistthank you so much02:58
shadeslayerhttp://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/iwlwifi says the 6150 should be supported02:59
logicistit worked03:06
logicistthanks alot03:06
logicisti had tried that command before03:06
logicistsudo modprobe -r iwlagn03:07
logicistsudo modprobe iwlagn bt_coex_active=003:07
logicistbut it wasn't exactly the same last time, it WORKED this time03:07
logicistyou guys are great!03:07
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thecaptain2000hi, I have two system at home and I need to remotely administer one from the other. I am experiencing VERY slow ssh -X performances (I am on a locla lan). this has taken place since when I updated teh os version of the remote machine. any idea? let's say it takes half a minute to open kate menu, like if I were on an analogue modem connection07:18
thecaptain2000hi, I have two system at home and I need to remotely administer one from the other. I am experiencing VERY slow ssh -X performances (I am on a locla lan). this has taken place since when I updated teh os version of the remote machine. any idea? let's say it takes half a minute to open kate menu, like if I were on an analogue modem connection07:18
Notimikhi, is it possible to add some startup parameters for a program that is started from the kpanel menu?08:42
Notimikor kickoff rather08:42
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przemekhello Dears does anyone know what that raid 3ware 9750 log errors output means? http://pastebin.com/Sx0zqi8A09:10
ovidiu-florinhello world09:21
ovidiu-florinGood morning09:21
ovidiu-florinI hoego, how do I remoe the startup song from plying?09:25
ovidiu-florini forgot*09:25
ovidiu-florinoh, my brain does not work tis morning.. still can't see the keyboard09:25
shadeslayerI'll wait for a more coherent question :)09:27
ovidiu-florinwait 5 minutes..09:28
shadeslayerjust highlight me though09:28
shadeslayerquassel usually gets hidden behind works stuff09:28
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: how can I stop the startup melody from playing?09:29
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: I forgot where's the setting09:29
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: system settings > notifications?09:30
shadeslayeror just run : kcmshell4 kcmnotify : in krunner09:30
ovidiu-florinyeah, searching for it...09:30
shadeslayer"Application and System Notifications"09:31
shadeslayerunder "KDE Workspace"09:32
ovidiu-floringot it09:32
ovidiu-florinthabk you09:32
ovidiu-florinthank you09:32
shadeslayernp :)09:32
mah454I enabled xdmcp in lightdm09:40
mah454after restart lightdm , I want to test this server and use this command : Xephyr -query :109:41
mah454but only show black screen !09:41
mah454How can debug it ?09:41
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jjeronimopff list my s/pdif audio output capability :(10:47
jjeronimoit happened after using a bluetooth audio device10:48
jjeronimoAudio output failed:10:49
jjeronimoThe audio device "iec958:AES0=0x2,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2" could not be used:10:49
jjeronimoNo such file or directory.10:49
jjeronimoI'm using kubuntu but I can't get my s/pdif working, it used to work on ALSA, but I dind't use it in a while, stopped working because I added a bluetooth audio device?11:17
jjeronimois s/pdif supposed to work or is the support here in it's early stages?11:17
jjeronimoI would pay to improve the s/pdif support :)11:25
jjeronimoto give back to the community :)11:26
Peace-jjeronimo: mmm could you remove the bluetooth ?11:39
Peace-reboot and see if it works ?11:39
jjeronimotried that11:40
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n8whey guys12:59
n8wi need to make a full backup of my deb system(including partitons etc). what app would u recommand me?12:59
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mfkzt_n8w: almost 300 people and no answer... what's going on?13:21
yofelit's weekend13:22
n8wyofel: :)13:23
yofeln8w: if you have enough place for a full HDD image dd would work best I guess. (running from a live disk as the hdd mustn't be in use)13:23
n8wyofel: ye dd seems to b a way...besides, its already installed in the system, so np:)13:24
yofelwell, you can't dd the system you're currently using, there's other applications for that, but then you'll usually just backup the files, not the filesystem and partition table13:25
yofeldd is there by default though, right13:25
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BluesKajHowdy folks14:06
monkeyjuicemorning BluesKaj14:08
mangoixkubuntu better then ubuntu?14:09
mangoixi like the graphic more on kubuntu14:09
mangoixkubuntu menu its more like windows "easy" to use14:10
BluesKajhey monkeyjuice14:11
BluesKajit's all amatter of taste , but KDE is known for it's many theme-able options14:13
lordievaderWeet je toevallig welke drive dat is Ch0 M., degene met windows erop?14:15
BluesKajwhoops ? ..you mean oops , lordievader ...whoops is a kind of celebration14:20
lordievaderIs it? Hmm, always though they were synonyms...14:20
lordievader*errm, oops*14:20
lordievaderGood to know :)14:23
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thechefI have Ubuntu One installed, any it keeps asking the key ring password..16:02
thechefHow can I prevent it from asking?16:03
thechefwithout disabling Ubuntu One of course16:03
qwhello all16:14
qwhelp me please16:15
qwhelp me install opera web-brouser16:15
doctorpepperhi guys!16:16
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doctorpeppercan anyone please help me ,  i have an issue with akonadi .  when i  start a kde session  akonadi services  do not  start automatically with the session16:17
apacheloggerdoctorpepper: akonadi is started on demand16:24
apacheloggerso you'd want to create early demand, such as turn on events in the plasma clock or (if available) activate the contacts plugin in krunner16:25
lordievaderqw: http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/841/16:26
doctorpepperapachelogger:  i have  a plasmoid that requires akonadi  plasma-mail-checker16:27
qwthank you16:27
apacheloggerdoctorpepper: ohm, if it is using akonadi properly it should start akonadi16:27
apachelogger#akonadi is the better place to seek help though :)16:28
doctorpepperok thanks16:28
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qwhelp me install plugins for Opera16:42
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Guest17892i cant start my computer16:57
Guest17892i got error file not found grub rescue>16:57
Guest17892im in a live machine... ive was trying to do something like reinstalling grub2, or updating grub.... but nothing16:58
disharmonicguys is there a gui tool to see the disk usage of folders?17:11
invariantdisharmonic, baobab17:25
disharmonicinvariant, cheers17:26
qwhelp me please install flash player17:28
disharmonic!flash | qw17:29
ubottuqw: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:29
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ProgersWhere am i)17:58
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qwhelp me please open game "spider" from Windows in WINE18:23
monkeyjuicespider solitar?18:37
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Progerseveryone here is on Kubuntu?18:56
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invariantProgers, they could also be bots.19:25
invariantProgers, or fake IRC accounts to give the impression that there are more users.19:26
ProgersAnd why they want to be more users?19:26
invariantProgers, if you want to know, collect the logs and see whether it's credible that they are all human :)19:26
invariantProgers, ask Microsoft.19:26
invariantProgers, everyone wants to be "popular".19:27
ProgersYou are on Kubuntu?19:27
invariantProgers, yes19:27
invariantProgers, and a bunch of other systems.19:27
Progerswhere are you from?19:27
invariantProgers, from Earth.19:27
ProgersWhat country19:27
invariantProgers, Kubuntu can be configured to be useful.19:27
invariantProgers, that's all you need to know.19:28
invariantProgers, it's not perfect.19:28
invariantProgers, it's good enough for virtually all purposes, I'd say.19:28
ProgersYou are so fast in typing)19:28
ProgersSorry for bad English,I am from Russia19:29
invariantProgers, there are people who do 140wpm.19:29
invariantProgers, world record is 216wpm. I do much less.19:29
Progersinvariant,You know any programming language?19:30
invariantProgers, why do you ask?19:31
ProgersJust want to know)19:32
invariantProgers, then the answer is yes.19:32
ProgersYou type Progers every time Manualy?19:32
invariantProgers, no19:32
invariantProgers, I type tab P<tab>19:32
invariantProgers, are you on Windows?19:33
invariantProgers, pretty much every well known IRC client allows tab completion for nicks19:33
ProgersFirst i have installed win7 removed it after hour then installed win 2000 after 1 day removed it then installed win xp after 2 days removed it then win8 after 5 hours removed it and installed Kubuntu19:34
invariantProgers: http://app.typrx.com/#19:35
invariantProgers, that's an enjoyable way to test how well you can type.19:35
ProgersI will try it19:35
ProgersBig text)19:36
Progersinvariant: What programming language you know?19:37
jackyalcineI know ASM19:38
yofelFolks, please note that this is the kubuntu support channel. Idle discussion and talk is in #kubuntu-offtopic. Thanks!19:38
invariantProgers, I perhaps played against you :P19:38
invariantProgers, are you the one with 40wpm?19:39
Progersi am not in this test now19:39
invariantI had 58 in this one. I have no idea how people get above 150.19:39
invariantI think around 70 is my best or so.19:39
Progersinvariant: You New on Kubuntu?Or Pro?)19:42
invariantProgers, somewhere inbetween.19:47
invariantProgers, it helps to ask an actual question.19:48
Progersinvariant: how much time you work on kubuntu?19:48
Progers1 month?19:48
invariantProgers, you mean how long I have used it?19:48
invariantProgers, much longer.19:49
Progers2 years?19:49
invariantProgers, I'd guess around a year or so.19:49
invariantProgers, since it stopped sucking :)19:49
ProgersAnd you dont use windows anymore?19:49
invariantProgers, not unless I have to for some devices for which no *nix applications exist.19:50
invariantProgers, but that happens perhaps once a year or so.19:50
invariantProgers, as I got tired of pressing Next, Next, Next I switched.19:51
invariantProgers, and especially the part where moving all programs to new machine took a long time.19:51
invariantProgers, and the interruptions on Windows are mind destroying.19:51
invariantProgers, HEY, there is a new FLASH update AVAILABLE!!! WANT IT!!!!19:52
invariantProgers, that's what you get when you run Windows.19:52
invariantProgers, and for Java and for your free anti-virus you got when you bought your machine....19:52
invariantSure, you can remove all that stuff, but at some point it's better to just jump platforms.19:53
Progersinvariant: You know QT creator?19:53
invariantProgers, there is an IRC channel about that too.19:54
ProgersAbout Qt creator?19:54
invariantProgers, those people will gladly help you.19:54
invariantProgers, yes19:54
ProgersI am new here i dont know everything)19:54
ProgersHow to open that IRC channel?19:55
koftesProgers: are you asking about how to join the channel or how to find it?19:57
ProgersIf this channel is #kubuntu then that channel is?19:58
koftesIt cannot be deduced like that.19:59
koftesYou just have to know the name19:59
koftesIf you don't, you can search for it19:59
Progersyes i want the name)20:00
Progers#(name) :D20:00
koftesNo, you should be able to search the active channels through your IRC client.  What client are you using?20:01
ProgersQuassel IRC20:01
Progersi found it on google20:01
Progersyou are on Kubuntu too?)20:02
Progersyou are from usa?20:03
koftesno, I'm in the UK20:03
ProgersMe from Russa20:03
ProgersYou know Russian?)20:05
koftesThat's about as much as I know20:05
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ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:05
koftesMaybe a few more words.  I used to date a Russian girl here.20:06
ProgersYou know C++?)20:07
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ProgersAny programming language?20:07
lordievaderProgers, koftes: Join #kubuntu-offtopic for offtopic conversations.20:07
ProgersOh ok20:08
koftesapologies, Lord Vader20:08
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lordievaderkoftes: No worries.20:08
Progerslordievader: you mean that we can chat there?20:09
CaptainNeedaI need to take off anyway20:10
CaptainNeedalater all20:12
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jeramyeggsHello folks, i was wondering if any of you have any experience with wubi?21:04
lordievaderjeramyeggs: Some, been years ago though. Didn't like it...21:07
jeramyeggsI am a complete newb when it comes to Linux, and grub scares the crap out of me. Is there a way to install kubuntu, and still maintain my MBR?21:08
jeramyeggs@lordievader Wubi is being a pain, and am wanting to learn how to use linux, just in a safe way.21:09
lordievaderjeramyeggs: Perhaps creating a persistent Live-usb is a better idea. Wubi is a very termporary install, for the long run it is a pita.21:09
Guest15488what is your concern about grub?21:10
lordievaderjeramyeggs: You can make one with Unetbootin21:11
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jeramyeggsI haphazdly installed grub, and had fits trying to get rid of it. I share the laptop with my wife, and want to be able to boot into windows as the default. I have multiple laptops, but the one we share is the only one that allows me to decompile, or build roms in a timely manner. I have got the linux itch from android, and want to delve deeper.21:14
lordievaderjeramyeggs: Grub can be configured to have Windows as the default.21:16
jeramyeggsHow hard is it to configure grub to someone who knows very little commands21:18
lordievaderjeramyeggs: If you install the grub-customizer program, not very. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1034018321:18
Guest15488yes MBR must be modified to install Kubuntu because MBR is what will let you boot into Kubuntu in the first place, but the grub is nothing to be feared. if you install kubuntu as a dual-boot the worst case scenario is your Kubuntu will be default and your wife or others will have to select Windows at startup, but that isn't hard. Or you can modify grub to have Windows as the default21:19
Guest15488there are guides if you search google21:19
Guest15488or look into "persistent live-USB", I forgot the exact details but it's not to hard to create. That's where you format a USB stick and put your entire OS/programs/files etc on a USB drive. You boot from it and the OS gets loaded into memory, and "persistent" means changes and files created while in the OS get saved back to the USB21:21
lordievaderGuest15488: Unetbootin ;)21:23
Guest15488is there an option in Unetbootin to make a kubuntu persistent live-USB?21:23
jeramyeggsI have a 2.5 external hard drive that i could do this with, will it slow it down a lot from running from an external?21:24
Guest15488no not a lot... probably noticeable though21:24
lordievaderGuest15488: Yes, there is a slider for how much space it may use for persistency. Though it claims this is only supported for Ubuntu.21:25
Guest15488external hd would be one way to avoid modifying the MBR on the drive with windows21:25
Guest15488haha cool, that's pretty neat21:25
lordievaderGuest15488: If you don't forget to write grub to the secondary drive...21:26
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Guest15488yeah true21:27
Guest15488that's easy to forget if you're not paying attention21:27
mandoguitGuest11588:   one cavet with persistence.......persistence file can only be 4 gig in size maximum.   and afaik, persistence will not allow kernel updates21:29
jeramyeggsSo if i install on my primary drive, and change the boot preference, it would be the best installation method, correct? I am in it for the long run, i just dont want to mess up my wifes files in the laptop. I have read horror stories of grub updating, and peoople having trouble getting back into windows, how common is this?21:30
Guest15488Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term OS, but just because he wants to learn how to use Linux and play around with it21:30
Guest15488i never had that problem with grub, but yeah I heard occasional stories21:31
lordievaderjeramyeggs: Allways make a backup, it has never happend to me that I could not acces Windows due to grub. But for you it might be a better idea to go with the persistent live-usb.21:32
Guest15488Kubuntu is pretty safe, just install it as dual-boot, then change grub boot order if you want, and when you do updates do it through the software center/update manager/etc21:32
Guest15488if you're really worried i would do the external HD idea... if anything goes wrong you can always just wipe that drive and start over21:33
mandoguitpersonally I don't bother with the persistent usbs.....just install as per normal treating the stick as a usb drive.   that way all upgrades, kernels etc can be implemented.   one thing about this method is it will apparently shorten the usb sticks life span due to the number of increased writes to the device.   fwiw, this however is not a factor for me as I mainly use usb sticks for emergancy operations21:35
mandoguitas for grub issues...........seen and encountered a fair share of grub related install issues over the years.   they can be fixed though.   as previously mentioned, backups are strongly recommended to original (ie windows etc) files needed to be preserved.21:37
Guest15488yeah you could just buy a 32gb USB drive for $20 and then install Kubuntu on there as a regular install.21:37
jeramyeggsI am just trying to wrap my head around all of this. I want to use it as a long term os, if i can get the display setting correct. I have tried mint, ubuntu, and kubuntu. I have never been able to get audio out to my Tv. I will prob try dual booting, changing the boot order, and if i still have problems with the audio out, come back in here, and bother you guys some more. I will redirect my wife to save to our external sata drive,21:38
mandoguit.... and usb sticks will be noticably slower in operation compared to hard drive installs21:38
Guest15488yeah audio is tricky, there are ways but you have to do your hw21:41
Guest15488my audio setup is very simple so i'm lucky21:41
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jeramyeggsThanks for your guys time, and help. I am going to give it a shot, and come back, and ask for help with the display/audio problems I have had. You guys gave me the confidence to try a dual boot install again.21:43
Guest15488if your move or make copies of all her files to the external HD and then have her create new files to it, i think in the worst nuclear meltdown scenario at least she'd still have all her data, but like i said Kubuntu is pretty safe.21:43
Guest15488good luck21:43
jeramyeggsOne more quick question, should i use 12.10, 0r the 12.04? Do both have the same support level?21:45
DarthFrogjeramyeggs: No, they don't.  12.04 is a LTS release, has 5 years support.  12.10 only has 18 months support.21:46
Guest1548812.04 will be supported for several years, use it if you just want to install the OS and be done with it for years21:46
Guest1548812.10 you would probably update/replace in a year or two21:46
jeramyeggsthanks again.....21:47
Guest15488yeah what DarthFrog said21:47
DarthFrog12.04 will be more stable.  Not that really is an issue.21:47
DarthFrogValve specifically only supports Steam on 12.04.21:48
Guest15488has anyone on here tried Muon Discover btw21:48
DarthFrogIf that's a consideration. :-)21:48
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WalzmynIs there a way to make KDE have a single, global menu bar the way OSX does?22:30
kingjereWalzmyn: It's interesting, because if you use the netbook workspace I think that is the default behavior, but I can't figure out how to make it like that with desktop workspace.22:34
Walzmynkingjere: interesting.22:34
yofelthere is a menubar widget that shows the menu bar22:35
WalzmynI see the Mac fanbois all the rage about it. I looks kinda silly to me, but I want to give it a whirl before I really made fun of it22:35
Walzmynyofel: where?22:35
yofelif you search for menu in the widget list it should show up22:36
yofelif not plasma-widget-menubar probably isn't installed22:36
kingjereyofel: that is kinda cool.22:37
Walzmynok, I found it. That is an intersting way to accomplish this22:37
Walzmynthanks, yofel22:37
kingjereessentially useless for maximized windows though.22:37
Walzmynof course, the other problem with giving this a good, honest try is I keep my task bar at the top, so now it's in the way...22:38
Walzmynkingjere: yes it is22:38
Walzmyntrying to stick it on my panel has casued plasma to re-boot twice :(22:40
yofelnow that's not good :/22:42
yofeldid you at least get a crash notification or did it just restart?22:42
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jeramyalright, does anyone want to help a newb with his install of kubuntu?23:41
BarkingFishevening. anyone know what to do when your OS thinks it knows better than you do? :P23:53
BarkingFishI want to install nmap's frontend, nmapfe - my system wants to install zenmap instead, which I don't want.23:53
BarkingFishit won't let me install nmapfe. What do i do to force it?  My computer does what I want it to do, not what it thinks is best for it :P23:54

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