HyperiantPressing the power button doesn't do anything even though it's set to "ask" in the power management options, but holding it down will turn off the laptop.  Any ideas how to fix unresponsive power button?02:22
BWMerlinI keep getting the following error, how can I correct it? "The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-diversions : PreDepends: nvidia-installer-cleanup but it is not installable  Recommends: glx-alternative-mesa E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."05:17
holsteinBWMerlin: you can try fixing it06:20
holsteinif you have added a PPA, you might want to see if the sources are all still goot06:20
BWMerlinhow do I do that?06:21
holsteini usually open a terminal and run 'sudo apt-get update' and troubleshoot errors06:21
BWMerlineverything I try doesn't work06:21
holsteinBWMerlin: ?06:21
holsteinBWMerlin: well ,first, relax.. *always* have backups06:21
BWMerlini have done that and everything is fine06:21
holsteinBWMerlin: the, what ist he problem?06:22
BWMerlinI am trying to install a game under wine06:22
BWMerlinand when I try it fails06:22
holsteinif you have issues, you should see them in "sudo apt-get update"06:22
BWMerlinit says missing dependencies06:22
holsteinBWMerlin: if its not a linux game, then it might not work06:22
holsteinits doesnt have to06:22
holsteinits challenging06:23
BWMerlinso when I try to install said dependencies (glx-alternative-nvidia) I end up here06:23
holsteinthe game dev doesnt have to support you, and we cant06:23
holsteinBWMerlin: whos says they are dependencies?06:23
holsteinsometimes you can open synaptic and choose "fix broken packages" from the menu, and all will be well06:24
holsteini cant help you with that game, but i can help you with apt errors06:24
holsteini can only point you to the wine appdb06:24
BWMerlinthat is fine, i can worry about the wine side of things later just trying to fix these apt errors06:25
holsteinBWMerlin: what apt-errors?06:25
holsteinBWMerlin: run sudo apt-get update, and pastebin any errors06:25
BWMerlinno errors when I run sudo apt-get update06:25
holsteinthen, what the issue?06:25
BWMerlinThe following information may help to resolve the situation: The following packages have unmet dependencies: glx-alternative-nvidia : Depends: glx-diversions (= 0.2.2)  Depends: glx-alternative-mesa06:26
holsteinsure, dont install that package06:26
holsteinjust remove it06:26
holsteinwhere did you get it from?06:26
BWMerlindefault repositories06:27
holsteinBWMerlin: i dont see it in mine in 12.0406:28
holstein!info glx-alternative-nvidia06:28
ubottuglx-alternative-nvidia (source: glx-alternatives): allows the selection of NVIDIA as GLX provider. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.2.2 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 60 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)06:28
BWMerlinI am running 12.10 x6406:28
holsteinim not.. but i would just not use that package if its causing issues06:28
holsteinare you up to date?06:29
BWMerlinif i use software updater there are no updates06:29
holsteinBWMerlin: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:30
holsteinOR, dont.. im just saying, sometimes you can have issues if you are not up to day06:31
BWMerlin0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:31
holsteinor if you are pulling from the multiverse pacakges06:31
holsteinBWMerlin: im assuming you did "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"06:33
holsteindo you still have broken packages?06:34
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?06:34
holsteinkeep in mind, the windows game might not ever work06:34
BWMerlinit is listed under winehq as working06:34
holsteinBWMerlin: with 12.10? 64bit? same version of that game?06:35
BWMerlinand yes I know this is not wine support but this (to me at least) seem to be a ubuntu issue06:35
holsteinBWMerlin: i mean, i can log in there and say its working... and im not saying its not, nor am i saying you cant get it working06:35
holsteinim just saying, it might not ever work.. i have read there "gold" and never gotten things to work06:35
holsteini dont usually waste much time trying to make windows software work in linux06:35
holsteinBWMerlin: i assure you it is *not* an ubuntu issue06:36
holsteinBWMerlin: keep in mind, there is nothing prevent that game being written for linux06:36
holsteinthat being said, sounds like you are having issues with that package from multivers, and that *is* an issue06:37
holsteinBWMerlin: why are you installing that package? is it in a readme?06:37
BWMerlinIf I cannot do sudo apt-get install glx-alternative-nvidia I don't see where else the issue can lie06:37
holsteinBWMerlin: what are you doing that?06:38
holsteinBWMerlin: why*06:38
holsteinBWMerlin: who said to do that?06:38
holsteinwhere are you reading to do that?06:38
BWMerlinthere is an install script which does a dependency check06:38
holsteinwhat happens when you dont do that? who said it?06:38
holsteinBWMerlin: that is in multivers though06:39
holsteinits not in the main repos.. it'll be challenging to get anyone to look at it06:39
BWMerlinI am going to go with yes because if I disable multiverse in software sources there are no glx packages at all06:39
holsteinBWMerlin: try it with the drivers you have06:40
holsteinBWMerlin: is it a performance issue?06:40
BWMerlincannot even install it06:40
holsteinBWMerlin: ?06:40
holsteinBWMerlin: what cant? the game? the game checks for a driver? and fails?06:40
BWMerlinsomeone wrote a script to help install the game under wine06:40
holsteinBWMerlin: i would just install the game06:41
holsteinBWMerlin: or ask that someone what you are supposed to do06:41
BWMerlintried that as well sudo wine gamename.exe and that bombs out as well06:41
holsteinsure.. you can troubleshoot the "bombing out"06:41
holsteinyou can look and see who maintains that package in multiverse and ask what is going on06:42
holsteinyou can ask the script writer06:42
holsteinyou can ask in #ubuntu or one of the other bigger channels06:42
holsteinits not a lubuntu specific issue...06:42
BWMerlinwhen I try and run it via wine game.exe I get this p11-kit: couldn't load module: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/gnome-keyring-pkcs11.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:44
BWMerlinI have tried asking in other channels and it just gets lost06:44
holsteinwell, its quite specific06:44
BWMerlinthought that once i got glx-alt-nvid install i would be right06:44
holsteinBWMerlin: maybe.. maybe not06:45
holsteinthose things are not kept up to date06:45
holsteinan upgrade can break the whole thing06:45
holsteinBWMerlin: i run native code06:45
holsteini waste very little time running windows apps in linux these days06:45
holsteini wasted hours and days with a slingbox06:45
holsteini was literally happy with the powersupply died in it06:46
holsteinanyways.. im not saying you wont get it, im just saying, it wont be easy06:46
holsteini dont care what appdb says... if its not native, it can break anytime06:46
BWMerlinWell it has been suggested to the game developer to make a linux port (there was a Mac port but they seem to have stopped development of that for a while)06:46
holsteini find its easier to suggest developing it06:47
holsteinif you went and said "can i help makd a linux port?"06:47
holsteinrather than, "you should make a linux port"06:47
BWMerlinI cannot do any development I could only test it06:48
holsteinthey may not be insterested in creating it06:50
holsteinyou might need to let it go.. or get *really* knowleable in wine06:50
holsteini got this knowlegable in wine... anything can break, anytime... and i gave it up06:51
holsteinanyways.. good luck! and good night06:52
BWMerlinthanks for the help07:00
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user8737my taskbar icons moved to the left.  I want them in the bottom right.  How?11:42
user8737The clock, network, battery & clock icons shifted to the left of the taskbar.  I want them on the right.11:43
user8737*sound icon.11:44
user8737my taskbar has totally messed up.  Windows won't display as minimized and widgets have moved to the left when i want them to the far right.11:58
andreas_hello everyone new to lubuntu12:06
andreas_i am trying to download from piratebay but it says chromium does not support magnet.... any ideas on how to fix this? As I said i am really new to lubuntu12:08
user8737ok. fixed lxpanel by deleting ~/.config/lxpanel  and reinstalling lxpanel.12:08
user8737all good.  :- )12:09
user8737if chrome has problems try firefox, opera, seamonkey, etc12:10
andreas_firefox doesnt work either i will try opera back in a sec12:10
Unit193You have a torrent application?  Transmission, maybe?12:12
user8737(Lubuntu 12.04) How to teach Chromium to open BitTorrent magnet links12:16
user8737Good luck.12:16
andreas_opera does not work either12:19
andreas_i have transmission12:19
andreas_it came with the lubuntu 12.10 pack12:19
andreas_i got the link user8737 but i dont really get it... are those sudo commands?12:22
user8737Looks like ubuntu/chrome doesn't not recognize magnet links by default so you have to apply that fix.12:22
user8737unless there's a better way?12:23
Unit193What happens if you try    xdg-mime default transmission-gtk.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnet   and logout and back in?12:23
andreas_ok.... i dont understand that "creat a bin directory..." part....12:23
andreas_unit193 is that a sudo command?12:24
andreas_shall i copy paste it in terminal?12:24
Unit193Paste as is.12:24
andreas_shit i cant copy in here hehehehe12:25
user8737highlight text to copy.  Middle click to paste.12:26
Unit193Or for that matter, after you paste that, xdg-open "magnet-link-here"12:26
andreas_yes i know that but its not copying :(12:26
andreas_ok and now i cant find the terminal.... am i thick or what?12:28
user8737andreas:  Have your terminal open before you copy12:28
andreas_i cant find the terminal12:28
andreas_where on earth is it hideden?12:29
user8737menu, accessories, lxterminal12:29
andreas_got it12:29
andreas_pasted it nothing happened12:30
user8737hit return. logout and login again.12:30
user8737assuming you pasted it correctly.12:31
andreas_log out from the pc?12:31
user8737menu, shutdown, logout12:31
andreas_this is what i did12:31
andreas_one sec12:31
andreas_im back12:36
andreas_nope its not working12:36
Unit193Well, all I can tell you is that it works in firefox with deluge, never can stand transmission personally. :P12:37
andreas_same here.... i was used to ╬╝Torrent and vuze12:38
andreas_it works fine with ubuntu and zorin and all the other distros for some reason with lubuntu i have this problem12:39
andreas_have been trying to find a light distro for ages even tried puppy and all lubuntu is the best so far :) i guess i will be dowloading from isohunt from now on12:40
andreas_thanks for your help guys12:42
CanerCan anyone help me? :-)18:21
holsteinCaner: just ask, and one of the volunteers will help if they can18:21
CanerOh, alright18:21
CanerI wanted to give Lubuntu more space, but how is that possible?18:21
CanerI installed Lubuntu with a Windows installer on Ubuntu's website, don't know if this helps18:23
CanerAnd gave it 10 gb of space, so later on I wanted to download some games via Steam, but that isn't possible with just 10 gb of space.18:24
holsteina windows installer? wubi?18:25
holsteini would say, back up your data (which you should anyway, since all hard drives *will* fail) and reinstall18:26
holsteini would backup my data on the entire disk.. lubuntu and windows.. i would remove the wubi install, an do a fresh normal install beside windows on the hard drive18:28
CanerI think the first one is better18:29
Canerso I'm going to try that out first18:29
CanerSee if that works18:30
CanerThanks! :D18:30
holsteinfor the record, i wouldnt do either18:30
holsteini would take the opportunity to create proper backups *before* doing any partition work18:31
CanerWell, there isn't any important stuff that I can lose if anything goes wrong18:31
holsteinthen, i would consider the workload easier to just reinstal and recover than mess with wubi, plus the potential arguable performance increase from running normal18:31
holsteinCaner: you can break the windows partition18:32
Canerbecause I've stored everything on the internet.18:32
CanerAnd that means?18:32
holsteinCaner: you should have backups18:32
holsteinand if you do, thats fine.. i also think, best case, i would fool about are resize a partition in a few hours18:33
holsteina fresh install is like 8 minutes18:33
holsteinand, its a fresh install, on a normal filesystem, which is arguably more appropriate for gaming18:33
holsteinbut, the wubi will be fine, if you choose to do that.. enjoy!18:34
CanerWell, I have Ubuntu stored in the same partition as Windows18:34
Caner(And to be honest, I don't use Windows anymore since I use Lubuntu)18:34
holsteindo what makes you feel safe, just know that partition resizing can cause issues18:35
Canerthen I think it's better to do a fresh install, as you suggested18:36
holsteinubuntu *is* lubuntu18:36
holsteinso if you have ubuntu installed, just install lxde there18:36
holsteinyou dont need lubuntu and ubuntu installed, though again, you certainly can if you want18:37
CanerI'm sorry, I meant Lubuntu18:37
CanerI don't have Ubuntu18:37
SilverlionI need help with installation of kompozer. anybody available?19:41
holsteinSilverlion: sudo apt-get install kompozer19:42
Silverlionholstein: thx19:43
Silverlionchecking now19:43
Silverlionholstein: package "kompozer" is not available19:43
holsteinSilverlion: what operating system are you using?19:46
SilverlionLubuntu 12.1019:46
holsteini just installed it in 12.0419:46
holstein1info kompozer19:46
holstein!info kompozer19:46
ubottuPackage kompozer does not exist in quantal19:46
holsteinmight have to go get the .deb from the 12.04 repos19:46
holsteinseems like there was a newer one that was a fork19:47
holsteinthough, i would just go get the .debs19:51
Silverlionholstein: i am one step ahead as i am running a 64bit version19:52
holsteinfrom here http://ppa.launchpad.net/giuseppe-iuculano/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kompozer/19:52
holsteinor there19:52
holsteindoesnt look like there has been any development for years19:53
holsteinthats probably why its pulled19:53
Silverlionholstein: can you get me a link to the deb you used then?19:53
holsteinSilverlion: i use 12.0419:54
holsteini ran sudo apt-get install kommpozer19:54
Silverlionoh ... sorry19:54
holsteinthe link above is where i would suggest getting the .debs19:54
holsteinjust the ones you need19:54
holstein!info bluefish19:54
ubottubluefish (source: bluefish): advanced Gtk+ HTML editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.3-4 (quantal), package size 263 kB, installed size 681 kB19:54
holstein^^ that what one im thinking of19:54
holsteinits supported AFAIK19:55
Silverlionholstein: i have bluefish for php scripting but i need a wysiwyg editor for my work at Full Circle Magazine19:57
holsteinmy point is, dont use kompozer anymore.. i liked it.. we all did, but it seems they have not had an update in years20:00
holsteinsince 200720:00
holsteini would try one of the more supported options20:00
holsteinbluefish *is* for html20:01
Silverlionholstein: i know that ... my point is that i have lots of html source to edit and it works much easier with the compozer20:02
holsteinSilverlion: sure.. kompozer is going to keep getting more and more out of date and dead though20:03
holsteinso, you can wait til you need/want html5 support, or just go ahead and try one of the others20:03
Silverlionholstein: yep20:03
holsteinOR, suffer with installing the old out dated dead one that has been pulled20:03
entrerisimple question : I have deleted the "Application Launcher" Power Button that can be found on the bottom right corner, I can't find it in the list of applications in the normal "Application Launcher", how can I get it back ?21:40
redderhsIf it's what I think you're talking about: right click on the desired panel > Add / Remove Panel Items > Panel Applets Tab > Add (Application Launch Bar)21:44
redderhsonce it's added, you can click the edit button which will allow you to customize what items you want it to display21:44
entrerithanks but I can't seem to find the "Power" icon, you know for shutting down and reboot, etc21:47
redderhsI keep mine under Menu, I click Logout and then it presents me a list of different options like hibernate, sleep shutdown, reboot21:47
entreriredderhs: yeah I know, but I want the button back : P21:48
dodo_i just dl/aded and installed lubuntu and im running it from USB and when put another USB stick this message appears21:50
dodo_Adding read ACL for uid 999 to `/media/lubuntu' failed: Operation not supported21:50
dodo_it wont recognize my usb memory stick21:52
dodo_same thing happens in ubuntu too21:53
entreriLXDE is nice but why I can't move the icons in the panel all around ?21:57
redderhsperhaps they're locked entreri22:10
redderhsright click on some and see if there's a checkmark22:11
redderhsoh maybe it was just mate i seen lock..22:12
redderhsback in the same area where you add there's an Up and Down button you can click on which one you want to move and then use said buttons22:12
redderhsI personally like LXDE with Compiz; Compiz gave me that type of functionality the Desktop environment Windows 7 has, where you can drag a window to one side of the screen and it will take up half the screen it's called Grid in Compiz.22:16
entreriredderhs: nice I think I'll check about Compiz, thanks. I find Lubuntu (LXDE) charming kind of like Windows ME lol, but still limited22:32
redderhsAt first I thought LXDE seemed limited, but, I guess the more I searched on google, the more I found answers to. Some good options don't come preinstalled so it takes some time to figure out how to go about certain functionality you're looking for. But the time spent learning this is totally worth it.22:34
redderhsfor example as something that isn't packaged in LXDE: http://lxmed.sourceforge.net/22:34
redderhsthis makes it much easier to Manage the Menu for a newbie.22:34
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* redderhs laughs like Squidward22:45
entreriredderhs: do you know how to change the mouse behavior like 2-fingers scroll instead of right edge ?23:08
entreriwithout using CLI23:08
redderhsthis is something i need to learn how to configure too; I think this is the right article. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Mouse23:10
redderhsmy two finger touch pad scroll is automatically working but, some functionality like the horizontal scroll isn't.23:11

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