Fudgerobotfuel what are your aims mate00:40
robotfuelI just want to make sure that when someone uses core for a project that accessibility is added easily, if it can be. Right now all those packages are removed.00:42
robotfuelFudge: ^00:42
Fudgedoesn't core just garuntee package management and hardware, not even users are added00:42
Fudgeit's up to the packages installed to determine accessibility00:43
FudgeI imagine00:43
robotfuelFudge: right. but project leads have to figure out which applications to add and they have tight deadlines. to increase the chances of accessibility being added to the project, it would be nice to have a wiki page. :) 00:47
robotfuelFudge: I didn't know about the speakup module, thanks for that info. 00:48
robotfuelit was a big help00:48
Fudgewell thank you, it's a huge help for blind people when it's thought of00:49
Fudgesound, software speech00:49
Fudgesound can be a big problem, it it muted, is the volume down or has it not loaded yet00:49
Fudgethe grub menu beep helps also, configurable in /etc/default/grub but that relys on a pc speaker, which is not always garunteed00:49

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